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HOME WORK: 2 School: LSTCA Department: ECE Name of the faculty member: Greesh Kumar Singh Course No: ECE131

Course Title: Basic electrical and electronics engg Class: BTMBA Term: 1 Section: K6001 Batch:2001 Max. Marks: 7 Date of Allotment:13/09/10 Date of Submission:24/09/10 Part A Q1. A 300kVA, 11000V/220V. 50 Hz single-phase transformer has 100 turns on the secondary. Calculate: a) The approximate values of primary and secondary currents; b) The appropriate no of primary turns; c) The maximum value of the flux. Q2. An 11000V/230 V. 50 Hz, single phase, core type transformer has a core section 25cm X 25cm. Allowing for a space factor of 0.9, find the suitable number of primary and secondary turns, if the flux density is not to exceed 1.2 T. Q3. A coil of a fixed inductance 4.0 H and effective resistance 30 ohm is suddenly connected to a 100 V, dc supply. What is the rate of energy storage in the field of the coil at each of the following instants: (a) when the current is 1 A; (b) when current is 2 A; (c) when current is at its final steady value? Part B Q4. An eight-pole lap-connected armature has 96 slots with 6 conductors per slot and is driven at 500r/min. the useful flux per pole is 0.09 Wb. Calculate the generated EMF. Q5. The stator of an AC machine is wound for six poles, three phase. If the supply voltage is 25 Hz, what is the value of the synchronous speed? Q6.Explain the principle of operation of AC synchronous machine.

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