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Invitation to Siemens 33-hour CASE COMPETITION at DTU

DTU Graduate students from all areas of study are invited to compete in a Siemens-sponsored case competition within the four Siemens sectors:


"Here is a unique opportunity for you, as a graduate student at DTU, to show your educational, professional and personal skills in front of experts from Siemens. Seize your chance to show that you, together with your peers and within a short time frame, dare to think innovative and creative. Take part in a competition and put your fingerprint in creating ideas to technological solutions solving some of the world's toughest challenges. The winning group will be given prizes from Siemens. After the competition the members of the winning group will have the opportunity of a closer dialogue with Siemens". Siemens HR SIGN UP FOR ONE OF THE FOLLOWING PROBLEM STATEMENTS Industry:
 Cloud computing in industrial applications: For which industrial applications does a (quantifiable) use arise from it? Which are the typical applications in verticals like automotive, food & beverage, chemical and pharma. Which partners (business ecosystem) are necessary to transact a complete application? Which partner in the ecosystem has which benefit? Which business models are used? Where are the cost drivers? Which kind of cost arising? - Total cost of ownership


 

Siemens Energy is a strong market player in the wind business. A major investment for a wind on-shore construction is related to the tower. How do you see improvements for even higher constructions as of today with less cost? Consider also logistical requirement for the transport. Transmission technology is a major portfolio element of Siemens Energy up to voltage levels above 800kV. Beside point-to-point connections it is the vision to establish one day an HVDC grid. A first application field could be the North Sea connecting various winds off shore parks. What are the major development steps? Where do you see hurdles?

 The aging population: What can we do to look into new solutions for the challenge of the imbalance between human resources and the aging development? How do we ensure a high life quality for our elders? How do we make sure that good health care is affordable in the future for the coming generations?

Infrastucture & Cities:
 In the year 2009 more than 50% of the world’s population lives in cities. And this trend is still ongoing, the urban population will increase to 4.7 billion in the year 2030. On the other side, cities consume two-thirds of the world's energy, 60% of its drinking water and produce up to 70% of its CO2 emissions. To counteract on the actual problems, new installations could solve the problem or existing infrastructure like roads could be utilized in a more homogeneous way, i.e. with less traffic jams. How could citizen contribute to a better city, e.g. by organizing themselves with social networks?

or sales offices in nearly every country around the globe.dtu. warehouses. students must be willing to transfer the rights to apply for patent to the responsible Department. targeted. Siemens shall be offered full ownership of the invention on ordinary market terms. Prize 10. Overall. occupying leading market and technology positions worldwide with its business activities in the Energy. 1. and tailored solutions. research and development facilities. Building 205 REGISTRATION Your application has a maximum of 100 words where you include a substantiate argumentation for why you should be a part of the Siemens case competition.3 In the event that the results created during the contest do not conflict with any research project in which DTU participates or will participate.000 DKK Applicants are selected on their educational background and teamed up with other students. whether anticipated or already commenced.1 The students must be willing to transfer such results to DTU in the event that the results created collide with any research project. and Infrastructure & Cities Sectors. Please also include views on how you see your future potential involvement in the Siemens organization. 1. Teams will receive the cases at the kick-off event on 25th May at 8:00. AWARDS Besides competing for honor and the self promoting opportunity to Siemens the groups are competing for following awards: 1. Siemens shall within two months from the contest notify the Department whether or not Siemens desires to obtain such rights. DTU will provide compensation for such transfer. DTU Innovatorium. Prize 5. Christina Jespersen: 21330724 or cjes@adm.000 employees around the world. 1. RIGHTS After the contest.00 Presentation workshop at. Registration deadline: 27th of May 23:59 on the following link: http://indico. In addition to the more than 285 manufacturing locations worldwide. At the end of the next day – 26th May – the teams should be ready for a presentation of their solution to an experienced panel of judges.000 DKK We aim at creating groups containing complementary competences which will be able to consider different aspects of the challenge.conferences. 08. Healthcare.4 The students will be required to accept a Confidentiality and Assignment Agreement prior to the contest.dtu. Today. Siemens is well positioned to offer its customers In our ten largest country organizations alone. students must be willing to transfer the results created during the contest as follows: 1.COMPETITION PROGRESS      13th 26th 17th 25th 26th May May June June June Launch of competition Registration deadline Chosen students will receive information Kick-off and case presentation. the students must be willing to transfer their results created during the contest to Siemens. Industry. we also have office buildings. Building 205. DTU Innovatorium. employees from around 140 nations are at work on innovative concepts and visionary ideas. Siemens is active in around 190 regions.000 DKK QUESTIONS? Please contact DTU-Siemens CKI manager. Prize 30. .2 In the event the student generates a patentable invention. with 360.