Headquarters Multinational Corps Northeast

Newcomers’ Booklet

Szczecin – January 2013

Newcomers Booklet January 2013

CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 1.2 1.3 CHAPTER 2 Background of this Booklet Updating Need More? 1 1 1

GENERAL INFORMATION 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 How to get to Szczecin? Location of the HQ Poland in brief City of Szczecin 2 3 3 4



LEGAL ASPECTS 3.1 3.2 3.3 3.4 3.5 3.6 3.7 3.8 3.9 3.10 3.11 3.12 3.13 Introduction Entry and Departure Residency and Registration Insurance Working in Poland Tax Privileges Granted by Poland Relief from import duties Pets Firearms Importation of Private Vehicles Vehicle Registration Driving Licence Parking in Szczecin 8 8 9 9 9 9 10 11 11 12 12 13 13



HOUSING AND EDUCATION 4.1 4.2 4.3 Housing Schools Kindergartens 15 16 18



DAILY LIFE 5.1 5.2 5.3 5.4 5.5 5.6 5.7 5.8 5.9 5.10 5.11 5.12 5.13 Water Waste disposal Radio/TV Mail Public Telephones Newspapers Laundries Dry-cleaners Photo service Car service Emergency car service Craftsmen Lost Property 20 20 20 21 21 22 22 22 23 23 23 23 23


4 General info The HQ Canteen Selected Supermarkets Shops nearby in Germany 31 31 31 31 CHAPTER 9 BANKING 9.3 General info Translators Emergency 34 34 34 CHAPTER 11 TRAVELLING 11.4 11.5 Infringements of Polish Traffic Law .3 7.1 11.3 11.4 12.1 6.2 6.1 13.1 7.3 8.3 6.3 12.2 8.2 12.2 11.4 6.5 6.Main Traffic Rules Guarded Car Parks Petrol Stations Busses and Trams Taxi 28 29 29 29 30 CHAPTER 8 SHOPPING 8.4 7.5 Cultural Life Sports Restaurants/Pubs/Bars Discos and Night Clubs Clubs in the HQ 37 38 40 40 41 CHAPTER 13 OTHER USEFUL INFORMATION 13.1 10.2 7.1 12.5 Public Polish Holidays Railway Connections Flights Transport to Berlin Ferries 35 35 35 36 36 CHAPTER 12 LEISURE 12.2 10.Newcomers Booklet January 2013 CHAPTER 6 MEDICAL AND RELIGIOUS SERVICES 6.1 9.2 General info Banks in Szczecin 32 32 CHAPTER 10 LANGUAGE PROBLEMS 10.2 Hotels Security 42 42 II .6 Medical service for non-Polish citizens Policy of Medical Support Veterinary Surgeons Hospitals Pharmacies Christian Services 24 24 25 25 26 27 CHAPTER 7 TRAFFIC 7.1 8.

Clubs.Newcomers Booklet January 2013 ANNEXES 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 City Map of Szczecin Plan of Baltic Barracks Self-Guided Walk Vehicle Inspection Paid Parking Zones in Szczecin Mailbox Car Service Emergency Car Service Craftsmen Important Phone Numbers Guarded Car Parks Busses and Trams Routes Supermarkets in Szczecin Some Useful Polish Phrases Medical Support – Emergency Phone List Restaurants Pubs Discos. and Nightbars A-1-1 A-2-1 A-3-1 A-4-1 A-5-1 A-6-1 A-7-1 A-8-1 A-9-1 A-10-1 A-11-1 A-12-1 A-13-1 A-14-1 A-15-1 A-16-1 A-17-1 A-18-1 III .

If you have any suggestions concerning updating the content or adding any information.pl. 1.Newcomers Booklet January 2013 CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION 1. given in this booklet. Please note that HQ MNC NE shall not be liable for any information (especially not for information concerning legal matters and insurance). The information provided here is intended to help you and your family at the very beginning. don’t hesitate to forward your ideas to G-1 Division in written form. 1.2 Updating This booklet will be updated twice a year or more frequently if needed. Please. forward national questions being not covered in this booklet to the respective National Support Element or to your Senior National Officer.1 Background of this booklet This Newcomers Booklet was developed to give each newcomer assistance with settling down in Szczecin. 1 .3 Need more? More current information can be found on the HQ MNC NE public website www. The site contains the most up-to-date information. On our website you will also find some links to other websites concerning useful information about life in Szczecin.mncne.

2 .pkp. McDonald’s.0 2. For more details contact your National Support Element (NSE) or your Senior National Officer (SNO).turn right (Baltic Barracks sign) Baltic Barracks gate to the left Travelling by train.rozklad. follow the road 13 Roundabout .take third exit to Centrum. also Baltic Barracks sign Roundabout .bahn.de). The taxi fare with the Airport Taxi Group (phone: +48 91 481 76 90) is approx. The tickets for the shuttle buses have to be pre-booked via Internet (for addresses see chapter 11 point 4). After crossing the border: (follow the road direction signs – Baltic Barracks) Km 0. The drive takes about 50 minutes and ends at Aleja Wyzwolenia 17 in front of the LOT office. also Baltic Barracks sign Roundabout behind Makro. You can fly to the Goleniów Airport situated 45 km from Szczecin. Castorama.9 15. From there.7 3.5 11.take second exit Junction with traffic lights . the most convenient way of reaching the city by car is to take the A11 motorway from Berlin. you can get a taxi to arrive at Baltic Barracks.7 16.7 Location Border crossing Pomellen / Kołbaskowo (motorway) Exit Szczecin / Rosówek Turn right to Szczecin. You can choose from a wide selection of railway connections (at www. The Polish Airlines LOT provides shuttle buses between the airport and the city centre (reservation is required). or the A20 motorway from Lübeck and crossing the border between Germany and Poland at Pomellen / Kołbaskowo.pl or www.6 18.1 How to get to Szczecin? Coming from Denmark or Germany for the first time. you can take a minibus commuting to the Main Bus Station in Szczecin.2 18. take fourth exit to Gumieńce. PLN 150.turn left (Baltic Barracks sign) Junction with traffic lights .4 12.Newcomers Booklet January 2013 CHAPTER 2: GENERAL INFORMATION 2. Alternatively. You can also fly to Berlin and from there take one of the private shuttle buses to drive you to central Szczecin.

mncne. PL-71. west-east dimension is 689 km.961 Szczecin 6. in the Tatras. with an area of 312.3 Poland in brief . In the north Poland is bordered by the Baltic Sea. Poland Phone: +48 91 444 58 88 E-mail: contact@hqmncne. The address is: Headquarters Multinational Corps Northeast (or HQ MNC NE) Baltic Barracks ul.mil. bordering seven countries on the distance of 3. The north-south direction is 649 km. th . is nearly as big as Germany. . which for decades was bound to the former eastern block.683 square kilometres. The highest mountain is Rysy (2499 m high). Belarus and Ukraine in the east. Łukasińskiego 33. and with a coastline of 528 km.Poland. but which traditionally always felt like a part of Western Europe.Placed in the central region of Europe. .pl Please find a map of the city of Szczecin in Annex 1 and a map of Baltic Barracks in Annex 2.215 Szczecin.A country.919 (end of 2011) and it is the 9 largest population in Europe. The neighbouring countries are the Russian province of Kaliningrad and Lithuania in the northeast. Slovakia and the Czech Republic in the south and Germany to the west.2 Location of the HQ Headquarters Multinational Corps Northeast (HQ MNC NE) is located in “Baltic Barracks” in the north-western part of Szczecin (53N26’29” 14E29’35”). PL-70.Newcomers Booklet January 2013 2. 3 .The population of Poland is 38 482.672 km borderline. Poland or Headquarters Multinational Corps Northeast (or HQ MNC NE) Post box 59. 2. Most of the population (86%) are Catholics.pl Website: www.

During that time it was the bishop Otto from Bamberg. train or ferry to get to famous seaside resorts .the Central Cemetery (area of approx. 170 ha) – the biggest in Poland.together with Pomerania . a spontaneous affluence of German people to the town and the growth of their importance have been noted.Newcomers Booklet January 2013 2. and it was already in 1005. and one of the largest cemeteries . In 1187. The municipal rights. The rapidly expanding German community absorbed the old Slavonic town already in 1237. Obviously there is a reason to it. It takes Szczecin residents slightly over an hour by car. when Pomeranians gained their full independence. Szczecin . Jacob's Church. and is known as the “city of greenery”.was under Danish sovereignty.4. It was 4 . Bukowe and Wał Bezleśny Bezrzecze-Siadło Dolne. The city was modelled on Paris. 2. Trzebież. Mieszko I. The history of the town began at the turn of 7th and 8th centuries when there was already a Slavonic settlement on today's castle hill and a fortified city as well. Stepnica. During 1184-1227.Świnoujście (with ferry service to Denmark and Sweden). with a number of star-shaped squares. The squares in Szczecin are planted with many varieties of magnolia that bloom in spring. At the end of the 10th century. It was during the times of Bolesław Krzywousty.1 History The past of the City of Szczecin is both multinational and multicultural.4 City of Szczecin Szczecin is the capital of Western Pomerania Region and the biggest Polish city located in the vicinity of three European countries: Germany. This second period of Polish feudal sovereignty over Western Pomerania and Szczecin lasted 60 years (11211181). Szczecin became a feudal estate of the Polish Prince. Międzyzdroje. The urban built-up areas contain green enclaves as well as parks featuring rare tree and bush species. the town had started to play an important political role in Pomerania. Beringer from Bamberg funded the St. when Szczecin experienced the sphere of Polish influence again. Since that date. Equally popular are towns located at the Lagoon of Szczecin . They settled down nearby today's Old Town's Hall.Nowe Warpno. Since that moment. a rich merchant. It was about 12th century when first German people arrived in Szczecin. Szczecin received them in 1243 and the city of Szczecin became a permanent duke's residence. Wkrzańska and Bukowa and clusters of hills: Warszewskie. Today the town spreads over an area of 301 km2 and is situated amongst three complexes of great primeval forests Goleniowska. The city of Szczecin and Western Pomeranian Province are one of the most attractive tourist regions in Poland. who carried on Christianization mission in Pomerania (years 1124/1125 and 1128). Dziwnów or Rewal. Denmark and Sweden. 3rd biggest in Europe.

hitherto independent Pomeranian Duchy was divided between Sweden and Brandenburg. the decadency of prosperity of the town began and. concluded in Münster and Osnabrück (1648). The said development was connected with significant development of the municipal infrastructure. Prince Bugustaw XIV. a visible downturn of the town. During 90 years of Swedish rule. an important centre of that industry in the state of Prussia. The politics of Pomeranian sovereigns were as far-reaching and longstanding as possible despite of substantial limitations towards maintaining autonomy. as well as functional public utilities buildings were constructed. the shipbuilding industry revived and the town became. In accordance with the Peace of Westphalia. Evidence of that were defence fortifications covering much bigger surface than the area of the town itself. the last one of the Gryphites dynasty died without issue in 1637. Many years’ endeavours of the town authorities towards removal of the fortifications were crowned with success in 1873 when destruction of forts and town walls began. Szczecin was included to Prussia and obtained the status of capital of the Pomerania Province. the town was a very important French fortress during several years (1806-1813). Permanent affluence of rural people as well as industrial and trade development caused that spatial development possibilities of Szczecin within fortification limits were promptly exhausted. In the course of Napoleonic wars. with considerable part of Pomerania. very dynamic development of the town had been noted. had unfavourable repercussions on town planning development. The dynasty built an autonomous Pomeranian state and its representatives governed in Pomerania over 500 years. step by step. The occupation by the French caused substantial decline in population and brought about economic collapse of the town. economical breakdown of the whole duchy deepened as a consequence of the Thirty Years' War (1618-1648). urbanized already and independent hitherto and small towns took place. of the port and trade appeared. The Prussian authorities expanded military function of the Szczecin fortress which. passed over to Swedish hands. concluded with Stockholm's Treaty in the year 1720. Szczecin. During the 17th century. for ever afterwards. feud of the German Reich at the same time. The Prussian authorities made Szczecin a strong military centre. Once the town returned to Prussia. 5 . The spatial development of Szczecin was a classical pattern of geometrical town planning at that time and the base for that were radial-like squares with triangle building plots on which Neoclassical and Secession tenementhouses.Newcomers Booklet January 2013 in 1278. There was a great part of the Gryphites' dynasty in the history of Pomerania. The next important stage in spatial development of the town began at the turn of 19th to 20th centuries when merging of suburban housing estates. Since that moment. soon afterwards. when Szczecin became a member of Hansa. After the great North War.

2 Sightseeing tours To get a first and quick overview over Szczecin and see main attractions. preferably on foot and in a fine weather. the Odra River.app. The places are divided into 6 categories (gastronomy. If you own an iPhone or a mobile phone with Android you may visit www. 70-80% of the harbour with its dependencies and 90% of industrial objects were destroyed.St. but the reconstruction of Szczecin’s largely destroyed historical buildings began already during the early fifties: . Szczecin connects large parts of the European continent and functions as a bridge between nations and cultures to both the Baltic area and to Russia and Scandinavia. the Prussian Gates.000 inhabitants again. the Maiden Tower. 60-70% of the buildings.within just a few seconds.000 square kilometres. and the city – capital of the West-Pomeranian Region – represents the gate to the Baltic Sea and the open door into the world. culture. Szczecin has 405. and accommodation).eu to get a free download of an official mobile city guide around Szczecin. It is situated in front of the central European mainland on the mouth of one of Europe’s most important rivers. you should follow a self guided tour. During the Potsdam Conference. including the ancient Old Town. . 2. In the course of the following years the city was populated with people who themselves had fallen victim to the expulsion by Soviet forces from Polish eastern territories in what today is Belarus and Ukraine. Jacobs Cathedral.4. entertainment. The city covers a territory of 301 square kilometres . The extent of war damages was so big. the main emphasis was firstly laid on the fundamental living conditions. Serving a catchment’s area of more than 120. 6 . that Szczecin was observed as one of 20 most ruined towns of that time. while 24% is covered by water. different churches .g. sports. It also enables the user to check important information – e. stretching over 903 kilometres.The Castle of Pomeranian Dukes. weather forecast or useful phone numbers .42% of that constitute green areas. Today.Newcomers Booklet January 2013 On 26th April 1945. Mostly suffered the terrain over the Odra River and the buildings in the centre of the town. Szczecin was conquered by the 65th Russian army and the Polish administration took over the town on 5th July 1945. You will find the plan for your walk in Annex 3. The application allows you to find various places in the city. During the Second World War.szczecin. the Great Threesome decided to award Szczecin to Poland.The city halls. During the initial build-up period.

The personnel are able to speak English and German. performed in different languages (German and Danish among others). For more information visit www. and they are waiting for your call.szczecin. 7 . Dworcowa 6 or by phone +48 91 433 57 21. In case you want a town guide only for you or friends. A paid guided tour can be booked at the PTTK office in ul. contact the Tourist Centre (Centrum Informacji Turystycznej) at Aleja Niepodległości 1.pl.Newcomers Booklet January 2013 If you need more information.pttk. phone .+48 91 434 04 40. contact PTTK (Polish Union for Tourism and Area Studies). This agency offers tours through the town.

certain categories of personnel in specific circumstances are subject to their own state jurisdiction in accordance with the provisions of NATO SOFA.Newcomers Booklet January 2013 CHAPTER 3: LEGAL ASPECTS 3.Personal identity card . With respect to disciplinary offences. In Poland it is recommended to carry your passport (ID-card is not sufficient) with you for identification purposes. (e. every HQ member is subject to his or her national regulations.Individual movement order Since movement orders are normally only issued for duty travel and not issued in Polish language.1 Introduction The status of the foreign HQ MNC NE personnel is defined in the NATO Status of Forces Agreement (NATO SOFA). Please make sure in advance that your personal documents (at least your passport) are valid for the period of your stay in Poland. HQ members and their dependants can also be sued in front of the Polish civil courts in case of contractual or other claims. 3. there is no physical border control on entering or leaving the country. After joining the European Union’s Schengen Agreement by Poland. However. there are thorough mobile customs controls in the border area. Regarding the military personnel. 8 .2 Entry and Departure Under the NATO-SOFA military personnel are exempted from passport and visa regulations. respectively in the Protocol on the Status of International Military Headquarters set up pursuant to the North Atlantic Treaty (PARIS PROTOCOL) and in the Convention on the Multinational Corps Northeast (CORPS CONVENTION). it is advisable to carry a passport at all times. Dependants are not exempted from passport and visa regulations. the same applies to members of civilian components. In principle. HQ MNC NE personnel are subject to Polish criminal jurisdiction. unpaid bills or compensation for damage in a road accident). Notwithstanding that NATO SOFA allows the Sending State to grant a permit for their presence which shall be done by describing a member of a civilian component or a service dependant as such in their passports.g. the following documents are required: . all HQ MNC NE personnel are obliged to respect the law of Poland. However.

4 Insurance The insurance matter is probably one of the most important items to be considered when moving to Poland. They must forward a copy of the Personal Details Form (annex A to HQ MNC NE Staff Directive 40-3). should coverage for Poland be excluded. or benefiting from temporary protection in Poland. issued by the Voivode (Wojewoda) appropriate for the location of employer’s seat. After arrival all military personnel should report to the Personnel Branch. On the basis of the principle of the free movement of people within the EU.6 Tax Privileges Granted by Poland HQ foreign personnel and their dependants are exempted from Value 9 . refugee status. permits for tolerated stay. This exemption does not apply to their dependants.3 Residency and Registration Military personnel and members of civilian components are exempted from the obligatory registration in Poland. 3. Always carry your passport or your HQ MNC NE. 3. For this reason it is advisable to check one’s own insurance contracts .5 Working in Poland Non-EU citizen is allowed to work in Poland only after obtaining a work permit. supplement the contracts or agree upon new contracts or get an Polish insurance. room 202) for in-processing.5.1 Unemployment Benefits for Dependants For this very important matter please refer to the National Support Elements and your national labour authorities . 3. G1 Division (building 2. 3.ID card with you.don’t forget to do this well ahead of your posting to Szczecin. the permit is not required form citizens of the European Union Member States and citizens of those states the EU signed agreements on the free movement of people with.and. In order to fulfil that obligation you should contact your National Support Element. Danish and German and other insurers very often exclude coverage for Poland. This requirement does not apply to foreigners holding residence permits.Newcomers Booklet January 2013 3.

but not to their dependants in relation to one car or other vehicle not more frequently than once every three years. For more details contact your National Support Element and see SD No. 10 . It is the responsibility of the respective HQ-member to request only the reimbursement for goods and services within the above mentioned limits. Purchase invoices shall be submitted along with reimbursement requests. Coffee products: 500 grams of coffee.50 pieces of cigars or .250 gram tobacco.7 Relief from import duties The following quantities of tax free goods for travelers are to be observed. The exemption only applies to goods and services in non-commercial quantities bought or used by the HQ-members or their dependants. The exemption is executed by VAT/excise duty reimbursement on request of the individual. Alcoholic beverages: . 60-53.Newcomers Booklet January 2013 Added Tax (VAT) and excise duty for goods and services purchased in Poland. The card is valid at all ORLEN stations throughout the country. Note: In case cars or other vehicles are purchased in Poland VAT / excise duty will only be reimbursed to foreign personnel of the Headquarters. or . or .1 litre spirits above 22 % alc.200 pieces of cigarettes or . This is a special privilege granted by Poland as the Host Nation (HN) on a voluntary basis. National Support Elements coordinate the procedure of forwarding requests to the respective tax authorities.2 litre alcohol with maximum 22 % alc. Any misuse of this privilege can lead to criminal prosecution by HN authorities and may constitute a disciplinary offence under the respective national regulations The use of the ORLEN FLOTA CARD for purchasing gasoline and diesel is subject to the same limitations and the amount of fuel per month is rationed.4 litre non-foaming wine or . Tobacco products: . 3.100 pieces of cigarillos or .16 litre beer.

Furthermore. dogs’ owners in Poland are obliged to: . . transport and weapons possession by foreigners-citizens of EU. Other weapons required issuing the weapons’ permit.Pay the yearly fee for possession of dogs.Supervise dogs in public places. Dogs. Note: it is forbidden to bring into Poland pets that are under 3 months old. 3. However Polish law in the special way regulates import. . HQ foreign personnel do not enjoy any special status as far as firearms are concerned.In case of dogs which are considered aggressive. 3. All pet owners must have an international vaccination card. which may be checked by the border authorities. In such case the individual shall inform the respective Police authorities (Wojewodzki Komendant Policji) within 14 days since weapon was imported to POL.Vaccinate dogs against rabies once a year.9 Firearms Possession of private firearms in Poland is only allowed with permit issued by respective Polish police authorities.Remove dog waste from public places (punishment foreseen for not observing the obligation: a reprimand or a fine up to PLN 500) .8 Pets All pets must be vaccinated against rabies at least three weeks before they are taken to Poland.Newcomers Booklet January 2013 Fuel: fuel in the tank plus maximum 10 litres in canister per vehicle. owners shall posses a permit issued by local authorities (ask for the list of dogs in your National Support Element or in legal branch). This replaces weapons’ permit for the period of 30 days since weapons were imported. Possession of weapons and ammunition (but only hunting and sports’ weapons) by the citizens of the EU member states that have their residence in POL can also be done based on the respective entry in the European Weapon Card under condition that its possession is not forbidden in POL. 11 . cats and ferrets brought to or taken out of Poland must have valid passport. Import and transport of weapons by foreigners that are citizens of the EU member states can be done based on the entry in European Weapon Card issued by competent national authorities done by competent POL Council. keep the dog on a lead and in the muzzle in all public places (punishment foreseen for not observing the obligation: a reprimand or a fine up to PLN 250) .

10).for one year.Original VAT invoice (VAT faktura) .Original papers on the car . cars registered in Poland must have Polish 12 . Your National Support Element will inform you what kinds of documents are to be forwarded to obtain the car registration document and coordinate the procedure. Details of the registration procedure are laid down in the HQ Staff Directive 05-7. According to the Polish law. 3. please contact your National Support Element for most current information. 3. that is 2 vehicles per individual over of 18 years of age.g. Prior to the registration you will have to obtain a technical inspection certificate or present a valid EU Declaration of Conformity provided by the dealer for new cars. transport and possessing may be a subject to criminal responsibility and is treated as an offence in POL. Papers needed to have a car registered: . New cars registered for the first time are given technical inspection valid for 3 years. At the expiration of the certificate. you have to obtain a new technical inspection (e. is exempted from the excise duty not more frequently than once every 3 years. Note: Before buying or registering a car. older than 5 years .11 Vehicle Registration It is recommended to register your vehicle in Poland after arrival. with observation of the norm.Original registration papers The National Support Elements will support you with the import and registration procedure (see 3. For details see also SD No.10 Importation of Private Vehicles Import and purchase of vehicles in the EU. 3-year old cars . 60-53. in one of the Vehicle Inspection garages listed in Annex 4) and have your registration prolonged. It is possible to register new cars in Poland before bringing them into the country by using the EU Declaration of Conformity provided by the dealer.Newcomers Booklet January 2013 Note: Not fulfilling the obligations concerning weapons import.for 2 years. owned by HQ MNC NE foreign personnel and their dependants in the quantity which does not indicate commercial use.

12 Driving Licence Your national driving license is valid in Poland. A ZS0010W After activating the service.szczecin. e. You may buy a parking ticket from the Municipal Guard staff or in the parking meters located along the streets. To activate this system you have to send following message from your mobile phone to number 82002: A(space)licence plate number of your car.00 to 17. There is no need to change it. If you live in the city centre it might be more convenient for you to purchase monthly/quarterly/annual subscription valid for your zone or the whole centre. Królewska 14 20 1140 1010 000 9419 3900 1001 In 2-3 days time. Wojska Polskiego 63). 3. Contact your National Support Element for more details. you have to transfer money (any sum you decide) to the following bank account: mobiParking BRE Bank Warszawa.g. ul. when the money is booked on this account you wiil receive sms with confirmation that the service is available.Newcomers Booklet January 2013 civil liability insurance. 13 . To check the status of your account you may send sms with “D” in the text field. The system will automatically calculate the fee and deduct it from your account. The card may be charged from your mobile. 3.13 Parking in Szczecin Please be aware that you are required to pay a fee for parking your car in the centre of Szczecin from Monday to Friday from 7.00 hrs.pl or get it in form of a label from the Office of the Paid Parking Zone located in al. Another possibility is to get special card to be put on the front windscreen of your car (you may print it from the Internet website http://spp. There are currently two paid parking zones specified (see Annex 5) and various available ways of payment for parking. In practice it means that every time you stop your car within the paid parking zone (marked with special signs – see Annex 5) you have to send sms with a special code (see table below) to the number 82002 and another sms with “K” in the text field when you leave the parking zone. It is advisable to additionally purchase Casco Insurance and other accident insurances in your home countries due to certain limitations in coverage of Polish insurances.

Fine for parking without payment within the paid parking zone is PLN 30.Newcomers Booklet January 2013 Zone Zone A Zone B Code SZCA SZCB The advantage of this system is that you only pay for the actual time of parking and are not worried. if you pay within 7 days from the date of unpaid parking and PLN 50 after that timeframe. however. is an additional cost (for each sms there is a PLN 0.25 charge) and there is also possibility that if you forget to sent the final sms you will be charged for parking until 1700 hrs on that particular day. Fee for the label is PLN 10 and it is valid for the period of one school year (from 01 September to 21 August of the following year). whether the parking ticket is still valid when you are sitting in a meeting or a dentist chair. 14 . There is no exemption for HQ MNC NE foreign personnel related to the parking fees. The disadvantage. Ask your National Support Element for more details related to that issue. Important information for parents: If your children attend kindergarten/school located within the paid parking zone there is a possibility to get special “watch label” enabling you to park for free next to your kindergarten/school for 10 minutes when delivering to or picking your children up from the kindergarten/school. To get such “watch label” you have to obtain a special statement from you kindergarten/school and bring it together with the car registration card to the Office of the Paid Parking Zone.

Furthermore German personnel are free to contact an estate agent and find accommodation on their own.g.1.3 Telecommunication Most of houses and accommodations. heating. 4) will assist German personnel with a housing list.2 and 4. The Federal Authority for Military Administration in Poland (located in Baltic Barracks . electricity.1 Housing Danish personnel live in accommodation rented by the Danish Government.1. German personnel and their dependants will live in privately rented accommodations. security. Make sure to find a hauler that has experience in moving to Poland and knows the Polish customs authorities and who is competent concerning the legal consequences of your move (special regulations for Danish personnel .building no. Note: It is recommended to insure your household in your own country due to limitations in the coverage of the insurances offered in Poland. 4. room no.see 4.1 Moving to Szczecin and back To arrange your moving to Szczecin please contact the removal haulers.1.3).Newcomers Booklet January 2013 CHAPTER 4: HOUSING AND EDUCATION 4. which are for rent. 4. 4.1.2 Estate Agents in Szczecin The National Elements can provide a list of estate agents in Szczecin.ask Danish National Support Element). are already connected to the telephone network.1.3 for Danish HQ members (except payment of phone bills . Personnel of other participating nations will be supported by Danish and German National Support Elements in all cases of rental and all other supply contracts. 328).1. It 15 . e. first floor. Therefore Danish Support Element takes care of the matters mentioned in 4. If you use the formal way in order to get connected with the Polish telephone system. 4.1. you have to fill in an application form which is available at the office of Orange (Aleja Wyzwolenia 70.1.

The school is divided into three parts: the Primary School. A school. there are prepaid SIM-cards available in numerous shops from different providers (e. The school was created and registered under Polish law. If you have a Polish bank account you can make a contract for automatic payment from your account. 4. Even thought there might be some problems with getting mobile phone with subscription. within the time frame stated on the bill or using Net banking. The families e. Play) throughout the city. which at least can meet the respective national level of education. Middle-School 16 . 4.2 Szczecin International School (SIS) On the 12th of March 1999 Poland became a member of NATO and Szczecin was chosen to be the Multinational Corps Northeast Headquarters (HQ MNC NE) in Poland.pl. was set up for children of the soldiers and officers who come mainly from Poland. age 19. Orange. Since 1st of October 2009 the Szczecin International School created the International Kindergarten of Szczecin which is located in the same building. Phone bills have to be paid at one of the post offices.2.1 General remarks For the HQ it is vital to have well functioning schools and kindergarten. Another way to avoid the lengthy waiting period is to take over the telephone number from your predecessor (for more info contact your NSE).g. one class for each grade. It was activated on 1st of September 2002. Its official name is Szczecin International School (SIS). There are 13 grades. Germany and Denmark. require schools with a level of education. respect and tolerance for others within an international environment. under the umbrella of the German foundation “Stiftung Bildung und Handwerk Paderborn “.2 Schools 4. Your real estate agent or your landlord will find a way to solve the problem immediately. In order to avoid this long period it is advisable to purchase a mobile telephone.Newcomers Booklet January 2013 will roughly take two months before your personal telephone number has been connected to the Polish telecommunication net.g. Note: Do not accept a house without installed telephone lines. The main aim of SIS is to promote education with good learning habits.2. starting from the age of five/six up to the level of Baccalaureate (Abitur).

which offer the possibility to pass German “A” and “O” levels (Abitur and Mittlere Reife). The Upper School is a Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) Centre registered at Cambridge University. SIS is also a member of one of the most respected and well known educational organisations – the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO). +48 91 424 03 10. Middle-School is M1 to M5 (ages 12/13 to 16/17).dpg-loecknitz.2. and Diploma Level D1 to D2 (ages 17/18 upwards). SIS depends extensively on the invaluable contributions of parents in all areas of school life to sustain the community of the school and the quality of the educational experience. and a student representative. 5-6. The SIS Board has an advisory function and supports the school's management. www.de Grundschule Löcknitz Am See 9. The primary classes are P1 to P6 (ages 5/6 to 11/12).25 – additional lessons e. the Corps.g. D-17321 Löcknitz Phone: +49 39754 21179 www. sport / fitness training can also be conducted later.3 German Schools There are six German schools in the vicinity of Szczecin on the German side of the border.info. The present address of the school is as follows: Szczecin International School. German and Danish on a level similar to their home nation.40 to 15. ul.sis. Due to the fact that parents are a very important part of the SIS family an International Parents Board (IPB) has been established. D-17321 Löcknitz Phone: +49 39754 20612 17 . teachers and management. Starzyńskiego 3-4. 70-506 Szczecin Phone: +48 91 424 03 00. For further information please contact: Europaschule Deutsch-Polnisches Gymnasium Löcknitz Friedrich-Engels-Str. School working hours are Monday to Friday from 08.Newcomers Booklet January 2013 and Diploma Level. The school is open for all nationalities and not only for children related to HQ MNC NE. The board is composed of representatives of the parents. Nevertheless the students are trained in their mother tongue languages Polish.pl 4. Transport to the school is offered by bus from/to HQ. More than 50 percent of SIS teachers have international teaching qualifications and the language of instruction on all levels is English.

Newcomers Booklet January 2013 Regionale Schule Löcknitz Am See 9, D-17321 Löcknitz Phone: +49 39754 20611 Friedensschule Oberschule Gartz (Oder) Kastanienallee 54, D-16307 Gartz (Oder) Phone: +49 33332 254 www.friedensschule-gartz.de Oscar-Picht-Gymnasium Pasewalk Grünstraße 11, D-17309 Pasewalk Phone: +49 3973 210203 www.gymnasium-pasewalk.de Gesamtschule Talsand Schwedt (Oder) Rosa-Luxemburg-Str. 6, D-16303 Schwedt (Oder) Phone: +49 3332 32106 www.asg-schwedt.de


Kindergartens There are different possibilities to attend an International Kindergarten or numerous Polish kindergartens in Szczecin. Monthly fee per child is around 1000 PLN. The International Kindergarten of Szczecin (IKS), which belongs to the Szczecin International School (SIS) and located in the same building, is offering care and development of the children in a friendly environment by taking into account the individual needs of the children. Since the instruction language is English and the International Kindergarten of Szczecin (IKS) is following the International Primary Curriculum it is also preparing the children for a good start in the Szczecin International School (SIS). If you want your children to attend a Polish kindergarten, it might be advisable to ask other families for the detailed information. Some addresses of kindergartens:
Europejskie Przedszkole Niepubliczne ul. Świerszczowa 14 Phone: +48 91 453 01 98, www.przedszkoletad.pl Przedszkole Pod Muchomorkiem ul. Dworska 54 Phone: +48 91 483 54 53, www.przedszkole.com.pl Przedszkole Uśmiech ul. Jasna 113 Phone: +48 91 462 71 80, www.przedszkoleusmiech.szczecin.pl


Newcomers Booklet January 2013 Przedszkole Niepubliczne Jutrzenka ul. Mazowiecka 2 Phone: +48 91 434 41 93, www.jutrzenka.szczecin.pl Przedszkole Wesoły Domek ul. Kossaka 5 Phone: +48 91 467 15 50 Kindergarten used and recommended by HQ members: Akademia Twórczej Edukacji „Pszczółka” ul. Śliczna 1 72-006 Mierzyn (the kindergarten offers English and German on a daily basis, dancing, drawing and swimming classes, etc.)


Newcomers Booklet January 2013

5.1 Water As it is not always safe to use the public water supply as drinking water, it is recommended to buy water in the supermarkets - at least for babies and children. You can buy/order water in water delivery companies, too:
Eden Springs www.eden.pl Infoline: +48 801 222 888 E-mail: dok@eden.com.pl Nestle Waters Polska www.darnatury.pl Infoline: +48 801 122 777 E-mail: obslugaklienta@darnatury.pl


Waste disposal There are companies in Szczecin, which will take care of all normal waste:
Remondis Szczecin Żołnierska 56, 71-210 Szczecin Phone: +48 91 431 08 01, www.remondis.pl Jantra Księżnej Anny 11, 70-671 Szczecin Phone: +48 91 483 11 52, www.jantra.pl Jumar Welecka 1a, 72-006 Mierzyn Phone: +48 91 489 85 91, www.jumar.szczecin.pl

Customers have to sign a contract, which normally determines waste to be collected 4 times a month. 5.3 Radio/TV In Szczecin a lot of different radio/television stations also from Germany and the Scandinavian countries can be heard/received. Very popular in Poland are: - Radio Zet (91.2 MHz). - Radio RMF FM (106.7 MHz) - Radio Szczecin FM (94.40 MHz) – news in English every hour. The current (2012) annual license fee for television set is PLN 199.80. The licence may be paid monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annually.

town or village. mail is usually delivered before noon. you may throw it directly to one of the red mail boxes available in the city (see Annex 6). but postcards and letters up to 20g cost approx. Mail is delivered from Monday to Friday. Each post office is open from Monday to Friday until afternoon or evening hours. Unregistered letters and postcards are dropped into personal letter boxes. You have to use telephone cards. Each TV Set/Radio has to be paid extra. The Polish word for post office is “poczta”.5 Public Telephones In Poland there are no coin box phones. 5. if you want to collect someone else’s registered mail.60 per year. If the addressee is not at home and does not receive such mail. To collect mail at the post office. You can also make payments and cash transfers at a post office. 21 . petrol stations and some kiosks. G-6 Division (located in building 2) for further information. If you have your own satellite set there are no fees.00 priority letter abroad. other letters requiring acknowledgement of receipt and packages are delivered by a postman personally. If you have a Polish bank account you can make a contract for automatic payment from your account.Newcomers Booklet January 2013 Those who have no TV but a radio must pay the radio-only license which costs PLN 63.55 domestic and approximately PLN 3. the postman leaves a note with information on where and when it may be collected. 5. you should bring the note and your valid identity card. You can buy telephone cards at post offices. Once you have a stamp on your letter. Postmen are assigned to each part of a city. Please pay attention concerning this point if you arrange a contract with your landlord. and thus have different delivery hours. you additionally need an authorization. Please ask Registry Group. The nearest post office is located opposite “Baltic Barracks” in Łukasińskiego Street. Registered letters. To send letters and packages. you may use either regular mail or priority (fast) mail. Some post offices also work on Saturdays. All bills have to be paid in a post office or using Net banking. However. PLN 1.4 Mail There are over 49 post offices in Szczecin. Postal rates are frequently changed.

RADISSON BLU Hotel Plac Rodła 10. There are no launderettes in Szczecin.5asec. pricelists. and opening hours see www.com Pralnia Centralna ul.pl Pralnia Delfin Atrium Molo Shopping Centre ul.Newcomers Booklet January 2013 5. phone: +48 91 482 30 11 The laundry in the Radisson SAS Hotel has the advantage that the personnel speak English and German. The biggest ones are: Pralnia "5a'Sec" For locations within Szczecin.Plac Rodła 10 5. pricelists. and opening hours see www.pralnia-szop.pl 22 . Kaskada. some of which also offer ironing services.branches are located in Galaxy.8 Dry-cleaners Among others you will find dry-cleaner’s (one hour service) in the Ster Centre and Turzyn Centre. Turzyn.6 Newspapers You can buy English newspapers and books at various agents/shops: EMPiK RUCH Radisson Blu Hotel (reception) . phone: +48 91 359 51 18 "Perfect Clean" ul. Wernyhory 15.Plac Hołdu Pruskiego 8 . Szczawiowa 55/57.RADISSON BLU Hotel Plac Rodła 10. Phone: +48 91 487 37 82 Pralnia .com. phone: +48 91 359 51 18 E-mail: pralnia@pazim. Pralnia Chemiczna SZOP For locations. phone: +48 91 464 39 25 Szczecińskie Zakłady Pralnicze (offers also carpet cleaning) ul. and Ster Shopping Centres . Struga 36. phone: +48 91 485 33 62 Pralnia Pazim .7 Laundries Szczecin has around 30 laundries and cleaners. 5. Mieszka I 73.

Be aware that you have to pay cash.Newcomers Booklet January 2013 5.11 Emergency car service In case your car brakes down and you need help. phone: +48 91 424 53 17 PKS Station Plac Grodnicki 1. phone: +48 91 359 58 98 5. Ask your Polish colleagues for help with the language. phone: +48 91 434 6727 ZDiTM (Municipal Transport Agency) ul. You will find some important addresses of craftsmen in Annex 9. Wyszyńskiego 11.9 Photo service A lot of shops offer developing of photos and some of them offer one-hour service: Foto-Vision ul. 5. phone: +48 91 434 28 93.10 Car Service We hope that you will need a garage only for routine services. 5. Klonowica 5. phone: +48 91 439 40 11 23 . phone: +48 91 487 33 21 Minifot Aleja Wojska Polskiego 12.12 Craftsmen You will find craftsmen all over the Szczecin area.13 Lost Property There are three Lost Property Offices in Szczecin. room 42. Please note that their personnel speak Polish only. phone: +48 91 489 06 52 Kodak FOTO EXPRESS ul. you may contact one of the service points listed in Annex 8. You will find the addresses of some authorised car services in Annex 7. Agfa Image Center Plac Rodła 9. 5. Urząd Miejski (Town Hall) Plac Armii Krajowei 1. Mickiewicza 97.

when the HQ MNC NE is closed or during the night time. .Formula E106 is the necessary document. This may also happen when patients avail themselves of services provided by a medical facility that has not entered a contract with the National Health Fund. patients may be charged with costs of treatment. 6.2 Policy of Medical Support HQ MNC NE has its own Medical Centre in the Baltic Barracks. Health services are provided on the basis of forms approved by the European Commission.1 Medical service for non .European Health Insurance Card. please use the following numbers. Medical services are provided to holders of the above-mentioned documents and documents confirming the holder’s identity (identity card. which is issued in case it is not possible to issue the European Health Insurance Card.Polish citizens As of 1 May 2004 the Polish health care system has been providing services to citizens of the European Union States and the European Economic Area insured in other countries. In case of emergency. In the absence of the above-mentioned documents. Country Emergency Number HQ MNC NE Medical Centre Duty NCO HQ MNC NE CH MED BR (DEU) HQ MNC NE SO MED (POL) 112 +48 91 444 57 81 +48 603 989 128 +48 603 989 130 Other important phone numbers are presented in Annex 10.The so called certificate.Newcomers Booklet January 2013 CHAPTER 6: MEDICAL AND RELIGIOUS SERVICES 6. for example in case of urgent departure or the forfeiture of the card. For reimbursement of such costs under national rules and regulations contact the respective national element. passport). Medical support (primary health care) will be provided to HQ foreign personnel and 1st contact doctor is available to support HQ personnel free of charge. All military personnel and their dependants have the opportunity to see a physician 24 . The following documents entitle citizens of the European Union States to the Polish health services: . It is advisable to make a copy of the documents. . Medical Centre is located on the ground floor in building no. 4.

Wojska Polskiego 92. 70-561 Szczecin Samodzielny Publiczny Szpital Kliniczny Nr 1 (Autonomous Public Clinical Hospital No. Krakowska 60 a. phone: +48 91 435 73 44 ul. Otherwise he will make contact to a local medical specialist. Unii Lubelskiej 1 25 . phone: +48 91 442 29 64 A.00 and 09. 1 of Pomeranian Medical Academy) ul. and in emergency cases the guard will help you to contact hospitals or call an ambulance.00 and make an appointment for consultation. phone: +48 91 487 05 91 Wojciech Halkiewicz (speaks German and English) ul. Witkiewicza 68. The Medical Centre is staffed with a guard 24 hours a day. phone: +48 91 462 94 50 Waldemar Dobryłko (speaks German and English) Al. For the time being there is no possibility of a dental treatment in the Medical Centre. Łubinowa 17 . the 109th Military Hospital in Szczecin offers the outpatient treatment to the HQ members.M.4 Hospitals Emergency medical services/ambulance – phone 999 or 112 (English speaking personnel might not be available!) FALCK Corporation – phone 1 9675 (English speaking personnel available on a 24/7 basis) ul.3 Veterinary Surgeons Andrzej Pępiak (speaks English) ul. phone: +48 91 487 89 58 6. The Medical Centre is open during normal duty time.Newcomers Booklet January 2013 who will give advice and treatment as far as the possibilities in the Med Centre permit. If you want to go directly to a medical specialist. 6. Please call the national medical NCO between 08. Jarogniewa 36 a. Besides the Medical Centre.Chmielewscy (speak German and English) ul. Narutowicza 13e. the Medical Centre can give you a list with the names of specialists in Szczecin who are able to speak English and/or German.

phone: +48 91 434 26 27 Pod Wagą ul. Krzywoustego 7 a. Powstańców Wielkopolskich 72 Phone: +48 91 466 10 00 www.pl (NIEBUSZEWO) Specjalistyczny SPOZOZ nad Dzieckiem i Młodzieżą (Children hospital) ul. Arkońska 4 Phone: +48 91 813 90 00 www. Więckowskiego 1.spsk2.php 26 . 2 of Pomeranian Medical Academy) ul. the bill has to be paid on the spot . Pharmacies operating 24 hours: Cefarm ul. Foreign prescriptions are accepted. Wojciecha 7 Phone: +48 91 880 60 00 www.spsk1.Newcomers Booklet January 2013 Phone: +48 91 425 30 00 www.pl (ŚRÓDMIEŚCIE) 6.pl/apteki_szczecin.pl (POMORZANY) Samodzielny Publiczny Wojewódzki Szpital Zespolony ul.109szpital.szpitaldzieciecy. 109 z Przychodnią (109 Military Hospital) Samodzielny Publiczny Zakład Opieki Zdrowotnej Piotra Skargi 9-11 Phone: +48 91 810 58 00 or +48 91 810 58 02 www.pl (English version available) (POGODNO) Samodzielny Publiczny Szpital Kliniczny Nr 2 (Autonomous Public Clinical Hospital No.szczecin.pam. Św.pl (ŚRÓDMIEŚCIE) Szpital Wojskowy nr.presenting valid UE health card would allow you to purchase some of the prescribed medicines for special price (do not forget the receipt for claims against your health insurance).5 Pharmacies There are over 100 pharmacies (“apteka”) in Szczecin. phone: +48 91 433 66 73 more addresses available on: www.9477.spwsz.szczecin.szn.

Łukasińskiego 38 b.Newcomers Booklet January 2013 Pharmacy closest to the HQ MNC NE: Remedium ul.Augsburgska św. Broniewskiego 18. A mass in Latin is held every Sunday at 18. phone: +48 91 485 83 66 6.6 Christian Services The majority of the Polish population (86%) is Catholic.00 h at Parafia pw.00h (participation of Catholics is no problem). 27 . Energetyków 8 (phone: +48 609 912 878) is the Protestant church. There are 40 Roman-Catholic churches in Szczecin. A sermon in German is held every first and third Sunday of the month at 12. Trójcy” in ul. “Parafia Ewangelicko . Kazimierza in ul. Św.

90 km/h outside built-up areas . but if you want to be safe: Don’t violate the traffic rules.100 km/h on single and dual carriageway roads with at least two lanes in each direction . a special safety seat must be provided. Mobile phones may be used while driving only if they are fitted with a hands-free kit. German or other driving license.Newcomers Booklet January 2013 CHAPTER 7: TRAFFIC 7.Main Traffic Rules In Poland right-hand traffic is obligatory and traffic regulations are the same as in other European Union countries. except for persons having an appropriate doctor' s certificate and women in late months of pregnancy.Licensing regulations in Poland place the obligation on the drivers to carry 28 .5 t) apply in Poland: . Roadside document checks may be carried out only by uniformed police officers in clearly marked police patrol cars. vehicle registration and an insurance document. motorcycles and trucks (up to 3. If an air bag is fitted in front of the passenger seat. Other useful information: . Motorcycle and scooter drivers and their passengers must wear safety helmets at all times. It is not yet clarified whether or how penalty points will affect a Danish. Driving under the influence of intoxicating substances is strictly forbidden. a child may not be seated in its safety chair with its back towards the front of the vehicle.140 km/h on motorways Both the driver and passengers must keep their seat belts on at all times while the vehicle is moving.1 Infringements of Polish Traffic Law .50 km/h (from 5 to 23 hrs) and 60 km/h (from 23 to 5 hrs) in built-up areas . The driver should be able to produce to the traffic police a valid driving license.120 km/h on dual-carriageway expressways . If the seat belts cannot be used because of child's weight or size. The Polish authorities run a system of penalty points like the German system. Children up to 10 years are not allowed to occupy the front seat. unless seated in a special safety chair. The following speed limits for automobiles.

available in supermarkets and homeimprovement stores. 7. for example. You can also buy daily.4 Busses and Trams Szczecin has a wide stretched network of busses and trams. the law requires driving with headlights switched on around the clock.g. in ticket issuing machines. and for speeding by over 51 km/h the penalty will amount to PLN 500. The penalty has to be paid immediately in cash and in PLN. You can park your car here for a small fee and can arrange for a long-term contract for the duration of days/weeks/months. is between 100 and PLN 200.Motorists in Poland have to pay attention when it comes to speed limits. Szczecin buses and trams routes – see Annex 12. 30. Quick Busses have not route numbers but letters 29 . Tickets are valid for a limited period (15. weekly tickets/cards or for one or three months. Speeding by 41 to 50 km/h will be punished with a penalty of PLN 300 to PLN 400. This is another thing that motorists should remember when crossing the border. The penalty for speeding by 21 to 30 km/h. . Night tickets are with limited period . 7. The quality of the petrol is as good as in other European countries both at petrol stations owned by Polish companies and stations owned by companies you know from your home country.In Poland. but be aware that there may be longer distances between the stations in the country than you are used to. . in newsstands (e. counted from punching. with charge (in city limits). For further information see Annex 11. in ZDiTM booking offices. children and pupils receive special fares.Newcomers Booklet January 2013 a fire extinguisher in their car . you will have to fork out PLN 200 to PLN 300. 7.Maximum permissible level of alcohol in the blood of the driver is 0. Normal Buses have got route numbers (figures).3 Petrol Stations You can buy petrol at petrol stations all over Poland. a number of guarded car parks have been set up in Szczecin by private entrepreneurs.2 ‰. Tickets are on sale. If you exceed the maximum speed by 31 to 40 km/h. opposite BB main gate) or at the driver (from 18 till 6 hrs). 60 or 120 minutes).2 Guarded Car Parks Due to the general risk of theft in all cities.120 minutes. .Drivers with the higher level of alcohol in their blood shall be punished with a fine in accordance with the Polish Traffic Regulations. .

szczecin. One kilometre costs just under PLN 5.Newcomers Booklet January 2013 (A.pl 7. Going by taxi is not very expensive. 194 64. phone: +48 91 812 01 30 or +48 91 813 01 40 30 .pl Customers Service Phone: +48 91 480 04 44 E-mail: zditm@zditm. The main ZDiTM office is located in Klonowica 5 (Zarząd Dróg i Transportu Miejskiego) 71-271 Szczecin www. however avoid the drivers not federated in taxi company. B. and you should know.or sms on +48 603 833 833 Taxi Mix.zditm. For trips during the night or to locations outside Szczecin you will have to calculate an increase of the fare up to 50 %.5 Taxi There are over 20 taxi companies in Szczecin. C and so on). but the drivers do not try to cheat newcomers like taxi drivers very often do in other large cities. Note that it is not usual to give a tip in Polish taxis.szczecin. For example a trip from the barracks to Radisson Blu Hotel costs approximately PLN 30. or sms on +48 506 335 335 Taxi 4 you. 196 60. Many taxi drivers are able to speak English and/ or German.members are: City Taxi. phone: +48 91 483 38 33. Maybe some of the taxies look miserable. Recommend by HQ. phone: +48 91 433 53 35. that taxi drivers in Szczecin are very reliable.

Auchan.3 Selected Supermarkets The city has a number of chain hypermarkets. cigarettes and some cosmetics.DIY. alcohol. Netto. and some smaller shops for necessities. 31 . BHM. For further information see Annex 13. The HQ Canteen is a tax-free shop. Sparkasse. beer. Makro. Selgros. including Real. perfumes. Media Markt). Today.4 Shops nearby in Germany On the German side. 8. run by a civilian company. the “Oder-Center Schwedt” offers a wide range of quality shopping (including Real. and Media Markt. The majority of the Polish population do the shopping in the small groceries “sklep spożywczy” located in every housing district. A rule of thumb is. post office. wine. that imported goods have the same prices – or higher – while Polish products are cheaper. In general prices are lower than those abroad.1 General info Political changes in 1990 in Poland entailed a substantial change in the offer of consumer goods. Carrefour. This money is the economic fundament of morale and welfare activities in the HQ. Contact your National Support Element for customs information. in modern Poland you can buy the same goods as in other countries.Newcomers Booklet January 2013 CHAPTER 8: SHOPPING 8. Hypermarkets are open all 7 days of the week till late evening. Every hypermarket has exchange desks where you can exchange foreign currency. Alcohol beverages and tobacco are rationed. sweets. Castorama. For that purpose the respective National Element will provide newcomers and their spouses with a ration card. The civilian company pays a percentage of the turnover back to the HQ. 8. It is therefore recommended that members of the HQ do the shopping in the canteen when appropriate. Some hypermarkets accept payment in euro. 8. In Löcknitz you can find Netto. Rewe.2 The HQ Canteen The HQ Canteen is situated in building 3 with entrance just to the right of the entrance to the Allied Officer’s Club.store. The range of goods includes soft drinks.

Piłsudskiego 7. Żubrów 3.pekao.2. phone: +48 91 431 14 40.) and cash with you. but you won’t find them very often in the rural areas of Poland. www. Jedności Narodowej 3/4. phone: +48 91 431 48 80. A Mastercard (free of charge) is included. The largest Polish bank in Szczecin is the Bank Polska Kasa Opieki S.bph.10 and the Danish Crown is worth PLN 0.55. phone: +48 91 813 40 00.A. However the network of cash machines (“bankomat”) is more and more developed. (www.pl). You have to change your cash in Polish banks or offices (“kantor”) . and there are now more than 200 of these all over the województwo (province). which operates 17 branch 32 . Here are some of them: Bank BPH ul.2 Banks in Szczecin 9. which is divided into one hundred groszy.raiffeisen.2 Polish Banks: For foreigners it is relatively easy to open a bank account at the Millennium bank or Mbank.pl Raiffeisen Bank Al. depending on the exchange rates (JAN 2013). www. Wyzwolenia 12/14. The Euro is worth approximately PLN 4. 9. EUROCARD etc.Newcomers Booklet January 2013 CHAPTER 9: BANKING 9.com. www.pl 9. VISA.the latter usually offer better exchange rates. the possibility of onlinebanking makes the payment of your rent and all the invoices you receive much easier.1 Foreign Banks: You will find as well foreign banks in Szczecin. While living or visiting Poland it is advisable to bring along a credit card (EC Card.nordea.2.pl Nordea Bank Polska Al.1 General The Polish currency is Polish Zloty (PLN).deutsche-bank-pbc. More than 7000 shops. restaurants and service providers accept credit cards.pl Deutsche Bank PBC Al. phone: +48 91 432 34 50 www. Due to measures of foreign exchange control it is not allowed to import PLN into Poland. You can get cash with your card and PIN code at a lot of “bankomat” all over the city.

Newcomers Booklet January 2013 offices in Szczecin. The main branch in Szczecin is located in Al. 33 . Wojska Polskiego 1. phone: +48 91 440 61 00.

The following are just a few examples.Newcomers Booklet January 2013 CHAPTER 10: LANGUAGE PROBLEMS 10. Wielkopolska 13/2.1 General info It is not strange to have language problems if you are Danish. ask your Polish colleagues.biurotlumaczy.2 Translators There are various translators offering their services in Szczecin if you really need a professional one. German or from another country.pl Adler – Biuro Tłumaczeń (Translators’ Agency) Al. for more addresses please look into the yellow pages of Szczecin.tlumaczenia.3 Emergency In case of emergency please find some Polish phrases and phone numbers attached as Annex 14 and 15. phone: +48 91 421 33 20 www. Residents will be pleased to notice that you try to talk to them in their language the best you can.pl 10. 34 .szczecin. Biuro Tłumaczy Przysięgłych i Technicznych (Sworn and Technical Translators’ Co-operative) ul. phone: +48 91 484 76 30 www. If you have only little knowledge of Polish do not hesitate to use it. it is possible to attend a course or simply to hire a teacher for home lessons. If you need any support. Wojska Polskiego 64. 10. If you want to improve your Polish language skills.

ryanair. The Polish Public Railways (www. All flights from Szczecin-Goleniów Airport to Germany go via Warszawa.com) and back. Norwegian (www.norwegian.pl) have train connections between all major Polish cities.3 Flights Ryanair operates flights from Szczecin to London Stansted Airport.com. Liverpool. You can reach Warsaw and Gdansk as well as Berlin without having to change the train. Dublin.2 Railway Connections Travelling by railway in Poland is cheap but slow as the Polish railway is rather old and needs to undergo modernisation.Newcomers Booklet January 2013 CHAPTER 11: TRAVELLING 11.pkp. and to find a good connection you have to ask for advice the LOT office at Aleja Wyzwolenia 17 (phone: +48 801 703 703) or investigate at The 35 . Luton. Bristol (details – www.lot.no) operates flights to and from Szczecin to Oslo. Birmingham. 11. Mary’s Ascension Day/Polish Armed Force 11.com) operates flights to and from Szczecin to Warszawa. The Polish Airline LOT (www.1 Polish National Holidays 01 JAN 06 JAN In 2013 on 31 MAR In 2013 on 01 APR 01 MAY 03 MAY In 2013 on 19 MAY In 2013 on 30 MAY 15 AUG 01 NOV 11 NOV 25 DEC 26 DEC New Year’s Day Epiphany Easter Sunday Easter Monday Labour Day Constitution Day Whit Sunday Corpus Christi Day All Saints Day Independence Day 1st Christmas Day 2nd Christmas Day St.

DK-1552 Copenhagen. Please calculate 2.vindroserejser. Kolumba 1 www.4 Transportation to Berlin Airports.5 hours from Szczecin to the airports in the Berlin area.pl For more details visit their websites. from Szczecin.dk www. Kardynała Wyszyńskiego 28.unityline. phone: +45 33142909 www. phone: +48 91 418 28 64) or book your flight from Berlin. 11. 11.interglobus. Ticket sales and booking: Polferries Szczecin ul. Berlin Schönefeld and to the city centre of Berlin.pl to Sweden 36 . Wojska Polskiego 21 www.polferries.pl Vindrose Rejser Vester Voldgade 90. Two companies recommended by some HQ members are: Berlinia Al.Newcomers Booklet January 2013 Goleniów Airport (45 km.berlinia. phone: +48 91 488 02 38 www.eu Interglobus ul. Various companies in Szczecin offer transport with minibuses to Berlin Tegel.5 Ferries There is a ferry connection from Świnoujście to Copenhagen via Ystad.

zamek. an operetta ensemble. 12.art. theatres and several well-known choirs. Swarożyca 5.mncne. Karłowicza (Philharmonia in the wing of the City Hall) Plac Armii Krajowej 1. www.3 Opera and Operetta Operetta House (in the Castle of the Pomeranian Dukes) ul.pleciuga. Teatr Polski ul. please check our home page www.opera.2 Philharmonic Orchestra Filharmonia Szczecińska im.kana.1.filharmonia. www.pl Teatr Krypta ul. www. For the most updated information concerning the cultural life in Szczecin.1. Piotra i Pawła 4/5. phone: +48 91 433 00 75.pl (Due to the renovation temporarily all events take place in ul. www.szczecin.szczecin.) 12. In the summer months you can listen to organ concerts in the Szczecin Cathedral or visit openair concerts in the Kasprowicza Park. www.pl Teatr Kana ul.wspolczesny. www.pl Teatr Współczesny (Contemporary Theatre) Wały Chrobrego 3. www. phone: +48 91 434 24 67.pl 12. The tickets.1.Newcomers Booklet January 2013 CHAPTER 12: LEISURE 12. phone: +48 91 434 7835.szczecin.szczecin.1 Theatres The theatres of Szczecin offer a wide programme in Polish (and sometimes even in English). Korsarzy 34. Korsarzy 34. M.pl 12.pl.1 Cultural Life The cultural life is very active. phone: +48 91 422 12 52. Energetyków 40.Św.szczecin.1. phone: +48 91 433 03 88. however.pl/krypta Teatr Pleciuga Plac Teatralny 1 phone: +48 91 445 51 00 or +48 697 608 862. are sold at the Castle.teatrpolski.4 Museums The museums in Szczecin offer good information mainly about the region: 37 . Szczecin has a philharmonic orchestra. phone: +48 91 434 81 06.

Maritime Departament Wały Chrobrego 3. 7. BRANCHES OF ASC Badminton Diving Floor Ball Golf Horse Riding Running Soccer Squash Taekwondo Volleyball 12.zamek. phone: +48 91 441 25 00 www.muzeum.eu (English and German versions of the site available) 12. phone: +48 91 431 52 36 The National Museum .pl The National Museum . H. Jarowita 2. phone: +48 91 433 90 94 The Museum of Szczecin Education Pedagogiczna Biblioteka Wojewódzka im.Pomeraniam Duke’s Dominion ul. 3.Gallery of Modern Art ul. Wyszyńskiego 19. phone: +48 91 444 15 83 Archdiocese Museum ul. Staromłyńska 27.muzeumtechniki.City History Department ul.Newcomers Booklet January 2013 The National Museum . which can be used for off-duty sports. phone: +48 91 431 52 60 The Castle Museum ul. 6.2 Sports HQ MNC NE has created the Allied Sports Club (ASC).1 Gymnasiums There is a gymnasium and a fitness room in Baltic Barracks. phone: +48 91 431 52 00. www. Korsarzy 34.szczecin. phone: +48 91 433 68 59 The Museum of Technology and Transport ul.szczecin. See Staff Directive 41-1 and the HQ MNC NE WISE page on the network for further details.asp The Geological Museum Al. No 1. 4. 38 . 9. 8. Mściwoja 8. phone: +48 91 433 88 41. 5.pl/pl/historia/muzeum. phone: +48 91 431 52 55. Niemierzyńska 18.szczecin.muzeum. Radlińskiej ul. Staromłyńska 1. 10.pl The National Museum . 2. Jedności Narodowej 22 a. www.2. www.

12. Przestrzenna 13. www.2 Indoor Swimming Pools Floating Arena ul. ul. Gryfino . Other Pools are:  Dziewoklicz  Dąbie Lake  Głębokie Lake Autostarda Poznańska ul. Very popular is the Głębokie Lake in the northwest outskirts of the town. Starzyńskiego 9a. www.pl/spa. phone: +48 91 461 28 48 39 . phone: +48 91 395 51 77.pl Blue Bay Spa & Wellness (located in Silver Hotel) Rondo Hakena 70-001 Szczecin. Przestrzenna 3. ul. www. nicely situated in the forest. phone: +48 91 312 32 45.am.2.szczecin.2.4 Water Sports There are various yacht clubs in Szczecin:  Yacht Club AZS. www.2.pl 12.basen. Zegadłowicza 1 Please notice that Głębokie Lake and Dąbie Lake are not real pools.pl Akademia Morska ul.Newcomers Booklet January 2013 12.mosrir. Żaglowa 2 ul. Wodnika 1. Wąska 16. ul.silverhotel.pl. but quite clean lakes with facilities as you find them at swimming pools.fitnessworld. phone: +48 91 461 27 34  Yacht Club Pogoń. phone: +48 91 461 41 72  Yacht Club LOK. Fitness World (located in Radisson Blu Hotel) Plac Rodła 10.szczecin.html Centrum Wodne “Laguna” (adventure pool) ul.3 Outdoor Swimming Pools There are several open-air swimming pools in Szczecin. Przestrzenna 9. phone: +48 91 448 03 55. phone: +48 662 362 565 www. cwlaguna. They are crowded in the summertime. phone: +48 91 315 49 20.

phone: +48 91 422 46 61 .7 Winter Sports To enjoy skiing. do not hesitate to ask for info your colleagues of the HQ. 12. Those.6 Hunting Concerning weapons: see chapter 3.5 Tennis . skating and sledging during the winter time visit: “Szczecińska Gubałówka” ul. however.3.gubalowka.8. supposed to wear little smarter clothes. who have been recommended by lots of HQ members you will find in Annex 16. You are. Lisiej Góry 5.2.Newcomers Booklet January 2013 12. 12. Łukasińskiego 47. 12. Chopina 14.pl 12. read the following paragraphs.3. 12. Also fast food restaurants are listed there. phone: +48 91 487 93 65  Al.1 Restaurants There are a lot of fine restaurants all over the city. 40 . Wojska Polskiego 127. Some addresses you will find in Annex 18. have a drink or you look for other kind of entertainment.3 Restaurants/Pubs/Bars If you need to relax. Which one you visit depends on your taste in music. phone: +48 91 424 39 36 www.Lawn:  ul. if you visit the bars of the larger Szczecin hotels.2 Pubs In ordinary Polish pubs you do not need to “dress up”.com.Roofed :  ul.4 Discos and Night Clubs If you like dancing. if you would like to enjoy them.2. You will find out about many nice places. have dinner.2. In Annex 17 you will find addresses of the most popular pubs in the area. phone: +48 91 422 00 49 12.

The Allied Ladies’ Club (ALC).The Allied Sports Club (ASC). This official HQ society regularly conducts a coffee morning in the NCOC on the last Wednesday of the month.The Allied Non Commissioned Officers’ Club (NCOC). sports events and holiday activities is conducted throughout the year.The Allied Enlisted Men’s Club (EMC). . .5 Clubs in the HQ All forms of membership are completely voluntary. 41 .Newcomers Booklet January 2013 12. Please ask your National Support Element for contact information. but on equal basis. . .The Allied Officer’s Club (AOC). . the HQ MNC NE WISE page on the network or MNC NE website. For further details concerning clubs: See Staff Directive 41-1. Most wives and dependants are organized in the Allied Ladies’ Club. A varied activity calendar with trips.

Don’t leave your car downtown over the night.Always place your car in the garage if possible. . but some criminal incidents occur occasionally. and that these alarm systems are used. phone: +48 91 480 14 00. Concerning tips you give about 10 % of the bill.Don’t leave any personal or items of value visibly in the car when parked – not even a pack of cigarettes! . .do not forget.Newcomers Booklet January 2013 CHAPTER 13: OTHER USEFUL INFORMATION 13. is a rather safe city.radissonsas. 3 Maja 31.com Hotel Atrium Al. The best theft insurance is a Polish license plate – register your vehicle in Poland! No matter what . when leaving the car.You won’t spoil the new car on the .1 Hotels Concerning the hotels/restaurants and pubs this list can only give overview.very bad roads. Certainly your Polish colleagues will be able to give you interesting information about nice locations. e-mail: H3369@accor.When you are away on holiday etc.. e-mail: H3367@accor.com Novotel Szczecin Al.at times . . phone: +48 91 480 18 00.hotel-atrium.Never leave your car unlocked or with the key into the lock. ask colleagues or neighbours to look after your house/apartment and clear the mailbox.2 Security Szczecin. . all in all. phone: +48 91 359 55 95. . Not even for 30 seconds! .szczecin. old and cheap car for the daily driving in which way: . www. 42 . phone: +48 91 424 35 32. it might be an advantage to buy a small. www.The theft risk will probably be eliminated. You will find that the following hotels will offer reductions for personnel and dependants .just ask for it: a brief further should NATO Hotel Radisson Blu Plac Rodła 10.It is recommended that houses and apartments have alarm systems.pl Ibis Szczecin ul. If you have got a new and rather expensive car.Always switch on all safety devices. that taking a few precautionary measures can save a lot of concern and troubles: . Dworcowa 16.com 13. Wojska Polskiego 75.

phone: +48 91 435 70 00 Dok.szczecin@solidsecurity.) as well as services like observation and control of your property.Newcomers Booklet January 2013 There are various companies in Szczecin that offer hardware (burglar alarm etc.pl GEMINI Agencja Ochrony Tama Pomorzańska 5.gustawsecuritas. phone: +48 91 482 32 13 CERBER Biuro Ochrony Osób i Mienia Żółkiewskiego 12. For further information please contact the following companies: GUSTAW SECURITAS Ignacego Łyskowskiego 18. phone: +48 91 434 03 72 www.pl 43 . phone: +48 91 431 43 14 ALKON SECURITY Biuro Ochrony Osób i Mienia Firlika 41. hot line +48 600 991 199 SOLID SECURITY Ignacego Łyskowskiego 18. +48 91 422 20 14. phone: +48 91 433 00 44.

City Map of Szczecin Annex 1 A-1 -1 .


Annex 3 Self-guided Walk A-3-1 .

The Tower of Seven Cloacks 13. St. A Fountain with an Anchor 25. Stefan Żeromski Park Westpomeranian Region Office The Monument of Adam Mickiewicz The Marine Section of the National Museum and The Modern Art Theatre The Maritime Academy The Monument of Colleoni The Royal Gate St. 2. Central Cemetery For more info visit: www. Professors’ Houses 11. The Music Academy 15. The Seat of PKO (Polish Bank) 14. 4. The Port Gate 23.eu A-3-2 . Peter and Paul’s Church The National Museum 10. Adalbert’s Garrison Church 22. St. 7. 8. Jacob’s Cathedral 20. Jan Kasprowicz Park 27. The New (Red) Hall 26. 5.szczecin. 9. The Castle of the Pomeranian Dukes 12. The Sacred Heart of Jesus Church 16.virtual. 6. The Seat of Polish Post Main Office and Polish Telecommunication 17. White Eagle Fountain 19. A Palace Under the Globe 18. The Old Town Hall and the Old Town of Szczecin 21. The Rectorate of the Medical Academy 24. 3.City’s Tourist Trail 1.

Annex 4 Vehicle inspection (TÜV) AUTO-PLUS ul. Klonowica 5 71-241 Szczecin Phone: +48 91 486 09 02 HTL ul. Wernyhory 15 70-026 Szczecin Phone: +48 91 482 12 53 AUTO-KLON ul. Lubieszynska 20 72-006 Mierzyn Phone: +48 91 483 20 20 A-4-1 .

3. PLN 140.00 PLN 750.80 PLN 2. b) owners of the hybrid cars PLN 10. 2. Fee for parking up to 15 minutes Fee for first hour of parking Fee for started second hour of parking Fee for started third hour of parking Fee for every additional hour of parking Zone A PLN 0.60 PLN 2. 2. 5.00 PLN 1.00 for 12 months.80 PLN 3.70 PLN 2. 4.00 for 6 months and PLN 96. The table below presents current charges for parking in the two zones: Single fees 1.Annex 5 Marking of the Paid Parking Zones in Szczecin Parking is paid on working days between 0800 and 1700 hrs.60 There is also possibility of buying subscriptions: Type of subscription Subscription for 30 days Subscription for 12 months Amount in PLN PLN 70. A-5-1 .80 Amount in PLN Zone B PLN 0.00 for 12 months.60 PLN 1.500 Special fees are prepared for: a) inhabitants of the paid parking zones PLN 48.00 1.00 PLN 1.40 PLN 1.20 PLN 3. regardless of the zone.

Annex 5 A-5-2 .

Annex 6 A typical Polish mailbox. A-6-1 .

Białowieska 2 ul. Bulwar Gdański 13 ul. Struga 17 ul. Madalińskiego 7 ul. Andre Citroëna 1 ul. Krakowska 59d ul. Białowieska 2 ul. Madalińskiego 8 ul. Gdańska 7 ul. Madalińskiego 7 ul. Białowieska 2 ul. Struga 17 ul. Bagienna 36 d ul. Zielonogórska 32 ul. Hangarowa 8 ul. Pomorska 115b Phone: +48 91 482 23 32 Phone: +48 91 486 51 00 Phone: +48 601 703 904 Phone: +48 91 483 82 01 Phone: +48 91 461 48 85 Phone: +48 91 482 02 33 Phone: +48 91 420 04 00 Phone: +48 91 814 60 80 Phone: +48 91 483 68 88 Phone: +48 91 482 23 32 Phone: +48 91 333 21 31 Phone: +48 91 434 05 84 Phone: +48 91 483 68 88 Phone: +48 91 480 87 00 Phone: +48 91 466 87 60 Phone: +48 91 435 88 55 Phone: +48 91 461 46 13 Phone: +48 91 431 02 00 Phone: +48 91 453 21 35 Phone: +48 91 464 41 60 Phone: +48 91 486 51 00 Phone: +48 91 420 02 00 A-7-1 . Pomorska 88 ul. Madalińskiego 8 ul. Białowieska 2 ul. Pomorska 115b ul. Mieszka I 45 ul. Struga 71 ul.Annex 7 Car Service ALFA ROMEO SERVICE AUDI SERVICE BMW SERVICE CHRYSLER SERVICE CITRÖEN SERVICE FIAT SERVICE FORD SERVICE HONDA SERVICE KIA SERVICE LANCIA SERVICE LAND ROVER SERVICE LEXUS SERVICE MAZDA SERVICE MERCEDES-BENZ SERVICE NISSAN SERVICE OPEL SERVICE PEUGEOT SERVICE RENAULT SERVICE SKODA SERVICE TOYOTA SERVICE VOLKSWAGEN SERVICE VOLVO SERVICE ul.

Wrocławska 6 A-8-1 . Gdańska 10 Phone: +48 604 245 754 Autoholowanie CORRADO ul. Gościsława 24 Phone: +48 609 185 066 ABC ul.Annex 8 Emergency Car Service EUROHOL Robert Pawłowski ul. Pomoc drogowa Phone: +48 91 483 20 25 ul. Ogrodnicza 11 Phone: +48 607 75 75 75 AUTOHOLOWANIE SZCZECIN ul. Kaszubska 59 Phone: 609 715 715 Mechanika pojazdowa.

ZACH-POL ul.Eurocenter ul.Stefan-Bud Phone: +48 501 192 333 .Elektryk Ryszard Grzebielucha Al. Jodłowa 5/1 Phone: +48 603 956 374 Plumbers (hydraulik) .Alexander ul.Robert Beshliyan ul.Annex 9 Craftsmen Electricians (elektryk) . Królowej Jadwigi 45 A-9-1 . Zwierzyniecka 2 Phone: +48 501 750 413 Shoemakers (szewc) .Instalatorstwo Elektryczne Bogdan Link ul. Mickiewicza 101/3 Phone: +48 91 431 84 41 . Wojska Polskiego 34 Phone: +48 600 761 495 . Wyszyńskiego 15 Phone: +48 91 434 31 38 . Napierskiego 74 Phone: +48 91 462 65 72 Hairdressers (fryzjer) . Sciegiennego 57/2 Phone: +48 605 27 27 47 Carpenters (stolarz) .Bartos SOS ul.NOWPOL ul.Salon Novum ul. Łukasińskiego 120 Phone: +48 501 157 203 .

U Dorotki ul.Carina ul.szczecin. Księcia Bogusława X 3 Phone: +48 91 430 78 31 .Masumi Studio ul.Laurent Hair Studio ul. Duńska 60 Phone: +48 91 426 94 22 A-9-2 .pl ) .Sypniewska Olga ul.Estell Hairdresser Łukasińskiego 36g Phone: +48 91 485 81 00 Tailors (krawiec) . Księcia Bogusława X 42 Phone: +48 91 489 37 26 .fryzjer. Mazurska 20 Phone: +48 434 08 83 . Jasna 61b Phone: +48 91 464 33 75 .Phone: +48 91 434 39 80 L’OR Salon Fryzjerski (for details regarding locations and opening hours see www.

730 or +48 91 444 57 30 Ext. the operator will connect you to the relevant emergency service in the city/region. 120 or +48 603 989 134 List of Embassies in Warsaw A-10-1 .Annex 10 Important Phone Numbers Emergency Phone Numbers: Ambulance Police Fire Brigade POL Military Police or 112 – Emergency telephone number accessible from both mobile and fixed phones. 750 or +48 91 444 57 50 Ext. After an interview about the nature of the emergency. 827 or +48 91 444 58 27 Ext. 840 or +48 91 444 58 40 Ext. 720 or +48 91 444 57 20 Ext. - 999 997 998 +48 91 445 56 33 HQ MNC NE: Baltic Barracks Duty Officer Baltic Barracks Main Gate Guard Danish National Support Element German National Support Element Polish National Support Element HQ MNC NE Spokesperson Ext.

pl E-mail: embassy@estemb.sk USA Aleje Ujazdowskie 29/31 00-540 Warsawa Phone: +48 22 504 20 00 www.pl E-mail: emb.org Republic of Slovenia Starościńska 1 m. Koszykowa 18 00-555 Warszawa Phone: +48 22 525 18 50 www.pl@urm.lt Slovak Republic Litewska 6 00-581 Warszawa Phone: +48 22 525 81 10 www.ro E-mail: office@roembassypl.de Estonia Karwinska 1 02-639 Warszawa Phone: +48 22 881 18 10 www.mfa.um.lv E-mail: embassy.cz Croatia ul.poland.hr Denmark ul.si Lithuania Aleje Ujazdowskie 14 00-478 Warszawa Phone: +48 22 625 33 68 www.cz E-mail: warsaw@embassy.ambwarszawa.gov.mzv.pl.usembassy.mzv.gov.ambasada-slowacji.polish.varsovia. Jazdów 12 00-467 Warszawa Phone: +48 22 584 17 00 www.estemb.warszawa@mvep.dk E-mail: wawamb@um.diplo.poland@mfa.Czech Republic ul.lv Romania Chopina 10 00-559 Warszawa Phone: +48 22 628 31 56 www.gov List of Consulates in Szczecin Consulate of Czech Republic A-10-2 Consulate of Denmark .mae.lt Email: amb.warschau. 23-24 02-516 Warszawa Phone: +48 22 849 82 82 Email: vvr@gov.mfa.dk Germany ul.pl Latvia Królowej Aldony 19 03-928 Warszawa Phone: +48 22 617 11 05 www. Marszałkowska 142 00-061 Warszawa Phone: +48 22 565 29 00 www.warsaw@mzv. Krasickiego 25 02-611 Warszawa Phone: +48 22 844 23 93 E-mail: croemb.

pl ul. (91) 423-52-76 e-mail: szczecin@embassy. Piłsudskiego 1a 70-420 Szczecin tel.mzv. (91) 489-06-61 fax.pl Consulate of Slovak Republic pl. (91) 485-06-57 e-mail: biuro_konsula_honorowego_RFN@px. Monte Cassino 27 70-467 Szczecin tel./fax. (91) 433-09-30 e-mail: konsulat. Kurza Stopka 5/cd 70-535 Szczecin tel.pl Consulate of Germany pl./fax. (91) 423-79-80 fax. Batorego 3 70-207 Szczecin tel.ul.pl A-10-3 .cz Consulate of Estonia ul. (91) 489-05-22 e-mail: konsul-slowacja@wp.danii@preiss.kornecki@korneckistankiewicz. (91) 812-38-24 e-mail: robert. Hołdu Pruskiego 9 70-550 Szczecin tel. (91) 812-38-27 fax.




ul. phone: +48 91 463 53 30 . Ledóchowskiego 2a. Wilcza 15. phone: +48 91 449 47 45 . 26 Kwietnia 1cd. phone: +48 91 464 41 79 . Napierskiego 81. Kopernika 18. phone: +48 91 462 84 77 .ul.ul. Księcia Witolda 8/9.ul.Annex 11 Guarded Car Parks Due to the normal risk of theft.ul. phone: +48 91 453 06 00 .ul. Jasna 101/101c.ul. phone: +48 91 489 46 27 A-11-1 . You can park your car there for a fee and can arrange for a long-term contract for the duration of days/weeks/months: . phone: +48 91 442 25 73 . phone: +48 91 433 39 15 . private entrepreneurs have set up a number of guarded car parks in Szczecin. Narutowicza 17a.ul.ul. phone: +48 91 442 25 73 .ul.ul. Głowackiego 28. phone: +48 91 448 03 75 .ul. Tarpanowa 39. phone: +48 91 452 58 40 . Przyjaciół Żołnierza 15. Chopina 14. phone: +48 793 170 283 .

+48 91 433 59 21 Centrum Handlowe GALAXY al. Struga 31 Phone: +48 91 463 68 00 ul. Wyzwolenia 18 Phone: +48 91 483 91 33 www.pl ul.pl Galeria CENTRUM Al. Wiosenna 80 Phone: +48 91 460 31 00 LEROY MERLIN www. Piotr i Paweł. Bohaterów 40 Phone: +48 91 484 22 43 www. The larger supermarkets usually are open MON-SAT from 08.centra-handlowe. Ku Słońcu 67B Phone: +48 91 480 51 00 ul. Struga 36 Phone: +48 91 432 26 00 SELGROS ul. A-13-1 .auchan. Biedronka.galaxy-centrum.almamarket. Walecznych 64 Phone: +48 91 469 71 00 TESCO (open 24/7) ul.com. Ku Słońcu 67 Phone: +48 91 486 90 41 www. Południowa 8 Phone: +48 91 435 85 35 REAL ul. Struga 18.pl/ Centrum Handlowe GALERIA TURZYN with 5-D Cinema Al.castorama.00). Lidl. Mieszka I 73 Phone: +48 91 480 65 00 Centrum Handlowe SŁONECZNE ul.pl (including ALMA food shop from which you can order articles via Internet on www.pl ul. Niepodległości 60 Phone: +48 91 434 24 73 fax.pl/ Centrum Handlowe STER ul.pl Centrum Handlowe PIAST ul. Południowa 21 Phone: +48 91 424 61 00 ul. Milczańska 31f Phone: +48 91 480 31 00 MEDIA MARKT ul.turzyn. Żabka.pl Centrum Handlowe TURZYN Al. Niepodległości 36 Phone: +48 91 810 28 00 www.00 hrs and most of them also SUN (normally till 16.sch. Bohaterów Warszawy 42 Phone: +48 91 464 64 63 www.mediamarkt.galeria-kaskada.pl CASTORAMA www.chster.some of them are well known from your country: AUCHAN Kołbaskowo Ustowo 45 Phone: +48 91 883 86 44 www.Annex 13 Supermarkets in Szczecin Here are a lot of discount stores and supermarkets in Szczecin . Golisza 10 Phone: +48 91 425 78 00 MAKRO CASH and CARRY ul. Phone: +48 91 462 73 06 www.pl Galeria KASKADA al.pl and have them delivered directly to your address) Around Szczecin you will also find shops of the food article networks such as Netto.leroymerlin. Mieszka I 73 Phone: +48 91 481 41 00 www.00 until 20.

Poproszę na ulicę. Obviously no one can expect you to speak Polish.Police! Danger of Life! I need a doctor/ambulance immediately! Potrzebuję pomocy..... Nazywam się. street... inform the Breakdown Service to help me. Zadzwoń na policję! Proszę poinformuj Pana/Pania...... poinformuj Pomoc Drogową żeby mi pomogli. Nie rozumiem Przepraszam. nie mówię po polsku..... To listen to and practise Polish pronunciation visit: www... Czy mówisz po angielsku? Czy możesz to napisać? Poproszę do centrum. I do not understand. Pomocy . Zadzwoń na numer..Annex 14 Some Useful Polish Phrases For Politeness In Poland politeness is regarded to be very important.learnpolishfeelgood. you should try learning a minimum of Polish words for the beginning.. My name is........ Please. drive me to.... Phone no...com A-14-1 .. Możesz mi pomóc? Jestem z.... I don’t speak Polish.... Do you speak English? Can you write it down. Good morning / day Good evening Goodbye Yes / No Please Thank you Sorry Dzień dobry Dobry wieczór Do widzenia Tak / Nie Proszę Dziękuję Przepraszam In Case of Emergency These phrases you should keep in your bag in case of emergency.. Help . please? Please.... Can you help me. call the police! Please inform Mr / Mrs... nevertheless..... Please.Policja! Niebezpieczeństwo! Potrzebuję lekarza! How do I reach Łukasinskiego Street/HQ MNC NE? Jak dojdę do ulicy Łukasinskiego/Kwatery Głównej Korpusu? Please. please? I am from. drive me to the city... Sorry... Proszę......

805 or +48 91 444 58 05 Mobile .pmz. 731 or +48 91 444 57 31 Mobile . 423 or +48 91 444 54 23 SUCHOWIE Mobile . 420 or +48 91 444 54 20 Mobile . 781 or +48 91 444 57 81 CHIEF OF MEDICAL CENTRE CAPT Ext.medicus.+48 603 989 128 DEU MEDICAL ADVISER POL MEDICAL ADVISER MAJ Ext.pl A-15-1 .+48 693 719 750 999 (English speaking personnel might not be available!) www. 792 or +48 91444 57 92 Mobile . 727 or +48 91 444 57 27 Mobile: +48 609 027 169 Ext.+48 603 989 125 Ext. 721 or +48 91 444 57 21 Mobile: +48 509 424 626 Ext.+48 605 073 525 Ext.Annex 15 Medical Support .pl 9675 (English speaking personnel 24/7) From mobile: Local: 608 599 999 800 200 300 DEU MEDICAL NCO POL MEDICAL NCO DNK NSE POINTS OF CONTACT or Mrs ADAMSKA DEU NSE POINTS OF CONTACT WO WOJTOWI CZ AMBULANCE MEDICUS CLINIC FALCK Corporation Helpline for tourists Medical portal of Szczecin: www.Emergency Phone List MEDICAL CENTRE DUTY NCO Ext. 791 or +48 91 444 57 81 BARANOW Mobile: +48 605 073 526 SKI (POL A) LTC HESSE Ext.+48 603 989 130 JSKI MS WIESE WO WOJTOWI CZ Mrs WARKOCZ Ext.szczecin.

pl Bombay ul.cafe-venezia.pl Chata Plac Hołdu Pruskiego 8 Phone: + 48 91 488 88 81 www. Partyzantów 1 Phone: +48 91 812 11 71 www. Spiska 13 Phone: +48 91 483 50 43 www.columbuspub.chata.pl Chałupa Południowa 9 (near MACRO) Phone: +48 601 34 30 50 www.szczecin.pl KarTeMa ul.pl Caffe Venezia Plac Orła Białego 10 Phone: +48 91 431 02 71 www.bohema. Wojska Polskiego 67 Phone: +48 91 433 22 30 www.klubik.kartema. German International English Chinese Vietnamese English Polish English Polish English International English.karczmapodkogutem.pl Specialities Languages spoken Italian English. Kuśnierska 13 Phone: +48 91 433 02 36 www.szczecin.chalupa. cafe. restaurant) ul.pl Haj Fong Tropical Al.com.india.pl Christopher Columbus Wały Chrobrego 1 Phone: +48 91 489 34 01 www. Wojska Polskiego 66 Phone: +48 91 433 99 40 Karczma Polska Pod Kogutem Plac Lotników 3 Phone: +48 91 434 68 73 www.pl Klubik (music club. German Indian English Italian English Polish English International English. German A-16-1 .Annex 16 Restaurants Restaurant Bohema Al.

szczecin. Śląska 41 Phone: +48 91 489 63 57 www. German Italian English.pl Trattoria Toscana Pl.trattoria-toscana.pl Hanoi & Lucca ul.szczecin.pl Perugia Pizzeria ul. Arkońska 28 Phone: +48 502 640 661 www.pl Renaissance (Radisson Hotel) Plac Rodła 10 Phone: +48 91 359 51 93 www. German International English. German International English. German International English.Kuźnia ul.perugia. Orła Białego 10 Phone +48 91 431 02 72 www.szin. Piłsudskiego 7 Phone: +48 693 437 077 www.pl Valentino Ristorante ksiecia Boguslawa X 8 Phone: +48 91 818 32 72 Polish English Italian English.pl Radecki ul.pl Park Hotel ul.com Stara Piekarnia ul. German Polish English Italian English Italian English A-16-2 .radissonsas.oberzachlopska.lucca.com.szczecin.kuznia. Plantowa 1 Phone: +48 91 434 00 50 www. German International English.parkhotel. Łukasińskiego 42 Phone: +48 91 485 88 27 www. Niemcewicza 2 Phone: +48 91 422 50 40 www.radecki. Tkacka 12 Phone: +48 91 425 27 15 www.starapiekarnia.pl Oberża Chłopska ul.

Niepodległości 18 ul.pl International English International English Fast Food Restaurant KFC Casino KFC Galaxy KFC Makro KFC Ryga KFC Struga McDonald's McDonald's McDonald's Pizza Hut Subway Subway Address ul. Ku Słońcu 67 (STER) Telephone +48 71 386 19 05 +48 71 386 17 60 +48 71 386 19 19 +48 71 386 18 90 +48 71 386 18 60 +48 91 464 28 34 +48 91 431 09 82 +48 91 431 54 22 +48 91 462 80 88 +48 91 886 90 90 A-16-3 . Struga 32 ul. Majowa 2 Phone: +48 91 452 51 40 www. Mieszka I 35 ul. Wyzwolenia 18 ul. Piastów 16 ul. Struga 18 ul. Połudnowa 21 Al.pl Wine Bar &Cafe Podzamcze Rynek Sienny 3 Phone: +48 91 433 11 25 www. Niepodległości 18/21 ul. Ku Słońcu 67 ul.restauracja-victor.yoyo. winebarcafe. Struga 15 Al.Victor ul.

pl/ A-17-1 . Wały Chrobrego 1 Phone: +48 91 48 80 163 www. Wały Chrobrego 1 Phone: +48 91 489 34 01 Desperados ul. Phone: +48 91 434 39 41 www. Wały Chrobrego 1a Phone: +48 91 488 19 21 www.pl Colorado ul.irishpub.pl Vincent ul.pl Jama Al. Śląska 38 Phone: +48 91 489 35 66 Piwnica Kany Plac Piotra i Pawła 4 Phone: +48 91 434 15 61 Porto Grande ul. Tkacka 68 Phone: +48 91 434 43 21 Tawerna Cutty Sark Aleja Bohaterów Warszawy 111 Phone: +48 502 078 478 http://www.Annex 17 Pubs Bachus (wine bar) ul. Sienna 6 Phone: +48 91 488 37 21 Boston Al. Sienna 7 Phone: +48 91 812 14 28 London Pub ul.chrobrypub.cuttysark. Kaszubska 57. Jana z Kolna 7 Phone: +48 91 434 70 18 www.portogrande.pl Columbus ul.coloradopub. Osiek 1 Phone: +48 91 489 51 25 Irish Pub Dublin ul.szin. Niepodległości 22 Phone: +48 91 433 55 02 Chrobry Restaurant & Pub ul.szin. Wojska Polskiego 68 Phone: +48 91 433 68 63 Kanclerz ul.

Phone: +48 693 405 911 Kafe Jerzy ul. Wawrzyniaka 7a.pl Senso Dance Club ul. Wojska Polskiego 78. Bogusława X 9 Phone: +48 91 488 91 91 www.pl Royal Jazz Club ul.szczecin.cubalibre.pl/ Copernicus Bar (Radisson Hotel) Plac Rodła 10 Phone: +48 91 359 59 72 Cuba Libre Club Cubano Al. Mściwoja II 8 Phone: +48 91 488 34 81 www.kafejerzy.grandcru.royal. Phone: +48 91 421 02 16 www.pl Havana Dance Club Al. Partyzantów 2 Phone: +48 91 488 55 00 http://www. Jagiellońska 67 Phone: +48 91 484 78 33 www.pl Rocker Club ul.szczecininfo.pl Kontrasty ul.rockerclub. Niepodległości 18/22 Phone: +48 600 751 752 A-18-1 .camarillo.pl/ Grand Cru ul. Wojska Polskiego 127 Phone: +48 91 453 90 00 www.Annex 18 Discos and Night Clubs Baila (Radisson Hotel) Plac Rodła 8 Phone: +48 91 359 51 88 Camarillo Jazz Club ul.kontrasty.szczecin. Mariacka 26 Phone: +48 91 829 08 57 www.

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