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Opportunity in adversity: Even the most difficult circumstances offer prospects to succeed

Management Announcement Page-2


Chairman’s Message
The second half of 2012 has been the most difficult period in the last decade. The last time I saw such a severe downturn in the engineering industry was in the years 1999-2002. The next two to three years are going to be very testing. We must build resilience in ourselves and in our Company to pass through this difficult time. How does one build the resilience ? At an individual level this can be done by committing to continuous learning and to increase in Shri Harshad Patel physical energy levels by working on one's health. For both of the above our Company is providing a platform which you should use. I would like to emphasise that this will help you at an individual level. At the Company level resilience needs to be built by improving operational parameters like On-Time-Delivery, Quality, and in reduction of cost. The demands of the customer on all these measures are quite often unrealistic, but we must remember that the customer has a lot of options in a weak market. I do urge all of you to work on building resilience at both levels so that we are stronger and can turn the difficult time into an opportunity. Let us look forward to 2013 with hope in our capabilities to overcome the difficult times and to prepare ourselves to take advantage of the inevitable upturn in the future.

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The economic future of an organization depends on its ability to create wealth by fostering innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship

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Management Announcement
Mr.Abhishek Patel Whole time Director - Rishi Techtex Ltd - Daman Mr.Abhishek Patel is appointed as whole time Director in Rishi Techtex Ltd on 1st Nov.2012. He holds B.Sc in Economics and Management & Bachelor of Science ( Honours ) in Economics and Director Management from London school of Economics and political science, University of London. He also holds a B.Com Degree from Mumbai University.

Mr.Abhishek Patel
Mr.Dinesh Mehta CEO - Rishi Techtex Ltd - Daman Mr. Dinesh Mehta is appointed as CEO in Rishi Techtex Ltd on 1st Nov.2012 .He also holds an Independent Director position in Rishi Laser Ltd. He holds graduate degrees in Commerce and Law. He has over 32 years of experience in accounts, audits and finance.

Mr.Dinesh Mehta

Connecting Today………………Transferring Tomorrow………… Caption describing picture or graphic.

Mr. Abhay Toshar Director-Rishi Consfab Pvt Ltd - Bengaluru Mr. Abhay Toshar is appointed as Director in Rishi Consfab Pvt Ltd - RCPL ON 7TH Aug.2012 . Mr. Thosar currently heads the operations of the Southern region. He has 32 years of in-depth experience in operations and administration of the manufacturing industry. Mr. Toshar has a graduate degree in Science from Bengaluru University.

CEO Announcement

Mr. Abhay Toshar
Mr. Vishal Desai Director - Rishi Technical Services Pvt Ltd Mr. Vishal Desai is appointed as Director in Rishi Technical Services Pvt Ltd on 1st Nov.2012. Mr.Desai presently heads the Human Resource function and is a Member of Corporate Management Committee. He has 13 years of comprehensive experience in the entire gamut of HR Rishi Technical Director and Administrative functions. Mr. Desai holds a Masters in Labour Welfare ( MLW ) and Masters in Human Resource Development ( MHRD ) from South Gujarat University, Surat. He also holds a PG Diploma in Training and Development from ISTD, New Delhi.

Mr. Vishal Desai





Mr.Kishan Jhanwar Director - Rishi Technical Services Pvt Ltd Mr.Kishan Jhanwar is appointed as Director in Rishi Technical Services Pvt Ltd on 1st Nov.2012. Mr.Jhanwar presently works as AGM - Accounts & Finance function. He has 9 years of comprehensive experience in the gamut of Accounts & Finance functions. Mr.Jhanwar holds a degree of CA from ICAI ,New Delhi and a Diploma in Information & System Audit.

Mr.Kishan Jhanwar


Corporate Social Responsibility @ Gujarat
EDUCATION IS THE MOST POWERFUL WEAPON WHICH YOU CAN USE TO CHANGE THE WORLD-NELSON MONDELA With above belief Rishi Laser employees from Gujarat initiated CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activity for promoting education and reducing school drop out of children from Tribal Community at Kawat Dist-Vadodara with help of “BHASHA NGO” Kawat village is situated on Border of Gujarat & Madhya Pradesh and is also known as dry village. Rishi Team identified the reasons that limited economic resources and lack of parent awareness was leading to children drop out from school. Our team took the first step toward the prevention of school drop out in consultation with “BHASHA NGO”, Village community Leaders and School management Employees voluntarily raised and contributed Rs.19,000/- fund for student “EDUCATION KIT” for 300 nos. of primary and secondary children. Employees also contributed towards Note Books,. Campass Box, Water Bottles, Pen/Pencils /Erasers, Lunch Box, Clothes etc. On 19th June.2012 Rishi team members distributed 300 nos. of education kits to 300 children of Primary and Secondary at Kawat village and on 29th June.2012 Shri. M. K. Pandya and Shri. Kishan Jhanwar distributed 25 nos. education kit to our regular labours of Makarpura plant at Baroda. CSR Team members namely Prasad Muley, Shailey Kapoor, Jaideep Gohil, Avani Gupta, Swati Rana & Vinod Mistry worked under the guidance of Mrs Jignasha Goswami and took it to successful completion.


Shaping Lives for the Better

Inside Story Headline

Rishi Laser Employees actively participated in the Blood donation camp event organized by GIDC Industrial association, GIDC, Savli on 18th May 2012 in coordination with “Surktam blood Bank” for celebration of 50 years of GIDC. The event was leaded by the 2 Safety Committee members Mr. Jaideep Gohil (Executive HR) and Mr. Satish Patel (HR Admin Supervisor). The objective of this event was to Donate Blood to help people suffering from Cancer, Blood Cancer, Malaria, Dengue, Accident etc. The event was a success as people contributed there, by donating their blood. 20 employees of Rishi Laser Ltd also turned up to the collections centre and donated their precious blood leaving an outstanding impression of service as well as devotion towards the Society .Also, those who participated in the event were given gifts, certificate, and vote of thanks for their valuable contribution to the event and to the society. We are glad that Rishi Laser Ltd participated in such a Noble Cause for the Society.

Blood Donation by Savli RLL Employees BloodCaption describingSavli RLL Employees Donation by picture or graphic.

Be a Blood Donor and Save a life.

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AUTOMATIC COACH WASHING PLANT Commissioned at Madgaon, Goa

Rishi Baroda team has taken second step toward serving to railways by designing, manufacturing & installing fully automatic coach washing plant at Goa. Rishi laser’s fully automatic coach washing plant is well appreciated due to its design, durability & optimum performance . Our team commissioned automatic coach washing plant at madgao division of Kokan railway plant

This washing plant has the following functions:

1. The plant has two modes of washing: automatically and manually. 2. Washing brushes can rotate either clockwise or anticlockwise. 3. The train wash plant provides two alternative ways of washing:  Detergent washing  Water washing. 4. The train wash plant has sensors install along the track to locate the train’s position while passing through so that washing will start and stop automatically. 5 .The allowed train position tolerance while being washed is ± 1 meter.

Salient features of this plant:

1. Thorough exterior washing of a 24-Coach rake is completed in 20 min. as against approx. 3 hours required f or manually doing the same job. 2. Cleaning process i s complete as it includes window sills, v enetian shutters and smaller areas which normally manual cleaning process is not able to do. 3. Plant is located on Shunting Neck with the prov ision of magic eye which ensures that plant operates only when the speed is bet ween 5-8 kmph and consequently plant does not operate in case of normal shunting operation.

CEO Announcement

Mr.Vinod Deshle project Implementor Block Diagram of Coach Washing Plant Team Member:
1.Bhavesh Amin 2. Mahesh Solanki 3.Kanu Gohil 4.Rajnikant Parmar 5.Vikram Kudle 6.Haresh Kahar 7.Sanjay Mali

Rishi Technical Director

“The Best Vision is Insight”

Commissioned at Madgaon, Goa

P AG E 5

Advantages of Coach washing plant over Manual Coach
Automatic Coach Washing Plant 1. Consistent quality of wash 2. Only one operator is required in 8 hrs shif t f or supervision of plant due to its automatic nature of operation. 3. The time taken of washing is quite less i.e. approx. 20 minutes f or train of 24 coaches. Faster av ailability of rake f or passenger services. 4. Approximately 1000 litters of fresh water will be supplied by railway f or washing of a train of 24 coaches. Remaining water will be re-cycled through Effluent Treatment Plant. 5. Controlled application of detergent leads to consi stent cleaning and optimum use. T raditional Manual Coach Washing 1. Lack of consistency in quality of wash 2. Labor intensiv e work requiring proper supervision and industrial relations problems 3. The time taken f or washing is quite long i.e. 3 hrs. f or a train of 24 coaches. Rake av ailability f or passenger serv ices is much less which is -a waste of scarce national resources 4. Approximately 28800 ltrs of fresh water is used f or washing one train of 24 coaches. 5. Uncontrolled application of detergent leads to use of excess quantity.

P AG E 6

AUTOMATIC COACH WASHING PLANT Commissioned at Madgaon, Goa

. Magic

Eye Station

When the Rake passes through censors (1 nos. placed at a distance of 5 meters), the plant will determine the speed of the train. if it is within 5 – 8 Kmph, the next stage of the plant will automatically energize, otherwise it will not be energized .

Spraying of detergent: After spraying of water, in next stage detergent will be
sprayed on the coach body.

“Pay attention to your enemies for they are the first to discover your mistakes”

Pre - Wash Unit

CEO Announcement
Your most unhappy

Under Gear & Side Gear Cleaning Unit

customer is your greatest source of

Rishi Technical Director






Horizontal Brush

Commissioned at Madgaon, Goa

P AG E 7

Moistening Unit

Ideas are not solutions; they are the raw

Main Wash

materials of solutions.

P AG E 8

Journey Towards Lean

Rishi Laser Ltd - Bengaluru Unit had initiated a new drive called “Journey Towards Lean” from October 2012, in order to equip our team to meet the challenging Customer and Business requirements. Key Objectives  To change layout and organize manufacturing lines on principle of lean manufacturing  To create system for implementing small batch / single piece flow  Improve focus on Throughput by allocating dedicated machine and equipments  Improve focus on following key parameters i.e Safety, Quality, Delivery and Productivity ( SQDP ) Narration :- Bommasandra plant layout was changed to 4 manufacturing lines on principles of Lean manufacturing. Each line was so organized that equipments and workstations necessary to produce a product were arranged closely together to facilitate small lot continuous production. Each manufacturing line has clearly defined Organization structure, Skill matrix & Competency mapping, Proper Visual display, Machine SOP, Safety norms and My Machine concept . Each Manufacturing line’s health is measured and monitored on Safety, Quality, Delivery & Productivity parameters on a daily basis.

All Process owners and Group Leader were trained on the concept of Line manufacturing, Its objectives and benefits. Entire Bangalore team have actively participated and brought about a big change in method of working all though internal training, guidance and support from management. Benefits : Better On Time delivery of quality product leading to customer satisfaction  Optimum utilization of Space and equipments  Sequential manufacturing process placed side by side to ensure proper flow of material  Reduction in waste of Motion, Transportation and waiting.  Clear focus of all employees on Safety, Quality, Delivery and Productivity parameters. We hope this new venture will fetch us better business prospects & more laurels to our organization in the coming days!

CEO Announcement

Mr. R.V.Gopinath

We Thank management for imparting knowledge on optimum utilization of available resources, which help us in enhancing our productivities. We hope this new venture will fetch us better business prospects & more laurels to our organization in the coming days!

Rishi Technical Director
Caption O P describing N I T Y I N A D V E R S I T Y : PORT U E V E N picture or O S T D I F F I C U L T T HE M graphic.

Dashera Celebration

P AG E 9

Victory of Good over Evil
 Ayudha Pooja at Bengaluru: Ayudha pooja is part of dashera celebration Bengaluru. Rll Bengaluru team organized pooja on 22nd Oct.12 at Bommasandra and Doddaballapur units. Celebration were held at both the places under the guidance of respected Business head Shri.Abhay M.Thosar. Prior to the onset of Pooja, all employees did a commendable job in cleaning and decorating their respective work stations. In Bommasandra, some of the Customers also joined the celebrations. It was a joyful & memorable occasion for all of them.

“Attempt the impossible in order to improve
Khande Navmi Pooja at Pune: Khande Navmi pooja was organized by MEW Team at Pune. In factory pooja was performed for machines,tools ,objects & parts one uses in daily life was central to this celebration. All machines and other parts were decorated with flowers & worship on the auspicious day .

your work.”

Vijayadashmi Pooja at Daman :

Vijayadashmi Pooja was held at daman plant on 22nd Oct.2012 with traditional felvour & gaiety. Celebration held under the leadership of Mr.Parag Bet unit Head and organized by Mr.Jiten Naik-Executive HR at Daman plant. Many employees volunteers participated in this event namely Jagdish Dhokwal, ,Amrat Ahir, Mitesh Patel, Mauji savani, Kamlesh Soni & Jiten Naik. This celebration was also attended & participated by our Rishi Group Chairman Shri. Harshad Patel along with Mr. Abhishek Patel (Director) with belief in Goddess Durga always keep showering her blessings upon us for upcoming success in coming year.

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Management Initiatives
We believe that all natural resources are gift to us by mother nature and we

RAIN WATER HARVESTING should work towards preserving and conserving all natural resources such as
water, light and environment. Under Leadership and guidance of our honorable Chairman Shri. Harshad Patel 4 plants of Rishi group at Pune, Bangalore and Daman have taken initiative for water conservation through rain water harvesting and waste water treatment. Our Chairman has very strong belief for conserving our natural resources such as water, light and environment .

Basic principle :- Collection of rain water through shop floor roof and channelizing it to filtration modules which is than supplied for recharging Borewell. Above system operates on gravity and does not require electricity. We have procured above rain water harvesting system from Furaat Earth company, Ahemdabad. It contains mainly 2 modules 1. SFM module-2350 (Sand filtration module) 2. HFM module 2350( Horizontal filtration module)

Function of both modules:Maximum rain water is collected from roof and plant area to Sand filtration module-2350 where preliminary filtration takes place. Thereafter water moves to second Horizontal filtration module -2350. This module have V-wire screen of stainless steel & sand bed & gravels which control physical particle & natural environment impurities. The clean & pure rain water is diverted to undergo to Bore well recharge.


Save water secure the

1. Dilution : The fresh water of the premises which will be diverted back to earth will be around 100 to 200 TDS. The injection of fresh filtered rain water will improve the ground water quality of our premises. 2. Depletion : Due to groundwater recharge the relevant aquifer will be regenerate which will control depletion of water level due to artificial injection the water level will start rising in bore well which will save electricity. 3. Moisture Retention : The application of rain water for earth is suitable for regular recharging of dried aquifers & rejuvenates earth. Morewover rain water which is pure with virtually no dissolved salt & minerals is perfectly landscape irrigation & also flushes salt build up from the soil & produces lush – green & healthy plant. Additionally percolation of rain water will make the soil zone leading to higher retention of moistures. This will have positive effect for landscaping horticulture area. 4. Recharge of bore well for use in summer.

CEO Announcement

Rishi Technical Director









Rishi Laser -Pune Plant

Rishi Techtex Ltd - Daman

Rishi laser-Bangaluru Plant

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Management Initiatives
In continuation to the successful Health

Seminar on Obesity and related diet and Executive fitness through Yoga

and Wellness Initiative in 2011, we assess the Health & Nutrition status, of our 76

executives, with special focus on body composition (fat, water, minerals and protein). All the employee were assess on following important parameter essential to know the current body composition status as well as possible risk of any life style related disease due to obesity. Nutrition and Dietetic experts - Purvi Parikh and Associate assess the report and conducted an interactive workshop covering 75 employees including spouses. The objective of seminar was to create awareness among the participants regarding obesity and required dietary and life style modifications with reference to body composition analysis report Yoga Achharya Mr. Rajesh Barot conducted 45 minutes session for Executive Fitness though Yoga .During the session he focused basic yoga & meditation tips for routine of employees. The seminar started with a brief feedback from participants, on success, failures and challenges in attaining healthy eating habits, Yoga and physical exercises based on last year workshops. The experts explained the detailed meaning of all the parameter in the body composition report and its consequences and also explained benefits of Yoga &Physical exercise. The participants were orient towards healthy eating and lifestyle modifications guidelines. There after participants spouse were specially address, on does and don’ts while cooking for their families, in a special session on “Revolution in Kitchen- Making Smart Choice for Your Family”.

You can’t enjoy wealth if you’re not in good health

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Management Initiatives
Pan India Plazma work shop for 2 days was conducted on 30th Nov.12 All India Plazma Work & 1st Dec.12 @ Pune. This work shop was organised by Mr. Rajaram Shop @Pune Konjali under guidance of Shri. Harshad Patel. Training was conducted by Mr. Vishal Deore from Kjellberg (All India Technical manager) and Mr. Pradeep Mujumdar from EWAC Messer, L&T.

Mr.Rajaram Konjali

Its my pleasure to serve our organization at all India level. I am very much thankful to the senior management giving this small opportunity. Also thankful to those who have supported me to do this event successful.

Training was divided into class room and practical on shop floor. There were two different group formed Group –“A” was conducted on consumable fitting and Group “B” was conducted Global Control Panel and Power source. Following topics were covered in work shop: Basics of plasma cutting. Variants of Plasma Cutting. Preparation steps for quality cuts. Operating and Programming. Optimization of the cutting result. Discussion about Rll Plasma Machine Problems from all over India. There were 12 nos. of participates across the all india units attended workshop.

A BIG Thank You to………..

Rishi Technical Director
Special Thanks to Mr.Vishal Desai DGM-HR




Shemesh Rajan Animator – Rishi Technical




Elsamma Titus Asst. Manager – Rishi Bangaluru


Jiten Naik Executive HR – Rishi Techtex Daman

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