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Vocabulary Activity

1. Mute (adjective) - refraining from speech or temporarily

speechless; not expressed in speech; characterized by an
absence of sound; quiet.
-Sentence: Then she sat down at his table, and put her head
on it, and was silent, with the patient suffering of black
women, with the suffering of oxen, with the suffering of any
that are mute. (page 40)
-My sentence: As the pastor was praying, all in the room
were mute.

2. Gravely (adjective) – giving cause for alarm.

-Sentence: It suited the white man to break the tribe, he
continued gravely. (page 56) .
-My sentence: I gravely screamed when I fell of my bike.

3. Articulately (adjective) - having or showing the ability to

speak fluently and coherently.
-Sentence: Inarticulately he strokes her face, his heart is
filled with pity. (page 61).
-My sentence: Gabe speaks articulately on presentations.

4. Reconcile (verb) - restore friendly relations between

-Sentence: And thus reconciled, they sat hand in hand.
(page 61).
-My sentence: I reconciled with my friend from 3rd grade.

5. Stipend (noun) - a fixed regular sum paid as a salary or

-Sentence: To save ten pounds from a stipend of eight
pounds a month takes much patience and time, especially
for a parson, who must dress in good black clothes. (page
-My sentence: My parents get their stipend every Friday.

6. Irresolute (adjective) - showing or feeling hesitancy.

- Sentence: So getting no peace, she rose irresolute, and
went to a room behind, and after some time she returned
with the bible. (page 79).
-My Sentence: When I was going to skateboard for the first
time I was Irresolute.

7. Corrugated (adjective) -shaped into alternate ridges and

-Sentence: There is corrugated iron at the reformatory, they
use it to cover the Nance field Station, lying neatly packed in
bundles. (page 88). -My Sentence: My bike is corrugated..

8. Travail (noun) – painful or laborious effort.

a. Sentence: (page 90)
b. My Sentence: I was very travail when I fell of a cliff.

9. Obscure (adjective) – not discovered or known about;

-Sentence: He had bought the child some cheap wooden
blocks, and with these the little one played endlessly and
intently, with a purpose obscure to the adult mind, but
completely absorbing. (page 93).
-My Sentence: I was obscure until I came out of the womb.

10. Desolate (adjective) – deserted of people and in a state if

bleak and dismal emptiness.
-Sentence: And then in one fraction of time the hills with
deep melodious names stood out waste and desolate
beneath the pitiless sun, the streams ceased to run, the
cattle moved thin and listless over the red and rootless
earth. (page 93).
- My Sentence: Disneyland was desolated at 10 in the

11. Muse (verb) – be absorbed in thought.

-Sentence: His voice would falter and die away, and he
would fall silent and muse. (page 93).
-My Sentence: My brother was muse before his test.