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Course Description:

Philosophy of Man is an inquiry into man as a person and as existent being in the world, with emphasis on the Filipino in the context of his culture and society. This course is divided in to two parts. Part I is about philosophy; Part II is about man. The chapter on the Oriental perspective on man is in response to the oft-repeated observation that our view of man is usually one-sided in favor of the West. This course is designed as a basic subject under general education. Philosophy of Man is concerned with questions and issues concerning man as an existent being.

Course Objectives:

The students are expected to: 1. Understand the Vision, Mission 2. Recognize the richness of philosophy in the attempt to help man understand himself.

3. Know that philosophy is a never ending quest for lifes meaning. 4. Understand deeply the giftedness of man as to be guided in living out our nature. 5. Recognize that the more they themselves, the more they will have to value their life. 6. Enrich students mind with the different ideas presented by some prominent philosophers in their attempt to understand man. 7. Above all is the appreciation of our unique existence as we partake with the communion of life.

Course Credit: 3 UNITS Contact Hours: 3 hours per week Prerequisite: None Placement: : Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy, Respiratory, Medical Technology, Nursing, Radiologic Technology, Certificate in Respiratory Therapy, and Associate in Radiology Technology



1. Philosophy: An Attempt at its Definition, Nature, and Historical Outline 2. Why Philosophy? 3. Philosophizing and Insight 4. Nature of philosophical inquiry 5. Philosophy in a Crisis Situation

MIDTERM 1. Man: As Some Western Philosophers See Him 2. The Phenomenon of Man 3. Man in Existential Phenomenology

Pre Final 1. Man: As Eastern Philosophers See Him 2. Towards a View of Man: An Oriental Perspective by Dr. Magdalena Alonso-Villaba 3. Filipino Values

Final 1. Man as Knower 2. Man in Dialogue 3. Man as Lover 4. Man and Freedom

5. Man: A Being for Death 6. Man and His Environment

Grading System

Major Exam -------------------------------------------------------------------60% Class Standing (Quizzes, Recitations, Assignments, Requirements, Attendance ---------------- 40% _________

100% Course Policy:

1. On time submission of requirement. 2. Class participation is highly encouraged. 3. Regular attendance to class.


Philosophy of Man by Corazon Cruz Philosophy of Man by Manuel Dy

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