Rise to Consciousness Part 1 The Dove

Rise To Consciousness Part I
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The Dove, in its gentle essence silently stares toward the setting Sun, its flight no longer erratic; the Eagle’s work having been done, its fierce talons unfold in elegant grace as it soars away from the gentle Dove into the Western horizon; the Phoenix falls into the clutches of the Lion and is rendered asunder; then rising and embodying the elements of all, lifts its trident forces into the heavens...

Through the eons the arduous struggle for development of consciousness may well be considered the highest cultural achievement, as well as the most commendable human accomplishment and utmost ascent. In order to perceive this truth, one must first realize that all mankind has to some degree fallen, or has been separated from Absolute Consciousness. Throughout the ages, a myriad of thinking minds have given birth to, developed, and propagandized systems by which man may best achieve or regain the ascent to higher consciousness, or find the Absolute Truth. Although many religious systems have attempted to show man "The Way", this path is best found through the fervent and directed will of the individual. When one becomes so disenchanted with the illusions of the world, or for some other reason it becomes necessary to devote particular attention to the personal psyche, they turn inward in great despair and the soul cries in despondent agony, "Who am I? What am I? Where did I come from?". It is at that moment when the personal rise to consciousness has been acknowledged and thereby fertilized. Just what is Consciousness? It can be duly defined as the ultimate, final Reality, or Absolute Truth. In and of itSelf, it performs no function, but is a presence - everywhere. It does not change or vary and while there are many degrees of being conscious, there are no levels or division of it. It is the beginning without end and just IS. Consciousness is described in many ways, but by far the most adequately appropriate is through the analogy of light.

The greatest personal and collective aspiration of mankind is by far the rise to consciousness.

It is through light that mankind perceives both inner and outer sight. This light must be kindled in its true dwelling place - the SELF. The noted Swiss psychologist, Dr. C.G. Jung says that "the beginning, where everything is still one, and which therefore appears as the highest goal, lies at the bottom of the sea, in the darkness of the unconscious". Darkness gives birth to light.

Human nature and consciousness are best expressed in terms of light. Thus, the darkness (unconsciousness) gives birth to the light (consciousness). The despondent soul, upon realizing that it does not walk in harmony with the dualistic, questioning nature of itSELF, blatantly recognizes the challenges of this world of endless contrast.
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Rise to Consciousness Part 1 The Dove

The soul then desperately seeks knowledge. It is through this knowledge that a person endeavors to find and unify truth. This quest bludgeons one down paths of trial and error until there is at long last nowhere to turn and no knowledge nor earthly formula is sustaining. Out of this darkness a small flicker begins to grow. Through the light of the intellect, a person forsakes all that they are and all that they know to learn that they know nothing about who they really are or from whence they came. At this ground zero point, the person is open to a new attitude, according to Jung, that accepts the "irrational and incomprehensible simply because it is happening." At this point, the shift in consciousness is fertilized, and the flame of the soul is sparked to a higher level. The sleeping dragon awakens. Humans are many faced, multidimensional beings whose outer flesh houses the inner substance. In the world of physics this would best be explained as the vacuum contained within matter. The flesh, in dense frequency tends to confine and trap the inner body until it is realized that there is a dualistic contrast - a struggle occurring between the inner and outer nature. The inner bodies are the electrical and magnetic matter (the light body) connecting the flesh body with the breathform. These inner bodies transfer impressions from the flesh body to the breathform via the nerves. When one is able to reconcile and balance these inner bodies with the outer, they have advanced toward understanding their true nature. The Hui Ming Ching states: If thou wouldst complete the diamond body with no outflowing, Diligently heat the roots of consciousness and life. Kindle light in the blessed country ever close at hand, And there hidden, let thy true self always dwell. In other words, the human form consists of the flesh and the soul and upon their alchemical reunion, the wholeness of SELF is found. The infamous physician and alchemical philosopher, Philippus Aureolus Threophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim, known as Paracelsus, stated that man is "one part temporal, the other part eternal, and each part takes its light from God and that there is nothing that does not have its origin in God." Therefore, as he plainly states in the astrum, "in man who is made the image of God, can be found both the cause and the medicine". Contained within human nature is both light (consciousness) and darkness (unconsciousness). In an ancient Arabic treatise attributed to Hermes, Mercurius states, "I beget the light, but the darkness too is of my nature. Nothing better or more worthy can come to pass in the world than the union of myself with my Son." Mercurius exists of all conceivable opposites but is unified.

According to the Hui Ching Ming, "human nature" (hsing) and "consciousness" are used interchangeably. The union of opposites on a high level of consciousness, per Dr. Jung, is not a rational thing, nor it is a matter of will, but instead a

process of psychic development that expresses itSELF in symbols. Both human nature and consciousness are expressed in light symbolism. Many religious practices teach that to achieve salvation, one must overcome the deadly, sinful nature of flesh. However, consider that the fleshly body is a temple and serves as a bridge between heaven and earth. The flesh is a conduit through which the divine may experience and make itSELF manifest within the various dimensions or realms of existence. When understood in it’s natural context, the flesh can be regenerated and brought to a peak of perfection as a temple for the complete multidimensional SELF. The earthly human bears within a spiritual light being. To
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Rise to Consciousness Part 1 The Dove

subdue the flesh and engage in a life of mystical meditation is profound and even quite desirable for the pleasures and rewards of the mind and soul that it offers. However, unless we are first able to balance and integrate the multidimensional bodies, we cannot hope to climb the upward spiral toward higher consciousness. At this point in time the rise to consciousness for many is coming with the speed of light and we cannot hope to assimilate it unless we have cleared the paths through the physical body in order to let it freely flow. This is the climax of the human experience. This is best exemplified by the writings of Paracelsus in his treatise on astronomy wherein he stated:

"The wise man is the man who lives by divine wisdom and is an image of Him in whose likeness he was created. The wise man rules over both bodies – the sidereal or aerial, and the elemental or material, body. Man must serve both, he must go the ways of each, in order to fulfill the law of the Lord and live in harmony with nature, and with the will of God and with the divine spirit. He must not prefer the mortal body and its reason to the eternal "image", nor must he reject this "image" for the sake of the animal body and find eternal salvation in the wisdom of the animal body... The wise man lives after the image of god and is not guided by the ways of the world. And he who imitates God will conquer the stars."

In addition to Jung, mystics, alchemists, prophets, seers, visionaries, and many others, attest to light as being the substance and conduit of the inner worlds and the channel through which we are enabled to see the things of the soul as it shines through the dense materials of the flesh to enlighten us. The head is the seat of consciousness and a study of the energy flows in the body will reveal that the crown chakra is the focal point of one’s contact with the individual higher SELF - the gateway to one’s bridge with the divine. It is through the visions of light, dreams, opus medulla, etc. that one’s personal myth builds in a manner which is conducive to their individual rise to consciousness and they begin to come into contact with their interdimensional being. One must learn to translate their myth and not build their life around it, but instead learn what it means to their personal goal of union with the divine.

The path to enlightened consciousness is difficult to define and its goal even more difficult to achieve. It is not to be mapped out and planned by the ingenuity of the human mind. To do so would forfeit the goal and bring either limited success (egomania), or immediate failure. However, it is a natural process of human spiritual evolution - which defines itSELF and occurs with or without our conscious participation. The sheer force of will properly submitted to the evolutionary process results in the desired goal being achieved with less human harshness. In a sense, what we struggle to become we are already. The human experience is described uniquely by the notion that perhaps souls are divine sparks from the one true source seeking experience in creation before the long journey home (not necessarily a place). Through the corridors of time we are multidimensional, divine beings having the human experience, not humans trying to have a multidimensional, divine experience. Humans are the bridge between heaven and earth and consciousness is the factor that links the two.

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Rise to Consciousness Part 1 The Dove

Our universe is one of sharp contrast and duality. This very opposition can be seen as a quite necessary catalyst to higher consciousness. Scientific evidence will support that all things have positive and negative polarity and that for every action that is an equal and opposite reaction. This very contrast is what serves to teach humans a higher order through the Law of Balance - the union of opposites energized into a seemingly inert state that contains within itSELF the multifaceted energies of the quantum life force. The Law of Balance is extremely important to understanding consciousness. The grasp of this concept becomes even more critical when imparting on the journey to higher consciousness because the goal cannot be accomplished without uniting the opposites. Upon studying the living religions of the modern world, one can conclude that the greatest adepts of each religious system focused primary importance on the same major dogma - the universal law of cause and effect. This is in direct conjunction to the scientific theory of action versus reaction. This law brings balance and assists man in finding himself in the universal vast channels of contrast and duality. Mohammed stated: "Let none of you treat his brother in a way he himself would dislike being treated." Jesus commanded: "All things whatsoever ye would that men do unto you, do even unto them." Buddha contended: "In dealing with others, one should do as he would have done him." The most important doctrine of all religions seems to be balance of cause and effect, which leads to self discovery and the eventual ascension beyond the need for balance into unity. If cause and effect cannot be balanced in the physical, third dimensional consciousness, they cannot be united as similar opposites, or balanced mirror images in the dimensions beyond time and space.

Balance can be applied not only to one's religion, but to consciousness as a direct parallel. When coming to terms with the polarization of the conscious and the unconscious mind, it is of critical importance to maintain balance within daily life functions. You must be able to live successfully in the material world of limitation, as well as maintain direct contact with the archetypal dimensions. It is the balancing, assimilation, and integration of the two that thrusts one toward enlightenment and the integration of the multidimensional SELF (the embodiment of all levels including the personal angel).

There are many detours along the craggy path to enlightenment with ancient evils lurking and danger beckoning the undisciplined mind. This is the human plight. Many religious systems have attempted to draw the roadmap pointing disciples toward enlightened consciousness. Systems such as Christianity, Islam, Freemasonry, Yoga, Alchemy, and a myriad of others too many to mention, as well as participation in both drugs and the occult, can lead to expanded consciousness. It would seem that the greatest dilemma lies not in whether to achieve consciousness, which again is a natural human evolutionary process, but in how best to achieve it in a conscious manner! Although a specific developmental system may bring awareness and enlightenment to an individual, possibly even claiming to be the one true source, the truth of the matter is that your soul is the true source and your path is best mapped according to your soul’s guidance, or personal gnosis.

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Rise to Consciousness Part 1 The Dove

Attempts to achieve higher consciousness through the use of drugs and hallucinogens are mind expanding and according to the experience of some, does open inner doors. However, in order to sustain your rise to consciousness, your emotional,

spiritual, and physical being must bear clear channels for the embodiment of such enlightenment. Pseudo, or shortcut attempts to reach illuminated levels through the use of hallucinogenic drugs may find the person not spiritually and physiologically grounded enough to understand and absorb all that is seen, felt, and heard in other dimensions, and leaves the inner and outer bodies teetering out of balance. Many asylums are filled with saddened souls who have channeled in various directions either with or without external agents and simply cannot find the way home. There are also many individuals who have spontaneous mystical and profound experiences and never understand why they cannot willfully go there again. The determining key is a balance of the multidimensional bodies.

The balance of the multidimensional bodies is such a delicate process that there is little wonder there are so few adepts. The human experience allows us to become experts at this process. Multidimensional balance involves more than tuning up the outer body, but the inner light body must be attuned as well. As the ancient Hebrews and Egyptians well knew, we must feed both the inner and outer bodies properly, for without a strong inner light body, the physical body would soon become out of tune and perish, which occurs in old age and physical death. The more out of tune the physical body becomes, the more consciousness is reduced. All the tools necessary to nourish these bodies are available within the various dimensions. It is the task of the seeker to integrate these tools and make them work in a specific manner to their unique need. For this task there are no true external physicians; no modern doctors who can cure or build the inner light body. This task of the rise to consciousness and enlightenment requires personal commitment. Upon that commitment to SELF, it is then that all necessary sources become as tools.

Unlike the medical physician who is concerned purely with matters of the flesh, the in-depth psychologist is concerned not only with substantiating the complexities of the mind, but also with psychic experience. It has been authenticated that psychic contents are experienced and that their autonomy is without question. Jung stated that "there are fragmentary psychic systems that appear spontaneously in ecstatic states" resulting in enlightened consciousness. Or, according to Jung, if the person is spiritually unconditioned these pressures end in mental disturbances "fixed in delusions and hallucinations which destroy the unity of the mind".121 So, without criticism, it would appear that the safest method of development is in keeping the channels as clear as possible and with having some sort of personal religion or belief system on which to rely, even if the beliefs change during the course of development - and change they will of their own accord.

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%20Consciousness%20Part%201%20The%20Dove.Rise to Consciousness Part 1 The Dove It is the uncommon person who acknowledges their everyday. the darkness (unconsciousness) conceives light (consciousness). The human psyche possesses a common substratum transcending all differences in culture and awareness of consciousness.. the will must be focused toward achieving higher consciousness. what it within you will save you. turns away and the matter is stored within the unconscious realms to later spontaneously seep its way into everyday affairs. unconscious concern with the matter of the rise to consciousness. Jung devoted many years of his life to the subject of the conscious versus the unconscious mind. It results in a personality that suffers only in the lower levels of the mind. In order to effectively nurture this increase. file:///D|/Occultism. There must be an increase in consciousness (light) in order to find true Self . This symbolizes an attitude beyond the reach of both emotional entanglements and violent shock .%20Hermetics. During the course of Dr. which is man’s highest goal. Upon achieving the success of balancing or finding SELF. He conceived that "the beginning where everything is still one and which therefore appears as the highest goal.%20Alchemy. and IF we conduct our lives taking both into serious account. In Jung's opinion. Jung said that this light (consciousness) dwells in the face.htm (6 of 12) [7/25/03 10:49:59 PM] . The gnostic Nag Hammadi texts quote Jesus as having said. but in its upper storeys is detached from both pain and joy. it is not often focused on because it seems too difficult to understand. it becomes no longer necessary to actively participate in the mystique of orthodox religions and various developmental systems. "the man who lives with his instincts can also detach from them. and in just as natural a way as he lived with them. Jung labeled this the collective unconscious (darkness). but instead is balanced between the conscious and unconscious which Jung called SELF. Jung went further to explain that the vision of light is an experience common to many mystics and one that is of the greatest significance because it proves to be something unconditioned and absolute. according to Jung is merely the center of consciousness). The goal then transcends the normal need for balance in our polarized world of contrast and duality. then the personality is no longer centered on EGO (which. as when contrasts clash in an attempt to overpower each other. The Ego. The Ego protects one from admitting the need for higher consciousness. IF the unconscious mind can be recognized as a factor along with consciousness. between the eyes. Dr.. in despair of what it does not understand. Thus. a combination of supreme power and profound meaning. and even when the need is admitted. in the darkness of the unconscious"120. "If you bringforth what it within you."121 This relates directly to how a person can live an active life in the world and still not be part of it. It is the even more uncommon person who is both capable of perceiving the nature of the rise to consciousness and understanding how the rise to consciousness and enlightenment is achieved.a consciousness detached from the world. which he also related to light versus darkness. lies at the bottom of the sea. Jung's years of analysis of a broad range of patients he became aware that when the limited conscious mind links with the vast collective unconscious of the universe the result can be quite cataclysmic.

In this dimension this contrast is necessary to maintain structure and order from chaos.htm (7 of 12) [7/25/03 10:49:59 PM] . Jung further states that to serve a mania is detestable and undignified. He concludes that when a god is not acknowledged. Man’s longing for redemption is universal and only has selfish motives in rare cases. Thus. Jung's statements on consciousness teach that the light of divinity is invisible within the soul and to seek it. The universal Law of Balance effects that for every good there is a similar evil. it becomes quite important for an individual to adhere to some sort of belief system at all stages of personal development. or similar opposition in our universal system hails from the same source and serves grand purpose toward our rise to enlightened consciousness. one must do so with a divine purpose. a common substratum of unity becomes increasingly apparent . invisible..%20Hermetics. A person should balance creating inertia between the two and await the time that the need for balance will be transcended and the soul can ascend the higher dimensions of pure consciousness. "the person who has understood what is meant by psychic reality need have no fear that he has fallen back into primitive demonology"122 during the course of development. again. For this understanding brings knowledge that both the gods and the demons serve purpose. what is within you will destroy you. But. Achieving the fine balance between the contrasting polarities. nor should one develop fully into the darkness of the unconscious realm as this creates hazards for the soul. At mankind's present stage of spiritual evolution as a whole. As one advances. a place of total light.even to the point where it can be seen that the contrast. and spiritual force.. In other words. As Jesus so adeptly stated. egomania develops and out of this mania comes sickness. it can be safely stated that a person’s goals and motives must remain pure during this natural developmental process or else any achievement can result in egomania as epitomized in the quasi-spiritual Third Reich of Adolf Hitler and others throughout mankind’s long universal history." This truth can be related to the duality of the conscious and unconscious mind and the efforts of one to control the other. this goal should be identifying the SELF that is focused on the center of light (consciousness) and darkness (unconsciousness). or hands-on guidance systems (including religions and philosophical theory) that contain fool proof methods on developing higher awareness of consciousness. as did Jesus Christ. or for every measure of light there is an equal and opposing measure of darkness. file:///D|/Occultism.%20Alchemy. or else the knowledge achieved can create egomania (perhaps even an antichrist?). it has not been possible for everyone to develop fully into the light of consciousness. But.Rise to Consciousness Part 1 The Dove If you do not bring forth what it within you.%20Consciousness%20Part%201%20The%20Dove. but to serve a god is full of meaning and promise because it is an act of submission to a higher. according to Jung. There are no adequate "How To" books. the unconscious mind must come forth and find its place alongside the conscious mind in order to balance the soul and bring it forth from the darkness. should be the immediate goal of the spiritually ascetic.

Jung spent a great deal of time studying the life of Paracelsus.. The rebels. each syllable. Mankind was more free to live the personal myth. alchemist. or for religious.%20Consciousness%20Part%201%20The%20Dove.htm (8 of 12) [7/25/03 10:49:59 PM] . we began to Christianize and thereby standardize even the native heretics. When made to conform to socially enforced principles concerning the nature of mankind and God. as well as a physician.. but from the innate spirit of the invisible body in which man has his origin. using anagrams and metaphors to hide or encrypt meanings to all but the spiritually enlightened. philosophical. prophecy. who would understand and read with inner vision. a person’s inner factors were then able to reach higher levels of consciousness and this could be portrayed in the form of projections or visions much more easily than can be achieved today. Greek. Italian.%20Hermetics. a well noted. The period extending from the Middle Ages to Roman times placed a natural emphasis on the inner man.. one could easily perceive his life and writing style as a direct effort to achieve a spiritual cause and to bring forth light through the conscious mind. It is often only through this method that a multidimensional message can be portrayed in its fullest aspect without undue criticism or censorship." In his treatise entitled De vita longa. Within in-depth peshers are found historical tales. he does not speak from the Devil and not from the Holy Spirit. even becoming subject to the trials and atrocities of The Inquisition involving various tortures and even death for believing and living the personal myth. And it should be known that when a man prophesies. as well as be preserved throughout the file:///D|/Occultism. each letter. The ancient sacred languages held metaphors and symbols for each stroke. fifteenth century German philosopher..Rise to Consciousness Part 1 The Dove Jung theorizes that the best and clearest psychic material comes from persons of sound mind who. Paracelsus wrote in Latin. Paracelsus is quoted as having said: "Man has a natural light. The same holds true for Michel de Nostradame (Nostradamus) and the many prophets and seers down the through ages. and perhaps even Arabic.%20Alchemy. and often alchemical life formulas. Our world slowly became more entrapped in the lower dimensions. and in a self-righteous fervor. It is also through peshers and symbolism that this type message can hold its translation without haphazard attempts to decipher it. Hebrew. or psychological reasons devote particular attention to their unconscious mind. In a study of Paracelsus as an alchemic philosopher. or heretics then were forced to carry the guilt and burden of their inner knowledge to an often early demise. but also a light outside the light of nature by which he can seek out supernatural things. and since psychological criticism became possible only with the rise of science and organized religion. mankind lost the ability to bridge the dimensions of consciousness. humans began to fall from consciousness at an alarmingly devastating rate. and physicist. With the development of stylized science and religion. Paracelsus purposely distorted words. or for remaining in personal contact with the archetypal realms. and each word. driven by some kind of spiritual distress.

Rise to Consciousness Part 1 The Dove ages in the very least as a divine work of art. sacred poets. the Irish bards. it is one thing that cannot be learnt from others." The therapeutical goal of Jungian psychology is to make the symbolic process conscious. Nostradamus. Aristotle well knew the importance of metaphors in the assimilation of intuitive perception into our conscious awareness when he stated: "The greatest thing by far is to be a master of metaphor. Symbols direct us to the center of our being.%20Consciousness%20Part%201%20The%20Dove." While there are no real subdivisions or degrees of consciousness. Paracelsus.%20Alchemy. conscious interpretation that supersedes all cultural and language barriers (a rose in any language is a rose). In psychological studies.htm (9 of 12) [7/25/03 10:49:59 PM] . symbols are signs with cultural and transitory meanings created by humans. The power of the spirit cannot be received until consciousness (light in matter) is in the body. "Symbols cultivate wholeness and are a bridge between the conscious and unconscious resulting in the process of individuation and self-realization.. John of Revelation. one begins to see that consciousness just file:///D|/Occultism.. "Becoming conscious in advanced stages means being aware of your fantasies and recognizing them everywhere including in your spiritual belief system. Although the will must be quite focused. and it is also a sign of genius. The intent of a seer is critically important and must be held closely to divine cause in order to not become self serving. because you must be embodied before you can receive spirit. Symbols and archetypes are considered significant forces in the psyche and are often seen as carriers of psychic energy. and many other highly developed conscious minds through the eons convey climactic spiritual visions that could be literally portrayed only by the fantasia of poets using archetypal symbols. but instrumental in forming your experience of it. It is important to your spiritual life to accomplish reunion of the soul and body. Ezekiel. mostly because the will should be used to focus the process but not to interfere with it. As metaphors they bring together body and soul.. The very choice and sounds of the words of Daniel. Jungian psychology also focuses on the metaphorical perception of the mythic dimension of life. and then translate reality back into fantasy images. it is even more conceivable for one who has achieved enlightened consciousness to draw forth from the psyche divine archetypes or symbols that solicit immediate. there are degrees of awareness of it. through the level of the inspirational consciousness. Having gone through the various levels of awareness." Images represent your spiritual condition.%20Hermetics. The "Rise to Consciousness" is evident in one who has completed development from the dark stages of unconsciousness. to enlightenment. Therefore.. Archetypes are living organisms that promote change in the depths of the human psyche. since a good metaphor implies an intuitive perception of the similarity in the dissimilar. Isaiah. You can analyze by means of your fantasies. to the level of the intuitive consciousness. Your fantasies are not separate from your reality. The alchemist can suspend one state of consciousness for another. The mind is quite multidimensional and requires metaphorical images to intellectualize the higher planes of existence. consciousness is a process that has more to do with images than will. blending the level of the imaginative consciousness.

but the nature of God is incomprehensible. It is only through SELF that SELF knowledge and union can be found. This is a seemingly lone quest and all are born into the world alone. This is no easy task. One who has achieved any degree of success on the path feels compelled to urge others along and to help them with all honest intent. man has both a natural and a supernatural light to aid in his development. As Paracelsus stated. but this is in vain. it seems feasible to conclude that both mankind's dilemma and the greatest drama lie in the quest for consciousness (light) or God. the initiate is grievously pained to assist others. although they all lead back to the same source. "Gnothi seauton" (Know ThySelf). and brings one to unity with the whole.htm (10 of 12) [7/25/03 10:49:59 PM] . The soul can accept this Unknowing only when it has understood itSELF as being part of that Unknowing. file:///D|/Occultism. What is true about it is that one is individually responsible for their personal rise to consciousness. However. the method of worship. Illumination is the goal. and continuity of life. It is in this manner that one greatly assists another.. Every religion comes from the same source and every human seeks the principle of God. As Plato once said. as it embodies the entire challenge of mankind as a whole. one is to "Know ThySELF". When one discovers that the whole cannot be complete without human interpersonal relationships. even if under a different name. To know one’s SELF is to acknowledge and know God. The conscious light within is that which can show us The Way. The veil is lifted and one can see the others on path. We have the blessings of others to which we are truly united as a whole in the substratum of the soul.. they realize that they are not alone and rejoice in great compassion. The distinguished mark of the spiritual person is that they seek self-knowledge and knowledge of the Unknowable. and will transcend it alone. as individual units of consciousness.%20Hermetics. The simple understanding or illumination that the soul seeks is that GOD surrounds. or the code by which one lives. and each person within their individual aspect of that whole. The desire to lessen the burden of others and help them along speaks loudly through the substratum. Life becomes full of purpose and a great desire to protect and live it to the fullest takes on new meaning and impetus. but comfort is found in knowing that the spirit of compassion is a solvent that acts on the veils of others. Seldom does one see that they cannot do this for them.%20Alchemy. beauty. Upon understanding what is meant by enlightened consciousness.%20Consciousness%20Part%201%20The%20Dove.Rise to Consciousness Part 1 The Dove IS and really has no division. our downward spiral from the source has created veils of illusion that cast us as being separate and alone. pass through it alone. this is true only to the extent that one believes it.the divinity or belief in SELF. After having achieved a certain level of "Jacob’s Ladder". grace. Ancient wisdom from the Delphic oracles also attest that in order for one to meet God. the soul in ascension feels it has been cast into dark corners of the universe quite alone and without comparison. However. That reason is God. Even an atheist has a God . No two paths will be the same. wholeness. that life has arisen in this dimension. Until these veils are dissolved. one can also begin to see the unity. or the personal consciousness. This indeed is the real message of all religions and all mankind knows that there is a source from which all life is derived . the collective unconsciousness of all souls. Regardless of religious beliefs.and there is a reason whether scientific or philosophical.

Absolute Truth in all of its evolution will never be lost to the human psyche. but if left to its natural evolutionary process.. Thus. tainting pollutants (concepts) deter the growth process and try to make all the plants uniform with the farmer who places himself in charge of the evolution of the crop. That goal is the self realization that we are potentially that same Absolute Truth. we anticipate answers and conclusions concerning IT’s nature. natural processes..%20Hermetics. it will blossom through active. Then.the multi-tiered phenomena through which we rise to consciousness. philosophers. It is absolute in the sense that it can be considered a unified substance or principle which infinitely contains and is the infinite container which self propagates the multifarious recognition called existence. By way of "Change" . If overly fertilized or watered too much. all too often some simply decay and are lost into the dust to further reduce to base atoms and eventually rejoin the flow of life in restructured form. If a seed is cast on fertile ground. this Eminent Potential impels us through it inherent. it decays. the healthy plant will reseed itSELF in order that it may propagate and further enhance the crop. Many heretical plants simply do not conform. it holds its form and substance in great archetypes that withstand the tests of time. so get weeded out and cast aside. they are just reborn as heretics"). will quite normally decay and will also reduce itSELF to base atoms and eventually rejoin the life forces. Often also. Even the weeds cannot choke them out. and perceptual shifts. On the other hand. if not identical to it. Instead of the natural farming methods. Throughout the collective unconscious of mankind. Absolute Truth is constant in the sense that our perception of it remains in the highest realms of consciousness. it will normally let the good farmer know its needs through its very essence. It is a gift for each to experience..analogous to the inner watcher that is the catalyst of all our personal metamorphoses. moving in itSELF conveying via archetypes the universal truths of it’s nature which do not change . and. but many force the seed into ill nourished soil and many seek the harvest before the crop has been properly nurtured. Ministers. Each new reorganization of existence endows life with sincerity relating to quality and purpose.%20Consciousness%20Part%201%20The%20Dove. and the best we can hope to offer another is a "seed". reality perspectives. making it the ultimate reality for which. Thereby existence (consciousness) evolves as it constantly seeks expression by manifesting as a reflection of itSELF. consider the waysided plant that reaches fruition. politicians. The good farmer responds accordingly. as evolving units of the whole. It first renders forth a great outcoming and finding no further need for the stem. Often. theologians. in the process.%20Alchemy. and many other sorts all desire to be farmers. we see numerous references in various cultures of a "Self-Existent ONE who brings forth all things by issuing them from Him(Her)Self".Rise to Consciousness Part 1 The Dove A person cannot endow another with wisdom and understanding for it is not to give.htm (11 of 12) [7/25/03 10:49:59 PM] . file:///D|/Occultism. this crop will take such firm rooting that all attempts to conform it are quite useless ("Old heretics never die.. often for self-profit or self-aggrandizing purpose. unconscious nature to affirm then attain our highest goal. often to us. Often they reroot themSELVES and grow better on the sidelines in among the weeds than they do in the neatly planted rows.

com This material is copyright protected. Any Parts or the whole may not be copied without the express written consent of the author. © 2001 All rights reserved.%20Consciousness%20Part%201%20The%20Dove..htm (12 of 12) [7/25/03 10:49:59 PM] . XD888@aol.%20Hermetics..com file:///D|/Occultism.Rise to Consciousness Part 1 The Dove by DX888@aol.%20Alchemy.

objects. Harold Percival has this to say on thought: "The power of a thought is enormous and superior to all the successive physical acts. Often people see events as the will of God. By paying conscious attention to the way one thinks and what one thinks. our thinking is the tangible force that creates our perception of the universe and the world around us.the rise to consciousness." Harold Waldwin Percival The Law of Thought states that thinking is the basic factor in shaping human destiny. every building that has been built. and place. Most teachings advance the need to be in control of what you think. All actions are exteriorizations of thought. non-spiritual aspects of religion. Religious doctrines argue that man’s thinking takes him away from God and intellectualizes a human spiritual process that is best left tended only by God and his mysterious methods.Rise to Consciousness Part 2 The Law of Thought The Law of Thought This is the law: Every thing existing on the physical plane is an exteriorization of thought.%20Alchemy%. All file:///D|/Occultism." As you think. as much as what you do. and events that body forth its energy. If not addressed right away. every action committed everything that IS . a person begins to see personal patterns of thought arise that seek balance and close attention. including the incessantly active realm of thought. whether balanced or imbalanced. one is perfected in thought. So Below" applies on multidimensional levels. and eventually transcend the need for living and dying.htm (1 of 2) [7/25/03 10:50:08 PM] . at the conjunction of time. or heaven and hell. human oriented intent. Studies of various science and philosophical systems offer branching avenues of thought both inclusive and exclusive of God. every book that has been written. which must be balanced through the one who issued the thought.ess%20Part%202%20The%20Law%20of%20Thought. There indeed comes a point in every course of spiritual development where the thinking human turns away from all mention of God and considers atheism because of the farcity. Putting this to practice does not mean that as a human. Every product that has been designed and developed.%20Hermetics.. and in accordance with that one’s responsibility. but that serious attempts are made to balance the ones that arise. This universal law establishes the guidelines by which we live and die. A thought often endures for a time much greater than the whole life of the man who thought it. and other multitudinous.was first a thought in the mind of it’s creator. Whether evidenced as the law of cause and effect. karma. The Hermetic axiom "As Above. because "for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction". fate. No thinking intelligence can permanently deny God. whether called by that name or some other. condition. In an orderly universe there are no accidents nor coincidences.. then so you become . albeit of a different definition than the surface God that is being represented to the masses. This lies in close proximity with the universal law of balance (justice) and The Union and Reunion of Opposites.and so becomes your destiny! The balancing of thought is critical in the course of development . That same thinking human after plodding through myriads of earthly and unearthly experience. the cause is stored and will seek it’s effect in accordance with fulfillment of the law. once again turns to SELF and admits that there is indeed a God. but it may be better stated that God wills justice according to the measures that you mete.

htm (2 of 2) [7/25/03 10:50:08 PM] . ©1998 by XD888@aol. Any Parts or the whole may not be copied without the express written consent of the author.com file:///D|/Occultism.Rise to Consciousness Part 2 The Law of Thought paths lead to the same Source.%20Hermetics.%20Alchemy%. © 2001 All rights reserved.. XD888@aol. and both our thinking and feeling when properly balanced take us there.com This material is copyright protected..ess%20Part%202%20The%20Law%20of%20Thought.

There are many paths leading to Truth. Arise. and chemistry are rising in quantum leaps to keep pace with the ancient knowledge and wisdom of our human ancestry. It will also become obvious.or reviled. His spirit body bears the golden mark.. they have resolved throughout the ages to uphold that consciousness cannot be measured by scientific file:///D|/Occultism.The Union and Reunion of Opposites Rise To Consciousness Part III by XD888@aol. but different languages. harmony. The philosopher speaks the language of esoteric geometry relating to an ethereal realm. The path of consciousness according to mystics is an innate reality for us and the key to the mysteries of God and the universe. By balanced deeds the cosmic mind is crowned. With the rise of technology it has become possible to define in understandable terms that which previously had no explanation .%20Alchemy%.. The child of Strife and Love. bound But separate. That bridge is consciousness. that in all fairness to ancient wisdom and it’s misunderstood symbology. Herein harmony is found. and knowledge of Self and God. The hotly debated scientific versus philosophical solution to mankind’s quest concerning human nature and the gods becomes a moot point. this has been contained solely within the language of various philosophical systems and most often sometimes secretively and intentionally so in order to preserve integrity. tangible realm. However. Therefore. It will be found that the scientist and the philosopher speak of the same phenomena.%20Union%20and%20Reunion%20of%20Opposites.%20Hermetics. and let the poles be reconciled! A balance holds opposing forces. The scientific speaks the language of exoteric geometry relating to a physical. Once the bridge between science and philosophy has been made complete. yet in similar. Versus de Arcanis Majoribus The combined principles of modern biology.htm (1 of 6) [7/25/03 10:50:15 PM] . The keen-edged blade Divides accurately. we will begin to see that there has never been a true discrepancy. it has maintained sound and immutable philosophical and scientific principles and knowledge. but all life throughout the quantum universes. Reborn from ash that roasted in the Arc. physics.com The Union and Reunion of Opposites The trumpet sounds. It is considered by mystics the closest source of energy.the dualistic human process of inner and outer growth which affects not only humans and their world in third dimensional existence and beyond. the Herald calls the Child To rise and be rewarded . truth with wisdom weighed.

. because it does not exist purely in the temporal realm. but assumed. the positive particles within the nucleus bonded with an equal number of negative particles outside the nucleus create the neutrality of the atom. This is referred to as action through inaction. This vacuum has no distance and no time and may well be considered the realm or dimension of angels. This null resonance wave is known in modern physics as the electromagnetic "zero point" and is the center of the electron and the time reversed positron. for one cannot be understood nor explained in an acceptable. composed of atoms.%20Alchemy%. There is no way to ignore it and it is this force that drives the unconscious to become aware of itSELF . and gravity is a fluctuation force produced when atoms react within a vacuum of energy. the space/time continuum is transcended.htm (2 of 6) [7/25/03 10:50:15 PM] . The path of the scientist.The Union and Reunion of Opposites means. is the place of union with the force known as God. changing. and finally spirals downward into matter. we are contained within it and thereby totally affected by it as separate units and as a whole. "Nature is a great open book in which everything can be found. and when the gravitational force is reduced. who focuses on the external realms and strives to explain the world through measures in space and time. but also cannot be discredited by it. mass and gravity are not real. and future are seen in the same light. Through magnetic force. If we learn her language. contained within matter itSELF is a vacuum . null resonance wave (similar opposite polarities) which is the balance of the forces of inertia and gravity. Even if we take no conscious action to understand or keep pace with that force. According to the conclusions of some contemporary physicists. this is UNION. or redemption. The atom is spherical with electrons orbiting the nucleus. It may also be considered the realm of consciousness wherein the past. the orbit of the atoms is reduced in speed and the matter becomes even more dense. file:///D|/Occultism. the color spectrum. Thereby. The atom resonates forth and back between two dimensions at such a high rate that it creates its own dual. The Source of our being is sound.a quantum wave of calm inner space that has its own resonance and energy and esoterically speaking. because we have never really as humans possessed the SELF. The resonating particle waves constitute the various dimensional realms and the oscillation rate determines how the waves are banded together within a dimension. present.. These will occur with or without our conscious will being focused toward that cause. nature will reveal to us all the laws of life and the universe. coherent manner without the other." It is within the science of human biology and the wisdom of human philosophy wherein lies our immediate concern. Gravity determines space and time. followers of each method end up on the same path. Atoms cluster and grow in harmonic sequence according to direct oscillation from the Source. Transmitted sound oscillates creating quantum particle waves (frequencies) measurable in cycles per second (hertz units).%20Union%20and%20Reunion%20of%20Opposites. because the entire universe is an infinitely moving. Various rates of frequency actually determine the density of sound and as it slows and gains distance/separation from its originating point it both expands and moves through the formation of light. As the cluster becomes larger and more dense. if we learn to draw from it the inspiration which it has given to thinkers of all ages. because we are getting back the SELF that belongs to us. and in another sense it is REUNION. or action versus reaction . Both the biological and the spiritual processes of human evolution are natural and inevitable.and to seek the counterbalance of consciousness and enlightenment -The Union and Reunion of Opposites.%20Hermetics. living force. still is forced to follow the laws of cause and effect. Thus. In one sense.the same laws upheld by the philosophers.

the fully integrated consciousness must be unified with its polar opposite . but also of philosophy and religion.. In philosophical terms. The Union and Reunion of Opposites is described as the integration and unification of the conscious and the unconscious. this upward ethereal ascension may seem desirable. God/Satan. This is symbolized in every conceivable pair of opposites (i. etc. only then can one ascend. earth.and the Source .points one toward the pathway of The Union and Reunion of Opposites. or impetus from the Source. Such is the task of the alchemical philosopher. it can result in ill effects in the improperly balanced/aligned atomic mass. and water. or The Union and Reunion of Opposites.e. In this condition it remains an energy. air. magnetic field around the double helix and this field may serve as a conductive path or channel for higher forces (literally a physical. file:///D|/Occultism. life/ death. it also loses the delicate balance that affords the null resonance wave. light/dark. spiraling downward toward the more dense.. our immediate goal should be balance. In other words. and intuition. The naturally alchemized elements in the body produce a connective.%20Alchemy%.%20Union%20and%20Reunion%20of%20Opposites.htm (3 of 6) [7/25/03 10:50:15 PM] . When the opposite polarities are balanced. physical realms. Sun/Moon. fire/water. It then becomes ethereal and spiraling upward. This is exemplified in the basic foundations of electricity. while many esoteric systems teach ascension. the atom then flounders. as when the electron is shielded by a resistor the movement of electrons in the energy field is slowed.unconsciousness. For this reason it appears critical to balance the atomic structure of both the inner body of light and the outer body of flesh in order to keep the channels clear to the Source. These are symbolized in the four alchemical elements of fire. The structure of both the atom and the DNA and their function in human life is not only the critical substance of biological and physical science. male/female. In this situation. detaches from the physical realms.) The harmonizing of the functions of consciousness brings into balance thinking. An understanding of how they interrelate with the higher life forces .The Union and Reunion of Opposites Once the atom gains high density and has thereby altered its ability to produce a balanced null resonance wave. or becomes too conductive. On the other hand. feeling. and is thereby considered a resistor. active/passive. but one that science has not defined. sensing.%20Hermetics. Another aspect of atomic biology is the double helix structure of DNA. or even cause combustion. symbolized in medicine and philosophy by the caduceus (two serpents entwined on a staff). The strife between the opposites creates the rotation (oscillation) of the elements and the task of the SELF is to harmonize these elements in order to maintain a balanced rotation (the same referred to as the null resonance wave produced by polarization of the atom). if this process occurs prematurely and without all the faculties having been fully prepared. conductive gateway between the inner light body and the physical body). it if spins too fast and loses too much density. In relationship to the rise to higher consciousness. it becomes less capable of receiving direct oscillation. At the same time these four functions are being brought into harmony. However.

The dragon is often synonymous with the dual aspect of the serpent. Many ancient. the Archangel Michael victoriously slays the dragon. Later.%20Hermetics. Patrick. This same symbolism is taken to a national scale in the slaying of the dragons of Scotland by St. who achieve their rise to consciousness through varied ordeals. but throughout all philosophical and religious systems in all world cultures.%20Union%20and%20Reunion%20of%20Opposites.. and that he is the messenger of the gods. or Melusina. but a bringer of the light. Mercurius. and Christ . paraphrasing the mystery of God’s sacrificial death. and it’s symbolism goes back as far as Lilith. The dragon is the "mercurial serpent" and is also synonymous with the divine water and egg. of which Jung took the heroic step of trying to explain. symbolic of divine wisdom. is never himself the light. pagan symbols are borrowed to show the process of illumination. and of Ireland by St. For example. and the trials and tasks of many mythological archetypes represent the same. and also represents the union of opposites. but the more individualized dragons that torment his people. and slays itself. the dragon/serpent. the dragon is related closely to the creative godhead in symbolism.The Union and Reunion of Opposites The tale of the unification of opposites is seen not only in alchemy. Jason the Argonaut through hardship and trial collects the golden fleece. who lives in the philosophical tree. who not only slays the ultimate dragon of Revelation. as seen in the symbolism of Venus (symbolic of both Lucifer . The Archangel Michael is not only the protectorate of the Hebrews. George. file:///D|/Occultism.. Thereby. priests and priestesses. but remains a Christian iconic hero. The esoteric symbol of the winged and wingless dragon/serpent throughout all cultures. Egyptian tales are abound with gods and goddesses. bears. is both conscious/unconscious. and Heracles is triumphantly announced a hero-king after methodically completing a series of esoteric tasks that prove his worthiness and bring his enlightenment.the bringer of light. he will make you a witness of the mysteries of God and secrets of nature.%20Alchemy%. Chinese myth holds high the tale of the dragon and the egg.htm (4 of 6) [7/25/03 10:50:15 PM] . It is also said of Mercurius that. then lifts itself on high. The androgynous uroborous dragon impregnates. devours. which as the caduceus represents. is seen in terms of the conscious/unconscious mind.the light). Those who are ignoring of this bringer of light turn the dragon into a diabolical seducer. Christ appears as the archetype of consciousness and Mercurius as the archetype of unconsciousness.

The dragon’s breath strikes far into the upper neocortex stimulating areas that have either been undiscovered in modern humans. © 2001 All rights reserved. but is unspeakable in ordinary terms. communicate it to others." Voltaire This material is copyright protected.The Union and Reunion of Opposites The dragon represents the initial state of unconsciousness because it loves to "dwell in caverns and dark places". will pure understanding and divine enlightenment present itself. Any Parts or the whole may not be copied without file:///D|/Occultism. and the way to conscious knowledge and understanding. The alchemist is instructed to take the dragon. carrying them forth into the heavens (mystical union where all opposites are united). one never really slays the dragon. Bibliography "Prometheus stole the flame from the gods offering it to mankind until it became common property. cut through it with the dividing sword. or perhaps areas that we used in prior eons and from which we have fallen. and take it’s soul incorporating it into the aspect of consciousness. Carl Sagan described the three tiers of the human brain as the reptilian (the most ancient and deepest layer). The most original writers borrowed one from another. The symbols of the mystic philosopher are reduced to personal experience. and it becomes the property of all. and only then can the entrance into the head be found. nothing short of the esoteric language of geometry." D. He also used the symbolic dragon to portray the dormant..%20Hermetics. and the neocortex (the uncharted territory of the upper realms). and at its victorious conclusion the Sun rises. can satisfy the soul’s deep longing to conceive that which they know to be true. spoken in mathematical and scientific terminology.%20Union%20and%20Reunion%20of%20Opposites. At our very best we are ALL carriers of the flame of Prometheus plagiarizers of the universal theme. For others. We fetch it from our neighbor's. and it is perceived that transformation (illumination) is taking place. In either case. reptilian part of the brain that is both ancient and undisturbed.. This model of the triune brain is somewhat explanatory of the esoteric terminology of the chariot (limbic system) that draws the Sun (neocortex) and the Moon (reptilian). One complements the other. but instead transforms it’s unconscious substance to higher consciousness.%20Alchemy%. spoken in symbols and mythological archetypes. In either case these areas are not accessible to humans without focused will and effort toward developing higher consciousness. Unconsciousness must be sacrificed. When the sleeping dragon rises. The instruction we find in books is like fire. brings the universal principles into cohesion and clarity enabling one to understand the inconceivable nature of the world of the opposites. and only when Absolute Truth is sought through combined avenues with multifaceted understanding. consciousness dawns.htm (5 of 6) [7/25/03 10:50:15 PM] . The universal struggle of the hero with the dragon is thereby enacted. sleeping. none have found The Way to higher consciousness purely through exoteric nor esoteric paths. the exoteric language of geometry. kindle it at home. his fire (kundalini?) surges throughout the various layers and in alchemical measures awakens and integrates the triune brain. Leavitt "Originality is nothing but judicious imitation. the limbic (the middle tier that directs motor sensory and normal life functions). For some. The scientist reduces his symbols to physical substance. Thus.

..The Union and Reunion of Opposites the express written consent of the author. XD888@aol.com file:///D|/Occultism.%20Union%20and%20Reunion%20of%20Opposites.%20Hermetics.htm (6 of 6) [7/25/03 10:50:15 PM] .%20Alchemy%.

each human is a miniature cosmos. file:///D|/Occultism. certain and most true . and their combined relationship to the mythological archetypes is one that is as indispensable now in understanding the nature and existence of mankind as it was during the rise of the great philosophers of the Renaissance.Rise To Consciousness Part4 Rise To Consciousness Part IV The Macrocosm-Microcosm and Mythological Archetypes by XD888@aol.. This ideology combined with an understanding and analysis of the mythological archetypes that portray the multidimensional history of mankind. and that each of them intricately interacts with the other. it can be seen that the mythologies actually speak the language of the cosmos in a symbolic and archetypal fashion that surpasses cultural and language barriers. Indeed.%20Hermetics. No singular.Microcosm%20and%20Mythological%20Archetypes. While the Renaissance philosophers bring to us a closer understanding of how humans at the time related to the cosmos.com "True without deceit. it implies the reality of "action at a distance"." Hermes Trismegistus "I do not know where to find in any literature. universal principle of the relationship between the Macrocosm and the Microcosm. specific science can be conclusive about our origin. for the performing of the marvels of the one thing. The principle of the Macrocosm-Microcosm holds that the rules and forces shaping and governing the human body are the same as those shaping and governing the entire universe.%20Alchemy%20. whether ancient or modern. nor our existence. as well as the history of the universe(s) and that multifarious recognition we call God.what is below is like what is above and what is above is like what is below. any adequate account of that nature with which I am acquainted. As a statement of how the multidimensional universe works.. unabridged version of human history. begins to shed the light of understanding on matters that seem both esoteric and insurmountable to the human mind." Henry David Thoreau The eternal.htm (1 of 5) [7/25/03 10:50:22 PM] . This idea supports Paracelsus’ notion that all the sciences combine to constitute that which is called creation. and that therein lies the truest. the idea that forces can act upon and interact with objects seemingly without directly touching them. thereby. Mythology comes nearest to it of any. this principle found its Source in even more ancient philosophical/religious thought.

.. he cannot enter into the Eternal Kingdom. all according to its kind is compared to the world." A similar concept of the human as a Microcosm is taught by the Essenes in The Gospel of Peace. This is wisely expressed in the following: "Man is esteemed to be a little world. the nails on the hand and feet. . and whatever else may be discovered inside and outside a man....%20Alchemy%20. is idealistic of a primitive. It is also at this point that one can start to embody higher dimensions of their quantum SELF (be born of the Earthly Mother. of the rocks and of the stones. The words of Jesus are cited wherein he speaks of the both the heavenly and the earthly nature of man.Microcosm%20and%20Mythological%20Archetypes.htm (2 of 5) [7/25/03 10:50:22 PM] .. and the great blood vessels for rivers. When an individual acknowledges awareness of the SELF as a personification of the Macrocosm. In his treatise on astronomy... and not he them. Paracelsus wrote that the firmament does not exert a compelling force upon man. and the little ones for small streams that pour into great rivers. wherein the great as well as the small streams congregate. and the temporal Cosmos) and walk with the angels (a conscious ability professed by both the Essenes and the Egyptians). representative both externally and internally of the earth or the universe. He stated that "The stars are subject to the philosopher. the Heavenly Father.. The hair is compared to sprouting herbs." In addition to being of the flesh of the Earthly Mother.The tenderness of our flesh is born of the flesh of our Earthly Mother... for by them the body is strengthened. "I tell you truly. This triplicity combined as the Macrocosm personifies itself in humans. she is in you and you in her. The bones under his skin are likened to mountains. original state of consciousness. ..%20Hermetics.The hardness of our bones is bone of the bones of our Earthly Mother.Rise To Consciousness Part4 The idea of man as a Microcosm. .Except a man be born of the Earthly Mother and the Heavenly Father and walk with the Angels of the Day and the Night. and the flesh is taken for earth. The bladder is the sea. but that man himself acts upon the worlds more than they influence him. wherein it is shown that humans contain within themselves the very essence of the Earthly Mother. and in all respects he is to be compared to a world. humans are also considered Microcosms of the Heavenly Father and the temporal Cosmos (represented by the stars and universe). you are one with the Earthly Mother.. it is at this point that one can begin to integrate and bridge the gaps in consciousness that make a person appear as separate and alone.. they must follow him." And from the wisdom of Paracelsus concerning the Macrocosm-Microcosm: file:///D|/Occultism. even as the earth is by rocks.

. why this is new and that is old.. like his outer stars. But this cannot be discovered by studying the heavens. and why there are everywhere so many diverse things. Heaven is man. have a heaven. Through a certain mental faculty our spirit can by imitation be made like to some star. And the matter out of which man was created also indicates to you the pattern after which he was formed.. For if the same heaven were in all of us. And wisdom. and man is heaven. the unity of the Great Heaven is split into our diversities by the various moments at which we are born. so that it is filled with the characteristics and functions of it.. for man is made of heaven. But that which comes from the spirit. As soon as a child is conceived. Everything that comes from the flesh is animal and follows an animal course. which surrounds him. and all men together are the one heaven. so does man fare in the world. and their lives would follow the same course. men. and different only in form and material. Only that which comes from the stars is specifically human in us. no differently from an apple seed which is surrounded and preserved by the fruit. partly in the eternal. and which draws it sustenance from it..Microcosm%20and%20Mythological%20Archetypes. kind. and it lies in each of us in entire plentitude. heaven has little influence on it. and partly in the temporal. each part for himself. and heaven is nothing but one man. In the heavens you can see man. death and disease are un evenly distributed. and just as the seed fares in the apple.. For as regards their nature.. thus dying. If all children had been born at the same moment. in their properties.%20Hermetics. the divine part of man.htm (3 of 5) [7/25/03 10:50:22 PM] . has been formed in us in the likeness of God. undivided and corresponding to each man’s specificity. Similarly. whether it be heavenly or earthly. But this is not so.%20Alchemy%20. A miracle without equal!" Paracelsus goes even further in elaborating on the inner Microcosm of humans being related to the macrocosmic stars. From this it follows that all things are related to this one point. All that can be discovered is the distribution of their active influences. the Great Creator: "The inner stars of man are. can be achieved only through the attractive force of the center and the circle.. all men would have to be equally sick and equally healthy.Rise To Consciousness Part4 "The whole word surrounds man as a circle surrounds one point. by their course and position. Therefore. and nature.... man is a seed and the world is his apple. in each case according to the actions of the heavens.. We. and upon this neither earth nor heaven has any influence. this is subject to their influence. all of them would have the same heaven in them.. You know this to understand why one place is this way and the other that way. Each thing has its own origin. Thus.. You should look upon man as a part of nature whose end lies in heaven. it receives its own heaven. He states that each human was created great and noble and that they can only be understood as an image of the Macrocosm. each human life takes its own course. file:///D|/Occultism. the starry vault imprints itself on the inner heaven of man.

In the phenomenology of religion. the Earthly Mother and the Temporal Cosmos) .. as they relate to dimensional physicality becoming the Microcosm. For the sun and moon and all planets. archetypes might be defined as the form of the inner substance.a golden time when the divine archetypes without hindrance traveled. and the like.%20Alchemy%20. The fact that the atom rapidly oscillates between two dimensions is supportive of the fact that humans. nor the heavenly essence of the Father. The vacuum created by the balance of inertia and gravity is the realm of consciousness and the home of the gods. comprised of atomic substance. dragons.Rise To Consciousness Part4 it is the same in the ether and in the microcosm. perhaps it is simply as Jung claims. Many of the old gods have become descriptive attributes to human characteristics. but instead. so the stars penetrate one another in the body. heroes. heroines. are better understood as the content of the multidimensional human structure. the spirit of the Cosmos. is part of the cyclic. and is therefore like them!" All atoms hail from the Source and our bodies and everything in which we partake or all that we create. whether viewed as physical or ethereal. humans. as well as a symbolic language in which to record multidimensional actions. Therefore.%20Hermetics. and lived with and as humans. as well as all the stars and whole chaos. the archetypes of the collective unconscious become a little more comprehensive in nature..htm (4 of 5) [7/25/03 10:50:22 PM] . For man was created from heaven and earth. conversed. In either case.. Just as the sun shines through a glass. Perhaps there really was a time when consciousness was more wholly integrated in human existence . for these are the same of which one is comprised. One cannot ignore the flesh of the Mother. Considering that humans are Microcosms and contain within the infinite substance of that which can be both visually and spiritually confirmed.. many of the earlier gods developed from persons into abstract ideas.Microcosm%20and%20Mythological%20Archetypes.are triplistic in nature and thereby bound in creation through the trinity. The same atom that once had its home in some distant star finds its way into eventually the human lifestream.. likened unto the Creator (the Heavenly Father. Or. as though divested if body and substance. the archetypal file:///D|/Occultism.. gathered the characteristics of personalities. The great. Quantum physics implicitly substantiates having more than one existence in more than one realm simultaneously. in essence multidimensional bodies. harmonic life of the Cosmos. Mythology might best be defined as the collective stories of the higher dimensions. goddesses. that the more complex emotional states became complicated and as constituents. misunderstood mythologies preserved throughout the ages of mankind become no longer just archetypal sagas of fantasized gods. consist of both the inner and outer bodies... as well as the planet on which we live. man. winged creatures. are in man. Thus. or Macrocosm.

Selected writings. divine Macrocosm. trans. the personal myth lurks and strikes at the surface often enough to command attention and frequently creates what is known to the uninitiated as phenomena.Rise To Consciousness Part4 substance of mythology is the form and multidimensional tale of the inner world as it relates to the outer world.Microcosm%20and%20Mythological%20Archetypes. It requires no literal translation. It is the mythological language of the soul and it’s rhythm and meter harmonizes with the cosmic dance of the universe bonding together in common understanding the Macrocosm and the Microcosm.com file:///D|/Occultism. Norbert Guterman. or of the many interdimensional bodies of which they are comprised.%20Hermetics. thereby they know not consciously of their personal myth. symbolic language. Any Parts or the whole may not be copied without the express written consent of the author.the triplistic.ucdavis. XD888@aol. It is the form of our deepest unconsciousness. It is then that the language of mythology becomes comprehensible and even preferable to the culturally stifling.which is part and particle of the ALL in ALL . This material is copyright protected.htm (5 of 5) [7/25/03 10:50:22 PM] . Each human lives their personal myth in just as real a way as the third dimensional existence around them is experienced. 28) (New York: Pantheon. one learns to bridge the gaps between the dimensions of the inner and outer SELF and integrate their many faces into one whole being .. deep at the root of the SELF. During the personal rise to consciousness. by XD888@aol.com NOTE: All direct quotes of Paracelsus in the chapter entitled The MacrocosmMicrocosm and Mythological Archetypes are taken from the information provided on the web page of Alex Soojung-Kim Pang ( http://pubweb.%20Alchemy%20. Most people are externally unaware of their own trinity. which contains material from Extracted from Paracelsus. as there are no adequacies in world languages.. external dialogues of the human race. 1951). (Bollingen Foundation.edu/documents/ASPANG/Modern/Paracelsus/ ). ed. © 2001 All rights reserved. on the road to The Union and Reunion of Opposites. limiting. At some level all humans understand this archetypal. as well as our highest consciousness. However. Jolande Jacobi.

%20Hermetics. polarity is a necessity within our dimension and is seen in all facets of our existence from God/Satan all the way up and down the scale from good/evil.. there comes a point in human development when the need for contrast no longer exists. Contrast is important and manifests in every approach we take and it arises in most all decisions that we make. Thus. light/darkness.. The spirit and soul substance are the primary factors that embue mind with life force. guided immensely by the omnipotent spirit/soul which remains untainted by the diversions of contrast in the mind. But. The emotional body carries the memory and traces of all that has happened and based on these experiences. heaven has little influence on it. Often called the "Union and Reunion of Opposites". and to provide boundaries for learning."-Author- What is reality? Is it defined by SELF. By our vast life experiences...Rise To Consciousness Rise To Consciousness . Only that which comes from the stars is specifically human in us. We can more easily allow the natural flow of events in our life.Everything that comes from the flesh is animal and follows an animal course.and quite often a battleground of light and darkness as we struggle to spiral beyond the need for polarity during our rise to consciousness.. We learn to realize that light and darkness bring forth the same inner result and one is recognizable only by the other. and that tears of joy are as fierce as tears of pain.Part V Thinking Versus Destiny . It is needed in order to make decisions. joy/pain. In the course of human life. helps the mind determine how to react to given events as they occur based on memory of how similar events felt in the past.. We become. We learn that both black and white are colorless. one might ascertain that the mind is the "computing" device of the human .htm (1 of 5) [7/25/03 10:50:28 PM] . the mind is thereby affected from all our inner human bodies. has been formed in us in the likeness of God. in file:///D|/Occultism.-Paracelsus"Think ye also perfect that ye may become perfect. It is then that our thinking leads us to balance and we can weave in and out of contrast in life without our inner bodies being immensely altered. this is subject to their influence.sness%20Part%205%20Thinking%20vs%20Destiny. as a part of the ALL with a well mapped. We define what we have accepted about God (the Knowable/Unknowable) and Satan simply ceases to exist. But that which comes from the spirit. and all in between. destined plan for the path of our third dimensional existence? Where does free will come into action? What about prophecy? The mind is influenced by many powerful forces and in and of itself sets up a personal moral system which guides our thoughts and actions.. and upon this neither earth nor heaven has any influence. Contrast gives us a means of weighing thought to produce outcome probabilities and take action based on logical assumptions. as well as from outer bodies and influences. the divine part of man.. hatred/love. black/white. we teach ourselves a moral code differentiating good and evil.%20Alchemy%2.

according to Harold W. Whether evidenced as the law of cause and effect. and in accordance with that one’s responsibility.%20Alchemy%2. Thoughts made manifest in the realm of the "universal mind". or heaven and hell. as well as live the results of them." As you think. This universal law establishes the guidelines by which we live and die. our thinking is the tangible force that creates our perception of the universe and the world around us. Percival. This has staggering implications in our multidimensional world as we create both the seen and unseen forces and products around us. a whole dimension in and of itself. one might conclude that the occurrences of our life and the often unconscious mark they leave upon our emotional body is largely a determining factor in how we think and how we meet the present . file:///D|/Occultism. master of our house.. The most intense challenge of all in knowing ourSELVES is in mastering the ebb and flow of the emotional body.Rise To Consciousness essence. karma." Harold Waldwin Percival Thus. The emotional body stores aromas and a myriad of audiovisual imagery to aid the mind in remembering events and in making decisions how to think and feel about what is currently occurring. or captain of the ship.%20Hermetics. It is quite difficult to perceive the enormous power of thought because we cannot always physically see the results. and eventually transcend the need for living and dying.htm (2 of 5) [7/25/03 10:50:28 PM] . and place. and events that body forth its energy. is our life and its events determined by what is fed into the mind via the emotional and spiritual/soul bodies nurtured by physical actualities? Where does the powerful force of free will come into effect? What about destiny? Do our free will decisions based on our thinking create destiny? The Law of Thought. at the conjunction of time. then so you become .and so becomes your destiny! "This is the law: Every thing existing on the physical plane is an exteriorization of thought. perhaps give life to most of the "angels" and "demons" that have roamed and intermingled with human affairs over the course of history. with still waters and all channels flowing harmoniously in the same direction. states that thinking is the basic factor in shaping human destiny.sness%20Part%205%20Thinking%20vs%20Destiny. one could perceive human beings as co-creators of their own existence! Each thought takes tangible form as every creation began first as a thought. So. A thought often endures for a time much greater than the whole life of the man who thought it. objects. Therefore. Percival has this to say on thought: "The power of a thought is enormous and superior to all the successive physical acts. condition. In fact. fate. which must be balanced through the one who issued the thought. the first beings and the world itself were produced by thought (Pronoia/Ennoia) from the omnipotent mind of creator. What we think and feel about situations has a large role in deciding our actions. which is the storage room for excess baggage. according to ancient gnostic references.and the future. The realms of mind are alive and real and are a powerful force in this dimension with an incessantly active influence on everything and everyone..

become manifest in the realm of mind. Quite often we are a "seeming" victim of the universal consciousness .a new product or idea. it is first a notion or an urging in the mind of its creator. and tempered by free will and thought. What about prophecy? How is the thinking that creates the paradigm of our destiny affected by file:///D|/Occultism. Our reality of it is measured. every book that has been written. In this orderly universe there are no accidents nor coincidences.everything that IS . Until we understand the entirety of our personal existence. Every product that has been designed and developed. of course. in accordance with the Law of Thought . grasping. So. spiritual. By paying conscious attention to the way one thinks and what one thinks. The growth of conscious awareness of the multidimensional mind is a personal responsibility and when we understand ourselves as part of that whole. because "for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction". The only effective weapon is the double-edged sword of free will and unconditional love.the rise to consciousness. It then becomes tangible by action of its creator in the form of an invention . battling.%20Hermetics. Each new. So Below" applies on multidimensional levels. and physical experiences. only then can the agent of free will become a deciding factor in how to alter our course.. whether balanced or imbalanced. dark dragon. a person begins to see personal patterns of thought arise that seek balance and close attention. If not addressed right away. Putting this to practice does not mean that as a human.%20Alchemy%2.. we flounder forth and back incessantly falling prey to destiny. The successful spiritual warrior champions the "Thunder Perfect" mind. The same creation occurs on inner planes with thoughts that. produced. The Hermetic axiom "As Above. every building that has been built. Or. first consider that before a physical creation comes into existence. Like physical inventions. thought is produced by our emotional. largely created by past thought and personal decisions. The balancing of thought is critical in the course of development . And. and finally balancing the entire measure to which entitled. Most teachings advance the need to be in control of what you think. This lies in close proximity with the universal law of balance (justice) and The Union and Reunion of Opposites. these products that exist in the realm of the mind remain in existence until they are destroyed or retired by a free will act.sness%20Part%205%20Thinking%20vs%20Destiny. A creation exists within and throughout many dimensions. the cause is stored and will seek effect in accordance with fulfillment of the law.the great "Thunder Perfect" mind that shows no mercy. as much as what you do both being elements of free will. All actions are exteriorizations of thought. they may be superceded by enhanced creations. every action committed .Rise To Consciousness To understand how the mind produces tangible effect. in seeking balance. but that serious will-motivated attempts are made through free will to balance the ones that arise. given enough mental effort.what we think and how we balance our thoughts creates our destiny. one is perfected in thought. successive round of the battle creates an even more fierce warrior with even more intense challenge in facing the great. That creation also becomes a new "product" or "idea" that gains momentum in upper dimensions.was first a thought in the mind of a creator.htm (3 of 5) [7/25/03 10:50:28 PM] . including the incessantly active realm of thought.

htm (4 of 5) [7/25/03 10:50:28 PM] . and prophecy all combine as universal. Contained within human nature is both light (consciousness) and darkness (unconsciousness). And it should be known that when a man prophesies.that third dimensional change and movement is ever occurring on a linear path. and to guide our thinking toward a higher. multidimensional tools to file:///D|/Occultism. Thus we create a collective destiny in the realm of the universal mind. but also a light outside the light of nature by which he can seek out supernatural things. unified consciousness that transcends the smallness of what we have grown to think of ourselves. rerouting." Therefore. free will. Thinking. as he plainly states in the astrum. C. known as Paracelsus. unified pool which must be drawn forth according to our personal measure). the other part eternal." It is this innate spirit of our origin that enables prophecy to manifest . our destiny produced by free will and thought. never to be confused with "fortunetelling" (an ability that comes from the under-developed. to help us see the interdimensional existence of the universal mind. the universal archetype is circular and the linear timelines we create become but spokes setting into motion the Great Wheel of Life. usually for practical and meaningful purposes. and travailing the course of life with one great certainty . Jung referred to as the collective unconsciousness (that deep..G.sness%20Part%205%20Thinking%20vs%20Destiny.to point us toward the highest divinity. largely unbound by the Wheel of Life has its source in a non-linear dimension. But. Its manifestation along with the soul and emotional/physical bodies that feed the eternal flow of thought produces the mind of prophecy. but from the innate spirit of the invisible body in which man has his origin.based on the observations made from the realm of light. Based on the unified consciousness of humanity. can be found both the cause and the medicine". intuitive faculties of denser realms). The spirit.. We create the Wheel of Destiny by our free will thoughts and actions. he does not speak from the Devil and not from the Holy Spirit. fifteenth-century German physician and alchemical philosopher.%20Alchemy%2. sometimes called the Wheel of Destiny. and prophecy exists partly to help us see and correct the balance of that which we have created.%20Hermetics. perhaps the same that Dr. taking a step forward.. Philippus Aureolus Threophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim. The infamous. We go forth in leaps and bounds.. Residing within the self-producing realm of light it can "see" into the Wheel of Life we have created and provide enlightened input into the spiritually attuned SELF to produce foresight. Prophecy also exists to help humankind see the salvatory plan of heaven for our lives.Rise To Consciousness prophecy? Interwoven through strands of time are elements of truths that we have created for ourselves. and each part takes its light from God and that there is nothing that does not have its origin in God. stated that man is "one part temporal. Moreover. Paracelsus is also quoted as having said: "Man has a natural light. "in man who is made the image of God. destiny. the mind of prophecy is more often called the "spirit of prophecy". a step backward. and most of all . we come forth and produce results in the world that affect and interweave the destiny of others.

These tools can work in harmony to produce a pathway to harmonious existence and immense growth within the spirit. Any Parts or the whole may not be copied without the express written consent of the author..%20Alchemy%2.htm (5 of 5) [7/25/03 10:50:28 PM] . XD888@aol. © 2001 All rights reserved. or they can disharmonize and manifest the many spokes in the Wheel of Life which remains in motion until the adept learns to ride and not push..Rise To Consciousness endow the mind with the ability to see and reach beyond itself.com This material is copyright protected.com file:///D|/Occultism.%20Hermetics. XD888@aol.sness%20Part%205%20Thinking%20vs%20Destiny.

we catch a brief glimpse of that driving force that maintains the shifting state of our universe. mental. a multidimensional being demands evolution from its unconscious (darkness) state to consciousness (light). As stated by Hermes Trismegistus.. Thus we experience the measured activity of our lives through the cosmos as “time.htm (1 of 9) [7/25/03 10:50:36 PM] . growth continues and all activity reaches some stage of resolve. However. soul. emotional. for the performing of the marvels of the one thing. The earth rotates and we become accustomed to our 16.G. Still we feel as if we are standing quite still. All the cosmos is in motion . made a somewhat casual allusion to this involuntary.t%206%20The%20Battle%20of%20the%20Shadows. seldom do the components of the human meet in unison making the Macrocosm-Microcosm highly evident to individual consciousness. When in direct touch with the highest state of our consciousness. whole and free casting no shadows. passing through measured motion. C.Part VI The Alchemy of Microcosmogeneticism Within the Unity of the All Encompassing Macrocosm The Battle of the Shadows by XD888@aol. seemingly remains in place. "True without deceit. incessant growth as “action through inaction..%20Alchemy%. and physical integrate to form our multidimensional experience. sweeping motion.what is below is like what is above and what is above is like what is below. or balance in its due course. our multidimensional selves fulfill an existence referred to by the ancients as the Macrocosm-Microcosm. The Swiss psychologist. Dr.spirit. Constant growth and change occurs around and within our condition regardless of whether or not we consciously choose or direct it in our universe of incessant.yet the ever swirling mass of materiality within the individual in tune to the revolution of the third dimension.. certain and most true ..” Throughout time and other dimensions.Rise To Consciousness Part 6 Rise To Consciousness .” Regardless of whether we consciously participate in the motion that drives us as individuals. The atoms in our body vibrate. since most of the time we are bound within four dimensions of our multidimensional being.” -Author The human. But. The Union and Reunion of Opposites must file:///D|/Occultism.%20Hermetics.com “Go ye forth in due diligence. we cannot always consciously see or feel the entirety of the levels of atomic change all around us. rapidly intermingling our consciousness between one realm and another." The entire cosmos and the parts of the human . and eventually reunion with the Divine.000 mile per hour revolutionary journey through the cosmos. Jung.

we have stages of file:///D|/Occultism. but requires massive fortitude and faith which survives highest logic. know. and the language used to describe it will direct one toward spiritual ideals.htm (2 of 9) [7/25/03 10:50:36 PM] . emotional. human event ever experienced. This battle occurs within many dimensions simultaneously.. dark vibration (sons of darkness) to thrive in our veiled.%20Hermetics. for the sake of leading the mind into deeper realms of the esoteric body. and therefore into deeper personal spiritual thought. a “Battle of the Shadows” is waged yielding and purging the ancient shadows of the entire history of the soul.t%206%20The%20Battle%20of%20the%20Shadows. It is only then through fortitude and courage that we can honestly know ourselves.Rise To Consciousness Part 6 occur. Before this reunion with the Divine can complete the process. Ensuing throughout life and culminating at the time of death. the purging of the life form from the lower vibrational. a clash occurs unlike any personal. densely encompassing dross that attempts to use the soul as a host is herein referred to as the Battle of the Shadows. many words and various approaches at spiritual and psychological philosophy can be used to describe the battle.%20Alchemy%. and physical bodies reach enlightened alignment (reunion) in order for one to coincide.. soul. and understand the other. While consciousness (light) does not have stages . mental. s Who am I? Where did I come from? Why am I here? Why have I suffered? Where am I going? Hermes s s s s The personal answers to these questions can only be answered when the spirit. binary dimension. There exists an innate division in human consciousness which allows a unified force of dense. This is not accomplished through casual measures and the entirety of the process is not for the meek. and only when we reach a state of higher awareness and conquer the fear within ourselves can we see the fullest truths of it clearly. But. and when reuniting.

mental.Know ye not.Dark with a darkness not of the night. that your sorrow only has come through the veil of the night?” Translation by Doreal. were filled with darkness and light.. to unconscious.. What is the battle? “Long.Hark ye. Aye. exist separately. and physical) is achieved and the soul is ready to confront the layers of multidimensionality in fullness.. Adepts there have been filled with the blackness. forcing the balancing of the polarities.. Power they have gained from the darkness around them to call other dwellers from out of their plane in ways that are dark and unseen by man... throughout life we encounter the warring force between darkness and light as it strikes out in our dreams and in strange phenomena we often refer to as miracles and such.. in others light filled the soul. The veil that covers our emotions and memory of the fall from consciousness (light) remains tightly in place as an act of grace. However.. traveling over the Earth they walk through man’s dreams. oppressed with afflictions within all layers of being. but others there are who. then as now.Silently and secretly they bind and use the soul. although veiled.%20Alchemy%. the dark ocean of unconsciousness. . O man.. The soul. warfare began between darkness and light. only the revelatory alchemy of structured force within the universe. age old is this warfare. Men. Around it they close the veil of their night. But. .t%206%20The%20Battle%20of%20the%20Shadows. and achieves awareness of it in measures throughout human life. emotional.%20Hermetics. and while some in darkness held sway. The Emerald Tablets of Thoth-the-Atlantean The soul and the spirit of the human. the battles rage behind the veil of unconsciousness and periodically we get a glimpse of the nature of our true inner being. imbalanced elements of memory and emotion surviving within the world of file:///D|/Occultism. has been the source of human pain and fear for eons.htm (3 of 9) [7/25/03 10:50:36 PM] . and recollecting the fragments of the self. driven by the spirit seeks consciousness (light).Rise To Consciousness Part 6 awareness of it. there are no true miracles. . meeting without delay the Battle of the Shadows. O man and list to my warning: Be ye free from the bondage of night. Surrender not your soul to the Brothers of Darkness. This veil is not lowered until growth in the various bodies (spirit... long ago in the days of the first man.. Man in his ignorance calls them from down below. the state of highest vibration. The Emerald Tablets of Thoth-the-Atlantean Too frightening to directly confront without a level of spiritual growth and intense self awareness. are able at all to see beyond the veil of the depths of consciousness.. although intimately interwoven. The truest miracle is that humans.. What are the Shadows and from where do they come? “Unseen they come and unseen they go. filled with brightness have ever conquered the darkness of night... The fall from consciousness. Into man’s MIND-SPACE reach the Dark Brothers.” Translation by Doreal. self. Fiercely it is fought through all the ages using strange powers hidden to man.. If both the unconscious (darkness) and conscious (light) elements of the soul are not reunited through life. struggling always against the light...... the eternal struggle between darkness and light. ...

The forces of darkness. The human mind has a very powerful ability to act as a co-creator and various levels of its does so incessantly without giving much active. trauma.%20Alchemy%. and imbalanced emotional energies intimately interwoven. that being well-integrated within the depths of the mind. sublimating and giving rise to consciousness. give life and the essence of highly charged energy to shadow forms that dwell within the ethereal planes of the collective unconsciousness. This co-creative process is assisted by both the higher vibrational forces (sons of light) and the lower. active shadow forms begin as deep crevasses within the individual mind. the human co-creator of the shadow is seldom consciously aware of its existence. thereby affecting all. The collective unconscious is a vast storehouse of perfect memory. dense energies (sons of darkness). Deepest emotions are deeply interwoven and embedded within unconscious memories. thoughts. desires. fears. Each individual Battle of the Shadows gives rise or fall to the forces of unconsciousness (darkness) and consciousness (light). grave energies that become tangible.. highly energetic force. Within the Battle of the Shadows. and fervor that are often buried beneath the surface securely trapped within the emotional body. conscious thought to the process. especially in the case of severe abuse or trauma..%20Hermetics. we are indulged to recollect.t%206%20The%20Battle%20of%20the%20Shadows. process. This unconscious memory is emotionally based. but at the time of death separate and fall into the deep ocean of the collective unconsciousness. and experiences of the past. jealousy.htm (4 of 9) [7/25/03 10:50:36 PM] . life-filled. and reunite our individually created portion of the collective unconsciousness. EmeraldTablets/Thoth file:///D|/Occultism. pain. The unconscious holds a perfect memory of all thoughts.Rise To Consciousness Part 6 shadows do not rise to consciousness. Sometimes emotions are buried so deeply and attached so strongly to an individual. wedged and hone into place by suppressed emotions: hurts. intricately attached to their human creators. Thought is a potently tangible. These very real. feelings.

. The mind triggers the response to block a certain area of memory/emotion experience. and then even attracts legions of lower dense energy forms (sons of darkness) that thrive on the buried and trapped energy.Rise To Consciousness Part 6 The human mind is highly intelligent and in most humans struggles to maintain control of the individual life. although influenced by many powerful forces both seen and unseen. file:///D|/Occultism. vibrational energies (sons of darkness of the unconscious realm) that cause severe blockages at many levels in the multidimensional body. Often when the ego or well-being of the individual mind is highly threatened. sometimes entire segments of the human’s life. often completely and quite competently burying large parts of the inner video. an intelligent force that some psychologists call amnesia sets in.. In doing so.%20Alchemy%. shadowy forms are created. It is in this manner that the abused one can continue living as if nothing has happened.t%206%20The%20Battle%20of%20the%20Shadows. dense. This memory/emotional suppression occurs often during tragic cases of abuse or intense fear and shock that threatens the well-being of a person and sometimes their very existence. taking energy from the lower. and thereby avoid the emotional trauma that might otherwise cause collapse of the life structures.htm (5 of 9) [7/25/03 10:50:36 PM] .%20Hermetics. These shadowy forces attached to the spirit often negatively and secretly thrive throughout the life of the individual.

mental.. but it is free will choice to align the desire of the soul within file:///D|/Occultism. massive energies are entrapped in the shadows of the unconscious sometimes growing into both interdimensional and terrestrial demonic forces that plague the human throughout the course of many lives. The shadows take tangible form and the soul. and while many temporary imbalances are quite curable. and oneness with the Divine. These dark energies are responsible for the underlying ailments of mankind. The negative energies of the universe are attracted to these shadows and often reddened legions grow and find nurture within the seething. vibrational undercurrent of embedded emotions within the collective unconsciousness. often attaching to the soul causing dark horrors. or what is referred to as reunion of the multidimensional bodies which brings all memory within the life of the soul. Seeking expressive life and existence and thriving on the multidimensional body of the human. This co-creation often happens many times through life as the human faces one tragedy after another. the deeper and darker ailments lie within the shadowy realm of the collective unconsciousness seldom discovered. becomes actively involved in the battle of the sons of light versus the sons of darkness. With enough force and with the often unseen influence of the lower.htm (6 of 9) [7/25/03 10:50:36 PM] Alex Gray . these dark. and many weaker minds are led to atrocious acts against others by falling prey to such ill and convoluted influence. This is not a process for the feeble and it often takes many cycles to achieve enough strength and fortitude to undergo the ensuing battle. shadowy forces attempt to dominate and control. sublimation of suppressed emotions. often unknown on a conscious level. Through the natural course of life. striking ferociously the physical. he stated to them that their sins were forgiven. opportunities and circumstances are presented the individual in order to lower the veil.t%206%20The%20Battle%20of%20the%20Shadows. the deepest shadow force often subconsciously directs action that leads to the creation of the next trauma and thereby the next layer of the shadowy underworld attachment of the human is conditioned. and pain..Rise To Consciousness Part 6 This form of co-creation not only happens through trauma or dramatic abuse. These forces influence and direct many of the actions of the individual. peer beyond it in understanding and readiness and struggle through the course that will steer toward the personal rise to consciousness. and often cast out demons that were causing illness within humans. The aspiring son of light is never without the direct power and assistance of the higher vibrational energies.%20Alchemy%. When the Christed One healed others. dense. sometimes with a multi-layered effect. vibrational energies (sons of darkness). balancing of the energies. Many cases of insanity occur as the human is taken deeper and deeper into the clutches and realms of the shadows with no immediate hope for return. Many temporary avenues are approached subject to these forces before the individual can lower the veil enough to see the perpetrators and make a free will choice concerning the victor and the defeated. That is. but is often a socially conditioned response to dealing with highly charged emotions throughout our lifetimes. and spiritual body from the entrapped levels of the emotional body. A battle is waged for the soul and it is our ability to rise to consciousness within the Battle of the Shadows that determines the victor. The free will actions of the human strengthen the individual and determine the next level of advancement toward conscious reunion. until time for the “reunion” of the soul.%20Hermetics. in a massive struggle for independent survival. fear. These shadowy forces also bring sickness and plague to human life.

.. The human entity. often falls quite gaunt in utmost fear and shocked horror. darkness for thee shall soon disappear. The Emerald Tablets of Thoth-the-Atlantean Those who choose to look consciousness in the eye and not flee in awesome fright soon retrieve dark layers of their collective. we often see this as a battle between angels and demons for the soul of the human.. Conquer he must the phantom of fear. often with much unexplainable phenomena. The duress of the battle is felt within each of the bodies. Both faith and logic exist to support and endorse the other. intricately linked to the memory of all experiences of the soul. He who would travel the path of a master free he must be from the bondage of night.%20Alchemy%. Conquer he must the formless and shapeless. and it is at this time that the serious minded spiritual alchemist must reach strongly out both in utmost faith and well-grounded logic. ...htm (7 of 9) [7/25/03 10:50:36 PM] . As the binary poles sway and unconscious (darkness) and conscious (light) energies surge. “Given to man have they secrets that shall guard and protect him from all harm.%20Hermetics. . The emotional body. one must process and balance emotion without storing it.t%206%20The%20Battle%20of%20the%20Shadows. If thou shalt find the darkness thine own thoughts. The Battle of the Shadows aggressively ensues with the lower vibrational.. dense energies (sons of darkness) struggling for life and control and the higher vibrational. an active participant. physical. buried unconsciousness that rise for sublimation within the Battle of the Shadows. often brings the greatest suffrage in turn affecting the mental...Rise To Consciousness Part 6 darkness or light that determines the direction of the soul toward reunion.” Translation by Doreal. examine thine heart and find if the feeling thou hast cometh from within. ever seeking self truth with a self chosen opening for the assistance of higher vibrational divine forces.. How do we best participate? “When unto thee comes a feeling drawing thee nearer to the dark gate. even revealed at all levels.. must boldly stand with great fortitude. and spiritual well being. The individual who seeks freedom from the depths and boundaries of the shadowy world of the unconscious. it is important to have a well grounded personal belief system in place that focuses on the Divine.repeating time after time until free... This may well be one of the highest human challenges. Send through the body a wave of vibration. which is so intricately a part of our deepest being. banish them forth from place in thy mind. To become a master of emotion. This occurs throughout life whether or not one is consciously aware of the process.Know ye ever that as Light fills thy being. As the vast veil of the unconscious lowers for personal review. but also be able to accept seeming phenomena Thoth The Atlantean file:///D|/Occultism.. realizing individual impotence at some of his or her own depths during the processes that reveal the depths and heights of multidimensional levels of being. The Emerald Tablets of Thoth-the-Atlantean The long waged battle within the binary mind often involves many years of temporal existence as new awareness and stages of the battle come into play. This process always includes a total memory recollection of the suppressed fragments of the emotional body.” Translation by Doreal. light energies (sons of light) surging strongly through the multidimensional bodies.Only by knowing can thou overcome it.

Dr. the darkness (unconsciousness) gives birth to the light (consciousness). At this ground zero point. These inner bodies transfer impressions from the flesh body to the breath form via the nerves.G. that accepts the “irrational and incomprehensible simply because it is happening.” Human nature and consciousness are best expressed in terms of light. the person is open to a new attitude.%20Alchemy%. The Hui Ming Ching states: “If thou wouldst complete the diamond body with no outflowing.” how and why it is waged and how to do battle therein. Jung says that “the beginning. and which therefore appears as the highest goal. adverse Battle of the Shadows is a necessary process in the evolution of the human soul. lies at the bottom of the sea.t%206%20The%20Battle%20of%20the%20Shadows.%20Hermetics. Thinking and Destiny Being the Science of Man. let thy true self always dwell. according to Jung. Kindle light in the blessed country ever close at hand.Rise To Consciousness Part 6 without binding experiences within that system. understanding what is referred to here as the “Battle of the Shadows. 1946.” While not an attempt to entirely encompass the realm of psychology and human behavior.the state of reunion with the Divine. The World Foundation.” At this point. multidimensional beings whose outer flesh houses the inner substance.. Diligently heat the roots of consciousness and life. and the flame of the soul is sparked to a higher level.a struggle occurring between the inner and outer nature. can help one understand that spiritual battles involve a balancing of the forces (dark and light) that permeate our being.htm (8 of 9) [7/25/03 10:50:36 PM] ." [Percival. Texas. And there hidden. Humans are many faced. C. Thus.. Endowed with the diamond body (spirit) the roots of consciousness of pure life is kindled leading us to “the blessed country ever close at hand” . file:///D|/Occultism. In the world of physics this would best be explained as the vacuum contained within matter. "The inner bodies are the electrical and magnetic matter (the light body) connecting the flesh body with the breath form. where everything is still one. The great.. The flesh. Dallas. they have advanced toward understanding their true nature.] When one is able to reconcile and balance these inner bodies with the outer. Inc. The sleeping dragon awakens. in dense frequency tends to confine and trap the inner body until it is realized that there is a dualistic contrast . Harold Waldwin. the shift in consciousness is fertilized. in the darkness of the unconscious.

%20Hermetics.com file:///D|/Occultism. © 2001 All rights reserved. XD888@aol...%20Alchemy%.Rise To Consciousness Part 6 Carl Gustav Jung This material is copyright protected.t%206%20The%20Battle%20of%20the%20Shadows.htm (9 of 9) [7/25/03 10:50:36 PM] . Any Parts or the whole may not be copied without the express written consent of the author.

instead autonomously seeks immortality in one form or another. a noted spiritual visionary. “The reason we are united in spirit to both Heaven and Hell is to keep us in freedom.ciousness%20Part%207%20Heaven%20and%20Hell. belief. throughout the known history of mankind interwoven threads and particles of consciousness have inspired humans to ponder their origin. This hotly debated controversy is a moot point. The soul.” file:///D|/Occultism. without beginning or end. doctrines. spiritual.” -Author What is it in within human existence that keeps one pondering the heights and depths of Heaven and Hell? The personal Ego struggles for survival in a mass of chaos with the balance consisting of Heaven or Hell. and inevitably the discussion of the purpose and future of life in all of its forms.%20Hermetics. Our individual participation in this contrast consists of the Rise to Consciousness. Heaven and Hell can be described using many approaches and many idealisms.htm (1 of 6) [7/25/03 10:50:44 PM] . The human evolutionary course of this emotional. obtaining union/reunion with the Divine.Rise To Consciousness Rise To Consciousness . is united with the spirit in its quest to keep us in freedom during our sojourn through the cosmos. Heaven can be as simple as the ultimate and evolutionary survival of life species. Regardless of personal conclusion. the Sum Alpha and the Sum Finis. The contrast of Heaven and Hell can be symbolized by light (consciousness) and darkness (unconsciousness).. Deep within the psyche. and mental trek is life. it must always ponder origin. physical. the processes of life and death. The subject of Heaven and Hell has never lessened in intensity throughout the myriad of the long past and existing sciences. the Ego demands a place for the soul.. and the future of the life force... or knowledge. the condition of the human mind is such that it ill accepts total annihilation. because it becomes obvious to the thinking mind that there is a force that directs both creation and evolution . as well as punishment or reward for its deeds. It is only when pondering the Divine and how it affects life spiritually that different equations are added to the solution of Heaven and Hell. and the existence of Heaven and Hell. the meaning of human existence.and that force is the Divine. Whether or not a particular mode of thought adheres to the discussion of immortality. which includes the long debated argument between creation and evolution. how one might best dwell within eternal life. and philosophies. driven by the binary forces of light (consciousness) and darkness (unconsciousness).%20Alchemy%2. According to Emanuel Swedenborg. Driven by the same. and hell the death or extinction of such. and driven from the lowest valleys to the highest peaks of the thinking mind is the gnosis of immortality and since it exists. There are few thinking humans who have not pondered at one time or another the existence of the Divine.Part VII The Alchemy of Microcosmogeneticism Within the Unity of the All Encompassing Macrocosm Heaven and Hell “Whether in death or in life.

the light. spiraling in downward masses in the darkest. atomic forces of the universe transmute through what we call “death”.. As the circles radiate outwards. or frequency. Cosmic transmutation not only processes through death. Considering the shifting. The dust of a distant star in time becomes a constituent in the human body. shed. endowed with consciously enlightened spirit. the soul. In one sense. it should be the goal of human intention to bridge Heaven and Hell by the enlightened. transforming and transposing structures throughout the cosmos. a rise to consciousness (light).ciousness%20Part%207%20Heaven%20and%20Hell. must be able to survive the intense journey through the cosmic realms to that existence known as Heaven. but is also an incessant transformation throughout life with homo sapiens replacing nearly every cell in its form in repetitive cycles of seven years. and the transcendence and transmutation of the fleshly form by Jesus Christ. The soul. Simply speaking. and cosmically laundered for reuse. through which they are purged. abysmal oceans of the cosmos. conscious mind that interweaves the two. In order to do so. the eternal abode of the unconscious mind. but to properly transcend it. It becomes critically important to well care for the temple. It is usually always the inner life form that is presupposed with the pondering of Heaven and Hell and what it means to the overall wellbeing and unity of the multidimensional body. The constantly shifting. for it is through a harmony of balancing such that the soul survives the alchemy of death. lessens in degree. Hell. At the time of transmutation through death. What we have come to understand as death is a mere casting away of outer garments.%20Hermetics.%20Alchemy%2. The vision of Heaven can be likened unto illumined. is drawn into the realms of consciousness (light) in which its frequency easily adapts. Death. lost art of undying through the personal Rise to Consciousness becomes paramount in our discussion and understanding of both Heaven and Hell. This is evidenced in ancient biblical texts by the rise of Moses and Elijah in the flesh. concentric circles of white light with the inner core radiating at the highest frequency. to reach Heaven our inner essence must acutely vibrate at a high enough frequency to be able to dwell within the realms of light. as all material bodies transmute and return to base form for use in some other measure of evolutionary creation. as we know it. and at the same time focus on the inner rise to consciousness. reuniting with the Divine. The art of undying involves a concerted effort throughout temporal life to understand and reach that state known as Heaven. having gone through the many stages and transformations of death. does not exist. it becomes necessary to ponder the outward and inward bodies as they interrelate.htm (2 of 6) [7/25/03 10:50:44 PM] . is reserved for the souls who have not achieved enough measure of consciousness (light) to survive within the file:///D|/Occultism. The ancient. The vision of Hell might be identified as the denser frequencies. the material life form must serve as a temple or dwelling for the inner bodies. The goal is not to deny the flesh form..Rise To Consciousness The multidimensional human is part and particle of the cosmic ocean from which it hails. temporal material life form.

and furthers one along the path of consciousness (light). If one falls within the downward spiral of the unconscious world of darkness. It is in this third dimensional realm. with little care or regard for the personal well being of the spirit. the shield and armor of the Lord.%20Alchemy%2. or silent contemplation. this state of being opens a broad path for the embodiment of the Sons of Darkness which use the life force. implicitly designed to further its conscious growth. spiritual. rise in desperate struggles for life and consciousness. Sons of Light. intimately attached within our multidimensional bodies. file:///D|/Occultism. the soul through free will yields and is responsive to the waves of consciousness (light) from on high that shields and alters the forces that surround it.. the actions of the individual within the emotional. that the human body serves as a temple for reuniting the higher dimensional bodies. That arduous. The response from on high is seen in the multifarious language of religion as guardian angels. The importance of this yielding is to evolve the soul upward within the spiraling dimensions of light to closer reunion with the Divine. and incessantly wage from the higher dimensions. Deep within the realms of Hell lies Power untold which is often embodied and made blatantly manifest within our realm.%20Hermetics. and eventually casting the defused soul within the shadowy realms of Hell. Torn between the in-depth blends of consciousness/unconsciousness (light/darkness) the soul desperately seeks to maintain unity and further unite itSELF within the multidimensional realms. is to temporarily lack the characteristics necessary for maintaining the evolution of consciousness (light). battling fiercely the Sons of Light who masterfully. the material realm that allows mankind to link Heaven and Hell.htm (3 of 6) [7/25/03 10:50:45 PM] . bound by the fourth dimension of time. Dwelling within the depths of unconsciousness (darkness) the shadowy Sons of Darkness. and during this session whether prayer.Rise To Consciousness concentric circles of Heaven. ritual. Although this vision of Heaven and Hell serves as an ethereal analogy to help one relate to the inner realms of consciousness (light) and unconsciousness (darkness). The mind of the human becomes a virtual battleground between Heaven and Hell. The human soul dwells in a realm of highest contrast. Personal religion directs one to seek fortitude and strength.ciousness%20Part%207%20Heaven%20and%20Hell. On Earth. and mental bodies will become subject to the ill influences of the realm of unconsciousness (darkness). fiercely passionate. If not altered. and many other relative analogies. physical. the multidimensional human body serves as a bridge. calling on the unyielding forces to anchor and protect the soul. Let there be no misunderstanding about the high and profound challenges of the soul on the path that leads to Heaven and Hell. ever-challenging struggle itself is the catalyst that separates homo sapiens from the animal kingdom.. or to fall short of the mark. powerfully. often leaving the human aspect of even the hierophant quite gaunt. The enlightened spirit on the path of consciousness quickly learns to fortify itself within the realms of light. To sin. the more earthly measures of Heaven and Hell can be readily evidenced in daily life. light force.

often serve multiple purposes.htm (4 of 6) [7/25/03 10:50:45 PM] . It is not feasible to conclude that a maniacal soul completely captured within the realms of Hell. it is the knowledge and understanding of the Great Adversary. which culminates as the massive scale of balance for the wheel of life. the unrepentant and totally remorseless soul has completely succumbed to the denser frequencies. the scale is tipped and the soul plummets downward into the spiraling depths of darkness meeting its own kind within the concentric realms and depths of Hell. until the aspirant grasps the knowledge of how to free itself from the grips of horror by calling upon the Sons of Light for shielding and assistance.ciousness%20Part%207%20Heaven%20and%20Hell. When pondering the process of Heaven and Hell in the descriptive analogy above. that aids in the climb toward consciousness. humans often mistake the purpose and intent. This Great Adversary. may appear over and over again. at best. then how does a soul become captured within the realms of Hell? In its current status. the next factor to consider would be whether or not the soul reincarnates. The Great Adversary. some so unyielding and demonically vile as to risk total annihilation. It is at this cusp of failure that the Rise to Consciousness is fertilized and the soul gathers fortitude and strength for it elevation to the next stage of awareness. Because of their psychical and past worldly connections to individual humans.%20Hermetics. having met its reunion with the Divine wherein the struggle is no longer required. In keeping with the thought of constant growth and evolution. always serves a cause that points one toward Heaven. completely embodying itself in the vices of darkness. In an ideal individual battle. They do. the balancing of consciousness (light) and unconsciousness (darkness) becomes critical.Rise To Consciousness In this vast and long enduring battle between Heaven and Hell. would be allowed opportunity to again live in human form in this universal life cycle in which our planet is currently involved. at best. the embodiment of the unconscious realm of the dark shadows. taking another life form in its evolution. and often deceives the neophyte whom has not learned to rely upon the inner facilities of intuitive discernment. In common discussion of reincarnation. They also serve as examples to the human race of the consequences of file:///D|/Occultism. This Adversary appears in whatever form is necessary to facilitate the desired effect in the human. while incessantly ferocious and hellishly monstrous.. it must survive the various stages of death. They are. The multiple incarnation of the soul of the human is not constant. in one form or another.%20Alchemy%2. until the soul has mastered the art of undying. held within the grips of immortal Hell until such time as the Divine alters the course of current evolution. the ethereal fires purge the dross of the soul into the realms of unconsciousness (darkness) and the remainder gravitates toward frequencies of its own kind within the concentric realms of Heaven.. they sometimes serve the hellish and often painful purpose of balancing cause and effect. If within the course of a lifetime. If a mere spark of consciousness survives the balancing scales of the stages of death.

there are instances where a soul. one must bring to mind the purpose for which an individual begins to identify and recall the ancient history of the soul. but is a decision made by the soul. to achieve further growth.%20Alchemy%2. highly endowed with the spirit of consciousness (light). The second. The personal fragments of memory and emotion surviving within the collective unconsciousness over many life times can be quite massive. evolutionary recollection of memory often begins with small fragments and identifications within the life span of an individual. if so much as a spark of consciousness (light) remains after passing the great balancing during the stages of death. a vast storehouse of perfect memory. Heaven is never some far off. for various Divine purposes. The difference between these two orders of incarnating souls is that the first mentioned soul primarily returns for the balancing of cause and effect. that we are co-creators in their file:///D|/Occultism. when considering multiple incarnations and case studies of the same. In addition.Rise To Consciousness executing free will toward unrepentant vice. and acted upon without fail. can be afforded the opportunity to take on additional life forms until the enlightened point of evolution in the Rise to Consciousness is reached. the evolving mind recollects personal fragments and portions of the unconscious mind from the deep ocean of the collective unconsciousness. chooses to return to life as part of the Divine plan in order to assist in the development and education of mankind toward higher consciousness (light).htm (5 of 6) [7/25/03 10:50:45 PM] . thoughts. even overwhelming within the process of sublimation.. The well grounded alchemist must strive to maintain a sense of identity with the soul while reviewing even the most grieving moments of the past within the rise to consciousness and reunion with the Divine. and imbalanced emotional energies. the mastering of a lesson unlearned. or the correction of actions rendered upon another. distant place in the universe that good souls may through grace be allowed entrance. The intent and goal of the truest battle of the soul must be acknowledged. Hell is not a dark abyss that one falls into as punishment for deeds. On the other hand. returns without the necessity of cause and effect. alleviating the necessity for further human sojourns. This does not always have to occur. and ultimately faith that endeavors the individual ever forward and assures of its success.ciousness%20Part%207%20Heaven%20and%20Hell. and is always for the purpose of the advancement of knowledge in the unification of the soul. as well as for better understanding of what remains to be achieved. the enlightened soul. which sorts out the issues at hand. but to further serve the evolution of mankind through the Divine. What one must know at all times is the self knowledge that both Heaven and Hell are intricately woven into the fabrics of our being. In addition. This is most diligently achieved through logic. highly endowed with the spirit of consciousness (light). encountered. allowed by the Divine. This natural.%20Hermetics. Within the Battle of the Shadows . This recollection of ancient memory comes in gradual stages and in the ultimate Battle of the Shadows is brought to full light within the mind of the individual so that the purpose of the battle is acknowledged and the goal well understood..

and that humans are eternally faced with the issue of Heaven and Hell even beyond the point when the soul takes abode in one or the other..%20Alchemy%2.htm (6 of 6) [7/25/03 10:50:45 PM] . align and realign our inner bodies influencing our approach and growth during the rise to consciousness.ciousness%20Part%207%20Heaven%20and%20Hell. This material is copyright protected. All the cosmos exists in which to aid us in our quest of Heaven and Hell.Rise To Consciousness existence and powers. providing ample evidence that our SELVES are never completely separate from that which is above or below. XD888@aol. © 2001 All rights reserved. in addition to purposes we do not even comprehend. The cosmic bodies..com file:///D|/Occultism. but intricately interwoven in the creation of Heaven and Hell. Any Parts or the whole may not be copied without the express written consent of the author. The effects of the Macrocosm-Microcosm is seen throughout our evolution.%20Hermetics.

as it is sometimes erroneously asserted.. Likewise.A Seven-Fold Vision A Seven-Fold Vision One can never share a vision without unfolding the philosophies of personal alchemy. . that the . we are freed from the molestations of evil which otherwise await us in a future period of time... .. sometimes this light is according to a human form. . In all the initiations and mysteries. the most truthful. are not produced through mediums..Being initiated in those Mysteries. and blessed visions. which it is lawful to call the most blessed of all mysteries.. the gods exhibit many forms of themselves. we are then liberated from the surrounding garment which we denominate body. we become spectators of entire... Being pure and immaculate ourselves. Likewise.%20Hermetics.htm (1 of 5) [7/25/03 10:50:52 PM] . . simple white light that is a shadow of another more resplendent that itself. and sometimes. a formless light of themselves is held forth to the view. each and every vision of informative nature is a philosophy of personal alchemy.The highest visions...%20Alchemy%2.Part X The Alchemy of Microcosmogeneticism Within the Unity of the All Encompassing Macrocosm ".com Rise To Consciousness . but through a regular discipline as gradual initiations and development of psychic powers. simple... It is when this trinity.” -Author XD888@aol. and sometimes just a pure.. and to which now are bound like an oyster to a shell. immovable. indeed. Alex Grey file:///D|/Occultism.. . .. and in the truest sense. of his way to becoming immortal through the solemn union of his inner triune self. resident in a pure light.It is the trinity of man himself.. in anticipation of the final triumphant reunion beyond the gates of corporal death become for a few seconds a unity.ness%20Part%2010%20A%20Seven-Fold%20Vision. in consequence of this divine initiation.

all were quite unable to detach themselves from the sight.A Seven-Fold Vision candidate is allowed. I beheld the Christed One who pointed to the upflowing tunnel that was the whitened robe and boomed in a thunderous voice. The slowly writhing. In large.. many billions of people of the Earth stared toward the heavens. chaotic mass that covered the entire planet.” -Plato In the heavens there arose a massive burst from the polar North of the Earth’s sphere. seething Leviathan-like Serpent of immense poise and exquisite..a darkness so deep and still as to make one silent and frozen.. their heads combining to create a mirage of the dark brown. Alex Grey file:///D|/Occultism. The profoundly illumined head of a brilliant being shined like billions of nuclear bursts.. illumined cloud burst. and height of the cloud within the whitened. manically leering creature was an elegant. and the lower upflowing tunnel of the cloud transmuted into the whitened robes of the Christed One. Its face shone as some brilliant super novae and the people of the Earth trembled and being transfixed. . gracious. sensual beauty arose within view to the left from within the depths of stark darkness . A gargantuan... white. as it must remain a mystery to the world so long as the materialistic savant regards it as an undemonstrated fallacy and insane hallucination. “None to the Father except through me!” The Christed One then arose from the billowing cloud and sat atop it in a stately manner on a lustrous throne of the whitest. billowing blast produced an upward tunnel that rose high into the heavens and blossomed out into billowing white clouds in the fantastical shape of a large mushroom. This was an elegant. The cloud transmuted and flattened somewhat forming a massive wingspan that was the length. but fearsome entity that was at the same time in and of the entire blended permutation that was the event itself. and even to the dogmatic theologian.. illuminated letters above the profoundly illumined head that shone as the sun appeared the words.. One with. yet somehow apart from the vision. The magnanimous.” As the cloud burst and the mammoth shape of the Christed One appeared within the form.ness%20Part%2010%20A%20Seven-Fold%20Vision. blended. emerald green with black diamond patterns and I watched in silent awe as it undulated through and from the depths of the deep.%20Alchemy%2. a snare of the Evil One.%20Hermetics. then formed into one massive glow too boldly brilliant to look upon... breadth. with arms resting on the sides. to behold his future self.htm (2 of 5) [7/25/03 10:50:52 PM] . “And everyone great and small upon the earth shall behold his face. at the moment of initiations.It is not possible to reveal this. rising as if to stand tall in the full vista of my vision. glowing alabaster.

Some intensely elated ones were transformed and instantaneously joined the light forces to the right as sparkling stars within that flitted around in great joy. leaning sharply to the left toward the giant Serpent. except for the visible Axis Pole that ran through it leaning to the right. one at a time. Alex Grey file:///D|/Occultism. I saw the Earth spinning on its Axis so rapidly that all was chaotically blurred. one pushed the other in equal force. fiery spear with a brightly glowing. Others approached the throne of judgment and turned in fright to the Archangel Michael who cast a fierce and huge. and to all appearances. which had become like unto a high throne of judgment. The Axis Pole then quickly shifted. expeditiously spinning counterclockwise until at last slowing to a somewhat normal pace. The eyes of the Serpent then manifested as monstrous abysses of torrid flame.. and lifting the entity high above his head. As the Axis Pole shifted.A Seven-Fold Vision The heavens separated and the huge. but mildly maniacal glare of the Serpent turned toward the Archangel Michael in calm anticipation. and the Earth teetered in betwixt in the balance of the yin-yang like picture. with a mighty thrust. fiery yellow. Still.a stillness so deep as to render even myself dazed. The Archangel Michael called forth each human.ness%20Part%2010%20A%20Seven-Fold%20Vision.. ardent tip through the heart of the harshly judged soul. As this battle of blending light and dark force occurred. reticent.htm (3 of 5) [7/25/03 10:50:52 PM] . keen eyes of the Serpent remained unflinching. and it undauntingly faced the Archangel Michael. the Earth stopped its rapid revolution and awesomely reversed its trek. Leviathan-like Serpent continued undulating slowly through the velveteen darkness . finally the ambiguous.%20Hermetics. the angelic reams inhabited the entire spheres of light to the right. who in wretched and frightened mass gazed continuously upward. first slowly. I once again beheld the many peoples of the Earth. the Archangel Michael cast the ill-judged one into the glowing eyes of the Serpent. the ancient. Raising his right arm high. life-filled. Within the field of view the Archangel Michael made entrance from the brilliant glow of the right and many inhabitants of the light force manifested themselves moving about within the heavens of light. to singly approach the high throne of the Christed One. and the entire spread of the darkened body could be seen falling into the pitted flames that were the Serpent’s eyes. The eyes opened brightly and with mild flickering. The scene had become such that the Serpent inhabited the entire sphere of darkness to the left. then rapidly. and I moved further back to behold all simultaneously within the field of vision. The Archangel Michael and other strong entities and forces of the light neared the Earth as the Sun actually moved from the heavens into and becoming the dual eyes of the Serpent making them a glowing and deep.%20Alchemy%2. My silent gaze slowly moved to the teetering forces of brilliant light on the right which began pushing forth and back against the darkness on the left.

I quickly file:///D|/Occultism. according to their nature and illumination. I then saw the organization and formation of the concentric circles of heaven as the starry ones began to congest according to their particular frequency. slowly slithered into the oblivion of the velvety darkness.. joy and great harmony within tones throughout the entire scene. including the glittering. sparkling.%20Alchemy%2. sun-filled eyes of the Serpent. larger by their population and mass shone less densely than the inner. I beheld and felt the acute joy of the starry ones in the light. As the Archangel Michael performed this task. and playful flight. or shrieked in unmentionable horror as the Archangel’s fiery weapon pierced their heart. I agonized in deep shock and remorse for the dark. but there was immense excitement. I mourned in deep woe as the dark ones were lifted high into the air.%20Hermetics. The circles of heaven were concentric with the center being so bright as to become impossible to behold. and each of the outer rings being comprised of the brilliance of the starry ones in unison. The outer circles.ness%20Part%2010%20A%20Seven-Fold%20Vision.A Seven-Fold Vision Alex Grey I watched in ethereal delight counteracted by grief stricken horror as one after another of the humans of the Earth slowly encountered the high throne and departing. either took brilliant. and as the atrocious sound of fleshly heart singed. the Archangel Michael took the torrid rod and with it diligently seared each eye of the Serpent tightly closed.. gleeful. the Serpent became blithe. starry ones. sealing within the Sun and all the unfortunate ones who would be purged within. inflamed bodies I could see falling within the vast. piercing my hearing as they were cast into the fiery eyes of the Serpent. and at the Archangel’s bold and undaunting bidding. At the completion of the mighty deed. superceded the darkness and a blinding light covered the entirety of vision. Torn between teetering comprehension. At the same time the forces of light. deep within dark oceans the Serpent spiraled downward. Deep.htm (4 of 5) [7/25/03 10:50:52 PM] .

could once again be tempted when the Serpent was once again allowed to rise. Knowledge became evident that the outer forces of light. was of no essence and it all occurred in the twinkling of an eye. however.... The vision occurred in seven parts because of its overwhelming emotional intensity on the denser levels. XD888@aol. blending within the concentric circles. time. as I had only a moment to grieve the purging of the errant ones in the sun-filled eyes of the Serpent prior to joining the forces of light and blending within the concentric circles of heaven.ness%20Part%2010%20A%20Seven-Fold%20Vision.com file:///D|/Occultism.%20Hermetics.. This brought only minor remorse. XD888@aol. © 2001 All rights reserved. slightly waning.htm (5 of 5) [7/25/03 10:50:52 PM] .com This material is copyright protected.%20Alchemy%2. (1984). Any Parts or the whole may not be copied without the express written consent of the author. transcended.A Seven-Fold Vision joined.

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