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Lateral Bend

To get a proper lateral bend you have to properly engage the spine engine.

As you transition from backswing to downswing and prior to any rotation, you engage the spine engine as follows: 1. Simultaneously drop and retract the right shoulder - This move will connect the spine facets prior to any rotation. The shoulder is pulled toward the spine by the back muscles. The muscles of the rotator cuff and rear deltoid also assist is pulling the right shoulder back. 2. After the shoulder retraction, the right scapula is pulled toward the chest cavity (this is called the scapula dig move). This will help hold the lateral bend and help pull the arms and elbow into position.

Shoulder Drop

Shoulder Retraction and Scapula Dig

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Proper movement of the lower spine (tailbone) will increase the lateral bend because the right shoulder and the lumbar spine are pulled closer together.

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