Part I. Demographic Profile
Name: ____________________________________ Date: _______________

DIRECTIONS: Please fulfill to the question below.

Parent’s occupation: Mother occupation: _________________ Father occupation: __________________
DIRECTIONS: Please put a check () mark on the options that apply to you:

A. Gender/Sex:



B. Parent’s educational attainment:
Father: __________ (Elementary education) __________ (Secondary education) __________ (Tertiary education) Mother:__________ (Elementary education) __________ (Secondary education) __________ (Tertiary education)

C. Socio-economic status: (family) ____5,000-10,000 ____15,000-20,000 ____10,000-15,000 ____20,000 (above)

D. Number of siblings in the family:
____ 1-3 ____ 6 (above) ____ 3-6

He uses different method of teaching in presenting musical reading lesson. 4. Teacher’s Factors A. piano and other musical instrument in teaching music. 9. My teacher gives clear explanation of our subject matter in school. Kindly supply the needed information which will be treated with utmost confidentiality. He uses guitar. 7. DIRECTIONS: This questionnaire is intended to know theFactors enhancing interest in reading musical notation of Grade VI Pupils in Lucena West 1 Elementary School. 3. Your honest response to each item in this questionnaire will be very useful for the findings of the research where the instrument is set to measure. He uses music sheet in teaching a song. 2. Please put a check () mark opposite each of the statement that corresponds to your answer following the legend below: SA A Strongly Agree Agree D SD Disagree Strongly Disagree Statements 1. Technique 8. He demonstrate us how to read musical notation while using musical instrument. 10. SA A D SD .Part II. My teacher discusses to us the value of every note and symbols in reading musical notation. He discusses the importance of reading musical notations and symbols in playing any kinds of musical instrument. My teacher lively discusses our lesson in reading musical notes and symbols. He doesn’t give any embarrassing remarks whenever I commit error in reading musical notes and symbols. SA A D SD B. 6. Method 1. 5. My teacher encourages me to read musical notes and symbols.

The school has different facilities like theater that can be used in musical programs or activities.11. drums. My friend is encourages me to learn musical notation because they are also a musician. 22. There are musical instrument in our school like guitar. 14. 23. guitar and others. I buy and read a different kind of musical books. My families value my skill in reading musical notation. organ and others. 19. SA A D SD . I want to enhance sight reading in musical notes and symbols. 16. 18. 27. piano. Student’s Factors 15. School 26. triangle. He gives activities in reading musical notation while using instrument like piano. 17. My family is fond of music. My school is promoting a music reading notation subject. 29. He gives drills and exercises in reading musical notes and symbols. 24. 25. He uses chart/flashcards in teaching to make the lesson easily readable and understood the musical notes and symbols. Environmental Factors A. I love to participate in different activities related to music. He clearly explains the musical notes and symbols he use in school. 28. 12. 30. My Parents give me time for training in reading musical notation and symbols. I want to enhance my musical reading talent. I want to read musical notation and symbols because it is the easy way to play any kinds of musical instrument. I want to learn different kinds of musical instruments. SA A D SD B. Home 21. My parents promote musical instrument like piano and guitar to enhance my musical reading skills. SA A D SD 3. 20. We have a music room in our school. 13. 2. My school joins activities related to music.