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 Mirrors should always be placed in the northeast corner of the room.

 While sleeping, the head should never be placed towards North, for proper and undisturbed sleep.
 Seven roded wind chime made of metal can be placed towards the western direction of the house as
a remedy to ward off the evil effects of Saturn.
 A pair of lovebirds can be placed towards the South West direction of the bedroom of married couples
for smooth marital relationship.
 Kitchen should always be placed in the South Eastern direction of the house.
 Water reservoirs or bore wells should always be placed in the North-Eastern Zone of the Plot.
 Heavy furniture in each room should always be placed towards the Southwest.
 A picture of Lord Krishna with a cow in the background should be placed in the Northeastern region of
the house for peace and prosperity.
 Placement of the Main Gate in the Northeastern region of a plot is always auspicious.
 A ceramic bowl filled with sea salt can be placed in the toilet to ward off negative energy.

Sea salt is considered very auspicious during various religious festivities. Uncrushed sea salt is
said to bring us good luck during marriage and other festivals.
Uncrushed sea salt is stored as a puja material while establishing the idol of Lord Ganesha.
According to vaastu shastra, uncrushed sea salt is capable of attracting positive cosmic energy.
Sea salt is capable of eradicating the effects of negative energy from our household. For best
results one can wipe the floor with a mixture of sea salt and water before any big religious
festivity. One can also store uncrushed sea salt locked inside bowls in various parts of the house
to eliminate vaastu doshas. Sea salt also prevents moulds from cropping up.
If you suffer from depression, fear or anxiety, then please take some uncrushed sea salt in both
your hands and close your fists. Open your fists after a few moments and drain the salt into the
wash basin. Please take necessary precautions not to spread the sea salt anywhere else excluding
the wash basin. Doing so will result in the draining out of negative energy from your body.

 Buy some salt on every Friday from the shop and add the same in the salt pot in the
house. This will not only make one rich beyond one’s dream but also help one to
clear all debts.