El pasado simple de los verbos regulares e irregulares

Pasado simple (verbos regulares)
I worked. You worked. He worked. She worked. It worked. We worked. You worked. They worked.

Forma afirmativa:
Sujeto + infinitive del verbo sin to + ed. I watched TV yesterday.

* Con la mayoría de los vebos, se añade –ed al infinitive sin to. work - worked * Con verbos acabados en –e, se añade –d. live - lived * Con verbos acabados en consonante + y, la y se sustituye por –ied. study - studied * Con verbos acabados en consonante, vocal, consonante, la consonante se duplica y se añade –ed.

travel - travelled

Pasado simple (verbos irregulares)
El pasado simple de algunos verbos ingleses no acaba en –ed, sino que tiene una forma irregular, que es la misma para todas las personas. `have´ se convierte en `had´ I had You had He had She had It had We had You had They had Los verbos irregulars no siguen normas ortográficas generales, por lo que hay que aprendérselos de memoría.

Lista de verbos irregulares
Infinitivo - Pasado simple - Traducción be - was, were - ser, estar become - became - convertirse en, volverse begin - began - empezar break - broke - romper(se) build - built - construir buy - bought - comprar can - could - poder, saber catch - caught - coger come - came - venir

cost - cost - costar do - did - hacer draw - drew - dibujar drink - drank - beber drive - drove - conducir eat - ate - comer feel - felt - sentir(se), notar fight - fought - luchar find - found - encontrar fly - flew - volar forget - forgot - olvidar get - got - conseguir get up - got up - levantarse give - gave - dar go - went - ir(se) have - had - haber, tener hold - held - agarrar, sujetar keep - kept - guarder, mantener(se) know - knew - saber, conocer learn - learnt - aprender leave - left - abandoner, irse (de) let - let - dejar lose - lost - perder make - made - hacer meet - met - conocer, encontrarse (con)

swam .ver send .correr say .pay .ran .pensar wear .hablar spend .nadar take .pagar read .gastar.took . You didn´t work.vestir.spoke .brillar sing . He didn´t work.rode .paid .sent .sang .leer ride .stole .thought . andar en (bici…) run .saw .coger teach . enviar shine .wrote .escribir Pasado simple (verbos regulares e irregulares) Negativo I didn´t work.slept .enseñar think .decir see .read .said . .wore .cantar sit .sat .shone .dormir speak .sentarse sleep .robar swim . llevar puesto write . pasar(tiempo) steal .mandar.taught .montar a (caballo).spent .

Interrogativa Did I work? Did you work? Did he work? Did she work? Did it work? Did we work? Did you work? Did they work? Respuestas Breves Afirmativa Yes. we did. they did. Yes. We didn´t work. I did. It didn´t work. Yes. They didn´t work. Yes. . Yes. Yes.She didn´t work. she did. you did. Yes. it did. You didn´t work. he did. Yes. you did.

You didn´t. You didn´t. They didn´t. he didn´t. No. El las frases negativas e interrogativas. No. We didn´t. she didn´t. you didn´t. He didn´t. No. we didn´t. they didn´t. No. I didn´t. No. it didn´t.Negativa No. así como en las respuestas breves. It didn´t. you didn´t. Frases interrogativas: Did I? Did you? Did he? Did she? . No. She didn´t. el auxiliar es el mismo para todas las personas. No. Frases Negativas: I didn´t.

She didn´t phone her No se puede decir: She didn´t phoned her. estas se colocan delante del auxiliar did. when. We went shopping yesterday. last night (anoche). last week (la semana pasada). who. a algo que ya ha acabado. why. I played football last Saturday. * Ago no puede encabazar una expression de tiempo. Ago * Ago se traduce por ¨hace¨ y se refiere a una acción del pasado. etc. where).Did it? Did we? Did you? Did they? Recuerda: * En las frases negativas e interrogativas. En estas frases aparecen expresiones de tiempo tales como yesterday (ayer). They travelled to London three days ago. Where did you go? Who did he visit? Usos: El pasado simple se utiliza para hablar de acciones que sucedieron en un momento concreto del pasado. Did you study yesterday? No se puede decir: Did you studied yesterday? * En las preguntas que contienen partículas interrogativas (what. ten years ago No se puede decir: ago ten years . siempre se debe utilizar el infinitivo del verbo sin to.

Escribe el pasado simple de estos verbos 1. revise __________ 3. play __________ 7. 4. I walked to school because there weren´t any buses. Completar las frases Ejemplo: I didn´t watch TV last night. 3. On Saturday I played computer games with my cousins. copy __________ 2. 2. 1. I ____________ (walk) to school because there weren´t any buses. On Saturday I ____________ (play) computer games with my cousins. My mum didn´t cook dinner last night. practice __________ 6. 5. Las respuestas correctas 1.Ejercicios A. move __________ . cycle __________ 4. My brother travelled to Ireland last summer. They didn´t dance at the party. 4. They ____________ (not dance) at the party. B. listen __________ 5. 2. 5. 3. My mum ____________ (not cook) dinner last night. like __________ 8. My brother ____________ (travel) to Ireland last summer.

a / have / time? / they / Did / good / _________________________________ 4. did / weekend? / the / What / do / we / at / _________________________________ . copy copied 2.9. you / many / did / ask? / How / people / _________________________________ 3. cycle cycled 4. practice practiced 6. like liked 8. Escribe las preguntas en el orden correcto Ejemplo: night? / meet / Did / you / them / last / Did you meet them last night? 1. start started C. listen listened 5. shout __________ 10. start __________ Las respuestas correctas 1. revise revised 3. play played 7. move moved 9. film? / like / you / Did / the / _________________________________ 2. shout shouted 10.

Did he went to school yesterday? X 2. Did you like the film? 2. How many people did you ask? 3. Did he go to your party on Saturday? 7. Did they last night phone you? X Las respuestas correctas . party / on / your / go / Saturday? / he / Did / to / _________________________________ 7. Did they have a good time? 4. she / DVD? / Where / that / did / buy / _________________________________ 6. Where you did learn English? X 4. Who did you see yesterday? D. What do you this yesterday? X 6. Did she works today? X 5. Where did she buy that DVD? 6. Corrige las frases Who do you met on Saturday morning? X Who did you meet on Saturday morning? 1. did / yesterday? / Who / you / see / _________________________________ Las respuestas correctas 1.5. What did we do at the weekend? 5. Why did you to go home early? X 3.

travel ___________ 7. Did he go to school yesterday? 2. What did you do this yesterday? 6. Did they phone you last night? E. see I F. make I 6. use ___________ 3. travel R 7. make ___________ 6. use R 3. Did she work today? 5.1. Why did you go home early? 3. eat ___________ 5. study ___________ 4. Escribe el pasado simple de los verbos del ejercicios E. study R 4. fly ___________ 2. fly I 2. . eat I 5. Where did you learn English? 4. ¿Verbos regulares (R) o irregulares (I)? play R 1. see ___________ Las respuestas correctas 1.

used 3. flew 2. made 6. at about seven o´clock. 2. ___________ 3. I ________ 500 meters in the swimming pool and then 4. 6. 5. Then I ________ to the sports centre. 1. ___________ 6. ___________ 4. ___________ 5. At lunchtime I ________ my friends in a café. Completa las frases utilizando el pasado simple de los verbos. ___________ 7. I ________ a shower and some fruit for breakfast. ___________ 2. saw G. We ________ some pasta and ________ some juice. . ___________ Las respuestas correctas 1.1. I ________ 5 kilometers. travelled 7. be – got up – meet – have – go – run – drink – sleep – swim – eat Yesterday I got up early. 3. ate 5. studied 4.

We ___________ (walk) to school yesterday. I ___________ (not climb) over the fence. We ate some pasta and drank some juice. I ________ tired! Las respuestas correctas 1. 8. Dad ___________ (not help) me with my homework. The plane ___________ (land) ten minutes ago. She ___________ (smile) when she saw me. We ___________ (hurry) to the station to catch the train. I had a shower and some fruit for breakfast. I opened the door and ___________ (look) inside. Who ___________ (close) all the windows? 3. 2. I was tired! H. 9. Then I went to the sports centre. She ___________ (laugh) when I told her the joke. After lunch I slept for a few hours. 5. I swam ran 500 meters in the swimming pool and then 4. 2. I ran5 kilometers. 14. 3. My brother ___________ (not cry) when he fell of his bike. At lunchtime I met my friends in a café. 10. 11. . 6. 6. I ___________ (carry) my mom´s shopping bag. We ___________ (race) each other on our bikes. 4.7. Completa con el verbo en pasado simple (verbos regulares) 1. After lunch I ________ for a few hours. We ___________ (live) in that house when I was a baby. I ___________ (rip) my shirt. 7. 5. 13. 12. 7.

16. The frog ___________ (change) into a prince. 21. She ___________ (not kiss) the frog. 7. 9. . It ___________ (not snow) last night. 2. She laughed when I told her the joke. I opened the door and looked inside. The plane landed ten minutes ago. We ___________ (return) our books to the library. My brother didn´t cry when he fell of his bike. Luis Miguel ___________ (hurry) to catch a bus. We walked to school yesterday. They ___________ (not work) until twelve last night. I ___________ (not kick) the ball very hard. We raced each other on our bikes. 25. 11. 18. We lived in that house when I was a baby. 12. She smiled when she saw me. 19. Las respuestas correctas 1. 5. 24. Who ___________ (invent) the computer? 23. 10. I carried my mom´s shopping bag. 20. 6. 22. 4.15. Dinosaurs ___________ (live) many years ago. Helen ___________ (whisper) me a secret. I didn´t climb over the fence. 17. I ripped my shirt. 13. We hurried to the station to catch the train. Two doctors ___________ (rush) into the room. Who did close all the windows? 3. 8.

The glass ___________ (fall) off the table. She didn´t kiss the frog. Ali ___________ (cut) his knee. 16. 21. 4. Dinosaurs lived many years ago. Luis Miguel hurried to catch a bus. We had a garage where we ___________ (keep) our car. 10. Helen whispered me a secret. The frog changed into a prince. The bell ___________ (not ring). 17. They didn´t work until twelve last night. 20. I kicked the ball and it ___________ (break) a window. 22. I. 5. 2. Who invented the computer? 23. 6. 9. 19. We ___________ (sell) our old car. 24. The glass ___________ (not break). My new shoes ___________ (not cost) a lot of money. 7. I ___________ (loose) my watch in the park. 11. 3. . Dad didn´t help me with my homework. It didn´t snow last night. Pasado simple (verbos irregulares) 1. We ___________ (buy) a new car. Two doctors rushed into the room. 15. 12. 8. I didn´t kick the ball very hard. I ___________ (get) this book from the library. David ___________ (not hurt) his knee. We returned our books to the library. 18. 25.14.

21. The glass didn´t break. 11. My new shoes didn´t cost a lot of money. 5. 2. 4. I lost my watch in the park. 7. He ___________ (not hit) the ball over the net. Our cat ___________ (run) onto the road. I kicked the ball and it broke a window. Las respuestas correctas 1. 18. We all ___________ (go) into school. Her ring ___________ (cost) ten Euros. 19. 16. David didn´t hurt his knee. 24. 22. I ___________ (buy) a new camera last week. We had a garage where we kept our car. Yesterday Dad ___________ (not take) me to the carnival. We sold our old car. Jack and Jill ___________ (not go) up the hill. Ali cut his knee. We ___________ (drive) to a safari park yesterday. Elizabeth ___________ (give) Eva a chocolate. The man ___________ (not kneel) down. 25. The glass fell off the table. 23. 9. . 10. 14. I ___________ (put) sugar in my coffee. 15. 20. The dog ___________ (catch) the ball. I got this book from the library. 3. 6. Jane ___________ (not write) a letter. 8. We bought a new car. 17.13.

Jane didn´t write a letter. 25. 24.. 20. He didn´t hit the ball over the net. 23. Here's how. 18. No technical knowledge required.12. 15. Fichas sobre el pasado simple: verbos regulares e irregulares Las respuestas correctas Share this page: What's This? Enjoy this page? Please pay it forward. I bought a new camera last week. The bell didn´t ring. 17.. We all went into school. We drove to a safari park yesterday.com . I put sugar in my coffee. 14. The dog caught the ball. The man didn´t kneel down. 21. Our cat ran onto the road. Yesterday Dad didn´t take me to the carnival. Her ring cost ten Euros. 13. 16. Elizabeth gave Eva a chocolate. Earn an income working from home.language-worksheets. 19. 22. Jack and Jill didn´t go up the hill. Click on the block below to find out how. Copyright 2007 www.

Simple present tense Simple past tense Simple future tense Will/Be going to Present progressive/continuous tense Past progressive/continuous tense Future progressive/continuous tense Present perfect tense Past perfect tense Future perfect tense Present perfect progressive/continuous tense Past perfect progressive/continuous tense Future perfect progressive/continuous tense Imperative Modals (auxiliary verbs) The passive voice Question words . An.Grammar Worksheets On this place you will get worksheets to practise grammar on a Secondary School Level The worksheets will be about these subjects: To be To have Articles: A.

no Prepositions Comparisons/superlative Capitalisation Gerunds/infinitives Direct/indirect speach Connecting words Phrasal verbs (Idioms) SBI! .little .many .any .few .there are Personnal pronouns Possessive Reflexive pronouns Demonstrative pronouns Relative pronouns Much .Asking /Answering questions Possessive ending Plural form (nouns) Adjectives and adverbs Possessive adjective There is .some .

Vocabulary First Grade Secondary Character adjectives clever funny helpful lazy messy musical nice shy sporty talkative tidy Descriptions curly straight long short dark blond tall fat .

thin Nationalties American Argentinean Australian Brazilian British Irish Japanese Spanish Dutch French Portuguese Italian German Kind of clothes baggy tight long sleeved short sleeved plain .

striped boots dress jacket jumper leggings shirt shorts Dressing up things beard cloak earrings glasses gun hat make up mask moustache scarf waistcoat wig .

Jobs actress artist builder chef computer programmer doctor explorer inventor journalist lawyer nurse pilot police officer scientist vet writer Chores clean the floor do the shopping do the washing up make (your) bed .

take the rubbish out tidy up Food biscuits bread cake carrots cereal cheese cherries chicken chips crisps eggs fish fruit juice lemons meat milk onions peaches .

potatoes rice salad sandwich soup spaghetti strawberries toast tomatoes vegetables water Sea creatures blue whale dolphin giant clam giant squid giant white shark jellyfish killer whale lobster octopus sea lion .

swordfish walrus Water sports canoeing sailing scuba diving snorkeling surfing water skiing wind surfing Body parts shoulder back knee leg foot toes ankle fingers hand arm .

tummy elbow wrist Health problems broken arm bruises a cold a cough cuts earache headache sore throat temperature toothache tummy ache feel sick in plaster Leisure centre bowling alley gift shop ice rink .

restaurant climbing wall go-karting track pedal boat skateboarding rink City sights bridge castle museum palace statue theatre tower square Directions along at the end of the road at the traffic lights on your left on your right opposite .

outside past cross the road go straight on take the first turn on the left turn right In Space planet shooting star the moon Earth flying saucer alien spaceship spacesuit astronaut milky way sun satellite space station comet The orchestra .

Copyright 2007 www.. Click on the block below to find out how.cymbals clarinet flute percussion audience trombone harp strings cello conductor brass woodwind Share this page: What's This? Enjoy this page? Please pay it forward.com SBI! . Earn an income working from home. Here's how.language-worksheets.. No technical knowledge required.

Vocabulary Second Grade Secondary Furniture desk wardrobe bookcase mirror shelf stereo chair lamp computer bedside table bed Free time activities stay in play sport send text messages go to a sleepover download music go out read magazines go to the cinema .

watch TV surf the internet go shopping play computer games cartoon chat show comedy program documentary music program police drama quiz show reality show soap opera sports program the news Adjectives of Opinion annoying boring exciting dangerous funny frightening .

great interesting rubbish safe serious silly Life events be born get a job get married go to school go to university grow up learn to drive leave school take an exam win a price Jobs architect doctor fashion designer .

film director lawyer model musician secretary shop assistant teacher waiter / waitress Mistery cemetery curse darkness full moon ghost haunted house mummy nightmare noises shadow tomb Verbs of movement .

crash cross drive float jump lie down push pull run sit down stand up walk Environment verbs cut down destroy keep clean pollute protect recycle save throw away turn off .

waste Materials and containers bag bottle box can cardboard fabric glass jar metal paper plastic rubber wood Computers screen mouse printer keyboard control pad .

CD / DVD reader writer games console disk scanner webcam software speakers Computer games cheats simulation sports action fantasy mobile phone adventure sound effects joystick levels role play Crime murder .

pick pocketing robber robbery shop lifting speeding spraying graffiti theft thief vandalism victim witness Physical description blue eyes curly hair dark hair fair hair glasses long hair short hair slim short straight hair .

tall tattoo well built Sport table tennis judo swimming motor cross snowboarding cycling kayaking climbing basketball rollerblading skydiving Health problems a broken leg sunburn a sore throat a cold a cough .

a sprained ankle a headache a cut stomachache Things for summer camp sun hat sleeping bag insect repellent sun cream rucksack suitcase battery torch money towel camera sunglasses Holiday problems crowd pollution litter .

noise high rise hotels traffic crime rain queue insects Greek epics god throne cloak chariot goddess shield gorgon cave monster unicorn sword armour Share this page: What's This? .

. interested / interesting adj. excited / exciting adj. take (two) away from (four) v. No technical knowledge required. Click on the block below to find out how.. depressed / depressing adj. Phrasal verbs with take take after (your dad) v. frightened / frightening adj. take back (sth you said) v.com SBI! Vocabulary Third Grade Secondary Adjectives ending in -ed and -ing amused / amusing adj. Earn an income working from home. Copyright 2007 www. Here's how. relaxed / relaxing adj. disappointed / disappointing adj.language-worksheets. bored / boring adj.Enjoy this page? Please pay it forward. .

be taken in (by sb) = be tricked v. cover n. prologue n. unit n. villain n. heroine n. digital version n. review n. critic n hero n. character n. hardback n. take (sb) on = employ v. take up (space) v. paperback n. blurb n. . summary n. take up (a hobby) v.take off = become successful v. Book words author n. chapter n.

get to sleep easily/quickly v. setting n. plot n. twist n.narrative n. . sleepwalk v. look (sth) up (in the dictionary) v. fast asleep adj. get your beauty sleep v. Expressions with sleep sleepyhead n. sleep in v. get up (leave bed in the morning) v. storyline n. feel sleepy v. sleep over (at sb’s house) v. give up (on a task) v. sleep on (sth) v. Phrasal verbs with up dress up (in good clothes) v. make up with (sb) = become friends again v.

save up (money) v. turn up = arrive somewhere v. be tired v. have a nightmare v. stick up for (sb) = defend v. Mind and body body n. develop v. cycle n. brain n. take up (a hobby) v. go to bed v. have a dream v. Sleeping awaken (sb) v. . dream n/v. wake up (in the morning) v. stay up (late) v. feel tired v. have a nap v.put up with (sb/sth) = tolerate v.

stage n. Linking expressions as a result consequently for that reason however what is more Extreme adjectives boiling adj. . neuron n. freezing adj. relax v. exhausted adj. memory n. organism n. repair v. process n. protein n. enormous adj.eye n. unconscious adj.

. tiny adj. ex-miner n international adj. soaking adj. microclimate n. work out (an answer) v. overfishing n. look out = be careful v. massive adj. impossible adj. leave (sb/sth) out = omit v. find out (sth) = discover v. Prefixes anti-road adj. try out (sth new) v.huge adj. Phrasal verbs with out break out = begin v. come out = be published v. carry out (tests) v. fall out with (sb) = argue v.

sea level n tornado n. hurricane n. supermarket n. poverty n. corruption n. . World problems cholera n. recycling n. starvation n. fraud n. malaria n. flooding n. pro-hunting n. crime n. unemployed adj.pre-industrial adj. flu n. famine n. underestimate v. disease n.

. get out (of a place) = leave v. player n. powered by v. get down = move to the ground v. rechargeable adj. screen n. processor n. download v. get into (a new market) v.Technology battery n. keyboard n. message n. headphones n. handheld adj. get back = move away v. get on (a train) v. gadget n. Phrasal verbs with get get (a message) across v. get around (restrictions) v. get away (from a place) v.

get over (a problem) = recover v.

Recording music
iPod n. jukebox n. phonograph n. record player n. vinyl record n. Walkman n.

Celsius (centigrade) n. centimetre n. degree n. Fahrenheit n. foot n. gram n. inch n. kilogram n. kilometre n. metre n.

big adj.

brand new adj. bright blue adj. dark green adj. glass adj. heavy adj. huge adj. light adj. long adj. metallic grey adj. plastic adj. rectangular adj. round adj. small adj. square adj. steel adj. tiny adj. used adj.

Stage instructions
grin v. recline v. shrug v. sit up v.

wave v. interrupt v. laugh v. reply v. respond v. sound desperate v.

Phrasal verbs with off
be cut off = be isolated v. cut (sb) off = disconnect a call v. drop (a passenger) off v. get off (a bus) v. go off = explode v. put (sb) off = discourage v. set off (on a trip/journey) v. take off = leave the ground v. tell (sb) off = speak angrily v.

Expressions with make and take
make a meal v. make a mistake v. make a plan v. make (sb) happy v.

Here's how. What do you reckon? What’s the word on…? What’s up? You’re pulling my leg! give (sb) a hand (with sth) keep an eye on (sth) put your foot in it Share this page: What's This? Enjoy this page? Please pay it forward. No technical knowledge required. No way. take (sth) from (another person) v.language-worksheets.make (sb) ill v.. take a train v. Earn an income working from home. Click on the block below to find out how. Idiomatic expressions I haven’t got a clue. take four hours v. take advice v. Copyright 2007 www.com . take a trip v..


Vocabulary Fourth Grade Secondary
Crime and punishment
arson n. arsonist n. commit arson v. attack n. /v. attacker n. forge n. forger n. forgery n. hijack v. hijacker n. hijacking n. kidnap v. kidnapper n. kidnapping n. murder v. murderer n. burglar n. burglary n.

burgle v. mug v. mugger n. mugging n. pick a pocket v. pickpocket n. rob v. robber n. robbery n. shoplift v. shoplifter n. shoplifting n. steal v. thief (thieves) n.

Physical description
bald adj. beard n. chubby adj. curly adj. dark adj. dark-skinned adj. earrings n.

fair adj. freckles n. glasses n. moustache n. long adj. of medium height overweight adj. pale adj. round adj. scar n. scruffy adj. short adj. skinny adj. spiky adj. square adj. straight adj. tall adj. tanned adj. thin-faced adj. wavy adj. well-built adj. well-dressed adj. wig n.

. arrogant adj.Character description aggressive adj. break out (of a prison) crack down (on crime) v. kind-hearted adj. brave adj. let (sb) off v. Phrasal Verbs: crime break into (a shop) v. unsociable adj. reliable adj. shy adj. outgoing adj. hold (sb) up v. loyal adj. argumentative adj. generous adj. give oneself up = surrender v. lock (sb) up v. narrow-minded adj.

/v. well adj. /v. weigh v. draw n. flower n. rock adj./n.pick (sb) up v./v. Advertising collocations carry out research . fire n. way n. general n./adj. can n./n. lie n. bright adj. bow n. /v. flour n. Homonyms and homophones bow v. patient adj. know v./adv./v./n ring n.

pay (sb) back v. run up (a bill) v. Binomials alive and well bread and butter bright and early (to get up bright and early) . pay up = pay a bill v. splash out (on sth) v. go up = increase v. dip into (your savings) v.create a product design the label introduce a product launch an investigation present an opportunity promote a product receive an award target a person / group Phrasal Verbs: money cut back (on spending) v. put (money) aside v.

derelict adj. disease n.clean and tidy fish and chips high and low (to search high and low) hot and cold hustle and bustle law and order peace and quiet pick and choose sink or swim (leave sb to sink or swim) sooner or later Social issues air pollution n. . undernourished adj. malnutrition n. squatters n. slums n. alleys n. illiteracy adj. health hazard n. overcrowded adj.

wall n. plain adj. roof n. unemployment n. large adj. flat adj. ornate adj. . balcony n.underprivileged adj. high adj. stained glass n. column n. sloping adj. stairs n. façade n. ceiling n. Describing buildings arch n. unhealthy adj. attic n. low adj. entrance n.

brick n glass n marble n slate n steel n stone n wood n Rooms basement n bathroom n dining room n kitchen n living room n main bedroom n spare bedroom n study n Phrasal Verbs: telephoning be tied up = be busy v. charge up (your battery) v.small adj. . call (sb) back v.

sightseeing n. tour n. traffic jam n. facilities n. hold on = wait v. suburbs n. nightlife n.get through (to sb) v. shopping centre n. Award ceremonies announce the winner arrive in good time be nominated for an award burst into tears . outskirts n. ring road n. top up (your credit) v. put (sb) through v. hang up (on sb) v. City features cosmopolitan adj.

. screenplay n. clapperboard n. a stunt person n.flashes go off give a round of applause give a speech go on the stage look stunning pose for the photographers present an award sign autographs walk along the red carpet Film words a leading actor n. an extra n. cutting room n. soundtrack n. costume n. a supporting actor n. a make-up artist n. special effects n. a scriptwriter n.

get over (a problem) v. .A film review convincing adj. fall through = be cancelled v. pull (sth) off v. lose out to (another company) v. Phrasal Verbs: success and failure close down (a business) v. interesting adj. is about mechanical adj. drop out of (college)v. thought-provoking adj. portrays v. rather adv. inspiring adj. slow-moving adj. definitely adv. get on (in your career) v. realistic adj. in my opinion n. come off = be successful v.

hacerbe fired be given promotion start at the bottom work your way up attend a training course be hired do overtime .Idioms a golden handshake be like two peas in a pod be on the same wavelength be out of pocket be snowed under be tied to your mother’s apron strings break the bank cost an arm and a leg do one’s dirty work fat cat get one’s hands dirty put your foot down The world of work .

Law n. holidays n. flexitime adj. full-time adj. Jobs and studies Art n. . part-time adj. Social sciences n.do shifts get hired get promotion go on a training course refuse promotion work overtime work shifts bonus n. Medicine n. Education n. Science n. Engineering n. perks n. Languages n.

solicitor n. historian n. graphic designer n. . surgeon n. mechanic n. biologist n. judge n. nurse n.architect n. market researcher n. lawyer n. photographer n. editor n. translator n. doctor n. tourist guide n. illustrator n. sandwich degree n. chemist n. engineer n. sociologist n. astronomer n. apprentice n.

qualifications n. No technical knowledge required. turn down (a job offer) v. clock out (of work) v. Copyright 2007 www. set up (a company) v. Share this page: What's This? Enjoy this page? Please pay it forward. Phrasal Verbs: work clock in (to work) v. GCSE n.com SBI! . knock off (from work) v. sort out (a problem) v. Click on the block below to find out how.resit exams v. joint degree n.. take over (a company) v. Here's how. fill in (for sb) v. interview n.language-worksheets. Earn an income working from home. skilled adj..

. climb v.Vocabulary Fifth Grade Secondary Pastimes chat v. never adv. collect things v. read magazines v. do sport v. send text messages v. visit internet cafes v. play computer games v. hang out v. surf the internet v. go to concerts v. Adverbs of frequency always adv. listen to music v. watch TV v. go out with friends v. go shopping v.

Adjectives and opposites agreeable / disagreeable adj. mature / immature adj. usually adv. reliable / unreliable adj. occasionally adv. literate / illiterate adj. possible / impossible adj. responsible / irresponsible adj. legal / illegal adj. efficient / inefficient adj. organised / disorganised adj. rarely adv. patient / impatient adj. . secure / insecure adj. sometimes adv. friendly / unfriendly adj.normally adv. obedient / disobedient adj. rational / irrational adj. romantic / unromantic adj.

fun adj. mad adj. average-looking adj. clever adj. glamorous adj. intelligent adj. popular adj. handsome adj. exciting adj. thin adj.arriesgado .Describing people attractive adj. easy adj. risky adj. cheap adj. difficult adj. expensive adj. . short adj. Describing sports boring adj. plump adj. fashionable adj.

go swimming v. do yoga v. go cycling v. . do gymnastics v. go riding v. do tai chi v. go running v. . go skateboarding v. do athletics v.safe adj. play cricket v. go sand boarding v. go bungee jumping v. play basketball v. do Pilates v. go zorbing v.seguro Sports do aerobics v. go canoeing v. go coasteering v. go rollerblading v. go canyoning v.

clubs n. play handball v. player n. umpire n. manager n. Sports people fan n. racquet n. Sports places course n. Sports equipment basket n. trunks n. boots n. referee n. goalkeeper n. play snooker v.play football v. net n. . court n. play hockey v.

eventually adv. pool n. pitch n. False friends actually adv. Sports idioms be in the driving seat adj. notice n. success n. record v. discussion n. library n. track n. parents n. career n. assist v. sensible adj. . suburbs n. constipated adj. be on the ball adj.ground n.

aircraft n. cellphone n.be plain sailing adj. airline n. penknife n. sail away v. headphones n. surf the internet v. skate on thin ice v. order the wrong food (in a restaurant) v. . Compound nouns adventure holiday n. football n. miss a train v. run out of petrol v. lose a passport v. Travel problems get lost v. backpack n. daredevil n. plane ticket n.

salesperson n. taxi driver n.power line n. technology n. shopkeeper n. powerboat n. sunglasses n. . lorry driver n. spacecraft n. scientist n. spacesuit n. firefighter n. Jobs art teacher n. Noun suffixes community n. explanation n. environment n. film director n. street cleaner n. optimism n.

thriller n. science fiction adj. Linking words also and as well besides in addition too what’s more Book genres adventure n. war n. detective n. suspense adj. comedy n. travel n.window cleaner n. romance n. horror n. historical adj. .

histories n incident n.com SBI! Vocabulary Sixth Grade Secondary Easily confused words cliché n. experience n..western n. policy n. Earn an income working from home. eventually adv. Copyright 2007 www. pregnant adj. Here's how.language-worksheets. Share this page: What's This? Enjoy this page? Please pay it forward. pretend v. . No technical knowledge required. occasionally adv.. experiment n. embarrassed adj. politics n. Click on the block below to find out how.

fun adj. energetic adj. dynamic adj.quiet adj. Adjectives: People attractive adj. topic n. great adj. still adv. success n. stories n. busy adj. friendly adj. . try v. difficult to understand distant adj. kind adj. handsome adj. famous adj. helpful adj. beautiful adj. boring adj.

warm adj. expensive adj. wonderful Adjectives: Places chaotic adj. modern adj. reserved adj. well-prepared adj. fabulous adj. polite adj.lovely adj. motivating adj. lively adj. nice adj. crowded adj. welcoming adj. sociable adj. historic adj. . trendy adj. fantastic views adj. fascinating adj. outgoing adj.

traditional typical adj. rich adj. surrounded by fields adj. varied adj. spicy adj. wonderful adj. Adjectives: Food bland adj. tasty adj. delicious adj. Adjectives: Weather changeable adj. . not too crowded quiet adj. cold adj. not very varied adj.multi-cultural adj. brilliant adj. snow-covered adj. cloudy adj.

rush v. cry v. wet adj.hot adj. sunny adj. humid adj. shout v. crawl v. Verbs with similar meanings chatter v. limp v. whisper v. gossip v. stroll v. windy adj. warm adj. sigh v. jog v. . groan v. scream v. march v. stormy adj.

put (sth) away v. turn (sth) off v. Phrasal Verbs break down v. hand (sth) in v.wander v. come across (sth) v. write (sth) down v. drop (sb) off v. sit down v. look forward to (sth) v. put (sth) out v. look (sth) up v. look for (sth) v. set off v. . put (sth) off v. pick (sth) up v. turn (sth) on v. look after (sb) v. fall out with (sb) v. put up with (sb) v.

late / on time adj. probable / improbable adj. friendly / unfriendly adj. buy / sell v. gently / roughly adv.Antonyms boiling / freezing adj. obedient / disobedient adj. convenient / inconvenient adj. . practical / impractical adj. decent / indecent adj. honest / dishonest adj. pleasant / unpleasant adj. entertaining / tedious adj. rational / irrational adj. lost / found adj. possible / impossible adj. fashionable / unfashionable adj. pleased / displeased adj. delicious / disgusting adj. lively / exhausted adj. enormous / tiny adj. fresh / stale adj.

relevant / irrelevant adj. . motherhood n. information n. helplessly adv. stunning / ordinary adj. terrify v. satisfied / dissatisfied adj. criticism n. careful adj. energize v. comical adj. entertainment n. backwards adv. Suffixes attractive adj. economist n. possibility n. careless adj. responsible / irresponsible adj. wonderful / awful adj. happiness n. dangerous adj.

embarrassed / embarrassing adj. useful adj. beautiful adj. therapeutic adj.Adjective suffixes amazed / amazing adj. disrupted adj. revolving adj. relaxed / relaxing adj. technical adj. creative adj. . revolutionary adj. distracted / distracting adj. hopeless adj. disruptive adj. fascinated / fascinating adj. satisfactory adj. pleased / pleasing adj. imaginary adj. surprised / surprising adj. revolting adj. repetitive adj. confused / confusing adj.

pay for v. provide with v.Life goals a happy family a social life a successful career a university degree n. home ownership n. argue with v. apologise for v. deprived of v. . world travel Verbs and prepositions accuse of v. children n. banned from v. apply for v. blame for v. fame n. money n. marriage n.

complain about v. speak to v. be married to v. laugh at v. drive into v. participate in v. suffer from v. insist on v. congratulate on v. explain to v. rely on v. listen to v. Mood collocations to argue about something to be bad-tempered . succeed in v. translate into v. believe in v. climb up v. protect from v.prevent from v. concentrate on v.

get out of (doing sth) v. look up to (sb) v. get on with (sb) v. miss out on (sth) v. stay out of (a place) v. .to become angry suddenly to become less angry to blow up at somebody to calm down to control your emotions to disagree angrily to get angry easily to have an argument to keep calm to lose your temper to make up with somebody to resolve an argument to talk things over Phrasal Verbs: two particles face up to (a problem) v. run out of (money) v. fall out with (sb) v.

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