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Gerson Lehrman Group (GLG) - Gurgaon

Gurgaon, India
Posted 26 days ago

Posted 5 days ago
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Research Associate


Gurgaon, India
Posted 1 day ago

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Gurgaon, India
Posted 12 days ago

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Research Support Specialist
Gurgaon, India
Posted 13 days ago

Analyst - CTS

About this job

Gurgaon, India
Posted 15 days ago

Job description

Associate - Market Research
Gurgaon, India
Posted 26 days ago

Position Overview:

Gurgaon, India
Posted 12 days ago

A RSS/Analyst working with the LCOTeam is an enthusiastic professional who acts as front-line
associates with GLG Council Members. They are responsible for responding to and

Analyst - Data Integrity Group
Gurgaon, India
Posted 5 days ago

resolving inquiries from GLG Council Members and colleagues, promoting GLG Member Programs and
contributing to system and process improvement efforts to strengthen the overall quality of the GLG
Councils. The role is an exciting entry-level position in a fast-growing global firm with opportunities to
work closely with business and investment leaders that are driving industry throughout the world.

Analyst - Business Finance FP&A
Gurgaon, India
Posted 15 days ago

Business Analyst

Key Responsibilities:

Gurgaon, India
Posted 26 days ago

Specific responsibilities include:

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Quickly reach out via email and/or telephone to GLG Council Members who have knowingly/
unknowingly undisclosed information pertaining to their current/ past and/or future employment visvis their current profile in GLG’s database.
Focus on a timely escalation of compliance issues related to Council Member profiles. Work
closely with GLG’s Internal Compliance Global Teams to maintain the quality of the GLG Councils
by helping manage Council Members’ professional profiles, contact information, and knowledge
Combine search skills and critical thinking to address a GLG Council Member’s question as well
as well be prepared to creatively ask questions that will help extract important information about a
GLG Council Members current/ past employment or any other information requested by GLG’s
Internal Compliance Team.
Verify and validate the details provided by an expert by virtue of his profile, resume, biography and
employment details from the internet for any discrepancy/conflict, negative information (any civil or
criminal investigations, convictions or actions) and additional information
Pursue, adopt and socialize new methods, techniques deductive search and drawing actionable
Understand the GLG taxonomy for the various Practice Areas, Sectors and Industries.
Maintain the quality levels of the Council Member profiles accepted for the assigned Practice
Quickly find information on internet pertaining to companies, department, job function, etc. using
primary research techniques
with emphasis
on public companies and company family trees.

Profile jobs...Connections
Process applications and updates of experts who apply to GLG Councils.


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GLG Research provides professional services and sophisticated web-based compliance systems to help our clients connect to the most relevant experts while managing potential conflicts. make the right connection to people. business and companies based research engagements Company Overview: Gerson Lehrman Group.Job | LinkedIn Required Skills: Candidate profile: Graduate/Postgraduate with 0 to 1 years of work experience preferably working in profiles requiring internet research. our company has grown to support professional services firms and corporations across every industry. India Posted 1 day ago https://www. Respond effectively to management direction and clients’ needs. Good command over English including demonstrated oral and written abilities in a businessfocused setting using a variety of communication channels (telephone. India Posted 13 days ago Posted 12 days ago Analyst . corporations and professional services firms that need targeted. Demonstrable expertise in online search techniques and strategies. positive and flexible people who also: Act with the highest integrity and professionalism in all their endeavors. Similar jobs Analyst . India Posted 15 days ago Posted 26 days ago Research Associate Gurgaon. We help drive smarter and more successful business outcomes.Mandarin Analyst Gurgaon.. Initially serving investment firms.) Successful track record of working in a team environment. founded more than ten years ago. Analyst. We work with the companies and individuals that are looking to lead: that are searching for the right answers. India Gurgaon. GLG Research partners with investment firms.and the right questions. etc. India Sr. and elegantly. on-demand expertise to help improve decision-making. while ensuring a high level of accuracy and attention to detail.CTS Analyst Gurgaon.7/15/2014 Analyst at Gerson Lehrman Group (GLG) in Gurgaon .. The company is backed by Bessemer Venture Partners and Silver Lake Partners. Demonstrate the ability and initiative to handle increasing responsibility over time. began developing a network of leading experts to provide business decision-makers with insights to drive better.linkedin. European industry. through fee based or publicly available sources Exposure to working on US. Ability to multi-task and prioritize effectively. in-person. more informed outcomes. Express a strong desire to work in a team. Follow company About this company Gerson Lehrman Group offers select access to online and real-world platforms that empower ambitious professionals to simply. India Gurgaon. Advanced Analytics Posted 1 day ago Gurgaon. e-mail. to ideas – to opportunities.com/jobs2/view/16437101 2/3 . Kindly visit Other Highlights: We seek bright. (GLG). GLG is headquartered in New York with 21 offices globally and over 800 employees. Good attention to detail.

India Posted 10 days ago Posted 12 days ago Analyst ANALYST Gurgaon.com/jobs2/view/16437101 Talent Solutions Privacy Policy Small Business Community Guidelines Mobile Developers Cookie Policy Language Upgrade Your Account Copyright Policy 3/3 .Job | LinkedIn ANALYST Analyst Gurgaon. India Posted 12 days ago Posted 15 days ago View all jobs like this  About Press Blog LinkedIn Corporation © 2014 Careers Advertising User Agreement https://www. India Gurgaon.linkedin. India Gurgaon.7/15/2014 Analyst at Gerson Lehrman Group (GLG) in Gurgaon .