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open Call

Deadline : June 30, 2016

3rd cycle at the Villa Arson

Research program open to eight artists
Session 2016-2019

General description
The Villa Arson offers a study and research program which reunites its
different entities (the studios of the higher school of art, the national center
for contemporary art, the artists' residencies, and the study and research
library) around a common work experience. The program aims at welcoming the
selected artists in an environment favorable to the development of their artistic
research. They will benefit from the Villa Arson's collaboration with its academic
partners, particularly the University of the Cte d'Azur, and from an international
contemporary art network.
Goal of the program
The program is intended for artists who have already attained a professional
status (all types of practices are accepted) and who wish to go more in depth
through theoretical, technical and practical contacts with the artists working at
the Villa Arson.
What is at stake is the affirmation that artistic creation is a process of research,
and that it produces meaning that can therefore be transmitted.
The program aims at encouraging and helping the production of art works by
making all the technical and human amenities of an institution such as the Villa
Arson available to the participants.
Organization of the program
The program is organized along several paths of research that complement each
other and converge during the three year period.
The curriculum itself is conceived as an inside experience of the Villa Arson (the
artists participate in various ways in the activities and in the life of the institution)
while remaining open to the outside and benefiting from the interaction with
the Villa Arson's various partners (the university, and other art centers and/or
Various types of encounters will be offered: seminars, workshops, study days or
participation in the Villa Arson's activities.
The research program will be organized according to an annual schedule through
discussions with the participants of the program, the teachers directing it and the
directors of the Villa Arson.
Publishing and circulating the results of the research
The artists will conceive the different ways of publishing and circulating the
results of their research: edition, conferences, event, exhibition, festival, etc.)
the villa arson is Calling for candidacy
for the session 2016 2019
Villa Arson
20 avenue stephen ligeard
F-06105 Nice cedex 2, France
tl. +33 (0)4 92 07 73 73

The program is intended for artists who wish to implement a research program
based on their artistic practice.
The three year program (which begins with the last trimester in 2016) aims at
enabling eight artists to develop their research at the Villa Arson.

open Call
Deadline : June 30, 2016

(see information and artistic program of the Villa Arson on

The team directing the program includes directors and faculty members, and
represents the various artistic orientations and research programs at the Villa
The program is intended for young artists who have graduated from an art school
(or the equivalent) at least two years previously. All kinds of artistic practices can
be considered (visual arts, design, music, dance, film, literature, etc.) in as much as
they interact with the visual arts.
The participants will benefit from favorable working conditions and from a
specifically designed program of meetings with various guests: artists, curators,
art critics and theoreticians, and scientists.
Criteria for selection
The call for applicants is open to all artists under the age of 45, without preference
for a particular practice or medium.
Eight artists maximum will be accepted for the session 2016 2019.
The jury will take into consideration the quality of the artistic work and the
experience of the artist, as well as the relevance of the candidate's project.
The interview with the jury will be critical to the selection.
Mode of selection:
-applicants will be shortlisted
-applicants will be interviewed by the jury

Presentation in details and

call for applications
also available on

For further
please contact :

La Villa Arson is a public administrative

establishment under the aegis of the
Ministry of Culture and Communication.
It is supported by the Rgion Provence-Alpes
Cte dAzur, the Conseil dpartemental des
Alpes-Maritimes and the City of Nice.
La Villa Arson is a member of
University Cte d'Azur (UCA).
It's a a member of BOTOX[S] - ,
of dca association franaise de
dveloppement des centres dart, and of ANdA,
association nationale des coles d'art and of L'Ecole(s) du Sud,
network of art schools in Provence-Alpes
Cte dAzur and Monaco.

Completing the application

The application must include the following elements:
-a letter in French or in English (three pages maximum) explaining the applicant's
motivations for joining the program, and describing the project she/he wishes to
develop at the Villa Arson;
-a PDF portfolio of the applicant's works (5 Mo maximum), as well as a printed
version (A4 format maximum). Links to one or more websites can be proposed;
-a resume in French or in English detailing the academic and professional
curriculum of the applicant, and specifying where the candidate has been trained
and what teachers she/he has worked with;
-a photocopy of the required degree (Masters degree in art or the equivalent)
-a photocopy of the applicant's identity card or passport;
-a letter of recommendation in French or in English written by an important figure
in the world of art and creation.
What the program provides
Each artist selected will benefit from the following conditions and means:
-an annual scholarship of 5000;
-a work space in two collective studios, and access to the technical workshops of
the institution;
-access to all existing on site resources dedicated to artistic research.
Deadline for application: June 30, 2016
(postmark will be the reference date)
-The printed application must be sent by postal mail to
Villa Arson Candidature 3me cycle,
lattention du directeur
20 avenue Stephen Ligeard
06105 Nice Cedex 02, FRANCE
- the PDF file must be sent by e-mail (application and attached files must not
exceed 5 Mo) to
Registration fees
Candidacy is subjected to 37 of registration fees (check payable to "Rgie de
recettes de la Villa Arson", to close with your application file, or by mandat Cash to
the order of "Rgie de recettes de la Villa Arson".)
For information, the laureates will be subjected to annual 438 tuition fees
(indicative amount)