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Youth speaks out about media

older generation. On a mission to nd the truth I began to do much research on this topic and nd the facts about youth and media. is perception of youth being involved in media as their only source of life seems deluded. Just out of personal perspective I feel that the media helps us be more connected and take charge of our own lives. In a recent survey I found that 45% of teens agree that they get frustrated with their friends for texting or checking their social networking sites instead of paying attention to them. is is an example of how social media isn't taking over our lives and how personal one on one is not responsibility of getting their child in volved in clubs and organizations early to help them develop connections and social skills. But youth, have to nd a balance to ensure that media does not overhaul their entire lives. If both media and life can coexist, society would be a safer and more productive place. e rst quarter explosion by the Lady Scots proved to be an insurmountable lead for the Patriots to overcome. e Lady Scots only allowed four rst-half points and coasted comfortably to a 49-22 win. e Fighting Scots mens team was un able to create the separation between the Patriots like the womens squad, nish ing the rst quarter with a 7-5 lead. By cutting down on turnovers and nishing in transition, the Scots were able to outscore the Patriots 18-12 in the second quarter, taking a 25-17 half time lead. In the second half the Scots extended their lead even more, behind the strong play of Leak and Ratli e. An aggressive

Editor: James Riddiough

Scotland Brings how the Gold!

On Monday, Jan. 28, the Fighting Scots ninth grade womens and mens basket ball teams swept the Pinecrest Patriots. e women won 49-22, with the men

What youth think about media

Media is always around us, surrounding us and has become incorporated in our daily life style. Most people don't realize the role it truly plays. Media is considered anything of mass communication, such as magazines, TV, Internet, newspapers. ey all are con sidered to be apart of the media force, and most commonly is known for hav ing a negative impact on society. Overall people o an older age believe that it controls the lives of young people. I know personally feel that my parents are not entirely educated in what really goes on with teens and the media. O en enough my parents have said that they think that media controls my life and that I don't know their childhood and I have it so easy. In writing this article I hope to show open up the point of view of the youth, us. Our parents claim we don't know what it was like to grow up in their time, well it's easy to say they don't understand how it is during our generation. e common belief among adults is that the lives of young people is obsessed with media in general. ey believe that it has a negative a ect on our lives and make us a lazier and less successful gen eration they they are. As a teenager I personal disagree that this has such a dramatic a ect on our teenage lives. Al though it may have some a ect I believe that they are over dramatized among the

Facebook and Twitter Icons lost. rough this I also found that a majority of youth only use media when they are bored, and nothing more productive to do. e study shows that youth are more likely to use media if they do not have other activities such as sports, clubs, and more to do outside of school. One would point the nger at the parents of teens to encourage and make sure their youth was involved in this way. Not only in the case of media but also in social aspects. rough this I conclude that it is a two way street when it comes to the a ect of media on teens. Parents should take the adding a 58-40 victory. e leading scorers for the Lady Scots were Ashlyn Dial and Qutina Everette, who posted 19 and 26 points, respective ly. e boys were carried by Randy Leak and Jordan Ratli e, with Leak leading the Scots in scoring with 21 points and Ratli e chipping in with 10. A er trailing 2-0 to the Patriots in the rst quarter, the Lady Scots exploded, going on a 21-0 run with Dial and Ev erette forcing turnovers to create easy transition baskets. e Lady Scots took a 21-2 lead a er the end of the rst quarter. 2-3 zone implemented by the Scots helped force many turnovers and the Scots were able to capitalize by convert ing them into easy buckets. e Scots outscored the Patriots 21-13, creating a 16 point cushion heading into the fourth. e fourth quarter was more of the same, as the Scots cruised to an 18point victory, winning 58-40. Ratli e credited his teams win to their performance in the second half. I think the team performed great, he said. At the beginning we were cold, only scoring seven points in the rst quarter, but we made up for it in the sec