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St. Dennis Dr. Don mills Rd.

Toronto, ON M3C1E4



Highlights of Qualification
• Over 7 years extensive experience in Civil Engineering specialized in construction, structural
design, On-site and back office coordination and management within the Telecom industry
• Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Civil engineering
• In-depth working experience in supervision, estimating, drafting & design, structural detailing
with a focus to Industrial, residential and telecom infrastructure development
• Highly skilled in reviewing drawings, bill of material and quality monitoring and control of
assemblies and remedies and providing viable solutions according to specification & standards
• Proven track record of project planning and control fabrication and installation of towers
• Extensive experience in monitoring project progress through site visit, analyzing, estimating,
budgeting, construction safety during the execution phase and tower erection or modification
• Possess good knowledge of engineering codes and standards Ontario Building code (OBC)
• Excellent in technical documentation, scheduling, drafting 2D&3D Modeling & technical reports
• Dedicated team player, adaptable, ability to prioritize competing tasks, adapt to flexible work
schedule, high performance under pressure and meet tight deadlines, solution mind
• Basic conversational skill in German & French and worked in multi-cultural companies
• Technical competencies:
• Tekla structure, Xsteel Shop drawings
• CSI package (SAP, ETABS, SAFE)
• Expert in AutoCAD
• CIW (Certified Internet Webmaster)
• Revit structure design
• Expert in MS Office (Excel, Word...)
• 3D modeling, conceptual design

Professional Experience
Civil/Structural Engineer (2012 – 2015)
• Successfully supervised a variety of projects: over 48 relocation sites, 130 swap
sites, 28 rollout new site construction
• Well familiar with technologies and equipment 2G, 3G, BTS, Microwave and different type of
towers (ICB, Lattice, self support, Mono pole, Guyed mast) and accessories
• Engineered and innovated proper solutions with tower & foundation analysis
• Managed, prioritized and monitored construction, rollout, relocation, swap telecom
infrastructure projects both rooftop and Greenfield, civil work coordination and supervision
• Liaised and communicated with client technical department, to comply the technical project
requirements in accordance with specifications
• Prepared design proposals, detail designs, shop & fabrication drawings, estimations
• Reviewed submitted details based on surveys and feasibility studies for design &
construction to select appropriate solutions and cost estimation
• Ensured all designs, technical procedures and reports completed prior to implementations
• Monitored and evaluated project progress and quality of subcontractor activities
• Estimated materials according to the project plan and quantities in contract
• Provision and evaluation of technical surveying, drawings and solution procedures

Xsteel • Maintenance of Purposefulness of Teams • QC and site maintenance • Formation of Workgroups • Prime Team Building mastery • HSE and site safety . Bid Closing. foundation and tower and site designs • Assessed. construction specifications and project planning which leads to maximized accuracy • Assisted project manager in controlling all activities based on approved • Efficiently ensured the systematic operation of calculations. Dennis Dr. specifications and client requirements and technical meetings • Prepared internal and external reports for management review. maintaining proper techniques and latest construction management process. Toronto. • Inspected on-site construction and confirmed in accordance with drawings and specifications in Oil & Gas structure welding and pipe coating • Coordinated. POOYA Pooyaca@Gmail. Ontario Building Code (OBC). remedies monitoring through providing routine forms or reports and recognizing design issues and recommend proper solutions Engineering Supervisor (2006 – 2011) ICON Ltd. assembly designs • Coached. managing market quotations. tender pricing and submission of bid with a final quote Engineering Inspector (2005 – 2006) Gl Co. ICTICON. means and methods • Participated in bids. setting targets and forecasting completion dates • Ensured construction standards. quantity surveying. planning site activities. design and checking over 140 sites. Don mills Rd. in Civil engineering (4 Years Degree) 2004 Seneca College of Technology 2015 Six Weeks course on Engineering codes & standards. calculation booklets and material estimations • Provided. inspected and approved daily routines of workshop and yard activities • Developed and implemented results checking with specific requirements in order to establish whether conformity is achieved for each characteristic • Ensured necessary post project completion documentation including site diary & As Built documents and material quality and quantity checking and provide reports Education & Certificates IAU University Bachelor of Science (BSc). Estimation.St. (Germanischer Lyoid Group) GL-group. analyzed and forecasted project technical details.BHRC (Building & Housing Research Center) Design & Construction of Steel Structures • Tekla structure. Safety Code and (647)-907-7184 Page 02 Civil Designing Engineer (2011 – 2012) ZTE Corporation ZTE. ON M3C1E4 M. feedbacks and reports • Monitored the sites under construction and made sure progress in accordance with details • Provided. verified and debugged drawings. controlled bill of material and installation. LEED. collaborated with subcontractors and provided technical solutions and support to resolve subcontractors on field or document tender analysis. Work Culture and Essentials Ministry of Housing and Urban Development .com • Supervised drafting of structural drawings.