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InPage Crypkey

Author: Vijay K Gupta, Organization: Concept Software Date: 28th Fe ! 2""# "$th %ar! 2""2 8th %ay 2""2 #&th 'anuary 2""$ Ver(ion: "!2 )hi( *ocu+ent *etai,( the (tep( re-uire* for u(ing .n/age C01/K21 3er(ion on a 4oca, Area 5etwor6 74A58! )he 4A5 can either e 9 a8 %S :in*ow( 4A5 8 5o3e, 5etware 4A5 .t a,(o contain( *etai,( on how to tran(fer a ,icen(e fro+ one +achine to another 1. InPage in MS Windows LAN Step( to u(e .n/age C01/K21 in a +u,ti u(er 4A5 en3iron+ent #! /,ea(e en(ure that a,, the +achine( that nee* to ha3e +u,ti u(er .n/age (hou,* e interconnecte* an* acce((i ,e through 5etwor6 5eigh ourhoo* 2! .*entify the +achine that nee*( to act a( an .n/age Ser3er! )hi( +achine can e :in*ow( 2""", :in*ow( 5) or :in*ow( ;8! <! .n(ta,, .n/age on the (er3er in ,et=( (ay a *irectory c:>.n/ageSer3er! /,ea(e u(e thi( na+e a( it wi,, e ea(i,y acce((i ,e an* wi,, e u(e* for further operation( a( e,ow! ?! Share thi( fo,*er C:>.n/ageSer3er an* pro3i*e Change an* 0ea* /er+i((ion( to thi( fo,*er! 1ou *o not nee* to pro3i*e (haring of the (er3er *ri3e a( a who,e, (haring of thi( fo,*er wi,, e (ufficient! .f you are u(ing :in*ow( ;8 a( your (er3er then you wi,, nee* to pro3i*e Acce(( type a( Fu,, when you (hare thi( fo,*er!

On :in*ow( ;8 (er3er, you wi,, nee* to ,aunch :CKS20V2!2@2! )hi( fi,e can e foun* in c:>.n/ageSer3er! .t wi,, nee* to e put in the (tartup (o that it get( eAecute* each ti+e the (er3er i( oote*! )he :CKS20V2 i( ,aunche* a,ong with a para+eter to (pecify the path where .n/age i( in(ta,,e*! So in thi( ca(e you wi,, e putting a co++an* ,ine c:>inpage(er3er>wc6(er3er c:>inpage(er3er! .f your (er3er i( :in*ow( 5) an* 2""", you nee* to Share the fo,*er a( fo,,ow(9

/,ea(e u(e the /er+i((ion( utton an* the en(uing *ia,og oA for (pecifying the Change an* rea* per+i((ion!

$! On each c,ient +achine, p,ea(e fo,,ow the(e (tep(9 1ou nee* to pro3i*e a (hortcut for the inpage!eAe fi,e ,ocate* in the (er3er +achine in the *irectory .n/ageSer3er! )hi( (hortcut i( what you wi,, u(e for ,aunching .n/age on the c,ient +achine! /,ea(e re+e+ er that if you ha3e .n/age 3er(ion 2!;< or ,ater than you *o not nee* to in(ta,, .n/age on the c,ient +achine(!
2. CrypKey with Novell Netware LAN A fi,e CKS20V20!54% i( u(e* for 5et:are <!A, ?!A an* $!A (er3er( an* +u(t e awar*e* rea*, write, an* fi,e(can per+i((ion(! )hi( (e,fBconfiguring 54% can on,y (er3ice the ,oca, fi,e (er3er it i( in(ta,,e* on, *etecting CrypKey .n(tant protecte* pro*uct( on,y on thi( (er3er! )hi( *ri3er, un,i6e the other(, *oe( 5O) nee* to e configure* for the path of the protecte* App B it ju(t ha( to e running! )o in(ta,, thi( *ri3er: #8 Copy it to the Sy(te+ *irectory 28 On the 5o3e,, (er3er in +onitor +o*e, type C4OAD CKS20V20C

)hi( i( a,, that i( re-uire*, the 54% wi,, ta6e it fro+ there D e3en +a6ing (ure that it i( a,way( run if the (er3er i( re oote*! 5ote: 5o3e,,E( /atch 4e3e, F$ for 5o3e,, <!A! i( the +ini+u+ patch ,e3e, re-uire* to run CKS20V20!54% on <!A

3. Moving Protected Products Moving CrypKey Instant protected products is possible, given CrypKey Instants ability to transfer licenses between computers.
Licenses can be transferred using either of the following methods: direct: move a license from one local or networked directory to another floppy: move a license from one PC to another, via floppy disk, when the two PCs are not networked

ire!t Li!ense "rans#ers

Direct license transfers move any type of license from one location on your PC to another. Execute the Transfer To Directory command on any product with a valid license. The Transfer To Directory command requests a directory path to an existing, unlicensed copy of the same product on your clients hard drive before transferring the license from the source directory to the target. This target directory must either be local to the source directory or connected by a network serviced by a CrypKey Instant network driver.

You want to move a program with a valid fixed license from C:\temp to C:\apps\bingo.

To transfer a license directly (see above scenario): 1. Copy the program to C:\apps\bingo. 2. Run the program in C:\temp, and select Transfer To Directory. 3. Provide the path name C:\apps\bingo. The program copy in C:\apps\bingo now
has the license awarded the original in C:\temp.

$loppy is% Li!ense "rans#ers

Floppy disk license transfers require a floppy disk, an authorized copy of your product installed on the source PC, and an unlicensed copy of your product on the target PC. The transfer process does not jeopardize your license in any way and is completely secure because the floppy disk is registered to a specific PC in a specific location. This ensures the license can only be transferred to the target PC you specify.

You want to transfer a license from PC 1 to PC 2.

To transfer a license via floppy disk (see above scenario): 4. Ensure you meet the stipulations outlined in Section : Floppy Disk License

5. Start the program on PC 2, and select Transfer Into Computer. Supply the
floppy disk path. The program imprints its registration on the disk.

Figure 0-1: Transfer License

6. Remove the floppy disk from PC 2, and insert it into PC 1. 7. Start the program on PC 1, and select Transfer Out of Computer. Supply the
floppy disk path. The program reads the registration imprint file and writes a matching file to the floppy, decrementing the license at the source or discontinuing it (if a single user license).

8. Remove the floppy disk from PC 1, and return it to PC 2. 9. Click Transfer Into Computer to complete the transfer and discard the
intermediate imprint files. Trouble Shooting : When I can