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Spring 2009 Issue No.

: 09-1

Trade Show 2009:
Vendor Pg. 3 Focus on Process Improvement
Direct Wire & Cable

Meet Our Pg. 4

New Products Pg. 5
& Innovation
from Trade
Show 2008!

The theme of AWISCO’s Trade Show 2009, June
Awisco’s Pg. 6 10th and 11th in Maspeth, will be helping our cus-
Answer Man tomers to improve processes, productivity and profit-
ability. Projecting a positive turn in the economy and
a fresh new business climate to come, more than 40 Of course, we will carry on the AWISCO Trade
of our vendor-partners will team up with our dynamic Show tradition of contests and competitions, our
sales staff to evaluate customer’s needs. Post show famous hospitality, a gourmet barbecue both days,
visits to customer’s facilities will also be offered. snacks, beverages and giveaways! Each afternoon
The Cradle Pg. 7 Exhibitors will include the ITW Welding Group will be capped off with delicious Italian Ices hand
That Rocked Shea (Miller Electric, Hobart Brothers, Smith, Bernard scooped and served by Robinsoni and O’Malleoni,
and Weldcraft), Thermadyne Industries (Thermal purveyors of fine frozen confections.
Dynamics, Thermal Arc, Victor, Tweco/Arcair and As past attendees know, AWISCO Trade Shows
Stoody), ESAB, Lenox Tool, Hougen Manufacturing, have huge turn-outs and pre-registration is your key
Torchwear, Mathey-Dearman, United Abrasives, to maximizing your show experience. Register today
Awisco John Tillman Clothing, Scotchman Industries and at We look forward to welcoming
Pg. 8
many more. you to Trade Show 2009!
In The News
Seven Convenient Locations! • Sales - Service -Rental
55-15 43rd Street, Maspeth NY 11378 Tel: 718-786-7788 Fax: 718-361-1855
20C Gleam St., W. Babylon NY 11704 26 Industrial Dr., W. Milford NJ 07480
Tel: 631-643-1308 Fax: 631-643-5611 Tel: 973-728-9008 Fax: 973-728-8172
4835 Veterans Hwy, Holbrook NY 11741 24 Lakeside Ave., W. Orange NJ 07052
Tel: 631-615-3100 Fax: 631-737-1408 Tel: 973-736-0200 Fax: 973-736-7541
4713 NE 11th Ave., Oakland Park FL 33334 222 US Hwy 206, Branchville NJ 07826
Tel: 954-493-9131 Fax: 954-493-9138 Tel: 973-948-4422 Fax: 973-948-0267 800-834-1925
The Awisco Arc Issue No.: 09-1

From The Desk of Lloyd Robinson

Dear Valued Customer:

The arrival of our third edition of the AWISCO Arc coincides with the roll out of one of the
marketing efforts that makes us unique, our Customer Satisfaction Survey. In 1997, AWISCO was
one of the first compressed gas and welding distributors to reach out in this way and collect feedback
in an effort to improve the areas that you told us were important to you.
Our surveys are a product of the TQM (Total Quality Management) Program that we initiated
more than fifteen years ago. They derive from a very simple but often overlooked concept; what
“we think” is important may not correspond to what you think is important. Surveys are one of the
easiest and most efficient ways of finding out what you think.
The survey is divided into several of the activities in which we connect with and serve you. You
will have the opportunity to rate our performance as well as rank the importance of each of these
areas to you.
Our fourth survey is more streamlined and faster to finish than the first three. It should not take
you more than ten minutes to complete. We have already mailed surveys out to some of you. If you
have not received one, we also have a web based version of the survey for your convenience that
may be reached by clicking on the link at Please take a few minutes
to visit our website and take the survey. Your input, as always, is invaluable.
Our mission is to make your experience with AWISCO the very best that it can be. Your feedback
will give us the fuel that we need to make it happen. This relationship is an integral part of what we
call the AWISCO Advantage. We are grateful for your participation, loyalty and friendship.

Yours truly

Lloyd Robinson

PS: I look forward to greeting all of you at our Trade Show 2009, June 10th and 11th in Maspeth! 

Issue No.: 09-1 The Awisco Arc

Vendor Spotlight
Their newest offering, Quick Print, with these industry leading products
provides multiple benefits for users. and services.
With Quick Print, you can have your When Eric is away from his
Eric Laubach

company name printed on your choice professional world of cable he is
Eric Laubach is a wiry kind of of black, red, green, yellow or blue very much the family man. He enjoys
guy; not his build, his business. cable for both identification and theft spending quality time with his wife,
Our vendor spotlight falls on Eric deterrence. This allows you to eas- Wendy, and their two children, seven
who is VP of Sales for Direct Wire ily identify your cables, especially year old Abby and four year old Jake.
and Cable, one of the top manu- important on multiple contractor job- Living in the heart of Amish country
facturers of welding cable and sites. Eric will be showing off the ad- offers a wide variety of great food,
accessories in the country. vantages of Quick Print at the 2009 shopping and enjoying the outdoors.
A graduate of West Virginia AWISCO Trade Show along with their You can bet on finding Eric doing
University, Eric started his pro- Ultra-Flex welding cable, some fly fishing, golfing, playing
fessional career in the industrial safe- which is the most flex- softball as long as his
ty market. After knees will let him,
spending five years or just relaxing with
selling safety equip- friends for a few laughs
ment across the on the back porch.
Northeast, Eric en- Eric stressed that he is
tered the manu- just one piece of the
facturing world puzzle that comes together to
promoting steel toe make Direct Wire & Cable so suc-
work boots and shoes from New cessful. He expressed thanks to
England to North Carolina. His nine AWISCO for its friendships, part-
year stint in the safety market then took nerships and dedication to its
a dramatic and fortuitous turn. An customers, thanks to Direct Wire &
opportunity to return to his home Cable’s employees for their dedi-
town and childhood roots beckoned cation to the people who are weld-
and he answered. So he loaded up ing America, and most importantly
his truck with his then pregnant wife, thanks to all of the customers. In fact,
Wendy, and they moved to Lancaster, Eric has extended an offer to all of
Pennsylvania. His childhood friend’s AWISCO’s customers to join him on
family business, Direct Wire & Cable, a tour of their Lancaster, PA facility
needed a seasoned sales professional to see first hand everything that goes
to take the helm and Eric jumped at into making the cables you use each
the opportunity. and every day. If you are interested in
Now an eight year veteran of taking a tour, contact your AWISCO
Direct, Eric explained why his com- Account Manager.
pany stands out from the competition. Eric Laubach is one of AWISCO’s
He said that Direct offers 100% guar- most highly regarded vendor-part-
anteed products, made in the USA, and ners thanks to his commitment to
that all of their employees exhibit a providing the highest quality prod-
passion for cable you aren’t likely to ucts, service, and knowledge to all of
see anywhere else. To hear “We love our customers. “I love what I do and
cable!” shouted throughout the day love what our products do,” Eric said.
at their corporate office is a common Contact AWISCO today to find out
occurrence. He also commented on how you can benefit from all Direct
Direct’s ever evolving product line Wire & Cable has to offer.
and offerings such as Direct Connect ible welding cable in the industry
Service where they will cut cable to as well as their wide assortment of cus-
any length and attach the connectors, tomized jumper cables, power cords,
ground clamps, holders and lugs they plugs and adaptors. Be sure to attend By Mike D’Ambrosio,
stock at their facility. the show to get a hands-on experience Marketing 800-834-1925 
The Awisco Arc Issue No.: 09-1

Meet Our Employees
for Liz Claiborne. Abel’s techni- To further enhance our customer’s
cal experience combined with Joe’s
Abel Mariot and Joe Karnchanabut

shopping experience the duo has made
background in retail management is big strides in remodeling the showroom
a unique combination that brings an floor. Abel said, “We’ve put a lot of ef-
unmatched level of service to cus- fort into making the showroom more
tomers visiting the Maspeth store. accessible so it is easier for customers to
When asked about the day to day find the equipment they need.” Joe also
goings on both noted that the first felt the new layout of the showroom is
thing that comes to mind is the fast a big plus for our customers and added,
Customer service is one of the key pace of activity in the showroom. “One “We want the Maspeth store to be the
elements that have helped build The of the most important factors of
AWISCO Advantage. One area where my day is being time sensitive.
customer service is crucial is the high Time is money for our custom-
octane Maspeth showroom. Our tag ers so fulfilling our customer’s
team of counter personnel consisting needs as quickly and efficiently as
of Abel Mariot and Joe Karnchanabut possible is my first priority,” said
have proved time and again that they Joe. Both Joe and Abel explained
can meet the challenge. that the fast pace of their jobs
Abel’s AWISCO career began in plays a big part in why they enjoy
August of 2004 and Joe’s in November coming to work each day and the
of 2007, combined they give you more ability to help so many people is a great show piece of the corporation where
than 6 years of experience working the feeling. Abel added that “Everyday customers can come to learn, compare,
Maspeth counter. The pair followed my goal is to make our customers and get the most out of their shopping
different paths to get where they are happy and make sure they have the right experience.”
now and that variety has proven to add equipment and information to get their Abel Mariot and Joe Karnchanabut
to their combined success. Abel studied job done right.” know the value of teamwork and
at Lincoln Technical Institute where he efficient customer service and are
honed his skills as an automotive tech- working everyday to bring that value
nician before putting those skills to the to all of AWISCO’s customers. Their
test for BMW of Manhattan. Joe, who varied experiences and shared com-
studied at SUNY Binghamton, held mitment to make AWISCO the best it
a position at Time Warner doing lay- can be is just another example of The
out and design work, which led to him AWISCO Advantage and how it works
being a sales manager for Duane Reade for our customers.
as well as a merchandizing manager

Norma Feged different mock-ups for management to image retouching. Being able to use
is an artist. You review and critique. high quality tools and software allows
may not have me to bring my experience and artistic
Norma Feged

Norma received a bachelor’s degree
heard of her but in Fine Arts from The City College of nature to the forefront.”
you’ve certainly New York where she Norma’s dedication, art-
seen her work. specialized in graphic istry and professionalism
Every time you design while studying at are the corner stones of her
walk into an the college’s Robinson success and her fiery
AWISCO store, Center for Graphic Arts passion is clearly seen in the
look at an AWISCO calendar, receive and Communication De- flaming “A” logo she creat-
our latest flyer or read this newsletter sign. Norma’s studies ed. AWISCO would not be
you enjoy her talent and creativity. seemed destined to lead the same and certainly
Norma joined the AWISCO staff her to the AWISCO fami- would not look the same
October of 2003 with the daunting task ly, as The Robinson Center at which she without Norma Feged and her wonder-
of redesigning our catalog. Her days are studied got its name from its founder ful work.
filled with a wide variety of projects Herbert Robinson, uncle to AWISCO
from business cards to large outdoor president, Lloyd Robinson. When asked
banners. She likes to get a general feel for the secret to her success she replied,
for each project and the direction it’s “My professional training has made me By Mike D’Ambrosio,
headed before creating a number of an expert at layouts, type setting and Marketing

Issue No.: 09-1 The Awisco Arc

New Products
The Power of Blue™ strikes again with market place, the Wildcat offers the
the creation of the compact, lightweight contractor more truck bed space for
Wildcat™ 200

and durable Wildcat 200. The Wildcat material and tools. The seven gallon
200 is a fully enclosed DC gas driven tank allows for 12 hours of runtime
welder and generator combined in a new when burning 1/8” electrodes mean-
compact frame. The new enclosure pro- ing more production with less down
vides optimum protection for the 14 HP time. Miller’s Wildcat 200 offers the
Subaru engine as well as keeping dust, contractor a new choice in power and
debris and objects from entering the economy. Your AWISCO showroom
unit. With a footprint that’s about 30% is the place to see it.
smaller than comparable models in the

Miller Electric MFG. introduces the new steel cutting capacity. All of these
Trailblazer® 302 Air Pak

Trailblazer 302 Air Pak. This powerful features are packed into a footprint
all-in-one tool is designed for repair and that takes 50% less space than a
construction with 350 amps of multi- separate engine drive and compressor
process weld quality, an integrated with 25% less axle weight. You asked
rotary screw air compressor for air tools us for it, we turned to Miller and they
or plasma cutting and 13,000 watts delivered! See this modern marvel at
of generator power for electric tools. your AWISCO branch today.
The Trailblazer 302 Air Pak boasts
the strongest combined generator-
compressor in the industry with enough
air and power to run Miller’s Spectrum By Ray McKinnon
625 Plasma Cutter to its 5/8” rated mild Purchasing

Improving Productivity will reduce the scrap by calculating
the most efficient cutting pattern. The
In these uncertain economic times operator on the shop floor loads the
material on the table, identifies the

it is imperative that we all pay close
attention to our expenses. Labor job and the controller does the rest.
is usually the biggest part of our This system will interface with your
overhead and certainly a variable CAD or other design software to help
that can be adjusted by optimizing further maximize your employees time
procedures. as the job is automatically loaded onto
Let’s take a look at the amount of the controller. Many other features
time we spend prepping material in like scribing or label printing may
our fab shops. Here are some process Custom cutting and drilling of base be added to identify parts as they are
improvement areas that we may need plates and plates in general is another being produced. Depending on your
labor intensive process. Consider a needs, Oxy Fuel Heads and Drill
to focus on.
Cutting Table with a Plasma Power Heads may be added. Imagine how
How do we currently cut our material? Supply. Tables can not only save time and efficient your facility will be with one
Lots of shops still cut beams with oxy labor costs but significantly reduce scrap. or both of these tools on your floor.
fuel torches. If you are still using this The Nesting Software in the controller Call upon the AWISCO Advantage,
process it is a perfect time to consider our extensive team of resources and
a Band Saw. Currently there are several seasoned professionals to work with
manufacturers that provide a wide array you and evaluate your overhead and
of choices that can help expedite this the savings you will realize. Contact
process. The current generation of saws your AWISCO representative today.
has the ability to self feed, measure, cut,
miter left and right and bevel. This piece
of equipment used in conjunction with
an overhead crane can greatly reduce the By Felim O’Malley
labor cost and increase productivity. VP Operations 800-834-1925 
The Awisco Arc Issue No.: 09-1

The Awisco Answer Man
Answer Man is one of the most popular features on the website. We receive
questions on every aspect of welding, cutting and safety and carefully research our
responses. The following are recent questions submitted to the Answer Man.

Dear Answer Man: class of electrodes should never be and traps throughout your facility and
stored in temperatures greater than to add a dedicated water removal fil-
What temperature should you 130 degrees and should never be ter just before the inlet of your plasma
keep E6010 at for welding x-ray “reconditioned”. A full list of elec- cutter. We carry a line of filters spe-
quality joints on pipe? trode storage and conditioning tips cifically designed to go inline with
–Joseph, can be found on Hobart Brother’s your plasma cutter’s air supply. Just
Stroudsburg, PA website. The link is: http://www.ho- call one of our knowledgeable sales representatives at 1-800-834-1925
Storage_Chart.pdf and tell them you need a water filter
for your plasma cutter.
Thanks for asking.
The AWISCO Answer Man Thanks for asking.
The AWISCO Answer Man

Dear Answer Man:
Dear Joseph:
Electrode manufacturers address I recently purchased
the issue of electrode moisture and the same plasma
temperature. Generally speaking, cutter that my uncle
6010, 6011, 7010 and 8010 do not has but I seem to be
require heating unless excessive using more nozzles
and electrodes than
he does for the same
amount of work.
Any idea why this
may be happening?
Morristown, NJ
Do you have a question
Dear William:
concerning, welding, cutting
The most common cause of pre- or safety? Go to
mature tip and electrode wear in and click on
plasma cutting is excessive mois- the “Answer Man” link on the
moisture is detected. left side. Your question will be
If moisture is not an issue, the ture in the compressed air supply.
If you are using shop air and the answered and may be chosen
electrodes should be stored at “dry
filter traps have not been drained in a for the next edition of
room temperature” (between 40
and 120 degrees and between 50 while, you may be pushing water with “The AWISCO Arc”.
and 70% humidity). If excessive your compressed air which not only
moisture is an issue, it is permis- effects plasma consumables but also
sible to put them in a rod oven set can damage your air tools and other
between 110 and 120 degrees for pneumatic equipment. The cure is to By Victor Fuhrman,
an hour. The “xx10” and “xx11” make sure you have working filters CIO/VP Marketing 

Issue No.: 09-1 The Awisco Arc

The Cradle that Rocked Shea
When Brooklyn based Breeze Demolition fect fit for Breeze’s job as well as other
was awarded the contract to dismantle major projects in the New York area.
the 44 year-old home of the New York Eight of the Micro Bulk Pack Cradles
Mets, they knew they had a daunting were specially built for the stadium
task. The massive steel and concrete demolition and AWISCO became the
structure, filled with lingering memo- first distributor in the northeast US to
ries of heartbreak, miracles and triumph, carry them.
needed to be taken down with class, style Glenn Smith, WIG Regional Sales
and efficiency. Manager, worked with AWISCO and
Breeze called upon AWISCO, its sup- Breeze personnel setting up the initial
plier of choice for welding and safety cradles and training on their use. Smith
supplies and compressed gases, to pro- pointed out that the cradle system not
vide a solution for the large volumes only saves time but also is safer to use
of cutting gases needed with minimal than individual cylinders. “Flash arres-
cylinder handling, changeover and down- tors built in to the manifold and a single
time. Breeze knew that the “AWISCO connection point makes these units
Advantage”, AWISCO’s combination of safe, cost effective and easy to use,” he
technical expertise, incomparable service concluded. Smith also coordinated with
and vast resources, would find the right AWISCO and WIG’s plant to ensure an
products for the job. uninterrupted supply.
AWISCO turned to vendor-partner Breeze used 18 cradles since taking
Western International Gas and Cylinder delivery of the first units on October
for a high volume acetylene distribu- 30th, 2008, the equivalent of 324
tion solution. The Bellville, Texas Western International Gas Regional Sales
Manager Glenn Smith (right) explains individual tanks. With demolition
based company is the world’s largest Micro Bulk Pack connections to AWISCO complete, the tremendous savings are
manufacturer and supplier of acetylene. Driver Victor Alamo. very apparent. Breeze Field Supervisor
AWISCO President Lloyd Robinson
Anthony Canario praised the unit’s per-
visited WIG’s plant and was shown their 18 standard large cylinders with mini- formance saying, “The Western cradles
Micro Bulk Pack. The ten cylinder, 5000 mal setup, tear down and handling. He
were efficient, easy to use and helped us
cubic foot cradle yields as much gas as immediately knew that this was the per-
bring the job in on schedule.”
Breeze, AWISCO and WIG’s cra-
dles “rocked” Shea into a gentle and
memorable good night.
This success story is another example
of why major construction, demoli-
tion and fabricating companies select
AWISCO as their supplier of choice.

By Victor Fuhrman,
CIO/VP Marketing
There was one correct response to

last edition’s IndusTrivia question.

? ? ?
Think you know a lot about welding, cutting ?
and safety? To whom and in what year

? ?
Here’s your chance to test your knowledge and win an AWISCO Tee Shirt! was the first patent granted for
plasma arc cutting?

If you know the answer to the following question, go to our website,, submit your answer, and if your’s is one of Elliot Wiener from Juniper
the first ten correct submissions, you will win an AWISCO Tee Shirt! Industries, knew that Dr. Robert Gage
of Union Carbide, received the first
Question: Who struck the first arc? patent for Plasma Arc cutting in 1957!
Elliot wins an AWISCO tee-shirt.
The answer will appear in our next edition of “The AWISCO Arc”. Congratulations, Elliot! 800-834-1925 
The Awisco Arc Issue No.: 09-1

55-15 43rd Street
Maspeth NY 11378

“Go Green” with Awisco
and save our trees for
future generations.
Subscribe to the electronic
edition of The Awisco Arc at and push
the “Go Green” button on
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Seven Convenient Locations! • Sales - Service -Rental
55-15 43rd Street, Maspeth NY 11378 Tel: 718-786-7788 Fax: 718-361-1855
20C Gleam St., W. Babylon NY 11704 26 Industrial Dr., W. Milford NJ 07480
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AWISCO In The News
AWISCO Staff Attend University! AWISCO Recognized for Supporting
AWS Foundation
AWISCO is big on training and in the United States to subscribe to it and
education…so much so that it is sending enroll employees. More than 60 AWISCO
most of its employees to university! The staffers have received certificates so The Long Island Section of the
school in question is GAWDA University far for classes that include a wide American Welding Society (AWS)
and in all honesty, the campus is on the range of safety and compliance topics. recently lauded AWISCO’s support of
Training our staff to serve you better is the AWS Foundation campaign to recruit
internet! GAWDA (Gases and Welding
just another example of the AWISCO and train new welders. “The Long Island
Distributor Association) has created this Section would like to recognize AWISCO
cyber school for its distributor members Advantage!
Corporation President Lloyd Robinson
and AWISCO is one of the first distributors for stepping up in the first group of donors
to the AWS Foundation’s Welding for the
Welcome Women Welders Strength of America Campaign,” it said
in its recent bulletin.
Since Rosie the Riveter, women have proven their “It makes total sense for welding supply
industrial abilities time and time again. Opportunities distributors to contribute to the campaign
for women in construction and welding are greater as our future customers will come from
today than at any point in American history. AWISCO the welding professionals brought into the
recognizes the growing presence of women in the field industry by this worthwhile and essential
and now offers a full line of gender specific personal initiative,” Robinson commented. The
protective equipment including welding apparel, LI Section agrees with Mr.
gloves and accessories. We encourage women looking Robinson and applauds
for a career to consider welding and construction and his taking the lead in this
to know that AWISCO is here for you. effort and his generosity. 


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