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September 11, 2009

KIO Rejects the Regime’s Border Guard Force Plan, the Regime Rejects
KIO’s Plan Too

Tension between Burma Junta and Ethnic Ceasefire Groups at $orthern

Burma (Sino-Burma Border) Update September 11, 2009

Chinese Delegation Visits UWSA

According to Shan Herald Agency for News (S.H.A.N), 15 members delegation from China
crossed the border and visited the United Wa State Party (UWSP) headquarters Panghsang on
Sep 10, 2009. The delegation members are from various agencies, such as border trade, security,
police, military and agriculture, of both Yunnan Provincial Government and Central
Government. They held a meeting at Panghsang with senior Wa officials for two hours. The
most important topic of the meeting was the current stormy relations between the Burmese
military regime and ethnic ceasefire groups. According to some sources, the Chinese side denied
the explanation made by the regime that Chinese provided information to the regime to arrest
illegal weapons factories run by Phon Kyar Shin and his MNDAA group.

KIO and the Regime Still Disagree

The two-day meeting in Myitkyina, Capital of Kachin State, on September 9 and 10, between the
Burmese military regime and Kachin Independence Organization (KIO) ended without
agreement on the regime’s plan to transform the Kachin Independence Army (armed wing of
KIO) to be Border Guard Force under the direct command of Burma army.

Lt. General Ye Myint, Chief of the regime’s Military Affairs Security (formerly known as
Military Intelligence), led the regime’s delegation and Lt-Gen Gauri Zau Seng, Vice-president
No. 1 of the KIO led the KIO delegation. KIO delegation presented the decision made by a mass
meeting of Kachin representatives held in Laiza on Sep 6 to Lt. General Ye Myint. Kachin
representatives agreed to transform the KIA, but not as the way proposed by the regime. They
want the KIA to transform to become the Kachin State Guard Force, which will be under the
Kachin State Government. They also want KIO to be a part of the Kachin State Government
without going through the election.

As expected, Ye Myint rejected the Kachin’s proposal and urged them to agree to their plan of
Border Guard Force. The regime set the deadline of October 15 for the KIO to positively
respond. Both sides agreed to meet again soon.
Map of Ethnic Ceasefire Groups in Northern and Eastern Burma
(Courtesy of Kachin News Group)

As this map focuses more on Shan State, many of KIO/KIA-controlled areas in Kachin State are
not included in this map.

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