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Dear Fellow Prince Georgian: I am sure you read Saturday’s Washington Post article that highlighted just some

of the reckless remarks that Attorney General Doug Gansler made about our County this weekend while o ening a cam aign office in !orest"ille# It’s bad enough to tear down your o onent in an election$ but it crosses a clear line to tear down Prince George’s County# “When I was growing up, you couldn’t shop in a mall in Prince George’s or go to a restaurant with a table cloth in Prince George’s. ou had to come to !ontgomery or "nne "rundel #ounty. "nd it’s not that di$$erent now.% & Doug Gansler, '()'*)+, %is words are demeaning and nothing could be further from the truth# &he only thing that has e"er re"ented 'r# Gansler from sho ing or eating in our County is the out of touch stereoty es that he’s now er etuating to try to win an election# !rom the %yatts"ille Arts District$ to the Woodmore &own Center$ to (ational %arbor$ there are lenty of laces to ha"e a great meal and do some sho ing in Prince George’s County# It’s too bad Doug Gansler can’t see fit to recogni)e the rogress we’"e made together# “-here’s still education redlining going on in Prince George’s #ounty.% & Doug Gansler '()'*)+, *ur students$ arents$ teachers and rinci als ha"e earned the right to e+ ect better from Attorney General Gansler# &hey are not ,redliners#- While we all know there is more work to be done in our school system$ there is no debating that the County.s schools are making real rogress and we are roud of that fact# &est scores are on the rise$ enrollment is u $ and there are more o tions for arents and students# 'r# Gansler’s reckless statement disres ects our shared commitment to im ro"ing our schools and belittles the hard work of students and educators across the County# With /t# Go"ernor 0rown’s leadershi $ this year the state in"ested 12#20 into our schools and 134' in school construction here in Prince George.s# We’"e re laced or reno"ated 56 schools in the last se"en years and remain committed to closing the achie"ement ga # “./eryone who’s got a power$ul interest in this status 0uo staying what it is, and 1eeping Prince George’s #ounty down, is going to be against us, but we’re not going to let that happen.% & Doug Gansler '()'*)+, &his kind of language is irres onsible and calls into 7uestion the Attorney General’s judgment# /ast summer$ 'r# Gansler made the offensi"e claim that Anthony 0rown$ a %ar"ard educated$ Ira7 War "eteran with 28 years of go"ernment ser"ice was running on his race alone# (ow he.s at it again$ utting his own olitical ambition and gain ahead of the eo le of our County by making another blatant effort to di"ide us# What’s 9kee ing Prince George’s County down- is outdated stereoty es and di"isi"e olitics that undercut our ability to ha"e honest$ roducti"e con"ersations about making our County better# &he Attorney General’s statements about Prince George’s County threaten to damage our County’s rogress# It’s im ortant for leaders like us to send a clear message that Prince George’s County$ *:; County$ will not be used as a unching bag to further Doug Gansler’s < or any other olitician’s < olitical career and self interest# We ask you to join us by adding your name to this letter to send a clear message to 'r# Gansler that Prince George.s County should be celebrated by our leaders$ not denigrated#

Sincerely$ 2# Congresswoman Donna =dwards Congressman Steny %oyer ># Delegate ?oseline Pena@'elnyk 3# Councilman Derrick /eon Da"is 5# State’s Attorney Angela Alsobrooks 4# Senator ?oanne 0enson 8# Council 'ember &rina 0rown$ 0ladensburg A# Senator :lysses Currie 6# Delegate Dereck =# Da"is B# Council Chairman 'el !ranklin 2C# Delegate 0arbara !rush 22# Council 'ember 0e"erly %all$ 0ladensburg 2># Delegate 'ar"in %olmes 23# Delegate Carolyn ?#0# %oward 25# Councilwoman 'ary /ehman 24# Senator &homas D# 'ike 'iller$ ?r# 28# 'ayor Craig 'oe$ /aurel 2A# Councilman =ric *lson 26# Senator Doug Peters 2B# Delegate ?im Proctor >C# Delegate Darren Swain >2# Councilwoman Ingrid &urner >># Delegate Deronica &urner >3# Delegate Eris Dalderrama >5# Delegate 'ichael Daughn >4# Delegate Alon)o Washington >8# ?une White Dillard$ =s7#$ !ormer Prince George’s (AACP President >A# &he %onorable !loyd =# Wilson ?r#

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