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the world is changing, and we are growing up with it
Monday, May 30, 2011

Monday, May 30, 2011

May 30. 2011 .contents Brand Ambassadors Social Media & Opinion Leaders About The Embassy Community Profile Network Features Engagement Mechanics How it Works Points Brand Opportunities Participation Campaign Partnership Polls & Focus Groups Integration Learn more Monday.

com/thegrooveboxx linkedin. credible personalities to promote and give greater visibility to its brand products. brand ambassadors are similar to brand evangelists in that they also have a vested interest in seeing their favorite brand succeed. But outside of the traditional. has yet to trickle down the marketing strategies adopted by successful companies. big money advertising twitter. a grassroots conceived-one. but that they share their passion for a brand with their fellow customers. It's not so much that they attempt to influence other customers to buy a Monday.Brand ambassadors the brand ambassador is a marketing model that employs trusted. May 30. 2011 . the idea of a new kind of brand ambassador. facebook. where famous actors or sport stars are utilized as "ethical" promotional promoters of unique events or services.

The Brand Ambassador is an advertising model that leverages the authority and credibility of online personalities to create a powerful direct marketing strategy. 2011 . Monday.Brand ambassadors A company markets to customers in order to sell more products. May 30. whereas brand ambassadors attempt to relay their passion for a brand to other customers. a blogger or small publisher targeting a specific audience niche can be a much more effective vehicle for marketing communication that the most expensive advertising campaign. A respected followed authority.

But when people hide behind organizational brands. May 30.. New social tools and niche communications instead allow communicators to connect with their audiences on a more personal level and develop what has been called ambient intimacy. it reduces the authenticity and transparency that people — citizens. Monday.0 media world. customers. fans have become accustomed to seeing in the emerging Web 2. 2011 .Brand ambassadors Behind every press release. and social-networking account is a person. Web page.

May 30.Ambient Intimacy the reason behind facebook’s loss of social relevance 5 35 150 500 1500 Robin Dunbar’s of maximum number of individuals “Ambient intimacy is about being able to keep in touch with people with a level of regularity and intimacy that you wouldn’t usually have access to. 2011 . because time and space conspire to make it impossible” -Leisa Reichelt Monday.

these brand ambassadors have the potential to promote messages through what I call indirect. Monday. 2011 . A good ambassador will also talk about other aspects of his or her life. Brand ambassadors ideally listen and learn from ongoing conversations and then engage in them. they also talk about more than just their brands on social networks.Opinion Leaders Through social software. forming bidirectional interactions. May 30. to the point that followers eventually begin to see the brand ambassador as something of a trusted friend. intimate influence. Ideally.

A brand's social presence should be kept alive and nothing's more alive than a real person with friends. activities and stuff to talk about.. so if brands approach these people in a correct way and ask them to join forces then we can expect some serious fireworks. May 30. but a brand can support a great person. It's hard for a brand to act like a person.Social Media + Opinion Leaders The influence of opinion leaders is obviously leveraged by social media.. 2011 . and come to life! the patterns of social relationships between people Social Graphs Monday.

so if brands approach these people in a correct way and ask them to join forces then we can expect some serious fireworks. May 30.World of Mouth The influence of opinion leaders is obviously leveraged by social media. 2011 . People obviously still talk face to face but the internet has allowed for conversations to spread at lightspeed around the globe and be heard around the globe in minutes the web is now the largest masscommunication medium by far Monday.

2011 . May 30.i think therefore i tweet i have opinions therefore i blog i have friends therefore i connect i have interests therefore i engage Monday.

May 30. Monday. 2011 .3 ways for brands to participate in social media Passive Listening: Social Media Measurement Active Participation: Companies join the conversation under their real identity (or sometimes even with fake identities!) Influencing the conversation: Influencing opinion leaders can create a very positive brand sentiment at very low costs.

2011 .about the embassy Monday. May 30.

commenting. Thru The Embassy brands can communicate directly with members. May 30. spread ideas. prizes and cash prizes Monday. participating in polls. Via this point system. communicate The embassy members will be rewarded with a point system developed to reward engagement via sharing. 2011 .about the embassy The embassy is a private social network of handpicked affluent opinion leaders and trendsetters created to amplify brands presence thru carefully selected social graphs in the local niche A/AB consumers. members will receive special benefits. receive feedback.

2011 .Community Segments Hearts Clover 18-21 consumers 22-26 consumers 27-31 consumers Ages 32-35 consumers Diamonds Spades Monday. May 30.

May 30. 2011 .Community profile Each age group within the embassy has recruited 150 carefully selected opinion leaders (25 per age) The embassy community is divided into 4 age groups with 120 carefully selected opinion leaders (30 per age) for a total islandwide network of 480 ambassadors Each group has been carefully designed by theGrooveboxx team and 4 Highly Influential Community Managers which are also a part of the market they will lead & manage Brand Champions Connected Monday.

2011 . twitter/facebook integration Facebook application Insight/direct Interaction Chat High Speed VideoChat Mobie iphone/bberry/android app Special Rewards Monday.Network features Private social network Social Gaming Point System on network & extended through youtube. & facebook. May 30.

May 30. 2011 .Engagement Mechanics The embassy members are rewarded for: Sharing brand posts on open networks (facebook. Discounts + freebies from Partner brands Monday. twitter) Participating in Campaigns Engaging in online discussions Promoting events Mobile Photo & video Uploads Online Focus Groups Brand mention on status posts Attending brand events Benefits.

prizes and discounts from our partners. The embassy will partner with brands relevant to our ambassadors lifestyle These brands will have access to this database of opinion leaders for communicating and sharing ideas and brand communication Monday.Engagement Mechanics Via this point system. 2011 . members will receive special benefits. May 30.

Monday. You will then receive your PayPal credit via e-mail. In some instances Embassy Rewards will be awarded to you instantly once you complete an action (Filling out Monthly Stats. which you can cash out via PayPal. Throughout theEmbassy you will see a symbol indicating all the ways in which theEmbassyCoins can be earned. May 30. Below is a list of all possible ways you can earn Embassy Rewards. awarded Embassy Rewards points can be reversed at any time if deemed in violation with theEmbassy Terms of Service (survey falsified. Embassy Rewards offered are set for each campaign depending on the length. Submitting a Trend…).how it works With nearly every action you complete in theEmbassy you will be earning theEmbassy. metric fraud…) Once you have accumulated at least 2. Profile Surveys. 2011 . which can add up to some serious money. In other cases they will be awarded once reviewed by theEmbassy managers (Brand Force/Community Force Campaigns.500 Embassy Rewards you can redeem them directly on theEmbassy for PayPal credit by simply entering your e-mail address. activities and metrics for each campaign. Whether provided instantly or after review of a theEmbassy manager. For the Force Campaigns. Completing Profile…).

May 30.Rewards Earnings Summary Action Performed > # of rewards awarded Current Stats > complete each month for 20 RRs how it works Knowledge Current Campaign Profile Information Brand Campaigns Team Wave Campaign Action Shock Campaign Trend Generator Monday. 2011 .

2011 . college or professional). May 30. • • • • • Diplomat 0-20% Statesman 21-50% Director 51-80% Vice President 81-95% Royal Ambassador 95-100% Monday.status levels Ambassadors will be placed in the below categories based off your overall rank in points in relation to the rest of the embassy members in your specific age-group (high school.

May 30. Note: Initial Reputation points will be calculated at the start of a program based on your past activity and profile completion. completing a survey.g. (e.status levels 3 2 5 4 1 Reputation Points Some points will be awarded automatically when an action is completed (logging in. scrolling over the Reputation icon on Stats would say +5 Reputation). submitting a poll) other points will be awarded after confirmation by a TheEmbassy manager Reputation points that you earn for each action will be visible when you scroll over the icon. 2011 . joining a campaign. Monday.

2011 . May 30.Brand Opportunities Monday.

Embassy Profile 1 completely customized “friends of the embassy” profile Access of profile and platform 24/7 for duration of agreement Identify your brand with a team of over 500 islandwide ambassadors Brand Channels Brand Channels are external links directing ambassadors to sites that contain key information or relevant content about your brand Monday. 2011 . May 30.

May 30. Participate by offering special discounts and redeemable gift certificates to our team of ambassadors in exchange for their WOM and online endorsement and marketing of your product Monday. 2011 .Focus Groups Create you custom focus group or 1 on 1 consumer interview Interact and gain insight through an efficient online tool Combine Online & Offline interviews and pay participants online via paypal The Embassy Allies Ideal for Small Businesses or local brands.

Friend of the Embassy Category Exclusivity within age group Up to 2 Brand Channels (are external links directing ambassadors to sites that contain key information or relevant content about your brand) Completely customized “friends of the embassy” profile Access of profile and platform 24/7 for duration of agreement Identify your brand with a team of over 500 islandwide ambassadors Monday. 2011 . May 30.

May 30. 2011 | Embassy Launch Event For a sneak peak before April 1st beta. 2011 | Ambassador Beta Ambassadors only System test and learning Client Test Drive & live! Network Interaction Junio 30. 2011 | Client Beta All systems ready. get ready for the fireworks! July 15. contact us! Monday. 2011 .Important Dates 3 2 1 Private Beta Beta Launch Junio 15.

000.00 US$28.100. certificates or goodies to reward ambassadors Coming soon out of the boxx! Monday.700. 2011 .400.800.00 US$450.00 US$2.00 US$4.Rates Brands Participation Monthly Rate 3 month Subscription 6 month Subscription 1 year Subscription Rate US$3.00 US$425.00 US$8.00 In addition to Monthly Network Rate 25% of monthly investment must be invested in prizes.00 US$2.550.300.00 US$400.00 US$15. May 30.00 Small Businesses Participation Monthly Rate 3 month Subscription 6 month Subscription 1 year Subscription Rate US$500.00 US$2.350.00 US$2.00 Total US$3.000.00 Total US$500.00 US$1.550.800.

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