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Knock-Off Monday 7 April 2014

WHAT DID THE AGENT HAVE ON HER? Here are a few trinkets that an agent might be wearing or carrying on her person. Brief Case. This otherwise ordinary item: 1) Is reinforced and acts as a hand held shield providing +1 AV. 2) Is a disguised: 1. SMG doing 5D6 Damage, Medium Range, Rate 1, EMP Immune, 2 SMART Clips. 2. Rocket Launcher doing 3D10 Damage, Long Range, Rate 1, EMP Immune (2 Rockets). 3. Sniper Rifle doing 2D6+2 Damage, Long Range, Rate 2, EMP Immune, 2 SMART Clips. 4. Injector Pistol doing D2 + Toxin, Medium Range, Rate 1, EMP Immune, 9 Darts. 3) Can release a single powerful EMP Burst doing 5D10 Damage, 30 meter burst, Rate 1, Destroyed after use. 4) Contains a hand-carried A.I. controlled, Tempest Hacking Unit capable of detecting, copying and displaying targeted EM signals of any electronic devices within 30 meters. The dedicated Hacking A.I. has Intelligence 10 + Computer & A.I. 10 with a +6 hacking bonus minus the relevant system security level of the targeted device (See Core Rules page 150). 5) Acts as a satchel plasma charge doing 6D10 Damage, 10 meter blast radius, ignoring 60 AV, Rate 1, EMPS 12. 6) Functions as a counter-surveillance unit automatically sweeping the area for EM signals (bugs, radio transmissions, etc.) and relaying the information to the Agent via Smeaker or internal A.I. (85% chance of success minus any relevant penalties). 7) Is constructed around a state-of-the-art sensor suite. The case is coated with redundant layers of micro-sensors connected to a sophisticated sensor suite capable of picking up a wide range of phenomena (i.e. visual, aural, chemical, thermal, motion, and air disturbances) within a 20 meter radius. Transmits encrypted raw sensor data to a designated receiver within three kilometers. 8) Is booby-trapped. Emits a 3D10 electrical shock when opened, touched, etc. Counts as a Galvanic Weapon and can be combined with any of the other options above. Chip checked. Outerwear. This large jacket or coat: 1) Has a crystal weave liner which defeats (100% chance) all known sensors and scanning devices. 2) Is composed of PolyShift fabric capable of assuming 4 different Color/Pattern schemes. 3) Has a unique fashion style or cut providing +1 to the wearers Attitude checks. 4) Acts as a defensive item which: 1. Acts as Reinforced Fabric providing +1 AV. 2. Is formed from Armorcyne fabric providing +2 AV (Usually Western Federation only). 3. Has a Refractive Cloth layer providing +2 AV vs. laser weapons. 4. Has a Trauma Layer lined with faux blood which provides a +2 bonus to Lying & Acting checks to feign death or wounding. 5) Has multiple buttons or fasteners which act as powerful vidcams (i.e. miniature cameras Core Rules page 50). Takes up to 5000 high resolution images or 24 hours of audio-video. It is shockproof, waterproof and provides 360 coverage centered on the wearer. When activated, the wearer gains +2 to PER to detect sneak attacks. 6) Holds two light close combat or ranged weapons in hidden, sealable pockets. Imposes a -5/-25% chance of detection. 7) Has a built in Survival Bubble (See MoW page 67). 8) Doubles as a Drop Suit (See Core Rules page 50). Fashion Accessories. These accouterments consist of: 1) An item of jewelry consisting of: 1. A pair of Micrenades disguised as earrings. 2. A ring with a built-in advanced version of the holoprojector (See Core Rules page 51). Lasts for 10 minutes. 3. Tazer cufflinks which function as a Stun Bayonet (See MoW page 34) with 2 uses. 4. A smart metal necklace which can morph into a variety of small tools and lock picks. 2) Shirt or jacket pin which functions as digital radio transceiver with a 3 kilometer range. 3) Straight hair pin which functions as a shuriken if thrown (D2+Athletics) or a stiletto if wielded as a close combat weapon (D3+Strength) ignoring 1 AV. 4) A belt that: 1. Unravels into a 10 meter rappel line with a smart metal grapple hook. 2. Contains a set of nanopicks. 3. Is formed of interlocking metal bands which when triggered forms into a 3-foot long sword doing D8 + STR Damage, Rate 2. 4. When activated morphs into a 3-meter combat whip doing D4+STR, Rate 2 (Other Close Combat options are available with the Master of the Lash training). 5) Headwear that: 1. Functions as a Chakram when thrown doing D4+1/2 STR, Rate 1, returns if target is missed. 2. Has a liner that functions as a 3-pack, disposable toxin filter (See Core Rules page 53). 3. Acts as a heavy frag grenade doing 6D6 Damage. 4. Despite its appearance functions as a combat helmet providing +1 AV. 6) A timepiece that 1. Functions as a Portable Computer (See Core Rules page 50) with built in Advanced Hacking protocols providing +2 to Hacking Attempts. 2. Contains a powerful miniature laser 2D6 Damage, Close Range, Rate 2 with a 4 shot power cell. 3. Contains a one-metre length of nano wire D8 Damage, Close Combat, Rate 1, Ignores 8 AV. 4. Holds a dedicated A.I. who is an expert in urban and wilderness survival (Provides the Survival Training for free). If the Agent already has the Survival Training, it provides a +2 to relevant action checks.

Eyewear. These vision aids: 1. Function as Night Vision Glasses (See Core Rules page 52) in a stylish, frame. 2. Allow the wearer to perceive the full range of ambient electromagnetic fields (Function as EM Sensor Goggles in KOM 26). 3. Impose a hypnotic effect on anyone directly observing the wearer. Provides a +2 to relevant social action checks. 4. When activated morph into a set of sealed, pressurized goggles protecting the eyes from depth pressures, flash, contaminants, vacuum, etc. 5. Act as omni-directional mirror lenses providing sight coverage in a 360 degree radius when concentrated on. When activated, the wearer gains +1 to PER to detect sneak attacks. 6. Acts as an advanced Eye Screen (See Core Rules page 50) by providing a Heads Up Display connection to any personal electronics within 5 meters. 7. Function as an unlinked Anascan Reticle Eye (Core Rules page 64) providing +1 to hit with all ranged weapons. 8. Act as chameleon contact lenses masking the wearers retina pattern by mimicking the retina pattern of another. Adds +4 to relevant Lying & Acting skill checks. Footwear. These shoes or boots: 1) Have a concealed blade D4+STR Damage, Close Combat, Rate 2. 2) Are magnetized allowing travel across metal surfaces at 1/4 movement rate. 3) Have a single use rocket boost capable of propelling the wearer up to 50 + D100 meters and allowing them to land safely. 4) Have sensors that analyze all vibrations (distance/direction) within 30 meters.

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