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SUBTITLE Hello and goodbye - an adventure 2 years in the making - Welcome to BlueBEEP 1.00 Today, it's been two years since I sat in my room in Hamburg and casually decided that I am going to start the next couple days on writing a little blueboxing tool for myself and my friends. It should be a project that changed the world; mine, and those of others. Five days later, the first version, 0.01 was finished and I called my friend uptown. "I wrote a little bluebox in Pascal. You want me to send it over to you so you can check it out?" The next day he rang me up in the evening and told me that he liked it a lot, and if I could add a couple of features. He also suggested that I should give it a try and upload it to a local warez board so we could see if other people liked it too. A warez board. Holy shit. About a week later, I called my local uucp email provider to see if that girl I was writing with already sent me a reply. When I logged on, I didn't find 1 message. I found 57. A total of fifty-seven people from all over the world had sent me letters about how much they liked BlueBEEP and what kind of features they were missing direly from other, older blueboxes that were out. Or those cool menus they had in that Amiga bluebox. Or this. Or that. It was out of control. As much as everyone rags on the warez scene, it's sure as hell the best digital junkmail network you can imagine; you throw something into it, and thousands of warez puppies make sure it

ends up in everybody's front yard. God bless WaReZ. The overwhelming interest in the program never subsided. If blueboxing died in one country, other people in a different country finally figured out what they could do by shooting some signals down to a remote CCITT long-distance switch. It was seeping down from the more elite countries all the way to the bottom: USA, Canada, Western Europe, then Poland, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Brazil.. It blew me out of my chair. While I kept on developing BlueBEEP, I received a clip from a norwegian newspaper in the mail. A big article, with an image that pictured a very concerned looking guy in a suit in front of a PBX system. From the norwegian blah underneath I could only tell my handle was mentioned. And BlueBEEP. In a huge double-page article with screen-shot. WTF! The english translation that was neatly made on a laser printer, made me a little bit wiser. "SHELL NORWAY IS SUFFERING MAJOR LOSSES FROM A PROGRAM THAT IS BEING PASSED AROUND IN THE NORWEGIAN COMPUTER UNDERGROUND FOR UP TP Nk. 20000 PER COPY. THE PROGRAM, WITH THE RIGHT SETUP, ENABLED THE USER TO USE SHELL'S TELEPHONE SWITCHING SYSTEM TO MAKE FREE PHONE CALLS AT SHELL'S EXPENSE. BLUEBEEP, AS THE PROGRAM IS CALLED, WAS CREATED BY A COMPUTER HACKER FROM HAMBURG, GERMANY WHO GOES BY THE NAME OF "ONKEL DITTMEYER". LOCAL INVESTIGATIONS IN GERMANY ARE STILL PENDING AT THIS TIME..." The suit on the picture threw me evil looks, and I sat down. Here we are, giving people free tools to explore the phone system, learn, and trade K-RaD 0DaY WaReZ for free! Then some asshole turns it into white-collar crime and we get blamed for all the shit. Luckily, in the long run, nobody ever came to my house and asked me to "move it" downtown. Our "local investigators" must have been too busy scooping up the guys that got jumped by some Turks last night. Busy Police is one of the few good things about living in a crappy neighborhood.

However, BlueBEEP made it through. Maybe not in a steady flow, but I always managed to come up with something new and throw it into the big junkmail machine. In December '93, I flew to the states on some saved-up money and attended HoHoCon. I had just completely rewritten BlueBEEP from pieces, cluster by cluster, from my hard drive that had just crashed. It took me about 5 days of coding - without a break. The combination of loud music, coffeine and painkillers is a productive one,I was just comfortably feeling numb while and about 2 weeks after I did it. All programmers must have these moments. In Texas, a couple of the people there had already played around with the program, and it was up on most local h/p bbses there. I was supposed to talk about the program, but by the time my english was bad and I was too chicken to go up and dare to bore 350 hung-over and grouchy hackers! (sorry dFx) DrunkFux should get some credit here, because I always harrassed him, both '93 and 94, to give me a speaker slot and I never took him up on it at the actual con. I better watch out now! But you can't see him coming, each time I see him he has a different hair color. He'll probably print my name on the TOP TEN CHICKEN LIST when he makes next year's HoHo-shirts. Eye phear! After that, I couldn't really program too much because my life turned out of control, and I never had the time and the piece of mind to focus on and do some good programming. Somehow, I managed to release 0.09 and 0.10, 0.10 with some really interesting improvements, like the internal file structure etc. Since Summer '94 or so, nothing much was done on the code because until recently I couldn't get the 3 necessary components together: Inspiration, Peace of Mind and Hardware. Now that my life is somewhat calmer now, my straightforwardness and my focus has returned but BlueBEEP - for a long time now - is basically sucked dry for improvements. There is no useful feature that could be added. If it was there and it made sense and it was possible to realize it, some user let me know about it and it has been implemented. For a couple months already, there are no more useful suggestions coming in

on how I could be improved. Want a wardialer? Try ToneLoc. Want a terminal? Try Telix. Want cryptostuff? Try PGP. Nothing really made sense, and that's the state the program is in right now. With this last version, I just added some tiny little details and fixed some bugs. One thing is special about it though: IT IS THE LAST RELEASE I will make no further improvements, bug fixes or releases of this proggy. For fairness, learning and to keep the hacker spirit of the 50's and 60's alive, I make the whole unabridges source code available to everybody for improvements, very like the way it was done at MIT when programming was coming to life back in the days. If you would ask me if I think that publishing the source code is a good idea, I would have to say no. It is unevitable that some teenage lamers from all over the world are going to come out with bad bluebeep hacks that don't really work, that people are gonna steal parts of this code and use it without giving me the props, and that people are going to flame at me on how bad my programming sucks (feel free). It is definitely not smart, but it's Right. And, tons of people are bickering for linux/windows/os2/insert_os_name_here versions. Well, go ahead, port the thing (I did't tell you it was fun, remember that!) and give me the credit. I am not good enough a programmer to port it into all those environments, but if you think you can do it for just one, go right ahead. Unless anyone is going to sell this code or portations of it, it's cool with me. Just let me know if you can, OK?

Some acknowledgements to people who really helped along the way: Prime/Spyce - for getting me into boxing in the first place

Urmel ECR LowCyl Tr8or Werdohl M.R. DrunkFux Beetle Carlos (C.A.T) and wife #phreak/#hack Pluvius

- for making some cool adlib sound routines - for stealing them from Urmel and giving them to me :) - who betatested it in the rough WaReZ reality, 24/7. - who always came up with something good. - for keeping all of us entertained at all times - for his talent in organizing cool events - who opened my eyes on many ideas and helped me manage - for running the BlueBEEP Fan Club in Brazil

- stuck on a higher level (gnawt) try #k0dek1dz - just for being a cool contact

and all those that cheered, complained, suggested, rumored, uploaded, ftp'ed, traded, toted, spread, criticized and used BlueBEEP all along. Happy Birthday and goodbye. - Onkel Dittmeyer, April 1st, 1995 onkeld@earth.planet.net .END .TOPIC GAWD-DAMN! .SUBTITLE Something came along and nuked the docs! |RGAWDDAMN, |WSHITFUQ, |YMUTHAFUQIN JEZUZ KRIST! |ZBVERFLIXT 'N ZUGENAEHT!!!!

Just when I was editing this file tonight, a straight text file about 90k in size, my editor crashed while saving the file and completely wiped it out. However, the documentation of the source code was not affected and you can still read it as source.doc (plaintext). I will re-write and release the fixed documentation in the next couple of days; however because I want to keep my promise of having the source out on April 1st, BlueBEEPs second anniversary, I am releasing it anyway. You can grab the full documentation in a week or so at ftp.fc.net, and I bet it will also be traded around on #phreak/#phreak/#warez*. Stay tuned. The editorial survived the crash; chew on that in the meantime ;-] |COnkel Dittmeyer / onkeld@planet.net |BApril 1st, 1995 .END .ENDDOC #