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ConocoPhillips Heidrun WI

Norway Blocks 6507/7 & 6507/8

Landmark: North Seas First Completion in Water Depths Over 350 m (1,150 ft)

Project Overview
Contract Award: Sales: Fab. Trees: Fab. Controls: Service Base: Host Type: Contract Type: 1993 Kongsberg, Norway Dunfermline, U.K. Kongsberg, Norway Bergen, Norway TLP EPC

Project Characteristics
No. Trees: Water Depth: Tree Type: Tree Pressure: Tree Bore Size: Hydrocarbon: 6 350 m (1,150 ft) Vertical 5,000 psi 5x2 Oil and Gas

Project Ownership
Petoro ConocoPhillips Statoil Fortum 58% 24% 13% 5%


Scope of Work
4 Six (6) vertical 5x2 5,000 psi subsea trees 4 Two (2) water-injection templates tied back to a TLP 4 Tie-in system on templates and riser base 4 Electro-hydraulic control system with umbilical and topside controls 4 UWD-II 10,000 psi 18-3/4 subsea wellhead system 4 Mechanically oriented tubing hanger (metal seals throughout) run with hydraulically actuated tool 4 Remote retrievable choke bridge arrangement 4 Pressure and temperature transducers on subsea tree and downhole 4 Vertical wireline access for production and annulus through tubing hanger/subsea tree 4 Diverless make-up flowline and controls umbilical 4 Multiplexed electro-hydraulic control system 4 ROV interface/override facilities 4 Common workover and intervention tools with Statfjord Satellites project 4 System integration, testing, installation assistance, service and maintenance

The Heidrun Water Injection subsea system is comprised of two (2) 4-slot templates with three (3) injection subsea trees each. The templates are tied back to the concrete TLP production facility by two (2) flowlines and control umbilicals. Two (2) subsea riser bases connect the dynamic riser and umbilical to the seabed flowlines and umbilicals. The project was executed as an EPC contract. Template design is identical to Statoils Statfjord Satellite Project, incorporating field-proven technical solutions. Workover and intervention tooling is utilized through a common tool pool with Statoil and Shell. Delivery time from firm order to offshore installation was eighteen (18) months. The project was executed as an EPC contract. In 1995, Statoil took over the operatorship of the field.

Worldwide Headquarters: FMC Technologies 1803 Gears Road Houston, TX 77067 USA Phone: +1 (281) 591 4000 Fax: +1 (281) 591 4291

Regional Sales Office: FMC Technologies Kirkegrdsveien 45 NO-3601 Kongsberg, Norway Phone: +47 3228 6700 Fax: +47 3228 6750