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87716 Nangarhar Project Construction Best Practices

Presentation #1
Site grading is the process of adjusting the slope and elevation of the soil around buildings or
civil structures. Prior to construction or renovation, site grading may be performed to even
out the surface and provide a solid foundation, and at other times, grading may be required
to improve drainage and create the desired appearance for landscaping features.
Clearing vegetative cover and then grading a site are arguably the most destructive stages in
the development process and can dramatically impact pre-existing hydrology. Soils are
exposed to erosion, the site is compacted by heavy equipment, and the natural terrain and
drainage are completely altered. Civil Works Contractors should maintain as much natural
vegetation as possible and limit clearing, grading, and land disturbance activities to the
minimum needed for construction, maintenance, and emergency services.
UNOPS has a social and professional responsibility to manage all construction works that
involve the grading of an area where the slope of the area is to be excavated or filled; the
excavation, fill, or rearrangement of earth material on any site; all grading or clearing
operations; the excavation or fill of any portion of a site that increases or decreases its
elevation following the completion of grading at any point; the diversion of rainwater runoff
from an area that is greater than the impervious area threshold for new development; the
blockage or alteration of a waterway or drainage way; or the excavation for the installation,
removal, or repair of any underground structure.
UNOPS JICA IV Project is undertaking building construction works for school and clinic
facilities, and the works involve site grading. The project engineering team has to evaluate
contractors grading plan, including contours and grade elevations for existing and proposed
ground surface elevations at each given site.
This is a UNOPS JICA IV PowerPoint presentation explaining of the following:
Site Grading Definition, Methods and Challenges and Recommendation for Best Practices
Presentation topics:
1) Key Words used in the presentation
2) Key terminology or definition to understand the presentation
3) Site Grading definition, purpose and process or techniques
4) Requirement information before site grading design
5) Requirement information after site grading construction works
6) Equipment used in site grading
7) Site grading techniques or methods used in JICA IV works
8) Implementing site grading works in JICA IV process and roles/responsibilities
9) Challenges applying site grading techniques in JICA IV subproject sites
10) Recommendations for best practices in site grading for building construction works

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