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JOB DESCRIPTION STOCK CONTROLLER Reports to: Senior Accountant Direct Reports: Stores personnel Nature and Purpose

: The purpose of this position is to maintain proper inventory accounting of Company stock and manages all documentation for products in storage, product receipts and shipments and issuance out of the company in compliance with company policies and regulatory requirements. Key responsibilities Monitor levels of stock items and initiate stock requisitions. eviewing stocking levels in respect to stock items and following up to ensure prompt delivery of the required items. Maintain regular communication with operational departments so as to stay up to date with their material requirements to avoid stock out situations. Maintain good housekeeping and stores layouts that will facilitate easy retrieval within the stores! warehouse and ensure that that safety and environment standards are adhered to at all times. "elp in ensuring that the stores physical structures and equipment are maintained in a good condition and requisition maintenance action as and when needed. Assists in identify o#solete and slow moving stock items and recommend the necessary actions, including the disposal of such items $nsure that stores records are accurately maintained and up to date and the necessary reports are generated and acted upon. %rgani&e and undertake monthly stock taking processes in accordance with Company practice $nforce company safety rules and regulations within the stores. Any other duty that may #e allocated to you #y Management Critical co petencies

'ersonal Attri#utes Attention to detail: shows strong concern for accuracy, detail and timeliness (ntegrity and compliance : committed to high ethical standards and upholds policies )le*i#ility : adapts comforta#ly to a wide variety of people and situations 'assion to service delivery. Communication and (nterpersonal Skills elationship #uilding : works to #uild close relationships and teamwork with #usiness managers in all departments 'resentation skills : communicates clearly and confidently #y written and ver#al means %rganisation and +eadership 'lanning : organises time efficiently with the a#ility to prioriti&e %rganisation: keeps clear records and produces detailed action plans. Maintains reports and gives feed #ack on time Monitoring and control: closely monitors performance and gives prompt feed #ack to internal contacts , management.