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Personal Statement Dear Sir/Madam, I would like to articulate to you my highest desire to participate in the Seaman to Admiral (STA-21)

Program. My experiences, motivations and desires embody the Navy Core Values of Honor, Courage and Commitment and will fully translate and contribute diversity to the wardroom. I am a third generation Sailor. My grandfather and my father laid the groundwork for me by serving honorable enlisted careers. It is my profound duty to honor them and the traditions of our Naval and Navajo heritage by pushing myself to earn a commission and fully devote myself to attaining the highest level of responsibility by becoming a United States Naval Officer. Joining the Navy has given me a sense of courage I had not known before. My college grades are from seven years ago and do not reflect the person I have grown to become today. The Navy has taught me to have the courage to accept my shortcomings and to adhere to a greater work ethic. I have an immense gratitude for hindsight, I have come to respect my failures and learn from them. Because of this, I bring the courage to humble myself, to become an example to others and most importantly, the ability to relate to others. My record shows I have the aptitude and commitment to pursue leadership positions at any level. At Recruit Training Command I was chosen to be a section leader in my recruit division. Afterwards, I was chosen to be the class leader for my Surface Common Core class. Upon assignment to Assault Craft Unit ONE, I enhanced my commitment to leadership by choosing the Yeoman rating in an effort to work at a higher level with Officers from all departments. I was assigned as the sole administrative point of contact for 250 personnel within the Landing Craft department and in turn, honed my commitment to my shipmates and the overall welfare of the department. My educational goal upon acceptance to STA-21 is to earn a degree in Electrical Engineering which applies directly to the Naval Flight Officer (NFO) designation. NFOs are the elite operators of cutting edge technology in the aviation community. Operating as an NFO aboard any platform requires technical mastery of various instruments and programs onboard the aircraft. In applying for the NFO designation, I am also respectfully requesting an age waiver. With a waiver, prior education and my prior enlisted service, I will be able to commission prior to the 31 year age cutoff when accepted for this years program. I have much to contribute to my country in return for a commission. The STA21 Program is an absolutely life changing opportunity that I am committed to making the most of. This program is of the highest importance to me and it will provide me the opportunity to honor my country, my family and the United States Navy. My confidence in my abilities to learn, lead and execute has never been higher. I am focused and able to carry out and accomplish all requirements of the STA-21 program and the NFO option.

Ryan Jim Barker