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Leap Up Ceremony

Akela: The moon is full as it was on that night in Raksha/Leader: (Stands in front of the line of
the jungle when Mowgli joined the leaping-up cubs and asks them to follow
Seeonee wolf pack. As he grew with the her. She walks in front of the cubs over to
pack he learned many important lessons of the line of each cub as they pass through
the jungle, one of the most important being the line of leaders who all give them the
the strength of the pack is the wolf and the scout hand shake. The cubs stop at
strength of the wolf is the pack. But just Akela.)
as Mowgli had to leave the pack to find his Akela: Akela of the humans!
place among the world of men the pack as
cubs who have grown strong and wise in Scout Leader: What is it you wish, Akela of the
ways of the jungle. They have learned Wolves?
many lessons as they ran with the pack. Akela: There are wolves among us who have
They are now ready to begin many new grown tall in the body and strong in the
adventures as they leave the jungle and go character. They have learned well the
to the village of man. We know they will ways of the jungle and now yearn to run
remember the things they have learned with man in the man village. These
from the Old Wolves and from the pack, wolves have made us proud and honor us.
and they will bring us great honor. Will you take them and train and teach
Akela: PACK PACK PACK! them in the ways of man and God?
Scout Leader: TROOP ALERT! Scout Leader: Yes, Akela.
Akela: Racksha/Leader, please bring me the cubs Akela: Wood and water, wind and tree
who are leaping up from our pack. Jungle favor go with thee.
Raksha/Leader: (enters the rock circle and salutes Farewell and good hunting!
Candidate: (jumps over the log)
Akela: (Leaves the rock circle and moves out the
end of the line of leaders between the cub Scout Leader: Patrol Leader, bring the candidates
circle and the scout horseshoe.) for investiture.
Raksha/Leader: Would the Youth Patrol Leader: (gathers cubs
following cubs please and brings them into the
enter the rock circle. horseshoe.)
(Calls the names of the Troop (Troop performs the Scout
cubs who are moving up Leader Investiture Ceremony.)
to scouts.)
Akela Akela: (Returns to the Rock Circle.)
(Salutes cubs as they
enter and motions them to We bid farewell to the Cubs
either side, ending up who will no longer run with the
forming a line to the next pack. We are thankful for their
cub will be able to enter strength, we will miss their
and salute.) brotherhood. We now look to
their example as they learn their
Wolves, raise your arms duties as Scouts. And look
and salute your brothers. forward to when they will visit
(salute) their old pack again. Cubs,
Let us raise our voices to honor our where ever your paths take you,
brothers who are leaving the pack. (leads remember to show kindness to all you
Grand Howl). meet and to always, always Do Your Best.
All Cubs: (Perform the Grand Howl) (Dismiss Rock Circle.)
Scout Leader: (Dismiss Troop.)