Motorola Canopy CNUT Tool Review

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Contents 1.0 Introduction 2.0 CNUT Program Interface 3.0 Product Support 4.0 The Conclusion 5.0 Product Review Rating

1.0 Introduction
A handy tool that I have found is the Canopy Updater Network Tool, or CNUT for short. Its seems to be indispensable and required to manage the firmwares of the Canopy AP, SM and BH units. The Motorola Canopy CNUT program is a simple Java program that allows a network administrator to manage and upgrade their canopy networks. This program works with both the PMP and PTP canopy modules, allowing a administrator to manage 100, 200 and 300 series subscriber modules, access points and back hauls

2.0 CNUT Program Interface
For this online review, we are using the 2.20 version of the Motorola Canopy CNUT utility and the version 8 firmware for FSK units. You will need a Windows, CentOS or Redhat Linux operating system, running Java to get the program up and running. This program is a little hungry, so a fast computer is handy. This software can be downloaded from the Motorola Canopy support website. The install of the software is easy, with it's own packaged Java run-time and automated install. The setup software will install the start menu items for ease of use.

The main interface is simple, with a split screen for both the logging information at the bottom of the screen and the Subscriber Module / Access Point / Back haul list at the top. A small menu is available at the top of the program, to manage the CNUT software, packages and discovered devices.

Right click on the "Network Root" tick box and click the Add Network Element selection. The "Network Element" screen will appear. Here, you will have to enter the SNMP user name, password, community and IP addresses. Once this is all filled out, just press the OK button. This will be needed for the auto discovery process of the entered IP addresses and will population the main CNUT device list.

To get the auto discovery to work once you have added you access point, you will need to select the Update menu to the top of the CNUT software. Then select the "Update Entire Network Root" option and the program will start to auto populate the SM list. You will also need to make sure that you have your correct packages selected in the CNUT program. Just click on the Update menu option in the main screen and select the "Manage Packages" option to bring up the package manager. You will need to add the firmwares to the list first. Then you can select the required packages you wish to upgrade to.

As with most firmwares, be careful on what you upload to the unit. Just click close when you are finished selecting. Once you have discovered the SM and BH units, you can proceed to manage the firmwares of the units and gather useful auditing information on the currently connected units. To upgrade the access point or back-haul units, tick the units in the screen and select the "Update" menu, then the "Update selected network element" sub-selection. Once they are upgraded, you can then start the auto upgrade feature. Select the Update" menu and then just select the enable APs for SM autoupdate sub-selection of the menu.

Then the units should start automatically updating to the access point or back-haul current firmware.

3.0 Product Support
Motorola's support CNUT Software is done by their various regional headquarters and distribution partners. Their technical and sales staff are helpful and quick to resolve any issues and handle any requirement requests. There is also a huge presence of online public forums and blogs about the Motorola Canopy products.

4.0 The Conclusion
A simple, yet useful too from Motorola. The Canopy CNUT software is simple to set-up and only takes a few minutes to get the application running. The interface to the CNUT program is simple and easy to operate. Don't expect too much from this tool. It is only a tool and not a management software solution like Motorola Prizm software application. Motorola's product support is good, with competent technicians and sales staff giving worth while service. There is also a huge online presence of Canopy support forums, both Motorola's and

general public forums. Pros: • Handy Tool for deployments. • Self Installing. • Easy Interface. Cons: • Java can be a little tricky on some systems to get running (especially the Linux install) • The Java interface is a bit clunky sometimes. System Requirements: • Operating Systems 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Windows 2000 Windows 2003 Windows XP Red Hat Enterprise Linux Centos Linux

• Java Runtime • Pentium 4 or better

5.0 Product Review Rating
This is a rating from my in-house and field testing. With a rating out of 5 stars. Application Rating: