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Table of Content 1a.

Describe the structure and culture of an organisation and evaluate the interrelationships between the different processes and functions of an organisation.P 1b.Identify the mission, aims and objectives of an organisation and analyse the effect of these on the structure and culture of the organisation..P 1c.Define the methodology to be used to map processes to the organisations objectives and functions and evaluate the output of the process and analyse quality gatewaysP 2a.Develop plans which promote goals and objectives for own area of ensure plans are consistent with legal, regulatory and ethical requirements....P 2b.Use objectives which are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-based to align people and other resources in an effective and efficient way..P 2c.Prepare and agree implementation plans which translate strategic targets into practical efficient and effective actions..P 2d.Manage work activities to prevent ineffective and inefficient deviations from the operational plan through effective monitoring and control..P 2e.Implement appropriate systems to achieve objectives and goals of the plan in the most effective and efficient way, on time and to budget and to meet organisational standards of quality..P 3a.Define the resources, tools and systems required to support the business process..P 3b.Define and implement quality audit systems / practice to manage and monitor quality to standards specified by the organisation and process operated.P 3c.Embed a quality culture to ensure continuous monitoring and development of the process..P

Task 1 1a.
Traditional structures which are based on the functional division and departments. These are following the companys rules and procedures. Traditional structures include: Line structure Line and Staff structure Functional structure Divisional structures can be divided into three types: Product structure Market structure Geographic structure Matrix structure which is a combination of function and product structure and it is the most complex organizational structure. Some other kinds which are: Bureaucratic structure Pre bureaucratic structure Network structure Team structure Depending on the situation of the company, business, each company will have different organizational structures such as: Functional organization, Geographic/ territorial organization, The organizational structure of departments, Product/brand organization, The matrix structure,...For Vinamilk, communication structure and vertical structure function is used with the important parts are: Dairy Development Production and R&D Supply Chain Finance Project Marketing Sales Human Resource Here is the chart of Vinamilk organizational structure:

Based on the organizational chart, there are different departments like the work of employees. Vinamilk has eight departments (dairy development, manufacturing and R & D, supply chain, finance, projects, marketing, sales, HR & Administration) is responsible for their own. The highest level is a meeting of shareholders, here is the management and executive staff. Commission inspectors continued tight control and regulation director of internal audit and inspection and control financial risks in the company. Depending on the structure of the organizational chart, organizational structure is a function of Vinamilk. In addition, maximize the performance function. Employees can work at their highest level of skills and knowledge. Therefore, the effect will be placed at the top and Vinamilk can create and produce more products. By using this structure, Vinamilk can gain advantage from the flexibility, reliability and employees of the company is divided into specialized groups. It helps employees quickly understand their duties and improve the quality of work. In addition, Vinamilk can simplify their training in the department. It helps companies save costs more. In addition, because clearly the responsibilities and duties, Vinamilk can eliminate unnecessary work, replications and location. The value and success depends very much on the creativity and excitement in their work. So they are always trying to create a professional environment, friendly and open to individuals who promote creative freedom and potential to make a difference. At Vinamilk, the staff is always respected; listen and share, all the efforts and achievements are recognized and rewarded. It is a great motivation to help you find inspiration and ready for new challenges. Vinamilk has generated a lot of processes in accordance with all the different departments to help them improve and fulfill their purpose as well as their function. Tend Vinamilk of cooperation and communication between employees and management in different processes. Our value and success rely on your creativeness and interest in work. Therefore, we always exert ourselves to create a professional, friendly and open-hearted environment in order for individuals to show your creativeness, promote your potentials to make differences. At Vinamilk, employees are always respected, listened and shared. Each individual also understands that he is a link of a chain in a united and powerful team. Your efforts and achievements are recognized and highly commended. That is the big motivation to help you find interests and be ready for new challenges in their work. You spend more than one third of your time working in our company. Thus we assure to bring you ease of mind to work well. Outdoor activities, performance, dancing and camping are held frequently to help you enjoy happy and useful moments. Employees also have a chance to understand each other and promote teamwork spirit effectively. (Vinamilk official website) However, there are also disadvantages Vinamilk with their structures. First, it is a barrier in communication, coordination and cooperation between departments within the company. Each section focuses on his task rather than the company's mission. Employees may lack knowledge and interest in other functional areas.To overcome these problems and help improve our company, every employee in the company to improve communication and team working skills. Each department in the company is supports the business activities of each other. Top management and board of management should have look equal parts of each contribution. There will be a reward for good performance and punished in accordance with a bad attitude and performance on all of the company.

Vinamilk development of new technology to produce fresh milk 100% so there will be many different processes and functions to make this technology work effectively. They require cooperation between all departments, such as dairy development, manufacturing and R & D, marketing, sales and so on. In each section the information reviewed and discussed among employees. Then, the information will be sent to the manager to make decisions. And then, the issue will be discussed between the managers. It also uses other resources, can affect more than one organizational unit and create some kind of value to customers. In addition, they support each function as part of their professional work at the right time with right people and different communication functions within the company. One of the most important process is Vinamilk need to improve and innovate, which is the communication process.

Vision: Vinamilk will be the fastest and sustainable growing healthy dairy and food company by building a long-term competitive advantaged product portfolio across the scale. Mission: Vinamilk continues to expand its existing geographical coverage and product portfolios to maintain its sustainably dominant position in the local market and maximizing its shareholder value. Vinamilk aim to maximise shareholder value and pursue a business growth strategy based on the following principal components: Expansion of market share in existing and new markets; Develop a comprehensive portfolio of dairy products to target a broader consumer base and expand into higher margin value-added dairy products; Development of new product lines to satisfy different consumer preferences; Brand cultivation; Continuously enhancing supply chain man- agement; Development of raw material sources to ensure reliable and consistent fresh milk supply base. (Vinamilk official website) Goals and objectives have a significant effect on the structure and culture of Vinamilk. With the goals and objectives, first of all, the leaders of the company and the assisting apparatus must have knowledge of their area of expertise and the people they serve. Behind the new technology, Vinamilk need to build and lead to the cultural identity of own business. It is very necessary. The deep culture of Vinamilk is the foundation and motivation to succeed. Vinamilk create an atmosphere as a second home for each employee. Everyone is responsible for building and its development. Business development, the more benefits employees get. For example, to "expand market share in new markets", sales period, the weakness in the training can reduce the effectiveness of sales staff to sell only a small number compared to their skills. Sales force is poorly trained. This explains why sales are not like what management expected. Therefore, companies should focus on investment in the critical success factors in particular, is a typical sales training so that double or even triple your sales staff. In addition, staff working in the new market to learn about the habits of new customers, the new materials sector or distribution network. To operation the organizational structure for the company, the first thing that the Board of Management Vinamilk to do is clearly defined and carefully the tasks, goals and objectives of the company. Accordingly, the most suitable type of structure can be defined to help

Vinamilk to achieve the objectives and fulfill its mission. Vinamilk is the structure of the functional structure, so that at each level of management, agency management with specific and must be done by the mission and vision of the company. The highest level of management will create a vision of subsidiaries of the company and the market situation. The core business processes will be determined by the Management Board of the company. They also identify key success factors of the organization and the key performance indicators.

One of popular methods which can be used to map processes on Vinamilks objectives and functions in new technology to produce 100 percent fresh milk is Input Process Output (IPO). This method describes three steps in production including Input, Process, and Output. The inputs may include : capital, raw materials, people, information, managerial and technical skills and knowledge. The methods of mapping Vinamilk process that can be used on the objectives of the organization and function of new technologies to produce 100% fresh milk. Transformation process: According to Charles Handy, these systems are considered as subsystem

INPUT Production: Based on the IPO process mentioned above, the conversion of input to output is the production department. In Vinamilk, departments such as manufacturing and R & D will be responsible for this process. And the production sub-system is the heart of the organization and entire sub-systems are often oriented towards it. Maintenance: Keep the organization function, can repair and service of construction. In addition, the human resources department can be seen as maintaining employment, subsystem, and retirement counselor. Finance, human resources management department in Vinamilk will charge for this process. Boundary spanning: Vinamilk to have input, raw materials, data and the output distribution, which means that the product has been completed. This subsystem can

include a variety of activities, such as purchasing and marketing. Marketing and sales will do this process for Vinamilk. Adaptation: an organization needs to adapt to survive, Vinamilk need to adapt to harsh environments. This subsystem can include activities such as market planning, research planning and development. This process will be done by developing milk production, and R & D projects in Vinamilk. Management: is distribution system for all the other subsystems, it's necessary to coordinate the entire subsystem in order policy, planning, conflict resolution. It is the duty of managers to transform the inputs, in an efficient and effective way, the outputs by using the management functions of planning, organizing, staffing, leading and control. With this process, shareholders, board of fund management organization directors, the control board will make this process. In companies with multiple functions and departments, each department functions and can be related / not related to each other. Thus, Vinamilk to work together to unify the activities of the company. OUTPUT: are generally include: Products (Produce 100% fresh milk) Services Profits Rewards Satisfaction Revenue Advance

In the process conditions, more emphasis on output production requirements on time and at the appropriate level of quality Evaluated Output: Influential input to output powerful because it contains core material for the production of output. The conversion process is very important because it is the process of manufacturing products. The quality of the output of the product depends on the conversion process. Example: Assessing the quality of milk (the output of the product) to determine how well the company Vinamilk. Gateway to quality means that quality assurance to meet the requirements. This is the most important process before the end of the process output. The production process of Vinamilk is necessary to pass the test to meet the quality requirements for quality through

the port. These tests ensure that the exact requirements and avoid the problem that is not consistent with the planning and implementation phase. Vinamilk can check the quality of dairy products on property values and nutrition pack by testing samples. In particular, the milk quality control to ensure the application of standards and regulations relating to milk and milk products. Vinamilk can assess the nutritional value of dairy products. It will help determine Vinamilk poor quality and high-quality milk Check, maintain and ensure quality control of pasteurized milk that is going to kill all bacteria. Because domestic competitors and competitors overseas special formula, the new standard upgrade is necessary for Vinamilk in this situation. Now, Vinamilk are using a quality management system ISO 9001:2000. And they need to upgrade the quality management system ISO 9001:2008 to ensure the transfer process and output quality as well as the port.

Product quality. Quality products are goods or services that the customer characteristics that really satisfy their needs. An important property leaves the trust, that is, products that implement its purposes and designed to. Quality is the same apply to both goods and services.The provision of high quality products to create a brand for company products. In this case, the improvement of the brand allows the company to sell products at higher prices. Higher quality products can also be a result of greater efficiency, the time wasted in dfieu correction of the shortcomings of the products or services. It is converted into higher production capacity of the employee, ie a unit cost less than products. Improvements Vinamilk Company is implementing the application equipment and production technology of international standard Vinamilk use of production technology and modern packaging plant at all. Vinamilk technology imported from European countries such as Germany, Italy and Switzerland to put into production lines. Vinamilk Company is the only company in Vietnam acquire the machinery used by the Niro spray drying technology from Denmark, the world's leading companies in industrial drying technology and production. Companies such as Dutch Lady (subsidiary of Friesland Foods), Nestle and New Zealand Milk also use this technology and production processes. In addition, Vinamilk Company also uses the production line with

international standards provided by Tetra Pak to produce dairy products and products of other value added. Customer Satisfaction Satisfaction of customers is to give customers exactly what they want at the right time they want. It involves implementing everything possible to identify customer needs and satisfying those needs. Improved methods to increase customer satisfaction: To improve the efficiency of production processes and product quality. Development of new products have the features that the products on the market no. Production of the required goods and services to the specific needs of each individual customer or customer group. Their response time, or the amount of time to spend to complete the transfer of goods or services to customers quickly, be able to meet as soon as they desire. In summary, superior performance allows the company to lower costs, superior quality allow the company to sell at high prices could bring higher prices or lower costs, and better meet customer customers allows the company to higher selling prices. Price In order to maintain profit in difficult times while prices of many raw materials strongly increased, Vinamilk has been following a policy of controlling and tightening costs and expenses. All monthly cost items were well planned in detail at the end of the previous year. At the end of each month, actual cost was compared with the approved cost to understand causes of divergence and to fix the problem immediately. Cost control is also one of the criteria to evaluate monthly performance of the managers. Each channel retail company has as eparate rating system consistent with the characteristics of each channel of business to meet consumer purchases are the most satisfied. For distributors:distributors specified products distribution company's price policies according tocertain markets and revenue from commissions, products. Overall, the company's pricing is quite reasonable. Competitive advantage compared with the special product is the absolute advantage in meeting most of the needs of consumers everywhere, the entire world and all walks Place (DISTRIBUTION) Distribution system of the company products cover wide territory of Vietnam,from the provinces to the districts lying and coastal and mountainous areas. Distribution system of the company through the following main channels:Traditional Channel: This is the distribution channel home power, is distributed over 90% of the production companies. Traditional channels are made through distributors to retail outlets through out the country. We now have 220 companywith more than 90,000 Distributors

at retail in 64/64 provinces and cities acrossthe country. Modern channels: through supermarkets, office blocks, factories, blocks for . The system stores Featured Products of the company: So far the company has developed 16 product showrooms in major cities like Hanoi, HCMC, Can Tho, DaNang, ... In addition to market countries, the company has exported products to several countries in the world for many years. Currently the company has official distributors in international markets in the U.S., Europe, Australia and Thailandare in the stage set up distribution systems coordination official of the company's products in the market in Cambodia and some neighboring countries in the region. Opportunities Recognizing the importance of the dairy industry, on October 26, 2001 PrimeMinister's Decision No. 167 on development policies dairy Vietnam period 2001-2010. Same time, Minister of Industry is the decision of 22/2005/QD-BCN approved development plan Vietnam Dairy industry 2010 and oriented to 2020.Supply of raw materials are quite stable in the future, Vietnam Dairy milk will gradually decrease the proportion of imported raw materials, instead of cow's Weaknesses In case the economy slowing growth in the coming period, as lower in come people will affect the consumption of milk in the country, reducing profits and sales revenue of the company. Vietnam's WTO accession will create conditions for foreign companies top enetrate into the domestic market, increasing competitiveness among companies in the industry. In addition, reducing import duties for dairy products will favorable conditions for imported dairy products. With 50% of raw material to the company's import and 30% of the company'srevenues are from exports, the fluctuations in exchange rates affect the operation of the Company 1

Goal Vinamilk targets $ 1 billion sales by 2017, Vinamilk will reach the top 50 largest dairy companies in the world with sales of $ 3 billion / year. Objectives Occupy 60% Vietnamese market share (55% milk market share) Revenue: 1.5 billion USD (2012) Plans Goal of self-sufficiency is about 50% of fresh milk from the farm, gradually replacing imported materials. Deploy Fund "Vietnam High Growth" with 8 million glasses of milk for poor children to drink milk every day In 2010, Vinamilk has 5 important farm is Tuyen Quang and Thanh Hoa, Nghe An, Binh Dinh and Lam Dong with a total of more than 5,500 human herd. Is expected in the near future, Vinamilk will total

cattle on farms to 10,000. Besides the expansion of dairy herds to active material, in 2010 Vinamilk also expand the factory. August / 2010, Vinamilk has started the largest dairy plant in South East Asia Pacific at My Phuoc Industrial park - Binh Duong with initial capacity of 400 million liters / year in Phase 2 will increase to 800 million liters / year. In addition, the company also invested milk processing plants in industrial zones of Vietnam - Singapore specializes in producing milk powder products 2.000tan/nam.Tong capacity of the two projects worth up to $ 240 million , is expected in quarter 3 and quarter 4/2012, these two projects will go into operation. Another project is expected to be operational in quarter 3/2011 is a milk factory in Da Nang Hoa Khanh Industrial Zone (Da Nang) specializes in production of fresh milk and yogurt with a capacity of 70 million liters of fresh milk and 24 million liters yogurt / year. The total value of $ 23 million investment. In addition, Vinamilk also expand export markets for milk powder for children to the Middle East, sweetened condensed milk to Cambodia and the Philippines, Myanmar, Laos, soy milk to Australia. Currently, the export sales brought $ 80 million per year for Vinamilk Recently, the company has acquired 19.3% stake Miraka Company Limited in New Zealand. Vinamilk is considering to invest 121 million New Zealand dollars into the company, equivalent to 1,623 billion Vietnam dong.

Legal, Regulatory and Ethical Requirements: Vinamilk currently apply basic standards are published and allow certification from the Department of Safety and Food Hygiene (Ministry of Public Health) for fluid milk products. In particular, sterilized milk product is a product made entirely from 100% fresh milk. All wastewater treatment systems in the factories of Vinamilk are certified to meet standards TCVN 5945:2005 Department of Natural Resources and Environment Local (QCVN 24:2009 / BTNMT - Technical Regulations National industrial wastewater). The factory is modern

design Vinamilk meet HACCP standards to create a clean working environment with occupational health and safety and does not affect the residential area around the plant. Fresh milk is a commodity agricultural product in particular, the method requires also a special collection to meet the quality assurance and food safety. At the farm, milk cows after milking the material always be quickly put to the refrigeration system within an hour. Then, to assess the quality of milk, Vinamilk assessment application based on three main criteria is the percentage of dry matter, fat and micro. As for milk with antibiotic residues will not purchase purposes of health protection for consumers. In addition, the standards of quality set very strict. Vinamilk to ensure the highest quality products to consumers. At the same time Vinamilk together closely with farmers, help them consistently achieve this standard. Vinamilk to apply the provisions of Labor Code to protect the rights and obligations of their employees with labor standards, workplace.

The Goals of Vinamilk " targets $ 1 billion sales by 2017, Vinamilk will reach the top 50 largest dairy companies in the world with sales of $ 3 billion / year. Occupy 60% Vietnamese market share (55% milk market share). Revenue: 1.5 billion USD (2012) Vinamilk creates a project team which includes manager and employees from different departments Code Tasks/Activities (operational objectives) Times line (months) 12

Goal of self-sufficiency is about 50% of fresh milk from the farm, gradually replacing imported materials. In 2010, Vinamilk has 5 important farm is Tuyen Quang and Thanh Hoa, Nghe An, Binh Dinh and Lam Dong with a total of more than 5,500 human herd. Is expected in the near future, Vinamilk will total cattle on farms to 10,000. Deploy Fund "Vietnam High Growth" with 8 million glasses of milk for poor children to drink milk every day August / 2010, PAN has started the largest dairy plant in South East Asia Pacific at My Phuoc Industrial park - Binh Duong with initial capacity of 400 million liters / year in


Phase 2 will increase to 800 million liters / year. In addition, the company also invested milk processing plants in industrial zones of Vietnam - Singapore specializes in producing milk powder products 2.000tan/nam.Tong capacity of the two

projects worth up to $ 240 million , is expected in quarter 3 and quarter 4/2012, these two projects will go into operation. In addition, Vinamilk also expand export markets for milk powder for children to the Middle East, sweetened condensed F milk to Cambodia and the Philippines, Myanmar, Laos, soy milk to Australia. Currently, the export sales brought $ 80 million per year for Vinamilk Total 50 months 12

As planned, the total number of months needed for the project is 50 months. To complete this project, Vinamilk needs to use the main resources below: Financial resources Human resources Machine Time Vinamilk need to implement this project as soon as possible in the following years (24 months). Because of their rivals, Dutch Lady and Nesle also plans to take market share in Vietnam, ASEAN and some European countries at the same time.

Code Tasks/Activities (operational objectives) Times line (months) 12

Goal of self-sufficiency is about 50% of fresh milk from the farm, gradually replacing imported materials. In 2010, Vinamilk has 5 important farm is Tuyen Quang and Thanh Hoa, Nghe An, Binh Dinh and Lam Dong with a total of more than 5,500 human herd. Is expected in the near future, Vinamilk will total cattle on farms to 10,000. Deploy Fund "Vietnam High Growth" with 8 million glasses of milk for poor children to drink milk every day August / 2010, PAN has started the largest dairy plant in


South East Asia Pacific at My Phuoc Industrial park - Binh Duong with initial capacity of 400 million liters / year in

Phase 2 will increase to 800 million liters / year. In addition, the company also invested milk processing plants in industrial zones of Vietnam - Singapore specializes in producing milk powder products 2.000tan/nam.Tong capacity of the two projects worth up to $ 240 million , is expected in quarter 3 and quarter 4/2012, these two projects will go into operation. In addition, Vinamilk also expand export markets for milk powder for children to the Middle East, sweetened condensed F milk to Cambodia and the Philippines, Myanmar, Laos, soy milk to Australia. Currently, the export sales brought $ 80 million per year for Vinamilk Total 50 months 12

After have goal, Vinamilk must to make an implementation plan. It will be fixed the issue of deadlines and meets the operational objectives on time.

As planned, the total number of months needed for the project is 50 months. The strategic objectives, it must end in 2015 (4 years and 2 months). Vinamilk will perform some tasks at the same time, especially for the 12-month mission. Moreover, if it has problems, Vinamilk will have enough time to solve it. Two years later can be used for Vinamilke to maintain and reinforce their value. In an effort, Vinamilk products abreast with the latest consumer trends, Vinamilk Conducting research and working actively with the market research company to find out trends and sales Activities, Goods, consumer feedback. Effectiveness & Efficiency Effectiveness: the company can finish the works on time. All of the objectives, including both strategic and operational objectives of each activity can be met. Efficiency: the company can reduce how many days of implementation. With the reduction, Vinamilk can finish the project with lower resources, less spending time and save money, human power as well as increase the ROI in some ways.

Project members can return to their daily work and in fact, make money for the company. Company can launch new products with new spec., higher quality and safe food for consumers faster The communication is fast make the consumers trust on the reactive action and proactive plan for future The mission of Vinamilk to connect the supplier Farmers and Consumers fast and seriously The trust of consumers, stake holders on the company is certain because the keep their promise with out any delay (Information from Guideline)

After creating an implementation plan, Vinamilk must manage the work activities to make sure it follow the instruction. This support the company to prevent the ineffectiveness and inefficiency in the launch of the project. If there is any difference, the company can find out the solutions and act to fix it to ensure the achievement of the objectives. The management of activities will focus on parts as: 1. 2. 3. Manage the time and project progress to ensure the deadline Control the cost is in the boundaries Find out the problems in the implementation and give solutions

Control by progress reporting Manager and project teams should control the project progress by the report from the team member to ensure that the project is still meeting the planning progress. Proposal to apply The control by landmark is used in combined with this method. It means that in the progress, there are some special events that we must control. In this project, the starting and finishing day of each activity can be the landmarks. Control by landmark help Vinamilk control of the progress. Control by Project meetings The content and agenda for each meeting should be planned before and communicated to team members as well as supervisor levels who are in charge of supporting functions.

About the problems, About the progress About the cost to give the solutions and fix the plan if necessary. Documentation of meeting minutes are mandatory

On site visiting The project team members and especially the project managers should go to the implementation place. The observation methods and group discussion to manage review the works. In addition, Vinamilk may have the technology professionals can join with them to give the advices and audit the results. Documentation is needed

Cross check Each team member will have the responsibility of checking the works of the other members and they have to write reports on this. Cross check is one of the internal control tool but the company should pay attention to the communication clearly the purpose Activities management system

The project will control the activities and the efficiency, effectiveness of the progress with three main systems : Finance controlling system: control all of the financial problems: cash, payment, capital, etc. Progress controlling system: control the progress and resources (except finance). Operation controlling system: daily records all activities in the projects. The results of the control system can be analysed to make decisions. With these methods, different activities in the project can be managed to prevent ineffective and inefficient deviations from the operational plan.

Management system This method helps the manager see the project with the point of view of a system. From this, he/she can control the results with both general view and detailed view.

Machine Money Manpower Material Management Information

Process transformation
Promote goals and objectives process Installation process Training process Purchasing process

New production systems Etc

Planning Planning different processes Planning of risk management

Controlling Auditing systems Creating procedure Creating product/ service system standards


Techniques can be used : 7QC, PDCA, ISO, Microsoft projects, etc

Auditing system The audit carried out to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness The frequency is deepened on the criticality of the tasks The auditing system is created with some types of auditing which includes:

Audit in the progress: Evaluate the results of the project based on the setting objectives. Evaluate the progress of the project Help the manager make decisions on fixing the objectives, plan if necessary. Find out the problems of implementation

Audit the results: Defined the achievement level Evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness Get experience Collect information for improvement Audit the affections Define and evaluate the effects of the new systems on the works of the company and evaluate if the customers services is improving by applying this system. The audit has to be done by a professional team that Vinamilk sets up to ensure the problems are really defined. The process of auditing is also created with very detailed explanation. All of the collected information and data, the results will be analysed with different criteria to create the final results.

The required resources, tools and systems to support the business process: Human resources: With the development strategy of the dairy industry today, Vinamilk factors identified "human" will determine the success or failure of your business. Building the workforce inherit stick with companies in the future, in 1993, Vinamilk has signed long term contracts with the University of Applied Biotechnology Moscow of the Russian Federation to send their children cadres staff to study in the industry: dairy technology and dairy products, automation and process technology production equipment food production, management of the dairy industry. Children of staff members who have passed a university or are studying at regular universities, academic good, needs to do in Vinamilk, the company will expense the children to study subjects living in Russia for 6 years. To date, the company has supported more than 50 children attend school in this area. Not only does child support in the industry, Vinamilk also recruit graduates with honors at the university in Ho Chi Minh City and sent to specialized study abroad. Thanks to the policy "way modern artists" is done all the way, Vinamilk has trained a team of specialized engineers good milk. Mrs. Vu Thi Bich Nghia, in charge of training the Vinamilk Company, said: "The engineers have been trained overseas are promoted and effective applications of knowledge learned in school. Many young people have become key officials in the company's plant and build awareness for the success of the company very well. Not only prepared for highly qualified

human resources in the future, even the employees may also require learning support companies 50% fee. 1. Vinamilk Marketing Plan [Accessed 30 August 2010]URL:


On August 6th, the Vietnam Dairy Products Company - Vinamilk groundbreaking ceremony was held to build Vietnam's dairy factory on an area of 20 ha in My Phuoc Industrial Park, Binh Duong Province.This is a factory specializing in milk production with initial capacity of 400 million liters / year and will increase to 800 million liters / year, to meet demand growth in the South in the next 5 years. The plant is fully automated systems including inventory. All lines and equipment of the plant are due to European manufacturers offer.Vinamilk said, this is the milk processing plant in Vietnam and Southeast Asia with the maximum degree of automation is being applied today in the world.The total initial capital investment of the plant at about $ 120 million. The plant is expected to begin operation in late 2012. Work environment: Vinamilk should manage the environment to ensure that the customers have a green and clean environment (Good Manufacturing Practices standards) and also the staffs can work in a good condition. The value and success, we depend heavily on the creativity and excitement in your work. Therefore we strive to create a professional work environment but not least friendly and open to each individual is free to promote creativity, freed itself from the potential of thatmake a difference. At Vinamilk, always be respectful, listen and share; every employee feel that they are aimportant link in a collective unity and strength. All efforts and results of our inquiries arerecognized and rewarded in time - it is a great motivation to help you find the inspirationand ready for new challenges at work. You spend more than a third of a time working at the company, so there is no reason we did not bring you the comfort of your spirit to work safely. The sports activities, arts, dance and outdoor activities ... are held regularly we get you the happy moments and rewarding; through which employees will also have the opportunity to understand each other better and promote spirit of teamwork more effective. (Vinamilk official website)

Tools: Vinamilk can use

7QCs tool to support the process. It includes Process Flow Chart Pareto Analysis Cause & Effect Diagram Check list / Data Collection Histogram Scatter Diagram Control Chart. PDCA and computerized system (CRM, Communication system) are the other useful tools: The Plan-Do-Check-Act methodology can be applied to all processes in the Vinamilk company. It is a basic method. It is simply described as: Plan: establish the objectives and processes necessary to deliver results in accordance with customer requirements and the organization's policies. Do: implement the processes. Check: monitor and measure processes and product against policies, objectives and requirements for the product and report the results. Act: take actions to continually improve process performance. PDCA can be the first things this company needs to consider before building any process. In a process, by doing anything, they have to plan, do check and act. For example of purchasing Plan: planning what to buy, where to buy, how to buy, quality needs, etc. Do: buy it from the suppliers Check: check if receiving right ingredients with qualified quality Act: how to fix the problem if there is something wrong (ex. Ask the suppliers to deliver other ingredients that meet the quality standards, change the suppliers) System: Vinamilk quality management system that meets the Technical and management standards are needed for Vinamilk. It helps them to better control the quality system and maintain effectively and efficiency. Vinamilk has partnered with IBM to build and deploy IT infrastructure on demand, including server systems, storage systems, system failure and recovery management software

applications. These solutions bring Vinamilk system scalability, performance and deliver maximum efficiency in business operations. Vinamilk has a team-research and development, including 10 engineers and technical staff. The staff work closely study the marketing department, the department continuously collaborate with research organizations to identify market trends and consumer tastes. Vinamilk actively conducting research and working with the market research company to find out trends and sales activities of consumer feedback as well as other media related to real problems and food products. Innovative technology and installation systems complete production lines, modern, welcoming the new technology with the technical standards and food safety best. Companies to build more factories with modern equipment, advanced in key economic areas, and make the initiative in production and business.

Quality audit system should be applied are proposed: Internal Audit:

Internal Audit will help Vinamilk their risk management. It focuses on the central issue of the financial statements and financial risk, and then considers the broader issues such as Vinamilk prestigious environmental impact, how companies treat employees of them. Vinamilk dointernal have planned audits to assess the quality system. External audit:

External audit and inspection to verify the financial statements of the company is correct. It provides independent evaluations am to stakeholders, shareholders and employees of the company. Audited by an external certification body or organization to ensure that companies ensure quality standards. CAR (corrective action report): CAR is used to report to the Council all the management problems and issues in quality management systems. After receiving this, the action plan should be adopted. Management review meetings:

The board of management of Vinamilk has to hold a meeting with a team of quality and all department managers to discuss functionality and continued conformity and effectiveness of the system. All the required documents and records will be stored as proof of the system, including quality policy, objectives, procedures, documentation and use requirements of ISO or company procedures (control

documents & records, internal audit, corrective and preventive actions and control of inappropriate products). Controlling documentation and records includes: Quality policy Quality objectives Quality manual Documented procedures required by the Standard ISO or company procedures

Control of documents Control of records Internal audit Control of nonconforming product Corrective action Preventive action The quality management system should follows: The quality policy should focus on the customers and customer satisfaction as well as stakeholders All employees understand the quality policy and each of them works towards measurable objectives. Emphasise the communication. The business decision about the quality management system was made based on recorded data. Regularly audit the quality management system. The communication system about services information, inquiries, contracts, orders, feedback and complaints with customers has been apply The business keeps records of the past problem and the solutions, and monitors the effectiveness. The company has different documented procedures and does it. The business makes sure no one uses and fixes the problems of non- conformity products. (Information from Guideline)

To promote and maintain a culture of quality, Vinamilk should do the following activities: For quality inspection powers and responsibilities of employees to increase their job satisfaction by giving an indication of the trust and respect. Create and set up between competing teams to get the highest quality standards. It is useful for Vinamilk as work attitude and performance of employees is very important. Set the mapping of process quality in all functions to make the employees see it day in and day out. Develop and maintain employee trust and faith by making self-managed teams and encourage them to try their best to achieve the quality standards for products. To promote and encourage the coordination and communication between different departments, which are the disadvantages of functional structures. Employee training on policies and the importance of the quality of their work on the quality of the products / services Think and create slogans to raise quality awareness of employees and attract the attention of stakeholders and customers. Connect the various departments to coordinate the mutual duties. Use the "3R" includes a suitable job, right time and right person. This helps connect the different functions of Vinamilk become a stable group. (Information from Guideline)

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