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Kidmin Conference Empowering your Volunteers 1. See the potential that people have. Ill. of Gideon 2.

. Be empowered so you can empower. Cant take people where you havent been Growing leaders always in school "Years ago I stopped worrying about how to grow our church and instead focused on growing me. As I grew me, our church grew." -Rick Warren If had 6 hours to chop down a tree, I would spend the first 4 sharpening my axe. -Abraham Lincoln Who you are is more important that what you do. If you will be who you are supposed to be, you will do what you are supposed to do.

Spend time with Jesus.

And He appointed twelve that they might be with Him, and that He might send them to preach Mark 3:14 When you pray, go into your room - to the secret place, close the door and pray to your Father who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you. Matthew 6:6

Someone is looking for you Simon and his companions went to look for him, and when they found him, they exclaimed: "Everyone is looking for you!" Mark 1:36-37 (NIV) Will always be looking for you Take care of backstage & front stage will take care of itself

Guard your heart.

Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life. Proverbs 4:23 #1 job guard your heart, bitterness, anger, jealousy, etc.

Run from sin.

What is backstage eventually will come out on front stage. Its easier to do it yourself but its not as effective long term 3. Empower through leadership Drivers vs. Leader Driver says go Leader says lets go together Moses vs. Pharoah 4. Empower them through communication. 5. Empower them by raising up leaders of leaders. Coaches care for another group of 6-8 volunteers You cant care effectively for that many people

The Law of the Few Ill. of Jesus & Disciples 6. Personally invest in key leaders. Love everyone and but be selective in the people you pour into Approach and acknowledge what God is doing in their life and ask if can invest in them personally What to look for: o Do they talk more than they listen? You want people who are confident and not afraid to express their opinion. But if they talk a lot more than they listen in conversations, ask yourself why. Are they selfcentered? Are they teachable? Are they a know-it-all? o Are they an energy-giver or taker? Some people are just plain negative. They drain the life out of you. You want someone who is compassionate, generous, and encouraging. Someone who energizes you. Someone who challenges you. Someone who stretches you. o Does this person act or react? Watch out for people who get defensive or critical when faced with a problem or issue. Surround yourself with people who jump into action and problem-solving mode when faced with a problem or issue. Does this person feel real or do they just want something from you? Watch out for people who flatter you with constant praise or try really hard to impress you. They usually have a hidden agenda. Look for people who are just themselves. If

they are really good, they won't need to prove it. You will see it in the flow of their every day life. What are their family and close friends like? Their family and close friends are a reflection of who they really are. How does this person treat someone they don't know? Is this person kind and courteous to the waitress at the restaurant...the cashier at the store....the person on the elevator? It's in these situations that a person's true attitude is revealed. What has this person been reading? You can tell a lot about a person by the last 5 books they read. Would you want to go on a long car ride with this person? Is this someone you want to spend time with? Is there chemistry? Is this person growing? Do they know what their strengths and weaknesses are? Are they taking action to grow and improve as a leader? Are they life-long learners? What do they talk about a lot? What people spend the most time talking about reveals what is important to them. 7. Empower volunteers by giving them more responsibility As you see people grow, challenge them to step up and do more Advance leaders who have proven themselves to be faithful, trustworthy, and effective.

"You were faithful in a few things, I will put you in charge of many things. Matthew 25:21 Tell people what you see in them Work yourself out of a job you will always have a job 8. Get out of the way and let them lead. Should be able to step back into the shadows and the ministry be fine. Not a badge of honor to be running around and doing everything yourself Should not be a ROCK STAR or a MARTYR (5-99) 9. Put other people in the spotlight! Be quick to give credit and be quick to take responsibility. Ill. of Disney video at bottom of page They say it loud and clear. Just the words "Every Role a Starring Role" brings value to their team members. A culture doesn't happen by is created. Do we emphasize how important each volunteer is?

They emphasize a common cause that is important to everyone. She mentioned that recycling is very important to their team. Have we united our volunteers behind a common cause? People want to be a part of something bigger than themselves. They are encouraged to express their creativity. Water! Makes me want to pick up a broom and dust pan. Do we release people to express their creativity or do we box them in? When volunteers are released to do ministry in creative ways, they feel like a star.

They are taught that people are important. A big part of their job is customer service. Do we teach each volunteer that their primary role is to love and care for people? When volunteers are empowered to impact people directly, it makes them feel like a star. They have the DNA of the organization. Did you pick up on "Walt said...?" Do we take time to empower our volunteers with the vision, values, and core values of our ministry? It's a team effort. They know all team members are supporting them by picking up any trash they see. Do our volunteers feel isolated or like part of a team? Stars are made possible by teams. They have ownership. Did you notice she said "When I'm in MY area of the park..." When a person feels ownership, they are going to perform like a star because it's personal. They have a simple, clear job description. Keep it clean and keep it friendly. Do we set our volunteers up to be stars by clearing defining their role and what the wins

10. Provide growth opportunities (110-115) Conferences Visit other churches Podcasts Websites Books Cmmag 11. Empower your volunteers by speaking into their lives.

Good leader makes sure comfortable. Great leader helps people evaluate, grow, and get to the next level, FEEDBACK 1. Why is it important to give your volunteers feedback? Pity the leader caught between unloving critics and uncritical lovers. John Gardener, Leadership Scholar and Presidential Advisor Feedback is an essential element of helping volunteers and teams develop. Feedback helps volunteers grow as disciples. (Hebrews 10:24, Philippians 4:9) Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works. Hebrews 10:24 Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me put it into practice. Paul in Philippians 4:9 Feedback helps volunteers become self-motived learners. It can help them develop the self-motivation to be a grower, learner, etc. Helps them live out the mission of your church. Feedback helps volunteers feel valued and affirmed.

When done correctly it shows them you care about them, that you are willing to take the time to invest in them, that they have potential, etc. How to Give Feedback Effective feedback is given privately. Not in front of other people, good feedback is not embarrassing for the person Not email or by phone should be face-to-face Effective feedback is ongoing. You loop back with them. Its not one and done. Its part of a journey. Effective feedback takes the person toward a goal. Have goals and new levels you want to help them achieve. Effective feedback is based on relationship. Must earn the right. Nurture people not manage them big difference When someone knows you care about them they will be open to feedback. Effective feedback asks for permission. Could I offer you a thought?

Is this a good time to share a thought with you? Effective feedback uses the word and instead of but. When you say the word but it causes people to be defensive. Example: You did a good job leading the small group today but you didnt let the kids ask enough questions. You did you good job leading the small group today and I think you can make it even better the next time if you let the kids ask more questions. Effective feedback helps people focus on improving by saying the next time. Effective feedback uses the word I Example You need to do this. vs. I have found that Sounds more like advice than criticism. Means having difficult conversations at times o How many not good at confrontation? State the FACT Share how it makes you or the person FEEL Explain what youd like to change or adjust in the FUTURE 12. Empower them to give you feedback Be proactive in gathering feedback

Keep in mid people are busy Build in a rhythm for gathering feedback Gather feedback after events keep data Questions. o o o o o o What went well? What was missing? What needs to be changed? What needs to be added? What needs to be dropped? Whats one thing that will make it better?

Focus groups Quarterly ( o o o o Connected? Cared for? Challenged? Celebrated?

What do with feedback o o o o Dont take it personally Listen to it. Thank them for it Work through it Let know up front may implement some and some not

o Implement it o Use it to cast vision and re-direct o Report back 13. Empower people with your words seeking affirmation