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December 2009

Featured Articles by: Ms. Patterson’s Grade 2 Class
International Time by Bryan Bryan

School Manila

I interviewed my grandma
to work on this magazine.

Home *Fancy house style.
* Old Korean style.
*Bathroom: Clean and Classy.
* Bathroom: Wet and clean. * Kitchen: Plastic and Sparkly.
* I have telephones, TVs, microwaves, computers and
* Kitchen: Wooden and dusty. refrigerators.

School * Teacher was kind. * Teacher is really nice.
* She was really happy. * I am really happy as well.
* She had activities like knitting, making bags, making * I have activities like drawing, writing, reading, painting and
hats, and looking for wood to make fire. spelling.

* Toys were made out of wood, some plastic and cloth. * Toys are made out of cloth, plastic, wood and electricity.
* On the weekends she did her chores. * On the weekends people play and meet new people.

Transportation *She just walked to school when she was in grade * People walk, ride busses and ride cars in grade 2.
* People go to faraway places by taxi, bus, car and plane.
* She went to faraway places by tricycles and rode
* The transportations we have now are bus, car,
small busses.
motorcycle, jet, airplane and bikes.
* The only transportations were bikes, busses, tricy-
cles and taxis.

Communication * They could only communicate by mail and phone *We can communicate by phone, e-mail, mail and Skype.
when she was my age.
*We have computers, phones and mail.
* They only had phones, paper and envelopes for

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All About Computers By Bryan
Do you want to know about computers? I will tell you about the invention of the computer.
First I will tell you where it was invented. It was invented in ancient Asia and it was in-
vented in 1832.The first computer was made by John Presper. The computer was made
for learning, playing and making games, reading and writing on discs, making movies and
computers are also used for making TV shows, cartoons and commercials. The computer
is important today so people can research, make stuff and to entertain yourself. Now I will
tell you the last thing I know about computers. The computer was first as big as a room
then the next computer was called DEC PDP-8. In 1984, something like our computers
was made. Then people started to make laptops. Computers have got smaller and easier
to use. I hope computers get much better to use in the future.

Did You Know?
*Computers are going to be water
*Computers are going to be remote
*All web sites are going to be 3-D.
*Computers are going to glow in the
*Computers can always be wireless.
*Computers are never going to have
This is a picture of a computer in the future.
*Computers are never going to have

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Then And Now
International Jeffrey
School Manila 12\9\09

I interviewed my
Grandpa Keith by
phone. I got all my
information below
from that inter-

Home *Black and white TV *Color TV
*Basement *Two floors
*Portable dish washer *CD Player
*Record player *IPOD
*No video games *No basement

School *Could wear anything *Uniform
*Little strict *Almost never strict
*Okay *Good
*Tag *Sports
*Marbles *Calculator

*Play sports
*Toys made of metal and fabric
*Toys made of plastic
*Played in canyons
*delivered papers on weekends
*Watched TV
*No Psp

Transportation *Walked 10 blocks *Car
*Car *Airplanes
*Motorcycles *Buses
*Buses *Motorcycles
*Bicycles *Bicycles

Communication *Letters *Computers
*Telephone *Telephone
*Talking *Letters
*Walkie Talkie *Talking

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All About Airplanes by Jeffrey

I learned a few things about airplanes. They were invented by Wilbur
and Orville Wright on December 1903. They were invented to make
traveling easier over long distances. They have changed over time be-
cause in the past they were much harder to use and today they are
much bigger. In the past, the cockpit was not the same because the
cockpit has gotten bigger and more buttons have been made. They are
important today because they can help people get from one place to
another in short time. Did you know that airplanes have been around
for 106 years? I hope airplanes can look even better in the future.

Do you know what
planes will look like in
the future?
*They will be 10 times bigger.
*They will have 300 seats.
* They will have a small TV on every
*They will have 15 engines.
*They will have a portable bed on
This is what an airplane might look like in the
every seat.

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International Past and Aleah

School Manila 12-9-09

I interviewed my grandpa to
answer some questions about
the past and present. His name
is Bill.

Home *4 channels *100s of channels
*TV screen has 2 colors which were *Our TV now it has lots of colors
black and white

School *We can wear anything we want to wear in
*Corduroy pants
some schools or we wear uniforms
*Button down shirt
*Buster brown shoes

*Now we can play anything we want to play
*Playing baseball and tether ball
like tag, Jenga, Uno, Trouble, top it
*Plastic play guns

*Walk *Walk
*Cars *Cars
*Airplanes *Airplanes
*Boats *Boats

*Call *Call
*Yell *Yell
*Talk *Talk
*Computers: e-mail or web cam

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All About Airplanes by Aleah

An airplane can fly and go off ground with gravity. An airplane can take off with out
making any traffic. The plane in the past had a handle. Today the cockpit has a steer-
ing wheel. Airplanes have been around for 106 years. They are the fastest thing that
can get you from one place to another. Wilbur and Orville Wright invented it in De-
cember 1903. It was invented to make traveling easier over long distances.

Do you know what airplanes will
be like in the future?
*more comfortable
*less people
*more cartoons
*play room
A person coming on the airplane and the
chair is taking her to her seat. *chairs to bring people to their

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International Anwell
School Manila My grandparents interview
questions 12/9/09

I interviewed my grandpa and

Home My grandparents had radio in their house when they Today we have flat screen color TVs, computers and CD
were my age. They lived in a Chinese Style house. They players.
did not have hot running water in their house. Also,
they only had a radio and no TV.

School When my grandparents were in Grade Two, they had Today our teachers are nice, we play basketball and play
to wear uncomfortable school uniforms. The teacher violin in school.
was strict and would hit the students when they were
not listening. They played soccer in school and were
happy to be in school.

My grandparents played hop scotch and played with a Today we play tag, Uno and computer games. Now our
toy top. The toys were made out of wood, beans and materials are made of plastic.
bamboo. On the weekends, they helped clean the

Transportation My grandparents walked to the school when they Today we take cars to the school. Now we go to far places
were in Grade Two. They went to far places by tak- by taking cars, planes and trains.
ing a boat or a train. The kinds of transportation
were steam train and horse.

Communication My grandparents communicated with other people by Today we communicate with other people by typing words
writing letters. They would write letters to their on the computer. We also talk to people on cell phones.
friends and family to mail.

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All About Rockets By:Anwell
Today I will tell you about rockets. It was invented by Robert Goddard. It was in-
vented in U.S.A in 1926. It was invented because people can see other plants and
they can learn about space. It has changed over time by the people can get in to the
rocket and it can see the plants. It can go very far and it got better and faster. The
rockets are important today because people can go to the space.

Did You Know?
A rocket look like in the
*little bigger
*use the sun to charge the
*very fast
*If you say to go somewhere
the rocket will go to
*can shoot (like guns)
This is a rockets in the future.

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International Past and Jenny Javier

School Manila 12/6/09

I interviewed my grandmother.
Her name is Thelma Singson. I in-
terviewed her for this Time Maga-
zine. This is how I interviewed her:
I gave her the Interview paper and
I asked her if she could answer this
and she did and its simple.

Home • Her house was made out of wood • Our apartment is made out of cement
• Her TV color was black and white • Our TV has a lot of colors now
• She used a dipper to take a bath • Now we use showers

• They wore uniforms • We wear PE and school uniforms
• Teachers were nice but a bit strict • Our teacher is really enjoyable
• She played Patentero and tag • We play stuck in the mud, cops & rob-
• She loved school bers
• I love school too
• She wrote Poems • I go out to my cousins house
• Her toys were made out of plastic or • I draw a lot
wood • I use the computer and TV
• She helps her parents with they’re • Our toys are made out of plastic and
duties maybe electronics

Transportation • They would ride public transport but • Now we use cars to drive to school and a
most of the time her mom would bring
plane to fly in the air
her to work
• We can travel far with an airplane, a car or a
• They used a car or an ok plane helicopter
• They’re transportations were cars, • Now our transportations are trains, cars,
trains and airplanes planes, motorcycles and much more
• She had friends but she didn't go out • Now we can communicate by phone,
much letters, computer and much more
• She used letters so she can commu-

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All About Cameras By: Jenny
The invention that I’m learning about is the camera. And the people who started to
invent it were Joseph N. Niepce, Louis Daguerre and William Henry Fox. It was first
invented in Paris, France and it was invented in 1837. The purpose it was invented
is so people could take pictures of places and people and so you could remember
your memory and your important times of your life. When it was first invented, it
was first made out of wood and now it’s material is plastic or light metal. It has also
changed with how it looked. Old cameras were big and chunky and now they are
light and smaller. Cameras have upgraded a lot. This invention changed the entire
world!!! Today cameras remain a very important part of daily life.

Do You Know What Cameras
Will Be Like In The Future?
They will be solar powered,
they will be eco friendly, the
pictures will not be blurry, no
wires and batteries, can let you
go to the internet, the pictures
will be 3-D, can let you send
pictures, can hold a lot of
pictures and the pictures can
The future camera. be stickers.

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School Manila Interview Justin

12- 7 -09

I interviewed my
grandma Grace to learn
about the past.

Home *She had a very simple house. They didn’t have a mod- *Now we have modern houses and modern toilets
ern toilet, so they used a bucket instead to poop and
*Now we have stoves instead of fire and 1family has 1
pee in
*They built a fire for cooking in the house. 4 or 5 fami-
lies had to share ONE kitchen *Now we have colored TV shows

School *Any kinds of clothes could be worn *Now at school we have to ware uniforms
*Their teacher was very nice *The teachers are a bit stricter
*She was in a school play *We have after school activities

*Now the entertainment is better; we have action figures,
*She made dolls because she didn’t have money to buy
video games, TV...etc.
*We have more money

Transportation *She walked to school. It took half an hour *We have cars, airplanes, buses, trucks
*They had a Rick-Shaw *We don’t have to walk much
*They went on ships

Communication *Only their mouth *Now we have cell phones and computers and television
and radio and telephones, etcetera……..
*They just talked to their neighbors

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All About Trains by: Justin
I will tell you about how trains have changed over time. In the past, the first
person to make the train was a man named Thomas Newcomen. He in-
vented it in Paris, France in 1712. It was invented for people to travel from
place to place. The invention has changed over time by becoming faster
and newer and it uses less coal to make the environment cleaner. The in-
vention is important because people can travel to faraway places and move
freight. I wonder what trains will look like in the future?

Do you know what Trains will look like
in the future?
*The train will float in midair
*It will have boosters to make it go
*It will be powered by air
*It will be smoke free
*It will have a 25 TV inch plasma TV
*It can tilt sideways to go ‘round
*It will have 500 seats
This is a picture of a train in the future. *It will have 5 kitchens
*It will have a boat and a helicopter
for emergencies

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Then and Now
International Suhaana
School Manila 12-7- 09

I asked my grandmother, Nirmal, for
all this information and then com-
pared it with today. I wanted to find
out how life was in the olden days.

Home • Radio • T.V, computer, phones
• Single story house • Buildings
• Could only fit 7 people • Can fit a lot of people
• Black and white TV's • Color TV's

School • Could wear anything • School Uniform
• Her teacher was nice • So is my teacher
• Happy mood at school • Happy mood at school

• I watch TV and play WII
• She used to play with marbles
• Her toys were made out of cloth • My toys are made out of plastic
• Play at home with my sister
• Sight seeing with her parents, relatives and friends

Transportation • She used to get to school by walking or horse • I go to school by bus or car
• I get to faraway places by car, train or airplane
• They used to get to faraway places by train or
bus • There are cars, buses and airplanes
• There was a bus, horse carriage, bicycle or a 3
wheel bike

Communication • She used to communicate with other people by • I communicate with people by phone, E-mail, Skype or
walking, horse carriage, but there were no chat
• We use phone, E-mail, Skype or chat
• She used to send postcards and letters

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All About a Light Bulb by Suhaana
My invention is the Light Bulb and Thomas Alva Edison invented it in
1879,130 years ago. He invented it in Menlo Park, New Jersey. He had invented
it because before they had light bulbs they used to use candles and oil lamps
that used to burn down quickly, but the light bulb stayed for 13 hours. The
light bulb has changed over time and now you can get longer light bulbs that
stay for more than a year and give us a lot of light! The light bulb is impor-
tant to us today to give us light .Did you know electricity came the year the
light bulb was invented in 1879?

Do You Know...
what the light bulb will look
like in the future?

*smaller, as small as a ball
*no plug points
*powered by the sun
*last longer

This is what a light bulb might look like in the future.

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School Manila Time Ethan


I interviewed my dads mom, and got all
the information below from that inter-

Home *bungalow. *big house.
*icebox. *fridge.
*no TVs'. *T.V. with color.

School *girls wore dresses. *my teacher is not strict.
*boys wore long pants. *we play other games: swings, computers.
*teachers were very strict.
*they played hop scotch.

*swimming in pools.
*ice skating.
*roller\ice skating.
*skate boarding.
*swimming in the lake.

Transportation *they walked to school. *we drive a car to school.

Communication *they talked to each other. *we have 5 phones.
*they had no telephones until they where 10. *Skype.

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All About phones

I am going to tell you about the phone. The phone was invented Alexander Graham bell in
1876. It was invented so people can talk to each other with out having to go there. This magi-
cal thing was invented in the United States. The phone has gotten smaller, wireless and easer
to use. Also you can take it every where and you can play games and take pictures. It is still
getting better!

Do you know what phones will be
like in the future?
*they will be bigger
*they will have numbers, keyboards
and letters
*they will have screens.
*they will have Skype, email.
*the solar power charges the phone.
*they will be able to take picture

This is a picture of a phone in the
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Then and Now
International Jay Yon
School Manila 12-10-09

I interviewed my grandpa, Jeong De
Young, to answer the questions for
my interview.

Now they have many inventions.
Home • He rarely had any inventions, only rich men had electronic
stuff and cars.

• Now I live in a apartment.
• He lived Korean style house (tile-roofed house)
• Now we just go straight to the kitchen or bathroom.
• Kitchens and bathrooms were outside so he had to wear
shoes whenever he went there • TV has many pictures and colors.
• TVs changed from black and white to color

School • He wore school uniform: white-black-brown-or • Now we wear many kinds of uniforms.
normal shirt and pants.
• Now our teacher is calm.
• His teacher was a woman. Her hair style was like
a mother and she was old. She was scary. • Now we learn many activities.
• Korean language-science-math-ethic-music-art-pe- • Now we have to eat dinner and play.

• He played many kinds of play equipment and • Now we have many kinds of playing equipment.
played hide and seek. • Now the toys are made out of woods and plastic.
• Marbles, paste board, dump. • Now we play in indoors or outdoors.
• He played with his friends outside. • I play with dolls, puzzles, tag and computer games.

Transportation • He walked by foot. • Now we ride cars or buses.
• He rode tram, bus and train. • Now we ride airplanes.
• There were trams, buses, trains and ships and • Now we ride many taxis and buses.
only little taxis.

Communication • He wrote a letter if they are far away, if they • Now we meet, talk and call.
are near he met and talked directly.
• Now we listen to our teacher and study. My teacher
• He listened to his teacher and went home to e-mails and phones.
communicate. They were no phones and no
mail. They talked to face to face.

Page 18
All About Computers
Today I am going to teach you about computers. Many people
invented the computers. It was invented in England. It was in-
vented in 1943. It was invented because to decode secret mes-
sages sent by German forces during world war 11. It changed
over time to be easier and faster and smaller. It is important to-
day because now people can E-mail and print and search on a
web site to find more information. Now they could use com-
puters for many qualities.

Do You Know how computers will look like in the

*In the future computers will change smaller into
*Computer headphones will be smaller than the
*Computers can Have different username or
password in different level like Gr.3-Gr.7.
• Computer are made out of plastic or wood
• Computer can be faster when your typing some
• Computer might talk when they want to call
who is interested in people.
• Computer have some file to save your stuff .

This picture shows the computer of
the future.

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International Interview Marsya

School Manila 12-10-09

My grand mother (grand ma Kachi)
helped tell me all about her in the
past by using the phone. She was
the interviewee and I'm the inter-

Home life * She did not really have inventions in her home at that time.
* Her house had a small living room with no sofa of settee, guests
would need to sit on the floor. The kitchen was 2 rooms separated by
curtains. *We have lots of rooms in our house and electricity and run-
* The kitchen was the only place to cook meals. No proper stove, it ning hot water.
was just a place to put wood on fire to cook food. The bathroom had
no tap water, she had to take water from the well nearby. That water *We have sofas, settee, and have 4 rooms in our house.
was used to clean, wash the clothes and to cook.
*We have inventions that we can use for cooking ,bath-rooms
* She didn't have TV until she moved to a town where she met her and the living - room .

School life
*White shirt, navy blue skirt,1 pair of white shoes and 1 *We’ve got school uniforms and also P.E. clothes.
pair of white socks. *The teacher is really nice when your good (make you calm
*Teachers were strict when the students were unbe- down).
*We do art ,P.E., music, math, reading and writing.
*We were taught gardening, sports that are running. *We have after school activities and my after school activity
*She loved schools at that time, teachers were amazing. is ballet.

Entertainment *We have at this time hoola hoop, Barbies, games……
*Jump rope, hope scotch, stones and marbles.
*The toys are made out of plastic, metal, wood, paper and
*Most of the toys were self made like the jump rope.
We used rubber bands linked until they were long electricity .
enough to play jump rope.
*Toys were made of stones or from seeds of the fruits.
Fruits that were only available in Brunei and other parts
of Borneo Island.
*My grandma only had to walk to school in Grade *We have lots of different cars, buses, trucks, go karts,
Two. airplanes…….
*My grandma used the car to go to far away places. *We have lots of gas to go to far away place's mostly on
Most of the time by bus. airplanes.
*There were boats, ferries, cars, buses and bikes.

*Life was hard at that time. There was no electricity *There's phones, telephones, I phones, fax ,
in our house, no telephones, computers or fax.
computer and electricity.
*We communicated by letters and cards.

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All About Cameras by Marsya
I will tell you about cameras. Joseph Niepce, Louis Daguerre, William Henry
Fox Talbot invented the camera. It was invented in Paris, France. It started in
1837. It was invented because people need to take pictures of beautiful views,
friends and new things and cameras help us see what the past looked like. The
invention changed over time by its easier to use, small, cheap and it has color.
But in the past they used heavy cameras that were harder to use, expensive,
large and had black and white pictures. The camera is important because when
you don’t have a camera you can’t take pictures of your friends or beautiful
views and cameras help us see what the past looked like.

Did you know how cameras will look like
in the future?
*powered by sun
*It tells you how to do it (talk)
*lighter-plastic, light metals
*compact or small
*detailed very well
*easier to use
*not too blurry
• water proof (automatically say
“water camera”)
* glow in the dark
A picture of a camera in the future * called Clane camera
* some cheaper

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Then and Now
International Ela
School Manila 12-7-09

I interviewed my grandpa, Lee,
for information about the
past and then compared it
with the things that I have.

Home *Made of wood *Made of cement
*3 TV channels *100 TV channels
*Houses *Houses and buildings

School *Teacher was very strict *Teacher is kind
*No uniform *Have a uniform
*Recess played with spiders *Play with friends
*Boys and girls play together

*Watch TV
*Made own toys made of cans and bottle caps
*Go on computer
*On Sunday went to church
*Use I pod
*Played with cousins
*On Sunday go to church

Transportation *Walked to school with classmates *Use school bus
*Car, boat and air planes *Taxi
*Girls walked with girls and boys walked with boys *Car, boat and air planes

Communication *Talked face to face *Phone
*Sending telegrams *Email
All About Light Bulbs by Ela
I will tell you about light bulbs. Thomas Edison invented the light
bulb in New Jersey 130 years ago in 1879. It was invented because
people used candles in the olden days and they used to burn down
quickly but the light bulb used to stay on for 13 hours. The light bulb
has gotten brighter light to put in your house and has changed shape
over time. The light bulb is important so you could see things clearly
in light. I hope someone will invent cooler light bulbs in the future.

Do you know what light bulbs
might look like in the future?
*Soler powered
*They don't run out so
*Eco friendly
*Playing games with the
middle of the bulb
* It can make two colors in
one time
This is a picture of what a light bulb
might look like in the future.

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Then and Now
International Joelle
School Manila 12-10-09

I interviewed my grandma, Dorothy
to answer these questions.

• She had a record player
Home • Her house style was small with 2 bedrooms and a • We have I-pods and computers
front porch • Building
• They had a wooden stove and an ice– box in the
• My kitchen is medium sized
• It has become bigger
• They did not have a TV

School • She used to wear dresses with leggings • My uniform
• My grandma’s teacher was very strict • Mrs. Patterson is very kind
• She had girl scouting and played jacks • I do Spanish
• She loved school and loved played with her friends • I feel good about school

• Play hop scotch • I ride a bike, go on a hoola-hoop and play with my dog
• Plastic
• And jump rope
• I go to my friends house and go to the beach
• Wood and plastic and paper
• Walk to the ice cream store

Transportation • I walk to school • I ride the Bus
• We did not travel far. We usually walked • I get to far away places by Plane
• There were cars, bicycle, boats, trains • There are cars, busses, airplane and train

Communication • I would write notes to my friends. we did not • I communicate with people by using phone and Skype
have phones
• We have phone, computer and Skype
• They used to have a telephone and a telegram
All About Microwave Ovens by Joelle
Today, I will tell you about microwave ovens. Percy Spencer invented the
microwave oven. Percy Spencer invented the microwave oven in 1947.
Percy Spencer invented the microwave oven to warm up food. The micro-
wave oven changed by getting smaller and lighter. This invention is im-
portant today because it warms up food.

Do you know what a
microwave oven might
be like in the future?
* it will have no wires
* it can run on
* faster and lighter
* smaller
This is a photo of a microwave oven in the future.

Page 25
About the Past
International Louis
School Manila 12-10-09

I interviewed my

Home ∗ Our house was a simple house made of bamboo in ∗ Radios, TV, computer and video games.
the village. ∗ The kitchen has a fridge and cooking stuff.
∗ The bathroom was made of bamboo too.
∗ The kitchen simple and had no fridge.
∗ We had radio with batteries

School ∗ We wore red and white uniform with black shoes and white
∗ Today we wear black, white and green uniforms.
socks. Slippers were not allowed.

∗ We had five teachers, two were nice and three were strict. ∗ All teachers are nice.

∗ We studied sports, religion, Indonesian & English language, Math ∗ We study English, math and units of inquiry.
& homework

∗ We were happy to learn and we had a lot of friends.

∗ Playing an Indonesian rubber ball game. ∗ We play with jump ropes, no rubber balls.
∗ We have TV to watch and music.
∗ We use a rubber ball and a rubber rope.
∗ On weekends we cleaned the house and did home- ∗ No homework on the weekend. We go to places.

Transportation ∗ We walked to school or sometimes rode a ∗ We go to school by bus and car.
∗ We take a bus or car or plane to go to faraway places.
∗ We rode a horse, bus, train, bus, or boat to go
to far away places.

Communication ∗ Writing messages to each other ∗ We send notes or call on the telephone or read news.
∗ Talking to each other ∗ We listen to radio and use mail.
∗ Telegraph ∗ We use the computer.
∗ One telephone per village
All About Invention Toothbrushes by Louis

I am going to tell you about toothbrushes. Toothbrushes were
made by Wallace H. Carothers and it was made in the United
States in 1937. Toothbrushes were invented to clean your teeth.
Toothbrushes were first sticks, then fur, then plastic for the bris-
tles. This invention is important because it is quick and clean.

Do you know what
toothbrushes are going to
be like in the future?
∗ Special plastic bristles that hold
toothpaste so you don't have to
put toothpaste.
∗ on electric toothbrushes there is a
toothpaste button and a button to
make the bristles softer or harder
or medium and a button for floss.
∗ Soft grip handles

This is a picture of a toothbrush in the
Page 27
Then and Now
International Andy
School Manila 12\9\09

I interviewed Tony, my grandpa, to
know about the past questions.

Home *In the past there was inventions like radio, light bulb, *3 computers at home
TV, and toaster.
*grandparents house was western style
*color TV with remote
*kitchen and the bathrooms were old and cold.
*No color TV until my grandparents were 16 years old

School *They wore shorts and shirts to school. *We wear uniforms to school.
*The teacher was kind and sometimes mean. *The teachers are a little bit mean.
*They played dodgeball and baseball. *Afterschool activities: swimming, soccer and gymnastics.
*They wanted to go to school.

*We play with friends.
*They played with their sister and brother.
*We have metal battery toys and plastic toys.
*They had wooden toys.
*We come over to friends house.
*They played with their friend next door.

Transportation *Got to school by wooden car *Get to school by gas car
*Got to faraway places by train Get to faraway places by an airplane
*bicycle *Ferrari
*wood burning car *boat

Communication *No telephones so they would walk to their friend’s *We communicate by phones.
house to talk to their friend.
*We use computer phones.
*There communicating items like postcards and let-
ters. *We use Skype.
*We use cell phones.

All About light bulb by Andy
We always use the light bulb every day. Let me tell you about light bulbs. Humphrey
Davey was the first one who invented the light bulb in 1809 but it was too bright.
So Thomas Edison fixed the light bulb on December 31, 1879 in New Jersey, USA.
They invented light bulbs because they wanted to use electricity to light the houses
instead of using candles. In 1879 they used Edison’s light bulb but it only lit for 40
hours. Then it was the carbon filament in 1900. Then it was a General Electric bulb
and then in 2000, it was Filips light bulb and it could be on for 60,000 hours. The
light bulb is important so we can work better and see better with electricity. I hope
light bulbs are better in the future.

Did You Know?
A light bulb looks like in the
future ?
*no electricity by the air
*automatic light bulb
*rimote for light bulb
*voice activate
The future light bulb. *glow in the dark

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International Thayanita
School Manila About the Past until Now

I asked my mum about
my grandfather’s life in
the past and she gave
me all this information.

Home * House was made of wood. * We have more inventions.
* TV was black and white and had no remote controls. * We have inventions like computers, air conditioners and
* Oil lamps and radios.
* Our houses can be different styles.

School * Normal house clothes. * Now we have uniforms.
* The teacher was very fierce and used to smack for * The teachers are nice now.
small mistakes.
* We have more fun activities.
* I did not like school.
* Now we like school, at least, some people think so.
* Cleaning the school area and watering the plants.

* I swam in the river with my friends and played lots of * Now, I do a lot of reading and a lot of playing.
games. * Now, toys are made of plastic, wood, solid metal and
* Toys were made of tin cans, wood and cloth.
* Now, we have more fun games.
* Always playing and a little bit of reading.

Transportation * We used to walk. * Now, we can use any other transport to go to school.
* We used trains and taxis. * To get to faraway places, you can use different transpor-
* Bicycles, cars, motor bikes, trains, ships, airplanes tations.
and jets. * There are more transportations.

Communication * Just talk to them in person. * We have more communications.
* Letters and talking in person. * We have more communicating items like telephones,
email and talking in person.
All About Telephones By: Thayanita

An Invention from the Past
I am going to talk to you about telephones. The inventor of the tele-
phone is Alexander Graham Bell. The telephone was invented in the
United States. It was invented on February 14, 1876. The telephone
was invented so that people could talk to each other without having to
speak to each other in person. The telephone has changed by getting
smaller and smaller and it has changed by getting easier to use be-
cause you could call from a long distance and you could bring it every-
where. The telephone is important today because it still lets us talk to
each other without having to talk to each other in person. Do you know
more about telephones?

Do you know how the
telephone will be like in the
. Smaller
. Waterproof
. Cooler ringtones
. A chip to put in the ear
. Not only one color
. Glow in the dark

This is a telephone from the future.
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International Grandpa’s TAI

School Manila 12\10\09

I interviewed my grandpa
Dean who was born on Dec.
12, 1950 in Canada, and I got all
the information below from
that interview.

Home *The best invention was the black and white T.V. *My house is very big.
*My house was an apartment. *Color T.V .
*Our kitchen was very small. *our kitchen is big.

School In fall and spring we would were shorts or pants with a *Now we wear uniforms.
*My teacher is Miss Patterson and she is not strict.
*My grandpas teacher’s name was Miss Blue, she was
very strict. *I enjoy school too.

*The type of activities varied, we had recess.
*My grandpa enjoyed school as it was a place to learn.

*I am allowed to watch T.V in daylight hours.
* Toys are made of plastic too.
Not allowed to watch T.V in daylight hours.
*We also go to the beach.
*The toys were made of wood, steel and plastic.
*On the weekends we went to the beach.

Transportation *In the winter we walked *Now we take the cars.
*When I was 8 the farthest place I had been to was *The farthest place I have been to in the car is Subic.
*Traveled to Canada in an airplane.
*The transportation was by car, by bus or train.
*The transportation was also by car, bus, or train.

Communication *I communicated politely. *We also speak politely.
*The type of communication device was the tele- *The types of communications are telephone, computers,
phone. TV, cellphones and IPOD.
*News on TV.
All About Radios by Tai

My invention is a radio and Guillermo Marconi is the
guy who invented it. He invented it in England in
1901. The radio was invented because the radio waves
can carry messages of news, music, and sports. It has
changed because they used to use large wooden boxes
but now people use plastic to make radios. It has also
changed because radios used to have glass containers
called vacuum tubes. Then they used transistors. Now
they use chips to store information. Radios rock!

Do you no what radios will
look like in the future?
*we could make it portable.
*we could make it
*we could make it solar
*and it can get all the radio
waves in the world.
It mite look like this: 2 antennas and 3 knobs
and one knob controls what type of music
that you want and another knob controls the
type of language you want and the third knob
controls which type of radio sound you want.
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All About Airplanes by Camila
My invention is airplanes. The people who invented it were Wilber and Orville
Wright. It was invented in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina in 1903. It was invented so
people can ride on it to go to different countries. Airplanes moved slow in the past.
Now they move fast. Before, one or two people can ride on it but now like 500 peo-
ple can ride on it. Planes are important so people can get from place to place.

This is what I think airplanes will look like in the future.

All About Computers by Lucas
My invention is a Computer. The names of people who are Steve Jobs and Stephen.
It was invented in England in the late 1970s. It was invented
to calculate different thinks. It has changed over time. First
they were made from glass parts then they were made from
transistors then microchips. Computers are important to-
day because it has more games, internet, E-mail, Skype, to
learn, play, and talk to people all over the world.

This is what I think airplanes will look like in the future.

All About Airplanes by Gere

I am studying Airplanes. Today I will tell you who in-
vented the first airplane. Orville and Wilbur Wright
invented the airplanes. The airplanes were invented in
North Carolina. The airplanes were invented in 1903.
It was invented to make our life easier. People built
airplanes to travel from place to place. The airplanes
are now better because it has changed over time so
more people can use it faster and farther.

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