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To introduce Myself, I am Likith Krishnappa.

I hold a Bachelors degree in Mechanical

Engineering and currently pursuing my masters in Aerospace Engineering at Technische
Universitat Munchen (TUM) Germany. After a year and half of studying aerospace engineering I
realized one thing, that most of the jobs that I may find after me completing my graduation will
not involve cutting edge research, its going to be the same desk job which is carried out by any
other engineer. There are only 2 industries wherein there will arise a challenge every day, wherein
they strive to be the best among the best and that is Defense aircrafts and Racing and I prefer the
latter to be more realistic wherein I can actually see the fruits of my work. Hence began my hunt
for a suitable job position in the world of racing cars and I bumped into the above mentioned job
The moment I saw the job posting, the first thing that came to my mind was here is the perfect
job that I always dreamt of, not because of the cars or the glamour associated with it but due to
fact that it the job that will pose a new problem every day and I need to be on my feet 24/7 to be
able to handle it, to be best among the lot. Thats one thing which excites and thats exactly the
reason why I am applying for this post.
I have an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering and now doing my masters in
aerospace engineering. The main reason for me to take up aerospace was due to interest that I
have in the fields of CFD and aerodynamics. That interest has made me to spend quite some time
on research using CFD and FEA tools.
Just to give you a brief idea about the research that I have carried out.
Till Date, I have done various CFD simulations which includes simulating cavitation over a 2d
symmetrical hydrofoil (2 phase analysis) and FE 3D modelling and Simulation of the welding
process, which is a thermo mechanical coupled analysis. Along with this I also had the
opportunity to simulate the acoustic heat transfer between 2 plates at zero gravity conditions.
During my master studies I have carried out an experimental work related to Cold rolling of Ti
alloys, which is a Rolls Royce project at NTU, Singapore. In this particular project, I had to
analyse the variation in micro-structure after Ti alloy was subjected to DCR process. Along with
it I was also associated with a project related to modelling & simulation of storing the thermal
energy given out by the gas turbine in the form of exhaust gases using PCM materials, which was
an ERI@N (Energy research institute at NTU, Singapore) project.

As far as my exposure to the corporate world goes, I have carried out a two month internship at
DNV GL wherein I was working on the effect of local brittle zone in the HAZ of the weld region.
My interest in the field of Structural mechanics brought me to Hannover wherein, I have carried
out a two month internship at Fraunhofer IWES, which is one of the leading research institutes
for wind energy in Europe.
During my internship I worked on a project related to blade bearings of the Senvion Rotor hub.
Currently, I am carrying out my masters dissertation at the same institute wherein, I am
modelling a 7.5MW reference rotor hub and carrying out load simulation and fatigue analysis of
the same.
Most of the work that I have carried out till now involved using modelling and analysis software
hence, I am good at analysis software such as MATLAB,ABAQUS, ANSYS CFX, ADPL, ICEM
and Fluent, Modelling software such as CATIA, Siemens NX.
This is a short summary about the work that I have done till now.
I you observe closely, you might have noticed that I have written this in an unofficial manner, its
only because I am not writing this with the mindset of applying to any other job. Its a job which
many would be keen to apply for and I would not like to be among the many, I would like to
express myself and apply.
I am fully aware of the fact that my chances of being called for an interview are very slim, but
still I am spending my time and applying because being selected is secondary. My job is being as
honest and as prompt as possible while applying and I am happy with the way the cover letter has
turned. Even if I am rejected I would not feel bad because I know that I tried hard and gave it all
that I have.
I would like to thank the person who is reading this cover letter for spending his/her time to read
this cover letter and giving me an opportunity to present my case.
Thanking you,
Likith Krishnappa