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Section 01040 - Page 8

Pursuant to contracts clauses within this Contract, Contractors are required to obey all laws, regulations,
orders and directives when hiring armed private security. Failure to comply with all laws, regulations,
orders and directives could result in fine, detention, or imprisonment under Afghan law. APPROVED ASSETS
a. Currently there are six (6) sources of Security Assets available to a Contractor in Afghanistan:
1. Private Security Companies (PSC);
2. Contractor-provided, self-security;
3. Coalition security forces;
4. Afghan National Army (ANA) security forces;
5. Afghan National Police (ANP) security forces;
6. Afghan Public Protection Force (APPF).
b. The Contractor may use one or a combination of more than one of these sources of security assets in
its Security Program. The GIROA has announced plans to limit or eliminate legal use of PSCs and
Contractor-provided, self-security in the near future.
c. At present, use of PSCs and/or Contractor-provided self-security may be prohibited in some areas of
the country, or may shortly be prohibited. The Contractor shall take into account these possible
developments as it considers and implements its security options. MOBILE ARMED SECURITY
Mobile armed security may only be provided by the Afghan Public Protection Force (APPF). STATIC ARMED SECURITY
a. Contractors who provide static armed security must exercise one of two options:
1. Option 1 (preferred)
Transition static armed security needs to the Afghan Public Protection Force (APPF), see
2. Option 2 (preferred)
i. Use a Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (GIRoA) Ministry of Interior
(MOI) approved private Security Contractor by complying with the requirements of the US
Government’s Armed Contractor Oversight Directorate (ACOD). In order to comply with
the requirements of ACOD, a contractor must follow these two steps:
Step 1 – Submission of an arming packet; and
Step 2 – Submission of an arming roster on a monthly basis.
ii. Submissions under Option 2 shall be provided electronically to and the designated Contracting Officer’s
b. Effective March 20, 2013, current guidelines state that all Contractors will be required to have
completed transition from GIRoA MOI approved Private Security Companies (PSC) to the APPF for
all security requirements associated with this project. Currently it is estimated that the process of
negotiating a contract for service with the APPF takes approximately 6 months from the initial
appointment made at APPF Headquarters in Kabul.