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May 2013 Issue 60




Mother Ganga

ssues, debates and controversies surrounding environmental concerns are certainly not new. But equally, at every passing moment there is a new urgency and a growing range of environmental concerns all over the world. The very fact that it is a ‘growing range’ of concern is enough cause for alarm. So it is that today, loss of forest and green cover – flora and fauna, pollution in several forms and at different levels – be it the water, air, the food we consume, the consumer products we use, global climate change, harmful waste disposal, construction in the name of development on rivers and on land, and more – threatens our future. Not only this, it is a dire threat to those precious links to our ancient and priceless cultural heritage. It will be the greatest tragedy if these invaluable natural resources that have been nurtured by the farsighted civilizations of our ancestors are destroyed. It is there in India where perhaps the world’s richest culture, traditions, literature, unique spirituality, diverse ecosystems and stunning natural beauty have flourished since ancient times that the threat of destruction is now more real than ever. This scenario is quite obvious in relation to those efforts to save the holy Ganga from further desecration. To millions of Hindus, the Ganga is not just a river: she is a revered Goddess, a ‘Mother’ – Ganga Ma. Almost every Hindu from the most rustic to the most sophisticated treasures bathing in the Ganga. To take home a container full of ‘Gangajal’ – the holy water, that remains fresh even after being stored for many years - is a matter of faith and pride. But all this may change, the unthinkable may happen and the Ganga may run dry in the very near future. This threat in fact endangers our entire Hindu civilization. The recent Kumbha Mela is a case in point. It is no small matter that this same Ganga is at the epicenter of humanity's largest religious gathering. The entire event is centred upon bathing oneself in the waters of the Ganga. Thus to destroy the River Ganga is to destroy our religion. An article in this issue of Hindu Today features a pilgrim's first-hand experience at the Kumbha Mela and the central role of the River Ganga to this event. All over the world countries are trying to preserve and restore their rivers. In Canada, for instance, the Heritage Rivers Program seeks to promote, protect and enhance Canada’s river heritage, and ensures that rivers are managed in a sustainable manner. It is time, in my opinion, for Hindus to unite solidly on this issue and ensure that the Ganga is accorded a ‘heritage’ status – time is running out and we are already running behind the clock. n
Arjan Vekaria Editor-in-Chief



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May 2013 Issue 60

Letter to Editor

To The Editor
I would really like to appreciate the team of Hindu Today and the author of the article "Seeing Vishnu in all beings - examining our treat of sex and gender minorities" for bringing in the view of the gender minorities. The world is one family. As the isha Upanishad says "That is perfect, This is perfect, Perfect comes from perfect, Take perfect from perfect, The remainder is perfect." With this in mind, who are we to judge or criticise anyone. K Gheerawo, London, UK I would like to thank you and applaud you for publishing the beautiful article "Seeing Vishnu in all beings - examining our treat of sex and gender minorities".The article was very thoughtful, interesting to read and above all based on Sastra, unlike so many popular opinions these days. I hope we can read many more open minded articles like this. Bernd Meuwissen Amsterdam, Netherlands I was interested to see the article on LGBT issues in your publication. I think it is nice to see such relevant issues being brought to the forefront where they can benefit from the light of intelligent and rational discussion. Modern society is truly struggling with this issue and we see religion on both different sides of it. We know our Hindu tradition is the oldest in the world. Unfortunately our culture is beset by superstition and backwardness as well. I can only hope that the discussion is not limited to simple cultural biases but is truly based a spiritual outlook which the world knows is the hallmark of Hindu thought. I think it is the same for Christians where their leader, Jesus Christ, was the most revolutionary liberal and inclusive leader they had seen, but many modern adherents make it a point to be close minded and exclusive. I hope our Hindu community and it's leaders can rise above that. Ankur Sethi, Washington DC I read the article "Seeing Vishnu in all beings". I think that article is certainly applaudable, specially in context of the fact that I have been once associated with ISKCON close enough to consider initiation, as well as with LGBT communities and groups. I have had judgmental devotee friends as well as judgmental LGBT friends as well. And I think the article in question is a healthy approach to encourage both groups of people to be more accepting of each other. Anupama Garg, New Delhi, India We live in a world where Hindus follow culture or tradition more than the actual religion, and very often they seem to confuse both as one and the same which is erroneous of course. The caste system, the killing and/or rejection of widows, the disrespect towards women, all these kinds of discrimination is not endorsed by Dharma! Neither is the discrimination towards the LGBTI people. And pointing it out using valid reference from the shastras might not please everyone specially those who aren't shastris or who voluntarily want to perpetuate this kind of himsa, but ultimately they cannot quote to defend their bigoted views. Everybody talks of Sati to show how backward Hindus are but no one quote the story where Krishna married thousands of widows to stop this new alien idea of widows as polluted. Everybody talks of caste but nobody bothers to mention Rama eating the remnants of a low caste woman or using the boat of a low caste person. Dharma is said to be subtle sometimes but on those cases it is obvious that there is absolutely nothing Dharmic about discrimination... at all!||Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitah||. I applaud this gentleman for having the courage to show the truth to the world.||Satyameva Jayate|| Amit Parsad, Dublin, Ireland To act on these sexual proclivities is considered demonic. Even sex between a husband and wife is to be abstained from unless for procreation. We cannot ignore what Srila Prabhupada said on this subject and supporting same sex marriage and promoting it does just that. It is true all can come to Krsna but they have to give up these things. Without giving it up the standards are not there. Srila Prabhupada did not condone same sex marriage in any way anywhere and spoke against such actions. He gave us the highest standards and to give anything less is just cheating. Just read Srila Prabhupadas books on all matters and everything becomes clear. Putting material designations on one’s self will only entangle us further. I find Amara prabhu to be a nice devotee but some of his views on this matter go against Srila Prabhupadas teachings. Zoltan Balarama Das Corbett Honolulu, Hawaii Thank you so much for your beautiful tribute to Kula. I never knew about his early days in the Krishna movement nor how much of an impact he had on so many people. The guy was a genius in more ways than one. It’s sad we don’t live in a society that values such talent above and beyond money. From what he told me even his own Krishna group never really facilitated people according to their natural inclinations. Either way for better or worse I was lucky to know him during his days in Eugene. He told me more about food, music, the Beatles and religion in 3 months than I ever knew in a lifetime. He had a great sense of humor as well. Reading your tribute has given me a sense of closure and if what he told me about Krishna is true then Im sure that’s where he went. John W. Nannell, Eugene, Oregon


HINDU TODAY May 2013 Issue 60 Cover Story 4 .

the Purushottama of Puri. or even the Agamic Shiva. who is also the great Lord Jagannatha of the Holy City of Puri. the most powerful rulers and little children as well.HINDU TODAY May 2013 Issue 60 Cover Story JAGANNATH THE UNIVERSAL LORD Evidence of Ancient Jagannath Worship in India. and to His subsequent Tribal worshipers in Puri. we can only ask if He was a Jain. So. at one time or another. and ritualistically pure caste brahmanas. there are countless oral and written (shastric) lila/ pastime stories. Equally adored by the greatest saints and thinkers. the tamasic so called left hand tantrists. the Buddha. Whose aniconic Form and cartoon-like Face as Patita Pavana (Savior of the Fallen Souls) is so simple that a little child can remember and draw Him. hymns and cult centers associated with Him. the Vedic AdiPurusha as the Puranic Rama or Krishna. and even the non Hindu Buddhists and Jains have famously worshiped Lord Jagannatha. including the orthodox and heterodox sects of the Vaishnavas. Egypt and the Middle East Oh Lord Jagan-natha Kindly be visible to me. the Advaiti Non Dualists and the Dvaiti Dualists. He is the Supreme Lord of the Universe. and His universal cha- 5 . the original identity of Lord Jagannatha is certainly the Supreme Enigma. But. scriptures. but to so many others. We know Who He was to His earliest Odishan Tribal Peoples. the esoteric 'mysteries' and the public doctrines. Factually. Whose worship has out lasted the rise and fall of great Indian and regional empires and the conflicts of their patronizing religions. litanies. He is worshiped by the Monists. why should our questioning stop there? If we study the many local and regional Indian Traditions related to Lord Jagannatha of Puri. there are the documentable histories and systematized theologies. Jagannāthah svāmī nayana-patha-gāmī bhavatu me May that Jagannatha Svami be the object of my vision T he Tribal Peoples of Odisha (Orissa) India claim that since time immemorial they have worshiped their forest's World Tree Brahman-Daru (daru=tree) Form of Lord Jagannatha. the rajarshic hereditary royal kshatriyas. every major Tradition of Hinduism. in addition to the Tribals of Odisha. we should ask historically and theologically who is this strange-looking aniconic pillar like Form of the Supreme Lord. the sattvic bhakti yogins. for thousands of years? We should ask ourselves Who is This God. and local versions of these sacred traditions. Shaivas and Shakti Worshipers. commentaries. the countless saints. the vedic. dakshinamarga and the vamamarga tantric practices.

Prahlad. Indradyumna. the sacramental social organization and practices of such 'primitive' peoples world wide. or as. will we find evidence of Lord Jagannatha's worship among them? To answer this question. and the Telugu speakers also worship Krishna or Vishnu. Taken together the most essential elements of the pan Hindu Legend of Lord Jagannatha include His appearance in. the Form of Jagannatha is revealed to His pious King Devotee. social class or caste within the India of the ancient World. Is the compelling evidence of His Daru Brahman worship by the so called 'primitive' Tribal Peoples of India proof that He was the Supreme Lord of earliest humanity? If we study the religious beliefs. we should consider the whole of Bharata. and in the Divine Love of Lord Jagannatha. Rather than assuming that Lord Jagannatha's worship was somehow (impossibly) confined to the Indian subcontinent. that Lord Jagannatha's worship was never the exclusive property of any one ethnic or linguistic group. a great Tree or a gigantic Log that floats up and/or grows on the shore of a pious King's domain. Factually the astoundingly rich diversity of the different Peoples who are united in their love of Lord Jagannatha. we need to consider the totality of the legends and the essential beliefs and practices of Lord Jagannatha of Puri. the many Stories of Jaganata/Jagannatha and Narahari Rupa crossover or become confounded with each other. and the general mobility of ancient peoples and the continual transplantation of their religions and cultures. which crossed all kinds of ethnic. the Man Lion (NaraHari) Form of Jagannatha Purushottama reveals Himself oto the impious demon King Hiranyakasipu. just as it does today. In addition to the Sanskrit of the now discredited racist 'Aryan Invasion Theory' of Indian Civilization. linguistic and social class barriers. Thus from within a cruel King's throne room Pillar. This Revelation of God from inside the Pillar is instigated by His Devotee. is hardly equalled anywhere else on Earth.HINDU TODAY May 2013 Issue 60 Cover Story risma/ attractiveness is evident in His most widespread and ecumenical appeal. and punishes the king for his cruelty to his 5 year old son. which crossed all kinds of ethnic. This is why so many millions of pilgrims from so many Indian religious traditions. tribes. 6 . Returning to the Jagannatha of Puri legend. just as it does today united in their worship of Lord Jagannnatha of Puri. the ancient Fertile Earth. We should ask if Lord Jagannatha's ancient worship was once a global phenomenon. who are to this day still We should ask if Lord Jagannatha's ancient worship was once a global phenomenon. At the point of the King's possession of the Brahman Daru Log/Tree. Lord Jagannatha is thus as popular with the Tribal Peoples and the so called 'Dravidians' and Telugu Speakers of India as He is with the Sanskrit using so called 'Aryans'. linguistic and social class barriers. Shiva and Devi in Their Multiforms. hundreds of other languages and dialects are used by the rich diversity of Mother India's Peoples. along with His Chakra and Lion-Headed Form (of Nara-Hari) before any so called invasion of racial 'Aryans'? The Telugu Language is as important as Hindi and Bengali in India. We should understand by this profound diversity of His worshipers. or to the traditionally upper class or caste of the supposedly 'Aryan' Peoples of India? What about the Tribal Peoples' claims that they worshiped the Daru Brahman 'Tree' or 'Pillar' Form of Jaganata. But is Lord Jagannatha only the Lord of the Universe to 'Hindus'. the child Prahlad. and to summarize the most essential elements of these for comparison with other very ancient traditions world wide. which was once unified under the rule of the righteous Emperor Bharata. occupational varnas and religious ashrams come to see Him during His Rath Yatra Festival each year.

had three wooden images made out of the log and established a grand temple for the images. To the Shavites. an aborigine. Thus Arjuna saw Him as Kalah devouring the Worlds. According to the second legend. It should be noted that the worship of God as the World Tree or Universal Axis Mundi. picked it and worshiped it. the mortal remains of Krishna transformed into a wooden form and floated up to the Puri sea shore. Jara Savara. and compare the practices of the Druids with the Sun Dance World Tree related rituals of the Native Americans. Then King Indradyumna. collected the bones and preserved them in a box. who were Tree worshipers (the Sanskrit word daru = tree). They remained in the box till it was brought to the attention of Indradyumna by Lord Vishnu himself who directed him to create the image or a murti of Jagannath from a log and consecrate the bones of Krishna in its belly. Suryanarayan (2010). Subsequently. and the king agreed to this condition. "The Skanda Purana and Brahma Purana have attributed the creation of the Jagannath puri during the reign of Indradyumna. The Supreme Lord of most ancient Egypt was Heru The Elder.”Das. the original Helios of 7 . Indradyumna commissioned Vishwakarma (also said to be the divine god himself in disguise) who accepted the commission on the condition He creates. the great Oriya poet of the 15th century C. when Krishna was killed by a Jara and his mortal remains were left to decay. Jagannatha and/ or Baladeva of Puri is Shiva. In this context one can study the Druids of Europe. "Sarala Dasa. the architect of gods. Aruna (2005). a pious king and an ascetic who ruled from Ujjain." The profound significance of this seemingly incongruous but persistent part of the pan Hindu Legend of Krishna Jagannatha as Daru Brahman becomes readily apparent when we compare the Indic Traditions of Jagannatha to those of Heru Ausu Atum (Hari Vasu Atman) as DjedDjedNouti (Jagannatha) of the ancient AfroHelleno Semitic Heliopolitan Asyla Federations.HINDU TODAY May 2013 Issue 60 Cover Story after the King's impatience to see the Lord instigates Jagannatha to appear before His impatient Devotee. associated with the Vaishnava's. some pious people saw the body. a Brahmin carpenter to carve a murti of the deity from a log which would eventually wash up on the shore at Puri. He then began his work in complete isolation behind closed doors. maintains and destroys all composite 'material' things. India: A Divine Destination. appointed Vishwakarma. that he would not be disturbed till the carving of the image of the deity was completed.E while praising Jagannath as the savior of mankind considered him both as a form of Buddha as well as a manifestation of Krishna. Pillar or Stambha of Heaven was common throughout the ancient World. Here are excerpts regarding this strange but important Mahabharata related Tradition. Another essential and persistent element of the Mega Story of Jagannatha is related to how His Body was enclosed inside of the Daru Brahman Tree or Log." Deshpande. from 'within' His Brahman Daru Tree or Log Form. Indradyumna. the king of Somavamsa. Lord Jagannath: Through the Ages According to Sarala Dasa's Mahabharata.

Pillar or Tree Form? Yes. In other versions of the Story of Isis and Osiris. and Their All Pervasive Holy Spirit Hidden Form as Atum (the much later omnipresent Aten of the Amarna Period). Comparative Beliefs. His Body Parts become the Polieus Theoi/ Devas presiding over those PR/L cities. Isis maneuvered herself into the favor of the king and queen and was granted a boon. Setu (Ketu) shows Her a wax head of Osiris. This is reminiscent of Mother Sita being shown a wax head of Rama. unaware that the tree contained Osiris's body. the pious God loving King does not know that the Lord is within the Pillar. anointing it with myrrh and wrapping it in linen. Isis searched for Osiris aided by Anubis.” In this version of the GrecoEgyptian and Near Eastern Story of Brahman Daru Jagannatha. However. Factually these 'gods' were all Forms of the One God. She then consecrated the pillar. Notes on Race Problems. Isis. ordered the tree cut down and installed as a pillar in his palace. extracted the coffin from the pillar. It ran aground and a sacred tree took root and rapidly grew around the coffin. Set then had the coffin with the now deceased Osiris flung into the Nile. Purusha's (Polieus's) Body Parts are divided-up among the sacred Cities of Egypt and the Region.’ "In the myth of Osiris and Isis. the Eli of the Jews) was always worshiped with His Alter-Form or 'Brother' Ausu (the Bal Yahu of the Jews). by His Beloved Wife. the Adi Purusha Purushottama. Thus the religiopolitical Heliopolitan Alliances of the Egyptian 8 . Donald Alexander Mackenzie writes in his book ‘Egyptian Myth and Legend: With Historical Narrative. Osiris was killed by Set by being tricked into a coffin made to fit Osiris exactly. Ausu/ Wasu-Theos (Vasu-Deva) was the Per-Ausu/ Pharaoh/ Purusha (Greek Polieus) Who presided over every sacred City Nome district of Egypt.HINDU TODAY May 2013 Issue 60 Cover Story the Sacred Lotus. the Lord's Body has been enclosed in His great sacred Tree or Log (Daru) and in this Form He has floated up on the shore of the Kingdom of Byblos. and upon being granted it. Ausu Theos (Vasu Deva) is revealed there by His Devotee. The worship of the Egyptian Djed Pillar or Tree. in this version of the Story. which was also common throughout the Region among the Semites. This pillar came to be known as the pillar of Djed. and came to know of Osiris's location in Byblos. where the pi- ous King makes Him into a Pillar in his Throne Room. while Isis is lamenting the loss of Her Lord. When Per-Ausu's. Here is a summary of some of the countless variations of His Story. Jagannatha. The coffin was carried by the Nile to the ocean and on to the city of Byblos in Syria. the cruel Adversary of God and the Theoi/Devas. Heru (Hari. Did Heru Ausu Atum as PerAusu have a giant Log. His mystical social-body as the sacrificed Cosmic Per-Ausu was thus the Source of all of the so called 'gods' of the Heliopolitan-Alliance Asyla Temples of the ancient World. She asked for the pillar in the palace hall. until God. enclosing the coffin within its trunk. the Lord of the Universe. intrigued by the tree's quick growth. Meanwhile. Per-Ausu. In the above version. is explained in these Egyptian Osirian Legends as related to this Biblical Holy Land Byblos Story. Rose or Star Island of Rhodes and the Egyptian City of Heliopolis. Isis Herself inaugurates the worship of the Djed Pillar/ Tree in memory of Her the Lord. The king of the land.

forgetting this principle of the necessary humility of the anointed ruler before God. This brings us to the question of the ancient confounding of the Forms of Jagannatha and Nrsimhadeva or Nara Hari Rupa. The Heroes of the One True God were Saviours of all those in need. The Pharaoh/kings of the various Nomes or Temple Districts were the anointed empowered Purushas/Per-Ausu Pharaohs. They were not oppressors and exploiting rapists. the injured. Semitic Yir and Sanskrit Pura sacred City-States formed and reformed over thousands of years. The real representatives of God on Earth were not despots. Greek pol. This is of course why the King of Puri sweeps the street before Lord Jagannatha's Chariot during the RathaYatra Festival. The Sanctuar- ies of the One True God were His Asyla and Cities of Refuge and Hospitals. Expert Egyptologists understand that the Pharaohs were consecrated Sacred Kings and were not born as gods hereditary semidivine rulers. In the ancient World. thus now very few remain. they liberated those in the bondage of despots. Jewish Rosh. However. behaving like self appointed gods on Earth by denying the God given freedom and dignity of the many millions of their severely oppressed and exploited subjects. the Lion-Headed Form of the Supreme Lord Purushottama Jagannatha. His Hero/Sura armies fought to liberate the enslaved and oppressed. weapons. Razan Chieftains) cared for their dependents. They ventured into the World to find and rescue all those in need of their help. His worthy Raja Rishi Royal Raya Rulers defeated those self appointed idolatrous false god kings (like Vasudeva Paundraka) who abused their dependent subjects and were thus unworthy of their rule.HINDU TODAY May 2013 Issue 60 Cover Story Per. and with His crowns. Unfortunately though. thrones. such unworthy leaders still do exist today. DjedDjedNeter/Nouti/Jagannatha. redemption. All. runaway slaves. enslavers and plunderers. the people of the World gradually overthrew them. the One True God was (and is) the Loving Father of All. the degraded mode of passion rajarshic idolatry of merely fallible human kings arose. only sanctified and anointed to serve God in His Name. unifying the very diverse and widespread Devotees of the Supreme Lord. especially those 'laws' cru (Above: Egyptian Jagannath . Thus the Lord's various sanctuaries or Asyla sheltered women and their children. Lord Hari Vasu Atman's/Heru Ausu Atum's Sanctuaries. vehicles and miscellaneous regalia. and suffering the arrogant cruelty and unworthiness of these self proclaimed semidivine tyrannical false kings. and even redeemed criminals. As the All God. or withdrawn from him if he was unworthy. and the Supreme Emperor Pharaoh was the empowered Earthly King of Kings. and the Promoter of 9 . orphans. The True God's real anointed Raja kings (Roman REGents. Ekadasis and Jubilees created sacred spaces and times of rescue. the infirm. as Kali Yuga progressed. who continue to live under their abominable systems of inhuman 'laws'. Asclepios and Serapis and the Ayur Vedic AnantaCharaka. even the greatest Pharaohs. ill and elderly. This was a feature common to both the earliest Heliopolitan and Vedic traditions. were just servants of the same Lord. Thus God's favor could be bestowed upon a king or official. Much evidence is available in this regard by a study of the Heliopolitan Cults of Bes.DjedDjedNeter / Nouti/ Jagannatha) elly exploiting and oppressing women and children. elderly and any other helpless oppressed or endangered beings. Thus He was also the Patron Deity of protectors everywhere. who were not God Himself. Greek Rex Kings. as a Loving Father cares for his own children. but these were properly All empowered rulers. the Lion headed Form of the Supreme Lord was especially considered the Protector of women and children. rest and respite for all those in need. Sabbaths.

Jagannatha of Puri is Kala Bairab. Vrindavan India. And May the World-wide unity of the Devotees of this Loving and Liberating Universal Father God bring us mutual protection. 10 . and prosperous high civilizations. (including an Independent Research South East Asian and Indian Field Study Course Contract) in History of Religion.A. the Adi Purusha. and that His worship has the same features in the Mediterranean Region as it does in the Indian constellation of Religious Traditions. Thus in ancient Africa and Egypt. the Scepter of Ausar/ Osiris/Ahura Mazda the Vedic Vishnu-Ashura. This evidence shows that in the beginning there was No Racial distinction between the Devotees of the Lord. He is Kalah Purusha the Lord of the Kalah Cakra Time Cycle/ Cakra. Again in Egypt and the Ancient Mediterranean. created long lasting eras of Purusha worship based Varnashrama Dharma social stability and peace. Tantric and Pure Land Buddhists. He is also called by the Names of Lord Baladeva and Shiva. is worshiped in all of these ways within the cultus of Jagannatha Narasimha of Puri. Comparative Religion and Theology. At Puri and elsewhere. With Three Years of Accredited Graduate Level Interdisciplinary Research. maintains and destroys all composite 'material' things. we can safely conclude from the very ancient Mediterranean Regional evidence that the Tribal Jaganata is also the Vedic (Greek Oida = Biblical Yeda) or 'Aryan' Jagannatha. They all worked and worshiped cooperatively together for the pleasure of the Lord and for their common good. B. Lord Narahari is the wrathful Lion Headed Form of Lord Jagannatha. Thus the Lion Headed Form of Sri Hari or Bhagavan Krishna. On the top of the famous Egyptian Metternich Stele. 1983. As Kalah/ Time He creates. ethnicity. He is not just the Patron Deity of one gender. and the Jagannatha of the Vedic Religionists of Jagannatha Puri. in which the Lord's Log or Tree Form floats up on some pious king's shoreline. the wrathful Lion Headed Form of God was often worshiped in connection with the Pillar Cultus of DjedDjedNeter/Nouti/ Natha. we can find vestiges of Lord Jagannatha's worship connected to the worship of God as Time in the form of the Lion-Headed Nara Hari or confounded with the worship of the Leontocephalos Lion Headed Time/Kalah Form of Lord Nara Hari. there is a clear and consistent confounding or crossing-over in the Legends of Jagannatha Daru Brahman. such as Kalah/ Time. Retired Head of Interfaith Research and Communications for the World Vaishnava Association. the One True God. Mahadeva and Bairava. among the Europeans. and why this Deity seems to be worshiped by every major Tradition in India in some way or another. Thus such alliances or Leagues of Devotees of Lord Jagannatha Purushottama. the Lion Headed Form of the Supreme Lord Heru Ausu Atum is depicted holding His various Scepters. May Lord Nara Hari again raise-up righteous Raya Royal Rulers of true Heroic Aryan Noble Character.HINDU TODAY May 2013 Issue 60 Cover Story peace and the common good of all. Oregon. Thus Arjuna saw Him as Kalah devouring the Worlds. So to answer our original question about the mysterious identity of Jaga-nata of the forest-realms and the Indigenous Tribal Peoples of Odisha. and the Biblical Semites. and the NaraHari Story. in which the Man-Li- on Form of the Lord appears from within a great wooden Pillar in the atheistic King Hiranyakasipu's throne room. To the Shavites. and in many other lokas/ locales/ locations around the World. Jaya Jagannatha! n Bhakti Ananda Goswami The author of this article is a Vedic Monk in the Brahma-MadhvaGaudiya Vaishnava Lineage Tridanda Sannyasi and Siksha (Instructing) Master. In Egyptian Biblical Coptic Nouti means 'Lord' and it is clearly cognate with the Sanskrit Divine Title Natha 'Lord'. to serve and protect Humanity and the Earth. peace and prosperity once again. social class or religious congregation. or Mahadeva the wrathful Transformation of Narasingha Lokeshvara. Marylhurst University. which include the Scepter of Wasu Theos/ Vasudeva. To the Mahayana Buddhists. Jagannatha and/ or Baladeva of Puri is Shiva. As both the Universal Destroyer and Protector. and the Scepter of DjedDjedNouti/Jagannatha. Lake Oswego.

The balance between work and rest has to be maintained for better results. The reasons why people leave a job cloud be anything – the lack of incentives. We may have a problem with this model. the well known book on management written in 4th bC from Chinmaya international foundation (Cif). if the salaries are not paid on time. That is the first and the most important requirement. ITeS. he is a certified management consultant from the international institute of management consultants. Rest Well The employer has to believe that optimum productivity is achieved by giving space and peace of mind to the employee. But regardless of such external conditions that the current employers can hardly anything about. Chanakya outlines the reasons that demoralise employees. Motivation involves incentives and promotions. Instigation is the way terrorist are made to work. Secondly. the fact remains that employees are motivated or demotivated by the way their employers treat them. 11 . he or she deserves rewards. n Dr. but the important fact is that the thought of a two-month vacation has made employee work hard for ten months. employees work very hard for ten months to take a two months holiday. This is a spiritual requirement. he later proceeded to do his MA in sanskrit and a Phd. when the employees create or produce something better for the company. share in profits. which is eternal and everlasting. the dean of Adi shankara samskrit university.HINDU TODAY May 2013 Issue 60 Management Chanakya The Eternal Management Guru H igh attrition rates are a major problem in the IT. kerala under the guidance of dr gangadharan nair. The Spiritual Quotient (SQ) of the employee has to be developed for this to happen. They also want a purpose for their lives. and motivation. A ‘Best Employer’ survey has also found ‘higher purpose’ to be essential for employees. If their efforts are not recognised and are destroyed instead. Also offer o ptions beyond their salaries – employee stock options. incentives. BPO. motivation. they do. “Reasons for dissatisfaction of subjects: By ruining human exertions. No organisation can keep a person inspired. So. the first seed of attrition is sown. There are three ways of getting work done from your subordinates – instigation. A recruitment advertisement of a well-known IT company carried a caption under an employee’s photograph: ‘I found a purpose to live for in this organisation’. how does on inspire one’s employees? 8 Money Is The Priority Do employees work for money? Yes. and other schemes can be worked out by the management to keep the employees financially secure.19-26) Employees work hard and exert themselves. 8 Work Hard. The real change for an employer is to take his employees from ‘Motivation to Inspiration’. whereas inspiration comes from within the self. Radhakrishnan Pillai Radhakrishnan Pillai from the university of mumbai. in the subject.” (7. by spoiling the excellence of work done.5. or better offers from rival companies who are luring away the employees to deal with their own shortage of manpower. 8 A ‘Higher Purpose’ Employees want something beyond money and that is respect and challenge. department of Philosophy is the founderdirector of Chanakya institute of Public leadership (CiPl) a research based organisation that is working to promote indian concepts in management. and other sectors. he has done an extensive research on “kautilya’s Arthashastra”. In some developed countries. If the leader is able to find that ‘purpose’ for the employees then phenomenal success is guaranteed.

Since Vastu is a science. omething that everyone has in common is sleeping. It is also the space where you get dressed.. The house designed against Vastu principles might. prove to be the reverse that is. poverty. The Bedroom is usually accessed from the dining room if it is on the Ground Floor or the staircase if it is on the Upper Floors. prosperity and health to the owner and his family residing in it. howsoever outwardly beautiful it may be. The Bedroom is the private place.. where you can unwind. Some other scriptures also cite: “Shastramanen Yo Ramyo Sa Ramyo Nanya Eva Hi”. the family will be blessed with noble-souled children who will brighten the name of their parents.HINDU TODAY May 2013 Issue 60 Vastu S Vastu Guidelines for Bedroom Scholarly king Bhojdev remarks the importance of the Vastu principles in the first chapter of his historic treatise “Samarangana Sutradhar” as. relax and sleep. It means that any creation or construction. It takes up approximately one third of your life and therefore is an extremely important factor in your overall health. 12 . every guideline is based on reasoning and logic. however. Sukhamdhanani iddhishcha Santati Sarvada Nanam I Priyashyesham Tu Sansiddhayai Sarvam Syachchhubhalakshanam II Yachcha Nindita Lakshmatra Tadetesham Vighatakrat I Ata Sarvamupadeyam Yad Bhavechchhubhalakshanam II It implies that the house complying with the Vastu specifications would bring happiness. inharmony and other negative effects.. read and study. may bring misery. ill health.

this direction is most suited for the worship-. Location of the bedroom relative to the other room(s) and with respect to the geo-magnetic effects and natural energy fields is therefore very important. She is an expert at counter balancing Geopathic stress and negative energy fields in a property using metal rods and Yantras. Thus.. In most cases. Ishana = place of God). Hav- ing bedroom in this direction is not suitable because. As per the Vastu Shastra.. Because of being the most private part in the house.HINDU TODAY May 2013 Issue 60 Vastu is complete and fulfilling only when it is in accordance with the laws and guidelines of the concerned Shastras (Vedic scriptures). It is therefore of obvious priority that our bedrooms bear a soothing ambience where we could relax and sleep without disturbance and irritation. the bedroom for the youngsters or the children should in the east or north of this room. one spends about one-third of the whole day in taking rest or sleeping here. like the kitchen. however. Whether it is a palatial mansion or a big or small flat. are. the bedrooms could be designed (successively) in the L-shaped portion around the southwest (from Southwest up to Northwest and from Southwest up to just before Southeast).and meditation room. he/ she might suffer physical and mental problems and often face economic constraints. If we consider the active age of a person to be around 70 years on an average. If the master bedroom happens to be in this corner and is being used by the head of the family. the house could have the following arrangements: the master bedroom in the South or Southwest corner of the house. She has received an Honorary Doctorate from the Indian Institute of Complementary Medicine and is the Vastu consulting editor for the Hindu Today. we find that we would have spent about 23 to 24 years of our active life span in the bedroom! Sound sleep and proper rest is important for sound health. the bedroom for grownup girls in the family in the Northwest. If only two bedrooms are required. If it is feasible.D. the scriptural guidelines on Vastu suggest bedrooms could be (in the order of suitability) in the South and Southwest directions. as quoted in the “Vastu Ratnawali”. the best combination would be one in the South and the other in the Northwest. having the master bedroom in this direction generally results in happiness and prosperity for the family. the portions between the West and Southwest or. more than one bedroom might also be required in some houses. Ph. Bedroom should be located in the Yamya (South) direction and weaponry (security-related storage and safe) in the Southwest. Apart from these. For the newly married younger couples. or Northwest and North could also be selected for this purpose. Putting bedroom in the south is supposed to be the best choice. writer and a VastuShastra consultant who has received her Ph. Kitchen in the Southeast. the bedroom happens to be the only place where one relaxes and sleeps for a few hours after the hectic. North. Maharshi Vashishthas guidelines in this regard. stressful or busy schedule of the day. Of these. with lesser positive effects. honoriscausa Coralie Felicitas Srivastava is a London-based researcher. Aindrayam Snanagraham Karyamagneyam Pachanalaya | Yamyayam Shayanam Veshma Naiatyam Shastramandiram || Maharshi Kashyap also states the same in an independent context. In such cases. “Muhurtamartand” and “Muhurta Chintamani” also specify south as the best direction for construction of the bedrooms. and let his average hours of sleep/rest per day to be about 7 to 8 hours. n Coralie Felicitas Srivastava M. The directions East. 13 . Having bedroom in the Northeast (Ishana) Direction is supposed to be against the principles of Vastu. As such all the rooms in the house are important for the occupants. south for the bedrooms and southwest for the weaponry. bedroom is also referred as “antahpur” in the scriptures. It should obviously be away from the main entrance of the house to prevent disturbances by the visitors. as the name suggests (Isha = God. the bedroom attains special significance for them. South and West are supposed to be the suitable directions for construction of the bedroom. The 154th Shloka of the same scripture indicates another possible direction for the master bedroom of the house as somewhere in the Northwestern side of the house “Kamopabhogashamanam Vayavyottarayorgaham” (The room for amour of the husband and wife owning the house. Depending upon the size of the family. Vastu plays a key role in optimizing its position and design in our homes. his/her productivity and mental peace and creativity also increase. South is said to be the best. D degree from the Zoroastrian College on the importance of using the Universal Scanner and VasatiYantras to obtain optimum health and create a stress free environment and life. The geomagnetic effects are most soothing here for mental and bodily relaxation. The 150th Shloka of the"Vrahadvastumala" also says Purvasyam Shrigraham Proktamagneyyam Syanmahanasam | Shayanam Dakshinasyam Ca Naiatyamayudhashrayam || The Shloka indicates that the wealth should be safeguarded in the eastern corner of the house. if necessary. and towards the North (or Northwest. in-between West and Northwest. Southeast direction is best for the construction of the kitchen. prayer. Prachyam Dishi Snanagrahamagneyam Pachanalaya| Shayanam Yamyadigbhage Naiatyam Shastramandiram|| Both the shlokas mean Bathroom should be placed in the East. One gets good sleep here and regains energy and freshness for the next day.Phil. if there is free space available) for the guests. If needed. should be somewhere between the Northwest and the North directions). it could be in-between the North and the Northwest. Southeast and Northeast are said to be unsuitable for the construction of a bedroom. This way.

“Jer*. Mohanlal Ji did so. the Maha Sabha. 1939. Mohanlal Ji then said to him. and soon became an altar boy. and was inaugurated on January 8. Politicians infiltrated the Maha Sabha: the ruling party took control of the leadership and threw out those who didn’t support their party. He also began taking an active role in the mandir in his village. He stayed Christian until he got married at age 23 years. He was baptized and given the name Jerome. devotion to Lord Ram through chanting of the Ramayana (Ram-carit-manas) of Tulsidas is central for many Hindus. an executive member of the opposition party. Thus was born the biggest Hindu organization in Guyana: the Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha. He said that after being kicked out of the Maha Sabha. why don't we start our own Hindu organization?" And the Pandit said that his words in reply were. (In Guyana and other Caribbean nations. Both before and after gaining independence.) From the moment the young couple started their new life together. Peter's Roman Catholic school in the next village. He attended St. Guyana was divided into two major political parties and their leaders played on the insecurities of the two most populous races. the Catholic Church that owned the school was next door and the students had to attend Mass every Sunday. he was at home one day when P he received a call from Mohanlal Ji. Her father and uncles were all Ramayana exponents and there was even a mandir (Hindu temple) in their yard. “We will make it work!” Pandit Persaud then invited Mohanlal Ji to come to his home and discuss this groundbreaking idea. He joined the youth arm of what was then the only major Hindu organization in Guyana at that time. do you think it will work?” to which Mohanlal Ji replied. 1974. Pandit Persaud said that Mohanlal Ji asked him what he was now doing and he replied that he was at home most of the time with little to do.”Pandit. One such person was Pandit Reepu Daman Persaud. Mohanlal Ji started taking an intense interest in Hinduism. His wife Phulmati was from a very traditional Hindu family. As was the norm then.HINDU TODAY May 2013 Issue 60 Dharmic Champions Guyana's Hindu Renaissance andit Mohanlal Sahadeo Ji was born into a Hindu family in Guyana on September 9th. Pandit Mohanlal Ji was 14 .

The first of these was the East Demerara Praant that was launched after the Sampoorn of a yagna held at the opening of the new Mandir in his village. At the Sampoorn/final session of the Yagna. Mohanlal Ji had been instrumental in its construction. the first general secretary of the Dharmic Sabha. On the night after the cornerstonelaying ceremony.HINDU TODAY May 2013 Issue 60 Dharmic Champions made the Junior Vice President of the Sabha. There was a Bhagwat Puran Yagna at his Mandir and Pandit Reepu Daman Persaud was the presiding priest. Mohanlal 15 . By this time. These details were revealed to the public exactly 3 weeks before the passing of Pandit Mohanlal Sahadeo: on the March 6. he had also asked Harry Ji to attend. basic construction materials such as cement. so a new building was sorely needed. the devotees in the temple were left without any puja. which he scheduled for the following January. During the early 70's. etc. Furthermore. It was his greatest desire to see a new mandir built. with Praants/branches in the different regions of country. The original temple in his village was one of the oldest in the country and it had become difficult to maintain. 1980. Mohanlal Ji was already planning the program for the Mandir's opening. When the Pujaris had to perform private pujas (Hindu rituals) at people's homes at the same time as temple services. were also scarce. most of the temples paid Pujaris (a kind of Hindu priest) to conduct the satsanghas (religious meetings). basic food items. within 6 months of laying its cornerstone. This was a most remarkable achievement. Despite these obstacles. During that period. Mohanlal Ji had become the President of the mandir. the mandir was declared open at a grand yagna on January 14. Pandit Persaud spoke about his long relationship with Sri Mohanlal Sahadeo and shared this story. which was corroborated by Sri Harry Persaud Ramdass Ji. There was no room for doubt in his mind and sure enough. as in those days Guyana was going through some of its darkest days where Indians/ Hindus felt as if their very existence was at risk. He was closely associated with Swami Purnananda Ji Maharaj of the Guyana branch of the Bharat Sevashrama Sangha. Mohanlal Ji used his vast contacts and personal finances as a businessman to make his dream of a new mandir a reality. including and especially the staples of the Hindu diet were only available as black market contraband. He came to attend the shraddha (Hindu funeral/memorial service) of Mohanlal and he related further that when Pandit Persaud invited Mohanlal Ji to his home. The Dharmic Sabha became the largest Hindu organization in Guyana. 1992. This happened a few times at his temple and Mohanlal Ji decided that this was unacceptable.

. sic. To help sion that followed his bodily reannual parade) was another of his strengthen the community against mains to the cremation ground major activities. while the girls' zation and ISKCON/Hare Krsna. Hindus were under tremenmarched along with the proceshis leadership. donated musical instruments. This day is the supplies used for the Motoring activities. He organized training enues to propagate and promote passed away.HINDU TODAY May 2013 Issue 60 Dharmic Champions Ji formulated a Hindu Because of such initiaprayer book. Every month. like the Sai Baba organiwith her. The wife of the such pressures. This Mandir jaris to conduct their was the pride and joy of satsanghas. The boys' camp was hosted Many Hindu groups from other then he would sit and have coffee at the Cane Grove temple every countries. Swations by Pandit Reepu mi Chidananda Ji MahaDaman Persaud. 16 . For example. early as possible at their home and girls. he was instrumen1 mile away from his home. Hindi. This book Dharmic Sabha to folwas later used as the low. Derect shishya (disciple) bating and sports were of Swami Sivananda Ji encouraged. Mohanlal Mohanlal Ji. As mentioned earand sang through his service and approximately fifty temples under lier. He had a Maharaj of the The Dibody building machine vine Life Society.)) After Swami Ji returned tance from the American to India.) felicitates the President of Guyana Cheddi Jagan (R. Maharaj visited Guyana There was also a library in 1967 and Mohanlal and home economics Ji was one of fortunate centre that was later ones to meet Swami Ji.. he started to and Canadian Governcamp was hosted at his temple in send his books to Mohanlal Ji and ments and the Indian Government Triumph. Swaand table tennis table mi Chinmayananda Ji put in at the mandir. prototype to be introThe Triumph temple duced to all the other was a landmark in Guytemples in the Dharmic ana when it opened and Sabha with some addimany came to visit. mumal pujas at his temple. based on tives during his tenure. There was Ji also trained in and arti every evening at began doing the forthe mandir. there was would also words of encouragesupplied books to the library and an activity at the Praant level. He initiated an annual Chowtaal (traMohanlal Ji was elected the was also very much interested in ditional songs sung for the Hindu President of the East Demerara the welfare of children and started spring festival/Holi) Samelaans Praant and remained in that poone of the first Bacchon/kids class (gatherings) to herald in the Holi sition until his passing. and home economic His Guru Ji was a diclasses were held. Kirtan samelaans were always interested in creating avcontinued this class up until he also started. His students came sessions for the Executives of the his Dharma. There were separate still being observed by the Dharcade were safely back in place as annual Youth Camps for boys and mic Sabha. He then-Organizing Secretary said tal in the creation of many initiastarted honoring children on the that she will miss seeing him at her tives. Mohanlal Ji birth anniversary of Pandit Nehru home early every Diwali morning devised several youth programs as the latter was very keen on the as he would make sure that all that included inter temple sportwelfare of children.the Motorcade was alyear at that time. ways hosted on the eve of Diwali. He was at his Mandir in the late 1960's and season. No raj of The Divine Life Solonger were the temples ciety was one of its first dependent on the Puvisitors. the “Hindutwam” of the East Coast Praant the latter's organization. became the model for which he introduced to the other praants of the his temple. The Motorcade (an dous political pressure. constructed with assis(Pandit Mohanlal Sahadeo (L. He ment and wisdom for him.

yet left such an immense impact on the lives of all whom he came in contact with. Dance. He used his influence as a business man to help many people in many ways. Similarly. Many other Swamijis and Hindu missionaries that visited Guyana would also stay at Mohanlal Ji's home where they were assured of sattvika/pure vegetarian food and company. He was one of the students of Sri Mohanlal Ji's bacchon class Mohanlal Ji raised his children in Sanatana Dharma/Hinduism in all its purity. She and her siblings grew up in the Sabha and Mandir. It was a fitting send off for a soul who came from humble beginnings. they are never ever going to be able to take Dharma/spirituality away from these children. Whether it was visiting the temple or ashram. our family was regaled with many a story of what he did for people. She is a qualified Writer and Journalist and also paints. and he helped to carry the arti/Hindu funeral. Dr. Even today. There was nowhere to even house their leaders/pujaris when they came to visit so he had them stay at his home. In one case. Mohanlal Ji was not only a devotee. he would automatically say Pranaam. to paying for the funerals of people who couldn’t afford the expenses. when it was first started. Mohanlal Ji never took himself too seriously. It has now been 20 years since his Lord took him back at the age of 51 years. after the passing of her youngest Brother Pandit Maheshwar Sahadeo. Her present interests lie in the rights of Hindu women and children and social problems facing the Hindu home especially with regards to abuse. He promoted the usage of the Sanskrit greeting using the word “Pranaam”. She said Pandit Ji was chatting with her and her husband and he looked over to where the older 3 siblings (the youngest was not born as yet) were playing in the mandir's yard and he remarked that when they grew up. She was given Diksha when she was 5 years old and received Diksha again from a direct shishya of Swami Chinmayananda Ji Maharaja and Swami Dayanananda Ji Maharaja. Whether it was visiting the temple or ashram. From the smallest child to the oldest elder. Pandit Mahendra Doobay spoke about Sri Mohanlal Ji. When the Hare Krsnas wanted to expand to Guyana they came to Mohanlal Ji. who was a founding member of the Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha and President of the Triumph Mandir. from getting them scholarships to India and North America. Then-incumbent President Dr. people still remember him for his humil- ity. n Nanda Sahadeo Daughter of Pandit Mohanlal Sahadeo. Jagan explained that it was his duty to be there. At a fund raising ceremony in New York City held at the end of March. 17 . Mohanlal Ji raised his children in Sanatana Dharma/ Hinduism in all its purity. He was deeply passionate about his dharma and his people. Nanda was the first woman in Guyana to serve as a MandirPujari. Yoga. He even hosted satsanghas and film shows to educate the locals on their mission. he always had his young family with him. no one was afraid to approach him. to financing such trips. for the building of a new temple. and he welcomed and thanked the people that turned out in the thousands to pay tribute to Pandit Mohanlal Ji. Nanda became the Pujari of the Triumph Mandir. One of her most successful actions was getting promoters in Guyana to desist from hosting the Miss Diwali Pageant and stopping them from using the name and festival of Diwali when holding any activity that does not uphold the sanctity of the sacred occasion of Diwali which is Maha Lakshmi Puja. Triumph Village. he demanded that they remove it.Cheddi Jagan left aside preparations for the upcoming elections to attend his cremation. he was also a karma yogi in its purest form. but as soon as he walked into the mandir and saw his photograph there. no matter what anyone may try to do. She is trained in Indian Classical Vocal Music. he never allowed himself to be praised. Their very earliest memories are filled with visits of spiritual personalities and places. After his passing. we were told the story of when he saw his photograph on the altar of a mandir because he had paid for its construction. her younger sister is now serving as the Pujari. This word literally means "I bow to you". Hindi and Sanskrit from the Indian Cultural Center in Georgetown and studied Vedanta. She is a fervent Hindu Rights Activist who frequently defends anything pertaining to and educating others about Sanatana Dharma especially in the newspapers in Guyana and online. after injury prevented her from sitting down. kindness and dedication to his dharma. Mohanlal Ji would not wait for anyone to tell him Pranaam when they see him. Many of the practising Pujari/pandits today remember his helping them in their formative years. Srimati Sahadeo (his wife) recalls an incident when Pandit Reepu Daman Persaud was visiting one evening when they were at their mandir. Their very earliest memories are filled with visits of spiritual personalities and places.HINDU TODAY May 2013 Issue 60 Dharmic Champions were helped to get established in Guyana by Mohanlal Ji. he always had his young family with him. and was not obsessed with his own importance. Many still remember how he helped them to construct or repair many mandirs and he never asked for any recognition.

like the perception of the book in your hand. it is an orange with each of its peel distinctly different in color. like the rope which is mistaken to be a snake. We see many things all around us. we also reject a few as incorrect. The objects around us. Once we realize that it is actually a rope and not a snake. It has in it all the branches identified in western philosophy and more. For a thinking mind it is a garden of thoughts. But not just any ordinary orange. the table you’re perhaps sitting by. beliefs and practices.HINDU TODAY May 2013 Issue 60 Demystifying Hinduism H A Colorful Orange Hinduism induism can be compared to an Orange fruit. and the other which is wrong.. Hinduism stands out not only as a guide for rituals. taste smell and texture. I shall attempt to substantiate my claims with examples picked from various writings of several great thinkers of the religion. We are aware of two kinds of perceptions. On the other hand. Everyone identifies the religion with the color orange. says Sri Ramanujacha- 18 . the book you hold in your hand now. we are also prone to misconceptions. but also acts as a river which quenches the thirst of every human mind. we mistake a rope lying in dark to be a snake. How do we make out which perception to believe and which not to? And should we disregard one kind of perception completely? No. etc. In my subsequent articles. Let us consider an epistemological question: The validity of knowledge. Every thinker enjoys the freedom of thought and expression and it is a treat to study these thinkers exploring every possible interpretation of even the finest details of the observable world around us. which we initially believe and then disregard. we disregard the earlier perception that told us it was actually a snake and accept the latter perception. Different schools of Indian philosophy take different stands with reference to the distinction of true knowledge from fallacious one. While we believe most of them. the correct one. Hinduism has profound philosophy embedded within. one which is correct. are taken to be true. We believe in our perception of these objects.

we get different objects like a mango. All knowledge has some degree of truthfulness to it. There exists no “misconception” as such. “it is a snake” is not just one. . Hinduism also has thinkers who maintain a completely opposite view. popularized by Sri Madhwacharya of the twelfth century CE. When you see an existent object. It accepts that there are two kinds of knowledge. Such diversity is reflected by the metaphor of Hinduism as an Orange. This elegance unique to Hinduism. and in the objects perceived. quantum theory and evolutionary biology. The rope has in it the proportions of the basic elements that make a snake. a rock and others by varied combinations of the basic elements. n … To be continued Pandit Lakshmeeshacharya Pandit Lakshmeeshacharya is a student of HH Sri Satyatmateertha Swamiji. and was taught higher texts by HH. It is due to this similarity that both the snake and the rope have a few common features.HINDU TODAY May 2013 Issue 60 Demystifying Hinduism rya. The perception which grasps the dominant proportion is to be believed for practical purposes and the perception which only shows you the minority proportions. So a misconception cannot exist. Another school of thought holds a completely different view on the same subject matter. it is a misconception. has dedicated his life for research in philosophy. Tarka and Vedanta. It can be seen like the formation of different colors from three basic colors: red. Another school of thought called the Vaisheshika. like the softness. water. The Prabhakara tradition believes that all knowledge is true and correct. In the first place it rejects “two kinds” of knowledge. We often mistake the rope to be a snake. One kind is that of sensual perception and the other kind is recollection. yet the religion stands out united. it has the ones of a rope. but more than the proportions of a snake. The cognition. He explains that every object has components of every other object. By employing reason and logic it suggests that untrue objects can be seen because of defects. a very real emotion and an accurate response to seeing a snake. 19 . It is the existence of the object of cognition that decides whether it is a misconception or not. essentially. Just the way all colors are merely combinations of these basic colors. making it distinct from the snake. it’s considered correct cognition. It believes that we misconceive reality. You ‘see’ the rope and actuated by the similarity seen you ‘remember’ the snake. When we see an object as the other. We might wonder then. though very small in quantity. blue. Firstly. It is the proportion of each of these building materials that decide what the end product is. This young scholar from Bangalore. the cognition of the object lying in front of the viewer (the rope) and secondly. The snake-rope mystery is explained as a com- posite of two cognitions. green. two things happen. but a group of two different kinds of perceptions. So. he went to Jayatirtha Vidyapitha and studied Vyakarana. the perception of the snake which is true elsewhere. He also has the distinction of being a student of science. We have seen diverse views regarding the di nature of perception and cognition. Indeed Hinduism has produced a variety of thinkers with widely different worldviews. The Dwaita school of thought. the way it would be. And when you see an inexistent one. if not where you see the rope). We do not mistake the rope as snake but fail to recognize the difference between these two cognitions which come in package of a single sentence. or cyan. and hence feel fear. magenta and yellow. if it were a single perception. defects in the instrument of perception. contradicts the previous notions of the snake-rope quandary. a philosopher who lived in the10th and 11th century CE. But since an inexistent object cannot be seen. we are actually seeing the minor fraction of the whole. should not be accepted in practice. These schools of thought reject the existence of any misconception by providing different explanations of the concept. But they are overridden by one dominant proportion and we identify that object distinctly on general accord. builds upon the previous conceptualization. correct and incorrect. what about the popular misconception of the rope and the snake? The explanation given is that when you see a rope. earth and space. though in some sense correct. color etc. the snake cannot be completely inexistent (it must exist somewhere. fire. All the objects in the universe are made of a few basic ingredients like air. the proportions of other objects exist in all objects.

accomplish. god. of the karmic seeds that are resulting in our present experience. but many in a continuing chain of evolution. to be free to accept and tolerate the passing waves of emotions and energies and fix one’s mind on the 20 .HINDU TODAY May 2013 Management Issue 60 Philosophy Life and Death M an the world over has sought to discover the purpose and meaning of life and death. In pursuit of knowing. The purpose of life is to be free. religion. They realized we have not just one lifetime. Samadhi and liberation. he has created mythology. We can briefly discuss these concepts. give and evolve spiritually in an often times difficult world. Tantra. Each lifetime we take birth in order to satisfy particular desires and to resolve certain chakra drives. the tool of life is knowledge. what gives us the loved ones we have and then takes them away. Not the pseudo freedom to simply be able to act out one’s desires as they bubble up in the mind one after another. To achieve an objective awareness to witness how the forces push and pull ourselves as they push and pull those around us. ignorance of one’s past. The cause of life is ignorance. ignorance of the forces that are operating at this present moment on earth and throughout the universe. It has been said that the cause of life is ignorance. what makes us feel the pains we do. worship. love. the joy of life is bliss and the height of life is in stillness. astrology. the method of life is perseverance. The experience of Divinity caused their behavior to be ethical by nature. Mother Earth produces enough for her sons and daughters but fails to provide all one hu- man being can desire. The yogis desire to know the nature of the Self led them to experience the Divine within themselves. but the genuine and lasting freedom of being able to transcend personal wants and desires. ignorance of how to live in a human body and survive. ignorance of what makes us feel the emotions the way we do. the purpose of life is to be free. philosophy.

Hhaa!. Knowledge of what kind of food should be eaten for health and clarity of awareness. He is above all earthly joys and sufferings above all attachments to worldly things. In fact. How to use sex. how to do Sadhana (spiritual work). achievement. to friends. The great god Shiva is the highest personification of the virtue of unattachment. to pleasures. In India such persons are not uncommon and are sought out with the greatest respect and reverence for guidance and advice. which included historic performances at Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center in New York. be truthful. developing and reconditioning old habit patterns of the mind and body to sensitize it and allow unfoldment of its vast potentials. to be free to let go of attachments to youth. For the ancient yogis. to children. Rather than dying in a state of fear of what is beyond. Everyone seeks that state of inner peace and harmony whether consciously or not. as head of the Chakra Institute. he will naturally be thoroughly selfless and absolutely disinterested in his action and conduct towards others. following daily disciplines for retraining. and the effect of chanted sound on the dissolution of those blocks. n Sri Shyamji Bhatnagar Shyam Bhatnagar Shyamji met his guru at twelve years of age in the hills of Dehradun. no suffering or despair can overwhelm. It is one of the most sophisticated and elaborately detailed systems for explaining how to optimize and enrich living in the world. just. He is thus far above all others. In addition. accepting way. Microchakra Psychology™ does not encourage renunciation from the world.” In that wonderful instant one feels satisfied and content. upright.. Instead of ending one’s life in loneliness and senility and fear of the approaching death. sex or drug. Shyamji maintains a vigorous teaching schedule from his base in the New York metro area.HINDU TODAY Meditation May 2013 Issue 60 Philosophy absolute. Shyamji’s reputation rests on his insight into the action of microchakra blockages on the physical body. consultations and workshops in Belgium. If a man be thoroughly un-attached. Many who have participated in his classes report that they have experienced true meditation for the first time. When one reaches old age. Knowledge of what is required at each age and stage in life. is a landmark in the study of chakras in the subtle body. not struggling to survive just a few moments longer. Working in the world but maintaining a non attached attitude and following a regular spiritual discipline brings contentment. no sorrow can depress him. France and the Netherlands. But quickly it passes and the next desire wells up—and we are off again to satisfy it. one is able to elevate and expand one’s awareness to planes of bliss detached from physical and emotional suffering. In 1965. It is a feeling of deeper contentment and bliss than can be attained through any victory. the highest of all human virtues was the virtue of absolute un-attachment. The tool of life is knowledge. Shyamji was using chant and tambura to treat clients and students spiritually and psychologically. or dying while regretting all the things one was not able to accomplish. For the height of life lies in the stillness of meditation. how to relate to people. one may die in a peaceful. India. No joy can elate him. one has a clear conscience to sustain the highest awareness possible for the remainder of one’s years. The method of how to attain this knowledge is perseverance. for there is nothing to which he is attached. honest. He will. He is the highest ideal of all yogins and sannyasins. And what is the result of such spiritual perseverance—the joy of life. PhD. how to rear children. His authoritative book on Microchakras. A year later he learned to play tambura from the great artists Pran Nath and later with Jagdish Mohan. in order to fulfill all of one’s duties to parents. By fulfilling all of one’s worldly responsibilities and duties while young. to the body. to life itself. he regularly conducts classes. no interest can distract his mind. There is no interest uppermost in his mind. Nothing can swerve him from the path of uprightness and virtue. the opposite is true. the remaining years of life can be a very extraordinary experience. to expe- rience higher states of awareness. The most pleasurable things are done again and again to get a brief glimpse or experience of that feeling of “Ahh! Working in the world but maintaining a non attached attitude and following a regular spiritual discipline brings contentment. One is able to experience faith in the divine and full awareness of the transition process as it occurs out of the body into subtler realms of consciousness. When one reaches old age. to society and to the planet as a whole. Knowledge of what is the dharmic role for which one is best suited in this life. To be free is to also be free of the fear of dying. Ravi Shankar heard one of Shyamji’s recordings and asked him to play tambura on his first American tour in the late 1960s. Currently. thus by nature. the remaining years of life can be a very extraordinary experience. 21 . coauthored with David Isaacs. all other virtues will necessarily find a place in him. returning to the source within. vacation. generous and charitable.

The Sanskrit sloka says: Modhanathsarvadevanam Dravanath papa santhathe: Thasmathmudrethisakyatha Sarvakamarthasadhani Mudra Vidhanam. They are used to express feelings and give different messages. Chin Mudra gives one the divine wisdom. The dance Mudras are different from Yoga Mudras. So there are at least 150 recognised Mudras. there are lot of Mudras called Karanas. More over it fulfils the desires of the people who practise them. Abhaya Mudra gives us the message. Egyptians and Sumerians have learnt them from the Hindus. Why did the Hindu Gods or the Buddha who was born a Hindu use them? The reason is they can give the practisers some power. Buddha was the one who mastered them. Every Buddha statue shows a different type of Mudra. But naturally the permutation and combination of hand and finger positions can give us hundreds of different Mudras. They can give you certain powers. The word Mudra is derived from two Sanskrit words: MODHANATH and DRAVANATH. The most famous Mudra is the Chin Mudra of Lord Dakshinamurthy (Shiva). They are meaningful. showing middle finger in western countries is rude. They can attract or distract people. If one notices the hand and finger positions of Hindu Gods and Goddesses or the statues of the Buddha. The books about Mudras are in Sanskrit. “Why fear when I am here?”. Now the Buddhists have been 22 . The Tantric Mudras are different from these two categories. They express lot of things. Though Hindus invented them. Gods or saintly persons who practise meditation or Yoga use Mudras.HINDU TODAY May 2013 Vastu Issue 60 Culture Hindu Mudras in Egyptian and Sumerian Statues W hat is a Mudra? Mudra is the hand gesture or the finger position. There are 108 different Mudras shown on the tower of Chidambaram temple where the Lord of Dance Nataraja/Shiva appears in his dancing form. Mudras have been used by the Hindus for thousands of years. So hand gestures are powerful. one can easily learn about them. The Mudras are sacred. In the classical dance called Bharatanatyam. The meaning is that which makes the Devas happy and that which gets rid of the sins. mysterious and magical. Buddhists and Jains have added some more. a book published by Ramakrishna Mutt lists 137 Mudras practised by the Hindus. Even in the modern culture. Abhaya Mudra shown by all the Hindu Gods and saints is also famous. Recently a singer and a foot ball player were condemned for the rude gestures.

This Mudra is called Kayotsarga Mudra. We find it in Jain and Buddha statues. and not Gurus. mouth and heart with the right hand. Brahmins who do the daily ritual of Sandhyavandhana use Mudras and Nyasam. Hindus use Mudras in the Puja. He translated Anna Karenina of Leo Tolstoy in 1940s which runs to 1500 pages. Nyasam is touching different parts of body like head. So one wonders whether there is any basis for such interpretations. They resemble one another establishing some connection in the past. This protects one like a shield. He hails from a journalist family. This is called Kavacham Mudra. By positioning the hands and fingers in a particular position one can channelize the energy. There are different types of Mudras for different Gods. Brahmins do see the sun though the finger hole (not to damage the eye). n Santanam Swaminathan Santanam Swaminathan was born in Nagappattinam in Tamil Nadu. It was considered a great achievement at that time. a great Sanskrit scholar. 23 . He is working as a tutor at the University of London and a Health Advocate in a London hospital. one can notice the Egyptian and Sumerian Gods show different gestures. I will give you the boons you ask for”. Hand on hand on the lap is called Buddha Mudra. has listed 137 Mudras under 12 different categories in his book Mudra Vidhanam (Ramakrishna Mutt Publication) . Indus valley Statues and Egyptian Pharaohs keep their hanging hands straight. Mudras affect the flow of energy in the body. Lower hand facing up. Meditation. Those who want to learn about the Mudras should learn it from those who practise it instead of the websites and books. Babylonian gods touches their shoulders with crossed hands. Websites and Books are only guides. Other gods and goddesses show one hand touching the heart (chest). It is called Jnana Mudra. We are told that Lord Rama liked this very much. Jain Thirthankaras .HINDU TODAY Vastu May 2013 Issue 60 Culture talking about them in the meditation classes more than the Hindus. Priests who do Siva Puja use lot of Mudras. His father Santanam was the News Editor of Dinamani in Madurai. Yagas (Fire Ceremonies) and Naivedhyam (food offerings). Yoga Sadhana (Practice). Hindu gods show Abhaya Mudra with one hand and Vara Mudra with another hand meaning “You don’t need to fear. Mudras in Egypt and Babylonia If anyone has an eye for different gestures. But several websites give us different types of Mudras with different interpretations without attributing the sources.This is authentic. usually on one lap is called Vara (boon) mudra. Anna.

When people take debts. You can present a case before a court. and the judgment is not in your hands. But never to its fruits. Let not the fruits of action be thy motive. Chapter II. It is the true conquest of anger. for example how seven blind people describe the elephant differently because they don't have the physical vision to see the reality. guarding it. while the duty is your obligation. fencing it. steadfast in inner composure.the rainfall. But do you believe that this is the only thing that determines the harvest? There are other conditions necessary for the harvest to be reaped apart from your tending it. Hence.that has to be done by the judge. it is not proper on the part of the person to expect a particular fruit from any action because the fruit is not in your hands. The will of God is supreme. The core principle of this verse prompts you to work with a perfect serenity. It is the true inner poise (samatvam) and self-mastery. the nature of the consequence that follows from the performance of duty is not clear to your mind. watering it. While you perform duty. There are other factors which conditions things. n 24 . there is no need of presenting the case at all. So to expect a particular result to follow from a particular action would be like a blind man groping in the dark and catching hold of what he does not know is there. and the other natural conditions necessary may be greater conditioning factors than your need to sow the seed and pour manure and water into it. You can sow seeds in a field and expect a harvest. and being indifferent to the results.HINDU TODAY May 2013 Vastu Issue 60 Holy Quote Karmanye Vadhikaraste Ma Phaleshu Kadachana ·¤×ü‡ØðßææçŠæ·¤æÚUSÌð ×æ ȤÜðáé ·¤Îæ¿ÙÐ ×æ ·¤×üȤÜãðUÌéÖüê×æü Ìð â´»æðsSˆß·¤×üç‡æÐÐ (Bhagavad Gita. as per law of any land. It cautions that the natural tendency of people while doing work is to be deflected from disinterestedness . here is a simple instance to bring out the difference in understanding the real essence of karma. Those who purse this wisdom go the region of the Gods. they have to payback it with due interest. While under the given circumstance of your existence you have an obligation towards things. you cannot know all the things in the world. So. which has to be clear to your mind. You may be justified in expecting a large harvest to follow the fact of your sowing a seed. and the fulfillment of that will is all that matters. Symbiotic Relations Well.particularly thinking of fame or fortune along the way. the performance of duty is something like presenting a case. and many other invisible factors also are involved. In English translation: “Your right is to work only. and apart from all that you have done for it . pride and ambition.” Commentary This famous verse from Bhagavad Gita contains the essential principle of detachment in the actions that people perform. but on many other factors as well. putting the manure. It is the true yoga. you cannot know what result will follow from what action. He who acts by virtue of an inner law is on a higher level than the one whose action is dictated by his whims and emotions. Success or failure does not depend on the individual. the seasons. If you already decided the case. Verse 47) In English transliteration: Karmanye vadhikaraste ma phaleshu kadachna Karmaphalehtur bhurma te sangostvakarmani. sensitiveness. Nor let thy attachment be to inaction. Since you are not omniscient. you cannot clearly perceive the result that will follow from that action because results are conditioned by infinite factors. but you cannot decide the case yourself . Isn't it? There is no way of turning down the responsibility of paying back. not necessarily the thing that you do from the point of view of your only limited understanding. so don't expect the fruits.

HINDU TODAY Vastu May 2013 Issue 60 Medition 25 .

Each has a place at any particular time. whether or not they are aware of this is uncer- ave you ever been looking for something specific and rather than finding what you were looking for found something else which totally captivated you? Perhaps there was the forgetting of that thing which was originally sought. but there is constant movement. This is the story of such a journey and it began with four people.HINDU TODAY May 2013 Issue 60 Tradition H American Indian Finds His Indian Heart a key to a door. There is a choice to either step through or to pass it by. For me these four people represent the sacred medicine wheel. Never the less. Today one might be here in the east and then in a few seconds be in the north. moving through this period in faith and trust. There is no right or wrong. Each has a direction. it is than that the journey can transition from mundane to ethereal. However that which was found contained 26 . But when one gives up the idea of being in control. these four people have ridden with me.

These ceremonial mounds such as the one upon which the Kentucky Hindu Temple now stands is said to have an umbilical cord to the burial mound of the holy people. Today by the will of the creator there is a Hindu temple in Louisville. tools of the Divine. In the American Indian Dakota dialect. Now there are those Lakotas who tout the "Buffalo Nation" and so on. These 'Old Ones' often called Nephalim are the descendants of the Children of the Sun "Surye" and the Children of the Earth. or in making an offering of something. WotakaheOyateWanji and it means Many Nations (People) are One. Lakota of the Plains and Nakota of the West. Surely it is not the first time Vishnu or Shiva have been worshiped on that spot. Kentucky. here is love'. that is what each and every one of us are. It is believed that there is always a connection to the Old Ones. We can stave off destruction or the End of Days by honoring the ancestors and their teachings of Canku Cholaya or ‘Walking the Path of the Cholas’ or the ‘Path of Goodness and Love’. in Adanis County. The entire surrounding country is hilly. The effigy itself is situated on a tongue of land formed by the junction of a ravine with the main branch of Brush Creek. it is a Vishnu -Shiva temple. The three primary dialects of my people are Dakota or Ina Iyaku kin–the mother's speak. with the point resting to the north-west. everything is the same. In our language there is no "r" thus there is a slight difference in the pronounciation but otherwise its the same word. We give in a note some of the dimensions. The Dhegiha –spotted flesh or rusty hair (both are correct) this includes the Osage and all of the 21 fires (nations) as well as Mdewakanton–Dwellers of Spirit Lake. Odissa means to dwell within the red and blue days. being crescentshaped. Our people have a beautiful phrase in our language. Hearing their Bhajan invoked my journey towards Krishna. In our dialect. Unkown to most is that it has been built on what was once a Native American temple mound of the Mandan Indian People. Vijay Krishna. These four very beautiful people have been so important and inspiring in this leg of my journey into the Hindu traditions. here is light. then the talents which we possess become the tools of God. It is actually not that startling for when we open ourselves to God. Maka means Mother and it is the same word Mata for linguistically the letters 'k' and 't' are interchangble. The most notable one is that known as the Great Serpent Mound. To not mention them would be equal to saying that this was all done by the self and that there is no divine inspiration. We are indebted for 27 . The figure we give of this important effigy is different from any heretofore presented. andIpujapi means 'they thirst'. We give an illustration of it. and rising to a height of about one hundred feet above the creek. but their ears for the time being are closed to the true meaning and connections with Sanskrit and Vedic India. "Several examples of effigymounds are found in Ohio. It is an entirely different story. For example the aarti and puja offerings–Aarti in my language means to build an elevated place to pray and Puja means 'thirst'. It is the ceremony of the pouring. Tools. here is fire. SarasvatiDasi and Nitai Gaur Prem. Other than the names of the deities. This is why we say MitakuyeOyasin–We Are All Related. They are RashikaDasi. Its form is irregular on its surface. this includes the animals as well for we really are all related. Thus the word Namaste means 'Here is warmth. As I research Hinduism and East Indian culture I am finding many startling similarities between the "Lakota" people and the Tamil People of South India. The Sacred Serpent is called Uncakila and is known as the friend of the Kolas– or the Cholas and it is the guardian of the passage to Odissa. When we say MitakyeOyasin. This Odissa is none other than Orissa of India and it is home to Bhuvaneshwar the City of Lingaraj. According to my research the word appears to be rooted in Sanskrit. The Kentucky region of the USA is home to my ancestors and the mound where I live is the spring solstice wing of the Sacred Serpent Uncakila. Maste means warmth which comes from the Sun. Together they are the Kirtaniyas. offering and worship of the water–Maka We Kin Le–Blood of the Mother or Earth Mother. and there are only so many such days assigned from the beginning of creation. Na means ‘And’ or ‘Here’ as in something is here or recognizing something is here. Keshava in both Sanskrit and in the American Native Dakota dialect. Lord Shiva and the Kolas are the famous Cholas of India.HINDU TODAY May 2013 Issue 60 Tradition tain.

or globe. and entered widely into the superstitions of the Celts. By E. not accessible legally. who visited the locality in 1883. between the oval figure and the edge of the ledge. the serpent is said by some to have an egg in its mouth. Mr. of Hamilton.. MacLean. "It prevailed in Egypt. A per- 28 . Mr.. noticed. Thus the Great Serpent Mound of Ohio is indicative of the Sacred Cobra accompanied by the Linga form of Lord Shiva. and made a very careful plan of the work for the Bureau. separate or in combination with the circle. MacLean is a well-known writer on these topics. MacLean's researches and measurements have shown that the ridges last spoken of are but part of what is either a distinct figure or a very important portion of the original figure. The head is aligned with the summer solstice. It is said that there are no cobras in this country yet this is not true. egg. All the other figures published represent the oval as the end of the works. By comparing it with Vedic lore it is clearly the flaired head of a "monacled" cobra. This quote from 1880 represents research that was done on the Serpent Mound that revealed that there is indeed more to the Serpent Mound than a mere serpent and an egg. The Eastern Hognose snake (Heterodonplatirhinos) is also known as the American Cobra and it shares the flared hood in common with the Cobra. has been a predominant symbol among many primitive nations.We are told that the serpent. Prof. Perhaps they feel they know better since they have books rather than an oral tradition such as ours that The Eastern Hognose Snake also known as the North American Cobra has been passed down for hundreds of years. Allen.HINDU TODAY May 2013 Interview the plan from which the drawing was made to Rev. I think this has a bearing on the huge steps carved in the various rock paths. A. During the Summer of 1884. Ohio. This is the claim made by "educated" Anglicans who refuse to listen to the old stories of the Native Wazhazhe–Ogazu. this symbol is sure to appear. but the place was used by persons. holy people as a protective place to be during particular ceremonies. However according to our Native tradition it is not an egg. Putnam. he visited the place. while in the employ of the Bureau of Ethnology. and the Chinese. P. The left wing is the spring equinox and also points to an area where giants are buried." The Prehistoric Issue 60 Tradition world: or vanished races. Greece. and Assyria. circular ridge of earth." "Wherever native religions have had their scope. Clearly the Native people were aware of this serpent and even today it is often found near holy native sites. a slightly raised. the Hindoos. from either side of which a curved ridge extended towards the sides of the oval figure. J. taking with him a thoroughly competent surveyor. Regarding the famous Serpent Mound in Ohio. Nashville: Central Publishing House. The giants were a people that are 9 foot tall and more. At what would be the mouth regarding the famous Serpent Mound in Ohio.. 1885. there is something of a sitting place.

It 29 . usually a simple woven string over the shoulder. if one of us stands. Immediately upon entering the vestibule there are signs. not unlike the Vedic Brahmin's sacred thread. They had a freckle complexion. This is not the way of the society I was initiated into. not because a holy person would not take them there. Brahma and Blahma–to reach salvation. Many people will come to ancient Native Sacred places taking pictures of our sacred/ceremonial things. In each of the casks the giants had red hair and some. It is well known who is who. There are some caves near my home. It is believed that as long as Uncakila is laying out and moving forward. To be clear sharing my story is not boasting. They would make offerings to the Gods with the gifts brought to them by the people. inside it is carved to be the Eagle Anukasan who is none other than Garuda. or 'One Eyed'. my ancestors. If Uncakila coils to strike. but listening to every word and recording them mentally so that these things can be retold in an instant if needed. It is now obvious to me that my people have indeed always been followers of Sanatana Dharma. These caves were once burial places. Once the illusion of difference created by those who would control for the sake of self has been removed.Shiva–to walk a path of austerities or The Beauty Way– CankuWasteya. So many things the new Americans have forgotten. predominantly Vishnu Shiva Temples. I my opinion and after seeing the various temples coming to fruition in the area. Very seldom are we seen wearing our feathers or bonnets. dead silence comes over the place. Uncakila wraps around the sacred as a protection just as the Serpent wraps aorund the Shiva Linga. when the sun sets. Yet nowadays everyone goes there as tourists picnicing and having a grand ole time. Yet through all of this forgetfulness and ignorance of America's ancient past I never gave up and thus my search towards the ways of India began. I was raised rooted in the traditions of my Lakota American Ancestors. Om harimihunksikeshava 'unwanjipelo– Om and praises my dear brother. Under the head of sacred serpent Uncakila is a cave. The journey is beautiful. like. followed the same path as that of the Hindus. "Cameras Forbidden". Vishnu–to take flight as an eagle. a reminder of our ties to all of the people and all of creation. sitting close to the door of the lodge. then things are progressing as they should. then we have brought ourselves to a time of great destruction. But on those very rare occasions. "Educated" people have not been allowed into the sanctum sanctorum. even while another is speaking. As a rule we remain quiet. which in itself is unique. but because something happens to them that they never make it there. Yet the journey of the soul never ends and thus my journey of discovery has now brought me back to the Hindu ways. not even knowing exactly where or what they are sitting on or near. eyes are opened to seeing the oneness of everything that is. we are the same. From the voice of my ancestors we learn a phrase. not so near the fire where it's warm. The Lakota dialect of the Wazhazhe is called Dhegiha which translates spotted skin and or rust colored hair. They are salt peter caves and aside from the burials. by whatever name. the American Indians. Seldom initiating talks. Yet this is pretty much the same as taking pictures at the Venkateswara Temple and it is against our traditions. these things might be related to what I discovered to be Harihara. they were a place where the holy people would live and pray day and night exactly like the Sadhus and Rishis of India. it is on guard only against the deceiver and has no trouble with having to determine the spiritual from the physical.HINDU TODAY Interview May 2013 Issue 60 Tradition son of regular stature has to strain to make it up each step. To boast about things is often done by the members of the ‘Dog Soldiers’ as a means to gain the merits of feathers from the Elders. the bodies were perfectly preserved. At night. The more I learn of Hinduism the more obvious it becomes. Uncakila will rise up and fly away when the sacred hoop of the nations has come together. It is monacled. taking the backseat so to speak.

Happy is nice. hidden identities as a means to survive and of course the Vietnam War. Besides. protests. What I got was a wrap around. Walkouts. When it comes to music Youtube is a wonderful friend. it wouldn't be in a mall. Maybe it was a solar flare that caused a glitch in the computer. A call was made. I felt weightless as I listened. going back and forth from the Rose Temple in Pasadena. There was no longer a need for the sorrow and grief of isolation. "Do you have sarongs?" "No". I like happy. It would be online in front of a fan in a home located in Pittsburgh. Each of them gave way to the tortures of time and wear. It wasn't what I was looking for at all. I typed in 'Palestrina Violin' to see what the variant choices available. 'Wear a Sarong' he'd said. they did dress rather oddly. Searches for sarongs were being typed in another window and suddenly melodious singing began. Suddenly music began playing with a drone sound. Oh there had been sarongs in the past. The length of time it takes to listen to each and every video is not known. you mean a lungi. Pittsburgh is a pretty long way from Pasadena. Now what was this all about? What's this Hare Krishna and Haribol? Are these the same people I was forbidden to talk to as a child? After all. AIM (American Indian Movement) was just forming. After some time enjoying the Bhajans I turned back to my search for Sarongs. It was blissful. I saw the words 'Kirtan' and 'Bhajan'. But happy was not to be an emotion during childhood. But just look at this. These people are happy. relocation and assimilation. PA. This is better than sarongs. But it would do. cruelties. I recall it was a very warm summer day. It was later discovered that 30 . No sarongs were to be found in all of Pittsburgh. but now with a different twist. "Ah. It was a troublesome time. I "wanted" a woven tube-style." Okay. absurdi- ties.HINDU TODAY May 2013 Festival Issue 60 Tradition all started in a very simple way. So a description was made. California. So on that hot summer day I had a return to my childhood.. But suddenly I felt I needed to once and for all forgo my "western"-style clothes for something better and more practical and natural. But a Hindu store was. it was time to get across town to get a nice lungi then. Sarongs? Never mind.Govinda Jaya Jaya. No. was the answer. Something soothing would be good. Shopping time it was. The humidity was so high that a person literally sweltered in the heat. What was this music? I scanned my screen. Now there always needs to be music for shopping. At 300 pounds there was no need to worry about being snatched up and carried off to the Rose Temple by cultists never to be seen again. Nothing came up. I recalled some advice my grandfather once gave me one hot summer long ago. It didn't matter.

It was a return to childhood. Now it is to sing the glories of our Creator and to call upon him in the Sanskrit languagewhich is clearly related to many Native American dialects. just as a baby unclothed. I realized that this was the path of my ancestors. There are two 31 . It was so thin. I passed by the mirror. but wrapped in a modest cloth. I saw myself dressed in my new lungi. Yes was the answer. It was a return to childhood. Yet a good many of the Native Elders got a tremendous joy hearing me speak of my new love for India and its sacred terminolgies and concepts. Thank you God. but this time with eyes of wonder rather than fear. It is entering childhood once again. It was such a beautiful story and it seemed so familiar. curious. It was as if nothing at all was being worn. Then Krishna is not everywhere and in everything. Was this the same as the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden? No. Returning home. Only now when I carry the canunpawakan. And my pipe is an incense holder. the sacred pipe of my grandfather I no longer sing of the sorrows and laments. It couldn't be. I passed by the mirror. I went back to the cabin and started writing about this in my journal. What else is there where Krishna is not or cannot be? There was no answer. I had tears in my eyes. Some Vaishnavas have befriended me and when they discovered that I am the keeper of a pipe which has been joined to the pipe of the White Buffalo Woman." He gave me directions to the Hindu temple and I made plans for a visit. Now I see the smoke from the tobacco carrying on it our prayers to wherever the wind chooses to take it. the cleansing had been had. There were no words.' Immediately the tears flowed uncontrollably. Then the Indian man asked. "Have you been to the temple yet?" "No sir. A couple days later I decided to go to the Hindu Temple. As soon as I stepped inside it was as if I were stepping into the theatre of the most divine healer. just as a baby unclothed. this is Sanskrit rooted language from India. with joy rather than despair. I saw myself dressed in my new lungi. Where is the temple? I'd like to see it. They looked at me and knew it was real even if they could not understand it. I looked at the murtis and said a prayer. a forbidden palace. which is clearly related to many Native American dialects. You must throw that pipe away. I was hooked. but wrapped in a modest cloth. Being in the presence of the Murtis resuscitated ancestral memories of a time when the Indians of both the West and the East were on the same Dharmic path. Lips quivered and trembled in an attempt to find the appropriate words to describe to others just exactly what had happened. the cleansing had been had. sit back and smile as if the wonderment had been there all along. Hare Krishna . I took my new lungi thanked him and went home.came another breath. Could Krishna not be in this pipe? No was the answer. they have remarked.’ I smiled and asked if it is true that Krishna is everywhere and in everything. in tears of wonder and emotion. India. but the weight was now gone and my head was no longer throbbing. I did not pray so much to learn or to be taught but rather I prayed to be prepared to accept whatever comes at each bend and twist of this river journey.HINDU TODAY May 2013 Issue 60 Tradition the high dollar lungi was the end piece cut off of a dhoti.Hare Krishna. You are not nor can you call yourself or ever be a Vaishnava if you smoke tobacco.At first people were confused but as the years went by they now breathe a deep sigh of relief. My head and back pounded with pressure. Hearing me use Sanskrit phrases and mantras many think that I am now teaching the American Dhegiha dialect to the people. They stand dumbfounded when I tell them no. my response to the elders and teachers was a simple yet sweet "Hare Krishna. walking on air. Overwhelming realities are everywhere and the doubt among my people regarding India and Hinduism is at times strong. a re-birth. Those who called themselves Elders and Teachers among my people scolded me for having gone to the Hindu Temple. a rebirth. I tell them that our American Dhegiha language is very similar to the dialect used in Orissa. it is as incense offerings to God. even if they had been afraid to voice it. the journey had not reached a prescribed end. I remember reading the story of King Shibi for the first time. No. comforted. but the thinness wasn't realized at the time. It had begun once again. Oh it felt so wonderful walking around in the new "lungi". Awestruck. ‘You must stop this. with the first knowing of true love rather than with discouragement and shame. I am now convinced that our American Indian languages are in fact dialects of Sanskrit. Then the first words were uttered.

material things and relationships are removed frpom their lives. "But those who worship Me with devotion. "Un- believers will perish. But your ability to make the connection through the chanting and meditating then gives this over to the universe. like rivers flowing into the sea. Where I normally sit to write I can see a portion of the pasture where the cows graze. This strengthens one's faith. It is the Native way and the Hindu way to allow each individual time to Cry for God within their own personal vision and relationship with the Divine. there is indeed the fear of letting go. Oftentimes further signs are asked for and they come. meditating on My transcendental form–to them I carry what they lack and preserve 32 . It is a distorted view and a gross misinterpretation of the sacred Vedic scriptures and traditions. no words need by spoken. When Wakontah (God) sends signs such as this there are only two things left to do: say thank you and then believe. It is the same with many Muslims who read in the Quran that. Then there are those who are chosen. In the region now called the United Kingdom.igion and outlook as themselves. The Indigenous people have suffered long the world over and our faiths and traditions savaged and brutalized by the allegedly 'civilized' peoples. you immediately recognize their feelings because you have already experienced them. There are times when people may challenge and ask for proof. Christian and Islamic extremists or corporate in- Issue 60 Tradition dustrialists hungry for resources and land. control and gain power over others. It can either be accepted and tolerated or side stepped and passed by. "Am I descended from King Shibi? Are the two Indian peoples actually one?" I gathered my water jugs and opened the door.” Thus some feel it is their duty to assist with the perishing of those that do not fully embrace the same re. Sadhus and Holy people are another feature common to both the American Indians and the Hindus. cleansing. This is the holy path waked by our countless ancestors. rather it is a kind of conditioning. Acceptance. atrocities were committed against indigenous people.. But I think it's best to shake off the negative remarks of others and continue believing in those things already shown. I needed plain water for drinking. to be evaporated by the sun and then returned to the source. This is not a bad thing. salination. like the fellow in the canoe flowing with the current and depth of the river. Wicasawakan means Sadhu or holy man. what is in them that is not beneficial goes into you. It's a sad truth. it is circular. This is not new. They come to the fence and we commune. What is in you that is beneficial goes into them. through whatever circumstances. a learning of deep feeling and heartfelt emotion. There were at least 30 doves all around the cabin and on the fence post sat a huge yellow hawk.. a hand on the shoulder while shaking the other hand. "No. and rather than willingly let go.HINDU TODAY May 2013 windows on the cabin part of my hut. That part of you that has overcome the particular emotion or pain or physical illness is immediately transferred to the other person by nothing more than a simple touch. It is not as a punishment nor as a test. With many people. some people choose to become this and they do so. The Lord says. Someone might say. Krishna actually states this in Bhagavad Gita. We find many Hindus and American Indians as well are grasping tightly to ethnocentricity. I had just asked. Even today powers both foreign and domestic target the Adivasis of India whether it be the Maoists. These are the holy people or Sadhus. I had written so long that I had gone through an entire pot of tea. After having experienced every emotion pre-ordained for you. Krishna or God all negativity is washed away and only positivity remains. when you then pass by someone." In that instance your faith and trust might be rattled a little bit. In other words when you are in tune with the Creator with Wakantanka. What more signs do I need? There may or may not be a paper or written trail proving the unity of the Indians of East and West yet it doesn't matter. The modern caste system prevalent in India is a way to maintain. It is well beyond time to distinguish the "religion" aspect and illuminate the "spiritual" practice as it was and as it is meant to be. once truly accepted is to possess within the self takuwahskanskan which means to be imbued with the Spirit of Skanskan (Shankarshan) or God. The Celts and Picts were nearly exterminated. This is impossible. There have been atrocities committed against indigenous people in India as well.

Evan Jones who was instrumental in restoring the Night Hawk Society of the Keetowah after the forced removal of the Cherokee during the period kown as The Trail of Tears. walking and living in faith that God is God to one and all. It is true. Mitakuye Oyasin–We Are Related 33 . my dreams and visions have become much more intense. We only need to chant the holy names of the lord. Harinam returns to its source and in that place there is always healing and light. Having worked in the medical field. I could fight the flow of the current and be where I want. It is sad that in this day and time people are still falling subject to fear and remain stuck in excluvistic prejudices assuming that only certain people are heard and answered by God. Maybe its not so much for myself alone. the place where I stand. Wakontah who is Sri Brahman HariVasudeva Sri Krishna. n Charlie Lame Deer Charlie Lame Deer was born in the San Gabriel Valley area of southern California in the year 1960. Ojibway and German. Brightened by Suryadev the Sun during the day and Chandradev the Moon and the stars by night and with Earth Mother Maka (Bhumi Mata) beneath my feet. this beautiful chanting of Harinam would be more enjoyable with others in India like myself. "In body you are an American Indian yet now you seem to have converted to Hinduism? So where on Earth do do you belong?" My answer? "I belong right where I am. When Takuwaskanskan (Thakur Shankarshan) decides that it is time for the Sacred Hoop or Circle of the Nations to come together and unite in our mutual Love of God. wherever I am. And one thing is certain. But perhaps Sri Krishna chose me to be here.HINDU TODAY May 2013 Issue 60 Tradition what they have. Good Fox was a survivor of the Wounded Knee Massacre and Rev. the ripples become stronger. returning back on themselves to the place of their origin. in this place and in this time needs the love and healing which comes from chant- ing the holy names of the lord. His mother was from the Wazhazhe and Mdewakanton Indian Tribes. We need no fancy buildings or elaborate rituals and societies to love Krishna. He now resides in the Appalachian region of the Ohio River Valley.This chanting of the lord's holy names. He took the name of his paternal grandfather Lame Deer after receiving the Sacred Pipe. the ripples reach every border of the pond. It is the same for each of us. He comes from a tribally diverse family and celebrates his ancestral ties with passion. they divide humanity into believers and unbelievers merely based on the external differences in our worship methodologies. to open myself to this acceptance and the likelihood of an ancient connection to India. larger. John Lame Deer. Time and patience will tell. his father being Lakota. His journey through the various tribes brought him the acquaintance of Vaishnavism where he sees the oneness of the two people. In fact it is happening all around us despite the ongoing efforts to stoke our collective fears and insecurities. Perhaps this love. he developed an interest in indigenous foods as a method of better facilitating healing and wellness. this is my temple. There are those who say. We need not suffer ourselves for the sake of a building. He ancestors include Lame Deer whose son. an opening to an understanding and in time a reflection of parallelism when certain truths are attained through prayer and meditation. but for the place. has given me a temple. the American Indians and East Indians. seeking the similarities of all people everywhere. Some have asked me. Like a stone being dropped into a pond. "Where's the proof?" The proof is within myself and others who dare to open their minds and hearts beyond the sacred scriptures. which in themselves serve as a mere passage. He received the name Canli–Tobacco aka Charlie from his uncle at the age of twelve." Bhagavad Gita Ch 9. though being from opposites ends of the globe. otherwise I would be someplace else. He accepted the calling of carrying a sacred bundle (akin to an Acharya) containing a ceremonial pipe and following the path of his paternal grandfather. rather than seeing the differences. Stone after stone. there will be no stopping it. Rather than seeking for the answers within themselves and then believing. Perhaps where I am. it is obvious that no man has the capability to create something as grand as this. verse 22 Since making the decision three years ago to become vegetarian. Jaya Sri Krishna Wastecinlaka I Love You Na tunkasilawakontahkiciya'un May the Graces of the Grandfather who is Most Sacred and Older than the Beginning of Time Be with You. Mitakuye Oyasin–We are all related.

I cursed Sonia Gandhi as we suffered through the worst roads as we made our way through her constituency of Raebareli. traffic induced tension and a now very anxious taxi driver. After several more hours. a time when millions of people begin converging at the sacred confluence of the Three Sacred Rivers or the Triveni Sangam. The next day. We had made it to the Kumbha Mela just in time. A man named S.HINDU TODAY May 2013 Issue 60 Travel Witnessing The Largest Act of Faith! T he day of January 14th 2013 was fast approaching. After some hassles. After years away we looked forward to the empowering energy of the occasion and the chance to bathe in the Sacred Waters on Shahi Snaan day. On the 23rd of February we boarded a night flight from Dubai to Lucknow. Though we faced several logistical challenges we were excited about the coming journey. We were both keen to get back to India to attend the Maha Kumbh Mela. He called the number. My husband had saved a number a friend had given him in Dubai. 34 . We reached Allahabad in 5-6 hours and were suddenly caught in a whirlpool of round-abouts. Yamuna and the mystic Saraswati converge into one and here millions of pilgrims gather for an ancient festival known as Kumbha Mela. Here the rivers of the Ganga. We hadn’t booked any accommodations in Allahabad but we knew Krishna will always take care of us. My husband asked for and was granted leave for a short trip of 15 days and we booked our tickets that same day. From time immemorial people have bathed in these Holy Waters at this auspicious juncture of time.K. UP. God is seated within every soul how could he not listen to our deep desire.K Yaddav answered. Since my marriage 2 years ago I have been living in Dubai with my husband. No vehicles were allowed near the Kumbha Mela Site. rude airline employees and flight mix-ups we finally reached Lucknow via Delhi. Yadav and finally arrived at our room. India. It was a very special day known as Pongal/ Makarsankranti. He sounded very helpful and assured us that he will book a place for us. we met up with S. From there we took an airport taxi to Allahabad (Prayag). I was also very eager to participate in this great festival and I specifically look forward to bathing in the Triveni Sangam.

the location of this grand Neither the Government of India. ‘I AM AMAZED! ‘ ‘We are nearing the Sangam!’ said Yadavji. Now we either had to take the ferry or walk another 1-2 kilometers to another bridge. the location of this grand event.HINDU TODAY May 2013 Issue 60 Travel 25th of February was ‘Maaghi Poornima Snaan’ the most important day of the entire occasion. Just as we were about to step on the bridge an official said it was closed to any further traffic due to the massive crowds. trust and bravery. We still had to walk for another 3-4 kilometers. Yadavji. They traveled from various parts of India with so much of trouble. As we approached the ferryman we heard the officials announcing on loud speakers. the various State Governments or the Government of Uttar Pradesh. a mad rush of millions of people into the holy waters of Triveni. the various State Governments or the Government of Uttar Pradesh. got ready and met with our guide. had provided any facility for these millions of desperately poor pilgrims. Do not pay more than 40 Rs!”As we approached the ferryman he demanded 300 rupees 35 . Another long trek seemed impossible for us so we decided to ride the ferry. In order to reach the Sangam spot we either had to cross the Pipa pool (a temporary pontoon bridge) or take a ferry.We awoke at 5 AM. We could feel the energy rushing through us. I can never compare myself with these humble yet noble beings. had provided any facility for these millions of desperately poor pilgrims. Neither the government of India. Yet these people with absolutely nothing represent the epitome of faith. “Only pay 40 rupees to the ferry man to take you to the Sangam. ‘I AM AMAZED! ‘ event. Many lives of such brave people were also lost in a stampede at the Allahabad Railway Station. How many of us curse God when we don't get our food of choice or become angry when some unpleasant incident occurs? At times we don’t get our way in life and thus many of us adopt atheistic outlooks despite being surrounded by luxury and comfort. For despite being in physically frail conditions they were fearlessly prepared to endure the last Shahi Snaan of Amavasya. struggling to make their way to the holy site. Thinking of these people and their determination I can only say. financial or societal they persevered towards their goal. Thinking of these people and their determination I can only say. be it physical. Despite their feeble conditions they made their way without complaint and walked the 5-6 kilometer trail towards the bathing spot. It was a cold day as the three of us began trekking towards the Triveni Sangam. We could feel the excitement all around us. I felt humbled and was awed into a deep silence as I observed the determination of these great souls. humility. They were desperately poor people and many elderly people who could not even walk properly. Along the way we saw many people making their way to the Sacred Rivers. Without any material facility.

We must go now. Yamuna and Saraswati seeking their permission to enter their sacred waters. I was here at one of the most sacred spots in the Universe! I took a minimum of 15 more dips into the water. Yes. Everyday 20-30 million of people all gathered in one place without mishap or mayhem. Ganga has the power to absorb all impurities and yet always remain pure.HINDU TODAY May 2013 Issue 60 Travel per person. How can you not enter the water after all this effort?” I agreed. Indeed no one else but God could have managed this event. Here at this holy place of Prayag.” The entire experience was magical and enchanting. I then offered a prayer to Mother Ganga. “There is only one reason alone and that reason is Ganga. He too behaved as if I did not exist. He said. Beyond that he renamed the ancient city of Prayag and thus today it is called Allahabad. Leaving was the last thing on my mind. I saw it as a sign of the Mughal's autocracy and a vivid example of their mood of triumphalism. "It’s getting late madam. After a short and exhilarating journey we reached the spot. I was now having second thoughts about taking the holy dip which I had been so looking forward to. Akbar built a fort. the ancient epicenter of indigenous Indian faith and a place which in no sense belongs to the Islamic faith." We then collected some of the holy water for our parents in Mumbai and then made our way back unto the boat. On the return journey I asked Yadavji as to how the water could remain so pure even after so much pollution and waste is dumped into the rivers. It was beautiful. We both began to drink the water! Yes we drank the very same water of the Triveni Sangam that I had hesitated to enter. The ferry man began yelling. The successful management of such a massive event was not due to the efforts of the UP State government rather it is due to the direct influence of God himself. Our guide Yadavji pointed out the fort built by Akhbar the Mughal King but I was not really happy to hear about it. “We have come from so far just for this sacred dip alone. I protested. It is amazing to think of how an event and gathering of such magnitude can take place. We talked him down to 200 Rs per person and sat down on the ferry. We plunged ourselves into the water three times. It was so refreshing and the water was so pure. “Didn’t you hear the announcement?” He behaved as if I didn’t exist. we both agreed and felt 36 . what a feeling! Suddenly I saw a man gargle and spit in the water. This is her power. Everywhere we went people spoke about the miracle of the Maha Kumbha Mela. performed the Sun Salutation with the holy water and instantly felt surcharged with a sense of joy combined with a state of peace and wellbeing. I was very excited and snapped a lot of pictures as we made our way across the flowing waters. We did it! We had to go and the ferry was waiting but I was not prepared to leave. My husband sensed my hesitation. Then with prayers in our hearts and upon our lips we immersed ourselves into the Triveni Sangam. Yuck! I yelled at him to desist.

Ayurvedic. They want to have your Darshan. The next morning we took the blessings of Jagad Guru Kripalu Maharaj Jiand he invited us to visit once again during Holi and in October. The services are all provided by Satsangees with the special touch of agenuine service attitude. faith and love. With a happy heart we made it back to our place. Physiotherapy.I felt very fortunate to see such a great soul here in Kaliyuga with my own eyes. Eye care and other such services are given free of charge. 37 . Dental. India currently lives in Dubai and writes on Hindu related topics. Suddenly I heard my name being called out by someone behind me. I could not believe my good fortune and I was in tears. A Mataji was calling me and she called us to come over to meet with Maharaj ji. We then attended a nice program performed by the girls of the Ashram school (a girl’s school. He is 91 years old now. We went there and sat for some time clapping our hands and joining in the Bhajans. I was just sitting there with my head down with tears in my eyes. We were also given an apple by Maharj ji and he put Tulsi beads around our necks. hurray!!! We made our plans to have his Darshan the next day. From our vantage point we had a beautiful Darshan of Maharaj Ji. After sometime he left the hall and went back to his room. I asked him to bless us and after offering our respects and some Guru Dakshina (donation) we took our leave. like anything in this world there is a price. She is dedicated to the love of her 'Ladoo Gopal' the promotion of Dharma and the Vedic traditions in all its forms. Today a beautiful Radharani and Krishna Bhakti Mandir has been built at this spot. Here all kinds of treatment be it Allopathic. That price is not money or gold rather it is determination. I saw him as a pure yogi for his mood and energy was uplifting. to hear about his many projects like a Vrindavan hospital that serves the public free of charge. The next day we started for Jagad Guru Kripalu Maharaj's place arriving at 9:45 am as I had hoped. He had joined the ashram leaving everything behind. The Ashram vicinity was beautifully maintained and the environment was peaceful and tranquil. I could not believe my good fortune and I was in tears." Seeing Maharaj ji up close I could not speak a word and I was in tears.HINDU TODAY May 2013 Issue 60 Travel and said the same. We were very happy to see and hear the Chacha explaining such important works. Here the poorest of the poor can get the best of the best treatment in an atmosphere of genuine care and love. It was a reminder that it is not the holy places or rivers alone that are considered to be sacred Tirthas. Indeed this nation of India is not run by the Government but by God himself. Our journey to the Kumbha Mela and bathing in the Triveni Sangham was complimented by the association of this living saint and lover of God. To be on the safe side we called the same taxi driver we had hired earlier. Somehow we found the main office and they gave us a pass to enter a hall where only Satsangees are allowed. his young wife 3 children and a successful business to work at the Jagad Guru Chikit- salaya. For the saints are themselves Tirthas and wherever they go becomes sacred. All you need is Love. I use to listen to his lectures on the Sanskar TV channel back in my college days. However. a Satsangee. The next morning during Darshan Maharaj ji we were delighted He is 91 years old now. I use to listen to his lectures on the Sanskar TV channel back in my college days. on a tour of the Ashram. Once again tears streamed from my eyes. Then to my delight he embraced both of us. I had always found his preaching to be profound. Jagad Guru Kripalu Maharaj As we chanted Jagad Guru Kripalu Maharaj entered the Assembly walked towards the dais and then sat down. Ultimately in the end all you need is one thing and one thing alone. I had always found his preaching to be profound.) Afterwards we were accompanied by an elderly man. Yoga. After a nice dinner and some rest we decided to maximize our good fortune and meet with Sri Jagad Guru Kripalu Maharaj Ji. “They have come from Dubai after hearing your Satsang on TV. A Satsangee named Rakhee Didi informed us that Jagad Guru Kripalu Maharaj ji's was born in this very place of Mangarh. n Punita Prabhakaran Pillai Punita Prabhakaran Pillai originally from Mumbai. It was obvious to me that these good deeds can only be done by true saints alone. After our introduction we went back to our sitting place and then they invited me to sit near Maharaj Ji. She persuaded us to spend the night and we made arrangements for our driver too stay as well. My husband became teary eyed as well After lunch and some rest it was evening. After some phone calls we were happy to hear that he was in Mangarh and we could reach there within 2-3 hours. Today despite the chaos and tragedy that is Kali Yuga these Holy Places and Saintly people are still accessible to one and all. Naturopathy. It was an awesome feeling but I could not see him eye to eye.

Come and take me”. These Deities have been worshiped since many generations for hundreds of years. stand smiling sweetly. and by road. and still continue to serve. So Abhiram Thakur. there are 4 brothers who are decendants of Abhirama. the 2nd brother. or effulgence. Barahatti is one hour north of Katwa. such a Deity is very rare to find. Presently. in a particular place in that very bamboo for- 38 . the history of Sri SriBalarama-Revati is as follows: A few hundred years ago. where not a single car or motor vehicle can be seen or heard. the birth place of Sri Krishnadas Kaviraja Gosvami. The tiny Laddu Gopala is very unique as His right hand holding a Laddu is almost touching His mouth and a self made flower garland and a waist band is engraved on His body. Lord Balarama appeared in a dream to a poor Brahmana named Abhirama Thakur. The two armed form of Balarama is playing a flute. where the stars shine bright. yellowish in complexion. These Deities are said to have been worshiped by a great devotee named Sri Abhirama Goswami (his family lineage or disciplic succession still needs to be further researched). According to Prabhanu Das Mukherjee. post: Andiran. Balarama is 2 feet tall with a sparkling white complexion. the author of Sri Caitanya-Caritamrita. where Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu took sannyasa.” Bhakta Abhirama asked how he should do this. you can’t find this kind of Deity. Along with the main Deities Balarama and Revati. in the district of Mushidabad. By train. and serve Me. “install Me. The Sri SriBalarama Revati Deities are originally carved out of Neem wood covered with clay collected from the bank of Ganga River. That night. There they are worshiped in the village of Barahatti. nowadays. This place is about two hours north of Navadvipa-Mayapura. Murshidabad Dis- trict. along with some devotees immediately went to that place and arrived at night where they were able to see a jyoti. Sri SriBalarama Revati. in the state of West Bengal. “I am near Maadumni Daha situated in a bamboo forest. This small village is two and half hour east of Ekacakra where Lord Nityananda appeared. India. where the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna Caitanya Mahaprabhu appeared. where the birds’ and crickets’ chatter are magnified manifold in the absence of the artificial hustle and bustle of the city.HINDU TODAY May 2013 Issue 60 Religion T Sri Sri Balarama Revati ucked away amongst vast plains of green paddy fields and mud houses. half an hour north of Jhamatpur. and Revati is 1 1/2 feet tall. a small specially carved brass Deity of Laddu Gopala and five shalagrama-shilas are also worshipped. Lord Balarama instructed him. and Balarama replied. in the place of Maadumni Daha (lake).

so Abhirama Thakur was 9 generations before. India.” Then. and served the Lord with whatever he received. there is a special festival once a year to celebrate Udharan Datta. Now.HINDU TODAY May 2013 Issue 60 Religion est near the lake. and who was one of the cowherd boys in Vrndavana. he heard a voice saying. “I am here”. It is believed that by bathing on that day. this place was also known as Udharan-pura. Udharan Datta was staying in a temple of the Lord on the banks of that river when Nityananda Prabhu came to the Triveni confluence. and seva for Balarama started very nicely. and words to His lotus feet.” you don’t worry about anything. and these were placed in a box and taken that very night. and worshiped Him without any duplicity in his heart. According to Sri Krsnadasa Kaviraja Goswami in his book Sri Chaitanya Charitamrita. Inside the ground. and Nityananda Prabhu appeared around 500 years ago. because if any one saw them. He used to beg biksha. Lord Balarama and Revati’s wooden murti forms were found. Abhirama brought Their Lordships to his house and started serving Them. He told Balarama. Udharan Datta was qualified by constitution to worship and serve Nityananda. As a result of the mercy of Nityananda Prabhu. Abhirama Thakur started serving the Lord.” To this day. I don’t have any knowledge or intelligence. Upon arrival. One may be delivered from all his sins just by seeing that place. with His shakti. I will take care of everything. so we may place Abhirama’s time a little later than this. "The devotee who was formerly known as Subahu in Vraja. how can I serve You?” The Lord then told Him. So all these landlords donated around 60 bhighas. etc). Vrndavanadasa Thakura writes as follows about Udharan Thakur in his Caitanya Bhagavata: "After Nityananda Prabhu stayed for many days in Khadadaha. The devotees took a shovel and started to dig the ground at that very area. and installed them here. Since Udharan Datta Thakur was the manager of the estate. Nityananda Prabhu was extremely happy to see this sacred place and bathed here with all His devotees. or alms. “vishayabasanamugda (I am involved with samsara and family life. they might have not allowed Balarama to leave. came in the dream of many landlords." According to Gaura-ganodesa-dipika. At that ghata on the Ganges the seven rishis had once performed penances in order to attain the lotus feet of Govinda. Yamuna. Balarama. He worshiped the lotus feet of Lord Nityananda in all respects. The relics of this royal family are still visible near the Dainhata station. about one and a half miles north of Katwa. and it is one of the most holy places within this world. later appeared in Gaura-lila as Sri Udharan Datta. and people come from very far. “Udharan Datta Thakur. was an exalted devotee of Lord Nityananda Prabhu. Abhirama Thakur was the disciple of Udharan Datta of Udhanpur. So they took Lord Balarama and Revati to Murshidabad district to the village of Barahatti. and instructed them to give Him some land for His service. the eleventh among the twelve cowherd boys. At that time. There is a famous ghata in Saptagrama at the confluence of the three rivers (Ganga. 39 . Udharan Datta Thakur was the manager of the estate of a big zamindar land owner in Naihati. Then. When he saw Nityananda. Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. the present devotees are the 9th generation sevayats serving Sri Sri Balarama and Revati. just to bathe in the ghat and listen tokirtan. body. he went to Saptagrama. and Saraswati) which is celebrated as being the place of the seven rishis. West Bengal. he offered his mind.

they reached a little ways past the temple near the fields. As promised. “if I have good business tonight I will build a concrete temple for your Lord. The thieves said. In his translation and commentary on Caitanya Caritamrta (CC Adi 11. that were passed down from generations. After stealing the fruit. After some time. the Lord gave him shakti (power) that he got dehasidha and he was a siddha purusha (eternally liberated). There are other stories about Sri Sri Balarama Revati. I will start with the story how Balarama’s temple was built. He had to return home before dark so that he could offer evening arati and various offerings to his Lord. For instance. It was soon after he received initiation that Balarama had come to him in his dream. how can we go home? Please do something!” So Abhirama went to the temple. Abhirama Thakur asked. and sailed to the other side of the river. and his service to the Lord had started. “What did you do?” They then told him that they stole some jackfruit from the temple. especially from the Lord”. wheat. Nityananda-pura. the leader donated a large amount of gold with which a temple for Balarama and Revati was constructed. Krsnapura. which is situated on the bank of the Saraswati River near the Trisbhigha railway station in the district of Hugli. in the village. but he became very late. and as he was on his way to perform his morning ablutions and take bath. the wife of the then priest was washing her hands outside. So. The pujari couple cooked rice and vegetables and served them after offering to their Lord. they also demanded some food to eat. encompassing many other places such as Vasudeva-pura. Their vision was immediately and miraculously restored. one fine morning. but when they came back that same night to donate the gold. and they said promised never to repeat this blunder again. “Why did you do this? You should not steal. Since then. up to this day. First. Traditionally. he heard some crying. Udharana Datta Thakura had 3 disciples. The pujari had to cross the river in order to serve his Lord on time. as the dacoit leader had good business that night. to this day. there was one Devi whose puja had been stopped. He had to cross a river while coming back home. Bhaktivedanta Swami writes: "Udharan Datta Thakur. Abhirama Thakur was a nishta Brahmana. One night.41) Sri A. the pujari surprisingly found that the lotus feet of Sri Balarama were covered by the soil from the paddy field. no one steals from the temple premises. “Maharajji. potatoes. They started crying. lived in Baidyapura. and received initiation from Udharan Datta Thakur into the Vaishnava tradition at a very young age-when he was around 12 or 13 years old. and other vegetables. and as it became dark. After this incident. and had to sit exactly where they were. So it was understood that Lord Balarama goes out at night to enjoy His pastime of visiting His paddy fields and garden.HINDU TODAY May 2013 all one’s sins are removed and one can become liberated by the mercy of Udharan Datta. some thieves came to the temple to steal jackfruit at night. after taking dinner. and gave him a bath.” By the mercy of Lord Balarama. “Because of this. and finding no other alternative to cross. and subsequently became his disciple. so he asked who it was. Sri Sri Balarama Revati have some land for growing paddy. was a resident of Saptagrama. Bansabediya. each servitor (sevayat) of these Dietiesmakes many disciples who contribute in different ways for the service of Their Lordship. Once. the ferry man in the river stopped rowing his boat. we have become blind and we can’t see. and Abhirama of Barahatti was foremost. “We have made a huge mistake”. and they all fell and held his feet. He said to her angrily. and could not see the road. the pujari spread his sitting mat on the surface of the water. Abhiram’s fathers name was Gopal Das Thakur. Not only that. Many people from many villages took shelter of him and accepted him as their guru.” Abhirama Thakur came to them. He said. where she saw a gang of dacoits passing by. the pujari’s wife was saved. Saptagrama was a very big town. One other disciple resided in Tenya village. One time a particular servitor went to visit one of his disciples in a far away village. Whatever he said happened. The villagers become scared and went to Abhirama Thakur and told him of their plight. please come to us. One day. According to Prabhanu Das Mukherjee. I will just mention a few. this practice is still current. The thieves replied. The ferry man was completely astonished to see this wonderful power of the Gosvami. having diarrhea. Sivapura. and in this article. From his service to Balarama. This Devi become very angry and everyone in the village started vomiting. Abhirama Thakur bathed Balarama the next morning along with his Salagram Sila and made 2 huge buckets of this caranamrita which he gave to all the villagers to drink. woke Balarama up. and said. The leader of the dacoits was Issue 60 Religion unhappy to see the face of a woman while going for his business of plundering. Abhirama Thakur woke up in the morning. previously known as Sri Udharan Datta. and the 3rd. Their health was 40 . and if I return empty handed then I will sever your head from your body. sat down on it. At the time of Udharan Datta Thakur. There are many stories and pastimes related to this particular Balarama Deity since the time of Abhirama. and many were dying. because he thought it was bad luck. He took this caranamrita and sprinkled it on the thieves’ eyes.C. Sanhanagara and Saptagrama. all the members from the Sri Sri Balarama-Revati’s pujari’s family are exempted from the fee of crossing the river.

A. Vidya Mani Devi Goswami. India. India. and also attended the Muniyal Institute for Ayurveda Medical Sciences in Manipal. Radhika is a practicing Ayurvedic doctor and she. The 4th son. India. On another occasion. Navanna festival usually takes place around November. the seva is divided amongst the 4 brothers. SrimadBhagavatam. When the third son’s turn came for the service.She attended City College of San Francisco from 2002-2005. rangoli and music. India where she grew up hearing and studying the Bhagavad Gita. Prabhanu Das Mukherjee. so that their first grains will be from the Lord. is married with 2 daughters. before going to the bride’s house. Svarnalata Banerjee. Bhumipati Das Mukherjee stays in Vrindavan. When any man gets married. Sada Shiva Das Mukherjee stays in Vrindavan. Now. India along with his wife and 2 sons and manages a residence complex. Everything was arranged and the Deities were to go in the next morning. is also married and has a daughter and a son and 4 grandchildren. Janmashtami. and everyone gathers to take prasada together. Till now. a son. he will first take darshan of Sri Sri Balarama and Revati. takes darshan and blessings. In addition. At present. Till today Sri Sri Balarama Revati reside in this village throughout the year even though the third son enjoys the share of Lord Balarama’s property. When children have their first grains. Usually Sri Sri Balarama-Revatiare put to rest at night by mantras only. When the rice grows in the fields. On this day. which is a Maha Utsava. everyone from the village comes and offers Sri Sri Balarama and Revati offerings from their first harvest. stays in Barahatti village. the milk is first given to Him. and then proceeds home. where he serves and worships at Sri Sri Radha Bankebihari temple in Boise. and they only eat this prasada. San Diego. the eldest brother. and Vrindavan. he wanted to take Sri Sri BalaramaRevati to his village. if a cow starts to give milk. and give their child the prasada. and the small Laddu Gopal is usually laid on the bed. his wife. and Aghyan month. no one in the entire village cooks in their houses. Her husband is the 10th generation descendent of the Pujaris who serve the Sri SriBalarama and Revati deities inBarahatti. Dallas. near Nabadwip. She is trained in classical Indian Bharatnatyam dance and in several other Indian arts such as cooking. they will only have prasada from Their Lordships. Balarama is included in every aspect of the villagers’ lives. In fact. the family meets and discusses how to conduct the Seva for the next year. navanna. the groom first shows Their Lordships his new wife. Mahabharata and other various Vedic literatures. and a huge feast is made for Their Lordships as well as in their individual houses. So from this incident they realized that Lord Balarama did not wish to leave the place and go to the other village. there are many utsavas and festivals with Balarama. Radhashtami. Sri Sri Balarama Revatiki jai! n Radhika Priya Prassannatma Radhika Priya Prassannatma was born in 1981into a very spiritual family who raised her within the Vaishnava tradition. India. Her childhood was spent in Mumbai. Idaho. where each of the brothers take turns to serve Sri Sri Balarama Revati for 3 months of the year each. when he brings his new wife home. West Bengal. Balarama Jayanti. and only then will the owners start to drink or sell it. And thus the sacred tradition and worship of Sri Sri Balarama Revati continues to this very day. India.Radhika and her husband currently reside in Boise. But to everyone’s astonishment they found in the morning that Lord Balarama was lying on His stomach right on the throne. on the day after. and their faith and love for Sri Balaram and Revati also increased many fold. and other small utsava’s take place. The 2nd son. puja. If anyone gets an official Priest at the Sri Sri Radha Bankebihari Idaho Temple.S (Bachelors of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery) in 2011. Even now. all of them are not presently living at the temple in Barahatti. that day. Rannu Chatterjee. and translates many Vedic texts into English.USA along with myself. and continually serves Sri Sri Balarama Revati. daughter and last of all the siblings. Although. Advaita Das Mukherjee recently moved to America. the family will make sure that they offer lunch to Sri SriBalarama and Revati. and the next day. lives in Plassy. USA 41 . and is also married with 2 sons. we are the fortunate family who are blessed to serve these same Deities today. the 2nd daughter. Idaho. The eldest daughter. Harinamasankirtan.HINDU TODAY May 2013 Issue 60 Religion immediately restored. There she received her B. when the rice and other produce from the fields get harvested. In this way Lord Balaram showed many lilas and miracles. she stays in Vrindavan where she takes care of the sacred Tulsi garden and makes flower and Tulsi garlands for the temple. The biggest festival of the year in Barahatti village takes place on Gaura Purnima (Holi). with his wife and son. it so happened that the service to Sri Sri Balarama Revati throughout the year was divided among the three sons of the one of the servitors. Nityananda Trayodashi. even before entering his own house. there are 4 brothers and 3 sisters and their families. Presently. Gaura Purnima (Holi) Guru Purnima. the first rice is first given to Balarama. At this time. The 3rd son.M. Two of the sons lived in the same village with Lord Balarama and the third son lived in a faraway village called Masimpura. and Sri Balarama Revati’s prasada is given to everyone in the village. But they all come together for Gaura Purnima and celebrate a huge festival. and 4 grandchildren and resides in Kolkatta. along with her husband. The whole village takes part in the 24 kirtan of chanting and singing the holy names of the Lord. The youngest. thus they return to India annually to continue the family’s traditional service at that temple.

As it is a direct proof we must believe in this date if we want to honour Charwaka and his reliance on direct proofs. Because there is no direct evidence proving Ishwara. Nastikas say that in a small seed of a tree there is present the capacity to 42 . at the time of enthronement of Yudhishthira and so he was killed by other Brahmins. Kapila Muni too does not admit Ishwara. Kapila Muni is revered in the Mahabharata but not Charwaka.218] in a dialogue between Panchashikha and Janaka. Charwaka was not the originator of Nastika philosophy. Charwaka was a Brahmin and was a friend of Duryodhana. It is surprising that Charwaka went on similar lines like modern scientists in ancient era. but his thoughts are quite famous all over India. Charwaka harshly criticized Yudhishthira.HINDU TODAY May 2013 Issue 60 Darshan Charwaka Darshana N o body knows exactly when Charwaka lived on this Earth. Charwaka is mentioned in the epic Mahabharata. uttering a sound „Hum in defiance to express disregard or condemnation. Charwaka does not admit presence of Ishwara. Therefore it is stated that he was burnt by mere „Humkar. Modern scientists believe in the similar thoughts and demand for direct proofs. not physically but poetically. Even before Charwaka non-believers were present as is reported by the Mahabharata [Shanti Parva A. the main villain of the epic. The date of the epic Mahabharata as fixed by me is 5561 years of the planetary positions stated by the sage Vyasa in the Mahabharata itself. as a figure of speech. It is a wonder that in so ancient an era Charwaka realized the importance of direct proof or evidence.

A matter may produce another matter. say a motor car. no thinking power. In the same way combination of four prime principles namely Vayu. only mind can produce mind. Ghee can be prepared from milk and by mixing some articles new material can be produced like a scent or perfume. A magnet attracts iron or a lens can produce heat. A living thing is quite different than electricity or any other energy. An agent who has energy. It cannot produce a living thing like even a bacteria. produce something else but there must be an agent to do that combination. In reply Panchashikha says that though a man has a body formed of a combination of Mahabhootas. Teja. Vaisheshika and all other Darshanas accept Pratyaksha Pramana. Without an agent there cannot happen anything in the physical world. It is scientific. With the help of modern science one may say that a combination of a rotating coil and a magnet can produce energy like electricity. it is not only that combination because when dead the man has all the Mahabhootas incorporated in his body but he is unable to do anything which he was able to do before death. and Pruthwi can give rise to an animal. which left the body at the time of death. This definitely proves that there is something else than the Mahabhootas in a living body. intelligence.HINDU TODAY May 2013 Issue 60 Darshan produce a big tree. but he does not perform respiration. Mirage is 43 . Apa. which are at a lower level than the life energy. but that electricity has no desire. a combination does Even after death all the Mahabhootas are present in that dead body. intelligence. digestion. leave aside more complicated human being. Anumana and Agama are the three Pramanas accepted by Yoga Darshana. but he does not perform respiration. ego etc. we have to assume that the agent must be beyond this world and superior to any power on this globe. Drushta means seen. But by the same Charwaka philosophy unless some body produces a living thing by combining four or more physi- cal articles we should not believe that life is produced by such combination. So far not a single scientist has produced life by combinations of material things. micturition. Anumana and Aptawakya as Pramanas. life and many other powers can produce life and such super agent is Ishwara. Moreover. Hence logically we have to accept the possibility of an agent working behind the world called as Ishwara. Thus logically we have to assume some super power. micturition. Therefore assumption of an agent is necessary. But even Pratyaksha or Drushta may be some illusion. That energy cannot be produced from physical things. its mind. Even after death all the Mahabhootas are present in that dead body. Aksha means eye. If we assemble 50 or 1000 physical articles together it will produce a physical article only. voluntary and involuntary muscle movements etc. Sankhya Darshana holds Drushta. no knowledge. mind. digestion. Pratyaksha. The word Pratyaksha is composed as Prati + Aksha. It is inevitable. That supreme agent is called as Ishwara. reproduction. Both are unanimous because Pratyaksha means Drushta. similarly that capacity is present in a sperm to produce a man. Charwaka also honours Pratyaksha. Going by Charwaka philosophy unless we see that Ishwara we must not believe in Him. Therefore there must have been some other energy in the body before death. only intelligence can produce intelligence. It is quite true.Nyaya. Prati means towards. an aeroplane or a computer. This argument shows that Ishwara is not necessary to explain the riddles of the world. Therefore there must have been some other energy in the body before death. similarly. super agent who has created this Universe and living creatures. Whatever happens in front of eye is Pratyaksha. therefore it cannot be said to be a living thing. which left the body at the time of death. similarly combination of the four original principles induce a particular energy. and only life can produce life. in front. voluntary and involuntary muscle movements etc. one energy can produce another form of energy. As there is no agent in this world seen by anybody. In modern courts eyewitness is important. reproduction.

Day after day he experienced such mirages. Once a man was alone in a hot desert. but is a mere illusion. Thus Anumana is very important to get knowledge. Man observed the movements of the Sun and the Moon. Even then that Anumana Keeping faith only in Pratyaksha Pramana and dismissing Anumana and Agama as Pramana. we really keep faith in him and avoid fall from any height. there was no direct proof. but it is all illusion caused by peculiar refraction of light rays taking place due to rarefied layers of air near heated ground. If we do not honor that Agama and jump from a height of 100 feet we will definitely die. How this Agama knowledge about mirage originated? It originated from Anumana. We remember somebody's sentence that such mirage is seen in a heated desert and we realize the danger. was later proved correct. Thus Agama is very important as a Pramana. Therefore he formed an Anumana that due to gravitation the light rays must also be bending down. Here Pratyaksha Pramana is not necessary.e. Nobody can get or give Pratyaksha Pramana. we do not run there to drink water and thus save our energy and in turn save our life. Following that measurement [Mana] we forecast the eclipse and the eclipse does take place at the said moment. Even today we forecast Anumana that on this date and at this time there will be eclipse of the Sun or the Moon. he disbelieved in rebirth. He did not like to test the medicine given by his doctor in his laboratory because it would have been folly. Faithfully he used to take doctor's medicine and got cure. Agama also has much importance in daily life as well as in science. He saw mirage and ran to drink water but when he approached the spot he realized that there was no water. but is very important. Nobody tries to take its experience to get Pratyaksha Pramana. When he fell ill he used to go to his doctor and take medicine from him. But if we believe in Anumana and Agama we have to believe in rebirth. He began thinking in his mind on the fact and he concluded that due to heat we see mirage. we believe and do not touch the flame throughout our life. Einstein observed that due to gravitational attraction objects fall down. Charwaka was wrong to dismiss Agama as a Pramana. Then the mind followed the phenomenon and thought repeatedly on it. Thus Charwaka was wrong to dismiss Anumana as a Pramana. It is another Anumana of Einstein that due to very high velocity in the space. The word Pratyaksha or Drushta depends on eyes. Because our mother tells us in childhood. And it was later proved by experiments. it will cause burns”. We see a beautiful lake full of clear water with trees around in a desert during day in a broad daylight. going behind [Anu] Mana [mind]. There is no direct proof for this Anumana. In the case of mirage if we depend only on eyes we will be ruined in a desert.HINDU TODAY May 2013 seen by everybody. This proves the importance of Anumana. In such circumstances only „Agama helps us. but here eye is taken as a sample. We do get direct proof thereof. They followed the Moon's path and its movements and built Anumana that the Sun disappears because the Moon comes in between us and the Sun. Another rule of science is that 44 . How are eclipses discovered Issue 60 Darshan and now decided? To begin with all of a sudden the Sun vanished from the sky and after some time the Sun reappeared. because somewhere we see a lake full of water and if we believe that scene and run to drink water we will never get any water and we succumb.” do not touch a flame. Charwaka gives credit to only Pratyaksha Pramana and not others like Anumana and Agama. After sunset mirage did not appear. Many such phenomena are „seen which are not real. but it holds good place in science because many problems are solved with that assumption based on Anumana. They discovered that the Sun disappears totally only on Amavasya day. Because our father tells that if we fall from a height of say 20 feet we are hurt and if we fall from a height of 100 feet we will die. Because Einstein said something all others believe in his statement. Believing in a word of somebody else having experience is Agama. a direct proof to rebirth theory. Keeping faith only in Pratyaksha Pramana and dismissing Anumana and Agama as Pramana. If we do not believe in that Agama and try to experience we will be hurt seriously. Einstein had no knowledge of health science and he had to keep faith in a doctor. It is a rule of physics that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. This is Agama. Therefore one must be careful when believing in an eyewitness. Thus Agama does lead us to knowledge and we must honour Agama as a Pramana. This was Anumana. measurements of motions of the Sun and the Moon. no Pratyaksha Pramana. Even the world famous scientist and rationalist Einstein had a faith in Agama. So their Anumana was that the Moon must be the cause of eclipse. the wider meaning being experience by all the five sense organs. In fact all the five sense organs are included in Pratyaksha or Drushta. It happened again and again till the Sunset. This is Agama. time and space contract. This is Anumana. They discovered the cause of Amavasya that the Moon comes very close to the Sun. Here Agama Pramana helped us save life not Pratyaksha or Drushta. It is Agama. he disbelieved in rebirth. This Anumana is based on Mana i. Thus Anumana is quite valuable and has important place in science.

How is it possible without training? Where is a time for that much training because he could tell all this since the age of four years? Out of those four years he was not able to speak till two years of his age. If a word at the beginning of any verse was told he could immediately tell the verse and could quote the number of the verse and chapter. There is one direct proof to establish rebirth. Again.e. third is born with sharp intelligence while fourth child is born without intelligence. After 21 days the larva disappears. then it takes the shape of Mesonephros i. kidney of humans. but if they see a kite in the sky they immediately run to hide somewhere. His name was Sanjeeva Sharma. He could tell translation of Geeta in four languages. The external body is totally changed but the individual is the same. It means there was some body and some kidney in the past. Hence if we want to think logically and scientifically we have to accept that the child must have done some deeds before birth. How they understand that kite is their enemy and kite may kill them? It is because of their experience of the previous birth.e.kidney of snakes. If told to tell a particular verse from a particular chapter he used to tell it immediately. Hence only one probability is seen that he must have recited Geeta and Geetai in his prior birth.e. It proves rebirth. If told to tell a particular verse from a particular chapter he used to tell it immediately. Examine the life cycle of a butterfly. Where did she learn such an extraordinary mathematics only in He could recite Geeta. It means four rebirths happened. Is it possible for any intelligent person? No. There can not be any other reasoning scientific and logical. So there remained only two years to recite Geeta. to begin with. Master Anand Bhate is another child who began singing famous songs from Marathi drama in the style of the Late Bala Gandharva. why? Chicken has no experience of the world. No other cause can be attributed to the effect seen at birth.HINDU TODAY May 2013 Issue 60 Darshan for every happening there must be some previous cause. Where and when could he have learned four languages in only two years period? It indicates that he must have learnt those languages in the previous birth. Without any previous cause there cannot be any effect. After a few days the egg bursts open and a larva crawls out of the broken egg. which are effected in the present life. another is born in riches. why? Even the small kittens and pups show fear of death. Latest investigations and research have proved that in a human embryo when its kidney develops. in its previous life. it assumes the form of Pronephros i. direct proofs. Why there are such four types? As the effect is seen at birth its cause must be prior to the birth.e. then it becomes Metanephros i. Marathi and Gujarathi and could recite the parallel verse from Geetai composed by the Late Acharya Vinoba Bhave. External bodies are totally changed. Keeping these basic laws of science in mind we consider some incidents around us. Hindi. it assumes a shape of a pupa. If the internal principle changes the outer body four times it is quite logical to say 45 . Cause gives effect. birds etc. the exterior is changed in toto but the interior is the same. All these rules depend on ample evidence. I have seen one boy of six years age. He could recite Geeta. Without any cause there cannot be any effect. Pune around 1980. We see around us that one child is born in poverty. Is this not a direct proof of rebirth? Mrs Shakuntaladevi is still living at Mumbai. It proves the theory of rebirth. The outer body is totally changed. 700 verses of two lines each along with 700 verses of Geetai. The cause must precede the effect. After some time the pupa bursts open and a beautiful butterfly flies away. I had arranged his program for Veda Vidnyana Mandal around 1978. Anumana arrived at by analogy or comparative study. Who taught him harmonium? Nobody. He played himself on harmonium to assist him while singing. Then how could he play on harmonium at the age of four years? We have to accept the previous birth where he could have learnt singing and playing harmonium. Young children who have never experienced death and never seen any person dying exhibit enormous threat about death.aquarian or amphibian kidney. Not only that he could tell a verse and give its meaning in English. Here we see the four different bodies worn by a single individual. two years of her life when there is no teacher available doing that performance in this world? We must accept rebirth to get the explanation. but the internal principle is the same. If a word at the beginning of any verse was told he could immediately tell the verse and could quote the number of the verse and chapter. Of course this is inference i. She exhibits her capacity to perform any job of mathematics in moments since her childhood.e. Without learning from any teacher he sang so perfectly that no teacher could compete him. I have demonstrated his abilities in a meeting of the Veda Vidnyana Mandal. before this birth. It begins its life as an egg. Scientists say that these changes take place through past memory. the cause cannot be later in time sequence. and finally it becomes Nephros i. kidney of lower animals.

V. This example of butterfly also disproves the theory of Charwaka that the physical body is the whole and sole. This proves the statement of Charwaka absolutely wrong that when this body is burnt to ashes how can it come back? So take a debt and enjoy your life. But immediately after first rain the grass becomes green again and begins growing. Deeds done in the previous life are actions and every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Astrologer. his predecessors did that extraordinary work in the long past of the Vedas. Its action of overeating is compensated in the next body by fasting. 46 . Vartak Dr. similar line of thought will be used by the creditor to kill the debtor and grab his property. then to pupa and then into butterfly? That important thing is Atman. Therefore his philosophy was not accepted by people in general and he was killed by disregard and condemnation in the court of Yudhishthira during Yudhishthira's coronation on 16th November 5561 Issue 60 Darshan B. He was born on 25 th Feb 1933 at Pune. That is a direct proof of rebirth. becomes manifest for some time and then gets lost in obscurity. for details read “Scientific Dating of the Mahabharata War” authored by Dr. Male produces air bubbles in which eggs float and produce offsprings. Hence we have to accept the rebirth theory. If this is the condition in any society can anyone enjoy his life peacefully? All these factors were not considered by Charwaka. For some benefit any man will rob another or will kill another. Life comes in the same body of grass. without any halt. On investigations all their statements appear correct.Vartak} On research we find many small children telling the true stories of their past lives. If Charwaka was correct how it is that some important thing in the butterfly transferred from egg to larva. Larva eats too much so it cannot eat anything in its next body of butterfly. If an offspring falls down male picks it up and places in the bubbles. But there are many phenomena in the world which when observed prove that there must have been some controller. These actions and reactions are called as Karma and Karma-Phala.C.P. We get their reactions every day but time is not sufficient to bear all those reactions. which is used in its next body in pupal stage. What is the reason of this opportunity? There was no cause in the present life but the effect is seen. Philosopher. observed many facts around them and concluded that rebirth is a rule of this Universe. which appears to be very scientific and logical.V. But all of a sudden he got a chance to become the Prime Minister of India. If the morals are lost society will be ruined. Here I shall cite one example. This cycle continues. It is observed that larva eats continuously and devours food many times its weight. Orator & Author.e. It is for this reason that one has to bear the fruits of the past deeds since birth. Morals hold the society together. Thus we have to conclude that Charwaka was intelligent and thoughtful but could not compete the sages in the depth and expanse of knowledge and efficiency of observation and contemplation. Morals hold the society together. It proves that deeds done by one body can be carried forwards into next body. permanently. If the morals are lost society will be ruined. Who teaches male to protect offsprings in bubbles. Female eats up her infants but male does not. Charwaka does not admit Ishwara. and there is nothing like soul or Atman. therefore the cause must be in the previous life. P.HINDU TODAY May 2013 News that at the death of the butterfly its internal principle must have left its outer body again for the fifth time to wear a new body. There is no need to repay the debt. Those children range from 2 to 6 years of age. in the body of butterfly it does not eat at all throughout its life. This induced a thought of rebirth in mind of the sages. summer. The late Rajeeva Gandhi was in service as a pilot. n Dr. We do many actions every day. Maharashtra. Later the sages considered fully. Counsellor. But as the physical body is immaterial we have to concentrate on the point that grass comes to life again after death. In the same way our deeds in the past life are to be suffered from in the present body. But Charwaka did not take pains to collect such cases of rebirth. Male prevents her. Every thing is unmanifest to begin with. India. Mathematician. {This date is fixed by me. he does not differentiate between the followers of different religions and faiths. For example is a species of fish named as Gourami where male and female unite to lay eggs in thousands which hatch automatically producing infants. He did not work for the society or in politics any time in his life. he combines in himself the attributes of a Historian. P. In still next body i. They observed that ordinary grass lives for some time and dies in This way of teaching is also dangerous for the society and morality. Astronomer. They cannot be taught to speak lies. If one unit of society takes debt and enjoys life without repaying the debt thinking that he will not have to suffer in the next birth.who gives them an organ to produce bubbles? That teacher and organizer is Ishwara. Therefore those reaction forces are stored to be given to suffer from or to enjoy in the next birth.V. As a seeker of truth. Vartak is a renowned scholar who has been instrumental in unfolding many scientific facts from ancient Indian scriptures in Sanskrit and has presented it to the modern day generation in lucid and intelligible form. This way of teaching is also dangerous for the society and morality. Besides being a spiritualist & a medical professional.

Educated in Mumbai(India). penance and noble deeds. such shortcut methods can’t sustain the gain for long term. devotion. selflessness and commitment towards self. we tend to become influenced by vices. A linguist in 07 languages.attached to our temporary physical identity and status. blessing is the reward of benevolent deeds and curse is the result of bad deeds. It is said that if they were annoyed. actions (karma) and by devoting oneself to almighty’s service We all know that universal law of karma says “what we sow. For the past 22 years he has a treasure of valuable experiences resulting from sacrifice and community services. fasting. thereby generating unconditional love for all. As children we have heard lots of stories about windfalls and curses (vardaan & shaap). Scriptures also narrate stories of sages and holy men who had accumulated miraculous powers through dedication and penance. greed. we can Rajyogi Brahmakumar Nikunj ji Rajyogi Brahmakumar Nikunj ji is an international speaker. he has travelled all over the world creating importance of values among mediapersons . Hence.Communications & IT. however. it sets into motion a vicious circle of karmic debts that further aggravate the misfortunes of those who seek such help and also those who misuse their powers. one really wonders if these blessings or curse really influence our lives? Do we humans really possess such powers of giving boons and curses? Can boons turn into curses and vice versa? The answers to these questions require a thorough understanding of the phenomena. His life is the epitome of dedication. deception and exploitation we automatically get cursed. n In simple terms. With a background in Massmedia .the word creates a very strong response when one perceives it. Some blessings last forever. This shows that a seemingly unending phase of misfortune and suffering can be resolved by performing righteous express and share the best within us and thus constantly earn benefits through blessings. We must always remember that exploiters always get exploited. Once a person gets a windfall. penance and noble deeds. blessings bestow some special power or protection upon a person who is blessed. devotion. spiritual educator and an experienced meditation teacher. columnist. They are always beneficial but are of various types. fury burns the one who is furious. Do we? We live our whole life with a particular thought in the back of our mind that while we say a final good bye to this world. Whilst living in 21st century. They are always linked to piety. warriors and sages undergoing arduous penance. One can earn the greatest boons if one live’s by almighty’s will and serve others selflessly.he has been writing columns regularly for over 40 national and international dailies. There have been lots of mythical stories about kings. He firmly believes that mass media. Taking recourse to such people and their powers may give temporary respite or support. However. meditation and austerities in order to get benefit from divinity and holy men.On the other hand. So!! the simplest and best way to get blessings and remain safe from curses is by maintaining purity of mind & compassionate feelings. People having occult powers use them to help or harm others. When we use force.HINDU TODAY May 2013 Issue 60 Meditation Are You Blessed? “C urse”. a person who intends ill for others brings misery for himself. he need not labour further for that which he has already received. Evidently. some work for one time or a few times. we should be full clean and free from any kind of curses (if any).so we reap”. In simple terms. when we are body-conscious .and world transformation. They are always linked to piety. By being soul conscious & being aware of one's own eternal spiritual identity and innate divine qualities. corporates & community development activities have a huge potential to impact peoples life positively. Nobody wants to be ever cursed in their life time. it is because of giving / causing pain to others. A curse befalls the one who tries to harm others. But!!!! a blessing automatically becomes a curse for the person if it is misused under the influence of vices such as lust. with one angry look or word they could curse someone who would suffer for long or if they were pleased with someone they could also bless them. 47 . There are several stories that explain how a curse was undone by the blessing of almighty when the suffering person repented & prayed to him. violence. which results in immorality. blessings bestow some special power or protection upon a person who is blessed. he carries a blend of eastern spiritual wisdom of cultures. They are always beneficial but are of various types. If at all anybody feels harmed. some work only in a special situation or at the time of great need and some are absolutely conditional. anger etc. deprivation and sufferings.

2013 to celebrate the most important Sikh holiday. Also on the float were Sikh musicians singing Sikh devotional hymns and the names of God. representing the fight against tyranny. samosas. Many followed the Parade route to Madison Square Park where kiosks distributed free dishes of Langar Prasad . They were followed by two groups of PanjPiaras or five beloved ones: one group carrying the traditional Siri Sahib swords. This has been the secret of Sikh success in the past by holding fast to their Guru’s program and reaching out to other spirit souls with God’s message and good food. Sikh swordsmanship and traditional weaponry was on display as steel clanged on steel in mock battles in traditional wear. chapatti and traditional American soda. a noted Sikh Civil Rights Activist as well as leader of his Union. the Siri Guru Granth Sahib. chole.delicious traditional Punjabi foods. In Madison Square Park at the parade’s end hundreds sat and enjoyed a meal of dal. 48 . included turbaned Sikhs from Civil Service organizations. The parade was another successful opportunity for the Sikhs to present themselves to the public as they have for centuries by distributing the Holy Name through Kirtan-singing and distributing sanctified foods-Langar. n I n the ancient tradition of Nagar Kirtan. Baisakhi. At the head of the parade were Sikh devotees sweeping the street before the parade. the Shabad Guru or presence of the transcendental sound current. as they took authentic Panjabi cuisine. the New York City Transport Workers Union as one of the Union’s Vice Presidents representing 7000 NY Subway train operators. teacher of Sikh meditation. not to be confused with other religions. In contrast to the devotional singing there were also several marching brass bands playing traditional marching tunes and popular songs. or the flag of the Sikh people. The long and lively parade went on for hours with the Holy Names and hymns echoing in the canyons created by New York City’s many skyscrapers. tens of thousands of Sikhs assembled on Madison Avenue in mid-town Manhattan on April. conductors and tower operators.HINDU TODAY May 2013 Subscription Issue 60 News New York City’s Sikh Day Parade 2013 was all an inspiration to Sikhs who bear the brunt of this backlash. local law enforcement groups and the US Military. Other contingents enjoying the spring day. Onlookers took it all in and many stopped and watched seeing it as an excellent opportunity to experience New York’s diversity. This Sathari S. The parade added to the fight against this backlash by clearly identifying the Sikhs as a distinct religion and people. The fast movements and almost daredevil weapon displays accompanied by loud martial drumming kept onlookers enthralled as several GatkaAkharas stopped during the parade to give weapon demonstrations. Khalsa Sathari S. Khalsa is a Sikh Minister. The Sikhs in military and law enforcement uniforms were evidence of the success Sikhs have had in fighting the harsh discrimination against turbaned and un-cut hair Sikhs in the current Islamist terrorist environment. Behind their Guru thousands of Sikhs followed enthusiastically singing the names of God. and the other five carried the Nishan Sahib. This spot was seemingly the most popular aspect of the parade for non-South Asians. There was even a float containing a large reproduction the central Sikh house of worship the Golden Temple or Harimandir Sahib as well as contingents of Sikhs from the dozens of Sikh communities from the North East United States followed behind identifying banners and flags. 27. They were followed by a float conveying the Sikh Guru. all in uniform. the public singing of the names of God.