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Paragraph Structure Paragraphs are like hamburgers.

They have a top bun, juicy goodness in the middle, and a bottom bun.

Dogs make the best pets.

Introductiontells your reader what your paragraph will be about.

Unlike cats who are lazy, dogs are full of energy and love to play.

First detail Second detail

You can train dogs to do tricks and jobs.

Third detail. This one is the MOST important detail. Closingrestate the introduction, but use different wording.

When you come home from school, they are so happy to see you that they wag their tail and lick your face.

When it comes to having a great pet, dogs are the best.

CompletedParagraph:  Dogsmakethebestpets.Unlikecatswhoarelazy,dogsarefullof energyandlovetoplay.Youcantraindogstodotricksandjobs.Whenyou comehomefromschool,theyaresohappytoseeyouthattheywagtheir tailsandlickyourface.Whenitcomestohavingagreatpet,dogsarethe best.


5 Paragraph Persuasive Essay Structure The structure of an essay is also like a hamburger. You must have an introduction (top bun), supporting paragraphs (juicy goodness on the inside), and a closing (bottom bun).

Paragraph #1 Introduction with hook, imagery, and thesis statement.

Introductory paragraph includes: A hook for your reader (something interesting) Something for them to imagine Your thesis statement (usually at the end)

Paragraph #2 Use supporting point one from your thesis. (dogs love you) Paragraph #3 Use supporting point two from your thesis. (dogs can be trained) Paragraph #4 Use supporting point three from your thesis. (cats are lazy) Paragraph #5 Closing with summary and a restatement of your thesis statement.

The juicy details are the body of your essay. In this case, you will have three paragraphs. The topic of each paragraph comes from the three supporting points made in your thesis statement. Save your best point for the last paragraph.

Closing paragraphs include: A summary of what youve said. A restating of your thesis statement, but using different words.


Thesis Statement Structure

Thestructureofathesisstatementis: 1.)anopinion(usuallysomethingalittlecontroversialthatengagesyouraudience) 2.)3or4supportingpoints 3.)Combinedandwritteninto1sentence


Dogs are better than cats because

Your introductory paragraph includes the entire thesis statement. This detail makes up the topic of your rst paragraph. This detail makes up the topic of your second paragraph. This detail makes up the topic of your third paragraph.

Supporting Point 1 Supporting Point 2 Supporting Point 3

dogs love you , dogs can be trained , and cats are lazy .

Add these parts to make a complete sentence.

CompletedThesisStatement: Dogsarebetterthancatsbecausedogsloveyou,theycanbetrained,and catsarelazy.