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Building a Competitive Workforce for a Strong Local Economy
Napa County’s Workforce Investment Bureau (WIB) is in the midst of refocusing their efforts to support a healthy demand driven workforce that will drive local competitiveness across multiple industries. “Our workforce needs to be ready to tackle emerging fields and meet strategic hiring needs in order to both sustain and strengthen our local economy”, says WIB Executive Director Bruce Wilson. Wilson, who has directed the Napa WIB since 2007, has taken on a retooling of WIB services, expanding outside the federally mandated requirements, the Napa WIB is enhancing strategic initiatives, reaching into the local economy, studying hard data and bringing forth suggestions to the business community that will allow for a demand ready workforce poised to get ahead of the curve in a recovering economy. Wilson has taken the first steps in studying Napa’s economy by gathering data and convening industry specific business leaders to poll their needs. Looking at such areas as job growth rates, numbers of jobs in industry sectors, percentage change in year over year employment numbers, annual payroll and other factors, the team at WIB is able to construct a blueprint of our local employment landscape and can project hiring and training needs for emerging business trends. The resulting data was studied by WIB Board members, some 28 strong comprising industry, labor, government, education and social service partners, who voted on six key industry sectors on which to initially focus their efforts. These are: • Construction and renovation • Food and beverage manufacturing • Durable goods manufacturing • Transportation and warehousing • Health and wellness • Business to business services WIB will reach further into these sectors utilizing surveys and other means to determine workforce development strategies and opportunities. The resulting blueprints will provide these sectors with valuable information with which to build competitive

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Napa Chamber of Commerce Supports the 2010 Census
Napa Chamber of Commerce in partnership with the U.S. Census Bureau and the California Complete Count Committee to help achieve a complete and accurate count of California’s population as part of the 2010 Census. Conducted every 10 years, the census defines who we are as a state. It guides critical decisions on the national, state and local levels and provides insight into population, state, local and tribal government funding and more. TOP 5 Easy Ways Your Employees Can Participate in Census 2010: 1. Write letters to the editor. 2. Encourage employees to put articles in newsletters of clubs or professional associations. 3. Encourage employees to tell their friends, family and neighbors that the Census is Safe and Confidential, easy, and Important!

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continued from previous page... versatility employing a trained workforce ready to attract market driven revenues. Industry leaders will need to work in close partnership with WIB to maximize the potential of this work. WIB can operate as the incubator for these initiatives and can work with local educators to provide resources for identified skill building and training methods, but without industry leaders ready to work with the program these efforts could prove futile. The Napa Chamber of Commerce has partnered with WIB to bolster these efforts in the form of their new Economic Vitality and Sustainability Committee, which is compiling parallel industry clusters ready to take the WIB sector blueprints to hand. The goal is to provide career track training for existing employees and then back-fill entry level positions from matching training programs in place at WIB. An example of this system at work is the Home Energy Rater training that WIB has funded at Napa Valley College. In an effort to bolster preparedness for an expected wave of “green collar” job skills WIB has provided equipment and funding for a specialized program which trains techniques for structural energy audit skills. New governmental mandates for energy conservation and sustainability goals will require both residential and commercial buildings to meet certain conservation guidelines, requiring trained auditors to compile test results. As an example of industry leaders stepping up to partner with the WIB program, Sustainable

Napa County has taken on a new role in partnership with PGE. SNC has been awarded a two year contract from PGE to roll out the Napa County Energy Watch Program. This contract has clearly measurable goals of reducing kilowatt use within the two year time frame, and SNC is going to need auditors ready to go to measure benchmarks and achieved results. The central mandate of the Workforce Investment Board is to administer the distribution of federal Workforce Investment Act funds that are allocated through the State of California to Napa County. These federal funds help to support the One-Stop Business and Career Center (WorkforceNapa) and other local programs and services that benefit adult and youth job seekers, dislocated workers and businesses. Under Wilson’s leadership the Napa WIB is taking on not simply reactive services for the un- and under employed, but also a more strategic outreach to local industries in order to meet new economy skills across multiple industries. Wilson sees five key areas that encompass Napa WIB’s community role: • Convener of industry leaders • Facilitator of needed discourse • Broker of strategic partnerships within the community • Overseer of governmental funds to enhance workforce readiness • Analysis of critical data for strategic workforce readiness planning The first steps of identifying the six key industry sectors indicate clearly the convener/ facilitator role which will only expand as

the program gets underway. The recent partnership with the Chamber is reaching into the broker aspect of WIB’s focus. With involvement from key industry leaders Wilson hopes to get to the overseer aspect and fund training for the skills identified by the process. For more information on the Napa County WIB visit them online at www. Born out of the Workforce Investment Act of 1998, the Napa County Workforce Investment Board is responsible for strategic workforce planning leading to the alignment of economic, educational and workforce resources in the community. In addition, the Board makes policy for and oversees the publicly funded job training dollars that flow to Napa County through both formula allocation and competitive grant sources. ■


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achieving a complete and accurate count is essential. Every year, the federal government allocates more than $400 4. Encourage employees to talk about billion to state, local and tribal governments the Census at their clubs and professional based on census data. These data also help associations. 5. Encourage employees to follow Census determine state representation and guide local decision-makers on where to build 2010 on Facebook and Twitter new roads, hospitals, childcare and senior • Facebook citizen centers, schools and more. pages/Census-2010-California-CompleteAs a Census partner, Napa Count/187213074133?v=wall&ref=ts Chamber of Commerce is committed • Twitter to helping achieve a complete and For sample letters, articles, messages, accurate count of our growing and tips and information to help you and your employees participate in the Census 2010, visit changing population in 2010. Watch for additional details in the coming months or to Census data affect us all, which means learn more. ■

In the coming months, the Napa Chamber of Commerce will continue to share information with you about upcoming census events, including those in our community. We’ll also share information about key dates for the 2010 Census, including:
• April – July 2009: Address list confirmation conducted. • October 2009 – April 2010: Job recruitment underway for census workers. Critical outreach period: • March 2010: 2010 Census forms delivered or mailed. • March – July 2010: Complete Count Committee activities take place. • April 1, 2010: Census Day. Responses to the census form should include everyone living at that address. • May – July 2010: Census workers visit households that did not mail back forms to take a count in person. • Dec. 31, 2010: Census Bureau presents the 2010 apportionment counts to the president of the United States.

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the business that is passing by Napa City. The committee recommended the Chamber take a position to urge the City to take immediate action on this issue and make the changes By Randy Martinsen, specific traffic issues and how they relate to the studies show will help our downtown President & CEO businesses and their employees. businesses. of Accelerated For example, in our February 2010 Another notable item on the agenda was a Marketing Group meeting, Barry Martin and Mark Tomko gave draft letter to the Napa County Transportation an update on the Napa Railroad Relocation 2010 Napa Chamber of and Planning Agency (NCTPA) in support of Project affecting traffic on First, Third and Commerce Chairman of Soscol streets. A few months ago the original the Vine Trail. The committee recommended the Board the Chamber send the closures were scheduled letter, which supports to occur simultaneously “I have recently heard from the Napa Valley Vine COMMITTEE FOCUS and cause extreme some Chamber Members, Trail’s Case Statement CLARITY hardship to commuters and businesses. Because that some of the Chamber’s to build a network of 3 I have recently heard from some Chamber interconnected nonof recommendations committees seem Members, that some of the Chamber’s committees seem redundant or mysterious. In made by this committee, redundant or mysterious.” motorized trails to span the Napa Valley. We the Chamber urged the an effort to clarify what our committees do I feel this is an important City and developers to hope to bring light to each of them in coming consider them. The result was the closures will part of making Napa more accessible to local articles. This month I want to explain the residents via alternative transportation and a be much shorter and allow for traffic to flow purpose of ITT. more desirable destination for visitors as well. more easily through the closures. For details The Infrastructure and Transportation There were 25 other projects discussed you can go to the following websites: Task Force Committee (ITT) is a subin this meeting by City, County and Caltrans & committee of the Napa Chamber of officials, all of which touch businesses and Commerce’s Legislative Action Committee. employees in Napa. We feel keeping you Jeff Doran, a past chairman of the Napa Its mission is to educate business members informed of these projects and their progress is Chamber, gave an update on the 17 studies of the infrastructure and traffic issues for an important part of our mission and goals. completed by the City in past years to return improvement and integration in community If you would like to participate in this First, Second and Third streets back into twolife. It is possibly the only group that brings way streets. The studies have shown how this committee, you may contact the Chamber and together transportation experts on a regular request to be notified of the next meeting date. action can bring more traffic into downtown, basis to meet with business leaders, and You can also request minutes of the meeting to which will increase business. The estimated is chaired by one of the Chamber’s past cost to make this change is around $5 million. be e-mailed to you when they are published - or Chairman, Ed Shenk. go to our website to read them at: Meeting bi-monthly with city and county When compared to more than $500 million ■ spent to revitalize downtown in the last few transportation planners, the group discusses years it seems a small price to capture much of

Chairman’s FOCus

By Lisa Batto ACE, President/CEO act as consensus builders when we need an effective and intelligent voice within the walls of government. Our Candidate Endorsement Committee (CEC) is made up of 9 people. Four must be board members, three must be members of Legislative Action Committee and two are at large members. Each member is appointed to volunteer service by the Board of Directors. The Chamber President/CEO may participate in discussion by has no voting right. If you would like to read about the entire process just visit the Advocacy portion of our website at Our CEC has been appointed and will begin the tough job of determining the questions to be asked of the candidates. Every candidate that appears on the certified list will be invited to interview with our committee. We will be looking for the best candidate that will meet the needs of the business community. This year we will ask you, our members, to weigh in to our committee. We’d like to give you the opportunity to help inform our committee about each of the candidates, favorable or not.
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Beginning this month we will be bringing our Candidate Endorsement Committee back into action. The Chamber completed the Five Year Vision and began endorsing candidates in 2002. We are the ‘voice of Napa business’, advocating the business community’s concerns and stressing changes in laws and policies that affect our members’ businesses. Our elected officials respect our concerns and listen to our needs. Our successes over the past eight years demonstrate how we have strengthened our relationships with our elected officials. We can continue to build a City Council, County Board and state legislative delegation that will take the time to call us before making a policy decision, and

The year is shaping up to be an interesting one for local government elections. Two critical seats are open in our Supervisory and City Council elections. Our job is to select the best candidate that will be mindful our concerns, so you can make an informed decision at the ballot box. ■

Brad Wagenknecht Dan Monez

Diane Dillon Michael Haley Jeff Parady


Michael Allen (D) Michael Wilson(D) Lee Pierce (D) Bill Jose Uriarte (D) Doris Gentry (R) Kathryn Moore (L)


Noreen Evans (D) Joanne Bouldt Sanders (D) David Rosas (D)

TIMELINE OF PROCESS April 1 – official list of candidates is released April 5 – 16 Interview candidates/make recommendation April 19 – Special Board Meeting to hear recommendations April 20 – Announce Endoresment May 10 – Ballots mailed to residents June 8 – Statewide Primary Election Day

March 2010


After-Hours MIXER at Umpqua bank
Nearly 200 people attended the February After-Hours MIXER at Umpqua Bank. Business ownders and employees mingled with new members, ambassadors and Chamber Staff and Board Members. Wonderful wines were provided by Andretti WInery and Pine Ridge Vineyards. PLAN AHEAD: Don’t miss this month’s Chamber After-Hours MIXER on March 26th at the Napa Valley Business EXPO at the Meritage Resort & Spa.

L-R Beth Barrell from Massage to Go and Barry Martin of Lucky Penny Productions.


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Dominique s L-R Traci Taylor, Taylor of Rudd, and Scott Umpqua Bank. Forefront: Pat, Jarrett and Steve from the Napa City Figherfighters. Background: Frank Marinda from Andretti Winery. L-R Jeanine Gomes, Susan Lyons, and Alan Chinberg from Heritage Sotheby’s; and Kathi Metro from Umpqua Bank.

L-R Tom LeMasters from Bank of Napa and Rick Voight from Chardnnay Golf Club.

L-R Jim Fehring of Napa Community Bank, Rich Poliak from Solution Elements, and Doug Haigh from Napa Community Bank.

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WElCOmE nEW mEmbErs!
Advertising Agencies, Specialties & Direct Mail Delivery Services

Patricia McKowen Consulting
Patricia McKowen, (650) 796-4600 PO Box 10849, Napa Business Consultants

Same Day Delivery

Marketing Consultants

William Elliott, (707) 326-7747 Napa Entertainment & Performance

Holly Krassner

Holly Krassner, (707) 252-7281 Napa Non Profit Organizations

Solution Elements

Calistoga Speedway ‘Home of Louie Vermeil’
Carlene Moore, (707) 942-5111 1435 N Oak St, Calistoga Fairs, Expositions & Events

Hands Across the Valley

Rich Poliak, (707) 287-1972 PO Box 11064, Napa Campgrounds - Recreation Parks

George Altamura, (707) 226-6136 PO Box 5404, Napa Opticians

Calistoga Campground

Napa County Fair Association
Carlene Moore, (707) 942-5111 1435 N Oak St, Calistoga Glass

Site For Sore Eyes

Carlene Moore, (707) 942-5111 1435 N Oak St, Calistoga Clubs, Organizations & Associations

Nick Saab, (707) 224-7483 1333 Napa Town Center, Napa Opticians

Connolly Ranch Education Center
Bob Pallas, (707) 224-1894 3141 Brownsvalley Rd, Napa Compost

R & S Glazing Specialties

Shannon Johnson, (707) 257-7111 520 California Blvd Ste 1, Napa Home Health Services

Sterling Vision Care

Gareth Valles, (707) 224-7483 1333 Napa Town Center, Napa Photographers – Commercial

Worm Endings Unlimited
Debbie Stevens, (707) 287-0891 1091 Thompson Ave, Napa Computers – Networks

Home Helpers of Napa Valley
Janet Wagner, (707) 254-0300 1436 Second St Ste 333, Napa Insurance

CM Photo & Design

Conrad Jacobson, (707) 927-3340 Napa

The ARM Group

Will Hand – Farmer’s Insurance
Will Hand, (707) 260-0027 3083 Solano Ave, Napa Manufacturers

John Higgins, (707) 838-1240 7650 Bell Road, Windsor
For a complete listing of Napa Chamber members, updated daily, go to

Connect with us... NapaChamber

G.L. Mezzetta Inc

Jeffrey Mezzetta, (707) 648-1050 105 Mezzetta Ct., American Canyon

mEmbEr bEnEFit bullEtin
The purpose of this event is to make it easy for new and existing members to take action to get to know the chamber. The idea is that when new members get actively connected to the chamber they will be able to grow their businesses more effectively to the benefit of the whole community. Meeting is facilitated by Sherry McKillop, Follow Your Compass.
Questions should be addressed to Sherry McKillop 707.227.7070 or

To assist members in connecting with other members ■ To invite members to participate on committees ■ To introduce members to: • Chamber leadership/Staff • Ambassadors • Committee chairs • Business assistance organizations, and make use of them as business building resources.

To learn more benefits of membership, visit or phone us at 707.226.7455
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and S Calen eminar dar

Do You Know A hero?

This event recognizes local community leaders, individuals and businesses for their outstanding leadership, contributions and/or achievements toward the betterment of the communities of Napa Valley.
Your Na calenda pa Chamber card ha r of events inhas the best bu that wil ndy to sched the Napa Va siness lley events l help you su ule the events . Keep this cce no an and Se t listed here, ed! Look on d workshops cond We line su dnesday ch as Connect for other Also ava Salon. 4Lunch AT-A-GL ilable at napa calenda ANCE Event m is the Calenda r is eas in maxim y to bo online r. The business izing your ne okmark and online will ass tworki educ times, venues, ation efforts ng, marketin ist you page. g, wit and reg istrationh the events, and dates links all Connect on one , with us Faceboo k and Tw itter, too !

Nomination Forms are available online at
for the following categories...
OutStANDiNg COMMuNitY BOOSter OutStANDiNg heAlthCAre PrOFeSSiONAl OutStANDiNg NAPA VAlleY COllege StuDeNt OutStANDiNg hOSPitAlitY/tOuriSM AwArD OutStANDiNg NONPrOFit eMPlOYee OutStANDiNg NONPrOFit OrgANizAtiON

Nominations are due by Monday, March 22nd

7 0 7 . 2 a m b e r. c o m 26.74 55



Awardees will be announced on Today in the Wine Country KVON 1440AM - 9:00AM on Friday, April 9, 2010

or call 707.226.7455 for more information.
This event is presented in partnership with

Napa Valley Marriott hotel & Spa

SAVe the DAte tuesday, May 18, 2010

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875 Bordeaux Way, Napa 4:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.


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marCH 26, 2010 meritage resort
4:30 - 7:00 pm
Bring this coupon to the Expo and receive $5.00 off the $10.00 admission price. • Limit one per person.

• creating a strong local economy • providing networking opportunities



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March 2010

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Your Napa Chamber’s COMMERCE newsletter is a vital 8-page electronic newsletter currently reaching a subscriber base of over 1,850 Napa Chamber of Commerce member emails each month and has a successful average open rate of 34%. This timely publication keeps our members up-to-date with legislative issues, member benefits, networking and event opportunities, and other business concerns in the Napa County area and State of California. Other Chamber advertising opportunities are: • audio and video links on member business directory pages • enewsletter Call Katherine Zimmer at • hot sheets 707.254.1147 • e-sheets • radio interviews for space reservations • M2M savings program and specials... • event sponsorships or email:

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Chamber Member Spotlight:

Napa Valley Marketplace
Napa Valley Marketplace ownerpublishers Connie Anderson and Deborah Stevens started their first magazine in Contra Costa fourteen years ago. Two years later the Napa magazine followed. Starting from the ground up, these hard working ladies covered everything from editorials and sales to graphics and bookkeeping, not to mention keeping their windows clean. They understand the commitment it takes to be an entrepreneur in a startup business and this is probably what is at the heart of their success. Their magazines, now totaling three with the addition of the Solano County Marketplace this year, offer readers and advertisers a central clearing ground of information at a reasonable cost. The magazine is supported by advertising fees and mailed gratis to households across the tri-county area. Anderson says of their distribution and demographics; “Here in Napa County, we direct mail to over 41,000 homes and businesses each and every month covering American Canyon through St. Helena. It’s
March 2010

saturation. In Contra Costa we mail to over 45,000 and in Solano, over 30,000. That is over 300,000 readers every month. We feel that is really our competitive edge.” Anderson moved to Napa twenty years ago seeking a great community in which to raise her family. “I believe it was a great decision. My kids are well, grown, thriving and living here in Napa. My daughter, Kelly Hurst, works at the Marketplace also”, she says. She is selftaught, having taken myriad Community College classes to bolster her natural business instincts. The springboard that got her into journalism was an assignment from KVON-KVYN to do the very first “Best of Napa Valley” report and she’s been going steadily ever since. Stevens and Anderson keep their advertising costs affordable by running a tight ship of five full time employees and four part time people. With the availability of the web placing an ad has become a painless online task and the magazine itself is now fully downloadable.
| COMMERCE | Page 7 |

Napa Valley Marketplace is known in the community for their philanthropic efforts and for the culture of philanthropy that they engender in their workplace. “This is an area I am most proud of,” says Anderson, “contributing to the community is both a priority and goal. We are supporters and sponsors of countless non-profit organizations, the performing arts, Downtown Napa, services clubs, the Queen of the Valley Foundation, the Chambers of Commerce, Grad Night, and so much more, by donating space in the magazine every month. We have put three employees through the Leadership Napa Valley program and give over 100 hours of paid employee time to do charitable work. We also have an education program for employee’s further advancement.” It is this focus on giving back to the community, and the quality of the layout and content that makes the Marketplace magazines such a success with their readers. Considered a “must read” by many

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continued from previous page... when it hits their mailbox every month, it keeps locals in touch with locals and features locals every month in their “Community Snapshots” pages. When asked what she loves about her business Connie says, “Oh so many things. I love being able to share the heart of the people who live here, work here and make it all happen. I love sharing the excitement of our community’s accomplishments and celebrating our neighbors working and playing. Just look at the Community Snapshots. This is who we are. We are also pleased to be a resource for local business information. Our goal is to help local businesses grow through advertising in the

Marketplace Magazine.” That is something everyone can relate to in this recovering economy. For more information about Napa Valley Marketplace go to www., or for advertising rates call Mary Beth at 707.718.3654. ■

A great advertising opportunity for your business!

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March 17, 2010

Wake Up Your Business Wednesday
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March 26, 2010 Napa Valley Business
and MIXER Meritage Resort & Spa
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First Friday Business Development Lunch
Compadres Rio Grill
505 Lincoln Ave. Napa $30 Members; $35 Prospective Members 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

April 2, 2010

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As the membership organization for business, we promote our community’s economic vitality and quality of life through leadership development, advocacy, facilitation and education.

Randy Martinsen, Chairman of the Board .................... Accelerated Marketing Group Ryan Gregory, Chair-elect ..................................... Riechers & Spence Associates, Inc. Debra Dommen, Vice-Chair Advocacy ..........................Winegrowers of Napa County Cathy Poliak, Vice-Chair Membership ......................................CBPoliak HR Solutions Kent Kuhlmann, Vice-Chair Resources ........................... Retirement Capital Strategies Cherie Knox, Treasurer .............................................................. Redwood Credit Union Mike Silvas, Immediate Past-Chair....................................Wine Country Fine Properties

bENEFIT from being a member of the Napa Chamber of Commerce
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Dean Bowen, Net-Flow Corporation; John Cardinale, State Farm Insurance; Linda Champagne, Artesa Winery; Sandra Elles, Napa County Farm Bureau; Ken Frank, La Toque; John Glaser, Napa Valley Unified School District; Pamela Gleeson, Santen Inc.; Spencer Graham, Elizabeth Spencer Wines; Clay Gregory, The Napa Valley Destination Council; Cathy D’Angelo Holmes, Coldwell Banker Commercial; Stanton Lawson, Sequoia Senior Solutions; Bill Lockhart, Edward Jones; Kara Long, Tugboat, Inc.; Barry Martin, City of Napa; Kevin Massie, Napa Ford Lincoln Mercury; Sherry McKillop, Follow Your Compass; Shawn Milburn, Napa Valley Marriott Hotel & Spa; Dennis Pedisich, Napa Community Bank; Jaime Penaherrera, Queen of the Valley Hospital Foundation; Richard Rybicki, Rybicki & Associates; Don Shindle, Westin Verasa Napa; Brenda Speth, Napa Valley Register; Jay Williamson, Williamson and Company. HONORARY DIRECTOR: Julian Weidler, Retired.

Lisa Batto, ACE, President/CEO, 707.226.7455, Katherine Zimmer, VP Marketing & Communications, 707.254.1147, Sherrell Harper, Membership, 707.257.4598, Rebecca Johnson, Membership, 707.254.1142, Jayson Johnson, Creative Manager, 707.254.1144, Paula Wick, Customer Service, 707.226.7455, Lynn Page, Sr. Administrator / Event Specialist, 707.254.1145, Christine Sullivan, Administrative Assistant, 707.254.1143, Caryl Chakerian, Communications, 707.738.6053, | COMMERCE | Page 8 |

EDITOR: Katherine Zimmer Please email submissions to

March 2010

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