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Alarm Annunciators An Overview

Minilec Microprocessor Based Alarm Annunciators are designed to keep an alert & watchful eye on your plant & processes. The entire range has been designed with an insight into the modern day manufacturing plant & its future requirements. Minilec Alarm Annunciators are equipped with microprocessorbased design, super bright LED facia windows, site selectable, programmed sequences as per ISA standard & thoughtful provisions for trouble shooting & maintenance. Dynamic, Alert & Responsive These unique advantages have helped the Minilec Annunciators an icon in the power T & D industry & engineering establishments in India. The world class Minilec Annunciators has made its presence felt in Overseas markets.

The Unique Features

l l l l l l l l l Powerful Microprocessor Based circuit. Built in system watch dog. First fault identification. Optically isolated fault inputs. Wide range of site selectable alarm sequences (ISA standards). Facia with super bright LEDs instead of filament lamps. Site selectable fault contact configuration (NO / NC). Special SMPS power supply. Sleek, modern, aesthetic design.

The Additional Features

l l l l l l l Grouping feature for differentiation between Trip / Non-Trip type faults. Repeat Relays for parallel Annunciation. Supply fail Annunciation / Indication. Manned / Unmanned feature. Paralleling of units. Group fault alarm. Choice of three window colours : Red, Green, Amber (Yellow)

The Undisputed Leader

Since 1982,Minilec has incorporated the latest technological advances in the field into its Annunciators. Minilec has introduced much pioneering advancement for the first time, in Indian markets. The minilec range of Alarm Annunciators is equipped with wellresearched & innovative features. Minilec Annunciators are well received by host of consultants & users. Some of the trend setting technologies ..automatic documentations.

The Product Credentials

l l l l l Tested at reputed test houses like CPRI, ETDC, SISIR Singapore. Approved by all leading consultants. Major clients include Siemens, ABB, Alstom, Crompton Greaves, Kirloskar, etc. Exports CE and CSA marked products (Microwarn & MBAS 9400 series) available upon request.

Solutions for Varying Needs

The Minilec range of Annunciators is highly diversified and adaptable to a wide spectrum of applications and diverse operating conditions. Be it a Power station, Sub Station, Sugar factory, Steel plant, Fertiliser / Petrocheical plant, ships and dockyards, railways or for that matter, any process plant. Be it in the hot summers of Rajasthan, Egypt or Indonesia or the humid atmosphere of Calcutta, Cheenai or Malaysia, Minilec takes it all in its stride!

The advantages
Microprocessor Based design over solid state version. l Less components hence high reliability. l Compact size, light weight. l Low power consumption. l Flexibility any operating sequence can be provided. l Being the latest in technology, can be configured easily with any other advanced system.

The Product Range

The Minilec ranges of Alarm Annunciators are available for all needs. Series MICROWARN 9600 Series MBAS 9400 Series MBAS 9600 Series MBAS 9700 Series MBAS 9900 Series F3 ADA 1 For 6,8,12 window requirements. For 4,6,8,10,12, 14, 16,24 window requirements. For 24,36,48, window requirements For 16,32,48,64,82,96 windows requirements with RS232 Computer interfacing For 4,6,8, windows with interlocking Relay Outputs For every economy needs of users.

The Highlights
MBAS series with replaceable windows, 2 window sizes, DIP switches outside for easy programming. Common power supply 110 / 220V AC / DC and DIP switches outside for Microwarn 9600 models. Split Architecture, Economic / cost saving, for MBAS 9600 and MBAS 9700 series, 19 rack concept for MBAS 9700 series. Option of 3 window sizes for MBAS 9600 models. Serial port output for MBAS 9700 models.(RS 232)

*Few Alarm Annunciators are available with CE & CSA markings on request (consult Minilec) Minilec (India) Pvt. Ltd.
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