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Remember to give real examples, preferably work related, if not work related then an
interesting example in your personal life eg. sporting achievement, travel experience that
will make your answers stand out from the other candidates.
Always take a minute to think about your response before answering and keep to the 'how
to answer' structure below.
Remember to emphasise the part YO played !demonstrates that you can add value to
your potential employer's team".
Always end the answer on a positive eg. what you learned from the experience, even if it's
a negative #uestion.
$eep to the point, don't waffle or get sidetracked.

'ive me an example of a time you have had to work hard to achieve an aim that was important to
(ow to Answer&
)hy was it important*
)hy was it hard to achieve*
)hat did you do*
)hy did you take this course of action*
(ow did you feel when you achieved it*
(ow did you stay motivated when things didn+t go to plan*
,ell me about a time when you+ve had conflicting views with someone.
(ow to Answer&
)hat was the situation*
)hat pressure were you under*
)hat steps did you take to resolve the situation*
)hat was the outcome*
'ive me an example when you have had to think differently to achieve a target-deadline.
(ow to Answer
)hat was the situation*
)hat was the target*
(ow difficult was it to think of a different method of working*
)hat did you do*
)hat was achieved*
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,ell me about a time when you were involved in an unsuccessful negotiation.
(ow to Answer&
1xplain why you were involved.
)hat was the circumstance of the negotiation*
)hy was it deemed unsuccessful*
)hat would you do differently*
,ell me about a time when you had to lead a team to achieve success.
(ow to Answer&
)hat was the situation*
)hat pressure were you under*
)hat steps did you take to address these pressures*
)hat was the outcome*
,ell me about a time when you had a new topic-sub2ect to research.
(ow to Answer&
)hat was the topic*
)hy did you have to research*
(ow did you approach it*
)hat challenges did you face*
)hat was the outcome*
Other 1xample %uestions&
,ell me about a time when you had to work to a tight deadline.
,ell me about a time when you challenged an existing system or procedure.
,ell me about a time when you failed to achieve a personal goal.
3n your present role what standards have you set yourself*
,ell me about a situation in work where there was a recurring problem.
,ell me about an occasion where you had to give negative feedback or news.
,ell me about a time where you had to gain the support of others who were reluctant to help you
achieve your goal.
,ell me about a time when you had to manage conflicting priorities within a time constraint.
,ell me about a recent decision you had to make which affected others in a positive or negative
,ell me about a time when you had to sell an idea to your manager-colleague.
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