Lesson plan in MAPEH IV 1.Objectives : 1.

1 Perform the basic steps of ballroom in cha-cha-cha, waltz and swing. 1.2 Describe the brief historical background style, characteristics and music of ballroom dance. 2. Subject Matter Topic : Social Dances Materials : Audio Player ,video player and Visual Aid References: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IFJVjrjor0U http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AgPKNzhn5k8 Textbook: MAPEH IV Enjoy life with PE and Health page. 94-114 3.Procedure 3.1 Opening 3.1.1 Greetings Good morning Class

good morning sir

3.1.2Prayer Who’s in charge to lead the prayer?

A student will lead the prayer

3.1.3 Attendance Thank you for arranging the room this way. Shows you are all prepared for our lesson Are you? Very good! Are you seated alphabetically or by group? Any absent from your group? 1,2and 3? Very good! 3.1.4 Review Yesterday, we discussed about the different kind of dances and the definition of ballroom right? Then, for our review 1.What is ballroom? 2.What is the purpose of ballroom? 3.1.5 Assignment Have you done your assignment? Very Good! At least you have a hint what would be our lesson for today. Leader of group 1,2 and 3, post your assignment on the board. Thank you! Leaders have you discussed your assignment to your group? So any volunteer from you group 1, 2 and 3? Show to us your assignment. Very good! Well executed 3.2 Lesson proper Video clips viewing Demonstrating and teaching the Basic steps in: Performing the the Basic steps in : 1. Cha cha cha 1.Cha cha cha

2... Waltz 3. [continues] . Is there any question and clarification about the. Swing 3. Waltz 4. Agreement Your assignment for Monday is to practice the basic steps in ballroom in your designated group dance with appropriate costume and music. 5.Application Performing the basics steps (with Music) by group with their assigned ballroom dance. Swing 2.