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THIS SETTLEMENT AGREEMENT is entered into by and between the parties,

Assistant Treasurer Annette Harmon ("Harmon") and the East Cleveland City School District

Board of Education ("Board") on this .1 1 day of AvjosT

, 2014.

WHEREAS, disputes have arisen between Harmon and the Board that threaten to result
in protracted and costly litigation; and

WHEREAS, the Board and Harmon have come to an amicable agreement that prevents
litigation and separates Harmon from her employment with the Board;
NOW, THEREFORE, it is hereby agreed as follows:

Harmon hereby resigns from employment with the Board, and the Board hereby
accepts the resignation dated as of the Board's adoption of this executed


Harmon will receive $30,000.00 in a one-time payment as partial satisfection for

the terms of this agreement. She will be provided an IRS form 1099 for the
payment. The payment will be made by August 15, 2014, and shall be sent to

Harmon's counsel Douglas Bloom, Esq. of Dubyak Connick Sammon & Bloom,
LLC at 3401 Enterprise Parkway, Suite 205, Beachwood, OH 44122.

Harmon will receive continued health insurance benefits under her current terms
until February 28, 2015. She will continue to pay the employee portion of the
premium. She must make the payments for her employee share of the monthly
premium on the first of each month. Failure to make the payment on time will
result in cancellation of her insurance and this requirement of the Agreement shall
be null and void. The parties agree that Harmon may make a one-time payment to
the Board for her share of the monthly premium. The amount of the payments will

be provided under a side letter to Harmon's attorney.


Harmon will receive a letter of recommendation from the Board Treasurer that

highlights her skills. Said letter of recommendation has been approved by


The parties agree that the execution of this agreement is not an admission of
wrongdoing by either party, but a resolution to the ongoing dispute.


In exchange for all of the consideration set forth in this Agreement, Harmon and
the Board hereby mutually release and discharge each other and their respective
members, officers, administrators, employees, agents, and representatives from
any and all claims, demands, causes of action, liability, costs, expenses, and
attorney fees that may presently exist or which may be asserted in the future,

whether known or unknown, arising from or relating to the circumstances leading

to the execution of this Agreement.

Harmon agrees, by signing below, that she has had the benefit of competent and

appropriate counsel before entering into this agreement.

WHEREFORE, the parties hereto have executed this settlement agreement on the day and year
first written above.

East Cleveland City School District

Board of Education:


Board President

Annette Harmon

East C level and C it y Schools


Mary Ann Nowak


Myma Loy Corley



Superintendent of Schools


August 11, 2014


Letter of Reference
Annette Harmon

461 1 Brainard Road

Orange Village, OH 44022

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is to attest that Ms. Annette Harmon served the East Cleveland City School
District as its Assistant Treasurer from January 11, 2010 through and including August
11, 2014. Ms. Harmon possesses the credentials and experience necessary for the
position of Assistant Treasurer. During Ms. Harmon's service to the District, I always
found her to be extremely hard working and tenacious as she worked toward meeting her
functional job responsibilities. She was also committed to putting in the time necessary
to perform her job duties. As Assistant Treasurer, Ms. Harmon was also willing to tackle
varied task assignments.

Very truly yours.

East Cleveland City Schools

Mary Ann Nowak


1843 Stanwood Road# East Cleveland, OH 44112-2901#(216) 268-6587#Fax: (216) 268-6268 e-mail: