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Line Follower Analog (Elementary)

To design a robot that can pass through the path that has been provided. The track is using a black line and white field with the thickness of 2 cm line.

Robot Specifications
1. 2. 3. 4. Only allowed to bring 1 robot for each team Max size: length 25 cm, width 25 cm, height 25 cm. Max weight: 5 kg. The number of sensors used in a robot max 1 set (only allowed in the front of the robot). 5. Remote control is prohibited. 6. Maximum voltage source is 12 volt. Allowed to carry a spare set of batteries (according to the number of batteries used) and tools (screwdrivers, etc.). Reparation needs permission from the committee. 7. Recharging the batteries during the competition is prohibited.

Track Spesfication

Track example (will be diffrent with the track used in the competition)

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

The track arenas color is white The track consist of black print-out line with the thickness of 2 cm line The track consists of two arena The area of each arena is 120 cm x 150 cm The arenas are connected by bridges: 30 cm long and 40 cm wide.

6. Robots start from the bridge to the first arena, crossing the second bridge to the second arena until finish.

Competition Rules
1. Participants are elementary students and an equal. 2. Participants are not allowed to bring laptop to the arena. 3. The robot was made in order to follow the line that has been given by the committee. 4. Race order is determined by lottery. 5. The competition consists of 2 sessions. 6. During the judgjing session, participants are not allowed to modify the robots. 7. After the first session is complete, participants will be given a break for 60 minutes, within the break time all tools and robots have to be left in the arena. 8. Second session will be started with the same procedure with the first session. 9. Before the last team finish the first session, participants are prohibited to modify the robots and robots must be put in front of the comittee's table. 10. The competition finish after the judging is complete and participants are allowed to leave the arena.

Competition System
1. The robot must be able to operate with just one press button (fully-autonomous). 2. Judging starts after the signal from the jury. 3. Robot that is already in the arena is not allowed to be touched by the participants unless has been allowed by the jury. 4. The robot will be declared complete if successful stop at the finish line for 5 seconds (robot that does not stop is not considered complete). 5. Robot has to finish the track for less than 300 seconds. 6. if the robot has not finished until the allotted time, the time will be recorded as the maximum time, 300 seconds. 7. The robots will be allowed to re-try for every session with the agreement of the jury with the following provisions: a. Robot crash. b. The robot stops or off track. c. as long as the allotted time has not run out (300 seconds). 8. Not allowed to re-try if the time that has been given (300 seconds) has elapsed. 9. if there's a crash, participants are allowed to change the damaged part robot with the new one if theres a permission from the jury.

Judging Criteria
Winners are determined by: a. Complete the track with the fastest time b. If there arent any robot that has finished, the assessment will be made by the furthest distance and the shortest time.

1. The winners are the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, 2 technical awards and 3 special awards. 2. The 1, 2, and 3 are the teams that gain the final highest score. 3. Technical award based on constructions and technical.