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CuesLlons abouL 8heLorlc
1. 1he shlfL ln polnL of vlew has Lhe effecL of .
2. 1he synLax of llnes _____ Lo _____ serves Lo .
3. 1he auLhor's reference/alluslon Lo º___" serves prlmarlly Lo .
4. 1he second senLence ls unlfled by meLaphorlcal references Lo .
3. As llnes _____ and _____ are consLrucLed, "_____" ls parallel Lo whlch of Lhe followlng?
6. 1he anLecedenL for "_____" ls .
7. 1he dlcLlon ln Lhe plece ls besL descrlbed as.
8. 1he synLax ln Lhe plece ls besL descrlbed as .
9. ln paragraph __ Lhe auLhor employs whlch of Lhe followlng rheLorlcal sLraLegles .
10. Cne promlnenL sLyllsLlc characLerlsLlc of Lhe plece ls Lhe use of.
11. 1he prlmary rheLorlcal funcLlon of llnes--- º____" ls Lo .
12. ln Lhe senLence º___" Lhe speaker employs all of Lhe followlng LxCLÞ1.

CuesLlons abouL Lhe AuLhor's Meanlng and Þurpose
13. Whlch of Lhe followlng besL ldenLlfles Lhe meanlng of "_____"?
14. Whlch of Lhe followlng besL descrlbes Lhe auLhor's purpose ln Lhe lasL senLence?
13. 1he auLhor's prlmary purpose ls Lo.
16. 1he prlmary audlence of Lhe plece could be descrlbed as.
17. 1he auLhors uses (Lhls cerLaln lmage) for Lhe purpose of.
18. 1he auLhor emphaslzes "_____" ln order Lo .
19. 1he reason for Lhe shlfL ln Lone ln paragraph __ ls due Lo .
20. 1he sympaLhy (or oLher word) referred Lo ln llne _____ ls called "ad[ecLlve" because lL .
21. WhaL ls Lhe funcLlon of _____ ?
22. 1he phrase, º__" funcLlons prlmarlly as .

CuesLlons abouL Lhe Maln ldea
23. 1he Lheme of Lhe second paragraph ls .
24. 1he speaker's aLLlLude ls besL descrlbed as one of .
23. 1he Lone of Lhe plece (or parLs of lL) ls one of.
26. ln conLexL, Lhe senLence "_____" ls besL lnLerpreLed as whlch of Lhe followlng?
27. 1he aLmosphere ls one of .
28. Whlch of Lhe followlng would Lhe auLhor be LLAS1 llkely Lo encourage?
29. Whlch of Lhe followlng besL summarlzes Lhe maln Loplc of Lhe passage .
30. ln Lhe plece, Lhe auLhor makes all of Lhe followlng assumpLlons abouL hls/her readers LxCLÞ1.

CuesLlons abouL CrganlzaLlon and SLrucLure
31. 1he quoLaLlon "_____" slgnals a shlfL from .
32. 1he Lone of Lhe passage shlfLs from one of___ Lo one of ___.
33. 1he speaker's menLlon of "_____" ls approprlaLe Lo Lhe developmenL of her argumenL by .
34. 1he Lype of argumenL employed by Lhe auLhor ls mosL slmllar Lo whlch of Lhe followlng?
33. 1he auLhor uses a paLLern of organlzaLlon besL descrlbed as .
36. 1he relaLlonshlp beLween _____ and _____ ls explalned prlmarlly by Lhe use of whlch of Lhe
37. Whlch of Lhe followlng besL descrlbes Lhe funcLlon of Lhe ____ paragraph ln relaLlon Lo Lhe paragraphs
LhaL precede lL .

CuesLlons abouL 8heLorlcal Modes
38. 1he paLLern of exposlLlon exempllfled ln Lhe passage can besL be descrlbed as .
39. 1he auLhor's use of descrlpLlon ls approprlaLe because .
40. Whlch of Lhe followlng besL descrlbes Lhe auLhor's meLhod?
41. 8ecause Lhe auLhor uses exposlLory formaL, he ls able Lo .
42. 1he speaker's rheLorlcal sLraLegy ls Lo .
43. 1he auLhor conLrasLs ___ and ___ ln order Lo .

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