Det'errcd:09112112 f)cl'errcd: 09126112


APPROVING TI{E SALE OF COUNTY-OWNED LAND I,OCATED AT 61.Ii\\I) 618 WEST HANIILTON STREIIT IN AI,LENTOWN ") knoun of'lancl WIII.,REAS,thc Countl'of l-ehigh("Count1 ou'nstn'o parcc-ls and PIN 6407104:180'161 in as61.1 and618 WestIlamilton Street the City'of Allentorvu. (t I a I ) l N 6 , 1 0 7 i 0 1 3 5 8 8 - 5h e" P r o p e r t l " ' ) : n d
\\'HIillEAS. thc County has detcrminedthat the direct salc of lhc PropL'rt)to

an CharlcsStrcetCapital ("Ru1'er")preseltts opportunitl'bothto obtain the highestralLre lbrthe land and to achieveeconomic developmeutgoals ri'ithin the Clitv of Allctrloriu: anc'l \\'tlEI{EAS. the proposcclA-sreerncnto1-Saleplor,'idesthat 1hepurchascprice 1or

upon the Coun11's r.r'ith initial deposito1-Xii0.000.00 an rhe Properlr u.ill be $305.000.00. Agreemcnt of Sale.uith pal'mcut of $175.000.00at linte o1-setlletrtettt: crccution o1'1hc

properll' at 612 IJalttiltott \\'IIEI{EAS, Buyer intendsto purchasethe adjaccr-rt and a of Street the plrrpose developing multi-use developmcntof a restattrartt tbr

(the "Project"):and commercial space acquiring legal Bu1'er Llpon WHEREAS, the saleof the Propertlis contingent Penusvlvania on Allentovn'n, propertyknolr'nas 612 Hamilton Street, title to the adjacemt 31. or beforeDecember 2012:and

the \\'H|IREAS, the Countl'u iil retainthe riglrtto repurchase propen)for llte tvithitt ottetellr irllrl is on price if construction the Pro_iect not courmettced purcltase Ailentourl Areua:arld o1'the in cculirlered tu'o yearsfi'omthe dateof the opening Codcrcqlurcs 807 of the LehighCountl'Adnrinistrativc \\'IIEIIEAS, Section othcnrise bids unless or propertl'be soldat auction tlrougli sealed thatCounty,real
set erenpted bv ordinance. n]rich sl-rall iorrh the allernateprovisions to be fbllon'ed fcrr' the saleof that specificpiece of propefil: and

of 310(a)(6) tlie LehigirCountvl{omc Rule Charter \\'HIlllEAS, Section estate. o1'Countl'real of approval the conve)'ancc requires ordinance \OW, THEITEFORE,If'IS HER[I]\'ENACTED AND ORDAI\ED B\OF TIIE BOARD OF CON{NIISSIONERS THE COUNTY OF LEI]IGH. PEN\SYL\/ANIA, THAT:
1. entirelr . 2. ereui|1edfrorl1he prorisions o1The saleof the Properrl is hc-r'ctr) 'l'he as foregoing uhereas clausesare incorprrrated il set lbi'th in thejr

Sccrion 807 of the Adrninistratir e Code regarding sale of propeflr' b1' auction ol sealcd

3. The proposedsale of tire Propern l,loul as 614 and 6l8 \\'est Hanriltorr

Sireet in Allentou.n. is herebr approved. Tlie Countl' Erecutive is authorized to etller inro an agreementof sale for the Propertl'substantialli'in the {brm attachedheretoas



1-he olirerpersormel Leliigh Counlr,are irroperofficersancl of hcrebr.



itutltorized enrpou'ered takeall suchfurlher attd to aclionincluding an).necessar\ transf'ers funds-atld ereculeadditio'al ,locu'en1s of as the' nrar,dccrll apprci;rriate to
carrYollt titr-purpose of this Ordinance. -i' T'he Cour-rtl' Executive shall distribule copies of tiris Orclinance the 10

prolrt'I'ollrces and other pcrsomel of Lehigh countr-uhose furrher action is recruiredtcr achiele rhLpurposeof this Ordinancc. 6. Anr Ordinanceorpaft of anr Ordinance conflictingu,ilh thepror.isions of

this Ordinanceis herebl.repealed insolar as the sarne afl'ects Ordinance. this


'l-his Ordinance shailbecome effectivein ten (10) da1's afterenaclr.r-re-nr.

ADOPfED this
follou'ins vote:

day of

: " 201. bvthc

Conrnrission ers



Thortras Creiglrron. C. III Pero'l{. Dougheitr. DavidS. .lones. Sr. DanielK. N4cCar-thv \-icl\lazziorri Brad Osbor-ne Scort Ott Lisa Schelier Irlichael Schu,arc P.

A I'TEST: Clerk to theBoardof Comntissioners

-{PPRO\/]D this

dar of

2. 012

\\'illian H. Ilansell LehichCountr. Executivc F-N-\CT]-D this

dav of


This fom rccornmended and approved for, but nol res(ricledlo useby, the nrernbersofthc Perltrsyivania Association of REALTORSO (PAR).


BROI(ltR (Company) N/A


0R (if cbecked below): Designated-Agcnt? [ Yes I No

llroker is NOT thc Agent for Seller and is a./an:

fl acalr FoR BTJyERD rn,c,xsecrroN LIcENSEE



FAX OR (if chcckcd below):
Designated gcnt? [ A r-es I i\o

Broker is NOl' the Aeenl for

andisa/an:fl acnxr FoRSELLER sttslcuxt E

FoRsELLER El rneNsect'toN LTcENSEE

When the samc Broker is Agent for Scller and Agent for lluycr, Broker is a Dual Agerrl All of Broker's liccnsees are also Dual Agents [)NL[,SS therc are scparate DesignatedAgcnts for Buyer and Scller. lf the sameLicenseeis designatedfor Seller and Buyer, tfte Liccnsce is a Du:rl Agent.

datcd l. This Agreement, THE couNTY Og LEHIGH SELLER(s):


is between


, c a l l e d" S e l l e r , " a n d

Seller hereby 2. PROPERTY. agrees sell and conveyto Buyer, who herebyagrees purchase: to to ALL THAT CERTAINlot or piece f g r o u n d w i t h b u i l d i n g s a n d i m p r o v e m e n t s t h e r e o n e r e c t e d , i f a n y , k n o t v n a s : 6 1 4 D 6 1 8 v f E S T o AN

. c a l l e d" B u v e r . "

in the


(e.g., Commonwealth Pcnnsj'tvinia. of Identifrcation Tax ID #; Pa.ce.l l,ot, ntoct<; +; Oeeagook, Page, $.o.dffi
5407104480461 AND 6407104358851 (DEEDBOOK1589, PAGE 317)



County of




(A) Purchase ricc $305, 000 .00 P which will be paid to Sellertry Buyer as follows: l. Cashor ch€ckat signingthis Agreement: 2. Cashor check within daysol'the execution this Agr€ement: of U . S .D o l l a r s ,

0 0 0. 0 0

5. Cashor cashier's checkat tirne of settlement:

$ $


(B) Deposits paid by f3u1,er within the persondesignated paye",iliiile paid in U.S. Dollani 1o Broker for Seller(unlessotherwisestatedhere). DAVISON & MeCARTrrY a^s P . C . / 1 L 4 5 S . C E D A RC R E S T B L V D . , S U I T E 2 0 0 , A T I E N T O W N , p A 1 8 1 0 3
tvno w relarn deposits an escrow accountuntil consummation tenninationof this Agreenlentin conformity rvith all applicablelaws and regulationsA n y in or . checktenderedas depositmoniesmay be held uncashed pendingthe acceptance ofthis AgreementSef ler'srvrittenapprovalon or before: CCICBER 31 , 2012 (D) Settlement be on to DECEMBER34, 2012 Buyer and Seller agrce.

TOTAL S 30 DAYS of seftlement will be by cash or cashier's check. Dcposits, regardlessb@

275,000.00 3 0 5 , O 0 0. 0 0

Buyer Initials:

ASC Page I of9 Revised8/l I

Scller Initials:



Association REAITORS' of ernnwtania


& Nonis Mci,aughlin MarcusP.A.I 61I Pond Road, PA Suite Allentown, l8 i M 300 Far 610-391-1805 Phone:610-391-1800 Diana Rongione
Producedwilh zipFom@ by ziplogix 18070Fitlen Mile Road, Fraser Mrchigan 48026


Counfy of Lchi

4! +J

(E) Conveyancc from Sellerwill be by fee simpledeedof specialwarra.nty urrless otherwisestatedh€re:

44 45 46

48 49 50 il 52


54 55 56 (H)iJuyerwtIlrcinrburscSellerfor1hcactualcostsofan 5'7 58 unlessothcrwiseslatedhere: 5q 60 4. ERSONAL (r-00) PRO INCI-UDED in this sale are all existingitems pemanently installedin the Property,froc of liens, including plumbing;hca1ing; 6t HVAC equ)p,
, r l .

(u) Al lrmc ol senlernent, lollouing'*'ill be adjusted the pro-lataon a ciaiiybasisbelween Buyer and Seller,reirnbursing whereaoplicable: taxes "fares); rents; interest (see Notices and Inibrrnalion RegardingReal F,state on mortgageassumprions; condominium iees, il ary; rvarcrald/or serverfees,if ally; togetherwith any other lienablemunicipalservice.All charges will be pro-ratedfor the perio,J(s) coyered. Seiler will pay up to and including the dateof settlernent Buyer will pay for all daysfollowing setllement, and unlcssotheru,ise sraled here:


Inent; lighting fixtures(includingchandeliers ceiling fbns);and water lreatment and systenrs, unlessotherrvise state6 belorv.Also included:

64 65 66 67 68 69 '70 7l i2 73 74


itcms(not owncd










77 78 79
6U 5.

8l 82 83 84 85 86

POS (A) Possession to be deijveredby deed.keys and: is l. Physicalpossession vacant Property tiee of debris, with all 6ay and timc of setilemenl,unless othcrwise to stated here: Assignntento1.cxistingleasc(s),togetherwitlran@at executionofthis Agreenrenl. unles-s otherwisespecifiedhere:

AN setllement. Propertvis leasedat thc if

88 89 90 9I

93 ()4 95 96


00 0l 02 03

(B) su
(C) Selleru'iJl not enter into any new leases, extensions ofexisting leases, additionalleases the Propertyrvithoutthg writtenconsentofBuyer or for

Buver Initials:

ASC Page2 of9 Revised8/I I

S e l l e rI n i t i a l s :

Produ@dwith zipForm@ zjplogix '18070 by Fifteen Mile Rcad. Fraser,Michjgan48026 M.zroloqix.@m

Countyof Lehi




Is rHE (e4s) lit:"t1Tl],IEl ! * t toF o a l l ESSENCE t^,,iff; un


'' ii ,., l*ii::;:l;*,#ffii;'fl;""ff::f:;;:ffi'::iliririilt[,H-'.,=*t*';:in
12 (D) Certain ti 15 !! 17 l! !2 20
? t



counred rro, dare the it'!f:'',,ffy..+UtlTil-:|,fJ;#,,?n:H.TIbe or

ii ' ;^,fr[!t%'i{il+ffii'li;fil";FJlilffi?ii;*L::l',;;;';x','"ililiH:,,'J
WAIVED E saleis Nor conlingent financing, on arthough Buyer e,,iCi#.'hrs maysrilrobrain financing. (A) Thissale i: trngent uponBuyerobtaining financing follows: as r. a,nori,tff 2. Minimumlerrn ---.---iE; i. Typeofloan -Ycars agrees acccp_thEi_ ro

:: .L


,,,. :,. .uuvcr (t3) witlrin " Wltnln

2s 'i
l; 26 or fail to coopcrate i";;;li"t''n'i"'J,'"..ssing *lmitmcnr d.t. ,1:::::.*, the r"u".ini'rpprication,


rTe^as becomnti mlv

tsroker i! (C)#flfii:ilT#*ii:ftii."i{{i:,1*i:*rd;";"?x'.'fi;""'';";i" Shour<r ru.nisr, is ,., nuvc. il;.il.*lliili!:flffi,r#ffi:ir::._11r.1, o.*,.;;'r'| a"J'of,nerlv';se rorseiler,autboror financiar .(s).concerning status, whichresurts .esuil,'in ""::rcation,'wtrrch *,. r."a-.i."i ..i*in"g'io .pp.o,unnancing a ,o, il*,XlT::j.fii#:H'|"H" *il,i,i"r*h A;..;;;;.''"'E 2. Buyer's regar

36 3i 38 39 40

#. ,rr."i'#:#ffir#T:m;-*;#ffi;&'.::il:xJ;'nr;:iHi:'::".""#ii



bY o!t"' according rerms ?iGffi lgllel nv tfrFlt-ove 'o 1orhe tbrme;ha;l;'; :1":ili:' ::tuT:d ro Buycraccording rhererms r po*g,iin;;:';;", wi, o J.::::l'o i'".,,1,r,,""*::J;:ffi: ll urance,and/or scarch, fee 20.._91ry*ilto"..sponsiCi. titlc beresponsibre l[ill"J."'n'"ms or for cancerarion

;n iffiFEfE[F €,'dr,sc i:l::'-:1i:::',':. ?b-rb,"#:li,IjJil,ruyner *irr g::1'".-1lt..'ql:..{'"

'tnt' Buver promprlv will delivcr copyof thecommirrnenr a ro Selter.


S"t o *, 13 9. STATIjS SeWrn (.s_ot) Or l4 Selicr represents that propeny
[| PublicSewer


Scllcrrepresents ir.op"n1i rnar is serue,l by; water s| Public On-site n water D Cornmunity Water D Norre

Ex ccutioDiFffiiFlF,ffi?ii n

is serve<l by:

:l3i:[il$',"T'H?;i",1ffi see 2,.",",u,.No,ice,; I E +"."J353,;41:xri.o,,, ser


I 7

g- i"Ji"ii,i"r'3"]i1,'i:,Di'p"ilrsvstcm
Floldine r-r. ,l]iTplionlsee

A n

Conrmuniry Sew4_q6 Disposal System Of-propern,s

3) : n NoneAvairabl"iF."t,ir E *il5.:-'J-iT,iil:5:iotice I

Sewage Norice2)

- " \ vle ocwageNotlcc I ; seeSewage Notice

4, if applicable)


il. zoNrNG CONrtncr
El \,{/AIVED.


f i,r',i'ralionsEllbct(seesewage * ".." in uucur(Dee ,, bewage j or Notice5 0r Seu,age Notice6, asapplicable)

{on-l":tr:.,e,thereo{ is ,ili[:1:!1iff'i"iri*:rr,IffJfi]iliil',ifiii",:.|ff1r#H:::jT*tt:ifone..y irsubdividab,e) '"tJi"J,o ir'.'eiver t or'the Buyer, uoioeo, zoned rvithout requiremin:'#Tju}|:tij' tr'''oftion ino,'ir any trf,'J!%1lij|:;it"T,:']l'
any deposits
- \-" vvl

period: ?, .lflgTED.Conringency
ls pcnn Buyer Initials:

rarwi*rin co"tiGncy e-uyer,a=;;:lssel;i:1,"_yrI.i1?l#,H1:,?$:$T#;:::i1i:f.:;.Jfril trr" perr"a", ::1.'.1';i: I"::T::T.:).1",T ln. ExectionDate rhjsAgreem r u or cn
th cune t?o,iiliiEffi ffi iii e n
the and ls not prohibited ASC PageJof9 Revised8/I I

Seller Initials:

Prcducedwth npForn@ by ziplogix 18C70Frfleen Mit€R€d, Fraser, tvrchjgBn 48026 ww\

County Lehi of

68 69 70 71 72 '73

75 76 77 '18

con1I) sliuction, cngineeiing.or environfilenial matters,and (3) Has not niade and will not make any repleseliaiiols or wai.i-aniies conduct irivesnor 100 ligationsof the environmental condition or suitabilityof the Propcrtyor any acljacenr property,iniluding but nor Iimiredto thosecondjtions Iistl0l cd in pamgraph (A), l2 (C) Seller agrces indcmni& and to hold Broker lrarmless t02 to lionr and againslall ciainis,demands, liabilities.includingattorneys or f'eesan<lcourr 103 costs' which arise liorn or are relatedto the environmcntalconditionor suitabilityof the Propertyprior to, during. oi after Seller'soccupation )04 01'the Propcrly rncluding wjthoutlimitationany condition listedin paragraph (A). l2 (D) The provisionsof rhis paragraph t05 will survivescttlcment. 106 r3. NOTICDS AND ASSESSMENTS(5-01) '.07 (A) Sellerreprcsents, of the date Sellersignedthis Agreemcnt,that no pubiic improvement, as condominiumor owner association a^ssessm€nts have r08 bccn made againstthe Propertywhich remain unpaid,anclthat no notioeby any governrneut public authorityhas beenserved or upon Scller or t09 anyonc on Seiler'sbehali including noticesrelating to violationso1'zoning.housing,building, iafeiy or tlre orclinanccs remajn that uncorrecrI0 ed- and that Seller knows of no condition that would constitutea violation of any iuch oldinancesihat remainsuncorrected, unless otherwise r l I speciliedhere: t12 I3
t 1 4

80 8I BuYcr 'aYror w'r 82 'l:::::*'r.rse) 2- If the municipalityrequiresthe applicationto be signedby the currento*nei, Sellet agrces do so. 83 to 8,1 3, Iffinal. unappealable approvalis not obiainedby , Buver rvill: (A)AcceptthePropertywiththecunentzoninga@ug,uph25ofthisAgreer.,rgnt'oR 85 (B) 'l'erminatetbe Agleernentof Sale by *ritten notiie to 86 Seller,with all deposit-monies returnedto Euyer accordingto thc terns 87 of paragraph20 of this Agrcemenr OR (C) Enter into a mulually acceptable 88 written agreement with Seller. 89 lf Buyer and Seller do not reach a written agreementbefore the tilne for obtaining final approval,and Buyer does not 90 terminate the Agreementof Sale by written nolice to Seller within that tirne, Buyer will acceptthe Property and agree 91 to the tcrms of the RELEASE in paragraph25 of this Agreement 9 2 12. pRopERTy DEFECTS DISCLOSURE (10_0r) (A) Sellcr represcnts 93 and warratttsthat Sellcr has no knorvledge exccpt as noted in this Agreenlentthal: (l) The premises have beencontaminaled 94 by any substance any manner which requircsrcmediation;(2) The Propertycontainswctlands,flood plains,or any othcr environmentaliy in sensitivc areas'dcveiopmento1'which is limited or precludedby' iaw; (3) The Property containsasbesios, 95 polychlorinated biphenyls, leacl96 basedpaint or any other substance, renrovalor disposalof which is subjectto any law or regulation;and (4) Any larv has been violatcd in the 9'/ the handlingor disposingof arty materia.l wa-stc the dischargc any matcrialinto the soil, air, surfacewater,or groun,lrvatcr. or or of (B) Selier and Buyer alknowledge that any Broker idcntificd in this Agrecnrent:(l) is a licensedrcal estatebrokcr; 98 ls not an expert in

(B) If' Buyer'sproposed usc of the Properfyis not permitred, Buyer rvill, within the ContingencyPeriod, noti! Seiierin rvriting poscd useof the Propertyis not permitted, and Buyer will: Option I tl l. Acceplthc Propertyand agreeto the RELEASE in paragraph of this Agreement, 25 OR 2. Terminate Agreementof Saleby written noticeto Selle with all depositmoniesreturne<i Buyeraccording the tenrs r the r, to ro graph20 of this Agreetnent, OR 3. Enterinto a mutually acceptablc written agreement rvith Seller. If Buyer and Seller do not reach a written agrecmeotduring the ContingencyPeriod and Buyer docs not terminate t, Agreementof Sale by writtcn notice to Sellerwithin that time, Buyer will acceptthe Properry and agrecto thc RILEASE ir paragraph25 ofthis Agreement. Optian 2 D 1- Within the ContingencyPeriod, Buyer will makea forrnalrvrinenapplication zonins approval. for variancc, non-confonning u,se, or specialexccotionlrom (munioipality') usethe Prope(y as to

115 lr6 t17 lt8 119 t20 ,.21 ,.22
:z . )

( B ) Sellerknorvs no olher potentialnoticcs(in

ng violations)and a-sscs.sments exceplas fbliows:

(c) A n y n o t i c e o 1 . i m p r o v e n r e n t 5 o r a s s e s 5 m e n t s r e c e i v e d o n o
sist of seweror waterlinesnot in use,shall be the respon.sibiiity the Seller; of any noticcsreceived therealier shallbc the responsibiliry the ot


''24 t25

t27 t28 t29

(D) If requiredb1'Iaw, Seller.u'ill deliver to Buyer, on or before settlement a cenification from the appropriate municipaldepartmentor depanmentsdisclosingnoticaofany uncorrected violation ofzoning. building, safcty.or fire ordinances, (E) Accessto a pubiic road may requireissuance a highwayoccupancy of pennit from the Department I'ransportation. of r4. TrTl,E AND COSTS (10{6) (A) The Property is to be conveyed liee and clear of all liens. encumbrances, easements. and EXCEPTING HOWEVER the follou,ing: existing deed restrictions, historic preservation restrictions. ordinances. or building restrictjons, ordinances, easements roads.easenrents of uiiiute upoi the ground,easements record, privilegesor riglrts of public servicecompanies, of and land use restrictionspursuant propcrt),enroilnent in to a pretbrential programifany. tax BuyerInitials: A S C P a g e4 o f 9 Revised8/l I SellerInitials:

Producedwrh zipFormo by zipLogix 18070FifteenMite Road Fraser,MicfBgar48026 \M.ziplogix


Countyof Leh i



Buver will pay for the fbllowing: (l) Title search, title insurance andlor nlechanios' lierr jnsurancc. or any l-ee ior canceliationt (2) Flood insurance, fire insurance vith extonded coverage, mine subsidence insurance. or any fee lor cancellation; (3) Appraisal fbes arr<j chargespaid tn advance mortgagelende(s); (4) Buyels customaryseftlenlent to costsand accruals. nny survey or surveys required hy the tille insurance company or the abstmcting attorrey for preparing an adequateleeal description pf rhe Prop€rty (or lhe correctjon thereo,) rvill be otrtained and pai<j for by Seller. Any survey or suNeys desired by Buycr or required by a lender will be obtainedand paid for by Buyer. 11'Seller is unable to give a good and marketabletitle and such as rs insurable by a reputabletitle insurancecompany at the r€gular rates, as spcgtfiecl specificd in paragraph (A), Buyer will: 14 l. Accept thc Property wilh such title as Ssller czur give, with no change 1o tJre purchasepricc, and agree to tlre RELEASE in paragraph2j of this Agrccmenr- OR 2.'lerminate this Agrcement by written notic€ to Seller, with all deposit monics returned to Buyer according to rhe terms of paragraph 20 of this Agrcement. Upon termination, Selier will reimburse Buyer for any costs incurred by Buyer for any inspectionsor ceniiicaljons obtained accordingto tho ternlsol'thrs Agreernent, and lor thoseitemsspecifiedin paragraphl4 (B) itenrs(l), (2), (3) and in paragraplr (C). l4

' '4 o?.35 136 137 138 139 140 l4l t42



143 144 I5. COAL NOTICE (Where Applicable) 1.45 THISD{X]UMENI'MAYNOTSELL,CONVE\',TRANSFEI{, INCLUDE INSIJRE OR THETITLEIO TTiE COALAND RlGHl'SOF SUPPORT UNDERNEATH SI-.JRFACE Tl-iE L;\ND DESCR]BED REFERRED'I'O OR HEREIN, AND TI.IE OWNER OWNERS SIJCIJ OR OF COAL MAY IiAVE ]].IE COMPLETE 146 I.EGALRIGH'ITO REMOVE ^j-L SUCHCOAL ANI) 1.47 IN TIiAT CONN*EC1'ION, DAMACE MAY ITESULT THIE ]'O SURFACE THE LAND AND ANY HOUSE, OF BUILD]NGOR OTHERSTRUCTURE OR IN SUCI i-AND (TIiLS ON I 148 tAg 150 f5 I 152 notic€ ;s sct lbrth in the rnanner provided in Section I of the Act of July 17. 1957, P.L. 984.) "I3uyer aclorowledgesthar hc mar- not be obtaining the right o1- proteolion against subsidencc resulting from coal nrining operations, and rhat the property dcscribed herein ma1, be protecred from daurage tiue to mine subsidenceby a private contract with the owners of the ccononric interes(s in the coal. This acknowledgementis made for the purpose of conrplying \^'ith the provisions of Section 14 of the Biturninous Mine Subsidence and the Land Conservation Act of April Zi, 19661 Bu;er agrees to sign rhe deed frorr Scller which deedwill contain the albresaidnrovision.

r86 r87 188 ]89 t90 19l t92

t53 r6. TAX DEFERRED EXCHANGE (10-01) ri4 NOT APPLTCABI,E. El APPLICABLE. lf Selier wishes1o enter into a tax clef'erre<J 155 D exchangc the Properfypursuantto Scction 103I of the InternalRevenueCode. for 156 Iluyel agrees coopcrate to with Seller in connectionwith such exchange. including the exccutionof such documents may be reasonablynecas ''57 essar)'to conductthe exchange, provided that there shall be no delay in the agreed-tosettlcrnent date, an4 that any additionalcosts associated 158 rvith the exchange paid solcly by Seller.Buyer is awarethat Seller anticipalesassigningSeller'sinterestin this Agreement are to a third part1, 159 under an Exchange Agreententand cons€nts such assignrnent. to Buyer.shall not be requirecl executei$y note. contract,deedor other docto 160 unrent providing nny liability which would survive tbe exchange, nor shall Buyer be obligated to take title to any properly other rl:an the 16l Propeitl'describedin this Agreemcni.Seller shall indemnify and hold harmlessBuyer againstany liabiliry which arlsesor is clainred io have |62 alisen fi'c,irr aspecioi'ihe exchange any trarrsaciion. t63 17. COMMTRCrAL CONDOMINIUM (r0-0t) ,.64 El NO'f APPLICABLE. ''65 APPLICABI.,D.Buyer acknowledgcsthat the condominium unit to be transferrcdby this Agreemcnt is intendedfor nonresirjential n use, and :66 that Buyer nlay agreeto modily or waivc.the applicabilityof certainprovisionsof thc UniforrnCondominium Act of pennsylvania pa. (6g C.S. 167 \ 3 1 0 1 e t .s e q. ) . 1 6 8 I 8 . R E C O R D I N G ( 9 - 0 5 ) T h i s A g r e e m e n t w i ln o t b e r c c o r d e d i n t h e O l l i c e o f t h e R e c o r d e r o f D e e d s o r i n a n y o t h e r o f f i c e o r p l a c e o f p u b l i c r e c o r d . l '-69 If Buyer causes pelmits this Agreementto be recorded,Seilermay electto treat suchaot as a breachof this Agreement. or 170 19. AssIGNl\{BNT (9-05) This Agreementis binding upon the panies,their heirs, personalrepresentatives. guarclians and successors. to the extenl and 17l assignable, the assigns the partieshereto.Buyer will not transferor iusign this Agrecmentwithout the written consentolseller unless on of other172 wise statedin this Agreenrent, ).73 20. DEFAULT, TERMINATION & RETURN OF DEPOSITS (&il) (A) WhereBuycrterminatesthisAgreementpursuanttoanyrightgrantedbythisAgreernent,Buyerrvill l'74 beentitlcdtoarcturnofali depositn.)o'ies paid on accountof Purchase 75 Price pursuarl to the tcrms of Paraglaph 20{B), and this Agreementwill be VOID. 'l'ermination thii Agreemenl of '-76 may occur for other reasons giving rise to clainrsby Buyer and/orSellerfor the depositnronies. '-7"/ (B) Regarilless the appalententitlernent depositnronies,Pennsylvania of to larv prohibitsa Broker holding depositmonicsto dctenninewho is entj178 tled to deposit monies when setllement does not occur. If this Agrecrnent is terminatedfor any reaion. the Broker can only release the '.79 depositmonies: :80 l. If therc is no disputeover entitlementto fie deposit nronies.Buyer and Sellcr agreethat a written agree.nrent sigled by both parties is evi18l dencethal there is no disputefegardingdepositrnonies. 2. According to the termsof a written agreement 82 signedby the lluyer and Seller directingBroker how to ciistribure someor all of rhe rnonies. 183 3. According to the tormsof a final order ol.court. 4. According to the terms of a prior written agreemenlbetwcenBuyer and Seller r.hatdirectstlie Broker how 10 dislriburethe 184 deposit monies 185 if thereis a dispulebetweenthe pa.rties that is not resoivcd. (SeeParagraph 20(C))

Buyer Initials:

ASC Page5 of9 Revised8/l I


Producedwith zipFom@ by ziplogix 18070 Fifleen Mite Road, Fras€r, Michigan 48026 u,w.zipl€ix


County of Lehi

(C) l]uyerandSelleragreethatifthereisadisputeoverthecntitlernenttodeposilmoniesthalisunresolved clays 365 alier the Se. statedin Paragrapl.t 3(D). or any written extensions thercol, the Broker holding the deposirnronieswii'i, iliEin 30 days of receip. written request,disrributethe depositmoniesto Buyer unlessthe Broker has receivedverifiablewritten noticethat rhe disputeis thc litigation. If Broker has receivedvcrifiablewritten notice of iitigation beforereceivingBuyer's requestfor distriburion, Broker wili ct 198 hold the depositmoniesuntil reccivingeithera rvriftendistributionasreentent signcdby l)uyer and Selleror a finai court orcier. Buyer an t99 arc advisedto initiate litigation for any portionof the depositmonicsprior to any distributionmadeb-yBroker pursuant rhis paragraph. to . ;00 and Seller agreethat the distributionof deposit moniesbaseduponthe passage time doesnot legaily determine of entirlement depositmo, to i0l and that the partiesmay maintaintheir legalrightsto pursuelitigationevenatler a distribulion is made. i02 (D) Buyer and Seller a$oc that Broker who holdsor disbibutesdepositmoniespu$uanl to the lerrnsof Paragraph or Penns.vivania will nr 20 law i0i be liable for thosedepositmoniesfo either Buyer or Seller,absentBroker's grossnegligenceor wrongful intentional actions.Buyer and Seller i04 agreethat if any Broker or affiliated licensee named in litigation regardingdepositmonies.entitlementto depositmoniesor dis-tribution is of i05 depositmonies,then the Broker's and/orlicensee's attomeys' feesand costsincurredfor participatingin suchlitigationwill be paid by the party i06 namingthemor joining them in the litigation. (E) Sellerhastheoptionof retaining surrspaidby Buyer,including deposit \0'1 all the monies, shouldBuyer: i08 l. Fail ro makeany additionalpaymensas specifiedin paragraph OR 3, i09 2. Furnish false or incompleteinformationto Seller. Broker(s).or any other party identifieclin this Agreemen{ concemingBuyer's legal or i 10 financialstatu*s, OR il I 3. Violare or fail to fulfill and perfbrmany otherterrnsor conditionso1'thisAgrecment. il2 (Ir) Unless otherwisechecked Paragraph20(G), Sellermay electto retainthose in sumspaid by Buyer,including deposit montes: i l3 L On acoountofpurchaseprice, OR l14 2. As moniesto be appliedto Seller's damages, OR il5 3. As liquidated darnages suchdefault. for i l6 (G) n SILLER IS LIMITI,D 1]ORETAINIn"G SUt'lS PAID BY BL;\'[tl I\CLLIDIT'*G DEPOSIT MONIES, LIeUIDA'IED DAMACES. AS il7 (H) lf Sellerrelains sumspaid by Buyer,including all dcpositmonies, liquidaled as darnages pursuant Paragraph to 20(F)or (C), Buyer an<j Seller il8 are relea.sed fiom Iurther liability or obligationand this Agreernent VOID. is iI9 (l) Brokersand licensees not responsible unpaiddeposits. are for \20 2t. REAL ESTATE RECOVERY FUND (9-05) i21 A I{eal EstateRccovery Fund exists1o reitnburse any personswho have obtaineda final civil.judgment againsta Pennsylvania estareljcensee real i22 owing 1o fraud. misrepresentarion, deceit in a reai cstatetransaction or anciwho havebeelrunablero coUe-t the.iudgment alier exhaustingall legai \23 renredies. completc and equitable For details aboutthe Fund,call (717) 783-3658 (800) 822-2113 (wirhinpennsylvania) (717) 783-4g54(;ror and i21 sidc Pcnnsylvania). \25 22. MAINTET.TA|iCEAND RISK OF LOSS (r0_06i i26 (A) Seller rvill rnaintainthe Property.grounds,fixturesand personalpropertyspecificallylistetl in this Agreenrentin its presentconditiol. norrnal \27 wear and tear excepted. i28 ( B ) S e l l c r r . l ' i pl r o n r p t l y n o t i l y t h e B u y e r i l , a t a n y t i l n s p r i o r t o t h e t i m c o f s e t l l e m e n qo rl a n y p o r t i o n o f r h e p r o p e ( y i s d e s l r o y e d , o r d a n r a g e r a l l \29 as a resultofany causewhatsoever. i30 (C) Sellet bearsthe risk of loss from t'ire or other casualties settlcnsnt. If any propcrty included in this sale is destroycdand no1 rep)aced. i3l B u y e rw i l l : i32 I' Accept the Propertyin its thcn cufrcnl conditiontogetherrvith the proceecls a:ryinsurance of recoveryobtainable Seller.OR by j33 2. Terminatethis Agreementby written nolice to Seller,with all cleposit moniesreturnedto Buyer accordingto thi ternrsof paragraph20 oi' i34 this Agrccment. i35 23.CONDEMNATION (r0-06) i36 Soller has no knowledge of any current or pendingcondemnationor eminenrdomain proceeclings that would afl'ectthe property. lf any portion t3'7 of the Property shouid be sub.lccr condemnation eminent donrain proceedings to or affcr the signing of this Agreemcnl Seller sirall immediately i38 advisc Buyer, in rvriting, ol'such proccedings.lluyer will have the option to rerminale this Agreemcnt by written norice to Seljer wirhilt '1? (15 days if not specified) a1lerBuyer learnsof the filing of suchproceedirrgs. with alt depositmoniesreturned Buyer accord..days to ;40 ing to thc terms o1'paragraph of this Agrcemenl Buyer's failure to provide notice of terrnination within the time stated will constitute 20 i4l a WAIVER of this contingency and all otherterms of this Agreementremain in full force and effect. \42 24. WAIVER OF CONTINGENCIES (9.05) i'13 If this Agreement is contingenton Buyer's right to inspectand/or repair the Property, or to verify environmental conditions,bountlaries, \44 certifications,zoning classification use, or any other information regarding the Property, Buyer's failure to exerciseany of Buy,er's or 145 options within the times set forth in this Agrcementis a WAIVER of that contingency and Buyer acceptsthe property and agrees to the i46 RELDASE in paragraph25 of this Agreement. i47 25. RELE.ASE (9-0s) i48 quit claims and forever dischargcs Buyer releases, SELLER, ALL BROKI,RS, their LICENSEES, EMpLOyEES and any OFFICER or i49 PARTNER of any one of them and any other PERSON, FIRM or CORPORATION who may be liable by or through them, from any antl i-50 all clainrs,lossesor demands, including, but not limited to, personal injury and property damage and all of the-consequences thereof, !51 whetlrerknown or not, which may arise f..on the presenee termites or other wocd-boring insects, of radcn, lead-besed paint hazards, mold, i52 fungi or indoor air quality, environmentalhazards, any defectsin the individual onJot selvage disposalsystemor deficiencies the on-site in i53 water servicesystem,or any defectsor conditionson the Property, Should Sellerbc in default under the terms of this Agreement,or in vio154 lation of any seller disclosurelaw or regulation,this retease does not deprive Buyer of any right to pursue any remedieithat may be availi55 able under law or cquity. This release will suryivesettlemenl 194 195 196 tg'l i56 B u y e rl n i t i a l s r A S C P a g e6 o f 9 Revised8/l I Seller nitials: I

Prodwed with zipFor@ by zipLogix 18070 Fifteeo Mile Road, Fraser,Michigm 48026 w.zroLooix


County of L,ehi

I.. :6. REPRESE NTATION*S (945) Qx' (A) All,promotionalactivilies,brochuresorplansofanykindmadebySeller,Brokers,rhcirlicensees,e ,Y2 t* or partnersare not a pan of this Agreementunlessexpressiyincorporared slated in rhis Agreemcnt. j"ri, or This Agreement conrains f:' whole agreement lltl::it thc betlveenSelicr and Buyer, and there are no otber terms,obligations,covenants, I'i, JU represeptations, staternents condilions. or. -i6I , oral or otherwise.of any Und whatsoevcrconceming this sale-This Agreementwill not be altered,amendecl, changedor modified excepr in i62 uriring execurcd the partics. by i63 (B) Unlessotherwisestated in this Agreement,Buyer has inspected the Property (including fixtures and any personalproperty specifical\64 ly listed herein)beforesigning this Agreementor has waived the right to do io, and agreesto purchase tig. property lN ITS PRESENT i6-5 CoNDITION' Buyer acknowledges that Brokers, their licensees, employees, officersor partners havc not made an independentexami66 ination or determinationof the structural soundness the Property, thi ageor condifionof thc componcnts, of environmentalconditions, i67 the perrnittedusesor of conditionsexistingin the localewhere the rropeity is situated; nor have they made a mechanicalinspection i68 of any ofthe systems contained therein. (C) Any repair.s i69 requiredby this Agreementwill be cornpleted a rvorkmanlike in rnanner. i70 (D) Brokerls) havc providedor may provideservices assislunrepresenled to partiesin cornplyingwith this Agreement. i7t 27. CERTIFTCATION OF NON_FORBIGN INTEREST (10_01) i72 Seiier lS a foreign person' fbreign corporation.lbreign partrrership, fl foreign trusl- or foreign estate subject to Section 14,15of the lnternal i73 RevenueCode' which provides that a transl'eree (Buyer) o1'a U.S. real propirty interestmusr withhold tax if the transjbror {Seller'}is a foreisn t/4 person. \75 seller is NoT a fbreign pcrson,foreign corporation,foreign partnership, E foreign 1rust,or a foreign estateas definedby the lnternal Revenue i16 Code, or is otherwisenot sub.iect tho tax withholding requiiernents Section 1445 o1'theInternal to of RevenueCode.To iniorm Buyer thar the i77 withholding of tar is not requircd upon the sale/disposition the Propelty by SeJler, of Seller hereby agrecsto furnish tsuyer,a1or befoie closi78 ing with the ibllowing: i79 El An alTidavitstating,undcr penaltyof perjury,the Seiler'sU.S. taxpaycridentification numberancithat the Seileri.snot a foreign person. i80 as fJ A "qualifying slatemcnt," tlefinedby statute, that tax $'ithholdi;g is not requiredby Buyer. i8l fl Other:

Sellerundcrstands anydocuiGntat-ffi.ou that this provisi.n rnay be disclo i83faisestatementsoonIained1hereincouldresultinpunishmentbyhne'imprisonnrent,orboth'U4J9l'g,1u ilt4 28' ARBITRATION oF DISPUTES (1-00) Buyer and Selleragreeto arbiirateany dispute bel.ween them that cannol be amicablyrcsolved-After rvrir;tt5 tcn demandfor arbitrationby either Iluyer or seller, each party will selecta .oulp.i.nt and disinlerestecl arbitrator.The two so selected,n,ill select i86 a lhird' lf selectionof the third arbitratorcannotbe agreedupon within 30 days,eiiher parry may requ€stthat selectionbe madeby a judge of a courr i87 o l r e c o r d i n t h e c o u n t y i n w h i c l r a r b i t r a l - i o n i s p c n d i o g , E a c f r p a r lp a fi li lt s c h o s e n a r b l t i a t o r , u n d b e u . e q u a l l y e x p e n s e s i b r t h e t h i r d a n < i a i i yw orlier iilil cxpenscs oi'ifbiLration. Arbitraiion wiii be eonciucted accorciance in wirh rhe provisionsof pennsyivaniaConmon l,aw Arbitration 42 pa. C.S.n. i89 $7341 et seq. fhis agreement arbitratedisputes to alising fronr this Agrcementwiil survivesettlernent. i90 29. BROKER TNDEMNIFICATTON(10-0t) i9l Buyer and Scller represcnt that the only Ilrokers involved in this transaction are:


93 94 95 96

98 99 00 0l 02 03 04
05 06 07 18 ]9 l0 II 12

itr connectionwith such claims. It is further agreecl that Buyer and Sel)er agree to indemnify and hold harmlesseach othcr an<J the above-lisred Blokers f?om and againstthe non-performance this Agreenrentby either parb-,and from any claim of of loss or claim for brokeragecomrnjssions, including ail lcgal fcesand cos1s, tlrat nraybe tnadeby any pelsou or enrity.This paragraph shalisgrvive setgenrent30. GOVERNING LAW, \TENUB & PERSONAL JURISDICTION (9-O5i (A) 1-hevalidiry and co-nslruction this Agreenrcnt.and the rights and duties of ol the parties.rvill be governed in accordance wilh the laws ol-tlie Corumonwealth Pennsylvania. of 'fhe (B) partiesagreethat any dispute,controversy claim arising under or in conn€ction or with this Agreementor 1tsperformance either party by shall be decidedexclusivelyby and in thc stateor federalcourtJsining in the Comnronwealth penisylvania. of 3 1 .NOTICE BEFORE SIGNING (5-OI) l3uycr and Seller acknowledgethat Broket'shave advisedthem to consult-and rctairl expertsconcerningthe legal and tax efi'ects oithis Agreenrenr and the complction of the sale,as well as the condition and/or legality,roperty, including. but not limited to, the propertv's improvemenls, equipment" soil' tenancies, title and environmental-aspects. Return by iacsimile lransmission (FA"i) of this Agreemeit, and all addend4 bearing the signaturcs ofall parties.constilutes acceptanca ofthis Agreemcnt. 32. NOTICE All notice requirements undcr the provisionsoI this Agreementor by applicationof stalutoryor common law rvill be addressed the appropriare to party,at the addresscs listed belor'v any meansol'delivery us *utuatly agreedupon by the partiesand stated via hcre: pERsoNAr sERvrcE oR CERIIFTED MAIL

t4 l5 6 7 8 9




Buyer Initials:

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Produc€dwilh zipFoffir@ zipLogix 1oo7o Fifteen Mrle Road Fras, by

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With a r:opy k);THE

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18t 01


If to Buyer:




PA 18101

t28 t29 Witha copyt, t30 t3l t32 f 3 3 33. SPECTAL CLAL'SES t-14 (A) The following are part of tlrisAgreementif checked: 135 LJ 136
t-t /

t38 t39 140 t4l t12 143 t44 t45 t46 147 t48 t49 f5{.}

rel sPr
STREET' Ar'LENTowN' PENNsYLvANto'-s"r'""t

'IIALL "o*-t*n

RrcHT to FoR rHE AGREEMENTBsr,{EEN oFsAr.E II rHE ns"u*crAsE TI{E pRoprRgy



2 ' SELTER sIlALr' EA'E TIIE RT.IIT wrr'our .IIAR.E To coNTrNtrs ro usE AFTER SETTLEMENT THE pRopER"y ('ARKTNG Lor) u*rrl BU'ER coo oNcss, AND 'ELLER RESP.NSTBT'E FoR r't oPsRATroN ot-t"" "o*"t*o"'ro*'t" sr{A,.r, coNrrNuE To BE PARKTN. oF Ar'L EQUTPI'{ENT aur Nor-r*iraD sERwNG Tt{E Lor e*o s*o* ro THE MArlcrENANcE "o,,-ior"iuorNc AND rcE *r"orro. TNDEMNTFY SELTER s"oii H.LD HARMr.Ess BUYERoTtfl a*" r'o"i"s-, LrABrlrrr"r'-o* AND i^rMs ARrsfNe our-or oR RELATTN' SELTER pRovrDE To sArD

s.::":p :H#"ffi""ffi"},.ffi ,iff,"ffiJ*;i:t##"fr#T:nitril#$ffi *mtx"," tr, T"Ht :*x*"xs:""r*::






oF i"su**,." NAMTN* BrrrER As

152 t53 i54 155 t56 t57 t58 ,59 160 t6l


3' BtrvER AcREEs THAT FoR so L.NG As rt' pRopERTv Loc^TED PLTRCHASED AT 672 'AMTLT.N s"REEr FROM ACrDA rs 'I'B'ECT BErNG ro cot"*o*t, ,lo THE coMPLETToN oF TliE oF, AND ,*"o*""*iE By, ACrDA REQUTRTNG PRo'JEct' "orro" usE rHE rN coNJuNcrrolnlrr" "-*ia" THE pRopERTy L..ATED "*o"eRry

*E .o"" DE..RTBED rNrHE "*nosEs

163 164 t65 166 t67 t68 169 t70 t7l

173 174 |/) t76


t78 t79



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SellerIn itials:

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County of Lchi

,Y6 . \nr \fgg t89 t90 t9l t92 f93 194

D fl

n tr

Buyer has received consumerNoticeas adoptedby the the State RealEstatecommission at 4g pa. cocle $35.336. Buyer has receiveda staternentof Buyer's estimatedciosing .ort. ir.ior. rlgiing this Agrebment. Buyer has read and understands notices the and explanatoryinformationii this Agreement, Buyer has receivedthe Deposit Monev Notice (for cooperative saleswhen Broker for seller is holding depositmone1,) before signing this Agrecment.

Buyer acknorvredges receivinga copy ofthis Agreement rhe time ofsigning. at



Mailing.,\ddress Phone

BUYER Buyer(s) Name CITaRLSS,_Sr.REgTCaprrAL I-'AX tl-Mail BUYER
Buyer(s)Nanc }IAX E-Mail


;00 '01

i l ?

;02 \t'tTl,JESS/ATTEST ;03 t04 Mailing Address ;05 l)hone ;06 ;07 \l/Il.NESS/ATTBST ;08 ;09 Mailing Addrcss '10 Phone ;ll it2 seller has received thc
n D -


BUYER Buyer(s) Name FAX


: 1 t

(if applicable): undersigned acknowledgesthat he/sheis authorizedbv rhe i t 7 Board of Directorsto sign this Agreement on behalf of the selier J;tr..1l;; ano that rhis saredoes nol constitutea sale,rease. ; t 8 ali or sub.stantially the property or exchanle of all ard asscts ;19 ; 2 0 WITNESS/ATTEST SELLER DATE ;2I SELLER(S) NAME ;22 it4ailingAddrcss
tlJ :14



consumcr Noticeas adoptedby the state RealEstate commission at 4g pa.corle $35.336. Seller has receiveda siatement Seller'sestimated of closing J"ro.. signingthis Agreement. Seiier has reaciand understan<is noticesand explanatoiy "ort. the informationin this Agreement, TRANSFER oF CORPoRATE ASSETS 'l'he






Mailine Address phone

;27 '28 t29



i,3o wtrNEss/ATTEsl ; 3I

i33 t34 ;35 ;36 ;37 ;39 i39 \40 ;41 t42 t43 ;;t4 t45

Mailing Address Phone



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