The activities are designed to take into account the learning and development of the whole child. offers a number of interesting language-based activities for all the Sekolah Kebangsaan Palong 4 (F) pupils. and v. The English Week. iv. sufficient and equal opportunities to the pupils in practising the language. OBJECTIVES The activities conducted are based on several objectives: i. iii. To instil interest among the pupils to participate in participated in activities related to English Language. Rasid 2|Page . To promote the use of English Language in fun and communicative ways. To nurture positive spirits among the pupils. rather than simply to provide a series of ‘recipes’ for narrowly focused language practice. ORGANISING COMMITEE Advisor : Tuan Hj. To provide holistic. organized by the English Panel. Razali Saadan Headmaster of SK Palong 4 (F) President : Puan Norazian Shafie Senior Curriculum Teacher Head of English Panel Secretary Treasurer Committee member : : : : Puan Yusnamariah Md Yusop Puan Noor Nikmah Basiran Puan Rozanah Noordin Puan Waromlah ABd. To encourage the participation and co-operation through the group activities. ii.INTRODUCTION The English Week is held in conjunction with Pusat Sumber Sekolah (PSS) week on 2nd of October 2013.

– 9. 2nd.m. – 10.m.30 p. 2nd. 2nd.m. 2nd x 2 categories 3|Page . Rasid “Preposition Game” Ustaz Mazlan Mohamad “Bob’s Home” Puan Yusnamariah Md Yusop “Human Board Game” Puan Noor Nikmah Basiran “Human Board Game” 9.m. 3rd x 1 categories 1st. Puan Mariam 1A Abdullah “Words Maze” 1B Puan Ruzila Mohd Sufi “Words Maze” 2A Puan Siti Khatijah Seratamal “Action Words” 3A Ustaz Azman Abdullah “Action Words” 4A Ahmad Syahir “Action Words” 5A Puan Hamidah Ahmad “Action Words” Puan Umi Yuhaniz “Action Words” 8. 3rd x 1 categories 1st.30 a. 3rd x 4 categories 1st. 3rd x 2 categories 1st.m.40 a. “Spell it Right” All teachers “Spell it Right” All teachers “Spell it Right” All teachers “Spell it Right” All teachers “Spell it Right” All teachers “Spell it Right” All teachers “Spell it Right” All teachers RECESS RECESS RECESS RECESS 6A RECESS 6B Encik Zulkifli Husain “Action Words” RECESS “Spell it Right” All teachers PRIZES COMPETITION Words Maze Action Words Human Board Game Bob’s Home Preposition Crocodile Craft Spell it Right PRIZES 1st. 3rd x 1 categories 1st.m.40 a.30 a. – 8. 2nd. 3rd x 5 categories 1st.COMPETITION SCHEDULE Class 7. RECESS RECESS 10.m.40 a. 2nd. 2nd.m.40 a. – 1. Cik Noor Asikim Nor “Crocodile Craft” Puan Shamsiah Ahmad “Crocodile Craft” Puan Liza Yuliana “Crocodile Craft” Encik Mohd Azuan Abdollah “Crocodile Craft” Puan Waromlah Abd.40 a.

They labelled the picture as ‘playing’ instead of ‘flying’. REPORTS NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS ACTIVITY WINNERS 1 AMANAH 1ST Shah Rizdwan Nur Fatin Dayana 2 AMANAH Nur Fatihah Mazuri Aina Farisha Azri Ariff Words Maze 40 2ND Nur Farah 3RD Waheeda Comments (Strengths/Weaknesses/Suggestions for Improvement) The pupils were assessed on their ability to find the list words in the words maze by colouring the words. Most of the pupils were able to complete the task with the time given. Then.*Prizes are provided by the English Department with the department’s allocation and the sponsorship by the PSS. they are needed to use the words to fill in the blanks to complete the sentences. Through this activity the pupils learnt the correct spelling as well as learning new vocabulary.Alia Raziq 4A Daniel 1ST Hakim Action 92 Siti Nur Words 2ND Salsabila Suhaila Nurul 3RD Aisyah Syazwanies Comments (Strengths/Weaknesses/Suggestions for Improvement) The pupils were assessed on their ability to find the list words in the words maze by colouring the words. NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS 1ST Prepositions 92 2ND 3RD ACTIVITY WINNERS Mazrul Nizam (6 Bersih) Siti Nur Afiqah (6 Amanah) Angel Lee Ni (4 Amanah) 4|Page . they need to use the words to label the given pictures.Irfan Muhd Yusuff Amirul Hafiz 6B Syahira N. Finally. Most of the pupils were confused with the first picture. ACTIVITY NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS 3A Alia Najihah WINNERS 5A Surayah Ronald Siti Aishah 6A M. Some of them were unable to finish the task given within the allocated time.

The game should be conducted with less number of participants as well as adding more questions for the pupils to answer. most pupils were enjoyed playing this game. Based on the picture. Besides that.Daniel Hakim (4 Amanah) ACTIVITY WINNERS Nur Diana Nurizam (6 Amanah) 3RD Nur Elia Laila ( 4 Amanah) Comments (Strengths/Weaknesses/Suggestions for Improvement) Pupils are given a picture of Bob’s Home. ACTIVITY NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS 1ST WINNERS Nur Elia Laila (4 Amanah) Mohd Irfan Mustaqim (6 Amanah) Human Board Game 92 2ND 3RD Muhammad Mifhdal (5 Amanah) Comments (Strengths/Weaknesses/Suggestions for Improvement) Pupils need to roll the giant dice. They must answer the questions before they roll the dice again. they also answered the questions using words or phrases instead of answering the questions in full sentences. Pupils were enjoyed doing this activity as well as they learnt the grammar in context not through drilling. Based on the observations done. They will miss their turn if they are unable to answer the questions correctly. The marks given are based on their accuracy not the quality of the drawing. they answer several questions. Then. they move to the box according to the number appears on the dice. NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS ACTIVITY WINNERS Level 1 1ST Namitha (1 Bersih) Zulkifli (1 Amanah) Level 2 Nur Faqihah (6 Amanah) Yugan Raj (6 Bersih) Spell it right! 24 2ND 5|Page . NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS 1ST Bob’s Home 92 2ND M. pupils in 5 Amanah encountered problems to guess the jobs.Comments (Strengths/Weaknesses/Suggestions for Improvement) Pupils were needed to draw the pictures based on the sentences given. However. Explicit instructions and example should be given to the pupils as this activity quite unfamiliar to them. Most pupils were confused and answered wrongly for the first question.

..... for Level 2 pupils. YUSNAMARIAH MD YUSOP Head of English Panel SK Palong 4 (F) .. RAZALI SAADAN Headmaster SK Palong 4 (F) 6|Page ........... In addition. it also nurtures the creativity among the pupils in producing a puppet for performance...... Winners were selected based on their creativity and neatness.............Fiqry WINNERS 2A M... Marks awarded based on their fluency and accuracy......... Pupils were given one minute with two chances to spell the words............... ACTIVITY NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS 1A 1ST Aniq 1B M.... While.... they spelled the words through Whole Words Approach. Prepared by: Approved by: .. it measures the pupils’ ability in listening and responding to the instructions given by the teachers..Asrul 3A Salsabila Aisyah 4A Elisha Amira Nurul Nabilah Putri Ifa Najwa Nur Mardiah Fatihah Comments (Strengths/Weaknesses/Suggestions for Improvement) Crocodile Craft 59 2ND Through this activity...............Comments (Strengths/Weaknesses/Suggestions for Improvement) For Level 1 pupils. they spelled the words given by applying the phonics method followed by the actions that represent the letters...

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