The List of Hindu Temples converted to mosque in Bihar

A Preliminary Survey of some of the Hindu temples that were converted to mosques and muslim monuments in Bihar is given here. Many such muslim construction have used the materials of the Hindu temple after it was destroyed by the muslims. This shows the true nature of the religion Islam. Some of the districts have been renamed or newly created. Some places which was under one district is now in another district. Those who read this can point out errors if any. I. Bhagalpur District. 1. Bhagalpur (i) Dargh of Hazrat Shhbz (1502). Temple site. (ii) Masjid of Mujahidpur (1511-15). Temple site. (iii) Dargh of Makhdm Shh (1615). Temple site. 2. Champanagar (i) Several Mazrs. On ruins of Jain temples. (ii) Masjid (1491). Jain Temple site. 3. Sultanganj Masjid on the rock on the riverbank. Temple site. II. Gaya District. 1. Amthua, Masjid (1536). Temple site. 2. Gaya, Shh Masjid in Nadirganj (1617). Temple site. 3. Kako, Dargh of Bb Kamlo. Temple site. III. Monghyr District. 1. Amoljhori, Muslim Graveyard. Vishnu Temple site. 2. Charuanwan, Masjid (1576). Temple site. 3. Kharagpur (i) Masjid (1656-57). Temple site. (ii) Masjid (1695-96). Temple site. 4. Monghyr (i) Fort Gates. Temple materials used. (ii) Dargh of Shh Nafa’ Chisht (1497-98). Temple site. IV. Muzaffarpur District. Zaruha, MamN-BhNj-k-Mazr. Temple materials used. V. Nalanda District.

1. Biharsharif, Muslim capital built after destroying UdaNDapura which had a famous Buddhist Vihra. Most of the Muslim monuments were built on the site and from materials of temples. The following are some of them: (i) Dargh of Makhdmu’l Mulk Sharfu’d-Dn. (d. 1380). (ii) BaD Dargh. (iii) Chhot Dargh. (iv) Brdar. (v) Dargh of Shh Fazlu’llh GosN. (iv) Mazr of Malik Ibrhim Bayy on Pr PahD. (vii) Kabriu’d-Dn-k-Masjid (1353). (viii) Mazr of Sayyid Muhammad Siwistni. (ix) Chhot Takiy containing the Mazr of Shh Dwn Abdul Wahhb. (x) Dargh of Shh Qumais (1359-60). (xi) Masjid in Chandpur Mahalla. (xii) Jmi’ Masjid in Paharpur Mahalla. 2. Parbati, Dargh of Hj Chandar or ChNd Saudgar. Temple materials used. 3. Shaikhupura, Dargh of Shykh Shib. Temple materials used. VI. Patna District. 1. Hilsa (i) Dargh of Shh Jumman Madryya (repaired in 1543). Temple site. (ii) Masjid. (1604-05). Temple site. 2. Jana, Jmi’ Masjid (1539). Temple site. 3. Kailvan, Dargh and Masjid. Temple site. 4. Maner, All Muslim monuments stand on temple sites. The following are prominent among them: (i) BaD Dargh of Sultnu’l Makhdm Shh Yhy Maner. (ii) Dargh of Makhdm Daulat Shh. (iii) Jmi’ Masjid. (iv) Mazr of Hj Nizmu’d-Dn. 5. Muhammadpur, Jmi’ Masjid (1510-11). Temple site. 6. Patna (i) Patthar-k-Masjid (1626). Temple materials used. (ii) Beg Hajjm-k-Masjid (1510-11). Temple materials used. (iii) Muslim Graveyard outside the Qiladari. On the ruins of Buddhist Vihras. (iv) Dargh of Shh Mr Mansr. On the ruins of a Buddhist Stpa. (v) Dargh of Shh Arzni. On the site of a Buddhist Vihra. (vi) Dargh of Pr Damariy. On the site of a Buddhist Vihra. (vii) Mirza Msm-k-Masjid (1605). Temple materials used. (viii) Meetan Ght-k-Masjid (1605). Temple site. (ix) Katr Masjid of Shista Khn. Temple site. (x) Khwja Ambar Masjid (1688-89). Temple site. (xi) Bbuganj Masjid (1683-86). Temple site. (xii) Sher-Shh Masjid near Purab Darwaza. Temple site. (xiii) Chamn Ght-k-Masjid. Temple site. 7. Phulwarisharif (i) Dargh of Shh Pashmnposh. Temple site. (ii) Dargh of Minhju’d-Dn Rast. Temple site. (iii) Dargh of Ll Min. Temple site. (iv) Sang Masjid (1549-50). Temple site.

VII. Purnea District. 1. Hadaf, Jmi’ Masjid. Temple site. 2. Puranea, Masjid in Keonlpura. Temple site. VIII. Saran District. 1. Chirand, Masjid (1503-04). Temple site. 2. Narhan, Jmi’ Masjid. Temple site. 3. Tajpur-Basahi Mazr of Khwja Bdshh. Temple materials used. IX. Shahabad District. 1. Rohtasgarh (i) Masjid of Aurangzeb. Part of a temple converted. (ii) Mazr of Sq Sultn. Temple site. 2. Sasaram, Mazr of Chandan Shahd Pr. Temple site. X. Vaishali District. 1. Amer, Mazr of Pr Qattl. Temple materials used. 2. Chehar (i) Fort. Temple materials used. (ii) Jmi’ Masjid. Temple materials used. 3. Hajipur (i) Hj Ilys-k- Masjid. Converted temple. (ii) Dargh of Barkhurdr Awliy. Temple site. (iii) Dargh of Pr Shattr. Temple site. (iv) Dargh of Hju’l Harmain. Temple site. (v) Dargh of Pr Jallu’d-Dn. Temple site. 4. Basarh (i) DargAh of Pr Mrn. On top of a Buddhist Stpa. (ii) Mazr of Shykh Muhammad Faizu’llh Ali alias Qzin Shattr. Temple site. (iii) Graveyard. Many tombs built with temple materials. (iv) Masjid. Temple site. XI. District to be determined. 1. Hasanpura, Mazr of Makhdm Hasan. On the site of a Buddhist Stpa, 2. Jhangira, Jmi’ Masjid. Temple site.