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BONATRANS production Facility in India

Brief summary:
On of the biggest world producer of railway wheel sets, Czech company
BONATRANS, is going to built some productionassembly facility for railway wheel
sets in !ndia" The de#elopment pro$ect locality is in the city of Shendra in the
Aurangabad region %near &umbai'" The land is part of an industrial zone and has a
rectangular shape of an area of appro(imately )* *** m+, unburdened by any
pre#ious construction"
,lant will generally consist from following main parts-
,roduction hall housing technology . testing %structural hall rough dimensions
/0* ( 0* ( /*m with o#erhead manipulation cranes'
Transformer station %power input ca 0 1** 23', switchroom
Co#ered storage place for finished wheels
Open concrete storage space for )*** wheels
Closed storage building for /*** a(les
3arehouses for paints, bearings, assembly parts etc"
Ramp4concrete manipulation space for unloading of containers
Ramp4concrete manipulation space for loading of production to the containers
or truc2s
Storage area for containers
&aintenance wor2shop4storage
Administrati#e building and amenities for /1 blue collars
Amenities for wor2ers %changing rooms, toilets, showers, canteen etc"',
e(pected ca 51 wor2ers
,ar2ing place for cars and bi2es
3aste system handling
6n#ironmental facility %7OC filters . their regeneration, cutting fluid cleaning .
recirculation, waste water handling etc"'
!nternal roads
Connection to utilities.electricity and internal utilities.power distribution
Other necessary facility %#entilation, airconditioning, facility,
computer room, compressor station etc" etc"'
Note- detailed description of technology and e9uipment is listed in attached file
:Technical specification T;</0<*/+<,&= in chapters /"<0"
Scope of Tender:
To ma2e a design of such a plant
o Architectural study, layouts, ground in#estigation
o :Basic= design > documentation based on which can be obtained
Authority appro#als
o Contractor selection documentation > documentation based on which
BONATRANS company will tender the company%<ies' which will
e(ecute the pro$ect and build<up the plant
o :?etail= design > documentation based on which the plant will be built<
o As<built documentation
All procedures, formalities and discussions with Authorities in !ndia which are
necessary to obtain a ,ermit for building<up such a designed plant
Author@s super#ision during erection
Commissioning of the plant %not the technology'
Authority Appro#al of the completed wor2s for permanent use %if re9uired'
Note- scope of documentation is described in attached file :Technical specification
T;</0<*/+<,&= in chapter 1" The scope di#ision is as per 6uropean habits, may
undergo change as per !ndian practice and re9uirements"
Time Schedule:
By /*")"+*/0 > Submitting of The Offer
By /1")"+*/0 > Signing a 3or2s Contract with a principal architect, commencement
of design wor2s
By 0*"5"+*/0 > Architectural design
By 0*"A"+*/0 > Architectural design of the selected #ariant
By 0/"0"+*/) > Building permit design documentation
By 0*")"+*/) > Contractor selection design documentation
By 0*"5"+*/) > Building permit, signing a 3or2s Contract with the selected contractor
By /"B"+*/) > Commencement of construction wor2s
+*/1 > Official commissioning and installation of machinery
What is requested from TENO!IN:
C,8& will ma2e all documentation as per 6uropean standards" Cowe#er
documentation shall finally correspond to all !ndian standards and norms which may
differ and are un2nown to C,8& %e"g" ci#il standards, structural standards, electrical
standards, 8iSa standards, Cealth standards etc" etc"'
So that T6DNOE!ND shall-
Choose reliable reputed and responsible !ndian designing company which will
be able to e(ecute the wor2
To adoptmodify or supplement drawingsdocumentation elaborated by C,8&
to fully conform to !ndian standards, norms and re9uirements
To carry out all formalities, discussions, procedures and all other related
items with Authorities in order to finally get an Authority Appro#al for building<
up designed plant
To ma2e Author@s super#ision during erection
To carry out commissioning of the facilities %not the technology'
To get an final Authority Appro#al of the completed wor2s for permanent use %if