Translated and edited by Maria Camacho


He had Memories before his birth
Haunting him at all times
The waves of probability
Showing the reality of another land
Lost in whatever could have been


The backyard looked dark with its muddy floor and shrubs growing by the wall. As
the sun careered through the sky in its journey towards infinity, Homer played with his
toys by the edge of a puddle, his paper boats sailing amidst the muck left by the rains.
"Hurrah," he said.
Homer danced around the water, when a woman wearing a dressing gown and her hair
tied in a bun appeared by his side, shivering in the breeze blowing through the garden.
"It's time for lunch," she said.
Those words brought Homer back to reality, after arriving from somewhere he
couldn't remember, even though he might have seen the end of time in the garden muck.
"Wash your hands now," his mother said.
He washed himself in the sink as father appeared at the door. Middle aged, plump and
with a round face, Mr. Homer had to fight the devils of the market in a daily basis in
order to bring the food to the table.
"I have a surprise for you," he said.
Mother stopped with a plate in her hands, as father never brought home anything out
of the ordinary, except one day when he had taken a puppy he had found in the street to
the dog shelter in spite of Homer's complaints and his wife's pleas of mercy for the little
thing. A tall man interrupted them, his glasses shining under the electric light.
"Uncle Hugh," mother said. "We didn't expect you today."
He smiled. "I have to work in this country."
"Your job must be exciting," she said.
Mother poured some soup on another bowl, and Uncle Hugh recited his prayers, after
seating at the table.
"We have to trust the almighty," he said.
"How was your journey?" she asked.
"I felt sick all the time."
"You should have taken an alka seltzer," she said.
"Nothing works for me."

"New York must be missing you," father said.
Uncle Hugh had to remain in his cabin with the curtains drawn in order to stop his
ordeal, while suffering with sea sickness for most of his journey.
"Welcome to the world," Homer said.
He did not know why he had said that, the remnants of a dream he had of his passage
through reality still in his mind.
"He's funny," Uncle Hugh said. "I remember the day he rescued a dollar bill."
"He put it in his nappy, after flying up a tree" mother said.
Homer knew all the rest. A neighbour hanging the washing at that moment had
dropped her husband's pants in the mud, and he left her for the barmaid next door.
School children sang songs of glory, while Father Ricardo praised the qualities of the
child during his Sunday mass. Uncle Hugh found a black and white photograph in his
"This is you," he said. "I took this picture with my first camera."
Homer saw a chubby baby with a bit of hair and a toothless smile, Uncle Hugh
managing to snap that moment in time forever, in his small camera.
"I developed it in my studio," he said.
"Those were the times," mother said.
Homer had been born in the midst of a solar eclipse, and as the doctors and nurses
looked at the sun from the hospital roof, an old nurse said those famous words after
helping with the delivery.
"It's a girl," she said.
Mother thought she had a daughter, and father sulked as the nurse found her mistake a
few minutes later.
"He had lots of hair," father interrupted the silence.
Mrs. Homer held a baby in one of the pictures on the table, while Homer stood next to
his parents in another one of the snaps.
"We called him Homer," Father said. "It might bring him good luck."

.7 Uncle Hugh smiled. "This is for you." Uncle Hugh said." he said. the noises of the market intruding in his world of ghosts by the tree. "He'll get filthy. "Have fun." Uncle Hugh put a cent under the light of the lamp mother had bought in the market. and a child stood by the tree in the eternity of the world." he said. Homer went outside. like his mother said when Homer didn't listen to her on busy mornings. the brown marks on the wall turning into monsters amidst the buildings of New York in Homer's imagination. Homer admired the coin as the adults spoke about nothing in particular." Homer said." "He's a good boy. "You can have more soup." mother said. The stranger wiped his nose. The child had to be deaf." she said. Homer had to get some fresh air before his life finished of boredom. "He's Homer Homer then. in one of those films his father had taken him on Saturday nights." his uncle said." he said. "I want to play outside." "He's full of beans. Homer shook his head. where Marilyn Monroe showed her pants to the public. "I'll call my mum. "It will bring you good luck. "Who are you?" Homer asked. "Go away. "Mum. putting lots of microbes in his face. The child picked his nose with dirty fingers. another universe welcoming him to the world of his imagination. leaving muddy streaks across his face but Homer wanted to be alone in the garden. He had chased film stars in their limousines in a place called Broadway." mother said." "That's the idea.

" she said." "That's not true. before Homer barked. merging into another dimension no one would have comprehended. "You must do like this." he said." Homer said. The child smiled." Homer said. "You must be invisible." Homer said. "We played in the darkness. even though Homer did not remember any of it. He cupped his hands round his mouth. where they must have met before time began. "I'm a dog. "That dog is noisy. "I'm not. The boy kicked a stone." Mother shut the door." the boy said. "You are not. "I'll complain to the owner.8 "You must remember. . leaving Homer alone with the stranger from another dimension. "That is one of my tricks." he said. "The stars are mine. The flow of time increased around them. "You're a liar." "What is the other one?" Homer asked. The boy reminded him of the times they had seen each other in another world. like those stories his mother read to him sometimes. barking louder than the dog next door as his mother appeared at the door. interrupting the peace of the place. but the boy kept on talking of things happening in another place he had never seen. and the stars appeared above their heads." The child also barked. "Remember what?" Homer asked. Homer did not like dark places. disturbing a few birds looking for worms." They fought in the dirt." the boy interrupted his thoughts.

"I've heard that before. Homer crashed against a table her mother kept by the wall. the light coming from the kitchen window illuminating his path back to the house. "Ugg." Homer said." "I say whatever I want. before he steadied himself with his hands. "Think of the shadows. "Don't go. The noise of a cricket calling its females in the garden stopped his thoughts of some other dimensions existing beyond reality. as Homer's tried to comprehend whatever had happened to his world. the waves of probability bringing him back to the dimensions of time.9 "Two and two are seven. "What are you doing?" his mother interrupted his reverie." "It's your mouth." Homer stumbled on a few papers his mother must have dropped by the door and the child grew fainter. the papers he had in his hand falling to the floor. His friend disappeared in the darkness of the backyard." he said. He washed his hands and cleaned his clothes. "You have to remember. "It must be magic." Shadows spread around the tree of life. it isn't. The boy shook his head. The garden remained silent. . "No." the boy said. where his parents had to be talking to Uncle Hugh about his adventures in New York. his mother had called it that name for some reason Homer didn't know. "Where are you?" Homer asked. in the tap his father had installed in the garden." the child said." he said." he said. Homer frowned.

when he wanted to go to bed amidst the inconsequential. Mother helped him clean his clothes. when he could not see anything out of the ordinary. "One minute I had lunch and then the stars were out. muttering something about little boys crashing against the world." Homer said. "I saw a boy. as the marks on the wall underwent some kind of transformation but he had to remember something. "You must be tired. Homer rushed upstairs after wishing them goodnight." Homer said. Homer washed his hands. listening to the explanations of time doing funny things in the realms of the extraordinary. "It's night now. thinking of the child he must have met somewhere else. he put the coin and the papers he had found on the floor in his wardrobe.10 The light coming from the kitchen blinded him for a few seconds." Uncle Hugh said. "No one is here. He recounted the times Homer had spoken of invisible people inhabiting the house. "Don't have bad dreams. "He imagines things. She nodded.." he said. Once in his room. "He has a good imagination. the feeling of being lost in the universe haunting his senses." Uncle Hugh said." "That happens sometimes." "It went so quickly. .." his uncle said. Homer wanted to tell her of the vision he had seen in that land before his birth." Homer interrupted. as his mother made him drink the hot chocolate waiting on the table." father said. "Mum." she said. "It was day." Homer said. whilst Uncle Hugh told them about his life in the USA." she said. Homer sipped his drink. "I fell down.

. "You're real. remembering his uncle's visit within the fractal path through reality." he said. reality crumbling like a pack of cards all around him and then she smiled.11 Maria Jose's last words didn't make any sense as Homer studied the papers he had found in the floor. A pretty girl interrupted his thoughts by the tree.

Homer thought of the man helping in his shop. "I'm Miguel's daughter." He showed her a few pictures of that trip to another land. "I have to tidy this mess." she said." he said. and windows." she said." Homer said. "I was seasick all the time. "I don't like dogs." "It had many floors. "The seagulls must be beautiful.12 The girl's laughter frightened the shadows. as the dog from the house next door interrupted the visions of her body through the skirt she wore." she said. when he wanted to see more of her body." he said." she said." he said. She shrugged. She ate a few biscuits she found on the table. even though they had a few debts in their lives. "Dad showed me the seagulls chasing the ship. She frowned." he said." he said. "Poor you. the breadcrumbs falling in the infinity of her breasts as he explained about the waves crashing against the sides of the boat. "They had to be rich. until they had enough room to sit down in the chairs full of things. waiting to do something nasty to the eternity around them. "They flew about the boat. "You will be busy. "My parents came here in a big ship. Homer's parents had bought the shop after borrowing money from his uncle. ." Homer made a pile with the papers on the floor. They ran back into a kitchen full of saucepans. the tricycle Uncle Hugh had given him on his first day on earth resting amidst the rubbish. "Seagulls?" "They catch flying fish.

her teats trembling like jelly." she said. "My invisible friend left them. He showed her the papers Jose had left on the floor. "Your life will end with the sun." The girl studied the pages he had given her." she interrupted. "What about school?" she asked. "I see it in your hands. He asked her more about the leaves bringing happiness to his existence in a day he might never forget. It had to be a magical if she thought so." Homer said. "Father buys them in the central cordillera. plus a bit of wine he had saved for special occasions in the disorder of his world. Homer chewed a few of them. She found a few crushed leaves without any smell. "It looks like Egyptian language. where her father slept on the sofa and some of her brothers on the floor." Her mother had taught her to read palms on quiet evenings." he said." she said. "Put them in your mouth. "I have seen rats in the latrine. "You can call me Maria. "My parents wanted me at home. as her mother had taught her to read and write. "Will you help me to translate the papers?" "I'm busy at the moment. "A latrine?" .13 Homer offered her some more biscuits. as her brothers and sisters went to sleep on the muddy floor of their home." she said. after rummaging in her back." she said. "Maria. the light of the sun coming through the window looking brighter than anything else he had seen. amidst some other things useful in her life." She lived in a small room with three beds and a cooker in the corner." she said." he said. "Let's toast to life.

" Homer wondered whatever she had seen in his hands. "You think so. her body feeling soft like a dream in the dimensions of time." He kissed her." she said. "Stop it." "That's not available. He kissed her teats." "Come with me." he led her to a corner of the room without much furniture." she said. "I'll call my father. "You'll forget me." He had never heard of such a thing.14 "It's a hole in the backyard." She wouldn't accept the offer of his bed." he said. the crucifix in her chest moving like a lost angel between her breasts interrupted his concentration. . her thighs inviting him to sin amidst the boxes on the floor. "Would you sleep with me tonight?" he asked. before the Gods punished him for his deeds in the path through existence." he said." "I won't. "I'd have to marry you first. his hands feeling under her blouse. They had to move over piles of rubbish on the floor in order to go to the latrine by the shed. "It says in your hands." he said. inciting him to do bad things between the boxes of merchandise he had bought for the shop. "These papers are important. "I'll buy you a house when I'm a millionaire. even though she had to sleep with her family in a cramped room full of rats. Those words brought him back to reality. "You. tightening the grip on her hands. "What do you want?" she asked.

He told her more of that journey at the beginning of time." "I promise. "You were cute. Father Ricardo had said. eaten by the insects. before sending the coffins into the bowels of the earth. "They shouldn't have died. the sound of thunder interrupting that journey back in time. Homer sighed. his uncle's appearance from the shores of time interrupting his first impressions of life in the garden muck. some of the pictures of that journey across the ocean appearing amidst the pages. "It's only lighting. We bury you in the name of the father." "Why?" "He's tricky. ." she said. "You must be a good boy then." he said." Homer said." she said. as the sound of thunder echoed through the infinity of time. "I miss my parents. "It might rain. eyes full of wonder. "That is me. of the son and the holy spirit. "How can they go up all those floors?" she asked. full of buildings reaching for the sky. when he showed her the pictures of that city called New York." She looked at him.15 "Don't do that" Homer said." she said. "They have metal boxes inside the buildings." he said." Homer opened the album he had on the table. He had arrived at the world years ago." Maria wanted to know more of his objections to the priest. "I don't trust Father Ricardo. "The Devil wants us." he said. while feeling that urgency to have her body." he showed her a child in short trousers. "They are called lifts.

He showed her some more of the pictures his uncle had taken in that city. "I have to go. "I'm really from another universe." she said. "Don't you want to hear about New York?" he asked." he said. letting him play by himself in the backyard." she said. He nodded. "You are supposed to tidy the shop. "Everything will be cheaper than anywhere else. in that other country he wanted to visit somewhere in time." she said. She had left him alone in her mission of saving humankind. "My uncle has visited us a few times. "I'm busy. El Baratillo." she said." he said. "My uncle takes pictures of Marilyn Monroe." she said. He wanted to deflower her amidst the garden muck." he said. "I'll call my shop. but he had the business his parents had built over the years. after kissing her breasts and the rest of her body. "She's the best actress in the world." he said." Homer told her all about his uncle's job.16 Homer mentioned the things his mother had done for the children of the slums. where men drove the latest cars and women posed in the most beautiful clothes in the town." he said. . "I know. "She wanted to help the world." "Your mother was a good woman." she said." Homer wanted to tell her more about his life in the present reality." she said. "Tell me more about New York. "I must have seen his films. "I know.

" he said to no one in particular." she said. The visitor The death of Homer's parents sent him to the depths of despair. but he had to conquer the world. he thought while taking some of the merchandise to the counter. like they wanted him to do since the beginning of time. "You have to behave.17 Homer had to do some more work in his shop. . He had lost them when he needed their advice in most of the things he had to do in his life. painting the walls and repairing the windows the way his parents used to have them. followed by his father's heart attack in the middle of the night some time later. like falling in love with his employee's daughter. "You must help me. "I'm Homer the great. the most difficult thing amidst all the other problems he faced every day." he said. His mother had gone first. interrupting his dreams of conquering the world in his life time.

" the Indian said. like some gift he had brought to the shop from the confines of his universe. "He had to be your brother. An Indian with high cheek bones. Homer looked at it with distrust. The Indian fumbled with the contents of the bag. The Indian held the bag to his chest." the Indian said. while examining the present the Indian had put on the table. "What is it?" "Mmm. when a small head with its eyes shut. He seemed to like the stuff Homer got from the mountains he had seen in the distance. "Can I help you?" Homer asked. lips sewn together and surrounded by black hair. bringing the meaning of eternity closer to Homer's world. Homer thought. "They smell like heaven." the Indian touched the bags of coca piling at his feet. The Indian made a few noises. while tiding the boxes of coca Miguel had left by the counter. the look of innocence in his face betraying his intentions." he said. a black skirt and his hair in a pony tail came in the shop. The Indian fiddled with a bag in his hands. appeared out of the bag. "Mmm." Homer said. The head looked like the man in front of him.18 He was a pioneer. "You must like coca. bringing to his mind the legends of the Indians doing strange things in the jungle they inhabited. taking the name of his family to new heights of importance in a world preoccupied by money and other things of no importance to his soul. the noise of the traffic going on outside the window interrupting the silence. "Tell me what you want. ." he said. "What do you want?" Homer asked. "Ummm. sniffing the coca leaves he had found in one of the bags." Homer said.

"This is the jungle. Homer nodded." . The Indian sniffed the coca leaves inside the boxes." He found a map of the country amidst some papers in the wardrobe." he said. "Where do you live?" The Indian looked at the map." the Indian said. "Do you go there by horse?" Homer asked. "I want to know where you live." he said. Balboa must have felt like that on setting eyes on the Pacific Ocean or Columbus when he shouted "Land" for the first time. "This is Florencia. hard to imagine in the city Homer had spent most of his life. "River. "That must be your home. while Homer showed him the picture of a puma hoping to catch his dinner from behind the trees. the capital and big cities of the cordillera appearing next to a jungle painted in green. "Jungle. He jumped around the boxes littering the floor. pretending to ride one of those beasts of the apocalypse he had read in Father Ricardo's bible." the Indian said. "Would you like a cup of tea?" he asked. coca leaves being his favourite thing at that time of the morning. "No heads. "No coca. "You understand me." Homer pointed at the bags. He pointed at a place in the jungle." Homer said." Homer had discovered something he had never imagined. The Indian didn't seem to understand. amongst the trees and other things. listening to the stories of piranhas and giant snakes eating men alive in a land no one had conquered yet. "This is the Guaviare River." he said." Homer said.19 "I want more heads then.

"I don't think so." he said. when he had to tend to his shop and the head waited for him amidst the disorder of the table." the Indian said. uttering prayers to God living in heaven. showing no understanding of whatever Homer wanted to tell him. as Homer rushed after him." Homer said. his poncho visible between the clothes of the shop in the corner. "We'll be partners. ignoring Homer's words while muttering something inconsequential. "There is a monster on the table." . "How are you Mr. "An Indian gave it to me. "If you bring me more heads. Homer went back to his shop. Homer saw him disappearing down the street. The Indian sipped his tea." the man said. as Homer talked of the treasures he might find in a land he had never seen. dark eyes scrutinizing his soul." Homer said. The girl tried to kill the head with her mop." Maria interrupted the silence." he said. "I'll give you lots of coca bags. He cradled the box in his arms before opening the door to the outside world. "That is good. "Wait a minute." she said. "Mmm. hoping the Indian might bring a few more heads to send to his uncle in New York." The Indian closed his mochila." Homer said. "I'll be waiting for you." he said. The Indian hurried down the street.20 The Indian looked at him. Homer?" someone greeted him "Still alive. "He must hate you. unaware of the conflict of emotions he had awakened in Homer's mind.

" he said. "I love and respect you. hoping that she had some compassion for his soul. by telling her of the places they could see at the end of their journey." he said. Homer showed her the bed at the end of the room. The girl dropped the saucepan she had been washing. "But I won't sleep with you. the noise awakening the dog guarding the patio next door." he said." They had to make love by the time the world. She shook her head. "You must throw away the head. "I want to kiss you." he said. finished in a myriad of colours. He could taste the perfume she must have bought at a sale somewhere." he said." she said. when he made his fortune with the heads in the jungle. Homer shuddered with desire. thinking of all the things they could do amidst the trees growing everywhere. "I won't bite you." she said. "Would you like to come with me to the jungle?" he asked her. "He told you that?" Homer hoped to awaken her imagination. "The Indian lives by the Guaviare River. "Liar." she said.21 She put the mop by the door. . "I will ask father. her dark eyes studying the head the Indian had brought from the forest. "I'd do anything for you. reaching for her lips amidst some of the hair falling on her face. She had to change her mind. but she crashed with a few things while running away from him." she said. "The jungle is dangerous." she said. "Thank you.

Maria shook her head. "Like your thoughts. "I must be dreaming. At first the red bricks looked grubby but then a little boy with dirty clothes and picking his nose moved along the path. as the wall behind him became visible through his clothes. the reality of the moment bringing him back to the world. trying to regain the girl's trust. . nausea rising in Homer's throat for the things he could not comprehend." Homer said. "She's gone. "I did not see the Indian. Homer understood the stranger's identity like other things in his life. telling her of all the things they might with the money the thing had to bring them." I don't like it." he said. "He must be invisible." Homer said." Jaramillo Homer imagined the money he would make with the heads." the boy said. stopping by the tree in the middle of the yard a few moments later. "Where is your mother?" the boy interrupted the silence. The boy looked at him for some time. "Who is there?" he asked." Homer said.22 "It's harmless. as a noise interrupted his dreams of finding the heads the Indian had hidden in the jungle." she said. "I'm sorry." Homer put the head inside the wardrobe.

" "Two and two are seven." Homer said. before footsteps interrupted his daydreaming of reality. A man with curly hair. "I met him there. The man shrugged. Homer shrugged. Homer thought of the money he might make with the heads. "I hope I haven't disturbed you. Homer closed his eyes. the nature of time and space dissolving into other realities in the time continuum of the universe he inhabited. "What do you mean?" Homer asked. after looking in his bag for a few moments." Maria's voice echoed besides him. bushy eyebrows and an aquiline nose stood by her side. trying not to touch the dirty things around him. "You'll realize it one day. "Time doesn't exist." "He's in New York." the child said. but as Homer touched his nose. "A shop wants more heads." the child said." Homer barked. "Shut your eyes." he said." Jaramillo put the pictures of a shrunken head. while looking at the pictures on the table.23 The bottles he had left by the kitchen window and the cloth Maria used to wipe the surfaces lay amidst some of things around him. "He wanted to see you. the child did the same thing. "I am Jaramillo and I know your Uncle Hugh." he said." he said." he said. the noises of eternity filling his soul. . "The future is all around you. "I don't understand." The sounds of the garden interrupted the boy's words. "The Indian lives by the Guaviare River.

" he said. "I must have a tarantula somewhere. Jaramillo nodded. "I taught myself to read and write." "I'm not a liar. "I don't have any tarantulas. "Are you sure the Indian exists?" Jaramillo asked. leaving greasy stains in the paper. "Do you know the tribe's name?" he asked." Jaramillo wrote everything Homer told him in his notebook. "He gave me the head." Homer cleaned around him.24 "Your heads might be there." Homer said." Jaramillo interrupted his narrative. "I want more heads. Jaramillo had to find more things for the country to read in one of those boring Sunday mornings. listening to Jaramillo's stories of the things the Indians might do to civilized human beings. in order to prove to himself the complexities of the universe." Homer said." Homer said. "The Indian must have left you one." Homer showed him a few things about the jungle." Homer said. "No. "Well done. letti0ng his pen fall between the coca bags Miguel had put amidst the cobwebs and other things adorning the floor." Jaramillo said. "I hope so. "You just got the head then. "You could have bought it somewhere." Jaramillo said. Homer showed him the pictures of the galaxies and some other things he kept amidst his things." Homer said. He touched some of the mess around him. and how the Indian needed coca leaves in order to survive his journeys in search of civilisation. "I want to take civilization to the jungle." Jaramillo said. .

" Homer told him the events of that future he must have inhabited before coming to the backyard on a day he could not forget. "She's as pretty girl. He showed him a graphic of the events sending them outside the rules of physics. Homer nodded.25 "That's good." Jaramillo said." "It must have been a dream. "In your dreams." "There is nothing to prove all of this happened." Jaramillo said. "She is." Jaramillo said. "The sun explodes. "You wished me good luck in the future. explaining the intricacies of the process the Indians used in order to shrink the heads of their enemies. listening to Homer's tales of the tragedy he had foreseen in his dreams out of time." Homer said." Jaramillo said. sending us back in time to some other universe alongside ours. "But I want the heads. "In this universe. They discussed the role of dreams in predicting events of the future. "We have been together in another place." Homer said." Jaramillo said." Homer said." Jaramillo said." Jaramillo went back to the picture of the head he had left in the counter." he said. "I don't believe it. "I have to find them. . everything ending in the catastrophe Maria had seen in his hand. "It happened. in spite of whatever reality told them." Jaramillo cleaned his clothes with the brush he had found on the table. lost to their perception. foretelling the events in some other universe. "We were there." A sun shone in a reddish sky in one of the pictures Homer had inside his desk. "You are by my side. "It's very interesting." Homer said.

Homer offered a few of them to the journalist. fed up with his insistence of other universes outside their senses." Jaramillo said." Jaramillo sai. "They are crunchy. "I'll do that. . Homer nodded. "She was in the future you saw." Jaramillo made his way between the bags of things Homer had in the floor." Homer put a few of them in his mouth." Homer said. "In another universe." he said." "They don't cause me to have dreams. when Maria could brew in the best tea she could make.26 "You must have had too many coca leaves. "Call me if the Indian comes back.

their buttons shining under the light of the lamp." The woman looked at her reflection in the mirror by the counter. "He's from the jungle." Homer told a woman looking at the merchandise. He showed her a dress with golden buttons around the waist.27 The trip The Indian resembled one of those statues of San Agustin with his plaits. whilst waiting amidst the coca boxes Miguel had brought to the shop that morning." Homer said. "It is from Paris. her eyebrows rising in admiration. "It's beautiful." she said. "I have my contacts there. "This blouse might suit you. olive skin and high cheek bones. "I'll give you eighty pesos. holding the dress against her body: anything from Paris had to look nice on her. but frowned on looking at the price. "I'd be losing money. Homer. "Don't worry." she said. Mr. as the Indian waited in the shadows." she said. inspecting the front and back." he said. He shrugged." . She turned it around. Homer found some more clothes in different colours and sizes.

"One hundred is my last offer." she said. as the sound of her shoes along the middle of the shop. "You'll look like a princess. . Mr. Homer." "And it's a good price. "I'll have nice clothes next week. with the water mark and the signature of the vice-president of the country. Homer thought." Homer said." He shrugged. "Eighty pesos. "I want the heads now." he said. Homer. "Fine." Homer said. whilst writing a receipt amidst the merchandise in the counter. The man's face did not betray his emotions. reminding him of the promise of looking after the shop he had made to his parents some time ago. "Ninety." the Indian said. Mr.28 "Eighty pesos. Mr. as she handed him the crisp notes she had withdrawn from the bank that morning." he said." "You will lose a customer. muttering about the heads he had to give him. "You can have it for ninety pesos. Homer put one of the coca boxes by the man's feet." Everything seemed to stop. "Thank you. when Maria loved him and the Indian waited in the shadows. "I want the heads. "Ummm. Homer. looking at the boxes of coca Homer opened by his side." Homer hoped she would buy something else to go with the blouse." he said." The noise of the clock he had put on the wall disturbed his thoughts of making love to her in the kitchen." A satisfied customer brings more business.

" his employee said. "Wait for me." Homer said.29 The Indian sniffed the leaves of coca. "Wait for me. "Ummm. The Indian moved along the aisle. "Mr. "He is not dangerous. while telling him of the hoards of zombies inhabiting the jungle. "He can't talk." Miguel said. "He's harmless. He pointed to the pistol Homer's father had kept in the wardrobe.. as the girl looked at the merchandise Homer kept on the table. "I thought the journalist might go with you." Homer said. Homer. oblivious to Homer's feelings or of the world around him. hoping that Miguel would not damage anything in his absence." the Indian said. moving a few of the boxes of coca in his way. "He's taking me to the jungle. He cleaned around the Indian." Homer said. like the actors of the silent films Homer had gone to see in the cinemas on Sundays. "I don't like him." the woman said. Homer shrugged. "Take the gun." Homer looked for the mosquito lotion he had somewhere in the shop. . before Homer put the lid back." Miguel said." She did not seem to like the weird people coming in the shop." the girl said." "I don't know." Homer said. The Indian sat on the boxes. looking at him with a vacant expression. crashing with some of the boxes by the door. "He must be thirsty. spreading their illnesses and other things." "I'll be OK.

"I told you about the voodoo. listening to his employee's tales of the piranhas inhabiting the rivers of the jungle." Miguel said." Miguel had a notebook full of numbers and other things. "I don't trust him." the girl said. The Indian mixed some of the coca leaves with his coffee. "You must learn to speak our language. as Miguel rushed to the door." Miguel said. "It might be a trap." Homer said. listening to all the things Homer wanted to do in his way to get the heads. "I'll be careful.30 He offered the man a cup of coffee he had just prepared in the cooker at the back of the shop. "Ummm. ready to eat anyone falling in the water. absorbed in his own thoughts of his trip back to the jungle." Miguel said. taking with him the dreams Homer had of selling a few more heads in New York. "He's gone. Homer shrugged. He crashed with a few boxes in his way to the door. "You can't leave your shop. "He's fast. "I taught you how to do the accounts. hurting his knee and scratching his face. The Indian sipped his drink." Miguel said. Homer saw the place where the Indian had been sitting." he said." he said. useful to keeping track of the things they sold in the shop." Miguel said. ." the Indian said. The Indian had gone away. Homer got ready to go. "I'll get him.

after taking one of the boxes of coca back to the jungle. Homer nodded. "I like the sunsets in the plains. He looked at the map he had packed in the bag he intended to take to the forest. after the Indian had forgotten his promise of bringing more heads to the shop." Homer said." He opened one of the books his father had bought long ago. "I knew he was up to no good. trying to imagine the terrain he might have seen in the bus journey to the jungle." he said. "Who?" "The Indian. "I could be in his village right now. "I'll have to tell my uncle. with pictures of the Indians having their rituals in the jungle. "You've never been there. whilst swimming amidst the piranhas and other things. "I wonder where he lives." .31 Homer loves the sea Homer tried to understand the road through time." Homer said." Homer drew a line with his finger from Villavicencio to the capital of the republic. dreaming of the things he could have done in his journey through the jungle." "But I imagine them." Miguel said.

Miguel found the black phone under the pile of papers in the kitchen." Miguel said." Miguel said." Miguel said.32 Homer had to earn his money and looked for the phone underneath the things he kept in the shop." Miguel said." he said." Homer said. "You plan to buy trucks. "I want to talk to the library. "I could buy a few boats and trucks. "Tell you want to help the economy. "But we are about to close. "This is the library. "I have to phone the library." Homer said." Homer said. "And boats. He heard another voice a few moments later. Homer nodded. "I wouldn't know what to say. in his search for the sea. far away from his senses. "I can't fix the past." Homer said. "They cost a fortune. He made the calculations of the pesos he needed for changing the world." "I want to help the economy. "This is the operator. ." "You should have followed the Indian. when nothing else had existed but his dreams of some other place in reality." Homer said." a voice said." someone said. avoiding the boxes of merchandise on the floor." he said. He wrote the figures he needed to employ the young people in the city. Homer had been in that journey at the beginning of time. "Tell them you want to save the world. "I'll buy them with the money from the library. like his parents had done in their search for a better life aeons ago." Homer disentangled the cable connecting it to the socket amidst the thousands of things he had everywhere.

before he passed away at the beginning of time. "I want to finish with the unemployment in the region." The line of time took them to some places they had not envisaged in their wonderings throughout reality." Miguel said." her voice interrupted the silence." he said." Homer said. "It will be fine this time. "I have to prepare my speech." she said." "Tell them about your journey. "I loved the flying fish. He had to convince the people of the city to part with their money in order to help him to buy his boats for the benefit of humankind. "I thought you died in the jungle. He muttered a few things." Miguel said. The woman laughed.33 "We are closing now. "You can come tomorrow afternoon." Homer said. "Thank you. He got ready the typewriter he had inherited from his father." Homer said." Miguel said. Homer. "We have to work for our money." the voice said." he said." The line went silent and Homer thought the woman had hung up. and dislodging a few things his employee kept around the place. . "I don't know. "I am Mr." Miguel said. "And the boats. Homer looked for the typewriter." he said. "I guess everything is all right." Homer pointed at his notebook. "It is. Miguel shook his head. "I never die. her voice cascading down the line like the way his life went to eternity. "I'm working hard. moving some of the boxes obstructing the corridor. when he had to prepare his speech to the most important people in the city.

He wrote a few sentences of what Homer had to say in the meeting at the library. thousands or millions of years to come to their eyes. Miguel shrugged." Miguel said. throwing a few things onto the floor. "T he earth is six thousand years old. sending the bar back at the end of the line. He looked for a chart of the stars his father kept amidst some other stuff in the wardrobe. taking care to disentangle the ribbon he had bought some time ago. . "I don't know Mr. while being in many places at one. according to the bible. "I can do it." Miguel said. "It's lucky I am here. He sat down at the table." Miguel said. Homer dusted the typewriter. turning the typewriter towards him. He had learned the things in the universe he inhabited since arriving at the world on the day of his birth." he said. because the light of most of the stars in the sky had taken hundreds." he said." Homer said. according to the books he had head some time ago." ." Miguel said. "My mother taught me how to type. "This thing is difficult. "Time is relative. "That must be science fiction. Mr." he said. "It's the truth." Homer said. Homer.34 "We are waves and particles. not even for a second. Homer. "That is what you think." The atoms never touched each other." Homer said. "I read real books.

before turning to look at him with light green eyes." he said." he said.35 The library Homer went through the park." Homer read. "They are waiting for you. in spite of the harshness endured by everyone in the country." he said to no one in particular. He tasted her lipstick. . amidst the rows of books everywhere. He dropped a few pesos on the table. a single light bulb illuminating the scene. "I am Mr. forgetting all about the people waiting for him somewhere in the building. "I'll give you money. touching the fine pants her mama must have bought her for Christmas. That sentence brought some comfort in his life. "I love the sea." she said." She looked at her notebook. "Central library. "You are pretty." she said. the sounds of the world interrupting his thoughts of getting enough money to buy his boats. "Two and two are seven. "Two and two are seven." he said to no one in particular." he said. full of children celebrating life. "I am giving a lecture here today." he said. The pigeons frolicking by the fountain interrupted his thoughts of the folk waiting for his lecture somewhere in the old building in front of him. while moving amongst the people playing football in the library and admiring the senoritas sitting by the fountain. He imagined the public waiting for his lecture in the library. A girl filed her nails behind a desk. "I am a virgin. Homer.

hoping to stop all that nonsense of babies." he said. where the audience had to be." he said. She led him up to the last door in the corridor." he said. "They won't waste time loitering in the streets." he said. "I have not done anything." she said." Homer added the pesos he needed for his business enterprise in the blackboard in front of him." a woman with a microphone said. country used to have its coasts filled with treasures." he said. They had to support the young entrepreneur leading the country to the future instead of lying like everyone had done for some time." "I will give employment to the local people if you help me to buy boats. "Why do we have to buy the boats? "It's to help the economy." the woman said. "You kissed me. "I want to talk about the sea. Homer looked for some more money in his pockets. She pushed him inside the room. "They must be waiting. as she talked of the child she might have conceived in a moment of madness. where the dim light revealed a sea of faces waiting for his wishes to save the world. tasting the cream she used to protect her skin against the world. I love the sea." he said. . "We know." he said." she said.36 "They all say that." "Mr. "I'm Homer." he said. Homer. but he had to stop wasting his time in nothingness." "It's a good idea." the woman said and they all applauded. "I'll employ young people. He kissed her neck. "We'll talk about the baby later. "You are mad. "This. "I'll pay you back.

" they said. A roar of thunder interrupted his words." he said. "Didn't you have any toys?" someone asked." Homer said. while explaining what he wanted to do to save the country. on remembering those times his uncle had visited them during his childhood. "We have collected a few million pesos. collecting the money in a basket.37 "We must help our businessman." he said. "My uncle brought them from New York." Homer said. "I had to play with the stones in the road. "Hurrah to Homer. "He raped me." Homer's eyes filled with tears. "Hurrah to Homer." he said." the girl interrupted his thoughts." she said. He had to thank the spirits of the sea guiding his parents in their quest to find a place for his childhood. her teats bouncing every time she moved through the crowd. . Homer drank aguardiente mixed with the champagne. "My parents wanted to better our lives. "She must be drunk. "I'll buy my boats tomorrow. The girl moved between the seats. while the receptionist waited by the door. as the receptionist appeared at the end of the room. "I'll need lots of pesos. as the public promised to help him to buy his boats. "We want to help the economy." they said. They toasted to the hero with a bottle of champagne someone must have bought in the market that morning." Homer said." she said. "I was borne during a solar eclipse. the sound reverberating around them." they said. He told the public of all the things he might do with the money they had given him.

the screams of the receptionist bringing him back to his present line of time. "It might be if you don't leave. amongst the sound of thunder punishing the world. The girl nodded." Homer said.38 "We believe you. even if the receptionist wanted his baby and the sky roared above them. The people of the city helped him to have his boats. The ships ." they said. "It's Armageddon. "I haven't touched her. "It's better than the heads." she said." he said. The public thought she was part of the act and applauded Homer's genius for entertaining them." she said. "I'll call my baby Homer. "I'll get my boats now." he said." Homer waited for the people to leave. before improving the economy. Homer accompanied her to the door.

"I'm thirsty. A few of the men turned to look at him. "We have arrived. "The pielroja cigarettes are expensive." the driver said. "It's Mr. their dirty faces devoid of any emotions for the stranger doing funny things. On opening his eyes. It had to be terrible to be deprived of cigarettes. when his children were hungry and the world did not care about his suffering." the driver said. Jose had taught him that sentence. "It is not funny. listening to how his children had been hungry many times." Homer said. he saw the driver standing over him. in the back of a truck he had bought with some of the money from the library." a voice interrupted his thoughts. "You have suffered too much in your life" He jumped off the truck. Homer. "My children need food for their packed lunches. Homer shook his head. "Amen. whilst telling him of the money he had to find by the weekend or his family might starve to death. scattering a few pebbles under his shoes and nearly hitting his head against the tools the drivers had for repairing the engines." the driver said." . and he could not afford to buy his cigarettes sometimes. the smell of the sea greeting his senses after his siesta in the back of the truck." Homer said. Mr. "Have some aguardiente." the driver said. He found a bottle of the liquor somewhere in his bag. Homer sipped his drink. the spirits of his parents encouraging him across the chasm of time. Homer." he said. "He wants to create jobs for everyone." Homer said. "Two and two are seven.39 The papers spoke of the foreign businessman sleeping between a sack of potatoes and one of plantains. when he wished to change the world in that other reality.

The men wiped their faces, expecting the visitor to perform some kind of miracle with
their lives, under the minimum wage the country had to offer for their work.
"You can't trust the sun," Homer said. "But you'll believe the sea."
"I like a man with a sense of humour," the driver said.
Homer opened the bottle of aguardiente, the smell of alcohol filling his senses, while
the driver talked of things irrelevant at that moment.
"I'm calling my boats Athena, Esparta and The Thermopiles," Homer said.
"Nice names," the driver said.
Homer thought of finding jobs for the youngsters living in the poverty of the slums, as
he had promised to do in the library.
"I know someone who can help you," the driver said.
Homer saw a short man by the boxes of merchandise they kept in the garage.
"This is Cesar," the driver said.
Homer greeted him, taking care of the things on the floor.
"Homer is interested in boats," the driver said.
He poured some more aguardiente in a few cups by their side, talking of all the things
he had in his life.
"Nice to meet you," Cesar said. "I have a few ships in the port."
Homer saw the city outside the window, while Cesar told him of the vessels floating in
the water he had to have somewhere.
"I get merchandise every week," he said.
He brought perfumes from Tokyo in the spring, smelling like the flowers in the
gardens depicted in the Japanese pictures Homer had seen.
"Your customers will love them," Cesar said.
He sprayed some perfume around him, the scent mixing with the smells from the
"I'll give you fifty pesos per each one," Homer said.
Cesar shrugged. "Done."

He spoke of his life in the reality around him, spending his pesos in the things he
brought to the country.
"I was born in an island called Salvacion," Cesar said. "The president of the country
plays football instead of going to church on Sunday mornings."
"Hurrah to Salvacion," he said.
Beautiful women had chased him in his trips across the ocean, in exchange for some
of the dollars he earned in his adventures.
"The president of Salvacion is a good man," Cesar said.
"That is nice," Homer said.
"He supports the football team."
Cesar showed him a few pictures of the president with some of the football players,
working hard to win the games in the region.
"I would like to meet him," Homer said.
"You might do one day."
Homer signed the paper Cesar offered him, for his merchandise delivered to the shop
every week.
"How do I trust you?" Homer asked.
"They have known me for some time," Cesar pointed to the drivers getting ready to go
back to the city.
Homer had to trust the man promising to get the best things for his shop, when the
Indian had stolen some boxes of coca not too long ago.
"Take my watch," Cesar said. "I will have it back when I deliver the merchandise."
Homer accepted the golden watch Cesar must have bought in his journeys through the
"This is a picture of my boats," Cesar showed him a black and white photo.
"They are by the peer," Cesar said.
Homer found the glasses he kept in his bag in order to see Cesar's ships somewhere in
the port.

"You can have them one day," he said.
Homer sipped his aguardiente, listening to some of the adventures Cesar had in his
journeys to get his merchandise, when it was time to go back to the city.
"Mr. Homer," Cesar said. "Would you mind if a dog travelled in the back of the
"Fine," Homer said.
"You must feed him," Cesar said.
He gave Homer a warm packet, smelling of chicken and other things.
"He eats at this time of the day," he said.
Homer nodded. "That's fine."
"Thank you, Mr. Homer."
Homer got in the back of the truck, as the dog wagged its tail.
"I'll bring you the perfumes tomorrow," Cesar said.
He showed Homer some of the merchandise he would bring to his shop in the next
few days.
"I have the best clothes from Paris," he said.
He pointed to the skirts with shining things women loved to wear in the French capital
and in some other famous places in the world.
"I have to go," the driver said.
"This is my phone number," Cesar gave him a paper with a few numbers in it.
"We'll be in touch," Homer said.
"Have a good journey," Cesar said.
"I will," Homer said.

Homer loves himself
As the truck moved amidst the traffic, the dog sniffed the parcel in Homer's hands,
wagging his tale.

"Stop it," Homer said.
The animal caught a bit of meat he threw in the air, spreading saliva all over the place,
while Homer's stomach rumbled for the lack of food and the truck took them away to
other lands.
"We must talk about this," Homer said.
He had not eaten anything since leaving the market, as his stomach growled at the lack
of food.
"I am hungry," Homer said.
The dog could not understand the problems Homer had in the way to become a
"It's my dinner," he said.
"Grr," the dog said.
Homer shrugged. "I often talk to myself."
He ate the spare ribs and the rice, some of the sauce ending in the shirt Maria had
washed not long ago.
"Aufff," the dog said.
"Shut up," Homer said.
His senses collapsed the roads of reality taking him towards the future, while thinking
of Maria's body with her curves in the right place.
"That girl will kill me one day," Homer said.
"Grr," the dog said.
"You must like your bitches too," Homer said.
Homer masturbated, the sounds of the world fading away, as the sperm ran through
the boxes the driver had piled by his side. Why didn't he marry himself? He thought
about it for a few moments, the sound of the dog interrupting his reality in the paths of
"I will marry myself," he said.

Homer's Industries answered in an unexpected way after a long declaration of love to
himself, the best person in the universe, the truth becoming clearer in the path he
followed through time.
I miss you, Homer told the ghost of his mother, the air rushing by his side interrupting
his dreams of the things he had to do before the end of time.
He had to plan his marriage to himself in front of Father Ricardo and some of the
friends he had found in his new adventures through life, the trip to the port taking him
towards some unknown future of the world.
"Auff," the dog interrupted.
"I love myself," Homer said.
"Grrr," the dog said.
"It's not for you to disapprove."
The act of observation created his reality, as the dog sniffed his hands, dirty from the
lunch, the sperm, and other things Homer must have touched during his journey in the
dimensions of time.
"I need an aguardiente," he said.
"Grr," the dog said.
Homer shrugged. "You must be hungry."
He jotted down everything he needed for the party in a paper he had found in the
crates, hoping Father Ricardo's holy water would erase his sins before Jaramillo recorded
the moment for posterity.
"I do accept myself as my wife," Homer said.
The dog listened to Homer's madness, when he wanted to eat.
"It's like this," Homer said. "I want to marry myself in this path of life."
He drew the tree in the backyard, through the lands lost in fantasy and the path of
existence, like one of those pictures he had seen in the books his father had.
"My father who art in heaven," Homer said.
"Hollowed be thy name."

Then he dozed, amidst the forests covering the land in the road he had followed from
the moment he opened his eyes to this life, because once upon a time he had come from
the sky.
The memory of that first day on earth interrupted the dream of the ants making holes
in the mud in the backyard of his home and the fact that he had come from somewhere
Homer felt isolated in the world of his dreams, following the path of his fantasy.
"Time is relative," he said.
It seemed an odd thing in the middle of nowhere, the feeling of something not being
right followed the shapes from the depths of time, as the years went past the truck.
"My tired has a puncture," the driver interrupted his dreams.
The dog barked, accusing Homer of mortifying his existence, when he could have
eaten his lunch in the back of the vehicle.
The driver shrugged. "He's grumpy."
He had to work, in order to help his family through the recession but Homer had a
wedding to arrange in his present time.
"Cesar brings merchandise from Japan," he said.
"I know," the driver said.
He showed Homer a small bottle, decorated with a few figures from somewhere else
in the world.
"She'll thank me tonight," the driver said.
Homer imagined the fat man making love to his wife in the slums, when something
strange had happened to him in his journey to get the boats.
He felt like that man waking up years later in the future.
"Rip Van Winkle," Homer said.
"What?" the driver asked.
Homer explained about the man travelling on time, after going to sleep during the

"There is the speed of light," Homer said.
The driver looked around him, expecting the light reflected from the world to be
waves in the tendrils of time.
"I must change the tyre," he said.
Homer helped him to put the spare one, hoping to get back home soon, listening to the
driver's tales of things not being the way you imagined. Homer went back in the truck,
falling asleep for an eternity of going through the roads of the world.
"Wake up," someone said.
He found himself at the edge of the road, the truck having disappeared into some other
"I must have gone to sleep," he said.
"You were here for some time," she said.
"I don't understand," he said.
Homer noticed his greasy hair and the beard he must have grown in a few hours he
had slept in the truck.
"I must go home," he said.
He stood up, feeling pain in his legs and most of his body, trying to think what had
happened in his way back from the port.
"The town centre is that way," she said.
Homer followed the directions she gave him in order to arrive at his shop, the traffic
roaring past him brought him memories of the time he had spent in the limbo of another

The future
Homer crossed the road, avoiding the cars taking the passengers to other parts of the
city, and thinking of the money the people in the library had awarded him for his speech
about the sea.

"No." Maria said. the windows showing some merchandise he had not purchased or he had gone mad. when he had promised to love himself in the back of the truck. accompanied by his daughters." Homer said. The facade of the shop appeared in front of him." Miguel said. wondering what had happened to the driver of the truck and the dog. "I am lost. He might have gone in one of those rockets he had seen in the magazines he purchased sometimes. Homer tried to think what could have happened in the short period he had been away. A man showed a few bottles of aguardiente. "We thought you had died. as Miguel appeared at the door. "You should have phoned us. "I know. That aguardiente he had aboard the truck had sent him to another land he tried tocomprehend at that moment in time. "It's the best in town." he said. or the universe had conspired to take him away from the truck during his journey. even though his employee said he had been away for some time. .47 He could have fallen down from the truck. because his feet hurt." he said. "Be careful." he said." someone said. in spite of not having his shoes. after going to sleep amidst the boxes of merchandise the driver took to the city." he said. The shop looked a bit different. thanks. after he had loved himself in the back of the vehicle. Homer must have been walking for some time. He moved towards the place where his shop had to be. "You are alive. like the ghost of a time he could not forget.

" Miguel said. making a few things in his body stand up towards the sky. The room felt quiet." Homer said. . "Nobody wakes up in the future. when he waited for her reaction to his news. "I'm getting married to myself. "It has the date." he said. "You've gone for some time." she said.48 She caressed his hair. He had the ticket the driver had given him to travel back to the city." Homer showed it to Miguel." Homer had to have amnesia. Miguel shrugged. the best thing he could have done in his life in whatever universe he happened to be. Homer had to convince them of his marriage to himself. His employee studied the pinkish paper Homer had in his pocket. for something he had not done. ignoring his dirty clothes. "I don't know what happened. He pointed at the calendar in the wall someone must have altered in order to annoy Homer to death. "And who is the lucky girl?" she asked. in spite of the love he had promised to himself in the truck. "You must be mad." he said. Maria paused scrutinising his body. greasy hair and beard. "I'm getting married. "That is a lie." Miguel said." Homer said. after doing some business with Cesar. "I was lost." he said. "You get lost in a city you know well. ready to take in whatever thing he wanted to tell her. an illness he had read in the medical magazines his father had purchased sometimes." Homer said. "You were away for a few months. the noise of a fly interrupting reality at that moment in time.

"He's had too much aguardiente. promising to bring him cheap merchandise from the Caribbean and the other lands he visited during his travels." Amelia said." he said. playing with her dolls by the bed." Maria said." . "You need a doctor. "Uncle Homer has a beard. "We are waves of probability. Niguel found a note book with the transactions in the shop." Maria said. where he had slept since his parents had passed away. He had to be the man from Salvacion. "The road to the port goes past the jungle. ready to help Homer finish with the illness he must have caught in the port. "I went to sleep in the truck and then I appeared by the road." Miguel said. Homer drew a graphic of his life with its branches in the continuum of reality. "She's pretty." she said." she said." she said. "Who?" Homer asked. She went on to explain how the spirit of the jungle could enter his brain. "You should marry Maria. "He's gone mad. in order to prove that he had been working hard in the shop. He had not noticed Maria's little sister. The bad spirits of the earth had to be responsible for the illness he had contracted in his journey to the port. thanks to the books he had read in his childhood. Miguel had a list of doctors in the area in the notebook he held in his hand. in one of those equations he had seen long ago. "Someone must have messed with your mind.49 Homer understood a bit of the nature of time. taking him to another time and space." Maria said." Homer said. "You must have planned everything." Miguel said. "I have met Cesar. whenever he felt lonely amidst the adults going about their business.

" Homer said. "I don't remember." Miguel said. "It must be in one of those waves he mentioned. "Rip Van Winkle." Miguel said." Homer said. Homer looked for the book he had in the wardrobe his father had kept some of his papers. The whole thing had to have some explanation in the laws of physics he had read in the books Maria must have hidden somewhere in the shop. "I can see faces by my side. "Waves of probability." Homer said." Maria said. He had to find that story of a man waking up in the future. "What happened then?" Maria asked." Homer said. He told his employee the story of the man travelling to the future. "That won't feed my family. "You do know something. Cesar had taken advantage of him. . "He woke up in the future after going to sleep by the roadside." Amelia said. after going to sleep by the roadside. when he had drank the aguardiente Cesar had offered him in the garage. throwing a few things to the floor in his hurry to find the story he wanted. "I don't understand.50 "I love myself. after encountering strange people in the mountain. "It must have been an incantation." Homer said. after he had made love to himself amidst the boxes of merchandise." Homer said. A cloud had descended in his life." Miguel said. "I went to sleep in the back of the truck." Miguel said." Homer said. when he had to find the jobs for the people of the city." Miguel said. "That is nonsense. "The Indian must have tricked you.

" Homer said." He kissed her. "He's from Salvacion. "He woke up in the future." she said. She brought his clothes from some other wardrobe. Homer pushed her towards the bed. "That is horrible." she said." he said." Maria said. She told him of the football games Cesar had attended with the president of the country in the realms of time. Homer had met the drivers in the garage and the man from Salvacion selling him his perfumes. "I woke up by the library." he said." she said." he said." Homer said. "Just like you. before going to sleep for a hundred days. He had his encounter with the man selling the cheapest merchandise from around the world. muttering about Homer's uncaring attitude towards her family. "It gives you money." Maria said. "He's been bringing the merchandise to the shop.51 "You must rest now. crashing with a few of the boxes in his way to the place of his dreams. Maria pointed at the clothes waiting to be sold to Homer's customers for a few pesos and the perfumes had to be in the boxes by his bed. his hands wondering in parts of her body he had never seen. "He has told me. "Tell me more about Rip Van Winkle." Homer said. while explaining his adventure in some other land he did not comprehend. "Cesar must know. "He's clever. "I ate the dog's dinner. "He's from Salvacion." she said. "You like the library." she said." she said. .

" Maria straightened her dress. as Miguel's voice echoed amidst the darkness of reality. The equations of reality Homer dreamed of chasing the Indian through the jungle. "You must tell us the truth. the sound of a cockerel interrupting his fantasies. "I've had a strange dream.52 "I love you." he said. "I'm not cheap. taking in his beard and long greasy hair. excusing himself for his behaviour by the bed he wanted to share with her. "We are glad to have you back." he said." he said. "I'll phone Jaramillo tomorrow." she said. away from the nightmare Homer had left somewhere in his journey to the city. She left him alone with the thoughts of that other universe. where he had promised to marry himself. "And the police. while he talked of the things he had done in the port. It was the light of another day. Homer looked at his reflection in a mirror she gave him." she said. He helped her to her feet. in spite of losing some time in his life. . before getting lost in time." he said.

"I will contact the police." Homer said. Miguel paused cleaning around the kitchen." he said. Homer looked in the books he had in the shelf. Homer released a cloud moths living in the books he had found in the wardrobe." he said. He looked for the books his father kept in the wardrobe." he said. "The universe divides all the time." Homer said. some of the things he held in his hands falling to the floor "That is nonsense. like the equations of reality in a world lost in time. trying to understand whatever had taken place in his way to buy the boats with the money from the library." he said." Miguel said. according to his employee's words. The story of the man lost in time might be more profitable than the heads the Indian had in the jungle. "Liar. amongst a few things he had forgotten he kept somewhere in the house. wondering what type of drugs could keep him asleep for the last few months of his life." he said. "I dozed in the back of the truck. "I had an aguardiente." The mythological creature had to be amidst the furniture. hidden somewhere in the strings of nothingness. "They must have drugged you in the port.53 Homer sat up in his bed. "I've lost my life. sending a few things to the floor in his hurry to find the mysteries of the universe." he said. He wrote down some of the figures he had seen in the books. "And I keep a unicorn in the kitchen. . "We are particles and waves. or the merchandise Cesar brought him from the port. Miguel shrugged.

when Homer had disappeared from the world." Homer said. "I must have gone at the speed of light." he read in one of the books he found in the wardrobe.54 He recounted his adventure from the moment the driver told him to feed the dog. He drew a line representing his journey to the unknown. muttering to himself about how to cure madness in some people." Homer said. The communication was cut." he said. A man called Einstein had explained the rules for making time go slower than usual so long as you went at the fastest speed in the universe." Homer said. "There has to be some explanation for my disappearance. Miguel looked at Homer over a few boxes of merchandise. like the books his father got for him." Homer heard of the trips he had made in order to bring the merchandise to the shop. "I want the phone." Cesar said. "You've gone mad. "Time dilation." Miguel found it somewhere. "We thought you had died. "You disappeared. "You had to know where I was. arresting the people conspiring to kidnap him. how he had learned to do in his childhood notes." Homer said. "As I promised you the best clothes from France. Homer." Homer said. "Mr." The police had been looking for him all over the port. He put a few boxes on the floor. Homer dialled the number Cesar had given him in a paper. . leaving Homer with the dilemma of what could have happened. "It's here. hoping to hear some explanation to whatever had happened in the truck. sending a some more things to the floor. "It's the truth. the waves of time being responsible for whatever had happened in his journey to the city." Cesar said at the end of the line.

"I woke up in the future.55 He remembered the dog crying for his food." Homer said. the laws of probability governing their world lost in time. . "A hypnotist might send me back to the past. "You have to contact the police. "You are confused. "It was a dream." Homer said." Homer had lost some time inside the truck." Homer said." Miguel said." Miguel said. the wind rushing by his face. "You've gone mad." Homer said. He could talk about his problems to one of the policemen patrolling the streets. No one had ever travelled in time in the history of the world. listening to Homer's story of the future. Miguel paused buttering some of the bread he had brought in a tray. the art of regressing people to any time in their lives they wanted to investigate. "We are waves of probability. "You must remember yesterday. and the dreams of being in another land he had never seen. or he could try a hypnotists charging lots of money in order to solve his problems. " He thought of the paths of time around them. Homer explained about hypnosis." Homer said." he said. in one of many roads they had followed from their birth in the continuum. unless he had gone out of his mind. "Cesar has brought his merchandise. "I'll do it later." Miguel said." he said." Miguel said. like some people he had seen in the streets. "That would be a miracle. "I must travelled in time. altering the perception of reality he had known since the day he had opened his eyes to the eclipse of the sun. the answer to his problems.

bringing him memories of the world he had lost." he said. scaring the flies looking for something to eat amidst his things. "Can I help you?" Homer asked. "I don't understand." he said." Miguel said. He showed her a few things he had brought from the port. hoping to interact with her sometime in the future. Miguel shrugged. "These clothes might suit you." she said." she said." he said. "I know of the equations of probability." Miguel said. . "Tell that to Cesar. "And the person sending me to hell." He moved amidst the boxes and other things that had arrived that morning. thinking of his dilemma of a world lost in time." Homer said. They were made of the strings inhabiting the atoms making his body and everything else around him. "You and your books. like the drawings he had found in the floor in the beginning of time.56 That was good news and Homer sent some more of his blankets to the floor. as a girl with long black hair came in the shop. "I thank you. He left Homer alone with his thoughts of whatever might have happened during his journey to the city. "Hurrah to time. "I'm just looking. "I know about the waves. "They are nice." Homer said. He showed his employee some of the diagrams he had found in the books. The light of the sun showed her curves through the dress." Homer opened a book with the equations of matter being particles under someone's observation. Homer nodded.

her hips swaying to the rhythm of imaginary music as Homer's soul despaired for her body. "I don't want them. when he wanted to love them for an eternity." He put his hand in his pocket." she said." she said. "I'll give you money." he said. "That is terrible. "The soldiers killed my husband. He admired her legs under the black skirt she must have bought in a charity shop. the light of the sun letting him see a some other things hiding under her clothes." "You do. "You must help my people. Homer." he said. selling everything cheaper than anywhere else." she said. made rough by scrubbing her children's clothes. "I'm sorry. "I wouldn't know what to do." she interrupted his reverie. . "Wait a minute." she said." She headed for the door.57 Her hands caressed the things Cesar found in his journeys around the world. She gave Homer some time to study her body in more detail. "I have a family to feed." Women behaved unpredictably in Homer's life. "Mr. This woman had suffered at the hands of the government. "I must go back to my children. where his wallet had to be at that moment in time. She opened the door with delicate hands. showing some parts of her body he could only dream about. "You have the money." he said." he said. She shrugged." he said. doing bad things to the poor people of the slums. "The tights are a present.

"That must be the Indian spell. "Can I help you?" a voice asked. where Homer used to get a few things for the shop." Homer builds houses Homer cycled through the poor parts of the city." he said." Homer looked for the bicycle he kept in the backyard. Miguel shrugged. "Tell me if the Indian comes back. "This is good stuff. "She is a widow. He slowed down. but then a little boy dressed in rags looked at Homer with dark eyes. "I have to find her. . They must have met in the city centre or in the market. while taking a deep breath from a bag he held in his hands. perhaps living in one of the huts held together with metal wires. "He never will. while trying to stop her from leaving the shop and the boxes of coca he had in his hands fell to the floor. "Is it?" Homer asked. "And now you chase a widow." Homer said. wondering about the woman he had met in the shop." Miguel said. before disturbing a few dogs by the gutter." Miguel said. "Find who?" "The widow.58 He crashed with Miguel." Homer said. At first he saw no one. hoping to find the woman he had lost." the boy said." "First you are lost in time.

annoying him with their games or things he did not care about." they said. The child had to be ten or eleven years old. "I don't know what you mean. mister" he said. "We'll get cheap materials from the streets." "I do. "This will be their floor. The first boy imitated his accent and his friends laughed. "Do you know of any builders around here?" he asked." Homer found a few pesos he had earned that morning. The children gathered around him. mister" the boy said. "Go away. unless someone had stolen it in that place of hell." they said. His bicycle had to be waiting for him behind the bushes. as a dog chased them around the rubbish littering everything around them." Homer said. between the remains of a chewing gum he had. their laughter bringing back the thoughts of hell in his world. "It's behind those trees." he said." Homer said. The boy gestured at a few gamines playing with a ball." Homer said." Homer said." "That's stealing. The children talked at the same time. ." he said. the children's laughter interrupting his thoughts of revenge for a world treating him so badly. difficult to tell with all the mud covering his face. He tripped on something. "I want some money. "Nobody cares about poor people.59 "You can try it. "Look mister. "I'll give you lots of money. "Leave me alone. "We want your first coin." he said.

"We'll build them in seven days. . made by a God he did not comprehend. water. sewers or other amenities of the modern world. "Fine." Homer said. "I love them." he said. "You must trust us. "Once upon a time a man loved a woman and they lived in the paradise. Homer had to get back to his shop in the heart of the market." they said. Homer imagined the houses sheltering the widows against the elements of the world. "Then the serpent lured her to sin. even before he had made love to anyone of them." they said. "We'll build nice huts. "The serpent represents our fears for the world." they said. "Poor people don't care." Homer said." Homer said. before something very bad happened to his life. "What about the toilets?" he asked. "That's good. "I want houses." Homer listened to their plans for sheltering the widows from the dangers of the slums.60 "You must have your reasons. listening to their promises for helping the poor women. "I want some widows. "And it is a lie." "You want to help the women." he said." they said." they said. although they would not have any electricity." they said." Homer said. while he touched their bodies. They spoke at the same time of the things they would give the widows Homer loved with his heart. "We'll provide you with the houses and the widows." they said." Homer gave them a few more coins he found in his pockets." "We know that story.

holding a bag in his hands." Homer read." Homer said." the man said. "And not waves. "You must be mad." "He wants houses." Homer said. electricity." He showed Homer a picture of how the huts might look in a few days of work. Time and space had to be created by their thoughts and actions. "You come to the right place." he said." the man said. collapsing the waves of reality in a world in multiplicity. trying to make sense of whatever had happened to him. "Houses are my business. "I know. A man appeared out of the darkness." Homer slipped in the mud surrounding them." "What children?" "The gamines. Homer read a paper with the latest news of the guerrilla war the country had been fighting for some time." the man said. Homer steadied himself in between the bits of rubbish strewn in the floor. if the rains did not take everything away. "The children told me that. or toilets. "Builders galore. "I am a builder.61 It had been a good day for helping the world. "You don't know anything. "Look mister. He saw a hut amidst the mud of the street and some skinny dogs looking for scraps of food in the dirt around them." the man said." the man said. ." he said." "They are not engineers. "Tell me what you want." the man said. reality collapsing his world at that moment in time. "We build houses. "The huts won't have any water. when his bicycle waited in the dirt and the children kept on talking about the houses they had to build in a few days. "We are made of particles and waves." one of the children said.

" Homer had come here to protect her against the world." Homer said." they said. as they wrote in a notebook they had. as the photographers snapped the moment for posterity. before the council officials made any problems with their stupid laws." "I have my talents." Homer said. They had to start to work within the next seven days. "First you marry yourself and now you help the widows. the essence of baby powder and cologne entering his body while a child wriggled in her arms." the journalists said. The papers spoke of the five chalets destined to redeem the widows of the violence." he said." the women said with tears in their eyes." Homer said. "Thank you.62 "They must be made of bricks. "We admire you. One of them hugged him for some time. He talked to the women and smiled at the children in front of the huts. "I could be in the gutter. "We'll look for them. "Homer's like a father to us. "I want widows. The man shook his head. ." she said. Homer became more famous than Saint Francis of Assize. "And you create reality." they said. Homer attends a party The inhabitants of the slums admired the young entrepreneur and as Journalists heard of the widow's helper. "That is expensive.

They wrote the story he told them of his love for the women living a life of hell in the street." the journalists said. "I visited them in the sewers. while defecating in the plots of land between the houses of the rich people. She made him frantic with desire." Homer said." . listening to her suffering on the dark nights spent in the darkness. "It's the truth. The press went quiet." the woman said." he said. "I found the builders to build them in seven days. "That is incredible. The huts with no toilets or electricity seemed like heaven for these folks used to sleep in the street corners. He showed them the plans he had made in order to protect the women and their families from the dangers they faced in a world full of haters. running away from the police threatening their lives. while looking for the families he wanted to help. "I wanted to help the families. "They had to go to bed hungry. "Hurrah to Homer. The journalists gathered around him. "Then I went to get the women. The journalists heard some more of Homer's adventures." Homer said. "We used to sleep in the sewers. asking about the huts he had built for the widows in just a few days. as the press recorded the moment for posterity. before getting ready to talk to the press in the slums." Homer said. "Then I wanted to build the houses." he said." the woman with the child in her arms said. where her children had to eat from the rubbish they found around them.63 "Hurrah to Homer." they said. Homer showed them a few of the pictures of the families living in the street." they said. smelling of bad things at that time of the morning.

"The workmen will take it away. A short man dressed in a black gown and with a crucifix dangling from his belt left the vehicle. where a few shadows hid behind a wall. "What about the rubble?" the journalists asked." the bishop said." the journalists said. "They are building some more houses over there. "I'm pleased to meet you. sending them towards the crowds of people and the apostle of the poor." A car frightened some of the pigs frolicking in the dirt." Homer gestured at an empty space. "That is terrible.64 "They were in the sewers." Jaramillo said. After a short silence." the bishop said." one of the journalists said." Homer said." He had a few pictures of the women cowering in the pipes full of excrement. "They hid from the police. . "That's good. Homer nodded. "It must be the bishop. taking care of his clothes. He didn't know whether to kiss the expensive rings the man had in his fingers. Excellency. "We hope so. Homer took them around the houses the builders had built in seven days. other priests following him down the path to the huts. or to kneel in front of him. "I see. His Excellency reached the woman and her children hiding in the mud. "They didn't have anywhere to go. "We have helped the families. Excellency" he said." he said." he said. pausing to greet some of the families gathered by the doors. "I want to see Homer. the cameras recording the moment for posterity." the bishop said. trying to protect the children the militaries wanted to kill. Homer stepped forwards.

covered in people's saliva and other things not good for her health. The bishop's holy water absolved her sins. a man of integrity battling to save humankind from hell.65 "We were afraid." she said. "You'll sit next to Saint Peter up there." the bishop said. "God wants you in the kingdom of heaven. "He performed miracles to help them to enter the kingdom of God. bringing Jesus Christ into her life." a few people said. The bishop nodded. promising to take her away from the poverty she must have experience for most of her life. The bishop touched her erect teats with trembling fingers." she said." she said. . while helping the people of the slums. Excellency?" she asked. Homer admired the bishop. The woman knelt in the floor. "I'll see you in the church tomorrow. He blessed her in the name of the father. "My children love you. "Homer is our benefactor. as the country followed the events in the first radio station in the city. "Will I go straight to heaven. Excellency. "He's a saint. He offered her his ring." "Amen." he said." the bishop said." "Amen." she said. waiting for the bishop to do something for her soul suffering in iniquity." the bishop said. "Jesus Christ loved his people. the son and the Holy Spirit. hoping to have some satisfaction from God's children." the bishop said. "Thank you Excellency. "God loves you." she said. even if hell might be waiting for his actions at the end of the road.

The governor with all his cabinet marched to the Widow's Houses. "Our flock has been invaded by the wolves the scriptures talk about. as the citizens filled millions of petitions asking for social solidarity. "You have to remember the Egyptian children. His Highness. atheists and sinners leading my herd through the wrong path. bishop of the city. "We will have God's blessing for every million pesos you give to Homer's mission on earth.66 The woman hugged her children. "A foreigner called Homer is asking for your solidarity in order to help the widows and orphans of the violence in our lives. failing to notice the absence of toilets. water or electricity. while helping the widows in their time of need. but He hasn't abandoned us yet." he said. Pomponio. even if the priests took a percentage of the earnings. Homer received many times the money he had spent in the houses." The letter had a good effect. as his Excellency caressed some things he dreamed of desecrating. whilst filling our churches with orphans and widows." he said. "I have written this letter to be read for a few weeks in the churches of the city. "You must send money to the Episcopal palace at the end of the road. "Dear children. his face becoming synonymous with pain and endurance. punished by God for a crime they had not done in the annals of time. .

He had gained a few kilos after in his journey to find the boats in the port. he drew a dot in a paper he had found amidst the garbage. "One. while conquering the evils harassing him in his line of time. three." he said to himself. "I must have forgotten everything. He looked for something about time dilation in the books his father kept in the house. touching his toes a hundred times." Homer said. . a chance for getting more money for his charity even if he had to endure people talking nonsense for hours. two. wondering if he got rich in that reality he shared with Miguel's family. "What is time?" Homer asked himself. Homer thought. good for his health like they said in the radio he had bought in the market. He did his exercises. He thought of the other universes he must have created in his wonderings through the continuum. "You are clever. while helping the widows living in the sewers in that path of reality. the ones he used to read during the evenings. I love myself too much." he said. while looking at the diary he had of his adventure through time. One dot is one dimension.67 Amelia's wishes Homer had to attend a party at the widow's housing.

that's what his father had called the two cubes linked together by lines of another dimension. her dark eyes trying to understand the message he wanted to impart to humankind. "I am thinking of width. the way he had learned in the classes Father Ricardo held in his church every Saturday. "That is a funny writing. . "You are rich. when he had to get ready for the world and the breakfast waited on the table by his bed. "Good morning. "No one wants that." Homer said." he said. He drew a cube. "It has many dimensions. "What are you doing?" Amelia asked. Miguel and his daughter Amelia." He explained about the things hidden from their senses. "That is silly. "You are famous. Homer made a line between the dots in the paper the way he had seen in a book." she said." he said. full of pictures of Homer and the widows. the one helping her mother most days of the week. The child showed him the newspaper her father must have purchased in the way to the shop. Uncle Homer." Amelia said. interrupted his musings of other places in the continuum he might have seen in his travels in time. He must have been having a nice time amidst the boxes of merchandise. when wandering in the realms of time in his way back from the port." she said. as Maria cleaned the shop. as she read aloud some of the sums of money people had promised to Homer to help the families living in poverty.68 I join that dot to another one and is the second dimension. Homer then drew a teserac." they said. "You are early." she said. She studied Homer's drawings. She was Miguel's youngest daughter.

She marched around the shop. like the soldiers she might have seen somewhere around the city." Miguel said." he said. He practiced his speech in front of the mirror." Miguel interrupted his thoughts. Uncle Homer. hoping the rich people in the city gave him money for his labour of love." he said.69 "That's the widow's money. Homer had been thinking of the widows and his words didn't make any sense. chanting and saluting them military style. "I'll pay for your university. The sun shone through the curtains Homer had found in the market in a day lost in his thoughts. Amelia would remember his words one day. when the world collapsed around her in an explosion of colours." Amelia said. "Thank you. while looking at the child marching around the room. "I like it. "I hope so. two. "One. two. ready to be sold to the customers. "The army is for men." she said." Miguel said. Homer ate his breakfast. two. Homer thought those first words had been the best." she said. The child could become a lawyer or an accountant instead of being a soldier." "Is that all?" Miguel asked. one. "She wants to join the army. "The army is the best university. one two. ." He discussed her education as Miguel checked the boxes of coca stored by the wall. reading the papers and wandering about his speech to the nation." Homer said. "I am the apostle of the oppressed. "One. thinking him of the people waiting for his words in the library. "It must be her age." she said.

70 "Two and two are seven. "Can I come?" Amelia asked. "He's bad." she said." Amelia said. while reciting a few prayers to Jesus in heaven." he said." Homer explained how things did not make sense sometimes. "Fractal path. "Look for the shadows." she said." she said. "It's already happened." he said. "I want to save the world. "What shadows?" She gave him a description of the creatures coming to get him in the middle of the night in order to take him to the hell surrounding them. like losing time in his journey to the port. "It must have taken the wrong path through time." "Bravo." she said." Amelia opened the old bible Father Ricardo had brought to the shop." he said."! he said." Miguel said. Homer drew some more lines in the picture he had made of the road he followed in reality amidst many others leading him to the future. "Think of your party. "Ladies and gentleman." "Not fair." she said. "You got lost. . "You would not pray to the devil. "How do you know?" he asked her. Homer had to practice the speech about his journey to another land long ago. Uncle Homer. "Thanks." he said. "Lead him to the best future in time." she said. "It's for adults." she said. "You don't know anything. "I have seen his tail. "Two and two are four. Uncle Homer." he said.

" she said. "That is what you keep on saying. "Think of the tesserac. "It belongs to another dimension.71 "It must have been a rat." she interrupted his thoughts." he said. when he had to prepare his speech in the library. amongst the other paths of the universe. Amelia started to read the first page of genesis. "You must trust in God. ." She seemed to have forgotten her wished to become a soldier one day in the future they had chosen." he said. her voice getting lo-st in the rumble of the cars going on to somewhere outside the shop.

interrupting a fat man's speech about the best way to help the poor people of the city. "Ladies and gentlemen." a young woman said in the town hall." "I won't get better." the governor said. after helping him to sit down at one of the tables. full of miracles he had to replicate once more. The girl brought him an aspirin. while looking at an old bible." he said. He waited for the applause to die down. "Come to bed with me. before everything went black and he found himself in the jungle." "Hurrah to Homer." people said." she said. when the widows had to be saved from the fires of hell. the shadows of the library welcoming him to a land of hope.72 The banquet "We were waiting for you." he said. "Give us our daily bread. "We have the apostle of the poor. "You fainted. "Hallowed be thy name." someone said. "Our father who art in heaven." "Thy kingdom will come." she said." "Suit yourself. "It must have been the excitement." he said." the governor said. "You must relax." . Homer felt lost amidst the noises of the world." people said. A girl held a handkerchief full of cologne to his nose. Homer followed her to the podium. "Never. "Mister Homer.

"This is for you. "Enjoy your lunch. She offered him a plate of hot soup. posing with the bowl in her hands for the photographers to keep that moment for posterity. the banana. "I lost a few months of my life. "I love you. held together by a few ribbons women used to decorate themselves. "Would you like to say something to the nation?" the radio presenter asked. Mr. "Having fun?" someone asked.73 She left him with the guests. Homer. "Thanks. the noise of the party fading away. listening to the proceedings in the slums. the queen of the potato. "I have heard you were lost in time." she said. as God might absolve their sins in this life in preparation for the next one. when he wanted to touch her breasts and other things. "You must sit here. interrupting some of the people enjoying the festivities in order to raise money for the widows. by serving some food to the important people in the city. Homer. the corn. She offered him her lips. The beauty queen of Colombia. "I want to send my regards to my mum and dad and grandma. Homer nodded. "I'll help them to get good jobs." she said. "I want to kiss you. the yucca." he said." ." Homer showed her an empty seat next to his." a girl said. Mr. Jaramillo appeared by his side. and a few of the señoritas helping to save the sheep in Jesus' name." she said." the journalist said." Homer said." Homer said. brought them some more boiling water and cold bread for the value of thousands of pesos. "Are you feeling better?" one of the beauty queens asked. and the peas. She had long black hair.

including the part of the waves of matter creating some other universes. "Come to my shop tonight." he said.74 He held the girl's hand." "Bastard. "I was not drunk." "Aguardiente is bad for your health." Homer said." Jaramillo said." Jaramillo said. while talking to his friend. "I have to attend a beauty pageant tonight. He gave them his address. "That is a brilliant excuse. Homer posed with the girls. made in name of the widows he wanted to help. "It will make you rich." Jaramillo said." Jaramillo said. hoping to be invited to her bedroom that night. The girl disentangled herself from his hands. He listened to Homer's narrative of whatever had happened inside the truck. Homer nodded. ." Homer told them. interrupting the conversation. The orchestra played salsa and some of the men started to dance with the girls. "I went to sleep in the truck." "That is the truth. "I don't know what happened." Jaramillo said. as Homer tried to explain his adventure inside the truck to his friend. muttering something about helping in the festivities." Jaramillo said. forgetting the problems he had faced in the way back from the port. "Disgusting. "You'll win. "And woke up by the road." one of the journalists said. "You were lost in time. before taking a few spoonfuls of the liquid in the bowls." Homer said." he said. "Nobody loses time." "We want to take more pictures of you.

" she said. "Careful. "It's my turn now. "I like foreigners. "I'll make you rich. "My parents had to work all hours in order to feed me." she said." he said." The girl put the tray on the nearest table. "Think of your future. The girl let him feel her teats." Jaramillo said. listening to that trip he had undertaken at an early age." she said. He kissed her. "I don't understand. telling her all about the times he played by himself around the tree in the backyard. "You are beautiful.75 Homer finished with the soup." he said. while tasting the cheap toothpaste she must have bought in the market. "He wants to take you to bed." the coffee queen said. spilling some of the soup she had in the tray. . his dreams of being the richest man in the world vanishing from his mind at that moment in time." he said to one of the beauty queens serving the food." he said. He explored her body. "I've came to this world with a purpose. while the seagulls flew in the sky." she said. "Once upon a time I came to this country. listening to what he had to say about the money she could have in her life. The girl sat on his lap." he said. "Are you a virgin?" Homer asked. her breasts trembling under her gown. "You have to save the widows. "This is my fractal path through life. hoping no one offered him another one in the most important day of his life. He made her sit by his side. savouring her tongue and most of her mouth." he said to the queen of the rice puddings. He explained how his life divided every time he thought of something. as she let him touch her breasts.

" Homer said. celebrating his luck. "I was born under a dark sun. hidden in her garments. "I'll build more houses. while some of the widows who liked the bishop went to live in the huts built with the money." she said. Homer described how the women would have the comforts of the world. Homer had never made so much cash in a few moments of ecstasy and glory. "Amen. "You want his money. while telling the nation how much he loved the widows. and the tray with the soaps nearly fell to the floor. "We know that. He took the microphone amidst the applause of the public." the other girl said. before the sun exploded in a day lost in the future." he said. The queen of the rice pudding pushed her away. and the newspaper readers would cry the next day. "What will you do with the money?" Jaramillo asked. "Dear people." they said. People in the restaurant sobbed. the radio audiences cried. as Homer touched more of the rice pudding queen's body. when the beauty queens brought him more hot water with things floating on it and Homer got to touch their bodies." they said. ." everyone said. "We have collected a million pesos.76 "Do you want some more soup?" Another girl asked. The party went on. in defiance." a voice interrupted the proceedings. "Don't interrupt us." "Hurrah to Homer. She stuck her fingers in the air. "We have gathered here today to celebrate our triumph against the poverty in the city." they said." Homer said. "Hurrah to Homer. The photographers took a few more pictures of Homer touching beauty queens.

Homer read the tales of doom amidst the coffee stains in the page." Homer said. "I don't care. He put a few newspapers on the table. sending a cup of coffee to the floor. next to the picture of a woman trying to save her children in the mud. exalting the women's bravery on confronting the elements in their homes. "I'm not a plumber. "Go away. the headlines said." the person said. as the journalist came in the shop." "The widows died. "It must have been terrible. where a few widows and orphans drowned. "I am sorry. bad angels opened the gates of rain over the city." he said." he said. he thought while turning over in his bed. The wooden coffins would be lowered into the ground later that day without any ceremony." a voice said through the keyhole. when someone knocked at the door early in the morning. listening to the events of the night. God takes away innocent lives. "The river burst its banks. whilst trying to keep his composure in view of the terrible things happening to his world. Homer had been sleeping. "It's the truth. looking like an angel of death after killing innocent children with his sword. "Look at the papers. "Whoever you are. Homer wiped the table and the floor." Homer said.77 Tragedy Jealousy reigned in heavens and as they heard of Homer's good work. the newspapers calling it a calamity of nature." Homer opened the door to the outside world." Jaramillo said." "It rained last night." Jaramillo said. Miguel must have forgotten his keys." the voice said. . "It's me.

" Jaramillo said. He went on to talk of his project for helping the women God had forgotten. mumbling something about time. Homer sat down in the middle of the things he had found in the mess around him. sending a few more things to the floor. "I thought you wanted to go. "Six months must have gone past.78 Jaramillo read the names of the victims and of the people becoming destitute during the night. when punishing the city for the sins of the world. "You have to talk to the people." he said. whilst travelling in the back of the truck. "I must go away. imagining all kinds of things happening to his life after the tragedy in a night he might never forget." Jaramillo said. "Can you drive me to the builders?" Homer asked." he said." he said. "I'll build new homes. "How much do they want?" Homer asked." "Are sure?" Homer asked." Homer sat at the table." Homer looked for the phone under the papers and other things he must have left around the table. "Money won't buy their lives. "Cesar can help me. . "Where will you go?" Jaramillo asked. Jaramillo showed him a calendar he must have found amidst the rubbish in the floor. "The rest of the families are in the church at the moment." "When?" Homer hoped he had not lost another month in the limbo he must have visited. "I will." he said. "They have not.

Alicia stopped her monologue. interrupting his thoughts of the police arresting him for the women's death." "I do. "The rains killed the widows. "Would you like a cup of tea?" he asked." he said.79 "Someone wants to see you. while she talked. "I'm Alicia. sent by God to erase his sins in his pain. "We must pray for the souls of the deceased. explaining the role of the weather in the fate of human beings at the mercy of the elements. . She opened a bible she had in her bag." she said. while thinking of the women he had learned to love. "This tragedy is killing me. Alicia showed a bit of her legs and other parts of her body he would like to explore. She found some books in her bag. "I thought you had to tell me something." she said. A woman appeared at the door. "It wasn't my fault." he said. a few of the papers with prayers falling at her feet." He savoured her tongue. "It's early. looking at him with dark eyes." he said. Alicia sat in one of the chairs around the table. "I know." he said." she said. "This is the strangest path I've had. if God let him enjoy the world once more. "Homer thinks we are particles and waves. "Jesus loves you." she said." she said.." Jaramillo said. "What about God?" she asked. showing some of her legs. "They want my blood now" Homer said." Homer said.

It must have been a coincidence or the path of time had gone through the right place that time. Homer shrugged." he said." he said. the strangest thing happening in his life since his appearance in the world. living in the huts without any toilets." No one would blame him for the families. They argued over what he had done in order to encourage the rains. "It must have been God's will. taking care of his clothes. "I never take that. "I have lost a few months of my life." he said." she said. "My friend wrote them. lost in the tendrils of time. "Jaramillo must have told you to come. "I don't know him." he said. when he wanted to make lover to her. after going to sleep in a truck." ." he said." she said." she said.80 Jaramillo made his way to the door. where the speed of light took him to other dimensions and the hell he despised so much. as he felt the softness of her chest. "I don't understand." she said. "Look at this pages. They didn't have a beginning or an end. He showed her the papers he kept in a wardrobe since the day his invisible friend had come into his life aeons ago. "You must have taken drugs." He told her of waking up in the future." he said." she said. "Think of the widows. like Father Ricardo's sermons on Sunday mornings. "Nonsense. "Thank you. "This is weird. "He's a saint.

" They stopped by the bags of coca Miguel must have left there the night before." "I wouldn't know what to say. "They will go straight to heaven. They rested on the floor beside the tree. as she prayed to God living in heaven or it must have been his imagination. because the meek and the poor are welcome in his kingdom. "You must appeal to the public." he said." he said." she said. a few birds watching them from the wall Homer had built to stop the neighbours from harassing him during the night." she said. "God watches over us. "Mr." she said. "They're in tatters. "I hope so. like the wings of an angel or the clothes of Santa Theresa during her divine inspirations. "We are not alone.81 The skirt she wore felt soft under his touch." she said." He entered her. fuelled by the coca leaves he loved so much." he said." he said. interrupting a line of ants taking their food to the colony they had by the pond. "I want to rebuild the slums." He smiled. "You've raped me. his hands reaching into the recesses of her body while thinking of the tragedy the devil had sent to the world. "We have gathered here today to remember those brothers and sisters losing their lives in a calamity of nature. She nodded. . "Where?" "In the library." Homer caressed her breasts softer than anything he had known during his time on the earth. "Ahhhh." she said. Homer. "You will bring the end of the world.

"You must forget this ever happened. He nodded his head. before anyone saw them sinning in the backyard." she said." she said. "I will do that." he said." The widow's business Homer promised to build more huts for the women punished by the rains.82 She arranged her clothes and her thoughts. "I came to offer you my support. It had been a tough ride from the moment he had built the huts for the benefit of the poor people in . "Thank you.

the rains finishing with the dreams he had of taking them out of the squalor consuming their lives. "Would you like to eat with us?" one of the women asked. ." he said. She disappeared amidst the horrors around him. "We love you. "Would you like a cup of coffee?" she asked." he said." one of them said." she said. "You must have a cup of coffee first. while they scribbled their names under a few pages of legal language they couldn't understand. "Thank you." A rodent looked at him from the child's hands. The women had to sign a few documents but most of them couldn't read. "It would be an honour. Homer had to show the nation what a kind man he was. On that particular day. hoping the hot water had killed the germs.83 the slums. as he put the papers on the table and the woman appeared with two cups on a tray. "Thank you. admiring her legs under a black skirt she must have bought in one of the charity shops Father Ricardo ran on Sundays. "Do you have a rabbit?" Homer asked. Homer waited for them to sign the documents leaving him free of the taxes punishing his life from the moment he had inherited his parent's shop. while the children played with the garbage they found in the streets." she said. "We rescued him from the sewer. even though he could get an infection from the dirt. so he had to wait." he said. The widow's business benefited his finances. Homer took one of the cups she offered him. He followed her inside her hut. "I can show you my rabbit. The child nodded.

" she said. Homer spent the next few minutes feeling inside her bra. before giving her a few pesos in order to show his appreciation for her service to humanity. dysentery or something else lurking in her home. The woman thought about it for a few moments. while he touched her breasts. The rodent ran between his legs. "Antonio has been living with us for some time. as boxes of rubbish blocked all the available space around them." she said. Homer put the cup on the table. Homer. the world losing its meaning in the best orgasm he ever had. before slipping his hands to her pants." a little boy interrupted. "My eldest daughter woke me up. "Who?" "The rat. before taking him to a room without any windows at the back of the hut. "Mr." the woman said. "Can I do something for you?" she asked. spreading rabies or some other decease in a second of madness. flooded by the rains." he said." She sucked the thing for a few moments of bliss. "I have found another one. . She opened his trousers with trembling fingers." Homer studied the shadows around him. "You are welcome. "It's a monster. expecting to see more things behind the boxes. while listening to her narrative of that terrible night.84 He didn't want to catch cholera." she said. "We are lucky to be alive. a rodent looking at him from his hands." she said. thinking of the woman and her family running away from the water God must have sent on the world. "I'll give you money.

" She signed them with trembling hands." she said. He was taken to the mountains by someone selling coca leaves. "It's a pleasure." "You are a saint. "I can't read Mr. "This is like a war zone most of the time. "He's not." the woman said. for signing the papers." she said. She shrugged." She told him a long story of her husband being killed. when he wanted to get the money to feed his family." he said." a child said. Homer hoped the children did not spoil his clothes with the dirty toys they had in the mud consuming them." he said. Homer. "Thank you." "I didn't know you had a toilet." she said. ready to give him some more pleasure. She cooked some agua de panela in order to fortify their lives against the hunger killing them. after running away from his enemies in the city. and after wiping his hands with a towel she gave him. "I'm sorry. "The baby got stuck in the toilet." she said. . "Are you my dad?" the child asked." Homer said. He didn't know why she thanked him. "He never got a chance.85 "I thank you." "It's to improve your lives. "Mum. "I want you to sign these forms. "We call it the latrine. he took some papers out of his bag." he said. if the children did not interrupt them.

86 He left as the children played with their rats in the backyard. helping him to bring goods free of tax into the country inside big boxes with a cross on them: This food is for the poor of Colombia. televisions. What a remarkable man! Cesar's old boats had been replaced by three new and powerful ships: Odysseus. counting and recounting the day's earnings in his dreams. pants. provided by the almighty on the day of creation. cigarettes and sometimes cheques for Christmas. . Scotch whisky. He brought Swiss watches. bras and other things to sell in his shop. The papers the women signed left him out of reach of the income tax. a Mercedes Benz. Diogenes and Cyclops. and tinned food from all over the world." Homer said. and getting ready for conquering the world. videos. as he talked in the radio of his love for the people living at the mercy of society. Ajax. while the custom officials got whisky. They traded in goods. Lola The public got to know the man helping the widows he had saved from the gutter. Sport cars were smuggled with ‘frozen food.' written on them and any food in the boxes would be sold at high prices to Homer's customers. Look after it! Sacks full of wheat arrived sometimes but they usually contained merchandise. Homer slept better during the nights. French Wines. the best wine and fine French pants were next to the boxes of coca from the mountains. Homer's business became a world bazaar. "I think of the widows all the time.

as she disappeared down the road. "It's a pity they drowned. Homer saw a small man. "That's not true." Homer did not believe in a creator punishing them for things they could not comprehend. pretending to be busy amongst the people looking for something in the market. He kicked a stone the devil must have put in his way in order to show Homer how much he hated the rains sending the women and their families to hell. "She's beautiful. "I saw it in the papers." the man said. like the rest of the men in the street had to be doing at that moment in time. She ignored the men whistling and telling her how beautiful she was. "They're fine. "Everyone loves Lola." he said. like a ghost from another age tempting him with her charms. while not proving his existence to the beings inhabiting the planet he had apparently made in a few days but he had to satisfy the people around him. amidst the noise and pollution of the city. dressed in tattered clothes." the man told him. "I love her." Homer said. "How are the widows?" someone asked." Homer said. "I know." the man said. "God decided to save a few of them." the man said. his face becoming synonymous with charity as the papers cashed on his fame. . looking for a few things he needed in his shop. "I have built an few more huts. "How do you know?" Homer asked. That sentence brought comfort to his soul. "She's called Lola and works in a shop. In that particular day he had gone to the market." Homer said." Homer said. "Everybody knows the rains killed them." A young girl moved amidst the stalls.87 People showered him with money every time he cried in the studio." the man said. letting Homer admire her curves through her dress.

" Homer said. in spite of the sergeant chasing him to the end of eternity. "She's called Lola." Homer imagined loving her in another world." The priest said. as Father Ricardo went past them. "You must stop thinking of women. "She has a sergeant. "She lives with her mother. Homer had lost the man leading him to Lola. "It's confusing. .88 She had to work hard in order to get the money to pay her debts. sent to them by Jesus Christ." "I know." he said. "I will do that. Homer had to pay a small price in order to get the sexiest girl in town. "I know. amidst the rest of the world at that time of the morning. He explain the word of God." the man said. even though they were the same person." Father Ricardo said. "He commands an army of bullies." Homer said. "Lola?" the priest asked." the priest said." the priest said. The priest stopped for a moment." Homer said." the man said. "He sent his only son to die for our sins. The priest blessed him in the name of the father. "Mass is starting in a few minutes. "I have to do something else. because Homer had to repent of his sins. before meeting God in heaven or the devil in hell. his only son." Homer said." Homer said. the son and the holy spirit. "I will lead you to her. "You must come to confession. as Homer explained about the girl he had just seen in the street. when Homer loved her more than the universe.

"We must talk about that one day. "She comes to confession sometimes. "God wants you to love him." "You must love Jesus Christ. "Who?" "Lola. as a few birds looked for something to eat by the fountain." Father Ricardo said." Homer said." Homer said. "I want to see Lola. amidst the people doing their shopping at that time of the morning." the priest said. ." Father Ricardo told him of God giving them his commandments so that they could have life eternal by defeating death. He reminded Homer of the things Jesus had done in order to make sure his soul went to heaven after his death somewhere in time." Homer said. The priest led him down the street at the back of the church. the secrets of her life being disclosed to a stranger she did not know. "We'll end up somewhere. talking of the love the creator had bestowed upon his soul. "You are making money out of them. "You know her." Homer said." Homer said. Homer looked for the man who had told him about Lola. "I am more interested in life." Father Ricardo said." Father Ricardo interrupted his reverie.89 "Why don't you live by his commands then?" "I'm helping the widows. "I have to find her." Homer imagined Lola telling her sins to the man seating behind the confessionary window." Homer said. They had arrived at the church. Father Ricardo nodded. "Come to mass now.

waiting for the customers to buy its merchandise." "She might be intelligent. Lola." The priest said. amidst the taxi drivers waiting for anyone to hire them and the people doing their shopping along the road. with a few mannequins in the windows. "Lola. when someone could rob his money or his trucks. "Beauty is superficial. Lola's home Homer waited for the girl in the corner. Then she appeared like a princess in her journey to somewhere in time. Homer did not like Father Ricardo giving him orders of how to live his life.90 Homer looked for the loose change he might have forgotten in his pockets. "She works there." he said." Homer said." Father Ricardo said. when the church had bestowed the inquisition on the world. "You look like a million pesos." Homer said. Homer saw the small shop. as Father Ricardo talked of his imaginary friend giving him advice on how to live his life. or looking after his ships in the port. . "I want Lola. "You must wait for her to finish." the priest said. while a woman counted the money." The priest shrugged. instead of counting his money in El Baratillo. avoiding the trucks and other vehicles bringing their merchandise to the city. They moved down the road. Lola served the customers looking for a bargain in the rows of clothes hanging by the windows. after buying the paper and some other things in the shops. "Can't you think of anything else?" "She's beautiful.

perhaps because he had masturbated the night before or the thought of a million pesos. while telling her the story if his life. They sat down in one of the benches." she said. She ignored him. giving Homer time to catch up with her. "My father died when I was a baby. before tripping on a stone and falling into Homer's arms." he said. when he wanted to talk about his feelings. "I imagine. looking regal in spite of the spots in the paper. but any woman would fall in love with his money." she said. "Thanks.91 He didn't feel well. "My picture is in the papers." he said. "My mother's very strict. "You can talk." she said. . since the moment he had opened his eyes to the darkness of the sun." He shrugged. "I like you. "I travel to the port in my trucks. like they said in the soap operas he heard in the radio Miguel had found in the dump." She showed him a picture of a man dressed in military clothes." he said." Homer wondered why she kept it in her bag. ready to rescue her from iniquity. "Mmm. before making her way through the traffic. She led him amidst the pigeons looking for breadcrumbs by the park benches. because it was love at first sight. "She's had a tough life. "Can I walk you home?" he asked. while she checked her knees and other parts of her body affected by the fall. She stopped by the corner. "It must have been difficult." she said." Homer said. He had to be strong in front of the most beautiful girl in town.

and Homer thought he had to be the luckiest person at that moment. "What is that?" "The sun hides behind the moon. as other men looked at her curves." he said. "You must be tired. while telling him about her life in the slums since she had opened her eyes to the poverty accosting her life." the woman said." They moved along the street." she pointed at a house with big windows. She reflected in his words." . "There are some biscuits in the tin." "I'm glad to meet you. "I like helping poor people. "I'll make you some coffee." she said." he said." Lola said." he said. "Thanks mother. because the past. He had to tell her of the times he had played by himself. the smell of the roses by the porch overpowering everything else around him." the woman said.92 "It was a solar eclipse. the present and the future shared the same dimension of time. "I have seen your picture in the papers. She led them into the sitting room. "My mother knows all about you. as a short woman appeared at the door. "Mother." the woman said." Lola said. "This is the apostle of the widows." she said. "This is my home. his invisible friend accompanying him during the darkness of his life. The future had already happened amidst the things he had to accomplish in his life. "I was poor. Homer uttered a greeting. Homer smiled. where a newspaper on a table showed the latest news of the day. Homer hoped she would invite him for a cup of coffee in whatever dimension they happened to be.

" Lola said. She told him all about their life before Lola's father had died of a heart attack." Lola said. "I must have caught them in the widows' houses. Lola shrugged. He nodded. He thought she made a fuss out of nothing." The woman showed him some papers she kept in a drawer. "I love you. It must have been an exciting time because she felt his body with trembling hands. "She's my best friend." he said." the woman said." Lola prepared the bath. "I'll get some poison tomorrow." she said. . the best thing he had at that time of the day. when his business in the slums had left him with money and lice." Homer said. as she talked of the slums. "You must do it today. "We need the money." he said. "My daughter wants to marry a rich man. "Mother thinks our destiny is written somewhere. "I don't understand. "Your mother is nice." Homer kissed her neck. Homer shrugged. showing him some of her breasts." Homer explored her body under the pants her mother must have given her for her birthday. as Lola led him into a small sitting room. "What's that?" she interrupted his urges to rape her. "OK.93 The woman made her way along the corridor." Homer said." she said. with diagrams of the life line travelling through the universe. Lola nodded. following her chest down to her breasts. while her mother put a few glasses on the table. the worst thing happening to her. "Mother. "We have just met.

"You'll never forget this night." Lola said. flickering around them like the ghosts the woman wanted to scare from his soul." the woman said. "I never forget. She smiled." she said. the room with its cheap curtains enlightening their lives." Homer touched Lola's thighs. "A child keeps you company in the darkness. mother. touching a few parts of his body he had not shown her yet." Lola said. in order to find out of the darkness surrounding his soul. "I must kill your lice now. interrupting her visions of the future." The electricity went off while Lola's mother shuffled the cards on the table." her mother said. "Stop it. "That explains everything. She showed her how to kill Homer's lice. She asked Homer to take one of the cards she had placed on the table. The light came back. "What do you mean?" The woman showed him the cards telling her of things to come to all of them within the curtains of time.94 "I knew you would come here today. "It's Armageddon." he said. as the woman spoke of the universe and everything else existing in all the dimensions of time. The light of a candle illuminated the room. "What happened before the darkness?" he asked." she said." she said. "You have to rub this in his head." the woman said. "This is one of your life cycles. . "Did we pay the bill?" Lola asked. The woman shrugged." she said. "I was born during a solar eclipse. "You must finish with the danger.

95 "I must sort out his life. "I don't know what you mean. "We are alone. "The future and the present exist at the same time. "I must kill the critters." she said. Homer let her brush his hair." she said. She took Homer to the shower." he said." Lola said. "I'll give you everything you want. Lola combed his hair with a comb she found in a wardrobe. She took away the cards. "You'll see. "The lice must be dead." he said. after reading the cards she had put on the table. "You want to be alone with him. telling him of the bad things lice had brought to humankind." Lola said." That is what her mother had said. mumbling about the way her daughter repaid all the things she had done for her. "That's a promise." she said. They rested by the boxes someone had brought to the toilet. . "Thank you." Lola said. the yellowish tiles showing the wetness growing in the recesses of the room. a few books littering the floor amidst the chaos of the room." the woman said. "I'll make you rich." he said. "Bye mum." she said. "Ahhh. like the day she had been born. trying to get him to herself in those moments the light had gone away. before pouring some of the lotion she must have bought from the chemist some other time." he said." Homer said. He made love to her on the rug they used to protect their feet from the monsters lurking on the floor.

when he forgot to bark outside his neighbour's house. as he bought some soap and had a bath." Homer is in love Homer had never done so many things on the same day." Homer said. the streets with the shops and houses following each other up to the park. "That won't change the predictions. "You can leave me here. Lola's charms had taken him away from the sadness of his past in the backyard. . after sleeping in a hotel that charged a few hundred pesos per night. It's easy to fall in love but you don't know how it will end. a beautiful woman changing the way he saw the world. but he wanted Lola to rub his back. and sat next to the driver on his journey to the port. where the statue of Simon Bolivar guarded the tramps sleeping by the fountain in a new era in his life.96 She shrugged.

" Homer kissed her. Lola appeared amidst the crowd." he said. before she ran back to her mother. "I've heard the rumours. A group of people with their placards interrupted his thoughts of life and death in the universe. the park fading away from his thoughts." she said." Homer said." she said. "Hi. She let him kiss her by the fountain. when he had all the money his business with the widows had brought him. "Thanks. when he had to tell her about the different dimensions of reality. Mr." he said. "I want to talk to you. waiting somewhere in time. Homer kicked a stone by the fountain. "I'm sorry. "It's the end of time. "Hurrah to the general." someone said. Homer. "I'm allergic to coconuts. "You married yourself. like a queen in the space continuum of her existence. They stopped by the monument to Simon Bolivar.97 The driver stopped by one of the shops selling all kinds of things to the customers. while hurrying towards the shop at the end of the street. "How are the widows?" He muttered something. "This is for you. Homer read the disappointment in her face: a coconut wasn't the best thing from her rich boyfriend. the noise disturbing the birds looking for some worms amidst the benches." she said. the ants and other things getting wet in the water raining on them from above. defying time with his stance against the Spaniards in another path through life." he said." they said. . "Huevones." he gave her a piece of coconut. "I love you." he said.

whist telling her of the hard life he had with his parents in another country. not caring about his feelings or anything else in the world." . He moved by the fountain. as a band started to play at the other end of the park. while the band played a cumbia and some of the tramps danced with each other." he said... "How do you know?" "I just do. disturbing another couple having sex in one of the benches. Homer thought of the reasons she couldn't be with him. "Prove it.." she said." he said. "Everything is an illusion.98 Lola moved amongst the general's supporters chanting for a better world. "I thought you wanted to talk." he said." she said. "It will never happen. "Hurrah to the revolution. "Let's run away." "Try me. "Go on. "We have to talk. "I don't know how to say it." she said. as the pigeons chased each other across the fountain and the crowd wanted the general more than anything on earth." Lola stood under the drops of water making a rainbow at her feet. but he had to tell her so many things." he said. "Let's go to my shop. when the paths of reality divided all the time. He led her away from the people chanting about the president doing bad things to the nation." she said. "I." he said." the protesters said.

" she said. her voice drowned by the protesters' songs of a better world and other things they wanted to change in the country. when she had an appointment with Jesus Christ in the church and he wanted to give her everything in the world." he said. "Am I going to die?" he asked. "It isn't that. in case the protesters tried to rob her money. Her laughter disturbed his thoughts of life and death. "Father Ricardo is waiting for me." she said." she said. "Tell me then." "I can't explain. the sky looking dark and menacing for the man conquering the world." . when she had so many things bothering her mind. her tears going down her face and finishing in her cleavage. "I'll see you tomorrow then." he said. and other problems of his mind. "Do you need any money?" he asked. as a cricket sang its symphonies to his love somewhere in its own reality. "Something will happen tonight." He held her hands. "You like father Ricardo. "It isn't that. "I have this weird feeling. muttering a few things amidst the noise. She shook her head. "I want to be with you forever.99 She said something." he said. She shook her head." he said. Lola cried. Lola clutched her bag. He led her to a quieter place. The rebel's music sounded far and away. away from the protesters songs against the government." Homer did not understand her premonitions. "Tell me what.

as she got ready to go. That had not been the first time he tried to buy her love. "I need to see Father Ricardo. "I'll tell you tomorrow." she said. caressing her breasts and other parts of her body. "I don't want to lose you. in spite of loving his money more than anything else. "I thought you wanted to tell me something. Lola pretended she did not have anything to hide. Tomorrow must have happened in the place he inhabited outside of the place they called their world. the only thing she did not sell to anyone in the universe." she said. listening to his confessions of love." he said. whenever he had to time to do so. "You have been telling me that for some time. "You love Father Ricardo." she said. "Don't be silly. before hugging her to his chest. "Tell me now." he said." she said." he said.100 Homer tasted her lips." she said. "I'll meet you here tomorrow. The noise of the band playing a cumbia interrupted his thoughts of doing something else to her. going past the protesters waiting with their placards for something to happen. That now had to be replayed a zillion times all over the continuum of time." he said. while reapplying her make up and brushing her hair. "I have something to tell you. . Lola stopped powdering her nose. creating a number of universes with different conclusions in all of its branches." he said." he said. "I'll give you money. "You can see him tomorrow." Lola moved towards the street.

she looked for the confessionary amidst the shadows. where she had to confess her sins to the almighty hiding between the pews." she said. she made a hole in one of the tights her mother had given her for her birthday. On entering the church. The men drinking aguardiente by the church followed her progress across the square and towards God's house. the noise of the protesters fighting with the police brought him back to reality. "Oh no. when he wanted to keep her by his side for a few more minutes. Disgrace Lola moved past the people doing their shopping in the market. . interrupted by the light of the candles burning by the Virgin Mary.101 She left him alone with his thoughts of reality forking away. "What is it?" a voice asked. As she knelt down. Jesus Christ punishing her for all the times she had ignored his teachings in search of the best things within her path.

"He was sick. "Father Ricardo will have to pay for it. "Shut up." Father Ricardo was quiet for a moment." he said.102 "I have sinned." he said. when the girl had told him so many bad things. Father Ricardo expected to hear a few more things the girl might have done in her life." she said. Lola wanted a termination. leaving an ugly mark in one of the pews by the Virgin's image after stamping on the wood. "Don't desecrate God's house." Lola said. "What are you going to do?" he asked. while Fray Serapio waited under the bed and the Sergeant in the battalion loved me. she uttered a prayer before the Lord took pity of a sinner like her but she had something else bothering her mind." Father Ricardo said. whilst wishing to go back to the refectory. the blood refusing to stain her pants in spite of jumping from a sofa and eating hot potatoes with mustard. "And the women helped him." the woman said. "Don't tell Homer." Lola punched the wooden decorations on the confessionary." an old lady said. Putting her hands together." she said. Father Ricardo jumped at the sound of her voice. a fly disturbed the moment of truth. Lola had something else in her life. "I think I'm pregnant. even though Father Ricardo had to exorcise the bad spirits inside her. "Has Homer had sex with the widows?" she asked." she said. "I had sex with Homer. The girl had done it this time. Her period had not come that month. father. "You must pray. "I don't understand. Father Ricardo had to tell the truth whatever the consequences. .

103 "Fray Serapio practices coitus interruptus. Father Ricardo did not know what to say about the sexual life of a member of the clergy in the moment of truth. "I have to abort this baby." Thunder disturbed her prayers. like everyone had told her since her birth in the slums." she said. "That's nonsense. Lola cried for her sins." she said. "I must bless you." he said. "I'll manage. the dress her mother had given her for her birthday looking dirty with the remains of her lunch. Lola had to trust the Lord. "You'll have to pray. "I'll take you home." she said." he said." she said. covering the pew with a mixture of beans and rice. "I'll be a nun if you help me. dying for her sins." she said. avoiding the vomit in the pew. "Two and two are seven. Lola vomited." she said. "Thanks. . and her stomach hurt her more than anything else." Lola wanted to go home." Father Ricardo said." She stood up. but the priest asked her to keep the thing implanted in her womb making her ill. "Repeat after me." Father Ricardo said. "I don't know. the weather punishing her for having bad thoughts about Jesus Christ. "What are you going to do?" Father Ricardo asked." Father Ricardo interrupted her thoughts. "I won't get rid of this child. as Father Ricardo looked at her legs and recited the rosary. Lola thought of the child in her entrails hurting Homer's plans of conquering the world." she muttered to herself. "Homer will marry you. "Jesus Christ.

"I don't know how he will. . "It might not come. "God will provide for it. "I'll see Homer tomorrow. helping them through the bad times coming to the planet. "It has to be Armageddon." he said." she said.104 He prayed to the invisible guy in the sky. "God hates abortions. Father Ricardo's words of wisdom leaving her sad in the worst day of her life." she said. the noise of thunder interrupting her thoughts of life and death in the world." Father Ricardo said. He shrugged." Lola had to go back home. Lola dried up her tears with the handkerchief Homer had given her a few days ago." he said. Lola cried for the baby she had in her womb. when she had to support her mother in the recession." "How do you know?" "I just do.

her heart skipping a few beats to the rythm of Carlos' Gardel's voice. "I've read they cook cats and dogs. "It must be that food you buy in the market. before sitting in a chair by the door. "Something has happened.105 Lola's pain Lola's mother danced to the music of an old radio." she said." she said." Lola said." her mother said. "Mother. while dusting the pictures in the mantelpiece." "You must not believe everything you read. cleaning the house and thinking of all the things Homer could get them with his money. "I don't feel well. "Mira como baila el esqueleto." she said. "I want to die. Lola clutched her tummy. The woman admired the record player her daughter's boyfriend had given them in the last few days." The woman jumped." she sang. . as Lola came in the room.

" the woman said." Lola said. "He likes the widows. the policeman and the young lawyer?" Lola shook her head. her tears staining the dress she wore to go to her job. "Can you remember the sergeant." the woman said." the woman said." she said. "You have done this before. "That is his excuse. Lola's remains of her mascara remained under her eyes. "You'll kill yourself." Lola broke some of the presents Homer had given her." She cried for the love she had lost. . "He's the answer to our problems. "He's married to himself." her mother said. "He helps them. as she wiped her face with some Kleenex she had found in her bag. the coconut ending inside the rubbish bin by the door." the mother said. hoping to find a solution to her problems. "Mother." the woman said. muttering a few things about her boyfriend. thinking of the child conceived in a moment of madness." Lola said." Lola said. "The witch doctor will get rid of it. Lola dissolved in a flood of tears for the things her lover had done to her. She climbed up a ladder they had to get to the ceiling when the rains opened holes in the roofing on bad days. her life being more important than Homer's lies. "Homer is evil. Lola thought of her words.106 She found a picture of Homer in the recesses of her bag. "Homer might marry you. before rushing to vomit in the toilet. even though Homer might help them to buy the world with his money. "I've finished with him. She dried her tears.

" she said." Homer had to be the best asset in their lives." the mother said. "The sergeant will do. "I see something tonight. Jesus Christ and his apostles sitting around a table at the end of time." the mother said." She put the cards on the table." the mother said. before putting them back on the table. "That's a mistake." Lola shrugged. "Let's pray. The woman shuffled the cards. "You need a father for your baby." "It's the truth. mum. "Let the rain purify his soul." "Mother. as her daughter rushed to vomit in the toilet they had in the backyard. according to whatever the mother saw in the cards she had on the table. "Stop it. The woman shook her head. "Will he go into another reality?" .107 "The sergeant will beat him up tomorrow." Lola said." Lola said." the woman said. The two of them looked at the crystal ball on the table. coming to life after the sins of humankind. They chanted to the spirits of the world." Lola said. "The paths of time are baffling." the woman said. telling her daughter how they might see the future. before making the most important decision in her life. She lit a few candles by a picture of the last supper. "It's confusing. the reflection of their faces staring back at them. "I don't care. "Homer's the richest man in town." Lola said. Lola's mother put some more cards on the table." Lola said. "We'll surprise Homer in the morning. "We need his money.

" . "They go into different places.108 The woman put the cards on the table." It started to rain." she said. looking for the universes created by consciousness throughout their existence. The woman looked at the cards. "Everything that can happen will happen." the woman said." "It's like the waves hitting a shore. "I don't understand." "That's right. "Homer is in a limbo at the moment. Lola nodded. the noise of the water on the roof interrupting their conversation of the realms of time.

"It's raining. Homer tried to ignore the person in his dreams.109 A hero's farewell It rained that night." someone said. "I have to see you. "The widows and their children drowned in the slums." the voice said. "It has to be important. Homer made his way to the front door. "Go away. Thunder rumbled through the heavens. At first he thought he had to be dreaming at that time. the tree of life shaking in the backyard." he said to the shadows standing by the door. as a bolt of lightning interrupted Homer's dreams of chasing beautiful girls in the jungle." the voice said." he said. . swearing to himself every time he bumped into the furniture and other things in the darkness. "You must let me in. when the objects in his room looked like monsters from another dimensions." the voice said. bringing him the bad news of the death of the innocents. threatening to stay in his mind. the memories of the last dream he had not long ago. Homer opened his eyes to the darkness around him.

the shirts Maria had ironed the other day falling in a heap to the floor." Miguel said. "What will you do?" Homer sat down by his bed." Homer said. looking for the suitcase his mother kept in the old wardrobe his father had bought a long time ago. . trying to understand the news the papers brought to the country that morning. "Don't forget your papers.110 "Look at the papers. "I've disappeared." Amelia said. He looked for the coca bags amongst his books and other things he needed to take in his journey to the dimensions of time. "You have to go to school. "I'll look after you forever." the child said. while the journalists gave a full account of whatever had happened during the night. "What will I tell everyone?" Miguel asked. "Don't go. "You must face the reporters. "I'll pack now. Uncle Homer. "They said." Miguel said." Amelia said. She wiped her tears with a handkerchief she had found amongst a few things Homer had found in the wardrobe. She showed him some of the pictures adorning the front page of the paper." Homer said. The widow's faces appeared amidst scenes of death in the most terrible night in the world. as Miguel's youngest daughter wiped her nose." he said. "It's too early." someone looking like Miguel put the front page of El Pais by his face. Homer threw a few things on the bed." he said. She held the pages his invisible friend had left on a day like any other in Homer's journey through reality.

" Homer said. the look on his face saying much more than his words. giving him the right to own the place his parents had built during the years. Miguel nodded." he said. ." "You can keep it. Homer gave her his books collections. "Look after it. "We have to discuss this. Mr. "You have the shop." Homer said.111 The noises of the world intruded into his path in time." "Thanks. He thought of the times Miguel's family had comforted him after the death of his parents in his present reality." Amelia said. giving him the right to own the shop he had started on his arrival at the country. ." Homer said. Uncle Homer. "Thank you." Miguel gave him an envelope. "New York. "The shop is yours. He put a few more things inside the suitcase. He had the letter his father had given him before his death. "I want to come." Homer said. as he found the bit of coconut Lola had rejected in another reality." Homer said." Miguel said. "They are good for your sickness. "Take these tablets during the trip. "I can't face the press. "Where are you going?" Mighel asked. listening to his employee's word of gratitude for the man taking him out of his poverty." Homer found a few papers of legal language. Homer. where Donald Duck kept on fighting with his rich uncle and his nephews. "Look after my shop. "That you." Miguel stopped organizing Homer's belongings. throwing some of his clothes in the suitcase." he said.

"You must hurry. "I'm leaving. thinking of the women he had found during his business in the slums. He took his bags across the room." he showed him the last page." he said." Miguel said. Homer put a few more things in his suitcase." Homer said. "Look for the shadows. while the birds sang in the tree in another day in his life. ." Homer said." Miguel said. his employee's voice interrupting his packing." she said. his first coin falling to the floor. before Amelia rescued it by the door. He left her his money box. between his shirts and other things he had in the suitcase." Miguel said." Homer said.112 "You must sign here. "God created you. while Homer finished packing his bags." Miguel said. "You didn't marry Maria. "You'll inherit it one day. "My parents did that kind of thing. "We'll be in touch. Homer found a receipt with the sums of money his mother had left to the slums. Homer got the things he had dropped on the floor. "We must discuss this. "I must go. "It won't make it better. falling to the floor. Miguel read the conditions of the shop. He put some of the pictures of that trip he had undertaken with his parents at the beginning of time. the shirts Maria had given him." Amelia said. the telephone ringing disturbed his memories of the past. "Can I have it?" she asked. He didn't know what he had to do with a God." Homer said.

"Be careful. "I'll see her in New York. his clothes becoming entangled in the thorns and a few other things he had never bothered to tidy in that part of his property. Uncle Homer." Homer said." Amelia said." Homer said. . "The journalists might be waiting there. "Run.113 "My daughter loves you." Amelia said." Miguel said." Miguel said. "You should use the front door. "Amidst the tall buildings." Homer made his way with his suitcase to the backyard.

" he said. "Mr. . looking tired from the time he must have spent amidst the crates and other things crowding the small office in the ship. He frowned on looking at the newspapers Homer showed him. before bringing some more stuff inside the ship. "I had some other plans." he said. as the sun shone on another day of his life." he said to one of the sailors." he said. "Good morning." Homer said." Homer said. trying not to soil his clothes with the muddy floor. reading a few notes he must have jotted early on about his work for the day. about the death of the widows in the middle of the night. "I'm travelling to New York. Cesar appeared.114 The voyage Homer had an uneventful journey in the back of one of his trucks. Homer. Cesar looked at a notebook he had on the table." he said. "This is private property. "The boss will see you in a minute. "I want Cesar. The man pushed a few boxes across the ship. The sailor straitened the boxes. wondering if the police would discover him in the port." Homer said. muttering a few things about people interrupting his work. "I want to go to New York." Homer said. "I am the boss.

The noise of the sailors getting ready to depart. "Tell my uncle I am coming to visit him. Cesar transferred the information to a few clicks in the telegraph line. interrupted Homer's thoughts of life and death in the slums." he said. He waited for Cesar to send the message to his uncle. "It's a long journey. "I don't like boats." Homer said. "You are afraid." Homer said. full of boxes of merchandise to be delivered to his clients. "I had some other plans. "That is all. a blue line through the Caribbean Sea tracing their journey to that big country in the north." Cesar said. the excitement of the trip making him feel funny or it must have been the coca he had ingested earlier. listening to the speed the ship had to have while crossing the Caribbean in its route to the other country. "I can take you to your cabin." Cesar took him to the other side of the room. as Cesar gave a few orders to the men working hard to earn some money for their families. he must have learned to operate in the ship. ." Homer said. while thinking of the women trying to save their children from the water getting into their homes in the middle of the night." he said. He waited for Cesar to prepare the equipment in order to send a message to his uncle in New York." Homer said." Cesar interrupted his thoughts. "That's good. "I have the latest telegraphy. Homer saw the map on the table." Cesar said. "I'll pay you good money.115 Cesar nodded his head.

" Homer interrupted his narrative. hoping to catch whoever had followed him to the boat." Homer said. "It's small. Cesar shrugged." Homer lay down in the bed.. Cesar mumbled a few things about the long voyage across the ocean at that time of the morning." Homer said. Cesar did a few sums in a paper he had found in the desk. "What is it?" "This boat. "Why?" "It will confuse the press." "I'll buy your boat. "It's fifty thousand dollars. "We must go now.116 He took Homer up to the end of a long corridor. listening to his achievements in the world. "You must lock my door. Homer. thanks to the boats and other things he had. "Mr. Homer checked the corners of the room. ." Cesar said. "The press won't find you here. "We'll get them in the Caribbean.. jotting down everything they would have to get in their way to New York. "Fine. "This is your cabin." he said." Cesar said. "I need more money then." Homer said." Cesar opened one of the doors." he said. interrupted from time to time by windows overlooking the sea." Homer said." "They are not here." Cesar said." Cesar said. "We need supplies of frozen food to keep in the freezers.

"She had big breasts." Cesar said.117 He looked in the bag he had brought in his journey." He said. Homer. while writing of all the other things they would need in their journey. . "She was the best girl in my bed." "I need more than that." Cesar said." Cesar paused the conversation in order to make sure he had everything he needed in the paper. "We'll need wine. whenever he had to go to her island. putting the $50 at one side and the $100 at the other side. "But we are talking business here." "We make up our own reality. taking care with a few of the coins he had put in there." Homer looked at the newspaper Cesar put by his side with a catalogue of the best whisky they could get in the Caribbean Sea. Mr." Cesar said." "Nation will rise against nation. "That is not important." "And she did some other things. Cesar told him of the women he had conquered in the Caribbean Sea." Cesar said. "I loved Maria." Homer said. Homer. "You are crazy. sending some of the things he had brought onto the floor. Homer counted the money he had withdrawn from his safe that morning." "But it is. Mr. finding the wallet Maria had given him for his birthday an eternity ago. "That is nice. "It has nothing to do with the wines." He went on to tell him of the times he had made love to the most beautiful girl in the Caribbean. "Hitler is our enemy." "There is a God." Cesar said.

" he said. Mr.118 "Don't let the reporters in. "I have sleeping tablets. "You must take two of them." he said. He opened a bottle he found in one of the drawers by the door. taking care not to throw anything else to the floor." Cesar said." "Vodka will be all right." Homer said. while Cesar spoke of some more women he had had in the world. "Don't worry." Cesar had to leave him alone with his nightmares of the widows chasing him up to the end of time but he seemed to be more interested in the supply of wines to the ship. Homer. "For my tablets." Homer said. far from the path he had taken since the widows had died in the rains. "I want water." Cesar said. ." "You can take them with my vodka. "I need some water. Homer wanted to leave his problems in world.

living in his mind or in some other dimension in the universe around him. with the dark nipples." she said. pausing to unbutton her cuffs. "I used to have a shop." someone said. while telling him more of the story of his life. listening to the things she had to do in order to help her parents to feed her family. the noises of the sea bringing solace to his soul. trying to pay attention to her suffering at the hands of the world. She started to take off her blouse. like nothing he had seen for some time." she said. "I want to know you. "Cesar must have sent you. "I have been very poor." he said. She had long black hair and a beautiful body. "I'm hope." Homer examined the girl with dark eyes. "I am lost in time." she said.119 Homer dreams of girls Homer must have gone to sleep. . "My mother told me to love you. after the death of the innocents in another land. Homer found the clothes he had left by the bed. He looked for the dressing gown Cesar must have left in the chair. "You are mad." she said. the colour of her soul. "I am a virgin. Homer looked at her breasts." she said. He shrugged." she said. when she kept on talking about the life she had somewhere else in the world. "Me too." he said. A girl stood by his bed.

" he said. "You want money. hoping she stayed by his side for the rest of the journey to somewhere else in the universe. "I don't understand. looking for her pants amidst the disorder of the bed. "He won't protect you from me.120 She showed him the picture of a woman with long hair and a sad face. She nodded. "Why?" He took away her clothes. tasting the flavour of her skin with his tongue. . "The holy spirit protects me. "I'll see you then." she said." she said. the way he had done with some of his women in the past. "You can't go. She started to get dress." he said. showing him a flat glowing thing like a book immersed in fire. asking Jesus Christ to forgive her sins." Homer looked at the calendar he had by the bed. "It will be in two weeks." he said." "Look at the calendar. sending a few things to the floor in the process. "That would be nice. "I'll wait for the new moon. reaching the climax at the same time as the world dissolved in the colours of pleasure in that dream he seemed to be having in the ship." she said." Homer kissed her breasts. "I must go. while looking for her clothes in the bed." he said. but she found her bra amidst some other things. She made the sign of the cross." she said. living in one of the Caribbean Islands he had to visit." She opened a bag she had in her hand. He climbed on her. "We have sinned.

" he said." she said." "This is me transmitting from the ship. the marvels of a world to come interrupting the shadows around them." She put a few tablets on the table. She had to tell him the secrets of a world he did not know. "I know." she said." He read the instructions in the box. trying to get ready to depart to the land she had come from. She showed him the thing like a book with a leather covering stuck to the glass." She let its radiance illuminate the room. "I don't feel well. "I like your toy. after looking in her bag for a few moments." he said. where he could see a few images. the nature of time disintegrating into a myriad of things in reality. "You have lost your mind. trying to guess what it could be made of. "It has music. "They make you sick. ." she said." she said." she said. "It's heavy." he said." Homer touched the thing she had in her hands." she said. "To anyone capable of getting my call. "This is crazy. "I am from your future. "I want to help you. "How interesting. "It's the waves." he said.121 "This is from your future. making him wonder whether he could be dreaming the whole episode of the girl in the room. "Take one every six hours. Homer saw an orchestra performing a Beethoven sonata in the thing she held in her hands." he said.

. He sat up in the bed. The doctor paused examining him. "But she was here. She opened the artefact she had shown him earlier. "I must go back to my world. as Homer went under the blankets and the world grew dark." she said. "She was here. He put his instruments in his bag." Homer aid. pausing to check his pulse for a few moments. "I'm the doctor. as someone stood at the end of the bed. the best thing she could give him at that moment. "Go back to sleep. The doctor listened to his heart with his stethoscope. the faces of the widows chasing him in the universes full of despair. his glasses going down his nose." he said. his sea sickness blending with the shadows of his mind." the doctor said. "Please stay." he said. even though the tablets made him feel tired and the world seemed to revolve around him." the girl said." Homer said. She brought him a glass of water. "You have an extreme case of sea sickness. making sure he did not leave anything behind.122 "Take the tablets. "Why should I?" Homer hovered in that place between sleep and reality." Homer said. "I hope so." Homer said. Homer dozed listening to the melody. wishing to get rid of his illness for the rest of his journey. "I think you don't even exist. Homer adjusted his eyes to the light coming through the window. "You are a man. and the sound of music drifted through the air." he said." someone interrupted his dreams.

123 New York .

"Your uncle must be waiting. Homer nodded. "Don't tell the reporters I am here." Homer got ready to see the officials at the end of the corridor." Cesar went up the stairs. "You shouldn't have left them." he said. "Look after my ship." It had to be a small token for everything she had done for him. as Homer pushed his belongings amidst the passengers trying to get to the end of their journey. The rains had killed the widows. hoping they had not heard of the widows' death in another land. Cesar stopped pushing the suitcase. taking care not to fold it." he said. his black and white picture looking back at him from the top of the page adorned with a few stamps and signatures. "Maria ?" Cesar asked. sending him into another path of in his existence." Homer said. "She's Miguel's daughter. as Cesar put the letter in his bag. Cesar nodded. ignoring him for the moment.124 The ship stopped moving and people went down towards the officials behind a few desks. leaving Homer alone with his thoughts of that place he had left a few days ago." he gave him a small packet. "She'll understand. Homer saw the few officials talking to the people in the queue. to listen to the instructions Homer gave him of his visit to the country." He had the passport with the visa he had obtained in the USA consulate. "I sent him a telegram. ." he said." he said. "Tell her I am sorry. "Don't worry." Cesar interrupted his reverie. "Nobody knows who you are. somewhere in time. "I want you to give this to Maria.

hoping to recognise his uncle's face amongst the people waiting by the entrance. "I am a businessman. "Ships are terrible." he said. Homer had the letter his uncle had sent him. as a middle aged man with a moustache hugged him to his heart." he said." Homer said. Homer made his way along the corridor." his uncle said." the officer said. "I was sick all the time. Homer remembered his uncle had interrupting his games amidst the mud at the back of the shop." . "But what is the purpose of your journey. when visiting him a long time ago. The officer wrote a few things in the notebook he had in his desk. ready to start with his life story. and a bank statement with the money he had made during the years." "I want to work here and improve my English. Homer approached the man holding a notebook by the row of desks at the end of the room." Homer said. "That's nice.125 "Bye. "What's your purpose of your trip to the USA?" the man asked him in Spanish." the man said. "I thought you were taller. "You seem like a nice person." Homer said. He tried to find his papers in the bag he had packed with Miguel's help." Homer said. "How was your trip?" Uncle Hugh asked. "Uncle Hugh." Homer said. "I am. "Have a nice time then." "I know." "I must have shrunk during the years." the officer said. "I have money. pausing to drink some water from a cup he had by his side.

" The stars appeared outside the window in whatever paths of time they happened to be at that moment of their lives." Homer had said goodbye to the family keeping him company after the death of his parents. "Father brought you home. "Do you keep my cent?" Uncle Hugh interrupted his thoughts." Uncle Hugh led him to a table in one of the cafeterias. as Homer thought of making love to her somewhere else in the city. amidst his thoughts of possessing her at some time in his life." Uncle Hugh said. "To us. "Bring us two coffees. The waitress showed them her legs under the skirt she must have bought second hand somewhere in the city. while listening to his uncle's tales of his life in the city." Uncle Hugh said. She wrote down everything in a notebook. "I know. Homer nodded." Homer said." Homer said." . "We'll sit there." Uncle Hugh said. "It brings me good luck." he said. while getting the menu from one of the other tables. "I miss Miguel and his family. "Your mother used to cook a nice chicken." The waitress poured some champagne in their glasses. The memory of his invisible friend playing around the tree of life haunted his thoughts of a childhood lost in time.126 The sea of people pushed them towards a world Homer had to discover in his path towards his dreams of getting to be the richest man on earth. "I understand. Homer kept the coin his uncle had given him amidst the loose change and other things stuck to the fabric of his trousers. but he had to live in the present reality. Homer nodded. "The day you gave me the coin. "To the end of the war.

while serving the customers claiming for her attention. the most important thing of the day." Uncle Hugh said. "You should have come here after your mother's death." "I spent the money in the funeral. thinking of his life beyond the shores of time." Homer sipped the champagne his uncle had bought for him. "I am a wanted man. "Nobody knows about the widows. when the ants invaded our home and my invisible friend danced around the tree of life." Homer said." Uncle Hugh said." he said.127 "You came to visit us. thinking of making some more money at the start of a new life in the city. "You can help the war effort with your ships. The girl seemed unaware of Homer's feelings for her body." Homer said." he said. "The war will make me rich. "I thought so. Another day . Homer sipped his drink." Uncle Hugh showed him the paper he had purchased earlier in the day. Homer listened to the plans his uncle had concocted not long ago of his ships taking the armament to the president of their country." Uncle Hugh said. "The war is dangerous. "The president of the country will help you to take arms to Europe. full of pictures of the war in Europe. Dark clouds gathered in the sky." Uncle Hugh said. warning them of the worst storm facing humanity in their journey through time. "But a good business.

filling his mind at that moment in time. "I have seen them inside the Piccadilly Tube Station. the memory of his uncle bringing him presents from New York. The voice of the radio presenter interrupted his thoughts of some other worlds existing all around him. . "I wonder how time goes on in the other dimensions. "We have to defeat Hitler. the paper he had in his hand falling to the floor. "Do you often talk to yourself?" Homer jumped at the sound of his voice." He went on to explain how everybody had to run to the shelters at the sound of the alarm. otherwise they might be killed by the bombs. "There are many children left in London. "It's a cube inside another cube.128 Homer sat up in his bed. He examined the big radio with the shiny knobs." his uncle said. Churchill's voice giving an account of the damage the German bombs had done to the city. He found one of his books detailing the things they could do to fight Hitler's invasion of Europe." he said to himself. Marylyn Monroe. Churchill's voice interrupted his words. listening to the sounds of the city. as the static from the short wave transmission went on i n the background.." Uncle Hugh interrupted his reverie." the presenter said. "It's a nice thing. occupying a special place in uncle Hugh's sitting room." his uncle said." Homer said. when he used draw the hypercube his father had taught him to do. "You are drawing cubes. "One of my colleagues got it for me." Uncle Hugh said. "Good morning. her smile awakening the memories of some other times." Homer said. he read in one of the pictures in the wall. The narrative was interrupted by the static coming from space. talking to the brave men and women helping the citizens of London to remain calm during the hard times they had experienced.

"You will be a hero." his uncle said. "It's old." his uncle said. when the fourth dimension had to be around them. Homer paused in his explanation of reality to look for the book he had brought from his home." he said. "I was lost in my journey to the city. "Those are groups of galaxies." . "The president will give them to you. Homer could not explain the things happening in his life. looking at the pictures of stars and other things in it. "I did not know you liked astronomy. Homer listened in amazement to the things his uncle wanted him to do for the love of that country he could not remember.129 "You must take arms to our president. Homer nodded." he said. "God will help you." Homer's ships had to go across the Atlantic." Uncle Hugh said. with the parallel realities around them. telling him about the universe in the midst of time. in spite the submarines trying to capsize them in their way to Europe." his uncle said." Homer said." he said." his uncle said. "My father gave it to me." Homer pointed to the stars adorning one of its pages. The USA public had to give him lots of money for his actions against the enemies of humanity. "I don't have any arms. "Nobody knows who wrote it." he said. "You are clever. "Miguel and his family thought I had died." Homer said. "He does not exist. "I am not crazy." Uncle Hugh looked at some of its pages.

" Homer said." Uncle Hugh said. listening to Homer's story of his journey back to the city." "And it's cold." his uncle said.130 Uncle Hugh prepared some breakfast. "I introduced them to each other. She had her plaited hair down to her shoulders and he had to be wearing his best clothes. full of the hopes for the future. His uncle had done that before leaving for another country across the ocean." he said. Homer drew the equations he had learned in the market. He imagined the view of the city from the balcony. "We are made of provability." Uncle Hugh said. as a child in short trousers stood by their side. Homer hoped to convince his uncle of his journey to the future. whenever his parents had been busy to pay attention to him. "And bullshit. after he had gone to the port. "Your mother made nice chicken soup." he showed Homer the black and white picture of a young couple holding hands." Homer said." he said. "We are waves of probability. while enjoying the food and seducing Maria." Uncle Hugh said. ." his uncle interrupted his reverie." Homer said." "I am not made of waves. writing some of the equations he had learned." his uncle said. proving that the now he experienced could be different from some other moments in the continuum. "We create reality as we go along. "It must have been relativity. "We'll go to see Maria. "It's your parents. Homer drew the equations of time he had seen in the books his father had brought to their house. "We experience time in a different way. "She lives on the eighth floor. "Time went quicker when you visited us.

. "We must throw them away." Homer put the pages he had brought in his journey to New York back in his suitcase." his uncle said.131 He drew two rockets moving relative to each other in one of the notebooks he had found on the desk. "It has nothing to do with alcohol. while avoiding people going somewhere else in the world. when the wind froze the people in the street." One of the pages fell to the floor. "I found these pages on the floor. "I don't want any garbage here. with the drawings and writings Homer had done in order to teach his uncle relativity." he showed to his uncle the papers he had found at the beginning of time." Uncle Hugh interrupted his thoughts. "Alcohol can make you see strange things. "That's the Empire State building." his uncle said. like his invisible friend had told him aeons ago. Visiting Maria Homer admired the buildings he had seen in the pictures his uncle had taken in his visits to his parents' house an eternity ago." He gave Homer a thick coat he had not worn for some time. Homer drew a few more things that had to do with the perception of time in their existence. hoping his uncle would change his mind about a few things. telling him all about the New York winters. "Maria is waiting for us." Uncle Hugh said. "You can wear this coat.

He imagined the president of the country helping him with his latest scheme for helping the planet. "You wanted to escape the press. He led him along the street." Homer said in that language he had to learn. "Careful. "They'll never find me here." he said." Homer said." Homer said. taking them to the trains in their journeys to some other realities existing alongside theirs. "The metro?" Homer asked.132 Homer paused to look at the tallest building in the city. "You also have dollars." his uncle said." a woman said. They bought the tickets for their journey from the clerks." Uncle Hugh said. It had to make things a bit easier for the commuters going to their jobs at the other side of the biggest city in the country." Homer said. in spite of the war going on in Europe. and a few of the landmarks he had to see every day in his way to his job. Uncle Hugh explained the network of tunnels connecting different parts of the city. leading to another tunnel. "Sorry. "The government encourages us to take the metro. ." he said. "And another dimension. where the trains had to be. "That Indian tricked you." Uncle Hugh said. They went along another corridor. "We'll take the metro. "We have a wax museum and an aquarium. sitting behind their desks at the end of a corridor." Uncle Hugh said. while following his uncle down an escalator. making it easy for people to go to wherever they wanted to go. getting into someone's path in the street. "I must have followed him to the jungle in some other universe. depicting the bu3est coffee people had to get. Homer had been looking at the posters in the walls.

"Unemployment and poverty are the enemies of humankind. as his uncle talked of his devotion to the thing no one had ever seen." Homer said. "God will protect you. A train sneaked towards them from the depths of the tunnel. They arrived at the platform with more writing on the walls." Homer said. according to the drawings in the walls." Uncle Hugh said." Homer said. "It must be hell. "God leads us to the truth." Uncle Hugh said. They boarded the train taking them to another station lost in the midst of time. "Someone from the future must know who wins." Uncle Hugh said." Uncle Hugh said." . "It's called graffiti. and a few posters urging them to buy the best soaps in the city.133 They were at a point. "I experience him every day of my life. inhabited by Satan and some of his Devils. leading to different parts of the time continuum. A policeman stood amongst the people crowding the platform. where copies of themselves had to be living some other lives. like a snake coming to whatever reality they happen to inhabit. where the tunnels divided. "I know. keeping the peace amongst the people trying to get on with their journeys to another part of the city. "You are right. "I don't want to hear that." his uncle said. Homer imagined a bearded man looking at everything amidst the clouds." Homer said. They went down the long corridor." "You like your dimensions. "That must be true." his uncle interrupted his reverie.

" his uncle said. "We are going to Maria's house now. "The river of time takes somewhere else all the time. They moved along the path." he said.134 Homer thought of the implications of other realities existing alongside their world." Homer said. Maria "She lives there. They must have taken one of the paths through reality. while moving alongside his uncle. "It's impressive. "You'll get used to this city. all of the roads leading them to the same place in the continuum. where a few children played with their toys and flowers enlivened the place at that time of the morning." his uncle said. ." Uncle Hugh pointed to the block of flats in front of them.

"This is the elevator. stopping at the last floor by the grace of whatever God happened to control it." his uncle said. "It usually works. "This is Homer. "This is Homer. She hugged him to her heart. Uncle Hugh got lipstick on his cheeks. letting some of the warm air mix with the freezing wind. but his uncle kept on talking of the marvels he could find in the city. Homer looked at himself in the mirror at the back of the elevator." he said. "He does." he showed him the metal cage inside the building. . "I've heard lots about you." she said. while getting lost in her bosom. "You will meet our country men and women. "Battling to save our country. The thing went up the building. "She lives at the end of the corridor." he said." She led them to a room. He led Homer along a balcony with a few plants adorning his passage to a brown door at the other side of the corridor." she said. trying not to fall down the floors." she said. trying to look his best for the people waiting for him in the flat." Uncle Hugh pressed one of the bottoms." his uncle said. where some people sat at a large table amidst cups of coffee and other things.135 "We have someone looking after the gardens and keeping everything tidy." he said. before disentangling herself from his arms." Uncle Hugh nodded. "I was waiting for you. "We are going to the seventh floor." she said. Homer imagined the window cleaners climbing up the side of the building. "You like women." A woman with black hair and a round face opened the door. "Oh my god.

" Maria said. "What can he do with them?" a skinny man asked." Maria said. He made a mess on the table after digging in his rice. their faces looking pale in the light of the bulb hanging from the ceiling. "It must have been terrible. The skinny man told them how he had dug a tunnel in his cell with his dinner spoon. "You're a hero. "I want to liberate my country and punish the intruders. waiting for the Nazis to finish with their lives at any time." they said." Maria said.136 They greeted him from the depths of space. as Homer imagined the guards ignoring his broken spoons and the dirt on the floor. Homer thought amidst the noise." the man said. . "Long live to Homer. some of the women hugging him to their bosoms. They waited for his words. Homer saw the men. "I have the pictures. Maria explained how Homer's ships would take ammunition to their country in order to fight Hitler's troops. "This is me. when some of them wanted to have their lunch. the sound of a fly interrupting their concentration." the man said. "I dug the tunnel with my own hands." Homer said. "He has ships." everyone said. They felt silent. A few thin people gathered outside the camp in a picture he had in his hand." the man interrupted his reverie. even though it didn't have anything to do with reality. "Homer will avenge us." Homer said. while digging in the mush Maria had placed in front of him. "Homer has something to tell us. "I didn't have a childhood.

" he said. "And I feel sick. "I'll give you some money. "Stop feeling my legs then. tasting the spices she had for lunch and other things in her life. after wiping his hands with a serviette Maria gave him." she said. as they discussed the freedom of their country from the Nazi bastards. "This is to help the war effort." Homer missed that country he had left after the death of the widows. His hands wandered through her body." she said." Maria interrupted. Homer kissed her." he said. "You'll have your money. while watching the snow falling outside the window. and telling him of her life in the city." "It must be the change of climate. I am rich. "I promise to put my boats at your service. .137 They dropped lots of money in a basket Maria took around the room." he said. "I'll sleep here tonight." she said. the flames of freedom burning in the house Homer had just found in New York. "You are nice." Maria brought him an aspirin. Homer thought." she said. feeling her legs under the tablecloth. They toasted to the hero as New York welcomed him in style and snow blanketed the buildings. "We meet here every week. "Hurrah to Homer. keeping her body out of his reach." He accepted the money they had collected in the name of freedom." he said. "I know." he said." they said. "You are mad. "You'll have to share the sofa with your uncle. "It must be interesting.

. Maria shrugged. with the wine Homer had brought from South America. "That's interesting." he said. They toasted to the end of the war. sitting in the blankets she had placed in the sofa." he said." they said. like he wanted to do since the beginning of time. He had to tell her more about his life. ready to keep him warm that night.138 "That's not fair. Homer's boats would conquer the land Hitler had taken from them. "Hurray to Homer. "I flew up a tree in my childhood.


Homer gets ready
Homer had to help the war in Europe, the USA government giving him arms to
liberate his country from Hitler's hands.
"Two and two are seven," he said to himself.
He got the documents he needed for his business, the pictures of the widows from
falling at his feet in disarray, like a pack of cards the devil wanted him to see.
"Not again," he said.
He put them back in his suitcase, hoping the rains had not killed all of the women, as
Maria's dark eyes searched for his soul in one of the pictures.
"I love you," he said.
They had spent lazy afternoons exploring their affection, in the basement his father
had built in the last years of his life.
"I miss you," he said.
He had to get in contact with the family in charge of his business in that other country
across the ocean, he thought, while looking for the phone his uncle kept somewhere in
the flat.
"I want to phone Colombia," Homer told the telephonist.
He waited for some time, ;listening to some other sounds, lost in the static of the line
and then Miguel's voice interrupted his thoughts.
"Mr. Homer," he said. "It's nice to hear you."
"I never forget my friends," Homer said.
"The reporters know you are in New York," Miguel said.
He spent a few moments reading whatever lies the newspapers fed the people he had
left not long ago, as Amelia sent him kisses through the receiver.

"Come back to us," she said.
Her voice disappeared in the ocean it had to cross in its way to New York, as Uncle
Hugh appeared by his side with a few cups of coffee.
"I have phoned Miguel," Homer said.
His uncle put the tray on the table, making sure he did not spill any of the coffee on
Homer's papers.
"You must miss them," Uncle Hugh said.
Homer sipped his coffee, thinking of the people he had left in that other country he
hoped to see one day.
"I have something for you," Uncle Hugh said.
He sent a few of them to the floor, before finding an envelope amidst the other things
on the wardrobe.
"Silly me," he said.
He took a paper out of it, taking care not to throw anything else on the floor.
"It's a check," he said.
Homer's eyes widened on reading the amount of money Maria's friends offered him
for his services to their country.
"Thank you," he said.
"You must thank Maria," Uncle Hugh said.
"I'll do it later."
Uncle Hugh opened a diary he had by the encyclopaedias, with the instructions of the
things they had to do in order to liberate their country from the Nazi yolk.
"You must travel to Europe," he said.
"It's far," Homer said.
He had to take a ship full of arms to the president of his country, somewhere else in
the world.
"I'll get a few tanks," Homer said.
"And ammunition," his uncle said.

German submarines apparently liked to bomb the ships making their way to Europe,
the noise of thunder interrupting their conversation.
"There are an infinite number of copied of us across time," Homer said.
Uncle Hugh shrugged. "Prove it."
"It's in the mathematical formulas."
He looked for those papers hiding amidst the clothes in his suitcase, the universe
splitting into many others every moment of their lives.
"We are matter and waves," Homer said.
"Drink your coffee," Uncle Hugh said.
He drew what he thought could be the matter in the universe, after the exp[losion his
father's books talked about.
"I don't understand," Uncle Hugh said.
"We are waves of uncertainty," Homer said. "According to the equations of science."
"It's fascinating," his uncle said.
"Many things will happen in the way to Europe," Homer said.
"You will be in the good path of time," his uncle said.
"I hope so."
Homer got his papers together, with the pictures of Maria in that place across the
ocean, flying away from him at the velocity of light.
"Would you like another pandebono?" Uncle Hugh interrupted the silence
"They are nice," Homer said.
"The Latino shop has the best pandebonos," his uncle said.
Homer looked at the pictures of the bombs Hitler must have dropped in London in one
of the papers his uncle had brought.
"It's happening in our timeline," he said.
It had to be the timeline the world had followed since the widows had died in some
other place of his existence.
"We are particles and waves," Homer said.

"Whatever you say."
His uncle wiped his mouth with the serviette by his side, trying to understand the truth
of the universe around them.
"One thing is certain," Uncle Hugh said. "I have learned a lot since you came to this
Homer ate another pandebono, thinking in the future awaiting him at that moment of
his life.
"You must get ready to fight the war," his uncle said.
He gave a detailed account of everything Homer had to do in order to send his arms
and other things to Europe.
"I might get killed," Homer said.
"You must get your ships ready," his uncle said.
Homer poured more coffee in his cup trying to solve the problems his uncle had
envisioned for his life.
"I have no arms to take to Europe," he said.
"The government will give you that," his uncle said.
Homer ate another pandebono, thinking of the problems his uncle had found for him
in that reality.
"This is our time line," he said.


The journey
Odysseus- the first ship to leave the port- was surrounded by absolute secrecy, as
Homer looked after the sailors bringing the armament to the boats: machine guns, bombs
that looked like corn on the hob and munitions disguised as chocolates.


pretending to be canoes and tanks camouflaged as ambulances joined the rest of the
things to punish Hitler's men in Europe, as the crowd followed his actions from the dock.
"Hurrah to Homer," they said.
He waved to his admirers, thinking of the dollars he might get for getting lost in the
Mediterranean Sea.
"Thank you," Homer said.
He went on the stage they had erected by the ship, in order to talk to the crowd about
his adventure to save his people from the yoke of Nazism.
"Dear people," Homer said.
"I'll be travelling to the Mediterranean Sea in order to help our country.
It's not going to be easy, but I am willing to sacrifice my life for the good of
The crowd cheered his words, waving their handkerchiefs for them to understand their
love for the hero offering himself to the world.
"I will be thinking of you all the time," Homer said. "The Nazi submarines won't be
able to stop our love for the freedom of the oppressed."
He drank a glass of champagne someone offered him, posing for the photographers to
take his pictures in the most important project of his life.
"To our health," he said.
"Hurrah to Homer." the crowd said.
Uncle Hugh appeared by his side, dressed in his best clothes and clutching something
in his hands.
"Give this letter to our president," he gave him an envelope.

Homer looked at the letter, written in his uncle's fine handwriting, for the president of
the country he had left a long time ago.
"I want to know," his uncle said. "Why do you have to disguise the arms."
Homer put he letter back in the envelope, trying to explain the tricks he had too use in
order to do his job.
"It's to fool the public," he said.
"You have not fooled me," his uncle said.
He proceeded to recite a few bible passages, useful for Homer's journey, if a book
could guide someone to the other side of the ocean.
"You must trust the almighty," his uncle said. "He died in a cross for you."
"That is nonsense," Homer said.
His uncle showed him an image of the virgin Mary, stretching her arms towards the
heavens, where her son had to be somewhere in the sky.
"Keep her by your side," he said.
Homer hoped the old bible might disintegrate in his journey to the other side of the
Atlantic Ocean.
"Hail Mary who art in heaven," Uncle Hugh said.
"I have no time for that," Homer said.
Uncle Hugh crossed himself, muttering of the devils helping his nephew live in hell
"I want to bless you," he said.
Homer bowed his head, as the old man invoked the power of the trinity, the best way
to get him across the ocean.
"Amen," Homer said.
"I know you don't believe," Uncle Hugh said. "But God loves you."
A girl holding a bunch of flowers came towards them, her mini skirt going up her legs
with every step she took along the platform.
"Hi, Mr. Homer," she said. "I have something for you."

his sailor suit seemed a bit dirty in the light of the sun." a voice said." everyone said. "I wish you a good journey." Homer said." she said. "We are pleased to meet you. The noise of the cannons interrupted the moment." he said. He followed Cesar along the ramp and up to the inside of the ship. "Come with me." Homer said." he said. "Thanks. Cesar appeared by his side holding a glass of water and an alka seltzer." Cesar said. "The boat is waiting for me. and the city bid farewell to the hero dying for the world. "I'm not going to die. where the band greeted him with the national anthem." she said.145 She got closer to him." Homer said. as the band started the play the national anthem. letting him see inside her bra and the photographers took some more pictures for the world to see in the newspapers the next day. . "I'll take you to your room. Uncle Hugh gave him a few more things to take in his journey. "In the name of my country. God almighty had to be listening to his words or perhaps he did not exist in the universe. She offered him the flowers. because he had to come back alive from his adventure." "Thanks. "I didn't forget your sea sickness. some of the petals of her flowers she carried getting lost in the breeze around them. and the waves of probability took him towards the future. Homer gave Cesar the flowers." he said. "I can't. His uncle read him another prayer. "I'll see you soon.

"I am part of your dream." "Time is going faster now. "I know. Cesar nodded." Homer said. "It's like this.146 They went past the sailors checking the boxes of ammunition in the continuum of time." Cesar said." Salvacion .

"I must be in heaven. "Look out of the window. "Welcome to my country. Homer could not understand how they could have finished in another place. Homer. "I have travelled in time. "That is a good description of this land." he said. before dropping the cigarette ash in an ashtray in the table." Homer said. "You have these weird ideas. telling Homer all about the reception awaiting them at the end of their journey. Cesar put some cards upside down on the table." "I hope they buy my tanks. a few vessels making their way towards their boat completed the view. "You wanted the Caribbean." Cesar said. like one of those pictures Homer had seen in the postcards in his shop. "There is more than the sea. .147 "I want my tablets." Cesar said. "They will. Homer noticed an island with palm trees. noticing the white walls surrounding him in his journey in the regions of time. Mr. Homer sat up in his bed." he said. A group of people had appeared in the beach." Homer said." he said. when he had to take his arms to the president of his country." Homer said. "We were supposed to go to |Europe. "We don't have pirates in Salvacion. their colourful clothes contrasting with the sand. "Are they pirates?" Homer asked. Cesar brought him some of the tablets he had left on the table." Cesar said." he said." Cesar said. when he had been talking to the girl in another period of his existence." Homer did not know how time had gone so fast. "I see the sea." Cesar said.

" Cesar said. travelling between the dreams he had of other lands in the midst of time. when reality went different ways for every person alive. putting some of the bedclothes on the floor and hurting his foot with the end of the bed." he said. Cesar paused making ready the clothes Homer had to take to the island. "I don't know why you want to fool me. That explained why Homer had been somewhere else for most of the journey. "Make sure he buys the tanks. "People from Salvacion like to have fun." Homer said. "Use this thing." Homer said. . The subject of time had been with Homer for most of his life. "I keep on losing time." Cesar said." he said. "And you know that. Homer sat back in the bed." he said. "That is a lie." Homer said. "You have a few submarines. while looking at the people having fun in the beach. "I will. He pointed at the president amidst the pretty girls they could see from the window." He got off the bed." Cesar said. Homer wanted to get to that beach full of palm trees. "I saw a girl here. "I gave you sleeping tablets." Cesar said." he said. "She sat by the bed." Cesar handed him the watch Homer had bought aeons ago. in order to liberate the country from the horrors of the world. and pretty women waiting to have fun with him. He jotted down all the weapons they had to take down to the beach. wishing to be back in the market at the other side of the sea.148 Homer speculated about his journey through the sea. "Nobody was here.

while the girl had been talking to Homer." Cesar said. Rosa pushed her hair back. "They are the best ones." Homer said. . Cesar helped Homer to make ready the documents he needed for the sail of the arms. ruining the clothes he had chosen to impress the president." she said. as the girl waited. A girl came in the room. "Sleeping in my cabin. interrupting the mathematical equations of the number of arms the president would have to buy in order to defeat the rest of the Caribbean nations. "Let's go. expecting to find her hiding somewhere in the boat." she said." Homer said. Homer followed her up to the railings. He pointed at the details of the merchandise the president had to buy. Rose proceeded to tell them of the small boat waiting to take them to the beach." the girl said. Cesar organised the number of things to be shown to the president. willing to defend his country from the other Caribbean nations." Homer said. "I am Rose. She pushed him in the water. Cesar had not seen anyone strange the entire journey. "Nice to meet you." Homer said. "She must have been a stowaway. where a ramp waited for them to go down to a small boat. "You have two hundred guns. "I can't swim.149 He looked under the bed and some of the furniture. "You won't have to. whenever they got to the beach. showing Homer how pretty she could be with her tanned skin and honey coloured eyes." Cesar said.

" Homer said." Homer said. as the music of the band enlivened the moment." They moved towards a table full of things. The president told one of his subjects to check the merchandise. The tanks rolled down the ramp someone had brought to the boat. the band started to play and the girls danced around them. The president smiled." the president called. and the girls danced with each other. "Can you bring me my check book?" the president asked." Homer said. . "I'm glad to meet you. A small man wearing a sailor suit and a blue hat appeared by his side. while the soldiers unloaded the cargo." she said. as a man in uniform waited by a hut. The president puffed his cigar. "It's shallow. "The bastards." the president said. "Atenágoras. "Your neighbours must be taught a lesson." the president said. telling him all about the president waiting to buy his arms. Excellency." Homer said. Atenagoras disappeared through one of the doors. Roosevelt. "Everything is cheap. while soldiers with machine guns made sure no one interrupted the negotiations "I want to see your merchandise." he said. "My arms are good. "I have seen your picture in the papers. They arrived at the beach.150 "Help me. "God bless Mr. and some more tanks drove along the beach. when Homer had nearly drowned in the girl's arms. she said. "He's a nice man. She led him amidst the fish swimming by their feet." Homer said.

" Homer said. "You are funny." "Hurrah to the president." the president said.151 "We lost a few islands last year. "You are nice. "I thought so." Homer said." Homer said. "They never leave me alone." everyone said. and a pretty girl with big teats blushed every time Homer winked at her. The president smiled. The president hesitated before writing down such a large sum of money." Atenagoras brought a cheque book and a few glasses of wine in a tray. She kicked him in the groin. bought with the money the president paid for her services. . "Is she in new York?" "The president is pleased with the armaments." he said. "You said you loved me. "Salvacion will be fine now. "It is twenty thousand dollars Excellency. the music turning him on. as the girls danced to the salsa music the band kept on playing. "I have a wife. "I love you. "Women." he said. Excellency." Homer said." she said. "You mustn't worry this time. "Would you like to dance?" Homer practiced the dance steps Maria had taught him in the shop. The señoritas toasted to the armaments the president had bought." His hands searched for her cunt amidst her silky pants. "That's good." Homer said. balancing everything with some grace." he said. before Atenágoras took her away to her mother. "The best country in the world." he said. She smiled." Atenagoras interrupted them.

" Homer said." It had had bombed the cities." the president said. killing their citizens and spreading fear amidst the population of the island at the smallest provocation." the president said. who wanted to help the planet.152 "It must be your green eyes." Homer said. "It is a brutal conflict. who kept on drinking aguardiente by the beach. where another president had to sign a cheque for a few thousand dollars. Homer raised his glass. "They must be eliminated." Homer joined the president and his entourage. I'll finish with Salvacion They arrived at a bigger and more powerful South American country." The ship sailed through the Caribbean Sea with a few tanks. "I hope you attack Salvacion. "To my country. armaments and Atenagoras. "The world needs me. "I'll do that. "You must destroy your enemies." the president said. as Atenagoras poured some champagne into their glasses." he said. . The president nodded. Excellency. while drinking another aguardiente with gin. "I agree. He wiped his tears with the napkin someone brought him.

"To our health. "Death to Salvacion. "You must mix business with pleasure. Cesar opened the bottle of aguardiente." he said. "You are right." he said." the president said. thanks to the president's army ensuring the country never lost "We bomb them now and again. canons and bombs. and the girl smiled at him from the recesses of time.153 He had the best ammunition in the world." Homer said. as the president swore to finish with the peace of the region with the help of Homer's arms. helping the president to defend his country against his enemies. his words getting lost with the sound of his people having fun. hoping a few more Caribbean presidents would buy his arms in order to defeat their neighbours. as Homer studied one of the girls by his side." Homer said." the president said. "We won the football cup last year. "Who?" "Our neighbours. "That is good." he said." The girl looked at him with dark eyes. interrupting his thoughts of sex under the palm trees in one of the paths through time. "I like her." the president said." he said. "I need more planes. Atenagoras brought them a bottle of aguardiente in order to celebrate the transaction. "Hurrah to your island." Homer said. "She's called Julia. Homer raised his glass." . They had won every single football game for the last few years. "Let's drink to that." the president interrupted.

" the president said. Homer touched the girl's face. as Homer touched the girl's breasts whenever the president went to sleep on the table. The press expected Homer to have perished in the boat." "You were supposed to be there." she said. wondering about the girl standing by his side. "We have a party every time we win a football game." Atenagoras said. "My cannons will kill them. Homer wondered what the little man wanted to tell him.. "You can tell me later. while trying to liberate his country from the hands of fascism." Home said." he said." he said." the girl said." "You are the captain. "Once upon a time I used to work in a shop by a market. "I like markets. telling them of the battles he had to win that year. "Tell them I was in another boat. They finished with most of the alcohol. "One of your boats has sunk. ." Atenágoras said. "They are bastards. annoyed at the sailor's made up stories of horrors somewhere in the sea. sir." "I missed the ship then. "I'm sorry to interrupt you." he said. "Let's drink to that. "Send a message to New York. "No one will defeat you now. "I love you." Atenagoras said. when he hoped to take the girl to his cabin in the boat. The president found his wallet amidst a few other things in his pocket." he told her.154 The president showed Homer some pictures of the damage he had done to the islands around the sea. Homer looked at the album of pictures." Homer said." Homer said.

" Atenagoras said. "We are taking you to bed. when he had done nothing wrong. . The president muttered a few more things about Salvacion making his life a hell on earth." "Jesus Christ came back to life three days later. "Where am I?" he asked. before opening his eyes. pushing a glass of aguadiente onto the floor. He dozed with his head on the table." they said." Atenagoras said. like Jesus had done some time in the past. "I want my tanks." he said. The president said something in his sleep. "You will have them." Atenagoras said. "I can't keep on running away from my troubles. "And that is what you have to do." he said. It was a question of getting lost from the world. He helped Homer to write down the details of his plan to get lost in one of the Caribbeasn islands. before appearing again in triumph.155 "I have contacts in one of the islands." Homer said. President. "I have an idea. "They'll help you with your plans. Atenagoras told him of the friends he had in an island paradise not far from them at that moment in time. He had to do to convince the world he had been in the ship taking the arms to that country the beginning of his life." the president said. as his men tried to help him to his feet. full of beautiful women. "And I want submarines.[ "Mr. Mr. "They'll look after you. "They took away our best player." the president said." Homer said." the president said." Atenágoras said." Homer said. Homer has sold you some cannons. "You killed their football team.

"Don't forget my arms. "It must be farm. Homer thought of the consequences of his actions. . Homer's lost Homer saw an island interrupting the tranquillity of the sea." someone said. "I am not sure about this." Homer said." he said. "Nicaragua is that way. before the world found out he had not died aboard the ship. each step he took taking him closer to being a millionaire." he said. like a pearl in the middle of the ocean. . where the rest of his entourage had to be resting. "I am ready to disappear." he said. They helped the president to go back to one of the houses by the beach. where a boat waited amidst the waves crashing against the sand. letting the current take them closer to the beach adorning the shore." Homer said. Cesar appeared by his side with a bag and a few other things." the boatman said. when he wanted to go back to the place they had just left. "Everything has been arranged. He followed him to the shore. The boatman stopped the motor.156 "We put them away. "They have airplanes now. "We can go back. Homer had to face the future." he said." the boatman pointed somewhere in the distance.

A girl moved in the reality where Homer happened to be at that moment of his life. "I can give you a few dollars. He gave him sunglasses in order to avoid recognition in the island. while balancing a basket on her head like a ballerina giving an important performance. "Hi. full of girls and a few other things to help him pass his days. Homer gave him a few dollars he had in his pocket. Homer nodded." the boat man said." she said." "Thank you. "They will leave you alone. where the gringos spent their summer holidays away from the pains of civilisation.157 Homer inspected the place Cesar had chosen for him to get lost from the world." The boatman gave him directions to the nearest hotel. She accepted the shiny coins with the face of George Washington and the words." someone said." he said. before making his way through the crabs moving through the beach. . "Nice to meet you. plus the check book he had brought in his journey out of his world. "Whatever you say. "We can't afford anything." "You'll find one by the shore. They moved along the beach." Homer said. "I'm Hope. "Will you be all right?" the boatman asked. "I need a hotel." he said. Homer had a few coins in his pocket." she said." he said. printed on them. as she told him all about her family living somewhere else in the island. in God we trust. crashing with a few stones the devil put in his way. "I have to get lost.

his name appearing in big letters." she said. She pointed towards a point in the horizon. She seemed to be proud of living in a tiny place with one bed and rugs on the floor for some of the people to sleep. "You can stay in my home. "It's a funny name. a bottle of aguardiente and a thermostat with some coffee for him to drink in his time in the island. Homer had to lower his head to go into the dark interior. next to a few of his pictures in the next page. where a few children played with a ball between a small garden and the path leading to the hut. "This is the Intermediary." Homer said.158 "Thank you. "I want a hotel. The girl got a few tins of food. "I'm alive." he said. "I hope they don't bite." They led him along the road to a hut with a tin roof and a few dogs frolicking in the mud. "We are fighting a war. "It's the crabs. "We live here." she said. where a few hotels had to be or she wanted to confuse him. A man appeared by their side." she said." she said. She showed him the front page of a newspaper. "And there is toilet." she said." the Intermediary pointed to a small hut by its side. trying not to step in a few shadows scurrying by his feet." she said." he said. "I have seen your picture." he said. mister. his trousers a bit muddy from whatever he had to do to earn the money his family needed for living in the island. The intermediary shrugged. . "Does it have a toilet?" Homer asked.

" the intermediary said. "Mr." the intermediary interrupted the proceedings. before coming back to life. "Cesar arranged everything." the intermediary said. "Cesar sent us a telegram yesterday. in order to get lots of money for his adventure." Homer said." the Intermediary said." the Intermediary said." Homer said. as he massaged her body. "We'll be waiting for the press nearby. He showed Homer a few pictures of them in some of the Caribbean islands they must have visited around Salvacion." the Intermediary said. "You'll be like Jesus." Homer said. "I don't want to be alone in the sea." Homer said. "You won't be. "I am not sure I understand. "He is my fried." the Intermediary said. while the Intermediary told him everything they had to do to convince the press. "A vampire." He had the instructions of the things he had to do for Homer to disappear from the world for a few minutes." They discussed the merits of not being dead. "You'll be resurrected by us. "I have just met you.159 She nodded. "I know all about you. before reappearing again from the depths of the sea and in front of the journalists taking their pictures for the world to see. "Cesar contacted me. "I know. "What?" "You're getting lost." He explained all the steps they would take to ensure his survival." she said." he said. "Ahhh. "It will only be for a few minutes." The girl brought him some coconut water to drink. The Intermediary shook his head. Homer. ." He had to disappear from the universe.

Hitler's army brought death and confusion to most of Europe." he said." he said. . "You will see." the Intermediary said. The boat went up and down with the waves. "That is nonsense. "I don't like being alone in the sea. "How can I trust you?" he asked. "You must wear your inflatable at all times.160 Homer listened to the plans the Intermediary had in order to get lost in a sea full of sharks." "Everything will be fine. as the voices of the people in the boat mixed with the roar of the motor. The intermediary explained all the steps they would take in order to insure Homer's rescuers got to him soon. "It will be for a few minutes. "The sharks will eat me." Homer said. sending waves of nausea up Homer's body. "It's only temporary. the pace of time moving towards that moment when Homer would get lost in the sea." The Intermediary said. when Homer had died for his people in his way to liberate a country. Homer ate the beans and the plantain she offered him." the Intermediary said. Homer's lost They sailed amidst the waves. the sky clouding over the sea." the Intermediary said. "I feel nervous. not knowing whether to trust the people he had just met." he said." the Intermediary said. imagining the terrible things he had to do in order to earn his money. "We'll be near you all the time. "They think I died.

" the Intermediary said. trying to swallow him for lying to the world about his death. "I thought I was doomed. "He drank an aguardiente and took a few of the pills the Intermediary offered him to take away the fear of the sea. "Everything will be fine. He gave him the instructions to deal with the big waves coming his wave.cola. "Don't forget to tell the press" Homer said. "Pretend you have just found me. "I won't. while opening a tin of sardines and a bottle of coca. He accepted another aguardiente with a few coca leaves the intermediary must have found in his pocket. the cries of the seagulls interrupting his concerns of dying to get his money." the intermediary said. as the Intermediary got ready to leave Homer somewhere in the Caribbean Sea." he said." Homer said. "Don't jump in the sea. "We need the press to record the moment for posterity. The sun burned their skins. ." Homer listened to the dangers of the sea. "Don't go. "Come back in one hour.161 He showed Homer how to tie it round his waist." The intermediary said farewell to the hero the world might not forget for some time." the Intermediary said. "You have to take it easy." Homer said." he said." the Intermediary said. as the sky darkened over them. if he wanted the world to love him for giving his life in the name of freedom. "You can change your mind. while praying to whatever God controlled the weather in the middle of the ocean. Homer had to get lost in the sea." Homer said. "A shark might get you.

"We are leaving you." Homer said. "It sank. his voice getting lost amongst the sound of the waves. "The pink ones are better. as the aguardiente sent him to heaven in a few moments of ecstasy. "Wait. "I needed the money. Then he remembered a poem his father used to recite on boring days." Homer said. "I am alone. Homer ingested the pills the Intermediary must have bought in the black market. "Have some more drugs." Homer said.162 He imagined the ovation of the reporters for his bravery. hoping to forget his problems in the middle of his despair." Homer said. Homer gulped them down with some aguardiente. The Intermediary showed him a paper with the names of the sailors aboard the ship in its way to Europe." the Intermediary said. The Intermediary said something else. "That must be the question." the Intermediary said. "To be or not to be." Homer quoted some verses he had learned." the Intermediary said. to get away from the problems in his life. I love the love of the sailor Kissing his girl before goodbye Leaving her a promise He'll never achieve And waking up with death At the bottom of the sea . after losing his mind to the spirits of the sea around him." the Intermediary said." "You shouldn't have lied.

the sea becoming a skating ring. but they refused to go up in that path of reality he had carved with his actions. the best drink in the world. "I am thirsty." he said." An angel brought him an amphora full of coca cola. the waves taking him up and down for eternity. where Jesus Christ danced with Maria Magdalene and the Virgin with Saint Joseph." he said. He got some of the water out of the boat with a bucket he found under the seat. "I'll believe in God if I don't die. his mother told him across the abyss of time.163 He had to show his charisma over the dangers he encountered. You'll go far. The sound of the waves crashing against the boat echoed in the dimensions of time." a voice said." he said. and the verses echoed in the depths of his despair. she said. My eyes won't like your eyes In my sorrow Wherever I go I'll take your memory And you'll feel my ache Homer remembered his mother's words in that other world long ago. "I am drunk. as the colour of the sea changed into the darkness of the night. teaching her son about the country they had chosen to spend their lives in misery. while the moon and stars shone overhead." he said. They are coming for you. "It must be Armageddon. Those words had no meaning in a place full of salty water. "It's your father who lives in heaven. his destiny looking greyer than the sea surrounding his vessel. . the aguardiente giving him a headache amidst the excitement of his journey. Homer tried to light the flares with wet matches. "Heavens and earth will end but my words will go on. reality and fantasy getting together.

. "Drink this.164 I don't want to die. The tree of life appeared by his side. or he had gone mad. rich in nutrients and salt." he said. the wind whistling for eternity in a moment of madness. "You won't die. A boat appeared from beyond time. through the pinafore dress he had given her for her birthday in another era. "Liar. "Help me." she offered him a glass of sea water." he said. The girl lied for some reason he couldn't understand. but it had to be another dream punishing his soul for being in the sea. the memories of that other life keeping him awake amidst the insanity of death. Maria showing him her teats tanned by the sun. "There are no trees in the sea. he said in his dreams." he said." she said. Homer saw his backyard amidst the waves.

tanned by the sun she must have had somewhere in the world. "Go away. while listening to the waves pounding against the sides of his boat. while talking of the mission she had in her life." a voice said." Homer said. "I'm the intermediary.165 Rescue As a man appeared by his side. or it could be his imagination or the drugs the Intermediary had given him. "Are you Homer?" someone asked." he said. Homer opened his eyes. expecting to see the devil trying to take him to hell for not dying with his men. "I'm a journalist. She showed him her well formed legs. . A beautiful woman wearing a mini skirt seemed to be talking to him. when the face of the Intermediary greeted his life. and a torch shining on his eyes made the ghosts disappear into the land of his dreams." she said. Homer told the hallucination to go back to the darkness overpowering his senses. He kicked and punched the shadows sending him back to that place called limbo. "Mmmm. after nearly dying in the sea.

the sound of her voice bringing back the memories he had of the things he had to do in his world." he said. She laughed." she said. the name fitting the woman he had found in the sea. "You are my hero. "The boats were on fire." she said. "You must be an angel from God." she interrupted his thoughts. with the letter F hanging in a pendant between her breasts. He had never met a Fifi in his life." she said. "You are alive. "My God. She paused with the pen in her hand. like the fairies he had seen in the story books his father used to buy in the market. Homer had to impress the girl he had just met. Something must have happened after the Intermediary had left him in the sea." he said. the rings in her hands adding to the noise of the motors." . offering words of comfort in an effort to make him feel better of whatever decease he had to be suffering. "I am not dead. "Poor you." she interrupted his thoughts." he said. or the beautiful creature writing in her notebook would not be asking him questions. "I have to do my report. She sighed. like a lost angel he had to save.166 Homer must have died and this had to be the heaven Father Ricardo used to speak in the Sunday school an eternity ago. She erased some mistake she must have made in the story she had to write of Homer's rescue from the sea. "My name is Fifi. "My men died." Homer said. "Mmm. She brushed his hair back with her hands." he said.

"Light is attracted by the gravity. . Homer tasted the bitter liquid the Intermediary offered him. "A man called Einstein is my inspiration." The rays of the sun fought with each other to reach her heart. "I love you. her dark eyes looking at him with a mixture of wonder and owe for the things he seemed to utter. "You must be careful. telling him of the reporters waiting for him somewhere in time. She stopped writing. "I want to show you something. letting him see the parts of her anatomy he wanted to touch.167 She picked up a few papers from the floor. amidst the fears of getting lost once more. before the universe disintegrated in a million pieces. trying to sit up. her pendant getting lost amidst the hills of her bosom." he muttered. making the world go away for a few minutes. She stopped writing." he said. "You are my hero." he said. She turned the pages with fine hands. in the bed the Intermediary must have prepared for his recovery." he said. "How do you know?" she asked. "We have just met. after his friends had died in the tragedy." he said." he said. He poured something in a spoon he had found in a table." she said. as the intermediary appeared with few things in his arms. thinking he had lost his mind. Homer nearly fell off the bed. "You must get better. sending a few things to the floor in his hurry to find them." he said. "You must take your medicine. "Lights is composed of particles and waves." she said. Homer looked for the papers he had brought in his trip.

" she said. coming to his mind." She switched off the lamp buy Homer's bed. Homer thought of the light journeying through space to come to his eyes. forgetting his theories of light." she said." she said. before switching it on again. showing him some more of her anatomy. the memory of the time he had been in the sea." he said. "There is nothing else to it. "You are here now. "This is my theory of light. "You are supposed to be sick" He lay back in his bed." she said." he said. He shrugged. "Don't lose your theory. "Mr." He kissed her neck." she said." "I have to write my notes. "They'll fall during Armageddon. . Homer. leaving the cabin in darkness for a few moments. his lips going down to her breasts and other parts of her body. The universe had to be a few copies of himself in its journey through the present reality.168 Fifi picked up the papers from the floor. "It has been travelling from the stars for a long time. feeling sorry for his behaviour in front of the lady he had just met." she said. "Light is simply light. "I was lost. "Nonsense. the way his invisible friend had told him aeons ago." she said. telling him of the things men of science could do with their imaginations." he said. "I'll never forget you. made of atoms." she said. hidden under her dress. She waved her hands. "You have just been rescued from the sea. "The stars cannot fall.

so long as he could sell them his tanks.169 Homer made a few noises. "I was too busy fighting the sharks. when the world had been grieving for his tragedy in the middle of the sea. General De Gaulle kissed him repeatedly in the cheeks. his mind thinking of the money he might make this time. Homer sent arms to the countries fighting to liberate themselves from the yoke of capitalism or communism." They could make the story of his life into the best film of all times. "And the angel appeared in the sky. trying to show her how ill he felt. "You must have thought of your theory of light in the sea." he said. He had purchased a few tankers. nine hundred thousand students and a lot of veterans of the world wars. Stalin declared him leader of the Soviet Union. brought him back to reality. like the ones he had seen in the films Father Ricardo had shown in the church on Sundays." "You saw an angel?" "He brought me an amphora. ." Fifi seemed perplexed with his revelations of heavenly creatures interfering with his adventure in the sea." she said. three hundred thousand soldiers. "I want to help the world. The press Homer received a medal from the United States congress in a sober ceremony attended by the heads of many countries. retelling the things he had done since his birth under the shadow of the sun. the one taking him to the future. while bigger ships sailed under his flag. minute by minute of his life. The noise of the traffic going on outside the window. a few cruisers and ships with several floors for the tourists wanting to travel the world.

" he drew a line between two other lines in the paper. "We have an interview with the press." she said. hoping to compare them to the pages he had brought in his journey to conquering the world. "It's going to rain. . Homer had to finish his theory of light. while she looked at her reflection in the big mirror by the bed. "I want the truth." he said." a voice said." he read in an physics book he had purchased not long ago. with the help of the papers his invisible friend had left on the floor at the beginning of time. made up of protons and electrons like everything else in the universe. "I'm writing my theory of light. as Homer traced a straight line in a paper. "This must be the way the photons travel through space.170 "Everything is made up of strings." she said. trying to be careful not to knock the half empty cup of coffee he had by his side. in that dream Homer seemed to be having. Homer looked in her dark eyes. "We must get ready. Fifi appeared by his side. Homer thought in completing his theory before they went to the meetings she had arranged with the journalists. He showed her the notes he had taken." she said. attracting the light particles away from their path. Light had to be made of tiny energetic particles. travelling through a medium full of things. the outline of her breasts visible through the material of her blouse. trying to guess what she thought at that moment in time. The light coming from the stars had to fight with these inconveniences all the way to the telescope of the person doing the observation.

" she said. "Everything keeps on coming back." Homer examined the pages he had found in the floor long ago. waiting for them somewhere. She picked up her things from the floor." she said." he said. "We'll go around the world." she said. "I wish I could." he said." she said. He did not want to spend the rest of his life running away from the things he had done. He described the limbo. "You make me mad. "Armageddon is no good. "This is my theory of light." he said. making sure her papers did not have any dirty things on them." he said." he said." he said.171 She went on putting her lipstick and making sure she looked presentable to the journalists of the world." "I don't understand. "We must have lived before. "I don't care where I'll go. after the end of the world. "A long time ago. "You have to remember." he said. "We'll be together somewhere else. "In one of our paths through reality." he said. "This is one of our roads through reality. amidst some other things he had to buy some day." he said." His hands went down her neck and down to her breasts. "I appeared in the garden. "How will we do it?" He showed her the picture of a boat he had found in a magazine. helping him to find his way to the end of time. where he must have gone. . "It must be in heaven. while describing what had happened during his journey back from the death.

" Fifi finished getting re4ady for that appointment they had with the journalists somewhere in time." she said. as he wrote a few more things of his theory of matter being particles and waves." . Homer wrote in a blackboard Fifi had found somewhere amongst her things.172 He gave her as paper with the equations of the particles travelling through space from the beginning of the universe. "This is what I think. according to the equations in a book he had found in the library." he said." she said. "In this universe. "I love you. even if it meant being late for their appointment." she said. "I n this life. "This is the equation of time. "It is a particle and a wave. just like anything else in the world. "But you must get ready." he said." he said. "You confuse me." he said. making the pathways the photons had to follow in their journeys from the far way galaxies they could see in a clear sky. "We don't know where the particle is." he said. He nodded. the best way she had of showing her love to the man trying to conquer the world. "That is interesting. He had to prove those formulas full of squiggles he had written in the paper. "Einstein got the Nobel prize for the theory of light. "Why are you doing it again then?" "This is a different thing." he said. He drew the graphics of his theory.

with platinum blond hair. a seagull opens her left eye. I couldn't sleep last night. LUXURIOUS YATCH. electric blue eyelashes. On the top of a mast.NIGHT We see the top part of a yacht.173 The general EXT. SEAGULL I forgot to take that tablet of Sinogan. The seats. That's the one she shows to the public. a reason to believe we're in high seas and it's night time. the floor and the walls are luxurious while moving in synchronisation with the waves. and sensual lips. Measures: 94-39-90 . She puts her head under her wings as a young woman appears at the door.

wearing a captain's uniform with a white shirt.174 She moves along the deck. while bits of bronze skin peep out of her dress and her forty plus bra is in danger of exploding. trousers and shoes. She turns to look as a middle-aged man. SEAGUL I can't sleep if she says stupid things. FIFI I sleep with my husband but sometimes I use a friend to have more fun. Fifi looks at the seagull. defying the stability of her bra. FIFI The night and the sea are the sailor's love. are you cold? SEAGULL The night is a bit fresh. HOMER . wearing a long gown the colour of dry wine. comes in the scene. FIFI Alone between the sky and sea! She sighs. The seagull opens her eyes. She kisses him. FIFI Poor bird. FIFI Homer. Do you have a sinogan? FIFI What is it? SEAGULL It's a sleeping tablet. my darling.

HOMER I'd like to be the greatest pirate of them all. my captain. HOMER Generals are nice. FIFI We must hide ourselves from my husband. HOMER We should be on our own if the general doesn't disturb us. SEAGULL I'll have a nice time. FIFI This is our last night. We'll be far from each other by tomorrow. like a good dog. HOMER I will follow you everywhere. FIFI I do believe you're a dog. .175 What is my blond angel doing here alone? FIFI I asked this little bird who was the greatest sailor in the world. FIFI My captain won't remember me tomorrow. HOMER I feel like a schoolboy in love. but I can't hide you anywhere in the Caribbean. Nothing wakes him up. FIFI The general sleeps as deeply as a trench. the general. SEAGULL I see that soap opera.

the shepherds have to be with our sheep. HOMER . God will be with you forever. CARDINAL We. It's like travelling with God himself. after standing up. hasn't Aurita come yet? FIFI The admiral was seasick today. FIFI It's an honour to have a prince of the church in this important journey. FIFI AND HOMER (In unison) Your highness. a triple crown with a diamond cross. wearing a red skirt with golden buttons. Cardinal Anastasio appears. I want to thank you for visiting my ship. HOMER Your highness. I was talking to my God as usual. CARDINAL Stand up now my children. CARDINAL You're the modest one. as his deep and authoritative voice comes out of his rounded stomach. The cardinal blesses them..176 HOMER He's an antitank ditch. SEAGULL He made the Maginot line. and socks and shoes similar to the skirt. Measurements: 94-344-480 He coughs. They straighten their clothes. By the way. CARDINAL I'm sorry for the interruption. while praying in Latin. Fifi and Homer kneel down on the floor.

Homer gives orders to a nearby sailor.177 Let's have a glass of wine while we wait. CARDINAL I wonder what's happened to Aurita. CARDINAL God bless you. .NIGHT The sailors bring a few bottles. HOMER I did what anyone else would have done. FIFI Love is beautiful. SEAGULL The smallest ship that man knows is the Queen Elizabeth II. SEAGULL The lady in red must be pregnant. CARDINAL Don't be so modest. HOMER My activities need the protection of the Almighty. We know about your adventure in the middle of the Atlantic. FIFI I wrote between the sea and the sky in your honour. They must erect statues in your honour. HOMER Stop saying foolish things. CUT TO EXT. LUXURIOUS YATCH. It's hard not to notice a great man. FIFI You are the father of freedom. glasses and jars with flowers and put them on a table.

CARDINAL I'm in love. CARDINAL AND FIFI (In unison) Thank you. HOMER I toast for a saint apostle and the most beautiful woman in the world. They all drink. LUXURIOUS YATCH. HOMER God protects his apostles. You must have been a good looking man. CUT TO EXT YATCH-EVENING Homer pours wine in the glasses as the guests come to the table. SEAGULL I'm glad I didn't take that sinogan. CARDINAL I have served eternity forever.NIGHT .178 HOMER It's the substance of life. CUT TO EXT. FIFI It's a blessing for Aurita to be in God's heart. The cardinal sighs. CARDINAL I've loved God and my fellow human beings all my life.

her teeth white and her lips pink. CARDINAL Have a drink. SEAGULL What are these people doing? The cardinal offers Aurita a glass of wine. styles her black hair like Cleopatra before she met Mark Anthony while her eyes are black. FIFI What about us? Fifi and Homer kiss each other. CUT TO EXT. She drinks almost all of it. CARDINAL .179 A beautiful girl appears. wearing a long black dress with an opening along her hips. HOMER That's love. CARDINAL You don't want to be a vampire. LUXURIOUS YATCH. my darling.NIGHT The girls sit on the men's laps. AURITA I must leave some for my saint. The cardinal caresses the embroidery in Aurita's pants. She looks like Aphrodite with a pair of well shaped arms and teats. Measurements: 8-31. Aurita kisses him.82 CARDINAL An angel has arrived.

The admiral appears with medals in his lapel as the women step away from their men. haven't I? AURITA I'm wearing them in your honour. HOMER You'll feel better after taking this medicine. CARDINAL You must take them off later. SEAGULL The woman wearing the red skirt wants to eat the other one. hugs Fifi and kisses Aurita. The admiral sips his wine. FIFI I wonder what has happened to the general. The cardinal blesses him. your highness. ADMIRAL Good evening. The Admiral stands up. Homer gives him a large glass of wine. Admiral. greets Homer. ADMIRAL . HOMER We waited for you. AURITA How is my sea wolf? ADMIRAL I'm a bit seasick. How are you? The admiral goes past the women and kneels in front of the cardinal. CARDINAL God has taken pity on your soul.180 I've given them to you.

AURITA Admirals should be of four moons. CARDINAL He must be a general of four suns. HOMER Hurrah to our future president! EVERYBODY Hurrah to the president! GENERAL I thank the cardinal in this adventure.181 He is looking for his sun. HOMER It's a good idea. Homer has a word with the sailors and music drifts around the ship. SEAGULL One sun is enough for me. CARDINAL When God left us his blood he never thought of women.. SEAGULL Having four moons must be a good thing. Everyone stands up. ADMIRAL This wine is like a woman's milk. A general with four suns in his uniform appears in the scene. to the great Homer giving us arms for our . AURITA I believe he really talks to God. FIFI And romantic. while the Admiral finishes his drink.

AURITA Tonight is the start of a new country. HOMER We must celebrate our general's victory. SEAGULL Where do they keep the suns? Homer replenishes the empty glasses with some more wine. GENERAL Thank you. Hurray to the general! EVERYBODY Hurray! FIFI I'll be with you whatever happens.182 freedom and to our women. CARDINAL We must stop the president with a military coup tomorrow. GENERAL . affected by Fifi's declaration of love. Aurita wipes a runaway tear. GENERAL I ask for the protection of God and the army. Homer fills up the glasses of wine. GENERAL Thank you. CARDINAL I toast for the general's sword and for our religion. ADMIRAL My army recognises you as the new head of state.

a bit expensive but good for our cause.183 Homer's arms are first class. organisation and God's blessings CARDINAL I haven't changed my Cadillac and cars for the last two years. HOMER The price is not high if you consider a few details. Our group is regular and the army backs us. FIFI Two years? HOMER Two years? CARDINAL I only have a chalet by the beach. ADMIRAL We back our general. AURITA Imbeciles! GENERAL Your highness will be treated very well by my government. The church has better arms than canons but we have a few tanks. CARDINAL We back him spiritually. after helping those idiots with their coup. EVERYBODY Hurrah to our new president. GENERAL We have powerful arms. Hurrah! FIFI . GENERAL I appreciate Homer's attitude and I assure you we'll win.

GENERAL You'll have your chalet. the country and the church. We have communist bishops. SEAGULL I am hungry. GENERAL We'll fix it with our canons. canonised footballers. Excellency. cherubs working for the Metro Goldwin Mayer. Adam and Eve without an apple and Jesus Christ trying to pass a driving test. crazy Franciscans.184 Religion has gone down the drain. CARDINAL That's why we need a new government to lead the country but the general mustn't forget my needs. your highness. naked nuns. bad Jesuits. virgins with no reference. . AURITA He'll have his new Cadillac. married priests. bigamist Dominicans. destitute saints. ADMIRAL We need a strong government for our people. archangels who have been warned. CARDINAL I'm all yours. CARDINAL You speak of sanctity and virtue. GENERAL Thank you. GENERAL Yes. CARDINAL I'll give you my blessings.

FIFI I want hot music. as the sailors return with more bottles.NIGHT Modern music floats around the ship. . clean the table and change the floral decoration. HOMER I have good submarines for you. Homer dances with Fifi. GENERAL Thank you. GENERAL A parade with no submarines is like a party without a drink. LUXURIOUS SHIP. The cardinal and Aurita dance. ADMIRAL That's good. Sea water finishes with everything. whilst the general and the admiral dance with each other. Homer helps him to the nearest chair. after he trips and falls to the floor. HOMER My submarines must be protected against humidity. AURITA Or without music.185 ADMIRAL We can't forget the tanks. Homer exits through the door. ADMIRAL We'll use them in the manoeuvres. EXT. SEAGULL And food. HOMER We must have music. ships and submarines. We'll parade them around the cities.

HOMER .NIGHT HOMER You'll be a queen tomorrow. She hands him a golden crown.186 CARDINAL I can't cope with this music. the cardinal dances with Aurita. HOMER That must be the general. HOMER You've made me the happiest man in the world. Homer holds her close. As the music drifts about the place. Homer and Fifi hide in a corner. FIFI He's my prince consort. while the men drink and talk about their plans. He touches his head. The cardinal crosses himself and puts it back on his head. Homer kisses her. before caressing her breasts. CARDINAL Where is my crown? FIFI I've found it. CUT TO EXT. We used to dance minuet and bolero some time ago. FIFI Make love to me. CORNER IN LUXURIOUS YACHT. FIFI And you'll be my prince.

ADMIRAL You are always generous. LUXURIOUS YATCH. I'm feeling generous. His highness limps with Aurita to another corner. CUT TO EXT. CUT TO EXT.NIGHT Homer and Fifi dance at the tune of a bolero.NIGHT CARDINAL Homer knows about strategies. Look where he has taken Fifi. ADMIRAL .NIGHT GENERAL The destroyer will be ready tomorrow then… ADMIRAL Those people won't survive. FIFI The revolution might kill him. LUXURIOUS YACHT. EXT. He puts his hand up her pants. GENERAL I don't want too much blood in our coup.187 We must get rid of your husband first. GENERAL We must have an airplane ready to send the president away. where they kiss each other. AURITA Let's follow their example. LUXURIOUS YATCH.

GENERAL We have to sign Homer's cheques.188 That's good. ADMIRAL I'm overwhelmed with your generosity. They drink more wine. ADMIRAL A few more medals wouldn't be bad for us. GENERAL Let's drink another one. We have to give them beautiful decorations. GENERAL You must be the war minister. ADMIRAL He'll take care of that. They drink more wine. GENERAL What a man! ADMIRAL He's a shrewd businessman. GENERAL Leave that to me. . ADMIRAL We need titles and honours. ADMIRAL Our women are saints GENERAL They'll be the first lady and the minister's wife.

CARDINAL The pope has been here on holydays. HOMER I've never had anyone like you. AURITA It's an honour to be with your highness. ADMIRAL Your Highness dances well. She's nice. HOMER I'm happy. FIFI Your yacht is important.189 CUT TO EXT. ADMIRAL The Aga Khan was here. ADMIRAL It's for both of us. . LUXURIOUS YATCH. CARDINAL You're kind. GENERAL Queens and kings have been here. CARDINAL I'm bothering your beautiful wife. dancing with the first lady. AURITA And Miss Universe.NIGHT The boleros have stopped and everybody is back at the table. The sailors bring more food and wine.

ADMIRAL This is a very important moment in our lives. Aurita and the cardinal talk as Fifi and Homer whisper to each other. as more bottles of wine arrive.NIGHT The couples dance. . GENERAL We need a new government… ADMIRAL It will give us happiness for the rest of our days. HOMER I have fulfilled my aspirations tonight. The general shoots his revolver while the admiral does that with his pocket machine gun and the cardinal passes wind. They drink to Homer's honour. CUT TO EXT. LUXURIOUS YACHT. SEAGULL They make too much noise. I'll never forget it. GENERAL Thank you. CUT TO EXT.190 CARDINAL And the Dalai Lama. The militaries go back to the table while the others dance.NIGHT GENERAL We have enough wine to calm our nerves. GENERAL Homer is wonderful. and the music of a ranchera drifts about the deck. DANCE FLOOR IN YACHT. I can't sleep.

GENERAL Of course. It is full of papers. ADMIRAL I have a short speech bought from the national factory. ADMIRAL And admirals. you must sign my cheques now. pens. ladies and gentlemen. GENERAL I've got one from the same place. HOMER My distinguished guests.191 ADMIRAL We should have at least eighty generals and as many admirals. GENERAL . GENERAL There are three generals for each soldier at the moment. GENERAL Good evening your highness. We have gathered here today in the middle of the sea and under the light of a thousand constellations… He waves his spade and cuts the tail of the seagull as he eats tuna from the plates. typewriters and calculators. The sailors bring a table covered with a green cloth. The sailors bring some more bottles of wine as the ranchera comes to an end. They all gather around the table. A man without much hair bows in front of the people and sits at the table. It would be ideal to have an army of only generals. who looks at his medals while standing up. except for the general.

GENERAL We come back like the Spartans with the emblems. They applaud. God. if necessary. I represent the catholic people of my country. justice and bread. look for revenge.. who will follow our leaders beyond death. GENERAL We need faith and dignity. the emperor Constantine found . If I die. They applaud. CARDINAL On the twenty seventh of October of the year 1312. If I go back.192 …to save my country from the chains. Christ and freedom! Here is a saying of my government: for the country and to the country. They applaud again. GENERAL I invite you to follow my comrades. Fifi and the seagull kiss him in the mouth while the cardinal straightens his crown and gets ready to speak. They applaud. I'm prepared to offer my life for my people. They all hug the general. CARDENAL In this night of faith and hope. greatness and altruism to give our people peace. who taught us love from the cradle. with our mother's tears and the efforts of a dying father.. applaud and drink wine. The general searches for his glass to refresh his mouth but the seagull has finished with the wine. The seagull sips some wine from a glass and also applauds. They cry. GENERAL Dawn will find us in the trenches defending our country. kill me.

CARDINAL I must give you the papal blessing with a plenary indulgence. supreme boss. . I have the honour of showing the receipts. clears his throat and gets ready to talk. They applaud. your signatures proving the courage of your hearts. supreme boss. The seagull doesn't like it and goes back to the food. They congratulate his highness. Everyone goes mad. and find his words: with the saint cross. God of the armies. we turn our eyes towards God. admiral. ADMIRAL General. reads a few lines of the document and signs it. protector and father of our country: I had never seen such a unanimous opinion about our government.193 the troops of his rival Magencio twelve kilometres away from Rome. we'll have victory. They all kneel on the floor. The admiral also signs without reading the paper. HOMER I want to offer the pens we have used in the ceremony to our ladies. CARDINAL That's why at this solemn moment of our lives. After calling the Christian God. The general goes to the table. including the seagull. he saw a luminous cross in the sunset with the following words: With this sign you'll win. The cardinal ads postdate: don't forget the ten per cent. before signing it. the cardinal. He was promoted as Jesus Christ. HOMER General. protector and father of our country. another one to Aurita and the third one to the seagull. The cardinal prays in Latin while pouring holy water around him. He gives one to Fifi. The admiral drinks some wine.

They applaud. The eternal reflex of the sea changed into a pyramid of light in between paths of hope and the dawns full of awe. the tree of a victorious Christ against the moors in Lepanto in their perpetual fight against a hostile medium. Since the birth of our nation. when we decide the future of a free country. Homer shoos him away. forming the first notes of the symphony of America. The weeping of children sent a choir to the wind. HOMER . and sanctity with the beats of the sword. ADMIRAL Our ancestors grew in the highest Andean mountain. All of this was mixed in the new land and new hearts. pregnant with God. ADMIRAL This blood made plants grow next to the cross. They applaud. ADMIRAL In between the paths of the virgin jungle. and to the black torrent of Africa..NIGHT The seagull eats the fish swimming in the aquarium. a few ethnic races have come to America. It opened its entrails to the Iberian race. It turned into the chastity of our women. CUT TO EXT. charity in the toughness of our men.194 ladies and gentlemen: I want to say a few words in this day. CARDINAL This is not a good moment to talk about virgins. LUXURIOUS YACHT.

LUXURIOUS YACHT -NIGHT The music of a ranchera drifts through the ship. The cardinal disappears through the door.NIGHT ADMIRAL Atahualpa and Gaspar joining their titanic forces over mountains full of snow. MUSIC . CARDINAL The last classic finished 2-2. as written in the last page of the Inca culture… CUT TO CARDINAL I think the admiral wants to tell us the history of America. CUT TO EXT.195 Stop it. CUT TO EXT. citing the classic ones would be enough. He doesn't have to discuss the games. LUXURIOUS YACHT. AURITA We should dance. AURITA I'm a fan of the America football team.

196 The day I die. can we escape while the admiral remembers our country? They leave the scene. CUT TO ADMIRAL ….LUXURIOUS YACHT. it will be by four gunshots… ADMIRAL …When the warrior talent of Pizarro met the idolatrous Indians. He… MUSIC He didn't have time to go on his horse… The cardinal gestures to Aurita. celestial fire took the last Inca in front of his first cause.And then the Incas. Her husband's mind is in Cusco now. GENERAL What's your opinion of the miniskirt? CUT TO .NIGHT Homer sits close to Fifi. suffered in rivers of blood… The general looks at the seagull. CARDINAL My love. HOMER His highness stole Aurita. CUT TO EXT. The general decides to dance with the seagull after drinking some more wine. ADMIRAL Loyalty to the institutions is one of the duties of a patriot. FIFI It's natural.

GENERAL Do you like the music? SEAGULL I prefer rock. HOMER Our general of four suns hasn't had much sun. CUT TO EXT. .NIGHT The general dances with the seagull.197 ADMIRAL …From the Orinoco. without looking at its own whiteness. FIFI We must give him the sleeping drug. the water is full of remains… MUSIC I'm drinking like a madman… CUT TO Homer and Fifi sit holding hands. because it counts its energies… MUSIC If they tell you.NIGHT The music has stopped and everybody has come back to the table. CUT TU ADMIRAL …And then freedom grew like a tropical plant. LUXURIOUS SHIP. One of those creepers climbing forever towards the light. Homer pours a few drops of sinogan in the general's cup. LUXURIOUS YACHT. they saw me very drunk… EXT.

After pouring wine in a glass. I'll give him a glass of wine. The general drinks the wine with the strong mixture of medicines.198 SEAGULL They told me nothing was good for sleeping. GENERAL I'll ask him for a copy to edit in the official paper. ADMIRAL …The centaurs of freedom broke their arrows on the armours of the sons of El Cid… They all drink and eat. general? CUT TO Homer pours a bag of powder in the wine. CUT TO GENERAL Our admiral is still talking. ADMIRAL …The seeds of his genius proliferate… CUT TO HOMER The admiral is a master of rhetoric without any doubts. he gets near the admiral. HOMER Do you want another glass of wine. which couldn't fight against its own children in whom… He sips wine from the glass the general has offered him. ADMIRAL …The great achievements of the Iberian race. EVERYBODY . I think it's very interesting.

CUT TO ADMIRAL …That is why we must shout once more: Freedom! Freedom! Freedom! I've spoken. my sons. crashing against some of the mastiffs as the general goes to sleep on the table after drinking his wine.NIGHT HOMER I've given him the whole solution. ADMIRAL …And then the flag of freedom displayed its colours… AURITA My husband must be finishing. We'll have the rest of the night to ourselves. LUXURIOUS YACHT .199 Hurrah to the admiral! ADMIRAL …And then the fecund rivers. The seagull flies away. FIFI When will the admiral end? CUT TO The cardinal and Aurita come back to the table rearranging their clothes. I have to say mass early tomorrow. where the dark women gave birth to heroes. CARDINAL We must go to sleep. They applaud while the admiral drinks his wine. He snores with the peculiar sound of heroes in threir way to victory. multiplying themselves just as his children… CUT TO EXT. They ask for glasses of wine. ADMIRAL .

Homer calls the sailors.200 We understand. INTERMEDIARY . SHIP. INTERMEDIARY Are you sure this is the place? FIRST SAILOR The pilot swears it is. HOMER Take the general to his cabin and help him to undress. he looks out into the sea. Human Bombs EXT.NIGHT A few sailors look into the night with binoculars as a middle aged man wearing a short shirt stands with a glass in his hand. Sipping his drink.

SOMEONE (VO) A boat is coming. . Then he sits and drinks from his glass. The intermediary takes a microphone. SECOND SAILOR They must have been found. These people arrive on time. INTERMEDIARY I'm only an intermediary. Prepare the reception.201 It's strange. my captain. INTERMEDIARY A boat is coming. remember? ALL THE SAILORS Yes sir. INTERMEDIARY Don't be a pessimist. INTERMEDIARY Are you all armed? ALL THE SAILORS Yes sir. He moves across ship. INTERMEDIARY Have you checked the security installations? ALL THE SAILORS Yes sir. INTERMEDIARY Tell the man in charge of the radar. SECOND SAILOR Everything is possible.

waits by the intermediary. BEARDED MAN Rest. NEWCOMERS (All together) National Liberation Army. does a military salute while spitting on the floor.Bombs automatic battalion is ready for its secret mission of economic character. Hurrah to . SHIP. and a bearded man. They disperse around the ship. BEARDED MAN X. get into the ship and stand in front of the intermediary. CUT TO EXT.202 He lights up his pipe. The intermediary walks across the ship to greet the newcomers. who seems to be in charge. INTERMEDIARY Thank you. CUT TO More people arrive at the boat. The bearded man takes off his hat. NEWCOMERS (All together) National Liberation Army. INTERMEDIARY You're in the presence of someone who agrees with your ideas. They all relax.NIGHT The boat docks. as men and women go up the ladder. the sailors move around the ship as a boat approaches amidst the darkness. BEARDED MAN Attention! The people assume a formal position.

INTERMEDIARY (Calling aloud) Atenagoras. ATENAGORAS Do you want something Mr. We don't accept anything. INTERMEDIARY You'll receive the arms tomorrow night. The bearded man stands up. INTERMEDIARY I want to show my admiration and solidarity. before saluting the intermediary. EVERYBODY Hurrah! They sit on the floor as intermediary offers the bearded man a cigar. BEARDED MAN We have everything ready. Revolutionary. who looks through the papers in his wallet after putting his glasses on. SHIP. we are idealists like you.203 freedom. The bosses authorise me to give you 28. Atenagoras. Intermediary? INTERMEDIARY Show me the revolutionary men's papers. INTERMEDIARY This is a disinterested help. BEARDED MAN . Atenagoras sits next to the intermediary and the bearded man.000 dollars.EVENING A small bald man with a wallet under his left arm takes off his glasses. Mr. BEARDED MAN We're on a mission here. CUT TO EXT.

000… He puts his glasses on again and looks at the paper. Intermediary. BEARDED MAN Thank you. my dear Atenagoras. INTERMEDIARY Count the money. after having so much money in his pocket. Here is your money. I only have to give $28. tell me how much we owe you. We are not beggars. The bearded man opens his shirt and takes out a roll of dollars.204 Mr. ATENAGORAS Tonight you must give us the sum of 28. BEARDED MAN You're mistaken. following the writing with his finger. The bald employee stars to count the money. INTERMEDIARY You must forgive me. INTERMEDIARY Let's not fight for such a stupid thing. Atenagoras takes off his glasses. Someone thinks of his glorious work. INTERMEDIARY Idealism is something beautiful. BEARDED MAN . INTERMEDIARY Write a receipt for whatever money he says. BEARDED MAN Thank you. He looks at Atenagoras.300 dollars. ATENAGORAS …And 835 dollars. I only have the best intentions in the world.

they explode in the most convenient places. BEARDED MAN Alcohol is only for rich people. BEARDED MAN We fight for our life. INTERMEDIARY I understand less than before. INTERMEDIARY You should do the same thing. . I had not thought of that idea. INTERMEDIARY Sorry but I'm nervous. INTERMEDIARY It's a novelty. INTERMEDIARY They're people. Can I drink an aguardiente? BEARDED MAN Of course you can. Our battalion is made up of walking bombs. BEARDED MAN It's the laatest tactic discovered by the heroes in Vietnam. INTERMEDIARY I'm a progressive rich. It calms the nerves. INTERMEDIARY What do you mean? BEARDED MAN We're bombs.205 We're revolutionaries. We're the soldiers of the revolution. BEARDED MAN No one is a person here.

INTERMEDIARY I belong to the hated rich. We can't cope with so much idealism. INTERMEDIARY My spirit is weak. BEARDED MAN Our leaders' plans will liberate us from the oppressors. INTERMEDIARY My God! You can blow yourself up. It's not your fault. You are controlled by your powerful masters. BEARDED MAN It's the exploitation of man by man. . INTERMEDIARY I had never imagined so much strength. you can drink as much as you want to. The intermediary drinks his aguardiente in a gulp. BEARDED MAN Atenagoras is counting your idealism. Drink an aguardiente. Someone from the NLA itches his leg. BEARDED MAN Don't worry Mr. The intermediary mutters something to the man. BEARDED MAN The fight is just starting. a sailor appears. As he claps his hands. young man. A sailor comes in with a few bottles.206 BEARDED MAN Mr. Intermediary. Intermediary. Don't forget it. glasses and soda. the others are the masters. INTERMEDIARY We are the slaves. before the intermediary pours a drink for himself and Atenágoras counts his money.

Revolutionary. ATENAGORAS Everything seems to be OK. I don't. as Atenágoras stops counting the money. He drinks three aguardientes. INTERMEDIARY Tomorrow you'll have your arms in the place we agreed. BEARDED MAN Be calm. BEARDED MAN We could try our system in the sea.207 Atenagoras stops counting the dollars. ATENAGORAS You mean that man exploits himself. BEARDED MAN . INTERMEDIARY I always knew you were noble. He writes in a paper and signs it. BEARDED MAN Don't you want a demonstration? INTERMEDIARY No. Mr. Intermediary. BEARDED MAN Isn't it funny? ATENAGORAS I don't believe in that. We wouldn't waste our ammunitions in this boat. according to our promises. Mr. The intermediary also signs it. INTERMEDIARY I can't swim but I'll give you your money back. INTERMEDIARY You count your dollars.

Intermediary. nothing will happen to you. sir. BEARDED MAN These are military manoeuvres. Atenagoras gestures to the NLA members. BEARDED MAN I want to try something. Revolutionary. ATENAGORAS What happened to the test of the bombs? BEARDED MAN I'm thinking about it. INTERMEDIARY I beg you. what charge do you . Mr. INTERMEDIARY Do you want to lose one bomb? BEARDED MAN You're a rich terrorist and I want to show you a submarine fight. this is not a warship.208 You must keep your word. INTERMEDIARY But Mr. We must live for the revolution. The bearded man mutters something. BEARDED MAN Nothing will happen to your ship. He moves towards the human bombs. ATENAGORAS Let them test their weapons. Number eight. BEARDED MAN I want a bomb with small charge for a submarine.

BEARDED MAN You must sail as fast as possible. Can you understand me? INTERMEDIARY Why? BEARDED MAN The explosion might send us to the bottom of the sea. BEARDED MAN I need a small bomb without ammunition. my lieutenant. BEARDED MAN And number six? One of the men sitting at the table raises his hand.209 have? A man stands up. NUMBER EIGHT I have four kilograms. my lieutenant. NUMBER SIX I'm three and a half with incorporated ammunition. The bearded man looks at the intermediary. INTERMEDIARY What explosion? The bearded man gestures towards the young man. BEARDED MAN That explosion. Stand up. who looks like a child NUMBER SIX I'm three kilos without the ammunition. . He's a skinny man. INTERMEDIARY I see a man. Number six stands up.

the motor groans. the wind blows over the bombs and the intermediary wipes his brow.210 BEARDED MAN Make this ship go fast or I'll explode it in your face. stupid rich man. . The young man sits down. BEARDED MAN When will it be? ATENAGORAS It should be in half an hour. BEARDED MAN What's the speed? INTERMEDIARY Fifteen knots. BEARDED MAN Is this a joke? INTERMEDIARY We have to go into the open sea first. BEARDED MAN I need a life jacket. ATENAGORAS We have several kinds of life jackets. As the intermediary says a few things to the sailors. BEARDED MAN Is that all? ATENAGORAS We'll go at fifty kilometres per hour in ten minutes. BEARDED MAN You can rest for now. The bearded man looks at the young man.

ATENAGORAS I thought you wanted manoeuvres under the sea. The din of the motors indicates they're moving fast. anything wrong with it? ATENAGORAS I don't know. BEARDED MAN He'll be in the surface.211 BEARDED MAN Can I see them? The intermediary sips his drink and calls a sailor. my lieutenant? BEARDED MAN After floating in the sea. ATENAGORAS How will the manoeuvre be. the bomb will explode when the ship nears it. ATENAGORAS . INTERMEDIARY Bring the life jackets. CUT TO EXT SHIP. A few sailors arrive with the life jackets and wait for the bearded man to finish with his plans while the intermediary and Atenagoras drink aguardiente. BEARDED MAN This is what it is. BEARDED MAN I'll explain it with a graphic. ATENAGORAS Submarines go under the sea.NIGHT The bearded man writes something on a notebook.

BEARDED MAN The life jacket is very good. The bearded man gestures to the young man with the bomb. Can I have the reference? A sailor gives something to the bearded man. I go to the railings and then I jump into the sea. . Then he offers a life jacket to the young man. who writes it in his notebook. BEARDED MAN Attention. Do you understand? NUMBER SIX Yes. The young man stands up and puts the life jacket on. lieutenant. BEARDED MAN Do you think he's a nun? ATENAGORAS The sea is cold at this time. I wait for your signal before igniting the bomb. BEARDED MAN He'll get wet for four minutes.212 Excuse me lieutenant but the life jackets have arrived. The bearded man examines one by one of the different kinds of life jackets. BEARDED MAN Can you repeat what I've just said? NUMBER SIX At the count of three. INTERMEDIARY Why don't we give the man a glass of aguardiente? He might feel less nervous. BEARDED MAN You jump after I count up to three but wait for my signal before igniting the bomb.

The bearded man searches in his pockets. The bearded man looks at his watch. BEARDED MAN . I'm responsible for it. lieutenant? BEARDED MAN How else could I do it? ATENAGORAS You can throw the life jacket into the sea. ATENAGORAS Can you do the same thing without a bomb. BEARDED MAN Is the ship going fast? SAILOR Yes. INTERMEDIARY Excuse me.213 BEARDED MAN Get ready. BEARDED MAN If you keep on interfering. lieutenant. I'll send you instead. BEARDED MAN How much is it? INTERMEDIARY Two dollars. The bearded man gestures at bomb number six. Number six moves to the railings. lieutenant but the life jacket costs money. BEARDED MAN Get ready. He throws two dollars on the table. Everyone is quiet as the motor groans.

The intermediary gives orders to the sailors and the boat slows down. INTERMEDIARY He could blow up near us. a pink light spreading about the boat illuminates the scene. BEARDED MAN Let's go back. . two and three! Number six jumps into the water. BEARDED MAN You'll have to swim then.NIGHT The bearded man shoots his gun at the sky but they only hear the roaring motor. as four minutes pass. SHIP. BEARDED MAN The bastard must have gone to sleep! ATENAGORAS He must have drowned. BEARDED MAN Was the life jacket faulty? INTERMEDIARY I can assure you. BEARDED MAN Let's find him. Everybody looks at the sea and Atenagoras pour aguardiente in their glasses.214 One. it's as good as new.NIGHT A voice is heard in the microphone. the bearded man holds the signal gun and everyone look at the sea. SHIP. CUT TO EXT. CUT TO EXT.

if the body is found by the reactionaries. can you hear me? NUMBER SIX Yes. lieutenant. BEARDED MAN Can you hear me. NUMBER SIX I'm here. I need a low charge. my lieutenant. BEARDED MAN We're going to destroy you. sir. I've been wounded in my legs and chest. BEARDED MAN Number six.215 VOICE We're close to the place. NUMBER SIX Yes. BEARDED MAN We'll use another method. Two kilograms should be enough. SAILOR We don't have one. number six? NUMBER SIX Yes. The bomb didn't explode. A sailor brings the microphone to the bearded man. under the light of a battery operated torch. BEARDED MAN We'll be dead. They see something floating in the sea. . lieutenant. He looks at the people in the ship. The bearded man shoots his gun several times.

ATENAGORAS I'll take him to a hospital. lieutenant. until her young and attractive body appears naked under the light of the torch. She helps them to check the wires connected to herself. and after counting a few things. NUMBER SIX Thank you. SAILOR She's ready. Number ten is coming to you in a few minutes. ATENAGORAS Why don't we pick him up? BEARDED MAN This isn't your business. BEARDED MAN How are you? NUMBER SIX I'm hoping to blow up soon. The bearded man looks at the sea. they put the rest back in the bra. BEARDED MAN You must revise her equipment. lieutenant. while her companions take ammunition from her brassiere. BEARDED MAN .216 A girl stands up. BEARDED MAN Don't worry. my lieutenant. can you hear me? NUMBER SIX Yes. BEARDED MAN Number six.

INTERMEDIARY I just wanted to know. Do you understand? NUMBER TEN Yes. INTERMEDIARY Will anything happen to the ship? BEARDED MAN No. BEARDED MAN Attention. BEARDED MAN I want a life jacket. He goes back to the table with Atenagoras. who is dressed now. The girl puts the life jacket over her curves and moves towards the railings. INTERMEDIARY "Yes. lieutenant. BEARDED MAN You must swim to number six hug him to your chest and ignite the bomb. The bearded man takes a few dollars out of his pocket and hands them to the intermediary.217 If you keep on interfering. BEARDED MAN Are you ready? NUMBER TEN . A sailor brings another life jacket. you'll end up in hospital. sir. The bearded man gestures at the girl. She stands in front of him.

the motors of the ship roar for some time. Intermediary. INTERMEDIARY Yes. . two and three. She jumps into the sea. sir. BEARDED MAN Mr.218 Yes lieutenant. BEARDED MAN One. as an explosion illuminates the sky with a pinkish light. let's go back to the base.

. CUT TO EXT. He looks at the man sitting on the books.219 Chucho EXT. He sits on a chair and the thin man sits down on another one as a sailor appears. while holding four books under his right arm and three under the other one. walks across the ship. At first sight he looks strange with his long arms.NIGHT Another old gentleman appears. before sitting on them in the floor. the waves roaring in the background give us a taste of the scene. bold. The fat man looks at his feet and nods. FAT PROFESSOR Hi. Thin. THIN PROFESSOR Why are you sitting on the books? FAT PROFESSOR Who? THIN PROFESSOR You. LUXURIOUS SHIP. like that of an ape with a sailor's hat on his head. while carrying a suitcase. he is wearing a suit full of decorations. He has a big stomach and a wide forehead flanked by a pair of glasses. An old man with many decorations on his lapel. we notice his hairy face.NIGHT A sailor moves with a tray full of drinks. hairs sprouting from under his clothes and walking bow legged. but as he moves across the ship and disappears in the shadows. FAT PROFESSOR Thank you. LUXURIOUS SHIP.

for interrupting your thoughts. HOMER I beg your pardon. please? The sailor disappears through the door. wise men. They all stand up. The sailor leaves the scene. The diarrhoea has stopped. HOMER How is the infant today? WOMAN He's all right. please. The child wears a small suit with decorations. HOMER . dear Homer. HOMER Don't exaggerate. Homer caresses the child. That's the truth. The men kiss her hand and smile at the child. coughing and wearing a suit with decorations. A middle-aged woman wearing a long dress and with a child in her arms appears.220 THIN PROFESSOR Can you bring me a table. The hairy puts a small table in front of the thin professor as Homer appears through the door. THIN PROFESSOR It is amazing. FAT PROFESSOR I've never seen a ship as luxurious as this one in my life. THIN PROFESSOR Our words are mathematical formulae. wise men. WOMAN Good evening.

EVERYBODY It's hard to believe. WOMAN I have to feed him now. HOMER He has to tell us where he left the formula. FAT PROFESSOR .221 I have in this ship three of the best scientists in the world. On opening her dress. THIN PROFESSOR Did he tell you about his experiments? FAT PROFESSOR We were in constant communication since he started his experiments. FAT PROFESSOR You wished to show us something else more important than the pleasure we get in this ship HOMER It's something different. FAT PROFESSOR We couldn't find the formula in Professor Irwin's laboratory. even though I drank the contents of a bottle with a yellow liquid. she guides the child to the pink blossoms of her teats. HOMER Professor Irwin found the formula of eternal youth. I never imagined I'd have the famous professor Irwin in my ship. Everybody laughs. HOMER Tell us more. made a mistake and went back to being a baby.

The woman puts the child against her shoulders. HOMER We must drink to that. She puts the baby on her other breast. the hairy sailor appears. WOMAN I never imagined I would be feeding a baby at my age. HOMER He thought he had found the fountain of youth. THIN PROFESSOR I should be in my mother's womb by now. because of all the products in the shops that are supposed to make you look younger. WOMAN He eats a lot. knocking his back gently. . HOMER It's your husband. As he claps his hands. You're lucky.222 He needed to sort out a few more details before his formula was ready. FAT PROFESSOR You're an orphan. THIN PROFESSOR I want a Coca cola FAT PROFESSOR I want Coca cola. WOMAN He wanted to keep his investigations a secret. They laugh. THIN PROFESSOR I wouldn't mind any other womb then.

223 WOMAN I want Coca cola. The hairy sailor bows and disappears through the door. . I said. I have just taken the formula of youth. before going to bed. he said. Darling. HOMER Tell us the story. WOMAN That night he drank the contents of a milky liquid inside a bottle. I heard a child crying in the early hours of the morning. THIN PROFESSOR It kills my pancreas. Don't be daft. WOMAN I'll burst if I don't drink one. my dear lady. I called Irwin but no one answered and my maternal instincts told me the baby I had found was special. HOMER Why don't you drink a whisky? FAT PROFESSOR It's bad for my liver. FAT PROFESSOR My kidneys will be affected. HOMER What about a soft wine? THIN PROFESSOR My transverse colon will burst. WOMAN I can't drink alcohol while feeding the baby. He had the same birthmarks in that body I knew so well.

She moves away with the child in her arms. WOMAN I forgot about the bottle. HOMER The professor worked for many years to get his goal. The child cries as the woman covers her breasts and wipes her dress with a tissue she finds on the table. while looking after the infant. FAT PROFESSOR He's breastfed during a discussion with his colleagues. HOMER Professor Irwin would have made a fortune if he had sold his formula. The hairy sailor comes in with a bottle of whisky and soda for Homer and everything else they have ordered. He bows and leaves. FAT PROFESSOR You'll be a millionaire if you find it. WOMAN I'm ever so sorry! He usually does these things after dinner. THIN PROFESSOR We'll have to wait for the child to tell us. leaving a wet trail wherever she steps. He can't even talk now. FAT PROFESSOR .224 FAT PROFESSOR What did you do with the bottle? WOMAN What bottle? FAT PROFESSOR I thought he left it on the bedside table. before dirtying his nappy. instead of drinking it.

CUT TO EXT. HOMER A helicopter is bringing Professor Greer. Homer gives instructions to the sailors. Is she bringing the general? HOMER He's busy with a coup at the moment. THIN PROFESSOR That man likes his revolutions. HOMER Think of all the money he could have made. his wife and Fifi. scientists are boring. THIN PROFESSOR I like Fifi.225 Will he remember anything? HOMER He'll collect balls and chewing gum. THIN PROFESSOR . after reading it. FAT PROFESSOR Women want everything. LUXURIOUS YACHT. THIN PROFESSOR Has Professor Greer married? HOMER He was single the last time I saw him.EVENING A sailor appears with a message in a tray. FAT PROFESSOR And Fifi loves him. FAT PROFESSOR What a waste of time.

HOMER I'm sure of that. FAT PROFESSOR Businessmen have a direct influence on our lives. . FAT PROFESSOR This illustrious scientist used to dress in a tunic and wings during Christmas time. They all kneel as the professor places a needle under the microscope. He can't do anything else because of his job. THIN PROFESSOR I have to study the angels by the sea side.LUXURIOUS YACHT. HOMER I'm a frustrated scientist. THIN PROFESOR You must kneel down on the floor and pray before I start my research with the needle that touched baby Jesus' nappies. HOMER Yes. FAT PROFESSOR This man is the greatest genius of all time. CUT TO EXT.EVENING FAT PROFESSOR Do you know of my colleague's work? HOMER I have heard about it. He takes an electronic microscope out of his bag and a small box with beautiful decorations. of course. Then they all stand up. You're right.226 . Science has been my love up to now.

The man leaves the scene. but it has not been translated into any other language The sailor arrives with the coca colas. Nobody knows what it says. Do you want another coke? FAT PROFESSOR All right. HOMER What does the book say? FAT PROFESSOR It has 834 pages. HOMER . WAITER Yes. until someone translates it. beautiful plastic wings with golden beads and a blond wig that goes down to his hips. FAT PROFESSOR He wears a long blue gown. written in old Latin. HOMER Bring the professor a coke.227 Have you seen him sleeping? HOMER I haven't had that honour. He keeps a golden harp on his bedside table. Homer claps his hands and a sailor appears. FAT PROFESSOR He won the Nobel Prize for his thesis about the theology of Rome. HOMER It's interesting. Sir. written in verses of ten lines.

FAT PROFESSOR He has studied angels from his infancy. Are they men or women? HOMER He's a hero. when he used to wonder about their sex. HOMER That's obvious to me. being a genius must be an illness. HOMER We'll have to change that. while learning in the school. FAT PROFESSOR Geniuses like us are underpaid. HOMER What happened then? . plus eight hundred dollars for expenses. HOMER Not much money for such an important job. FAT PROFESSOR He earns $2.500 dollars a month. It's one of his fantastic words.228 Interesting! FAT PROFESSOR He has won the first prize in the story of science. and one day he ran along the streets of Rome shouting: Eureka! Eureka! HOMER What does it mean? FAT PROFESSOR I don't know. Drink your coca cola. FAT PROFESSOR How can he see an angel? He's thought about the problem for twenty years.

The thin professor smiles. She has changed her clothes and doesn't have the child. THIN PROFESSOR Thanks. WOMAN He has broken all the records with his work. WOMAN I'm sorry for interrupting the conversation. . He's so beautiful. Homer gives orders to the hairy sailor. WOMAN Our wise man doesn't belong to this world anymore. She looks at the professor working with the microscope. She sits down. EVERYBODY Bless him. while looking at his microscope. HOMER Where is the professor? WOMAN He's asleep. HOMER Would you like some wine? WOMAN It has to be dry. HOMER I've heard of the moment he ran along the street naked.229 The woman appears at this moment. He'll wake up for his next feed in three hours. FAT PROFESSOR I told Homer of the extraordinary things the professor has done.

HOMER What happened after he went naked? FAT PROFESSOR He could see the angels. but my business… WOMAN It was first page news in all the world papers. HOMER I like that opera. Clay‘s won his fight for the heavy belt on the same day. HOMER Really? . FAT PROFESSOR L. FAT PROFESSOR He was a member of the Pieni Order eight days later. FAT PROFESSOR Our friend the businessman doesn't have time for these things. WOMAN The Beatles sing operas.230 WOMAN Didn't you know that? HOMER I'm sorry. HOMER Sorry. WOMAN The Pieni Order is not an opera but a papal decoration. WOMAN They wrote eight columns in the first page about the professor nakedness. I didn't know.

HOMER How did he do it then? FAT PROFESSOR He ran naked through the streets on remembering Jesus Christ's nappy kept in the Corraplitence Monastery. after putting some faecal matter from the nappy with a needle blessed by the pope.231 FAT PROFESSOR It shows us how the mind works. He only saw angels in his microscopic field. so he went to find them. . under the microscope. HOMER What a man! FAT PROFESSOR He found them. The professor had to see angels. HOMER Who did he find? FAT PROFESSOR He saw the angels. of course. WOMAN Did you think he found worms? FAT PROFESSOR Let's not have crazy thoughts. HOMER Did he go to heaven? FAT PROFESSOR You have to be dead to go to heaven and our professor was alive. HOMER It's incredible.

and how many of them could dance on the head of the needle. . FAT PROFESSOR He wants to support science. FAT PROFESSOR I also want one.232 HOMER What a genius! FAT PROFESSOR He wanted to know the angels' sex. he saw male and female angels dancing in pairs. WOMAN All the honours of the world are not enough for such a genius. WOMAN We've talked about that. WOMAN He's an ignorant man with a heart of gold. WOMAN I want a triple wine. WOMAN It's a fascinating topic. Homer leaves the scene. HOMER Do you want another coca cola? THIN PROFESSOR I want a cold one. I'd prefer if someone helps me financially to bring up Irwin. FAT PROFESSOR As he centred the microscope on the head of the needle.

Homer comes in. FAT PROFESSOR . The present intravenous one has a few side effects. HOMER I have just spoken with the helicopter Mr. They hear the noise of a helicopter. A sailor calls Homer. but I have to get them now. FAT PROFESSOR I want to finish my Donald Duck encyclopaedia under Homer's protection. while leaving the original sin untarnished. FAT PROFESSOR Thank you.233 THIN PROFESSOR My purpose is to find a vaccine against sin under his protection. Professor Greer and Fifi are about to arrive. Nothing can compare with it. the thin professor is with the microscope. HOMER Professor Greer came without his wife. Why did he come alone? HOMER No. wise men. LUXURIOUS SHIP. As Homer leaves.NIGHT Homer appears. CUT TO EXT. THIN PROFESSOR That's a literary work of the twentieth century. FAT PROFESSOR But they are on their honeymoon. the fat one reads his Donald Duck collections and the woman combs her hair. he brought a friend. HOMER Excuse me.

wearing light blue jeans. long hair. PROFESSOR GREER This must be a meeting of the seven wise men of Greece. HOMER My dear professor Greer. FIFI I'm glad to meet you. FAT PROFESSOR You must be Fifi. They hug each other. and a miniskirt over his trousers. She kisses homer in the mouth. Mrs. Fifi comes behind them wearing a short dress with a low cleavage. make yourself at home. Irwin. WOMAN I've seen your picture in the papers. THIN PROFESSOR They care about her life. Fifi's dress goes up as she hugs the little man while the thin professor looks through the microscope. Irwin kisses Greer while the young man fiddles with his earring. He looks at Fifi's voluptuous body. CUT TO . FIFI I'm not so important.234 Is it Fifi? A forty year old man appears accompanied by a young man. or in your own ship. FAT PROFESSOR And the eighth one has just arrived. while ignoring everything else in the country. THIN PROFESSOR I think the greatest financier of all times has just arrived. Then Fifi hugs Mrs.

Marriage between men is common now. PROFESSOR GREER He's my wife. FIFI He's fighting his wars. Professor Greer hugs Ferny. PROFESSOR GREER I adore you. LUXURIOUS YACHR.NIGHT PROFESSOR GREER I married before coming to the ship and this is my wife Ferny. We're on our honeymoon. HOMER I thought he was your friend. FIFI You haven't changed. FIFI I have missed you. FAT PROFESSOR It's accepted in most countries of the world. HOMER How's the general? Fifi licks his ear.235 EXT. The couple kiss and hug each other as Fifi leads Homer away from the scene. HOMER Let's have sex. LUXURIOUS YACHT. Ferny shakes hands with everyone and sits next to Greer. . INT.NIGHT Fifi passes an arm around Homer's shoulders.

FIFI I love you more than anything on earth. Fifi straightens her clothes. HOMER You must be joking. Mr. CHUCHO But I knocked on the door first. Mr. Mr. Homer. Homer. Homer. HOMER Chucho. CHUCHO I'll do that later. As she fiddles with his trousers. HOMER I didn't ask you to come in.236 Fifi caresses his chest. HOMER I want you to look at these pages. CHUCHO The drinks are ready. He looks at her naked body. Chucho appears by their side.NIGHT Homer and Fifi lay next to each other in a bed. Chucho takes the manuscripts. as the night sky greets them beyond the window. LUXURIOUS YACHT. . Homer finds the manuscript inside a wardrobe. Chucho leaves with the manuscripts. Mr. have you ever been to the jungle? CHUCHO I lived in Leticia for a few months. Homer. INT.

FERNY This is my first and last love.NIGHT Ferny and Professor Greer are in each other's arms. bowing in front of the needle before touching it. LUXURIOUS SHIP. INT. HOMER We'll talk about that later. and straightens his miniskirt. LUXUROUS YACHT. FIFI What about our happiness? She rests her head on his chest. PROFESSOR GREER . THIN PROFESSOR I've finished my observations for today. WOMAN Love is a wonderful thing. Greer kisses him. as he moves his hips up and down. He presses a handkerchief against his heart.237 FIFI I am not. EXT. I was like that with Irwin. The thin professor picks up his equipment and puts it in his bag. She goes on top of him. Fifi plays with his hair.NIGHT HOMER We're on our way to Gibraltar. HOMER Let's drink to this couple's happiness.

PROFESSOR GREER He's a flower. and with a slice of lemon in it. They come to the table. Professor Greer pours himself a large glass of rum. HOMER And what does Ferny want? FERNY I want sweet wine in rose water. don't you feel sick with that drink? . The professors want coca cola and the lady wants dry wine but what about you. EVERYBODY Hurrah! HOMER Let's see. HOMER He looks like a plastic flower. Everything else gives me a headache. Homer brings some glasses and Fifi opens a bottle of gin. FERNY I can't drink anything strong. Homer turns to Fifi. while Ferny applies his makeup by the rails.238 Hurrah to our host. THIN PROFESSOR Professor Greer. Professor Greer? PROFESSOR GREER I want dry Jamaican rum. HOMER Do you want gin and soda? FIFI Yes.

a better way to use your capital. HOMER Thank you. FERNY . we want to donate that money to you instead of giving it to the tax and Homer wants a small favour. PROFESSOR GREER We have decided to start the Philanthropic Society to help the greatest men of science. my treasure. You'll Give us five millions in exchange for the million. I adore him. FERNY Thank you. so that you know what to do. dissolved in a water of yellow flowers. THIN PROFESSOR Five million dollars for only one million is a lot of money. As you'll get one million dollars a year for your activities. HOMER Professor Greer. Professor Greer will explain the problem. we have here the best men of science to take charge of my Philanthropic Foundation. Ferny looks at Fifi.239 FERNY He's a strong man. WOMAN I also agree. while evading taxes and helping science. FAT PROFESSOR I agree with you. As Homer and Professor Greer talk in a low voice. Professor Greer drinks his rum. PROFESSORGREER You'll have your sweet wine. PROFESSOR GREER I'm an assessor of Homer's financial business.

THIN PROFESSOR I'll call my vaccine Angelic Homer. FAT PROFESSOR I'll dedicate my book to you. HOMER I accept it from such distinguished wise men. HOMER Thank you. They all sign the documents. THIN PROFESSOR We'll give him fifty thousand dollars more. . I must learn to make my own clothes. HOMER Thank you. FIFI I can teach you. PROFESSOR GREER Homer's generosity doesn't have a name. They all applaud as Professor Greer takes a few documents out of his bag.240 Where did you buy your dress? FIFI I made it myself. He only wants one million and two hundred thousand dollars. FERNY Thank you. PROFESSOR GREER You must sign these papers now. FERNY It's beautiful.

FIFI I'll love you forever.241 WOMAN Irwin will call you father. FERNY What a wonderful man. THIN PROFESSOR He was a man who used to give things to people. WOMAN What is the surprise? HOMER I had forgotten about that. FERNY You're a dangerous man. FIFI . Excuse me for a moment. WOMAN He's a real Mecenas. WOMAN I never liked geography. Charlemagne was the Greek Emperor. FIFI He's my hero. FERNY How boring. He leaves the scene. FAT PROFESSOR. WOMAN I thought he was a Greek emperor.

FIFI Professor Greer is Gagarin then. THIN PROFESSOR He discovered penicillin. FAT PROFESSOR Don't confuse him with Gagarin. Professor Greer looks drunk. HOMER I want to introduce Chucho to these prominent scientists. FERNY Was it the full moon? THIN PROFESSOR No. He discovered the moon. The sailor bows. . he's the discoverer of the moon. PROFESSOR GREER Is that a medication for the flu? FERNY No honey. it was the honeymoon. FERNY I forbid you to talk about that. FIFI It isn't Gargarin but Gagarin. Homer arrives with Chucho. I don't like to gargle. FERNY I still don't know what Christopher Columbus did. PROFESSOR GREER Excuse me.242 I hate maths.

1. Paraguay from the 13 of June to the 31 of July 1930. They applaud. EVERYBODY Unbelievable! FAT PROFESSOR Who was the chess champion in 1926? CHUCHO Jose Raul Casablanca.243 HOMER Chucho must be a surprise for my scientists.1. Uruguay bit Argentina in the final game. Uruguay bit Yugoslavia 6. ladies and gentlemen. HOMER You can ask him questions.2. The sailor shakes hands with everyone. EVERYBODY AHHHHHHHH! FERNY Tell me who won the Derby at Epsom in 1956? . It's a pleasure for me to serve you. CHUCHO Good evening. It was 6. Argentina won over the United States in the semi final. HOMER Who won the boxing championship in the same year? CHUCHO Jack Dempsey. THIN PROFESSOR Can you tell us something about the first football championship? CHUCHO It was played in Montevideo. 6. Greet my guests properly Chucho.

FERNEY How tiring! PROFESSOR GREER You don't have a sailor here.848 meters high. FAT PROFESSOR He's marvellous. CHUCHO Yes. You can go now. Chucho bows. but a calculator.085? CHUCHO The square root is 32.244 CHUCHO Lavandin. It is 8. Sir.28. HOMER What do you think about him? EVERYBODY . Chucho leaves the scene. and the cubic root is 10. FERNY What is the highest mountain in the world? CHUCHO Mount Everest. Chucho. HOMER Thank you very much. THIN PROFESSOR He should be in the Academy of Science. PROFESSOR GREER What is the square and cubic root of 1.94.

THIN PROFESSOR That face has a price.245 He's a genius. FERNY He's as intelligent as he's ugly. . FERNY They say ugly men are very clever. PROFESSOR GREER It is beauty and the beast. THIN PROFESSOR Where did you find such a brain? FAT PROFESSOR He should be the director of the Academy of science. if we compare him with Ferny. THIN PROFESSOR He could be from anywhere in the world. FAT PROPHESOR He reminds me of a film. FERNY I want my water of yellow flowers. PROFESSOR GREER Here is your drink. FIFI He has sex appeal. A sailor comes in with a glass in a tray. FERNY Don't go on talking or I'll faint. PROFESSOR GREER I can't believe he's so intelligent.

my darling. FERNEY He's a chimp. FAT PROFESSOR It must be the devil. EVERYBODY What????? FAT PROFESSOR A chimpanzee? THIN PROFESSOR A chimpanzee? PROFESSOR GREER A chimpanzee? WOMAN A chimpanzee? FIFI I believe you. The sailor appears wearing a swimming costume. Ferny faints in Professor Greer's arms. LUXURIOUS YACHT. How boring! HOMER Here comes Chucho again. HOMER Chucho is a chimpanzee. who shaves his face in the morning like anyone else. He is a chimpanzee.EVENING HOMER Do you think Chucho is super intelligent? EVERYBODY Yes. .246 CUT TO EXT.

Chucho leaves the scene after vowing. THIN PROFESSOR Who is the author of such a phenomenon? FAT PROFESSOR It's an attempt against human dignity. but have you offered him aguardiente? HOMER He doesn't like the smell. WOMAN Is he healthy? HOMER .000 dollars. He sold Chucho for very little money. HOMER His owner is a Colombian man called Mario. Chucho. PROFESSOR GREER Where did you find such a genius? FIFI He might be an Antioqueño in disguise. PROFESSOR GREER It isn't bad. HOMER. He's a chimpanzee and he's at your disposition if you want to study him. He works for a box of soap a day.247 HOMER You can go now. PROFESSOR GREER How much was it? HOMER He only charged $85. He works for nothing and likes to eat soap after blowing bubbles.

THIN PROFESSOR Does he bite? HOMER He's harmless. PROFESSOR GREER Homer knows about business.248 He's examined every year at Rochester. Chucho's story . FAT PROFESSOR Why don't you do it? HOMER I promised Miguel I wouldn't do that. FERNY I want more wine with water of rose petals. FIFI Can he make love? FAT PROFESSOR? It's too much money for a monkey. HOMER I can arrange exhibitions all over the world. Chucho's very useful here.

"Time and space are imaginary." At first the world seemed to be the same. where aristocrats use it to go through the black holes and other things in the depths of space. inside big bodies like the dinosaurs had a long time ago. and the day has a million moments to enjoy." he said." he said. "That's your opinion. a few black holes interrupting the view of the stars and other things I couldn't comprehend. but wise men have small brains." I saw the control panel amidst the seats for us to sit down and the part for our luggage. "This is real. the speed of light sending us to some other dimensions of time. If you have any patience. I saw a white vehicle speeding by my side. and through the mist of whatever existed in other realms. time continuum. Once upon a time I accepted Jaramillo's offer of the LSD he had brought from Europe. "I take them all the time. Jaramillo shrugged. before going somewhere else in the universe. but then things started to change in front of my eyes. as I took a sip of the class of aguardiente Jaramillo handed me. while telling me of other dimensions I had not envisaged in my existence. I remembered Homer's comments about the nature of the space. "Careful with the car. I'll tell you how I met the man who trained Chucho. Congratulations! Your wise men did not feel any admiration for Chucho. . Homer I used to work for you a long time ago. He handed me some pills and a glass of water. without paying a single dollar for the service. "Don't worry." he said." I said. reality blurring itself beyond my senses. before the death of the widows a long time ago. instead of thinking in stupid things. as we caught an oval spaceship a few streets away.249 Mr.

" I said." Jaramillo interrupted my thoughts. Something scratched my arms. in a place unknown to my senses." Jaramillo said. "What pilot?" . "That is bad. "You brought them from Europe." I said. The pollen in the breeze made me sneeze for a few times. "It's called a plane. "We must have crashed. after I bumped my head against something invisible. I found myself in a clearing. The sound of a river flowing somewhere in space. On opening my eyes. I enjoyed the beauty of the universe. "We have no aguardiente. but where was the pilot? I inspected the debris for a few moments. the vacuum of unconsciousness descending over me. "The pilot must have died. He took me to the wreckage of a plane.250 "This is fantastic. as we seemed to drop through the curtains of unreality surrounding us. like the ones I had seen in the pictures of a jungle. "Help me. expecting to find someone amidst the various bits and pieces around us. as I thought of our trip throughout the galaxy in the plane entangled in the vegetation. as tall trees grew all around us. "I'm never taking drugs again. A bird answered me." I said." Jaramillo said. the parallel realities succeeding each other in the roads of probability of another dimension existing by our world." I said." I said. interrupted my thoughts of the Milky Way I had seen in my dreams. "We must have been in that thing." I said. its voice echoing in the world I had landed. when we had been in the plane. when we had been visiting the stars of the Milky Way galaxy." Jaramillo said.

with a few rivers and towns drowning in a sea of trees. The dollars I had saved from the wreckage proved my point. The campesinos (10) shot their guns three times. "We want civilisation. "Prove it. on following that one we found a very big river. "It must be the Amazon. We arrived at a town inhabited by nice people. we found the place full of rude people." I said." they said. but getting closer." they said. as a few beauty queens." Jaramillo said. "It's that way. because of our beards and some marihuana in our pockets." the Pineapple Queen said." they said." he said. "Let's follow that river. ." we said. We saw no buildings with the exception of a few Hilton Hotels. The small river led us to a bigger one. welcomed us in style. The town had been built around an idiot called patepiña his right foot had elephantiasis and his left foot had mamustiasis." he said. "That's my job." the arepa queen said. "We come in peace. full of gringos studying the butterflies of the region. "We found the moon men.251 "Someone must have flown it." they said. the campesinos taking us along the streets for everyone to see." someone said. although he seemed to be all right. and a few hours later we moved by the shores of a huge river." I said. "I'll feel your balls for a few pesos. killing two chickens of a heart attack. Jaramillo showed me a map he had found in the wreckage. wearing crowns on their heads. "Don't disturb us. "I have a headache. "They're oligarchs. I noticed a bit of blood by his right ear.

"We want your money. "That's Miss Lola's house. the world acquiring the colours of lust while feeling their teats through their blouses. while the queens of sausages and beans." I said to one of the girls. She offered me some of her husband's clothes. I had been there for some time. leaving a trail of blood along the mud. "We have the moon men. The Mazato Queen nodded with a few pesos in her hand. "Come with me to that hut. The girl frowned. covering her nose for some reason." she said. before leading us down a corridor to the hall. when Jaramillo appeared by my side. as a small woman appeared amidst the bushes. "That's Miss Lola. free plantain." she said. "You must join the party. "This is fun." he said. cheese spread. as she told me how she had been the queen of the onion. the coffee. the curuba (14) and the . white cheese. "You must have a shower. rice and mazato (12) waited for their turn. hugging one of the girls. yellow fever. Everyone laughed. where the major spoke to the campesinos about the beauty queens invading their land. "Don't you have some spare clothes?" I asked. a few rats interrupting our pleasure with their squeals added to the romantic moment. As I enjoyed the cold water coming from the shower behind the curtain." he said. green cheese. I took her virginity behind some bushes by the hut. kumis." She ran away from my arms. We crowned a few girls in our dirty clothes. including the beauty queens waiting by our side. the black bean. "Who is there?" a woman's voice said.252 I let them feel inside my pants for a few moments. marmalade." he said." they said.

"And elect a few more queens. "This is the best place in the world. "They enjoy the fresh air." she said. and two years later she had permission for the school." she said." she said. "I've got used to them. where everyone drank aguardiente and vomited under the light of the moon. while waiting for the building to be completed. She introduced us to some of the campesinos drinking aguardiente. I believed him in between drinking aguardiente and touching the girls by our side." At first they told her she could have children of both sexes. the base of her skull collapsing under the weight of the crowns she wore on her head. An old bus took them to the train station sometimes. "They might bring the trains here one day." I smiled." she said.253 peanut. an adventure for most of the people who had never left the place in their lives." I said. where the children had classes by the first stone someone had put there in 1922." She told me about the school. "I have to examine you." I said. "It must be horrible. "I'm the doctor." they said. "That's not fair." I said. Every seventh of August she helped the town to recreate the battle of Boyacá (15) making the Spaniards win the battle on leap years. she realised it had to be boys and girls." the doctor said. He told us about the parties they had in the town hall. . but after a detailed analysis." a small man wearing a poncho said. "Except when it rains. as the night robbed us of our sanity in an alcohol induced limbo. and when they had bad diets. "Then we have a party. "I'll be looking forwards to that. "That must be nice. He could diagnose people's illness by their vomits.

We went into the doctor's house singing the Marseilles, followed by the beauty
"This is your bed," he pointed to a four posted bed in a corner.
The pictures of a few conquistadors adorned the walls, as the mosquitoes dined in my
blood and the beauty queens took care of my body under the blankets.
"Ahhhh," I said.
"We want your money," they said.
Something cold waking me up the next morning, after I had wandered through the
galaxy in some of my dreams.
"Ha, ha," a voice said.
I found myself in the middle of the yard, while a snake slithered on my chest and a
parrot stood by my side.
"Ha, ha, ha," the parrot said. "Margarita woke you up."
"I must be dreaming," I said.
"She should bite your bottom," the parrot said.
I tripped over a turtle, as a monkey offered me a banana, the parrot sang an opera and
a fat iguana tried to catch some flies on a stone. A man wearing underpants greeted me
by the house.
"I'm the doctor," he said.
I nodded. "I remember."
It had to be the Indian curse like Homer had told me, twisting time around the
continuum of the universe, after the wildest party of my life.
"You must have a shower," the doctor said.
He led me inside the house, where I noticed a dead caiman by the toilet, And Chucho
-the monkey- rescued me from the lion bringing some breakfast in his muzzle.
"I can explain everything," the doctor said.
A naked man running across the yard interrupted us, shouting at us to save him from
the predator chasing him.

The doctor scared the boa constrictor tormenting his life, before I recognised my
friend trying to save his skin and other things he considered important in his world.
"We flew here in a plane," I said.
"I understand," the doctor said.
We discussed the possibility of all of this being a dream, according to one of Freud's
theories, but the doctor wanted to tell us his story.
I had a friend in another town, whose son was a doctor, but nothing else like that had
happened in the family, apart from an uncle helping in the court. My friend died before
his son had his degree and started to study dead people. The doctor didn't eat much to
pay for the university, but after graduating, he had dinner for the first time in a hospital,
the only way doctors can survive till they die.
He had to earn some money and tried to find the health minister in a building, lost
amidst others in the city, but the lift didn't work and by the time he got to the ninth floor,
the girl left him a message to come back at three o'clock. He came back two months
later, when the lift had been repaired after the education minister collapsed with a stroke
because of all the stairs he had to climb.
Someone put him in contact with an architect Perez, the president of the society for
the protection of yellow beetles living in Barranquilla, but our doctor found the man in
the beach, crying next to the body of a dead beetle.
"We need doctors in a town in the central cordillera," the architect said.
"A few days later the doctor arrived at the station, carrying a suitcase with a blood
pressure monitor, a stethoscope and a syringe. He also had his degree documents.
"Can I have a ticket for station X?" he said to the girl at the ticket window.
The ticket seller looked at him up and down. Then she did the same but down and up.
"You must be joking," she said while cleaning her nails.
The doctor shrugged. "I need a ticket for X."
"Are you serious?" the girl asked.
"Yes, I'm."

She disappeared inside the office, coming back a few moments later with two fat men
and a skinny one. Two women came behind them.
"There he is," the girl said.
One of the fat men removed his glasses before confronting the young man.
"Do you know about the punishment for jokers?" he asked.
"You must be ashamed of yourself," one of the women said.
The other fat man frowned: "What a terrible thing."
"I don't understand," the doctor said.
"You must come with us," one of the fat men said.
They entered a big room where some people sat around a table. The one with more
authority addressed him:
"Tell me young man, why do you want to go to that town?"
"They don't have any doctors in the next town," the doctor replied.
"Why do you hate doctors?"
"No, sir," the young man said. "I'm a doctor."
"But you want to live in town X."
The doctor shook his head. "I'll live in the next town."
"Look, young man. I've been working in the trains for 34 years and this is the first
time someone goes to town X. Why are you going there?"
"I want to go to the next town," the doctor said.
The fat man talked to his colleagues.
"This young man has the most unusual ideas," he said. "Can we give him a job at our
"I'm a doctor," our man said.
"You must have a real job."
The doctor shrugged. "I know medicine."
"Do you own a bicycle?" the first man asked.
"I can't ride any bicycles," the doctor said.

The fat man grinned. "You are useless."
"Sell me the ticket then," the doctor said.
"We're giving you a free train ticket to the town plus a hand grenade," the first man
said. "You must explode it near the town."
They gave him the ticket and the grenade he had to detonate in order to stop the train
in the middle of a field, while giving him some more instructions about what to do once
he accomplished his mission.
"We'll take care of the train," they said.
They had to provide an explanation for the bomb thrown out from none of the
carriages, after transferring the passengers to another train waiting nearby.
"All will go well," they said.
The doctor thought of the implications for him, if anything went wrong in his journey
to the town no one had visited for some time.
"The train is coming," someone said.
The smoke rose to the sky, the noise of the engine disturbing the afternoon as our man
hoped the bomb would wait for its appointment with destiny.
"Good luck," they said.
"It's a hard life," he said.
The doctor got in the train, amidst the passengers travelling towards unknown
destinations, hoping that the bomb would behave itself, thinking of the consequences of
his actions.
"Show me your ticket," A man wearing a uniform and with thick eyebrows came said.
The doctor gave him the paper the fat men had given him, with the name of the town
no one ever went.
"Have a nice day," the inspector said.
He disappeared into the next carriage, leaving the doctor alone with his thoughts, as
the train rode amidst the cows grazing in the fields, like in one of those films he had seen

in his childhood of the countryside. A banner announcing the name of the town appeared
next to the cows resting in the afternoon.
"One, two, three," our man threw the grenade outside the window.
The bang derailed the train, killing some of the cows resting in a field, a few chickens
and neurosurgeons working for the rail company. Our doctor went rolling down the hill
towards the trees at the bottom of the valley.
"Wake up," someone said.
The doctor opened his eyes, as a group of people around him talked at the same time,
and a man, appearing to be the pharmacist applied disinfectant to his bruises.
"You must meet the priest, the owner of the pharmacy, and Miss Lola, who knows
about injections," the pharmacist said.
"I'm a doctor," our man said.
Mr. Procolo, the richest man in town took him to his home, asking the new arrival to
help with a pregnant sow, giving birth to its piglets.
"She could die," Mr. Procolo said.
Our man became the best doctor of pigs in the region, after helping the sow to give
birth, and Mr. Procolo consented for his daughter to live with him and some of his
The doctor made his anti Edison investigations, enough for our hero to get condemned
to the electric chair, the chamber of gases or to go around Marquetalia forever, after
inheriting the pigs, the house and his wife when the old man died a few years later.
Our towns don't have any schools, hospitals, health centres, toilets or clean water. The
only water running through them is smelly and dirty but they have millions of transistors
infecting the streets with rancheras twenty five hours a day. The priest puts four giant
speakers on the church tower, and if the ones in the café in the corner, or in the café with
no corner are not working, his highness switches his music on. The smallest and sickest
town in Colombia makes more noise than a dormitory of Maristas brothers after the
Christmas supper.

Our country has thousands of radio stations for square mile and each one of them has
two programs: popular music and commercials, making us hear hundreds of radio
stations and commercials, even though some of us do not own a radio. The doctor
brought me the machine made by him.
"Switch it on," he said.
I wanted to crash it against his glasses, but the tiger licking my feet stopped me. As I
switched it on, I experienced a wonderful sensation: I couldn't hear the voice of the priest
offering the next tango to the president of the daughters of Maria. The anti Edison man
had made the greatest discovery of the twentieth century: the anti transistor.
I can't describe the sensation of hearing nothing, while asking his permission to lick
his other shoe, instead of the tiger. It didn't stop there. He taught a few animals to get
their food by avoiding the electric shocks and opening traps after acoustic or luminous
He sacrificed some of the animals, extracting an acid with a complicated name, but
known by its initials: DNA and introducing it in the nervous system of other mice, who
behaved as if they had the memory of the dead animals or in mystic terms they had
metempsychosis. I can't explain the proceeding properly. My friend contacted the
Academy of medicine, but its representative drove away in their Mercedes Benz, after
finding about his pigs.
According to this noble man, the process of knowledge is linked to a big, curved
molecule: DNA and RNA, inside the code of life. I don't know how he does it. He
bought Chucho -the chimpanzee- after an Antioqueño businessman had won him in a
game of cards with the guards of the Bucharest zoo. You don't know how important he is
from a scientific point of view.
Chucho's not just the best monkey in the world, intelligent, disinterested, but he is a
good worker, helping us to understand our evolution throughout the centuries. The tiger's
more intelligent than any dog, the parrot sings the opera Traviata by memory, while the
snake drinks milk and eats mice. The monkeys sweep the house, wash the clothes and do

CHUCHO You must have an appetite. He has a troop of multicoloured mice. He rests standing on his head. Mr. Miguel Twentieth century symphony EXT. CHUCHO It is twenty minutes past ten. Do you want any breakfast? ASTRONAUT What time is it? Chucho looks at the clock. or my friend's discoveries might be in danger in a world obsessed with the money to be made from his research.260 some other chores as the turtles reproduce only when they're asked to. the tolling of a Chinese bell adding some music to the scene. if he doesn't repay them within days. before exercising on the portable bars and a trapeze as Chucho appears. He goes to the floor and lifts weights over his head while breathing deeply. I gave him a few hundred pesos and promised to sell Chucho to stop the danger. but after checking the speed and the distance it has achieved he pedals again for a few moments.MORNING A middle aged man with not much hair pedals an exercise bike. . I can't tell you anymore. Look after Chucho. dancing Stravinsky's ballet with Russian perfection. Sincerely yours. LUXURIOUS SHIP. The iguanas are fed by hand. Astronaut. Margarita the snake is harmless but I can't say the same thing of the debt collectors promising to take everything he owns.

CHUCHO It's ten. two pounds of grease on a plate. ASTRONAUT I like the grease a bit thicker. The astronaut goes on the bars and the trapeze with all the strength of an anthropoid as Chucho arrives with two litres of oil. CHUCHO You should have told us of your favourite oil. twenty two minutes. cleans his face and hands while breathing ten times. Chucho picks up a paper from the table. four seconds and two decimals. ASTRONAUT Bring me breakfast at ten thirty flat. reads it and then leaves the scene. After putting everything on a small table. He tastes the grease from the motor with a spoon. he looks at the chronometer. ASTRONAUT I like all the brands. Chucho looks at a small electronic chronometer on a table. sir? ASTRONAUT The menu is on the table. CHUCHO What do you want. Look at the chronometer and tell me the whole thing. CHUCHO Ten thirty flat. petrol in a bottle and two inch screws. . We use that one for our motor.261 ASTRONAUT Not that one. The astronaut jumps down from the trapeze. before nearing the breakfast table. and mixes it with the petrol.

CHUCHO . ASTRONAUT I don't like dialects. The astronaut drinks the oil. CALCULATOR Boy. CALCULATOR The word sonso is funny.262 A calculator moving on four wheels and reading a paper appears through the door. CALCULATOR Don't get upset or you'll lose your appetite. CALCULATOR I love the sea. I'd like to be a submarine computer. ASTRONAUT I like this oil. ASTRONAUT My name is Simpson. CALCULATOR Hello Sompson. CALCULATOR I like being rusty. The calculator looks at Chucho. ASTRONAUT Uhmmmm! He sips the oil. ASTRONAUT You'd be rusty. He smiles on seeing the astronaut. I'm dying of hunger.

bad for your physique. although I've worked twenty two hours and ten decimals of a second today. hats. CALCULATOR The brain.263 How can I help you? CALCULATOR I want a beefsteak. A woman without headaches is not a woman. CALCULATOR I have an iron health. CALCULATOR You're drinking thick oil. thirty seconds and two decimals. The astronaut looks at the chronometer. Women use it for hair styles. CALCULATOR Something might happen to your brain. ASTRONAUT You might get an electric stroke in the system ZX34. altogether with the head ends the symmetry of the body. wigs and headaches. ASTRONAUT I'm resting now. ASTRONAUT It's all due to atmospheric pressure. This marine environment is beautiful. toasts with butter and marmalade. ASTRONAUT That is not important. cement and transistors. Coffee with milk and cereal as a starter. CALCULATOR I think you should rest. ASTRONAUT . ASTRONAUT I still have twelve minutes.

CALCULATOR What's that? CHUCHO It's the matador's guard. sir.264 I have to test the manoeuvre L-09… CALCULATOR (interrupting) I want to see a dwarf transformer I met last night. CALCULATOR What matador? CHUCHO He boarded the ship last night. Chucho comes in with the breakfast for the calculator on a tray. Men have more important functions to accomplish. CALCULATOR What does he kill? CHUCHO He kills bulls. CALCULATOR It's bad to be a man. He wakes his master with the clarinet. the sound of a clarinet interrupting the scene. CALCULATOR Why doesn't he use an alarm clock? . He's Spanish. The calculator looks at Chucho. He's called Cagangosto and he's Homer's guest. ASTRONAUT Love is degrading. CALCULATOR Do they wake up with clarinets? CHUCHO I think so.

He leaves the room. The president of Salvacion looks at Chucho. a mongoloid smile and a moustache appears at the door. . ASTRONAUT Excuse me.265 A middle-aged man with mongoloid eyes. PRESIDENT OF SALVACION Good morning everyone. This is a beautiful yacht. CALCULATOR Have you tasted the food? PRESIDENT OF SALVACION I had a bit of caviar last night. PRESIDENT OF SALVACION Homer is a genius. PRESIDENT OF SALVACION We. CALCULATOR We call that a good business. taking care not to put any dirt on his white shirt and trousers. waving his hands. The calculator and the astronaut stand up. The astronaut looks at the chronometer. ASTRONAUT AND CALCULATOR Good morning. The newcomer wipes his moustache with the back of his hand. must rest from government pressure and have a good time in Homer's yacht. the men of state. The president of Salvacion sits at the table as the calculator finishes with the food and wipes his face with a screw driver.

a problem shared by a Houston technician I know. PRESIDENT OF SALVACION He's the greatest matador of all times. As Chucho arrives with the bottle of wine. He's a monster. and sublime. CALCULATOR They've told me everything about him. PRESIDENT OF SALVACION . Chucho leaves the scene. The one with the cape waves it. CALCULATOR Mr. PRESIDENT OF SALVACION Is the great Mele one of Homer's guests? CALCULATOR I came here last night. chased by another one holding a tripod with the head of a bull. CALCULATOR What about a dry wine? PRESIDENT OF SALVACION It's a good idea. The conversation is interrupted by the arrival of a man with a red cape. here is the wine. wonderful. superb. President. immortal. splendid. the calculator pours it in a glass. and the one with the tripod runs along the deck chased by the bull head. PRESIDENT OF SALVACION I'm here as an incognito.266 PRESIDENT OF SALVACION I would like to drink something. He should cure his haemorrhoids. PRESIDENT OF SALVACION Isn't that the great matador Cagangosto? It's incredible. I love humility.

PRESIDENT OF SALVACION It must be his majesty. The president brings the glass to his mouth. Mele throws the ball. I've brought you the wine. He puts his machine gun away and kneels on the floor.267 You must say Excellency. his false teeth flying in the air. PRESIDENT OF SALVACION My wife likes Cagangosto. CALCULATOR Drink the wine. PRESIDENT OF SALVACION Who has done this to me? He finds a machine gun under his shirt. Excellency. Excellency.Dun bullets. CALCULATOR I'm sorry. PRESIDENT OF SALVACION But…it's the…the king. with Dun. in person. A small man wearing a gown and with a crown on his head runs across the scene. The president wipes his glasses with a handkerchief. but Chucho finds the glasses under a table and gives them to him. MELE Hiya! The president of Salvacion crawls on the floor. The man with the ball gets ready to kick it again. King Mele. as a ball crashes against him. the ball crashes against his glasses. and it lands in the mouth of an ornamental shark. PRESIDENT OF SALVACION What the… Before he finishes his sentence. MELE .

HOMER This is Madam Bulla. PRESIDENT OF SALVACION Excuse me. CALCULATOR He lost his false teeth. His voice sounds strange without his false teeth. MADAM It's funny. It's an honour to meet you. good morning calculator. Chucho appears with some more bottles and glasses. Madam shakes a Venetian fan. and she falls down on to the floor. I can't believe it. A head with horns crashes against her. MADAM Excellency. and how's Mr. PRESIDENT OF SALVACION We have two famous people here. Calculator? The president of Salvacion covers his mouth with a silk handkerchief.268 Hiya! Mele kicks the ball through the scene. He leaves the scene. MADAM You're so kind. I'll come back in a moment. while Homer enters the scene accompanied by a beautiful woman. HOMER Good morning Excellency. How did you sleep? Everyone stands up. PRESIDENTE OF SALVACION I have some of your records. . the best soprano in the world.

HOMER I'm talking of a star in the sky called Mars. MADAM What an honour. Chucho picks up Madame's wig from a bust of Julius Cesar. but Homer talks about those little stars in the night sky. He's the best bullfighter in the world. MADAM I'm sorry Excellency. The astronaut moves across the scene. MADAM Who is he? HOMER He's Simpson. wearing a space headgear while driving a blackboard with wheels. Homer's guests are famous all over the world. It was that football game where they fought for the tenth star. wearing another set of false teeth. PRESIDENT OF SALVACION I'm always so busy. The president of Salvacion appears.269 The calculator and Chucho help her to her feet. the first man to step on Mars. PRESIDENT OF SALVACION The man who was eating here seems to be mad. MADAME I've seen many people on the camp of Marte. He makes circles on his head. PRESIDENT OF SALVACION I remember now. . the first American astronaut on Mars. CALCULATOR Cagangosto has knocked you down. HOMER He's Simpson.

As Mele kicks the desiccated head of the bull. They all stand up. PRESIDENT OF SALVACION I keep a piece of the ball scoring that thousandth goal in a golden box.270 HOMER I would say the universe. MELE Hiya! CAGANGOSTO You have to mend it or I…. Mele wipes his mouth with his cape. CAGANGOSTO What's the matter with you. the twentieth century will remember you for your thousand goals. MADAM I have a thread of his socks after I sang ten concerts for the benefit of the flu victims. . it rolls down the floor. PRESIDENT OF SALVACION We've been through university. kicking his ball fast. MELE Hiya! Cagangosto comes in with the bull in pursuit. MELE Hiya! HOMER Your majesty. man? MELE Hiya! CAGANGOSTO You've just broken my training bull. Mele runs in.

Mele kicks Cagangosto overboard and confusion reigns in the ship. . Madam takes her clothes off. SECOND SAILOR I see the suit of lights and the red cape. ASTRONAUT 25…24…23…22…21… FIRST SAILOR I see a shoe. followed by Chucho and the calculator try to stop the argument. Madam and the president.271 As Homer. MADAM It's as if the Beatles sang one of their songs for me. MELE Hiya! HOMER Can we throw a cable? FIRST SAILOR He's too far. CALCULATOR Your majesty has scored one thousand and one goals now. the astronaut appears with a square wheel. Homer shouts through the microphone. MELE Hiya! As the sailors lower a boat down to the sea. HOMER Man overboard! Switch off the engine! PRESIDENT OF SALVACION It must be an honour being kicked by such a football champion.

CALCULATOR Why don't you tie the cable to the ball for his majesty to kick it? MELE Hiya! HOMER It's a good idea. MELE Hiya! Homer gives the peeling to a sailor. PRESIDENT OF SALVACION Madam. Homer bows. HOMER . MELE Hiya! Homer ties the ball to the rope and calls Mele. HOMER Hurry up! FIRST SAILOR How can his majesty know where the matador is? CALCULATOR We'll tell him that it's goal 2002. who is eating a banana. A few sailors fasten the rope to Mele's ball. your life is precious.272 MADAM I offer my life for his. HOMER Your majesty Mele puts the banana peeling on his bold head.

SECOND SAILOR We must get the oxygen ready. MADAM Thank God! HOMER You must pull at the same time now. FIRST SAILOR Bring the boat. on hearing a shout of horror. FIRST SAILOR Bring him onboard now. MADAM He's a genius! PRESIDENT OF SALVACION Where is my wig? MELE Hiya! FIRST SAILOR He's holding the cable. Madam wears only her pants and bra by now.273 Do you want to score goal 2002 your majesty? MELE Hiya! As king Mele kicks the ball. FIRST SAILOR It's perfect. it goes faster than sound and the president's wig flies up in the air. Madam runs to the bars without her bra. .

CALCULATOR It isn't so bad. PRESIDENT OD SALVACION We must place a plantain leaf above it. HOMER A shark must have eaten his head. accompanied by Homer and the President of Salvacion. HOMER He's breathing! The men leave the scene. MADAM What will happen to the world without Cagangosto? .274 MADAM He doesn't have a head. Blood pours out of the neck FIRST SAILOR We must stop the bleeding! SECOND SAILOR We need Cobwebs. He cries. He'll perform better without a head. HOMER He needs oxygen. A few sailors bring the headless body of Cagangosto on a stretcher. the calculator drinks some wine and everyone waits in silence. as Madam takes off her pants. PRESIDENT OF SALVACION The greatest bullfighter of all times has died. She faints. A sailor puts a lot of cobwebs over the bleeding neck.

Chucho gives Homer the head of the bull. PRESIDENT OF SALVACION It's a good idea. HOMER Madam. MADAM He doesn't have a head. That would have been more terrible. MADAM The sun has died. with a multicolour parachute tied to his right foot. HOMER He's still bleeding. He places the head of the bull on the matador's neck. PRESIDENT OF SALVACION He has to hold his cape. CALCULATOR He could have lost his right arm. Madam stands up. HOMER Let's try it. . Mele appears kicking the ball. MADAM The calculator is clever.275 She cries. MELE Hiya! The astronaut walks on his hands. he's still alive. What do we do? CALCULATOR Let's put the head of the bull on his neck.

CUT TO EXT. I must have appendicitis.MORNING Madam kneels by the body of Cagangosto. while the sailors put away all the things they've used to save the man's life. holding a golden coffer. BOTTOM OF THE SEA. CALCULATOR He'll be better than before. FIRST SHARK I'm not feeling well. EXT. SECOND SHARK Did you eat something heavy? FIRST SHARK I devoured the head of a bullfighter.276 CALCULATOR It needs a few stitches. PRESIDENT OF SALVACION He's not bleeding anymore. PRESIDENT OF SALVACION Use different colours. LUXURIOUS SHIP. . HOMER It's a miracle. Madam sews the head. Madam leaves the scene.MORNING Meanwhile in the bottom of the sea a few sharks swim about. HOMER You must be careful MADAM I'll sew my best stitches.

CAGANGOSTO I'm thirsty. as the head of the bull moves and open its eyes.MORNING Madam has finished sewing the head. LUXURIOUS SHIP. CALCULATOR . he feels his right horn. PRESIDENT OF SALVACION Can't you see? Cagangosto looks at the president. You must remember the president of Salvacion. They all applaud. CAGANGOSTA Who is him? HOMER. You're with me. EXT. As Homer helps Cagangosto to stand up. matador. SECOND SHARK You'll have to learn the secrets of the job. CAGANGOSTO Where am I? HOMER Don't worry. Excellency.277 SECOND SHARK The feet are the best things they have. FIRST SHARK I didn't know that. CAGANGOSTO Who is me? HOMER I'm me.

CALCULATOR You can't include calculators. PRESIDENT OF SALVACION I'll find my other wig. matador? CAGANGOSTO Yes.278 Drink some wine. HOMER I feel thirsty after the incident. A helicopter with the Beatles on board is about to land on the ship. Do you want another bottle of wine. CAGANGOSTO The Beatles? Madam is still naked. MADAM He's beautiful. CAGANGOSTO I'm talking about animals. The calculator gives him the bottle and Cagangosto drinks everything. He looks like a Miura. MADAM The Beatles? . Some bulls are very intelligent. man. He leaves the scene. CAGANGOSTO Bulls are the most intelligent animals in the world. HOMER I have good news for you. of course. CALCULATOR I think the matador is better off now. A sailor says something to Homer.

. MELE Hiya! PRESIDENT OF SALVACION Your majesty. kicking his ball. Excellency. HOMER He's superman. PRESIDENT OF SALVACION Aren't they the heroes of the British Empire? MADAME Yes. I'm very excited.279 The president of Salvacion comes in. HOMER They are the most resplendent jewel in the British crown. MELE Hiya! He runs after the ball. wearing a new wig. CAGANGOSTO They are members of the order Garreteer. PRESIDENT OF SALVACION Have I heard right? HOMER The Beatles will arrive in a few minutes. the Beatles are coming. MADAM His majesty is a genius. Mele runs across the scene. HOMER Excellency. Homer says something.

280 CAGANGOSTO The wine is very good. He opens his arms. CALCULATOR Let's drink to your health. CAGANGOSTO She's very nice. PRESIDENT OF SALVACION We represent the best of humankind. . MADAM I'm going to faint. He stops and walks backwards. matador. MADAM God has gathered the best people on this ship. The astronaut moves across the scene pulling a tower with luminous lights as a siren goes on. the noise of the approaching helicopter fills everything. CAGANGOSTO You can faint here. CALCULATOR Can I have some more prawns? As Homer leaves the scene. As he licks her body. MADAM AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She falls in the arms of Cagangosto. she faints even more. PRESIDENT OF SALVACION They have arrived. PRESIDENT OF SALVACION What a sensible woman.

PRESIDENT OF SALVACION He must be indifferent to human glory. CAGANGOSTO That astronaut plays a science fiction game all the time. . PRESIDENT OF SALVACION He doesn't like art. MADAM The Beatles. The president of Salvacion rises to his feet. PRESIDENT OF SALVACION The Beatles! Madam stands up. CAGANGOSTO The boys have arrived.281 CALCULATOR Where's the urinal? SAILOR It's over there. The calculator goes away with the sailor. CAGANGOSTO I don't think he understands much about bulls. Homer appears followed by a few people with electric guitars. He gestures with his hand. Cagangosto doesn't stand up. long hair and wearing similar clothes. CAGANGOSTO It looks like a domesticated space ship. PRESIDENT OF SALVACION I don't like that machine.

Homer leaves the scene with one of the sailors as the calculator comes back. the conqueror of the Martian mountains. THIRD BEATLE Bring everything you have. PRESIDENT OF SALVACION They're geniuses. . SECOND BEATLE We want the same marihuana he's had and not the girls he has conquered. HOMER He's the astronaut Simpson. CAGANGOSTO I remember an afternoon in Seville with bulls of Domec… MADAM I love his wines. FIRST GIRL I want some mescaline.282 HOMER Ladies and gentleman. SECOND GIRL I want LSD. these are the Beatles and their girlfriends. CALCULATOR Everything here is rubbish. while the astronaut crawls along the scene singing to himself. FIRST BEATLE We want the same stuff he has had. ignoring everyone around them. The men in funny costumes sit in a circle on the floor. ASTRONAUT My old Kentucky home… The first Beatle looks at him.

different concentrations of opium plus LSD. I have brought blonde. sublimated heroin and morphine. Excellency. PRESIDENT OF SALVACION Someone wants me? SAILOR .AFTERNOON A sailor moves towards the president. The Beatles fiddle with their guitars. A few sailors come in with food. and Asian Marihuana. while everyone else applauds. CUT TO EXT. mescaline. brown. As the guests help themselves to food and stimulants. Mele arrives behind the ball. cigarettes and multicoloured sweets. CALCULATOR I'll drink some wine. SAILOR You are needed in the phone. your majesty? MELE Hiya! He goes after the ball. as Homer appears behind them. MELE Hiya! HOMER Would you like something. wine. HOMER You have all kind of liquors here.283 PRESIDENT OF SALVACION I want to have a picture with the geniuses. LUXURIOUS YACHT.

LUXURIOUS SHIP. We're losing one to zero. PRESIDENT OF SALVACION What's the matter minister? MINISTER It's bad. after twenty five minutes of the football match against the republic of Bajuras. PRESIDENT OF SALVACION Dirty dogs! Call all the reserves of air and sea. PRESIDENT OF SALVACION That's not possible.AFTERNOON After the sailor brings the phone to the president. The sailor goes away as the Beatles smoke marihuana and other drugs. That's… MINISTER Excuse me. sir. CUT TO EXT. PRESIDENT OF SALVACION Tell me. The astronaut moves across the scene holding two globes of different colours. excellent president of the republic of Salvacion but the penalty has been effective. They say it's urgent. man. Excellency. It's an attempt against me.284 Yes. MINISTER The referee has made a penalty against our team. MINISTER We'll do as your Excellency says. . HOMER Bring him the phone. a man wearing a suit with decorations appears in the small three-dimensional screen.

285 He bows before the screen. The voice of Madam singing with the Beatles floats around the ship. What an indignity! My country has been dirtied by that bunch of idiots. CAGANGOSTO During a bullfight in Cali. I… CALCULATOR Drink more wine. In the football game for the final of the Jules Rimmet cup. PRESIDENT OF SALVACION Assassins. BASTARDS! CAGANGOSTO Why don't you take the man who is kicking about? PRESIDENT OF SALVACION Do you mean his majesty. PRESIDENT OF SALVACION I want to buy thirty planes with bombs. of course. dear Homer. PRESIDENT OF SALVACION Keep me informed. Excellency? Madam (with no clothes on) sits next to the Beatles and sings. He puts the receiver down and breathes deeply. He leaves the scene. King Mele? . PRESIDENT OF SALVACION Something awful has happened. HOMER Yes. matador. HOMER Is it bad news. the Barujas team has scored a penalty. My country is in danger and we can't waist any more time.

MINISTER Thank you.LATE AFTERNOON The minister appears in the telephone screen. The Beatles are singing in a choir. Excellency. Brazil the Amazon River or China its great wall. England its queen. MINISTER The first time finished 1-0. Seven members of our sporting agency have been killed. killing a central judge and four spectators. PRESIDENT OF SALVACION What have you done? MINISTER One of our small planes dropped a bomb over the stadium. PRESIDENT OF SALVACION What's happening? The minister vows. and Argentina its generals. man. as The Beatles and the girls are naked in the deck. PRESIDENT OF SALVACION Let me see the match on the telephone. . Colombia the Tequendama Falls. EXT. the trainer and two advisers. PRESIDENT OF SALVACION You'll get more arms in a few minutes. while the girls take off their clothes. including the technical director. LUXURIOUS SHIP. PRESIDENT OF SALVACION I don't think his country would want to lose such a jewel.286 CAGANGOSTO Yes. A sailor puts a few papers on the table. Japan its factories. It is as if Venezuela gave away its petrol.

who is stabbed by the central defence of Barujas. PRESIDENT OF SALVACION What can I do now? HOMER I have the papers for your majesty to sign.287 The minister vows and they see a few men kicking a ball in the screen. Salvacion army invades the northern frontiers of the other country. . The new player shows the carnet of FIFA on the right side of the field. MELE Hiya! PRESIDENT OF SALVACION No. What an interesting game! Ladies and gentlemen. calls the substitute. as they come to take the wounded with a stretcher. As Mele kicks his ball against the phone. CAGANGOSTO It was interesting. The left defence of Salvacion points the machine gun towards the opposite goalie but the referee stops the bloodshed. PRESENTER The player of Salvacion at the right side of the field takes the ball. it breaks in a thousand pieces. The left defence of Bajuras is dead. passes it to another one. man. Bajuras is winning 1-0. CALCULATOR His Majesty has finished with the game. before getting in the helicopter. HOMER What a problem. while others lie on the floor. the referee replacing the one killed during the first time.

The astronaut climbs a wall and drops down into a net.LATE AFTERNOON Homer and the sailors bring a few things. EXT. They all fall down on the floor a few moments later. he had put there before. .288 Homer leaves with the president. I have just recorded the twentieth century symphony for the future. HOMER We must sing together. except Mele with his ball and Homer. LUXURIOUS SHIP. after getting the papers from the table as the Beatles sing with Madam and the naked girls. The Beatles sing their songs. Cagangosto dances flamenco on a table. boys. Homer looks after his instruments and king Mele kicks his ball about. HOMER Thank you everyone.

One of them is a big man with an even bigger stomach. Some cups are on the table along with a plate full of cakes and biscuits. CARDINAL It's nice of Homer to let us hide in his floating mansion. . a crown on his head and rings on his gingers. LUXURIOUS YACHT.NIGHT Two men wearing long gowns sit on the top deck of a yacht. The other one doesn't have a crown but a few pendants with crosses hung around his neck. BISHOP He helps his friends. They drink cups of tea. looking at the sea under the light of the full moon.289 The nuns EXT. CARDINAL He gets my blessings.

She takes a cup of tea. BISHOP He's a hero. black hair. CARDINAL We haven't seen our host yet. FIFI I'm enjoying Homer's hospitality. after sitting at the table and Fifi appears in the scene showing her pants under a mini skirt. . it's nice to see you here. SISTER CAMILLA It's nice to find the children of God together. Sister Rosa pours herself a cup of coffee. BISHOP Fifi. the cardinal takes one of the cakes. SISTER CAMILLA The pope must canonize him. SISTER CAMILLA They want to take him to court in the mainland. SISTER ROSA I find so many members of the clergy in this yacht. false eye lashes and big breasts. taking a biscuit from the plate as Homer appears accompanied by a young woman in combat clothes. CARDINAL Homer let us use his boat while ignoring the general and showing us his generosity. She's tall with long legs. A nun wearing a blue tunic with matching head gear moves towards them.290 As they drink their cups of tea. crumbs falling down his gown. Fifi shakes hands with the priests while hugging Sister Camilla and a tall nun wearing the same clothes as the other one appears in the scene.

SISTER CAMILLA We are glad to be far from a dangerous country. Fifi nods.291 They all stand up and applaud. and looks at Fifi. AMELIA I wish I could say the same thing. would you like a glass of wine? CARDINAL I want a cup of tea. He puts a tray full of glasses and two bottles of wine one of the sailors has brought. AMELIA I have seen your face in the papers. HOMER I hope you're enjoying your stay in my yacht. HOMER Consider me as your saviour. HOMER Cardinal. She salutes everyone army style. on the table. HOMER Does anyone want wine? . HOMER Amelia is the head of the revolutionary movement of our country. HOMER Let's drink to our health and freedom. He gestures to the girl. You must be the wife of the general. FIFI I'm glad to meet you.

pouring gin and tonic in the girls' glasses. She kisses him. Amelia smiles. A sailor goes around replenishing cups of tea and coffee. a few women wearing uniforms salute them military style. She pauses to take a sip of gin and tonic. We must win over the people who kill and torture us. Uncle Homer. AMELIA Thanks. . AMELIA We must attack the forces of evil. Uncle Homer. HOMER I have the arms ready for your fight. Uncle Homer.292 FIFI I want a gin and tonic. Our countries must be governed by people who don't slave and torture their fellow human beings in the name of bigotry. They applaud. HOMER I have a surprise for you. On clapping his hands. AMELIA It's God's fight. after appearing through one of the doors. as Amelia stands in front of everyone. HOMER I knew you wanted your girls. AMELIA Dear comrades. AMELIA I wouldn't mind a gin and tonic.

293 The women crowd around them talking at the same time. They disperse as Amelia sips her drink. two… They march around the scene. Homer hugs her. Homer dances with Amelia. AMELIA We must play a game now. the general. The army women sit on the floor. CARDINAL That was a good show of solidarity. one. while the bishop. Sister Camilla and Sister Rosa dance with each other. their leader gives them instructions while holding a bottle of coca cola in her hands. AMELIA We want the liberation from the oppressor. AMELIA One. the cardinal and Fifi sip their drinks. AMELIA Rest now. WOMAN SOLDIER . They all look at Fifi. BISHOP You're fighting for the country. two.NIGHT Music comes out of the loudspeakers. CUT TO EXT. FIFI I have left my husband. AMELIA Attention! The women stand in front of her. LUXURIOUS YACHT. feeling around her bosom.

FIFI (O. AMELIA That's right. WOMAN SOLDIER We understand. . FIFI It's crazy outside there. sees papers on the floor. Someone knocks at the door. AMELIA I say a letter.294 We are waiting for instructions.S) Chucho. the army women take their clothes off.NIGHT Chucho writes on his notebook under the light of a lamp. CUT TO INT. it's me. and lots of things on the table. Can I come in? She steps in the untidy room. CABIN IN LUXURIOUS SHIP. AMELIA Let's play then. WOMAN SOLDIER And we must find something on ourselves beginning with it. Failure to do so will result in a penalty. SISTER ROSA Our father who art in heaven… CARDINAL Hallowed be thy name… SISTER CAMILLE Thou kingdom will come… Fifi moves across the scene and disappears through a door. She spins a bottle on the floor and every time it stops spinning .

CHUCHO I know. FIFI Why are you leaving a space here? CHUCHO It's something I don't understand. INT. CHUCHO Not now. as loud music interrupts her concentration. FIFI When will you finish? CHUCHO I don't know. Fifi caresses his fur and kisses his mouth. CHUCHO You must go back to the party. She keeps on reading. muttering to herself from time to time. but Chucho's hands push her away. She reads what Chucho writes.CABIN IN LUXURIOUS YACHT. She kisses his fur. CHUCHO I'm working on Homer's manuscripts. FIFI I want to stay with you.NIGHT .295 Chucho stops writing. FIFI His invisible friend wrote them.

please. CHUCHO Don't touch my papers. not paying any attention to Fifi's caresses. CHUCHO It's complicated. CHUCHO I hope so. AMELIA Hurrah to our hero! EVERYONE Hurrah! The music starts again. SISTER ROSA . while the cardinal. FIFI They'll explain everything.296 Fifi tidies the room. The air has a pinkish hue of smoke rising to the stars. He writes in the paper. LUXURIOUS YACHT. FIFI Tell me. CHUCHO I am a chimpanzee FIFI And a clever one EXT. HOMER This is a night to remember. the bishop and the nuns pray around the naked women.NIGHT Fireworks go up the sky. Amelia approaches the cardinal and the girls dance with each other.

297 You are naked. my child. before writing a cheque for lots of dollars. Uncle Homer. her breasts trembling over the papers. The cardinal prays. HOMER We must talk about business now. LUXURIOUS YACHT. She sits at the table. AMELIA This is the way God sent me to this world. AMELIA We toast to the revolution. HOMER It has been a pleasure to see you again. Uncle Homer. ALL THE GIRLS . The naked girls come to the table for their drinks. AMELIA We'll kill those bastards. HOMER I'll dance with you. AMELIA I've looked for you everywhere. The orchestra plays a tango and the naked women dance with each other.NIGHT The sailors bring a table with papers and calculators. AMELIA I'll sign a cheque for the ammunitions and the tanks. CUT TO EXT. HOME And you've found me here.

. CARDINAL Ora pro novis… HOMER We'll have a firework display tonight.298 To the revolution. CARDINAL God must save us.

after telling me of the guests he had and of the things he had done in order to entertain them. after escaping from the poverty of the world in one of the paths in the continuum of time." . after looking in a bag by his seat. He had made up his fortune buy saving a few people from the poverty he had seen in his new country. and of the beautiful women he had during the years. "It is chewing gum. "I don't like helicopters. giving me the power to leave the poverty encroaching on our lives. "You look pale. "Homer will be waiting for you. He invited me to come to the yacht. he had written in the last letter I received. his invisible friend giving him pleasure in his journey through life." the pilot interrupted my reverie. ready to see the wonders of his world." he said. as his parents worked in the shop they owned by the market. Homer had given me the shop his parents had bought with some of the money they had brought from their country. while wondering about the man I had not seen for some time. before I decided to visit his floating paradise. I nodded." The pilot gave me something. I didn't like the helicopter moving up and down over the sea on our way to the yacht. I'll pay for your ticket. and that's how I found myself in the way to the yacht. the weather killing the women he had helped to escape from the streets they had inhabited for some time. "It might help you." the pilot said.299 Miguel I helped Homer's parents to build a life in a foreign land.

"The yacht is one of the marvels of the world. as we got closer to the yacht Homer had bought with the money he had made. "Welcome to Homer's paradise. "I have known Homer for a long time. "That's interesting. after getting lost in the sea. "I am writing about my adventures. "A footballer." I said." "I imagine." . while telling mw more things about his life in the Caribbean Sea. "You'd never believe Homer's parties." I said." I said. a bullfighter. He talked of the things Homer had done in the name of fun." I said. hoping to stop the sea sickness caused by the movements of the helicopter in its way to the yacht." I said." he said. I remembered Homer's parents teaching the young boy to read and write amidst the merchandise they kept at the back of the shop. I hoped to enjoy the welcome Homer must have planned for me. as the pilot talked of his work. "He tries to please his guests' fantasies. "You can sell your book some day." I showed him the noted I had taken." I said. "I have something to do here." he said. The pilot pointed to the dot in the horizon. "I'll have fun. "I know. listening to some of the stories the pilot told me of whatever had happened aboard the yacht throughout the years." the pilot said. "That's good. as we flew over the Caribbean Sea and the sun set on the sea. a few scientists and the first man on Mars have come to Homer's yacht.300 I popped it in my mouth. getting bigger all the time. The Caribbean Sea looked like a world waiting to destroy us in the name of whatever God we happened to believe." the pilot said." the pilot said.

." "That's right. before landing somewhere amidst the dark sea." I said. when his invisible friend visited him in the backyard. "What a surprise. waiting for the pilot to open the door of the craft. "You won't be bored here. before returning to the country of my birth." Homer said." the pilot said. He led me along the yacht." I said. like a flag of war. amidst the mud and the roses his mother had planted and the mayhem of the few things they stored. "Time goes quickly. wearing a red shirt. "You have arrived. We went down towards the water. He shook his head." I said." he said." He went on to explain how he had been in New York for a few months. while drinking some aguardiente one of the sailors offered him. telling me the stories of some of the guests he had had during the years." he said." I said. "That's your opinion.301 "It's not for sale. "Time does not exist. and thinking of the task I had to accomplish. after Homer had ran away from the death of the widows on that morning at the dawn of time or at the start of a new life for me and my family. "Homer. "We have arrived. "You are never serious." he said. when only a few months had gone by in his world. the laws of physics making some exceptions in Homer's world." a voice interrupted my reverie. Homer showed me the pictures he kept in his bag of the parties he had organised. but years had gone past in the rest of the world. It had been an exciting time. "I know. I put my booklet in my bag. "I have had the most beautiful girls of the planet in this yacht. "It's the truth." I thought of the time before he became a star. I came face to face with a big man." I said.

"That would be nice. "She has blue blood. when the widows and his adventure in the Caribbean had been a short time ago. after climbing out of the pool and showing me some of her anatomy." Homer said. "Remember?" He nodded. "I hope you enjoy it here. "Hi. She swam the length of the pool." Homer said." she said. I came face to face with a chimpanzee holding a tray. telling me all about their lives in some other parts of the world. in the newspapers columns hoping to make lots of money." she said. making up his reality." She didn't look that colour. I nodded. some of the memories of my trip to the unknown returning to my mind. "We met in the jungle. He pointed at some of the passengers sipping their drinks. I had heard of my daughter recounting her experiences in the yacht. She dried herself with a towel Homer had by his side. "She can keep you company. I thought. admiring her body. but rich people can be funny." Homer said." .302 He explained the intricacies of time to me. in between the mosquitoes dining in their blood. "I want an aperitif. pausing to rest amidst the other guests having a nice time. The chimpanzee balanced the tray in his arms." "Would you like an aguardiente?" a voice interrupted the conversation. "You must join us then." he said. "That girl is a duchess. after tasting the drugs Jaramillo had brought from Europe." I said. An attractive woman looked at me from the swimming pool. "Amelia visited us last week. while talking to herself.

" he said. telling me how he had not had any drugs in his way to the jungle. and the fireworks exploded in the sky." Chucho said. as the duchess applied her make up." he said. in one of his experiments." I said. while Chucho described some of the parties Homer held every day. Chucho reminded me of the beauty queens making me happy under my pants in one of the most extraordinary places on earth. ." Homer said." I said. "I learned that in the jungle. "You wanted the heads. "We danced all night. Chucho offered me a drink." I went on to explain about the machine shutting down the music from the church tower." I said. "They make it in Salvacion." "You had too much coca.303 Chucho had to be one of the greatest attractions in Homer's world of adventures. and some other things to do with time. Homer smiled. as I sipped my drink. He mingled with the guests talking about nothing in particular. "I hope you pay him well." I felt the liquid going all the way down to my stomach. just a few weeks ago. "It sounds interesting. according to Homer's calculations. "The girls look thirsty. "It's the path I had to follow. "I imagine. while balancing the tray in his hands. Homer nodded." I said. "It's nice aguardiente." he said." I said. "Reality forks every time we blink. "I'll give them aguardiente." I said." "And the goblins brought me here. "The professor invented the anti transistor. where incredible things happened all the time. Homer looked at the girls swimming in the pool.

" she said. "This is a nice place. burned by the sun. "The guests want to talk to you. "I read it in the papers." Homer interrupted my thoughts. before disappearing down a corridor. "I know. leaving me alone with the woman I had just met. "I used to be married. in spite of her efforts to protect her skin from the Gamma rays and other things invading our planet from space. pretending to be shy. carrying a tray full of glasses." I wanted to sleep with her that night." he said. "You are lucky." She dried her hair with a pink towel. with the letters OC visible amidst a few other things "What happened to your marriage?" she asked. "I was lost in the sea. Homer followed him towards the far side of the pool." the duchess said. She nodded. after his rescue from the sea. like a princess in her way to do something for me later on. as I longed to feel her body. "Your wife must be waiting in New York.304 "Stop joking." I studied her body. while showing me a tattoo near one of her breasts." Homer interrupted my thoughts." he said." I said. I wrote in my notebook all about my adventure in Homer's yacht in the spectrum of time. leading to the place Homer wanted me to spend the night. She moved between the men admiring her curves. "I am divorced. but she kept on talking of anything in her life. "Chucho will take your suitcases to your cabin." He showed me the pictures of a girl standing by his side. "I came here a few days ago. The monkey took my bags through the rows of people having a good time." she said. as Chucho appeared by our side. "I'll get some more drinks. "We had our disagreements." I said. ." I said.

"He had a matador with the head of a bull last month. "I like fireworks." he said." somebody said. "Lightning turns me on.305 "It's Fifi." "The doctor needs money." I said. when I thought his mother had thrown them away all those years ago. I had seen her face in the papers of the time. "We'll have a firework display tonight. "What doctor?" "Chucho's owner." I said." Homer said. "We'll do that some other time." I said. We had finished in the jungle because of the drugs he had brought from Europe." Jaramillo said. "I was waiting for you. "I want an orgy. before flying through the universe in a spaceship we had found somewhere. looking sunburned and a bit plump. He had to be funny too. "That's strange. as he showed me some of the pages he had been deciphering." I said." I said. "I have to talk to you." . and anything else he had in store for us at that moment. "Matadors are funny people." he said." He gave orders for the sailors to bring more aguardiente. Jaramillo appeared in front of me. but what is time for someone like Homer. I had not seen the journalist since our adventure aboard the spacecraft taking us in a trip across the universe. "She seems nice." he said. "These are Homer's papers." Homer said. I could not believe these were the pages he had found on the floor. my mind reeling at the thought of all the money he had made from his adventures since leaving his home some time ago.

" I said. after taking a nap. Homer wrote a quantity of dollars in one of the check books he had found in his pocket. telling me all the suffering he had in his life and of the people he had helped to get on in life. A few people danced by the pools amidst the storm going on around us. even if he had discovered a few things in the name of science.306 "I'm his owner now." he said. "You helped me and my family. "How is Maria?" "She married a nice man. "He trained Chucho. I took a sip of aguardiente before telling him the story of the man awakening in the future. "I have my problems." I said. "You owe him that." he said." I told him of the people taking the doctor to court for not giving them money." Jaramillo said. "You didn't welcome Homer. as I remembered the Titanic going down to the bottom of the sea in a stormy night some time ago. Fireworks party ." Homer said. "I know. "What does it have to do with the yacht?" he asked." I said. "Ole." "I'll send him some money." he said.

" She dried herself with her pink towel with the words New York. "He wants a harem. "You are beautiful. when she wanted to have some of the riches he had given her. when I wanted to kiss her. I managed to keep afloat for a few moments. "You must tell that to all the girls." she said. I had to impress the most beautiful woman in the yacht." she said. while talking nonstop of the way Homer treated his women." I said. She looked at me with her clear eyes.307 I went back to the pool a few moments later." she said. "No one ever taught you. She stopped her back stroke. talking of things I did not cared about and I went in the tepid water smelling of whatever they poured there in order to kill the bacteria." she said." I said. "I've been waiting for you. "I grew up in the city. She got me out of the water." I said. and the general did not seem to care." I said. . She brushed her hair. resembling the sky on a nice day. before the force of gravity pulled me towards the bottom of the pool. "You must teach me to swim." she said. "You won't be bored here. written in pink. telling me all about the jewellery he had given to Fifi. "I am here. trying to forget Homer's promises of the show he had prepared for me. "We had an end of the world party last week. her blue eyes looking the same colour as the Caribbean Sea surrounding us. after going up the steps at the side of the pool. "It sounds exciting. as the duchess listened to the guests. giving me instructions concerning my safety in the pool." she said.

" She had consummated her marriage in Hide Park in London. as a line of girls danced around the pool. "My husband liked to have sex in strange places." I told her. "Four." they said. "Nobody marries herself or himself. "Nothing lasts." Some of Homer's friends had been witnesses to his eccentricities as Father Ricardo blessed the ceremony and Amelia played with her dolls." she said.. tasting of the coca cola she had been drinking. "You must be joking.308 I kissed her lips. the foxes crying amidst the bushes interrupting the enjoyment of the moment. two. "I thought I loved my husband. as I told her all about my life." "He's coming for me. "Homer married himself. trying to tell her everything about my life in a country she had never visited. letting me touch a few parts of her body. The noise of the girls having fun interrupted my narrative and the duchess took off her bikini top. before my wife decided to run away with the butcher." they chanted. The voices of the girls singing interrupted my examination of her body but the duchess wanted to know more about Homer. after drinking the alcohol Chucho had offered them. six. "It's the truth. three. "One." she said. "Some men are peculiar.." she said. "It's hot. The duchess showed me some of the tattoos she had. five. "What is that name?" I pointed to the letters on her arms." I said." they said. I shrugged." she said." she said. "We want to wake up. The naked girls sang La Marseilles. .

" I said. as the sound of the orchestra playing Caribbean music brought me back to reality. "That's Homer." I said." "That's Homer." I said. "She believes Homer is God." the duchess said. she must found amidst the things she kept in her bag. . and I had to bring Homer back to his past. somewhere in the dimensions of time." I said. planning to do something important on a night like any other in his world. "They drowned in the houses he built for them. by erasing all the bills we had." she said. I admired her body. "He must have created everything. and she took off her pants by the pool. but then the widows had died some time ago." I said. as the guests sang about irrelevant things. I imagined Homer making the world in one of his fantasies." I said." she said. I told her of Homer's affair with my daughter. She showed me the picture of a woman looking at the sea." she said." "I think she's here. "I want to cool off." she said. "He loves Fifi. "He is an angel. We sat by the railings admiring the sea. "We had no more debts. "My daughter loved him once. whilst paying for my children's education. "Where is she now?" "She married a rich man. "The widows?" she asked." He had made a difference to our existence. "Homer changed our lives.309 "He claimed my daughter visited him afterwards.

"Stop it. He jumped on a few of the things littering the deck. Father Ricardo taught me that word in the school some years ago. "My papers. "I think so. "She never loved him." Homer said." Chucho said. "Amen." I said. interrupting the people having a night of pleasure in the yacht." he said." she said. "The president has died." he said." "Fifi must be sad." I said." I said.310 The noise of the waves crashing against the sides of the yacht interrupted the conversation. with a paper in his hand. Homer appeared by our side. We looked at the girls dancing and singing in choir. "Eureka. "He must have a surprise tonight." Chucho said. He ran through the deck." Jaramillo said. ending our enjoyment of the night. "Eureka." I said." "Eureka. unaware of whatever thing our host must have prepared for us." Chucho said. "What has he found?" the duchess asked. before the party started. "He's found it. "Hurrah to the general. Homer shrugged. the memories of the fat priest talking to us about God. holding the manuscripts he had been studying in his cabin. The chimpanzee's short legs bent every time he jumped. of the magic Homer had done in our lives. I had to find the truth of Homer's mission in the world in order to celebrate his life. . she said. coming back to my mind. "Hail to Homer. "Eureka.

" Homer said. I noticed pink clouds floating in a dark horizon in the story he had brought to us from the depth of his imagination. according to the astronomers around the planet." I said." Chucho said." I said. Chucho's shouting disturbed the groups of people making love to each other under the trees and plants arranged around the place." Homer switched a radio on. "Our sun has undergone a few changes." "Me too. "This must be a joke." "We must remain calm. "I'm calm. We have put together the radio stations in the country to keep you informed of the developments. The sky erupted in many colours. I nodded. burping a few times." my duchess said. "These are the latest news. as some people have died in the churches." "I don't like churches." the duchess caressed my body. "It's dawn." my duchess said. "It's the end of time. "The word means new." Chucho said. "Eureka." the presenter said. Homer drank a glass of aguardiente someone had forgotten on the table. We urge everyone to remain at home. "Look at the colours." the presenter interrupted. because a star appears in the sky where nothing was there before. "Astronomers think our sun might explode in a nova. "You must listen to this." "It must be a joke. as throngs of naked people danced to the music." the presenter said. "A very strange dawn." I said. "Look at the sky.311 "Leave him alone. "Eureka." I said. . Homer shrugged." he said.

"Monkeys don't talk. "The sun is changing. while drinking aguardiente and playing with the men. "I don't like that book. when I had been interested in the universe." Chucho said. The monkey ran along the pool. "Is helium the gas for balloons?" I asked." my duchess said." the duchess said. "Eureka." the radio presenter said." the radio presenter said. who did not care about the end of everything we had known. bringing panic to the planet. "Bring us aguardiente." I said. like in a horror film about to get worse. causing the rare phenomenon this morning." the presenter said. "They must be behind the fog. "The hydrogen around its core is being consumed." I said.312 A patch of red merged with the sea. Snakes talk in the bible. before going up the pole by one of the cafeterias serving the meal to some of the guests. ." The sun was a middle aged star and could not be changing." Homer said. "Thanks for the welcome. I had thought many times. after our visit to the doctor living in that town and amidst the beauty queens making everyone happy." I said. while the helium expands. "I haven't done anything." she said. time and space getting together. "Astronomers believe our sun has exhausted its helium. according to a science book I had read some time ago. "I want some mint in mine" the duchess said. I noticed the fog outside the window. as I tried to take on the end of the world. as shades of pink." Homer said to the waitress. struggled to appear behind the red in the spectacle in the sky. "The colours have gone. "We have fog all over the world.

his face getting redder. as the seagulls flew through the confusion like lost angels in a horror film." "This tragedy is not fair." he said. "We have been standing in the same spot for the past hour." I said. reminding me of a book I had read about aliens bringing war to the planet with their weapons. "If you have my baby." the duchess said." "How's the mood of the people around you?" the presenter asked. Homer nodded. where cars have been crashing with each other." I said. "That's not fair. "They might be able to tell us what is going on in the roads. watching the fog thickening all the time." "I'm talking to some of our newsmen in the country. "Will you marry me?" the duchess asked. ." the duchess said." "What about the lights?" the presenter said. "Most of the earth has disappeared under the fog. with the excitement of the party he must have planned for the night. She did not seem to care about any of the things happening to the world." Homer said.313 "The sun is funny. "It must be one of Homer's jokes." "You tickle me. "I bring you the latest news." It was the end of time. "Let's have an orgy." the radio presenter said." After a few moments. "Lola's mother warned me about this. "Was she the pretty girl from the shop?" I asked." the radio presenter said. bringing chaos to the cities. another voice spoke in the radio. He gulped his aguardiente. "She had a sergeant. "They are frightened.

and any other of Homer's jokes. letting my fingers massage her just below the abdomen.314 "We can't see them through the fog." he said. "And I need him now. ignoring the nova. Armageddon I had to change reality." I said. matter being particles and waves." he said. "He visited you in your childhood. like the ghosts told Homer in the jungle an eternity ago." Homer said. I remembered the day Homer had followed the Indian to the jungle." I said. "Let's go somewhere. waiting to be with him after the calamity. "We are waves of probability. My duchess kissed me. "It's the end of the world." My hands explored the duchess' body. whilst dividing into different universes all the time. looking for the heads hidden in the undergrowth. He mentioned something about his Uncle Hugh hiding somewhere in the boat. .

"They are written in code. One moment the sun would end our existence and now he didn't seem to care. when the earth and its inhabitants had to go off in a puff of smoke. Homer's engineers preparing us for the best spectacle of our lives. "You've had a few end of the world parties. while circling the centre of the galaxy for millions of years. in the pages Homer must have given him during his visits to the yacht. He fiddled with some of the pages Homer had found in the backyard. "I was born under a dark sun. "It's all in here.315 We seemed to be waves of anything at that moment. "What is?" I asked. the laws of physics ruling our lives with its formulas of space and time forever. even if his mother wanted to throw them away." he said. "I know. "There will be earthquakes." he said. like another of his jokes or the fact that he thought the universe divided all the time. He explained how our star never did anything exceptional." I said." he said. "The fog and the lights. leaving a trail in the darkness of the night." Jaramillo said. "Has the radio said anything?" I asked. . "We had fireworks." Homer said." he said. He told me of the horrible things before the end of the world." I said." "We have fireworks now. "This is different." Jaramillo pointed to his pages. the music interrupting the conversation about the end of the world." I said. I had come to have a good time and to relax in Homer's paradise. We drank an aguardiente in order to calm our nerves. Fireworks went up the sky. "I switched it off.

I thought of a laser machine hidden somewhere in the yacht. before the Beatles interrupted all the fun with their songs and drugs and Pele scored lots of goals. after listening to Homer's explanation of everything in superposition outside our senses. "I translated the papers?" Jaramillo said. It didn't seem to be the best place for me to rest. "Sleep here. amidst some of the characters from another world. "I haven't slept at all." he said." Cagangosto had lost his head." he interrupted my thoughts." I said. "Homer's invisible friend wrote them. "It must be done with lasers." she said. I nodded. when the other guests discussed the lights in the sky and the fog would not go away. "This letter here means something. "There is nothing to talk about. The world had to be crazy when we had to observe something for it to exist in our reality." he said." I said. He showed me a notebook filled with a few graphics of a language no one else had studied. ." the duchess made some room in the floor by our side. Something resembled a zero in one of the pages. "That is what you think. Jaramillo did not seem afraid of the microbes surrounding him everywhere. He explained some of the complexities of that language he had encountered in the pages Homer had found in the backyard. I wanted to know what he meant by that and whether it could be proven by science. "That's interesting.316 "The Beatles came here. like he had done on his first visit to Homer's shop at the beginning of time. "We must talk about this." he said." I said. "It has the theory of everything." Homer said.

"I'm tired of hiding. before the passing of our world into some other stage in the continuum. ." "Eureka. "I had to see Homer's yacht." Uncle Hugh showed us a few pictures depicting Homer and his parents somewhere in time. "Homer loves drama. The monkey held a bunch of papers in his hands.317 "It's interesting." he said." Homer said." the presenter said. An old man came out of the shadows. "Destroyed by the sun's gravity. while looking at me through his thick glasses. like he used to do in the past. "He was the first person I saw. even though we could not see anything through the fog." The night kept its secrets away from us in those terrible moments. proving he had travelled with them in their journey to another land. I studied the pictures of Homer's parent's enjoying their life in their country." he said. "The sky is turning many colours." Homer said." I said. "This is Uncle Hugh. "I'm glad you could come. "And a few rings seem to be surrounding the earth. before travelling a long way. pushing his glasses up his nose. Uncle Hugh told me of his life in that other land he had left a long time ago." the presenter said. "They are the remnants of an asteroid." Uncle Hugh said. his white hair in stark contrast with his blue shirt." Chucho said." I said. We had to be together for Homer's sake. when he had to feed his family with his hard work. He greeted us. "My mother was there. while jumping and shouting around the deck.

"You wanted us here. like in a movie gone mad. ." It also rained in the yacht. "My parents are not here. "We have to do something." "Eureka. "It's raining in Bogotá. as throngs of naked people shouted amidst the confusion." Chucho said." Homer said." the presenter interrupted. the sun is pulsating. as Homer told us what to expect if the sun behaved funny." "You control the radio." the presenter's voice interrupted the scene." he said. "The radio says so. forgetting the tragedy menacing humankind for the moment." Jaramillo said. "The sun is pulsating." Uncle Hugh said. wisps of lightning dancing above our heads. frightening us with the end of the world. Attention! An electric storm has developed over the city. as Homer talked of his life some time ago. "This is the national news at the moment.318 "According to the latest news. and dead people did not become zombies for the sake of being together." the presenter interrupted. "The authorities are trying to stop the panic in the country. where the electron existed in a limbo. "I don't understand." I said. "That's true. "The country has awoken to a rare phenomenon. There must be places in the universe. "It's a circular argument." I said." Fingers of fire reached the furthest parts of the sky in the most beautiful display I had ever seen." "This is real." Homer said." I said. Homer had to explain his behaviour tonight. "Is it?" I asked. with rain and hail. They were dead. "It's the end of time.

" I said." the presenter said. "Can you see that?" she asked.S." she said." She couldn't take her eyes off the sky." I said. "Look at the clouds." I said. "Homer found some Indians in the jungle. when marihuana or L. "I want more drugs. "You are a liar. "I hate Homer. The word means new. "I haven't done anything.D had taken us to the stars. turning the heavens into a display of power." my duchess said." We drank alcohol to calm our nerves." "Eureka. reminding me of my trip to the jungle." she said. "The sun will explode as a nova. My duchess smiled." he said. A fountain of light evaporated like a Christmas decoration in the fog. I had to stop the madness aboard the yacht." Chucho said. "Homer must have put something in the cocktails." Homer waited for the end of humankind in our company. while the chimpanzee shouted about finding something amidst the guests. "We give you an extraordinary bulletin. More lights appeared in the horizon. the sky giving us the best display on earth as the chimp ran around the yacht with papers in his hand. the radio's narrative of doom guiding us in the last moments of our lives. . because a star appears where nothing was there before.319 The duchess nodded. "It's not your imagination. excited by the carrousel of fire stretching through the heavens." I told her. "That's interesting. "This is nonsense. "It has crashed with the arch." "They shrank their enemy's heads.

I'll tell you. oblivious to the fact we did not want to die." he said. "Don't bite me." "The captain is a cynic." "You're mad. The fog had thickened.320 "A fat sun is rising over there." Chucho said." my duchess said. "Everything outside our senses doesn't exist." someone said." I said. and a fountain of colours adorned the sky at the edge of reality. "I want to kill Homer. "Fuck me first." . "Let's imagine the earth rotating in space. "Hurrah to our host. nature giving us the best spectacle anyone could wish for humankind. "It's Armageddon." "Where's my cup?" "If you kiss me ten times. A light rose behind the clouds. Homer led us in the path through reality he had prepared for us." she said." "Eureka." I said.

" I said. "Nice to meet you. ignoring the tragedy waiting to strike the world." I said." he said. . "I know. "It is written in the scriptures.321 The end of time A girl appeared amidst the passengers in the deck. ordering more aguardiente as the tragedy he must have designed with the help of his assistants ranged around us. looking beautiful in the most difficult times of humankind. "You must be Miguel. Homer led us to one of the tables. "I am Fifi." she said. "The scriptures?" I asked." she interrupted my thoughts. while making her way in between the people looking at the sky. Homer kissed her. caressing her breasts.

" I said." He looked amidst the pages for some explanation for the events we had been experiencing during the past few days." I said. The sea had not been behaving since I had arrived at the yacht a few hours ago." I said." Jaramillo said. "Homer copied those pages a few times. "You have had end of the world parties. Homer showed us the norms of whatever could be allowed in the yacht." "I have faith in the pages. "The seas will get rough. "It's the end of the world. "But our sun is a middle aged star. "This is done in the name of fun." I said. sending my ideas of him tricking us overboard. I could not understand why no one else seemed to be frightened of the end of the word the radio had told us a few moments ago." he said. "There were not printers at that time. telling us how everything we had experienced had to be written in those papers he called the scriptures. "You believe the radio presenter's words. like the fact that the drugs tasted bad and the orchestra did not play well." Homer said. . "They were fireworks displays. "That is the impression I get here." Jaramillo said." I said. as Fifi seemed more interested in her time in the yacht about to disintegrate very soon." I said. according to whatever Jaramillo had been studying in his lifetime. Homer joined the discussion of the authenticity of the papers he had found in his garden and how they might explain the end of the world. "The radio talks of the sun expanding its outer layers." Jaramillo said. when we had to prepare ourselves for the end of time.322 He pointed at the pages Jaramillo had in his hands. "The radio has been talking about that. kas he told some more of the things we might expect in the end of times.

except the clouds but the lights had to be under the clouds." he said. if we did not finish in the next few minutes. as the laptop showed us the satellite going around our planet. "This is his world of adventures. The sound of fireworks interrupted my words in a night we might never forget." Fifi said." I said. where the image of the earth looking like a jewel in space filled most of the screen. "It's night time." I said. "I don't see anything wrong with our planet." I said. "Then the force of the nova will reach us. listening to Homer's words of the things happening to the world. "You have to lie down in a safe place as I say the words: we have seven minutes." We could not see any of it in the screen in front of us. "You must have arranged this. I examined the radio he must have bought somewhere in the Caribbean." I said." she pointed to one of the pictures." he said. . "It will be an eternal night. like the one leading us to the end of everything. I thought what to do during the last moments of humankind. "But we are still together. when she had been cheating on her husband.323 She showed me some of the pictures she had taken of their time together. Then darkness appeared in the screen. when we had to say goodbye to everything we had known." I said. "It's not a joke. "This is us in the pool." the radio presenter interrupted. like the curtains of evil over the world. expecting to find the clue to his lies. the general. "It's the truth. "We've had our problems. "You must love him. Homer put a small television on the table." Reality took us into different pathways of time." she said.

"An infinite number of them. "I can't. "Make it stop. while listening to the radio presenter narrative of the end of time." she said." "It's a particle under our observation." I said. "That's horrible. "The sun swells. "The electron must go around the atom. "Nature is in charge of that." he said. "We can do nothing. "We are inside it. "What is a nova?" The duchess interrupted. "There must be some way out of this problem." She cried in my arms." I said. while the colours in the sky mixed with the fog in the sea." . before being cursed by Homer's money." I said. the image of the earth in the screen showing us Armageddon. "I don't understand." I said." Homer said. her tears making my shirt wet. before discarding its outer layers. "That is why it has to be a wave." I said. The cries of the guests mixing with the music brought me back the memories of my family.324 It might not have happened in the other realities created by the electrons in our bodies following different pathways in time." Fifi interrupted." he said." "It will explode. Homer pointed at the sea around the yacht. "It's one of Homer's pranks. "We can alter our path. "You are learning." I wanted to discuss his theory of the world dividing with our thoughts." "There must be a lot of universes." We heard some more instructions of the reporter telling us everything we had to do in order to protect ourselves." I said. Homer nodded.

forgetting whatever they had been talking about one second ago. "Attention. "Chucho must have found something. "Eureka. "Are we running away from New York?" someone said. "He had a bullfighter called Cagangosto. if we believed the radio Homer had brought to the table. "Most of the victims have happened because of the panic everywhere." the radio presenter said. "You think so. while discussing their affairs outside the space and time of the yacht." Chucho said. "They're right.325 The sky went on doing odd things." I said. It's boring." the radio presenter said." she said. as we discussed our fate under the stars and Fifi told us of Homer's life." Homer said. "And a shark ate his head." Everybody got excited. She did not seem to care about the end of the universe in the next few moments." "It must be the high rents." Some of the guests talked amongst themselves." "He has my papers." "Where did you buy that record?" "I have that novel by Wells. "We must keep calm. and the skyscrapers disappeared under the fog in New York." "That's incredible." . First he shows us the lights. and now he frightens us. "This is a joke." "Homer is a genius." They seemed to have forgotten the end of the world. "You must lie somewhere safe when I say we have seven minutes. in that dream I must be having in the continuum of time." I said.

" Jaramillo said. while the TV screen. "Jose left them on the floor." I said. showed the continents amidst the clouds." I remembered the death of Homer's parents in the midst of time." I said. when he fancied my daughter and his coca on a daily basis." Jaramillo pointed to one of the pages. "It must be me. The waves took the yacht up and down like a yo-yo. while the presenter told us of whatever had been happening in the world. Those papers had to explain the last few moments of humankind." "Eureka." Homer said. "The planet Mercury has exploded. according to the astronomers." Jaramillo said. the voice of the presenter informing us of the latest news." I said." the radio presenter interrupted. muttering something about the sun finishing with us." Homer said." Home said. "He is clever.326 I didn't know what the present situation had to do with the pages Chucho had been studying in the yacht. "The monkey has my papers. He pointed at the screen. as we argued. "Have some LSD. "The nova is sending radiation through space. I hugged the duchess and thought of the countdown the radio had mentioned. . "Eureka." Chucho said. when everything looked peaceful. "And the explosion will take seven minutes to come to us." Chucho said. and the passengers looked nervous. "The sun is expanding its outer layers and reaching our way. "You are lying to us. "I have some of them." he said. We'll see the results soon." The blue globe of the earth occupied most of the screen. "A man will rise amongst us. "We have some news. "I know.

. unless Homer had decided to deceive us for some reason. when we had to prepare ourselves for the end of the world.327 The universe looked different after swallowing some of the tablets with a sip of aguardiente." We had to survive the collapse of reality in our lives. the way Homer had plotted in his path through reality. The road through reality took us to a future of uncertainty inside the yacht." he said. "Everything is waves of uncertainty. "What wave?" I asked. "I never thought of this happening. "Observation collapses the wave." I said.

" she said. . where everyone pretended to be someone else. Fifi showed me some of the pictures she had of one of Homer's orgies." she said. "He wanted to get us together. "It seems interesting. in an effort to forget our situation.328 The last minutes "The waves are getting bigger." I thought of Uncle Hugh waiting for something to happen by Homer's side and of the naked girls celebrating the end of everything." she said. the shouts of the guests interrupting my thoughts." We discussed whatever he had decided to do tonight. in order to make love to whoever they could find. like Homer had told us so many times. "But he wants to confuse us tonight. I thought of the waves of uncertainty sending our bodies into the paths of the continuum of time. "Tell me more about his parties. "We had a good time. "The thing is. I tried to find some connection to reality amidst the confusion around me." I said. "I must be dreaming." Fifi pointed at the sea. when we could die that night. "He must have learned these things in his quantum jungle." I said." I said. Fifi helped me to decipher one of the equations written in a notebook Homer had brought to the yacht. the lights in the sky adding to the confusion in the deck.

"We have to stop observing ourselves. "Stop this nonsense. the equations of matter told us what to expect that night. "This is not real. as I studied a booklet Homer had given me depicting the electrons going around the nucleus in a wavy function. "How do we do it?" she asked. I pondered about the laws of the universe. with a Polaroid camera he had brought." "It's exploding. We studied the booklet with the orbit of the electron around its nucleus and the formula of the wave function. depending whether somebody looked at it or not. adding to the confusion of the moment." "But you don't believe it." Homer said.329 "I have to think of something." Homer captured the lights bathing the yacht at that moment in time. "Homer has the best parties on the earth." I said. Matter could be particles or waves. the lights in the sky providing amusement for his guests." he said. governing our lives every day of our existence." She showed me some other pictures of the parties. "The outside world is in a superposition of states." Homer said." Fifi said." Fifi said. "You've been to some other end of the world parties. "The sun has become a nova." I said. "I heard the radio. "I know some astronomy." Homer said. "Homer says this time is different." She said. "It's the end of the world." I said. I nodded. organised by Homer." I said. . "And our sun is a middle aged star with lots of more years before its death.

330 Homer looked at me with the radio in his hand." he said. the waves of uncertainty sending our molecules through the roads of probability in our way to the end of everything. "It's not obvious from space. We have seven minutes!!" The clock ticked towards the end of time. "I'll go whenever he goes." the radio presenter interrupted." Fifi said. "We have seven minutes. "Let's go." I said. He talked of matter being a particle and a wave as the duchess complained of the fog giving her a headache. "We don't have a time machine. "We have boats. I dragged one of the boats towards the railings by the sea." the voice in the radio interrupted." he said. the end of the world setting in motion our fears for the unknown. "Nothing is happening. ." the duchess pointed at me. when we had to say farewell to everything we had known through time. where the boats waited for us. "I wish I could stop this madness. "You had an end of the world party the other day. setting in motion my thought processes as Homer took us to the bridge. "Homer holds parties like this every night. "Attention. "Go where?" I asked. "This is reality. "Eureka." I said. The computer screen showed us the view of the earth from space." Chucho said." he said. while the clouds covered much of the world in the image I could see in the screen. "We have six minutes. "It was not like this." Fifi said." I said. as the voice in the radio told us more things about the sun exploding." Homer said." Fifi said.

"Attention. "You have done it on purpose." I said." Homer said. "It's beautiful." We saw the view of the satellite from space." I said. "We have five minutes. Fifi shrugged." Fifi said." the radio presenter said." Homer said.331 Jaramillo appeared by our side with a glass of aguardiente in his hands. as the earth seemed to appear three dimensionally in the screen on the table. in spite of the fact that the earth could finish in a few moments. . "We have to avert the tragedy. "It's not. "It's the end of the world. while the image of the earth with a blue ocean appeared in the screen. in order to lead us through the end of time." Jaramillo put his hands through the three dimensional image of our planet. "You invented it." he said. and looking flustered. Homer showed us some of the pictures of the girls posing by the horsemen of the apocalypse and the fireworks going up the sky. "I know." We sat down at the table by the railing. "He had a clown the other night. "There is nothing wrong with the world." said Fifi. "And the end of the world. looking tired and muttering something about the noise interfering with his sleep. Uncle Hugh appeared by our side. watching the waves taking the boat up and down. "The sun welcomed me and the sun will greet me back." she said. "This is all made believe." The duchess whispered something about having fun. "A clown?" I asked." Homer said. "It was an end of the world party. Homer had taken his shirt off." he said.

" Jaramillo said." Chucho said. I thought of all the things happening during the night. "Which ones?" I asked." Homer said. "We are made of atoms." the voice in the radio interrupted. if we didn't dissolve in zillions of atoms in a few moments." the duchess said. I tried to solve the problem of some other reality encroaching into ours. "I want my petrol ships." Fifi said. "Eureka. the lights in the sky welcoming us to Armageddon." the presenter said." Homer said. "You have to calm down." he said. He pointed to the particle amidst the others making the formula in the middle of one of the pages. as people screamed and prayed to their invisible friends in the sky. I shook my head. when Homer wanted to give us the best party in the world." ." he said.332 "You will damage it." Fifi said. Someone ran along the deck as the countdown went on. I comforted the duchess in a day to remember. "We have four minutes. expecting me to do something about them in the end of time. "Let's do it now. "I want sex." I said. "We have three minutes. even though we could not see any of it in the mathematical formula. "Stop it. "We could multiply these two numbers. "It doesn't make any sense. Jaramillo put Homer's papers in front of my face. "There is nothing wrong with me.

as more lights appeared in the sky. I left a trail of saliva from her neck to the stomach. "You are sexy." I said. world." the duchess said." I said. and I studied it for a few moments. "Clear your minds of any thoughts." the duchess said. "We have to be quick. Homer must have done all these things with his technology inside the yacht. while divorcing ourselves from reality." the radio said." A giant moon had appeared over our heads." Fifi said." Homer said. "Eureka. . like the day I had travelled to the stars. "Don't listen to that." Jaramillo said. "Make love to me. My head hurt from all the things I had taken." I said. "We have one minute." the presenter in the radio interrupted." Chucho said." I said. I nodded. the voice of the presenter preparing us for the end of the world. "Bye. "I love you. "I know what to do. "We have two minutes. and I made her groan with pleasure in the last moments of humanity." Homer said. "Kiss me. the voice of the man in the radio telling us of the destruction of the earth by our star. before crowning the beauty queens somewhere in time. He told us to think of nothing. He gave me one of the pages he held in his hand." Chucho said. "I miss my family. "Eureka. but no one could have done that with lasers or any other inventions of our time.333 I fell in a stupor after swallowing some pills the duchess gave me. "I have the solution to the equations. "I have solved the equations." Jaramillo said.

as she called her mother and Fifi cried her love for Homer.334 "Eureka. ." Chucho said. "Eureka. I kissed my duchess. time and space getting together for a final act amidst the waves." Chucho said.

he sees the freckles and other things the little boy has. "It started with the dark sun." Homer says. "I think so. "Where am I?" Homer asks. Jose runs his truck on the floor. "I'm Jose." he says to no one in particular. after the end of the earth in that party he had in the yacht." Homer says. He does not know what has happened to the world in the dimensions of time. bringing back the memories of the end of humanity. the memory of that party in the yacht still in his mind. "The world did not finish. within the debris of his life and the end of time." On moving closer. He thinks of the day Uncle Hugh appeared by his side. as the universe disappears from his view. floating in the abyss of his mind. "It is a joke. . after he had made love to Fifi for the last time. before going back to wherever he has landed. the fractal tree of existence collapsing in front of Homer's senses. "Has everything finished?" Homer asks. when the ants crawled in the backyard in some other region of the space continuum he had inhabited from his birth. Homer nods his head. A child picks his nose within the shadows of time." the child says." the boy says. unaware of Homer's longing for his world. Then a light irrupts in his world. What is time? He thinks.335 Prologue Everything goes dark. "I know. the shadows around him bringing memories of some other universe existing in the dimensions of time.

He looks at the bushes around him. the widows. the boats." Homer says. "We use it in the mathematical formulas." Homer says.336 "It might have done." he says. after sleeping for some time in the jungle. "It was all a dream. "I have to find the priest." he says. "I was joking." Reality exists in the infinity of wherever he has landed. "What is time?" the boy asks. "And it really happened." Jose says. The child shrugs. Homer remembers his mother's face amidst the rest of his life: the Indians. the war and the manuscripts. "I was in the yacht one second ago. trying to find some clue to how he came to be in the jungle." he says. the shadows around him hiding the truth o-f whatever happened to his world. the laser and the radio presenter to scare everyone to death. "I must be dreaming. "I'm alive somewhere else then." he says. "You have forgotten." "It did?" Homer asks. Jose plays with his car." Homer says. "What do you mean?" "I paid for the fireworks. . like the end of time." Jose looks at him. "They've gone." Homer says. Jose explains how everything can happen within the scope of reality. ignoring Homer's concern for the planet he inhabited an eternity ago. "Where are the ghosts?" he asks. Homer hears the drums the Indians must be playing in order to confuse him.

"I see one of me. leading him to another place within the waves of probability making up his world. The water shows worlds in super position." Jose says. They arrive at the shores of a river." Jose says. "I did. "You never cared about the Indians. like a cherub thrown from heaven for misbehaving. "This is your world. there and everywhere." "Please. The child smiles. hoping to find the ghosts dancing on the trees. the pace of time taking everything towards a point in infinity of places "Send me back. "You've done it this time. dimples forming at the sides of his mouth. and remembering his shop in Miguel's hands somewhere in reality. "Yes. "I don't know. "Show me the ghosts." Homer says. "Anything?" the child asks." Homer says." he says.337 He moves through the jungle. "I'll give you anything." "It wasn't my fault. where you see your face many times. Jose shakes his head. before the sun careered through the sky in its journey to Armageddon." ." Homer says. unaware of the distress he has caused to the planet." the boy says. The child plays." "The widows died. like one of those mirrors." Homer says." Homer says. Homer's shop floats in one of the levels of reality. "You are here." Homer remembers a few things from the past he inhabited.

" his uncle says. the memory of the tragedy assaulting his senses. SPANISH WORDS 1: El Baratillo: a shop that sells cheap things. . On opening his eyes." a voice says. as the muck covers his clothes in another day by the market.338 "Nothing ever was. losing all the sense of the world in the recesses of time. "I have a surprise for you. Homer remembers the fantasies taking him away from the ants bothering him to death in the mysteries of eternity. he sees his boats sailing across the garden pond. 2: Aguardiente: Colombian liquor. "I like your yacht. dissolving into his uncle's face a few moments later. "Shut your eyes. "Don't collapse the wave. Homer falls in a whirlpool of light." his mother says." he says. "I haven't seen you for some time. A shadow appears in front of him." Homer wonders what has happened to his world." Jose says. "What wave?" Homer asks.

. 6: Panela is made of sugar cane. 12: Mazato: a drink made with corn. 13: Arepa: pastry made with corn and sometimes cheese. 8: Morcilla is a kind of sausage. 15: Boyaca is a region of Colombia. a region in North West Colombia. It's made with the intestines of a pig. 5: Pandebobo is a kind of bread. 9: Bocadillos: Colombian sweet made with Guava and sugar.339 3: Socorro is a woman's name. 10: Campesinos: country people. 11: Sancocho is a regional chicken soup. 14: Curuba: tropical fruit. 4: Mulato: person of mixed origin. 7: Antioqueno is someone from Antioquia.

340 .

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