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LIAR! LIAR! YOURE A HIGH-FLYER Ive always been ambitious very ambitious.

But I learned quickly that honesty doesnt always pay; in fact, some of the best careers in the business have been built on lies. Theres no doubt, if you embellish the truth, you really can fly, which is why I rewrote my C ! I chan"ed my school, my university and my back"round and I altered my family. #nd I have to say, those fibs took me places. I partied with the Beautiful $eople and featured on the society pa"es of the "lossy ma"a%ines. &rom there, it was 'ust a few small steps to a 'obwith the BBC as a researcher(producer, followed by a stint as a 'ournalist with The )undayTimes, then the *venin" )tandard. I learned my lesson the hard way + a"ed ,-, at a screen test for a place on a television trainin" scheme. .hile burnin" under the spotli"hts, I heard the head of the T company say hed/never seen anyone so natural0. )o I "ot the position, ri"ht1 .ron". It went to the "irl whose father played "olf with the boss. I was heartbroken + but it tau"ht me talent alone wont "etyou that dream 'ob. Its about who you know + or, crucially, who you say you know )o, I started to chan"e my story. )uddenly, I was educated at 2oedean rather than my local state school. 34ford 5niversity replaced 6anchester. 3h, and my father was up"raded from structural en"ineer to )ri 7ankan ambassador. .ith a few swift strokes of the pen, I became an upper8class woman. #nd people believed me. It was only occasionally, in the evenin"s, home alone, that reality would hit. But Id silence the 2eal 6e by reassurin" myself this was nothin" new. $eople have told fibs since the be"innin" of time. #nd the way thin"s are in the 'ob market, everybody has to bend the truth. But I couldnt help wonderin", would I ever be able to be myself1 9ou see, lyin" is the new currency for movin" up in the world. .hereas honesty was once seen as the best policy, hi"h8flyers reco"nise a little e4a""eration and a few white lies can make the difference between "ettin" that 'ob, that promotion + or stayin" ri"ht where you are. I kept up the act for two years, durin" which time, I couldnt have a boyfriend or really "et close to anyone. :ow could I, when this mi"ht mean home visits or meetin" my parents1 6y stomach churned, and I developed really bad acne and ec%ema with the stress. I lost a stone in wei"ht and could never sleep properly. I knew deep down some day the truth was bound to come out.It happened after and inaccurate tabloid report linked me with the 6arquis of Cholmondeley. ;urnalists quickly started di""in" around. 2oedean and 34ford had no record of me <surprise,surprise=, and the )ri 7ankan #mbassador had no recollection of his 'ournalist dau"hter. #ftera tabloid e4pose, I was doorstepped by the very same photo"raphers with whom Id once partied.But if the unmaskin" was embarrasin" for me, it was even more so for the media e4ecutives who employed me. They like to see themselves as openminded 8 and yet they were attracted by my 2oedean(34ford education. )hould school and university really make a difference1I dont fib any more. Ive worked too hard to "et where I am. &ibs,

unfortunately are liable to creep up on you and bite back at the most inconvenient moments. )o, all you fibbers beware. &ly hi"h + and lie hi"h + if you must, but always, always keep one eye on your tracks.

True or false The main character is a "irl from a rich and influential family. The main character became a member of a hi"h8class society. )he worked for the BBC. .hen she was disappointed because she didnt "et her dream 'ob at the a"eof ,-, she decided to "o to a different university. :er father was a structural en"ineer. )he never told lies about her life. )he was educated at 2oedean and 34ford. :er employers were happy when the truth was discovered. )he does not lie now because she is afraid the truth mi"ht be discovered.