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A Gangsta

In The White House

a.k.a. O.C. Harry
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Las Vegas, Nevada 89107
An eBooks-By-Crooks novel
This publication is made available to provide
an outlet for prisoners and ex-prisoners seeking
to tell their stories.
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The characters and incidents in this novel are entirely fictitious creations of
the author.
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ISBN 978-0-9754027-5-7
34 pray 5eaven to besto$ the best of blessings on this house and all that shall hereafter inhabit it.
!ay none but honest and $ise men ever rule under this roof.6
7ohn Adams
#irst resident to take residence in the 8hite 5ouse
)ovember ,% ,'00
3-iars rosper6 - 9tephen :ing% ;n 8riting% ,//+
Dedicated to my children, Luis, James, and Krystal,
And to those Waupun prisoners ho taught me to read
and rite hen ! as nineteen years old < $hat a blessing=
Near Lincoln, Nebrasa - No!e"ber #, $%%&
8hile the nation $as sitting on the edge of its seat% either praying for or against Barack
;bama and 7ohn !cCain% t$o hi>ackers% -i? @ordon < statuesAue% attractive in a black $ig that
covered her natural shoulder-length red hair < and her partner in crime% Rudy 7ones < a massive
hunk $ith ice blue eyes < $ere unloading B/ million $orth of latest-generation medications%
effective against a virulent ne$ strain of 54.CA4"9% from an eighteen-$heeler 5untington
harmaceuticals truck into a huge D-5aul. Concealed in the barn of a small farm% a mile off 4-'0%
they had been $orking for almost t$o hours. The hi>ackers completed stacking the boxes of
fro?en tissue transplants. The load% recently approved by the #ood and "rug Administration% $as
coming from 5untington -aboratories in assaic% )e$ 7ersey% destined for the Centers for
"isease Control in Atlanta% @eorgia. The trucker transporting the load $as drugged% unconscious%
and tied up in the rear of the cab.
-i? and Rudy figured the life-extending drugs no$ in their possession probably $ould
have ended up in Canada or parts of Europe% not some poor third-$orld country $here the need
$as greatest but the product unaffordable. 4nstead% it $ould be diverted to @hana% Africa for a
profit of B+.F million. #or the cause.
-i? looked at her $atch% then caught RudyGs ice blue eyes. 5e nodded. 39hould be here
any time no$.6
4nside the truck cab% their hostage had come around% making muffled sounds as -i? and
Rudy cra$led back $ith him.
37ust relax%6 -i?% said% her voice almost soothing.
8ith a syringe she dre$ a liAuid from a small vial% her face intense% focused on her
ob>ective. The trucker tried to struggle% straining against his bound hands and feet. Rudy held
him do$n% positioning his arm% and -i? ?eroed in on a vein. 9he plunged the hypodermic needle
into the truckerGs arm% and ,0ccs of morphine sent him on a permanent >ourney.
Near 'a!en(ort, Io)a - No!e"ber #, $%%&
The 5anson Armored Truck 9ervice had made the run through !oline and Rock 4sland%
4llinois and Bettendorf and "avenport% 4o$a < the Huad Cities < for fifteen years. 5o$ever% this
day $as special% especially for security guard 7ay -arson% an African-American% $hose pride
over the possible election of Barack ;bama as the first African-American president $as $earing
out its $elcome $ith his t$o colleagues% 7im Reefer and Tom Baines% both Republicans $ho
$ere voting for 7ohn !cCain. There $as a friendly $ager over the outcome. The three $ere
looking for$ard to casting their votes $hen the shift ended at F pm.
Baines% the driver% had >ust taken the exit off the 4-'0 East exchange $hen he reali?ed that
the pickup truck ahead of him had slo$ed% remaining too close% forcing the armored truck to
tailgate. 9uspicious% Baines slo$ed and sa$ through his rearvie$ mirror that another pickup had
boxed in the armored truck. 5e turned to Reefer% sitting next to him% and said% 38e may have
trouble. T$o trucks have boxed us in.6
Reefer called out to -arson in the rear. 3Check that vehicle behind us. 9omething may be
going do$n.6
Almost simultaneously% each guardGs cell phone rang. Each listened to electronic%
synthesi?ed% disguised voices on the other end. #ear% panic% then terror-filled hopelessness
$ashed over them. A large @! van cruised alongside% the panel door open. A man $earing a
Barack ;bama mask and body armor held up a poster of Baines seven year-old daughter% her
innocent face smiling% front teeth missing. Then% the man produced a poster of 7im ReeferGs
mother sitting in the driverGs seat of her 5onda Civic% and finally one of -arsonGs thirteen year-
old daughter outside her >unior high school% talking $ith a friend. Baines and Reefer exchanged
panic-stricken glances.
The first voices on the phone had been those of Baines and -arsonGs $ives and ReeferGs
mother% each screaming in excruciating pain from gunshot $ounds to a foot. They $ere bleeding%
and a man held a gun to a foot of each guardGs child and to ReeferGs motherGs other foot. 4t $as
bedlam in all three houses. The voices $ere hysterical.
3lease give them the money=6 the t$o bleeding $ives and mother pleaded.
-istening to their loved ones sent chills through the guards.
The next voice each guard heard $as vicious% murderous% echoing the pleas of the
hostages. 34 already shot the bitch. The kid is next= All $e $ant is the money. By the $ay% if the
police come $hile 4 am still $ith your family% everybody dies. 9o hope 4 get a$ay=6
The next poster from the van read& 3A-- 8E 8A)T 49 T5E !;)EI= #;--;8 T5E
4C:D TRDC: A5EA".6
The three guards% overcome $ith anguish% struggled to hold back tears% but it $as
impossible. This nightmare $as real. Huietly conceding% Baines gave a helpless shrug and
follo$ed the truck. The phones disconnected and no one $as ans$ering on the other end.
Three hours later% the armored truck robbers% 8illie Bosco% Charles 7enkens% #loyd
Ellerbee% and 7esse Bald$in rush inside a small barn one mile off 4-'0. They are ushered into the
rear of a D-5aul truck by Rudy 7ones and -i? @ordon.
3#or the cause%6 they announced triumphantly.
3#or the cause.6

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