Liceo de Chacarita Academic English Department Group Level: 7.

Target Content: EXCHANGE GREETINGS, LEAVE TAKINGS AND INTRODUCTIONS * OBJECTIVE LANGUAGE EXAMPLES MEDIATION ACTIVITIES WARM UP In a group competition the ss will complete a puzzle. They will find a dialogue with greetings and leave takings such as: Good morning, good night… PRESENTATION 1-The T. will introduce the new vocabulary and grammar pasting on the board different pictures and using sentences like: -Good morning, Mary he is Bob. 1.2 The T. give to ss some copies with pictures and short dialogues to use greetings and to introduce people. T MATERIALS VALUES/ CULTURE

Date: February 21st, 2011 Teacher: Esteban segura Period: I



Color papers, ss participation

Friendliness in social interaction

1-Listening The ss will be able to identify Greetings, leave takings and introductions through dialogues and the related vocabulary.

Functions: Identifying greetings- leave takings. (good afternoon, bye, bye…) My name is… Hi! I´m ____. Nice to meet you…

10 Pictures – papers

The T. will check if the ss identify greetings, introductions, and leave takings when listening.


6 The T. leave takings and introductions. 1. paper .4 The ss will listen to it and repeat in chorus the questions and sentences.3 Then the T. 1. introductions and leave takings. 10 5 10 Pictures 5 Hello! I´m Pedro Hi! My name is__ Pictures.5 In groups of four ss receive some pictures that represent greetings.7 After that ss will write on the board some questions and short sentences they remember from the dialogue read by the T. using the copies asks the ss about greetings.1. Controlled Practice 1. 1. using a short dialogue will describe those pictures and ss have to paste on a sheet of paper each picture in order according what is said by the T.glue .

1The T. will stop the video in different parts and will ask the ss to complete the conversation orally. ss participation The T.T and introductions when reading 3. 15 Computer .leave takings and introductions trough dialogues in oral form. The teacher will check if the students identify different greetings. L. Good morning… What´s your name? My name is____ 2. L. will give to the ss some copies with short conversations and pictures. L.T and introductions when reading . introductions and greetings through dialogues when speaking 3. with the ss help will check those sentences.T and introductions At the first time the ss will just listen to and watch the video.1 The T. Reading The ss will be able to identify the different greetings. will play three times a short video about a conversation using greetings. will evaluate if the ss identify leave takings. Speaking The ss will be able to identify greetings.8 At the end the T.1. will check pronunciation and grammar mistakes on the board at the end. The T. 5 2. On the second time the T.

. divide the class into two groups and will give them some questions. .. The other group has 10 seconds to answer and vice versa. will evaluate if the ss indeed ask and respond through vocabulary and grammar related to the unit. Then one by one of the ss will choose a classmate of the other group and will ask the question.1 In pairs T. Creative Practice 4. Ss participationpaper 10 5. 10 The T. Speaking The ss will be able to ask and respond to questions through vocabulary and grammar related to the unit. will evaluate if the ss write short dialogues through vocabulary studied. 10 Ss participation A:Good morning! B:How are you?. Writing The ss will be able to write short dialogues through vocabulary studied. 4.3.1 T.2 The ss have to underline all the words related with the topic seen. 10 Paper.2 After that ss will write down a short dialogue about the picture Consolidation 5.pencils. Politeness when interacting socially The T. will give the ss a sheet of paper and they will make a picture representing people and participation 4.

Feedback The T. 5 . will review the unit´s topic asking some questions to the ss.6.